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Flowers For Your Crown

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" What do you mean you could only make three? "

" Well by the time those had set, the chocolate in the pot had burnt! My deepest apologies Rings, but I've got to go. I did leave a fondant flower that you can put on one of the eggs though,"

     And with that Paul left, and Ringo was left alone in his kitchen that smelled of burnt chocolate and peanut butter. Here it was 6 o'clock in the morning and he still hadn't had a cup of tea, still clad in his pyjamas and had to comb his hair. He lifted himself from the creaky wooden chair and went to his bedroom, searched for a presentable outfit to wear in George's presence and took a shower. His outfit consisted of A black 3 piece suit, floral scarf, and black clunky shoes. They were from the 70's and they surprisingly still fit him extremely well.

      He dressed himself in silence and realized he needed some music to listen to. Flipping through his record collection he found a vinyl piece he hadn't listened to in years. The song was very old itself but he rather enjoyed the tune "World Weary" by Noel Coward. He set the needle on the disc and allowed himself to enjoy the song. The tension in his shoulders eased as he stumbled into his bed. He set his alarm clock to 11 : 45, then drifted off into a low slumber listening to "I'll see you again" on whisper.







George however, had had a better start to his morning, he woke up to birds chirping a lovely song. Delilah was curled up at his feet still napping, not wanting to disturb his pet he decided to wait until it was her feeding time. The gardener had taken the day off because of Ringo insisting he have the first half of the day to himself. Of course he didn't mind, gardening was strenuous ; and was still nursing an injury from earlier that month from a storm. His wrist still clicked when he wiggled it.

You see, he had fallen over a rotting log. Misjudgement and a bad angle had cause him to stumble, and being very fortunate to of only fractured his wrist.

George would subconsciously make his wrist click on purpose when he would be reading or petting Delilah. His employer was worried about the sound at first but had come to realize that it didn't cause any harm.

Slowly he sat up in bed and stretched. Yawning he thought about what he would wear to the... to the... what he would wear for his date. His eyes grew wide with realization he, George Harrison, was going on a date with Ringo Starr. His employer. He glanced at Delilah, she only purred a long and low hum. She had finally awoke from her slumber and went to her owner for her morning rubs.

"What do you think Delilah? My floral shirt with black trousers and yellow brogues?"
Delilah purred enthusiastically.

Floral shirt it is!" George Exclaimed.

    He hopped out of bed and ran to his closet rushing to pull out his shirt and trousers. He would have to find his brogues later on because they weren't in the boxes with his other shoes in his closet, he waited until eight to take his shower and get ready. It never takes him long as he only does what he needs to do, and nothing more. And simply for the single fact that he did indeed take his time, leaving him at 10 o'clock to find his shoes.

   He tore his closet apart trying to find his shoes. Turned out they were sitting at eye level on the shelf. He scorned himself mentally as he didn't leave until 11 : 37, rushing to get out of the door and to the garden gate of Ringo's garden. There he was greeted by Maxwell wagging his tail away. He walked himself to the gazebo and started yapping at the window. A tired Ringo stumbled to the window opening looking dazed.

"George! I wasn't expecting you till noon?" He spoke as he glanced at his watch. Much to his dismay it was Twelve fifteen.

"My deepest apologies dear! I didn't mean to make you wait. It seems my alarm didn't go off as it should have,"

"No worries Mist-"

"How many times must I insist you call me Ringo?" He interrupted.

"Of course Ringo! As I was saying, I just arrived not even a minute ago." George replied

"I'll be out in a minute, just allow me to grab something," Ringo said.

Then he disappeared behind his maroon curtains leaving George to his own devices. After around 3 minutes Ringo appeared at the doorway to the garden. Behind him he held a small box containing the sweets Paul had made from earlier that day.

"Er- em. George, I have, um. George I have something to talk to you about," The shorter man spoke.

"Take a seat please?" George simpy obliged and sat at the gazebo