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The Color that Shines Through

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There. There it was, that familiar curly green hair. The one that belonged to the boy who always looked rather nervous and anxious. You didn't know why, but you just wanted to brighten his day every time you saw him. It was a silly notion if anything, but it was something that slowly grew into a routine that you were very comfortable with. You could easily walk up to him, talk to him, and do your best to console him. Was it just your personality? Or was it him who caused you to change it every time you saw him? You didn't know, but you felt rather giddy and as if you could easily provide some kind of comfort to him.


You didn't have to think about it at all as you plopped down next to him on the bench he was sitting at outside of U.A. Classes were done for that day, and you had been making your way back the dorms. "Hey," you smiled, "You lost, Izuku?" Green eyes, that you had complimented many times before on their color and size, looked at you a bit alarmed. Your appearance had caught him off guard, so that could only indicate that he had been thinking about something.


"[S-Surname]?! When did you get here?!" he asked. You stood up, turning to face him with your hands on your hips and a pout adorning your face.


"How many times must I tell you to call me by my given name?!" you whined. Midoriya Izuku's face turned red as he thought about it and because of the proximity of your face to his.


"W-Well, you see...I forget...," he told you. You just pulled back and sighed, shaking your head as you returned to sitting next to him again, arm resting on the back of the bench leisurely. Your relax posture was quite the difference from Midoriya's who sat rather stiffly with his hands folded together in his lap.


"Come around at your own pace," you merely told him, knowing that he was probably a bit uncomfortable with calling you by [Name]. "Anyway, what are you thinking about? It has to have been bugging you if you're out here and not in your dorm." Midoriya flushed a bit, eyes looking away.


" see...I'm just thinking about...about becoming a hero that's all," he explained to you, "I...I want to be the greatest hero ever to be honest, but there's just so much to worry about." You felt a pang of sympathy as he spoke, but you couldn't help but to smile. Since he was opening up, then it meant that he was fine with telling you his problems.


"I understand," you told him, causing his eyes to shift towards you, "We're all aiming to become the greatest, aren't we?" Izuku smiled nervously at your words as he looked forward again.


"I-I guess so," he nodded. You gazed at him and smiled happily as you stood up again, hands on your hips as you looked up at the sky.


"Alright, it's settled!" you said, much to Midoriya's surprise. Before he could question what you meant, you quickly turned to him full of excitement, "I'm going to support you in any way that I can in your journey to becoming the number one hero!"


"What?" Midoriya's eyes widened at your seemingly random notion. Your smile just widened.


"That way you'll never have to worry about it again!"





If there was any time to be remembering that moment from all those years ago, it was now. You couldn't help but to cringe, however, at how you used to be. You were so all over the place and probably a bit annoying now that you think about it. You were sure that at that moment in time, you probably scared poor Izuku to death as he was most likely trying to just have a moment for himself to think about everything. You grabbed some of the hair pins that was in front of you, pinning parts of your hair in place as you got ready in front of a vanity mirror inside of your rather sizable closet. You would have much rather go to stylist that day, but since you had been extremely busy, you were just going to do your best with what you had. At least you knew that you weren't the only one with this problem though, since during a phone conversation that you had with Uraraka earlier confirmed that she, too, had to settle with doing her own hair for such a big occasion. You all needed to look your best, after all. Twisting the ring on your left hand, you looked down at several pairs of earrings in front of you, hoping to find something that matched perfectly.


You really didn't think you'd ever be worried about such things whenever you were younger. Back then, you truly were pretty ditzy and such a carefree spirit. For instance, you remembered when one day you and Kirishima both wore your ties wrapped around your heads in protest because 'ties weren't manly'. To be honest, you did love your uniform tie, you just had so much fun goofing off and being a part of the cause. Now, things were different. You settled on a pair of earrings that matched the red wine colored mermaid-style dress you had chosen to wear for that evening. You were pretty excited about this whole thing. In fact, your heart was thumping so much that you barely heard the sounds of footsteps approaching.


"Are you ready, [Name]?" The voice caught you slightly off-guard, and when you turned around you were greeted by that curly green hair. Izuku was leaning against the doorway to your shared closet. You leaned down to put your shoes on before standing up, smiling happily at the man in front of you.


