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Flowers For Your Crown

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George and Ringo sat at the gazebo waiting for the other to say something. George was so caught up in the moment.

    His iris’ observed the older man sat in front of him. Never once in his life had he seen such a sight. All from his short stature that complimented his humbleness. Though his eyes however amazed him the most. The calming blue and a ring of gold in the center propelled him to believe that he was heaven sent. But at that very moment, the rays from the sunset glazed over Ringo’s features and had sent George over the edge with emotion.

"George?" The older gentleman called out. No response.

George, still being captivated by the shorter man’s features continued to observe him, never once removing his gaze.

"George? Are you there?" This shook him from his trance.

Slowly, he nodded in reply.

     The older man reached for the velvet black box resting behind him in the gazebo and placed it in the gardner’s callused hands. Hesitantly he opened it not knowing what to expect. To his surprise however a joyful look fell upon his face. Inside were 3 chocolate treats. Chocolate peanut butter eggs to be exact.

George looked up to his employer, a kind smile splayed ear to ear. Ringo beckoned him to taste one of the sweets sat in his hands. Slowly he took a bite out of the egg that had an edible flower spread out on the top. The young man had to strain to prevent himself from moaning at the taste.

"It's amazing," He breathed out.

"Why are you being so kind to me," he muttered not caring if the older man heard him or not.

"You're my gardner, you work hard everyday to keep my flowers healthy. And to be quite frank with you, you're a lovely lad in general. So I decided it would be a kind gesture to give you a little bit of enjoyment." He responded abruptly; instantly regretting the tone of his voice and cringing at the thought that he was harsh with his words.

Quickly he spoke,

"I apologize I didn't mean to-" but was cut off by George placing a finger to his lips.

"Tsk tsk tsk, it's fine," He whispered quietly knowing that only Ringo had heard his words. The older man decided to do something quite rash. He grabbed the gardeners hand and observed every detail. Bringing it to his face and then his lips, kissing each knuckle; delicately as if they were flowers.

A mild blush spread through the taller man's cheeks as his employer looked back up at him. As small chuckle erupted from Ringo, George had been startled.

"What is it? What’s got you laughing?" he inquired

The older man said nothing. He only brought his hand up to his gardener’s face and wiped away the chocolate smudge, in opposed of just using his tongue to taste him. Except his hand remained in place, cupping his chin gently. Slowly he approach the taller man’s lips with his own inching them closer and closer to each other until they met. There was no fighting for each other, just peace. 

This action however was cut short with a shaky voice questioning “Are you- are you su-” 

The older man pulled him back into the gentle kiss, ending the sentence early. They nipped at each other for minutes and stared into each others eyes. It had been a long day for both of them so they  decided to retire to George’s humble abode. After a relaxing bath they sat in George’s own living room.  

They sat there for hours relishing the moments of peace. Zoning in and out of the minutes. Taking the time to find comfort of who they were, and to become. If anything were to rip them apart surely they’d never strive again. 

This is all they ever wanted, a serene place to comfort and cherish their lover. Even though they may not always got what they wanted, in the end they had each other. Nothing more in life could hurt this bond between them, even in death.