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Close Shot

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“This okay?” Aun asked, his butt perched so far off of Two’s bed he knew his thighs must be trembling from the strain. It, well it wasn’t okay. Aun’s smile was stiff, his body tense, and not even Two and all the love in the world could make this photo look good.

Two lowered his camera and grinned. Aun was acting just like the first couple of girls Two had had in his room––nervous, unsure of themselves––and back then Two had been so inexperienced his own nerves translated into the photos he took.

Aun returned the grin shyly, the soft look he gave Two freely after they’d eaten chicken feet together. Two’s heart gave an anxious beat, and he pressed the shutter button. He couldn’t bare to look at Aun’s eyes so he fidgeted with his camera, pretending to be really interested in the picture he just took.

Shit. He couldn’t show this to Aun, or anyone at all. It was a very nice, very blurred, picture of Two’s desk with a tiny glimpse of Aun’s arm on the side. There were always two people in a photo of a person––the subject, and the artist––and well, Two didn’t need his photograph interpretation classes to know the artist in this one was nervous and insecure.

“Your eyes were shut!” Two accused because that was easier.

Aun stood up easily, and crossed the few steps between them to grab at the camera. “No way, let me see.”

Two jerked the camera away and pushed his shoulder into Aun’s chest. “I can’t, I deleted it already.”

“I don’t believe you. I know the trash button is on the side and your hands didn’t go there at all.”

“Believe it? You must have shut your eyes just like you did in the photo.”

They pushed and shoved at each other, but Aun really made no serious attempt to take the camera in case it slipped out of Two’s hands or something. It finally stopped when Two put his left hand right in the middle of Aun’s chest and pushed hard enough for him to fall onto Two’s bed.

“C’mon, stop,” Two said, “You begged me to take pictures of you, so go.”

Aun looked up at Two from where he was sprawled and smiled widely. “You’re right, you’re right.”


Two’s hands weren’t shaking so this one couldn’t be as bad. But maybe, just in case, he’d check later when he uploaded them.

Click. Click.

“You’re not even moving. Do you want 100 of the same picture, shithead?”

Aun pushed up on his hands to sit again. “You can’t be kinder to your subject?” Aun said through his laughter. “Did those girls really sleep with you after you took their pictures like this?”

“Shut up,” Two said and he sent his foot towards Aun’s chest and kicked.

It backfired since Aun grabbed his heel and Two had to shuffle hop to keep from falling over as Aun fell to his back.

Aun’s fingers ran up the back of Two’s heel, gently stroking the flesh just under the hem of his jeans. The look he was giving Two was one of his favorites on a girl in this situation, and ordinarily he’d have his camera out and his finger aggressively pushing the shutter button, but Two’s heart hadn’t been beating like this in the past.

“Is this...okay?” Aun said after a pause, his fingers stilling on Two’s skin and Two realized he hadn’t lifted his camera at all. He’d just been staring into Aun’s eyes like…shit this feeling was weird.

He jerked his foot out from Aun’s grasp and Aun didn’t fight it. Two settled carefully on the edge of the bed, his back to Aun’s body. “I can’t take a picture with my foot in the frame, dumbass.”

Aun didn’t take the bait like Two expected. Instead the bed shifted behind him, and Aun’s hand tentatively brushed Two’s lower back, and settled there when Two didn’t flinch away from it.

“No, I mean, are you okay?”

Two shifted his grip on his camera. A motorcycle rumbled somewhere on the road outside of Two’s condo building as another student got back from their classes. Aun didn’t move the entire time.

Two sucked in a quiet breath, then turned to face Aun.

“Yeah, I’m just…”

Aun looked at him patiently, and Two stared at the space between Aun’s lower lip and the bottom of his chin. When it was clear Two wouldn’t continue––because shit, he didn’t even know what to say there––Aun used the hand on Two’s back to gently remove Two’s hand from his camera and bring it to his chest.

“Me too,” Aun said softly, and Two very nearly didn’t hear it because Two’s entire focus was on the quick, unsteady beat under his hand.

“Yeah…” Two said, because anything else felt too big for the moment.

Aun’s grip around Two’s wrist loosened, and Two’s gaze dropped to Aun’s chest. It fell and rose seemingly with ease, but Two’s hand was on his heart and he knew just how much ease didn’t fit the situation at all.

Two dragged his hand down, feeling the fabric of Aun’s shirt bunch over his firm stomach and sides until he hit the edge of his pants along his hip.

“Oh, you’re––” Two started, then stopped.

Aun let out a nervous laugh, and shifted his legs under Two’s hand. “Yeah, a bit, it’s...I guess it’s a sexy kind of nerve wracking to have you look at me through a lens.”

Two looked up at Aun’s face then, at the blush high on his face, at his blown pupils shifting between Two’s lips and his hand. “Shit,” Two muttered on an exhale. For all that this situation felt new and unfamiliar, he knew this feeling intimately.

Aun wanted him. Aun wanted him bad.

Two lifted the camera with shaking hands and snapped a picture. Aun’s mouth dropped open. Another picture, and Aun’s nearest hand grabbed Two’s knee and squeezed as if he hadn’t realized he’d done it.

“Can you––” Aun started, and squeezed Two’s knee again.

“Yeah,” Two answered, though to what exactly he wasn’t sure. He lifted up on his knees, pulling out of Aun’s grip, and reached over Aun to set his camera on the shelf above his bed.

Aun fell onto his back and grasped at Two’s arm. “No, not yet, just…” His free hand traveled up the back of Two’s legs and settled just under his ass. “I want you here with me.”