"All ready," you replied, exiting the closet, "Tonight's going to be such a big night, you know?" As you said this, Izuku's face grew a bit nervous, and he stopped in his tracks for a moment. You could no longer hear him following you, so you turned around to face him. "You okay?" you asked, taking a few steps closer to him. Izuku flushed a bit, looking away from you as he put a hand on the back of his neck.


"I'm just a bit nervous...," he admitted. While you had undergone quite the change from when you were younger, Izuku still had many of his same tendencies and mannerisms. You thought they were extremely cute, though! He was much more confident as an adult; however, you would have to give him credit for that. Reaching forward, you grabbed onto his hand, gently rubbing circles onto the back of it with your thumb. You could feel all of the scars he had on it, indicating how hard he worked to make it to this point. He deserved this.


"You'll be fine, Izuku," you assured him, "I'm here with you, and I'll never leave your side." Izuku's beautiful green eyes snapped onto you, and he smiled shyly. It was a look that always manged to make your heart stop for a second. You truly cared for him dearly. Not being able to help yourself, you leaned up to kiss him on the cheek. As you had feared, some of your lipstick rubbed off onto it. You reached up and wiped it away as best as you could.


"Did it stain?" Izuku chuckled. You nodded, giggling slightly. Instead of kissing him again, you nuzzled your nose against his softly for a bit.


"Feel better?" you asked.


"Yes," he smiled.


Keeping his hand in yours, you led the way out of your bedroom. Izuku already had his keys with him, so it was one less thing that you both needed to worry about. After all, there was so much that could go wrong, and while you didn't want to think of that, you were truly a huge part of Izuku's support system. You didn't know how it ended up that way, and recalling the moment that you had before would do no good, because in that time even though you did mean it in a way, you had just wanted to comfort Izuku as best as you could. It wasn't like you hated always being there for him, in fact you loved it dearly. You just knew that you had to make sure the night was as perfect as possible. It was what Izuku deserved after all, and you would do your best to see to it.


Like the gentleman he always was, Izuku opened your car door for you. You giggled sweetly because of that, getting into the passenger side and letting him close the door. It always made you feel so special when he did things like that. They were small everyday things to be honest, but all of those little gestures really attested to what he felt for you. One might think the whole thing was silly and cliché, but with Izuku it was just something that he did. It was natural for him in a sense. "Okay, did you remember to program the GPS earlier?" Izuku asked you once he got into the driver's side.


"Of course I did. The last thing we need to do is show up late," you pointed out. Izuku not being there would defeat the purpose of the entire night. "I can't wait to see the others...well mostly Ochaco and Kirishima." You leaned back in your seat a bit, minding your hairstyle, as Izuku pulled out of your garage, driving towards the venue.


"I'm sure everyone will be there," Izuku pointed out, "This day is important for all of them, too. I mean we all worked so hard after all..."


"Which I hope is something everyone else won't be thinking when you, Todoroki, and...and Bakugo...are honored," you said, letting out a sigh. Izuku flushed a bit, remembering that the others weren't quite there yet. Well, Kirishima and Iida were, but just not as far up and he, Todoroki, and Bakugo.


"Well, they'll all get there soon enough," Izuku decided to say, "I mean, our class was filled with amazing people with great quirks. It's only a matter of time before things get even more hectic." Looking at Izuku, you pouted at the words he chose to use. You couldn't really focus on what he had exactly said as his mistake was just so blinding to you.


"Don't you mean 'our classes'?" you asked him, eyebrow raised. Izuku glanced away from the road for a second to look at you. He smiled a bit nervously, trying to remember the exact words that he had used.


"That's what I said...didn't I?" he questioned. You shook your head.


"No, you said 'our class'. Meaning just the old Class A..and not B," you grumbled a bit. Sure you were close with the others from Izuku's class, and they accepted you like one of their own, but you were a member of Class B through and through. You remembered the tension that had happened in your high school years because of some of your class feeling as if it were out-shined by 'the trouble-makers' as the older students at the time would call them.


"I'm sorry, [Name]," Izuku apologized, "I just, you know, forget...that you weren't in my class." He chuckled a bit nervously, though you just sighed, looking out the window in front of you. You could see a huge building lighting up the dark night sky. There were reporters in front of it as well as paparazzi and civilians taking pictures of everyone who pulled up in front of the building to give their keys to the valet.


"It looks like we're here," you pointed out. You looked at Izuku to see that he was incredibly flustered at the moment, hands gripping the steering wheel so hard that his knuckles were turning white. You wondered if he would ever get used to being a famous hero. You couldn't help but to internally giggle as you recalled a time where he freaked out seeing a new hero that he liked. The hero was so shocked to get that from Izuku, who was incredibly famous.


Izuku pulled up to the valet, who opened your car door for you. You stepped out and as Izuku came around to meet you, you wrapped both of your arms around one of his. "It'll be alright," you assured him, "Nothing to worry about."


"R-Right," Izuku said, psyching himself up a bit. As you both walked out in front of the reporters' and paparazzi' cameras, they called out to you both.


"It's Deku and Viridian!" they exclaimed. As they said your hero name, you couldn't help but to slightly collapse into yourself, remembering the story behind that. You scolded yourself from thinking about it. Tonight was about staying positive for Izuku's sake, who could probably really use some reinforcement right now. Tugging at his arm lightly, you led him into the building, and once you were both safety inside of the massive ballroom, which had several round dining tables in it, Izuku let out a sigh of relief.


"You need to get used to that," you said, nudging him.


"I know, I know," he agreed, sighing again. You both didn't exactly have much time to wind down from the air of excitement, however, as Kirishima rushed over to the both of you. He had a drink in his hand already. You do recall him mentioning something via text about 'pre-gaming' with Sero and Kaminari earlier that day, to which you had to explain to him how much of a bad idea that was. You wondered if he listened. Kirishima could hold his alcohol, though.


"It's Mr. and Mrs. Midoriya!" he exclaimed. He hugged Izuku and then hugged you. You noticed that he didn't smell too much like alcohol, so he was probably good, "I feel like it's been forever since I've seen you...When was the last your wedding, maybe?"


"You saw us last week," you explained, "...We got married about seven months ago." You shook your head at that.


"Ah, a week just feels too long to me!" Kirishima smiled, "I miss the days when we all lived together...well [Name] wasn't there, but she'd sure make it up by goofing off with us!" You flushed slightly as he said that, while Izuku chuckled a bit.


"Anyone else here yet?" you couldn't help but want to change the subject. The trips down memory lane usually led to some kind of embarrassing story that involved you, after all.


"Well, Sero, Kaminari, Mina, Jirou,-"


"Ochaco!" you were so happy that you hadn't gotten a drink yet as Uraraka jumped you from behind, hugging you tightly, "Hey, Deku! Hey, [Name]!" She was always such a ray of light. You and her were mostly just associates when you were younger, but ever since you got engaged to Izuku she had become really involved in your life which led you both to become incredibly close to one another.


"Nice to see you, Uraraka," Izuku smiled, "Did you get that problem at your agency fixed?" Uraraka kept her arms wrapped around you as her face changed to one of 'oh, I almost forgot to tell you about that!'


"Yes, and wow! I couldn't believe where they had all gone! Like I left work that afternoon and saw my receptionist's car covered in them! It was insane," she explained, "Turns out my new hire and her were old friends, and she wanted to prank her." You had heard all about it earlier that day during your call with her, but looking at Kirishima's face, you could tell that he was lost.


"Wait, what happened?" he asked.


"All of the post-it notes at my agency had gone missing," Uraraka explained, "I thought I was just being crazy, but apparently one worker stole them all to prank another...It was interesting to say the least." Uravity did run a pretty nice agency, though. Her workers were probably so relaxed that they had no thoughts about consequences. From what you knew, the employee got away free.


"[Name] and I don't have things going on like that at our far as I know," Izuku thought aloud before turning to look at you. At this point, Uraraka had unlatched herself and went to stand between you and Kirishima.