Two swallowed audibly, and Aun’s breath hitched in response. Fuck, he was hard too.

Slowly he lowered his camera back within his view, and the corners of Aun’s lips lifted slightly. He pushed at Two’s legs urgingly, and even as fuck-struck as Two was he managed to lift a leg to straddle Aun’s pelvis and take another picture.

“Wow you’re really…” Two began, and Aun’s smile grew wider.

“Attractive? Perfect? Se––” Aun broke off in a low groan as Two lowered all his weight on his erection to shut him up.

Two’s face was fucking burning, and he lifted the camera higher to cover it up. He wasn’t even this pathetic with the first girl he’d brought to his room, and he felt so freaking stupid.

Aun’s hands ran up the sides of Two’s legs to settle on top of his hips, but Two didn’t shift where he was sitting.

“You’re not letting me put on any charm,” Two spat out from behind his camera, busying himself with taking more terrible photos. By this point the girl he’d have in his bed would be a melted pile of goo, and Two would have a hundred beautiful souvenirs, but Aun was different. Aun would always be different.

Aun looked at him straight through the camera lens, like he could see where Two’s every weakness was and just stab him. “So show me.”

Two’s breath hitched. He licked his lips from behind the safety of his camera and then slowly lowered it. “What are you going to do to make me?”

Aun laughed, and Two grinned in return. “Threatening you with Lynn isn’t going to work anymore, is it?”

“Not especially, no.”

“I thought so,” Aun said, and Two was so enamored of his eye crinkles. “So how about…” He coupled his words with an open suggestion from his hands, as they slid inwards slightly and brushed just centimeters from where Two really fucking wanted them.

Two was embarrassed as hell, but he rotated his hips slightly, just enough to change the pressure against Aun’s dick and bring his thumbs that much closer to Two’s. “Do you really think you could hold back?”

Aun’s hands flexed against Two’s hips, and his mouth dropped out of that self serving smirk into something more desperate.

“I’d do...I’d do anything you asked,” Aun admitted quietly, and Two’s fingers slipped against the shutter button.

“Then touch me.”

Aun’s eyes jumped up to meet Two’s, and Two held them firmly. Aun nodded slightly, just enough, and before Two could steel himself Aun’s hands met in the center and Two knew he’d just taken an ugly picture of the floor.

He stroked and squeezed in a way that had Two clenching his thighs around Aun’s hips in a probably all too unpleasant way, and then his hands rose and undid the button. It was a relief to be pulled out from the confines of his jeans, but shit he felt so naked under Aun’s gaze. The camera between them only served to amplify, not hide, and for once Two felt like he was the subject of the photograph.

“Wait...your shirt,” Two said.

Aun barely glanced down, like it didn’t concern him when Two was in front of him like that. “I can wash it.”

Two’s dick jutted out from the opening of his jeans, sticky and flushed and utterly shameless over the wrinkled white front of Aun’s uniform shirt. “No it’s…”

Two put one hand against Aun’s chest and was somehow surprised for the second time when he felt Aun’s heart running races beneath, and tried to set the camera down to get at Aun’s buttons with both hands.

Aun stopped him with a desperate look. “Don’t stop taking pictures,” he said, and Two let out a sharp exhale.

He picked up the camera again with both hands, and Aun unbuttoned his shirt himself. Slowly, and jerkily, the buttons released one by one, and Two recorded each one.

It seemed more intimate in the uniform. It wasn’t the first time Two had had someone in his bed like this...but then the girls were always dressed to impress and into the idea of Two slowly undressing them with his hands and camera. With Aun in his uniform it felt more real, less like Two was The Man behind the camera and more like Two was A Man. A man that was completely in love with someone real with feelings and interactions that made Two want to hide, and skip through flowers, and push Aun down all at once.

“If you want my shirt off you have to stop moving,” Aun said nervously, and it was then Two realized he’d been grinding against him. It was easier to wash a shirt than mend the buttons, Two supposed.

He dropped one hand off the camera to help slide the sleeves off of Aun’s shoulders, and then it didn’t matter if Two was the one pressing into him because Aun’s shifting was doing it all on its own.

“Better?” Aun asked when his torso was bare, and all Two could do was swallow and take a shaky picture before Aun’s hands were back on him.

It was messy and not sexy at all when Aun started stroking him because all he could do was moan and drool and not even be able to wipe it off because he was taking pictures like Aun asked. It was stupid and Two felt stupid and he knew his feelings were plastered all over every terribly unsteady photo he took of Aun getting closer and closer to the edge.

But despite it all, he was happy, and it was Aun’s corny little half gasped “I love you,” when he came in his pants that made Two start coming all over Aun’s everything.

Two barely had enough sense to set the camera down gently before collapsing into his own mess and Aun’s warmth.

“We didn’t even kiss,” Two panted into his neck, too sated to feel as embarrassed as he knew he would be later. He usually made Aun fight for kisses and here he was admitting he liked them.

Aun’s chest rumbled with a laugh underneath him. “Sorry,” he said softly, and then shifted just enough to basically mash his mouth against Two’s and breath. “Better?” he added as he pulled away, as if they didn’t both know that was absolutely the worst kiss either of them had had.

And yet, to quote a cliché, it was picture perfect.

“You know,” Aun said, wearing Two’s too short pants and taking up far too much space in Two’s room, camera in hand. “These photos are really terrible.”

Two threw his towel at him even though he wasn’t even close to drying his hair. “Shut up. What the hell did you expect?”

Aun could only grin and flash him that first photo––the one where he very clearly didn’t have his eyes shut because his face wasn’t even in the photo.