"We don't," you nodded in agreement, "I do most of the hiring, though, so..." You shrugged a bit, "I think maybe I'd be able to spot a post-it note thief. Who knows?" You kind of doubted that you being the one who handled personnel had too much to do with how your employees acted, so you weren't even sure why you really mentioned it. You were sure that the respect they had for Izuku had much to do with their behavior, to be honest.


"Ah, 'post-it note thief?' Did I walk in on the conversation at a bad time?" Sero asked as he came over. Iida and Todoroki were right behind him. Izuku smiled brightly once he saw them. He shook their hands, happily.


"Hey, guys," he said, "How's it going?" You reached out to shake their hands as well, but Todoroki was a bit reluctant. You remembered him saying that handshakes were something he kind of liked to avoid since one of his hands was cold while the other kind of hot. You didn't really mind it, though.


"Just waiting for this whole thing to start happening," Sero said, "It's kind of boring just waiting around." Iida adjusted his glasses, and as he did so, you knew that he was getting in gear to disagree with whatever had just been said.


"It's important to wait so that everyone has time to get here! From the guest list we are missing Tokoyomi, Best Jeanist, Hawks, Bakugo-"


"He's already here, man," Kirishima explained, "I rode here with him. Can't have him flaking out." You looked to the side a bit at the mention of Bakugo's name.You sort of felt far away from the conversation now.


"You guys are always hanging out together," Ochaco smiled, "It's sort of sweet to think that Bakugo has someone so close to him." Kirishima flashed his famous sunshine smile.


"The guy needs a push, but I can always convince him to do things," he pointed out, "He really didn't feel like coming tonight once he read the invitation." Kirishima turned to look at Izuku, "I wouldn't be surprised if he even challenged Deku to fight right on stage." Usually, you'd say something to that, but you didn't feel like you could at the moment.


"T-That sounds like something Kacchan might do," Izuku said, "But...he wouldn't actually...would he?" He looked at everyone who either shrugged or nodded. Izuku let out a sigh, before turning to look at you, who was still looking away.


"Bakugo has a temper," Todoroki pointed out.


"Haha, you're telling me!" Ochaco laughed. At this point in the conversation, you decided to just peel away. Alcohol was something that would be good. It was supposed to be a perfect night, so you should have a drink in hand to celebrate, after all.


"I'm going to get a drink," you announced, "Anyone want one?" You looked at your husband who shook his head, before glancing at the others who seemed good at the moment. "Okay, I'll be back in a bit." As you headed to the bar, you took in the beautifully decorated room before you. The decorators had really gone all out for this. They also seemed to favor string-lights and the color champagne. Thinking about champagne, it was probably the best drink to have when the main event started. Oh, how you felt so happy and proud of your husband!


You neared the bar, but your thirst would have to stay unsatisfied a bit longer as you were intercepted by the mayor. He was a rather happy and sweet man overall, but that made sense considering how the city and those surrounding it were filled to the brim with great heroes. "Good-evening, Viridian," he referred to you by your hero name, "Don't tell me you've come alone?" You giggled softly at his playful words.


"No, my husband is right over there," you explained, pointing over to Izuku. It, however, wasn't the best time to do so because for whatever reason Sero was forcefully taping Kaminari's mouth shut, and you died inside just a little. The mayor just laughed though.


"What a rowdy bunch!" he said, "I'm pleased that our heroes are so charismatic." You didn't think that was the right word to use there, but you looked back over at them, smiling happily.


"Yeah, they're good people," you said, before turning your attention back to the man in front of you.


"You must be so proud of Deku," he said, "And you deserve some of that glory yourself, you know!" You beamed a bit, but you waved that compliment off, blushing slightly. You hadn't expected to be praised in that way. After all, the night was about the others.


"I really don't," you giggled a bit.


"Nonsense! After all, every great hero has great sidekicks! And Deku should be proud that he has you for one." Your eyes internally widened as that was said. 'How many times does this make?' You thought. Being mistaken for your husband's side-kick wasn't new to you, but you felt that dying feeling internally once again. People thinking that you, yourself, wasn't a hero also led to some interesting theories about Deku hiring you just because you were pretty and then marrying you or stories about you being a no good gold digger. All these people seemed to forget the fact that you were a hero, too and got into a relationship with Izuku long before he became famous.


"W-With all due respect," you started, "I also have the title of hero...My husband and I both work as heroes." The mayor raised an eyebrow at you in confusion before he realized what you were saying.


"Oh! I'm sorry dear!" he told you, "I just get confused is all. I mean your hero name is 'Viridian', which does match well with your husband." 'He's not that shade of green' You couldn't think that enough.


"It's fine," you said, trying your hardest to not act offended.


"Well, I should be greeting the guest of honor, then!" the mayor changed the subject, "I do hope you have a lovely evening." And with that he headed off to the little group that had formed, and looking over now you could see that they had been joined by Shinsou, Toru, and Jirou. You let out a sigh and walked over to the bar. Oh, how badly did you want to order something like long island Iced-tea or even just straight vodka, but you settled for wine.


While you were waiting for your drink, you heard a familiar deep voice saying, "Scotch." You didn't want to do it, but you glanced next to yourself to see Bakugo standing there. It was as if he felt that, though, because he looked as well, and you both were staring at each other awkwardly for a few seconds before quickly glancing away. You couldn't see it, but Bakugo rolled his eyes, "...Midoriya...," he merely said. He had begun to call you by Izuku's last name after you had gotten married.


"Good Evening, Bakugo," you manged to say. You started to feel your body heating up a bit, and you couldn't help but to wonder what was taking the bartender so long. When he came back, you felt a sigh of relief, but he was empty handed.


"Did you want that on the rocks?" he asked Bakugo.


"No shit," was his reply. The bartender quickly nodded heading to pour his drink. 'Where's my wine?' you thought. The bartender ended up over-pouring the drink and spilled a little. Bakugo growled, "Who the hell did they hire?! Fully clothed Chippendales?!" Was he looking for a response from you? No this is Bakugo, he's just being irradiated like he always was, right? But what if he did want you to comment? Would that make things less weird?


"I-I know right...," you made yourself say, voice sounded as if your words had no weight. Bakugo glanced at you before looking back at the bartender and shrugging. 'I messed up!' you thought. As if to save you from this situation and yourself, your wine was placed in front of you. Another bartender had poured it.


"Sorry about him," she smiled, "He's new and a bit nervous around all of these heroes." You took your drink, not sure if you should say anything to Bakugo or not. Would it be weird if you didn't? You decided on something neutral and that would be harmless.


"Um...congratulations, know on your achievement," you told him. You were met with very annoyed eyes, making your own eyes widen. You had seemed to forgot that he wasn't in the best mood. What had Kirishima said before? That he might get fed up and fight Izuku? Maybe he'd fight you too now.


"Trying to rub it in my face, aren't you?" Bakugo questioned rhetorically, "Well you can just shut the fuck up!" You froze a bit, thinking about how bad your words were. Should you apologize? Explain yourself? Why was talking to Bakugo just so hard?!


"R-Right," you ended up saying before quickly walking away. 'Wow, that was one of the worst things I could have said!' You breathed deeply and put a hand on your heart, hoping to calm it down. You just needed to head back to your group! That's all you needed to do! But what if Bakugo intended to go there because Kirishima was there?! You groaned inwardly. "Oh, what to do...," you whispered to yourself.


And as if a ton a bricks fell from the sky and onto your head, you had noticed a second group. Actually, this should have been the first place you went to, but ever since Izuku and his friends had adopted you as their own, you almost forgot about your other set of friends. "Kendo!" you called, rushing over to the group of her, Monoma, Pony, Shiozaki, Tokaga, and Tetsutetsu. You hugged Kendo tightly, making her laugh.


"Hey, [Name], we were wondering when you'd come over!" she told you. You felt so much better at the moment and was able to just forget about your previous spills. Even though you had spent more time with the old Class A ever since you and Izuku had gotten together, you felt much more comfortable with your own.


"[Name], why don't you go back to Class A, huh?" Monoma asked, "I mean you did betray us for them, you traitor!" He laughed, but thankfully, Kendo hit him. She was gracious enough to not knock him out like she usually did.


"Stop that," she scolded, "[Name] isn't a traitor and the former Class A isn't bad at all." You didn't take any offense in Monoma's words, though. You honestly had no idea who generally did to be honest.


"You should be celebrating, [Name], well you and Midoriya," Tokaga pointed out with a hand on her hip, "After all, you both worked towards this, did you not?" The others couldn't help but to laugh at the light teasing while you flushed up a bit.


"Oh, come on!" you whined, remembering the day you barged into class saying proudly 'I'm going to help Midoriya Izuku become the greatest hero ever, so if I forget, someone please remind me!' You cringed at your past behavior. Kendo would often tell you, years ago when you were in high school, to stop hanging out with Kirishima, Kaminari, Mina and the rest of their little group since she was generally concerned that they were affecting you with their, as she delicately put it, 'carelessness'. You knew she wanted to say 'stupidity.'


"Those were some interesting days," Pony thought fondly with a smile on her face, "We should all get together more often and just reminisce, you know?" You smiled and nodded, happy that the heat was now taken away from you.


"How about we go to a bar soon?" Kendo suggested, "I know of a really good one. Some of the drinks they serve come on fire!"


"No, no bars. Alcohol can make people do the worst things," Shiozaki said with a slightly dramatic shake of her head. She glanced at the wine that was in your hand, which caused you to turn to your side slightly so that it would no longer be in her view.


"I'm sure we'll figure something out," you shrugged. Kendo then opened her mouth to say something, probably to give another suggestions, but then she smiled and looked behind you. You raised an eyebrow, before curiously deciding to turn around. It was that curly green hair, so you automatically smiled without even really thinking about it.


"Hey, Midoriya," Kendo greeted, "Congratulations!"


"Yeah, you must have worked hard. I mean you're so young, too," Tokaga pointed out. You could see your husband's face visibly turn red at the praise. You wondered how long it would take him to get used to that, after all, as you had thought about earlier, he still wasn't used to being a famous hero.


"Thank you," Izuku chuckled a bit. There was definitely a hint of anxiousness in his laughter. You just looked at him fondly.


"We'll catch up with you sooner than you think!" Tetsutestu told him, "By the way, is Kirishima here, yet?"


"Yeah, he's...," you looked around for your friend's signature red hair, and once you saw it you couldn't help but to wonder why he didn't style it in a different way for this occasion, "Over there." It seemed as if Class A's group had disbursed and everyone went to do their own things. Kirishima was hanging out at the bar with Bakugo and Sero.


"Well, anyway, I just came over here to get [Name]," Izuku finally said. He turned to look at you, "Do you want to dance?" You were slightly taken back by that request, but glancing at the dance-floor you could see, Ochaco, Iida, Kaminari, and Jirou already there. Perhaps they had decided to do so, prompting Izuku to want to do the same? It was just not really like him to randomly ask you that.


"Sure," you told him, "Just let me..." You looked at your wine glass. It was probably a bit uncouth, but sadly you didn't exactly know which table you were sitting at, so you downed the rest of it, before walking a few paces to place it on the tray of a server who had some horderves. "Alright." Izuku smiled and grabbed onto your hand, and as you both walked to the dance-floor, you could of sworn you saw Shiozaki shaking her head at you.


Deciding to ignore how unladylike you had just looked, you just danced with your husband, looking at him admirably as you did so. Izuku smiled back at you, gently holding onto your hand and hip as he led. You were sure that the last time the two of you danced like this was at your wedding as much as you could recall. With being heroes and starting a life together, things had been pretty hectic, so you were enjoying this night. Even taking in the account of dealing with the press, being mistaken for Izuku's sidekick, and running into-


"So, I saw that you talked with Kaachan," Izuku said. You honestly had no idea that he had been watching, and knowing that he probably saw the extremely awkward moment made your face heat up a bit, which did not go unnoticed. So, Izuku chuckled a bit, "[Name], it's fine, you know? I'm sure you're more bothered by what happened than he is, and I mean I'm okay with it." You couldn't help but to want to roll your eyes at that, since it was easy for Izuku to say.


"Well, of course you don't have a problem. You weren't the one who-"


"Can everyone please make your way to your assigned tables. We are about to begin." You took your attention away from Izuku to check out the stage where a woman was standing behind a podium at a microphone. You couldn't help but to sigh at this bittersweet moment. You got to escape conversing about a subject that you really didn't want to get into, although your time dancing with your beautiful husband was cut short.


"Let's go, [Name]," Izuku said softly. He didn't let go of your hand, but rather led you off the dance-floor and to your table.


"Do you know where we're sitting?" you asked.


"Yes, we're at the head table."


"Ah, I see..." It could really only be that one considering what this occasion was all about. It would have been nice to have your choice in where you got to sit, but it wasn't too big of a deal, or rather that was what you were thinking at the moment. Once you made it to the table, Izuku pulled your chair out for you. The act made you smile fondly, even though this wasn't the first time for something like this to happen. "Now, I guess we just need to wait for everyone else to get seated," you thought aloud. As you were saying this, Todoroki pulled out the seat next to you, sitting down. He nodded at you curtly. "Hey, Todoroki," you smiled. You noticed that the man did not bring a date with him. He really needed to start dating in your opinion so that you and Izuku could double date with him. You already saw him a fair amount after all since he and Izuku were such good friends.


"I guess we're just waiting on Kacchan now," Izuku said as he sat down at your other side. You had totally forgotten about that possibility. You doubted that Bakugo brought a date as well, so it would probably sadly just be you and the three of them. That might not make for the best conversations considering how Bakugo wasn't the happiest with your husband right now, and Todoroki always found himself in the path of Bakugo's rage as well.


"Seems like it," Todoroki nodded. He glanced at you, probably trying to read the weird expression currently on your face, however once you made eye contact with him, he looked away, "How have you two been?"


"Busy but happy," Izuku smiled. That was honestly the perfect way to put it, "And after tonight, I'm sure we'll be even more occupied."


"Yeah, it'll definitely take time to adjust," Todoroki agreed before looking at you, "How are you feeling, [Name]?" You didn't expect him to ask you that, but him trying to make out your expression earlier probably had much to do with it.


"I guess the same as usual," you shrugged, having to really think about it, "I'm just really happy for you...." You trailed off as you watched Bakugo coming over with his hands in his pockets. His posture was one that said he did not want to be there. "...for you all," you manged to continue, eyes trailing back to focus on Todoroki.


"Hey, Kacchan," Izuku smiled.


"Shut it, Deku," Bakugo rolled his eyes, sitting down in his seat. You couldn't help but to wonder why he even came in the first place. Sure this whole entire thing was rather important, but Bakugo wasn't the one to follow social norms. So, why did he show up?


"Hey, guys!" As if answering your internal question, Kirishima popped up right behind Bakugo, going to sit next to him. Red Riot certainly had a way of making Ground Zero do things that was for sure. Then again, who couldn't Kirishima influence? He was such an addicting ray of light in all honesty.


"What are you doing, stupid hair?" Bakugo grumbled.


"Well, we came here together after all, so I minus well sit by you!"


"Idiot this isn't a date!" Bakugo retorted. Kirishima just shrugged at that, though didn't move a muscle.


"If you say so! But nothing's wrong with it if-"


"Shut up!"


You stifled a giggle as best as you could at the interaction. You were so grateful that Kirishima was there. You would have to remind yourself to always make sure he was present whenever you would have to interact with Bakugo. That might make things much less awkward. If only you hadn't messed up like that all those years ago. Izuku didn't think it was a mistake, and encouraged you to try to be more comfortable around Bakugo. To be honest, though, it wasn't like you both were ever friends in the first place in your opinion. You were just neutral if anything. The two of you just happened to hang around the same people. Come to think of it, you remembered the week after the Sport's Festival, you had seen Bakugo, Kirishima, Mina, Sero, and Kaminari all sitting together eating lunch. With a happy expression on your face you exclaimed, 'Hey, it's the Bakusquad!'. Bakugo did not seem to take any amusement in that, however, the others in his group couldn't stop laughing at the name and had decided to play the part for the rest of day.


Later on, when you were heading to your locker, Bakugo approached you saying, 'Are you fucking happy?!' behind him, Kirishima, Mina, Sero, and Kaminari were mimicking his every move. You, having no idea what he was referring to said,


'I am! I was only a few points away from a 'B' on a test that I got back today!' From that moment on, the others adopted you as one of their own and Bakugo started to refer to you as 'ditz-face', 'forgetful-bitch', and 'idiot from class 1-B'.'


Kirishima had said, 'Don't worry, he has names for us, too!'


While the memory wasn't something to exactly be proud of, it was still a very sweet one. You had made some good friends, that were still there for you. Looking at Bakugo, you couldn't help but to wonder if the two of you would have gotten closer if you hadn't-


"Good Evening, everyone!" A loud booming voice was heard from the stage. You snapped out of your thoughts from the past and looked over at its source. It was the mayor, standing behind the podium. "I'm so glad you all could make it tonight, and I'm proud that my city is home to some of Japan's top heroes!" After he said that, everyone clapped in agreement. "As you all know, the televised announcement of the full top ten will happen next month, but for now this dinner is to honor our top three. From the moment..."


As the mayor was going on and on, making a speech, you glanced over at Kirishima who was eyeing the empty champagne flute in front of him. "How are we supposed to do a toast?" he asked in a whisper.


"Do you think there's going to be one?" Todoroki asked. You watched as he glanced at the table next to you, probably seeing if they had anything in their glasses. Izuku seemed to do the same, while Bakugo just stared in front of him with his arms crossed.


"Ah, Iida's table has champagne," your husband pointed out. He was right. Iida's entire table not only had champagne, but food in front of them as well. Sitting there was Iida, Ochaco, Kaminari, Jirou, Yaoyorozu, and Tokoyomi.


"What, how?!" Kirishima's whisper grew a bit louder.


"I would not be surprised if Iida got up and asked the kitchen to serve them," you pointed out. Iida definitely knew how to backseat drive a situation. He was one of Izuku's closest friends, so you found that out pretty early. In fact, one time when he came to you and Izuku's place for dinner he insisted that you all ate at a very specific time.


"But why would he do that?" Izuku thought aloud.


"He probably told them that he wanted to eat early so his food would be properly digested," Todoroki suggested. You thought it was a joke, and apparently so did Izuku and Kirishima, so you all stifled some laughter. Todoroki just looked at you all in confusion, "What?" he asked.


"Now, it's time to start with number three!" the mayor's voice seemed to get louder, interrupting you all from your slightly rude conversation. You looked at your husband, smiling softly as you could see him visibly starting to get nervous. You reached over and held onto his hand, and the second you did that, he squeezed in comfort. You didn't mind at all, especially since he didn't do so too hard. "I'm proud to announce Todoroki Shoto as Japan's number three hero!" Like a professional, Todoroki got up as everyone clapped for him. He headed to the stage as he shook hands with the mayor who gave him a plaque, which was probably just a gift that the mayor had professionally made for the occasion. Once Todorki went back to his seat, the mayor continued, "Now for our number two hero! Bakugo Katsuki!" Once again everyone clapped, though Bakugo didn't exactly look like he wanted to get up.


"Go on, man!" Kirishima cheered him on, "If you don't everyone will think you're not grateful and you for sure won't ever become number one." Bakugo glared at Kirishima, but he did as expected and stood up.


"Shut up, stupid hair," he grumbled before going up on stage. He only let the mayor shake his hand for a second before unenthusiastically grabbing his plaque and going to sit back down. He dropped it in front of Kirishima, who took it in interest, eyes scanning over it.


 "Now, the moment I'm sure everyone has been waiting for!" Izuku's grip on you tightened at the mayor's words, "I'm incredibly excited to announce that Japan's number one hero and our new Symbol of Peace is a resident of my very own city! He is a man worthy of this honor with an amazing quirk and team backing him up." The way that Izuku was holding your hand started to grow more painful, but you endured it for him, "Japan's number one hero, Midoriya Izuku!" The room erupted in loud cheers and claps. You smiled happily as you watched your husband walked up the stage.


Finally, Izuku achieved his dream at becoming number one! And while that was clouding your thoughts, the little thing that you hadn't paid any mind to as of yet was that you were now the wife of the number one hero.