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Nuclear Fission and Hillsides

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Egret tours marina was a quiet settlement with a stupid name. There wasn’t much in the small town but a couple of warehouse buildings and two prewar shopping complexes. Traders came in and stopped for a bite to eat, maybe to rent a bed and then moved on to bigger, better settlements. Abigail by her own opinion lived in a boringly safe place, but in many ways was thankful for it. Traders had brought her stories of super mutants who ate children in front of their mothers, radiated homes full of vicious hungry rad roaches and of course packs of feral ghouls that ate anything they could catch.

She was by most opinions safe here. Two years ago a vault dweller named Ellie, accompanied by a shy soft spoken doctor, George, had brought the minutemen back to their door and restored order. They had built their defences and the man had organised a proper hospital in an old pre-war shop in the Settlement.

Hell, the minutemen had restored most of the settlement. One massive warehouse had converted into the town's sleeping commons and on the opposite side of the marina was the shower commons. A large old diner had been restored and was used daily for any working man to fill his stomach and get a nice drink.The two prewar shops saw use as a motel and a proper hospital. So it was certain to say that in the last two years the town had life breathed into it.

A sudden heavy thump on her chest awoke her. She was startled but knew who it was. “Musket..” Abigail groaned and reached a weak hand up to pet the wolf dog. He whined playfully licking her face her bed was a single bed and the dog had a way of getting most of the space on it anyway.

“Come on, off. Now boy.” Musket belonged to her, but he was really the towns watch guard. Turrets were nice and meant for tracking down nemesis targets but the villagers enjoyed the sight of a giant dog roaming the grounds. Musket slid off the bed and watched her get ready for the day, tail wagging with impatience.

Abigail wiped Musket’s drool off of her face in her arm and looked at herself in an old worn mirror. Most of the silver backing had peeled away at the edges but it was the best she could find at the time. She put her blonde hair back in a ponytail out of her face and rubbed the sleepiness out of her tired blue eyes. She straightened out the worn, asymmetrical lavender dress she slept in and that was good enough for her.

She was pulling her scarf up over her head as she heard the rumble of thunder in the distance. She looked up out of the warehouse window at the dark clouds gathered in the sky and gave a sigh. Her chest was tight with worry as of late. She glanced at Musket and ran a hand over his fluffy gray fur.

“Musket do you miss Grace? Yeah, you do boy.”

She sighed pulling on her comfortable bomber jacket. The massive gray wolf-dog raced down the stairs rushing past her on thundering legs. He was awake and ready to race around. Abigail followed him and he knew where to go. She headed with him to the shop, running her morning routine.

Her aunt would be at the counter of the shop

“Morning Auntie.” Abigail propped the door open with a brick letting in the cool breeze just as her wolf dog came barrelling into the shop.

“I think it's going to rain later--” She had to stop herself noticing her aunt was speaking with a trader lowly, trying to keep it quiet. Both of them looked at her, neither of them stopped talking when she stood in the open doorway or when Musket sniffed them before going to sniff around upstairs in the area above the shop.

“I’m sure if I hear anything Nellie, you will be first to know. I’ll send my flock of caravan crows to ya. We know things.” The trader had kind eyes and a large disfiguring scar on his generously bearded face. Abigail had heard the story plenty of times. A tire iron to his face. He even had a few missing teeth on that side from the assault to prove it.

“Everett, Thank you, It means the world to me.” Nellie lit a cigarette and placed it to her lips.

The man kindly put a hand over her wrist, looking into her eyes. “Nellie, I promise.” He noticed Abigail before nodding to Nellie. “I better head out… I have to make it to Somerville by nightfall.” he slowly pulled his hand from her and winked as he stole her cigarette. Nellie smiled at him adoringly through her apprehension.

“Chin up.”

Nellie watched him leave. They never said goodbye to one another. Abigail knew their superstition with that, especially when living on the road.

Abigail approached the counter leaning on it “You deserved that you know, smoking is bad for your health.” she tilted her head to the side curiously. “Good Morning.”

The older woman huffed and gave her attention back to Abigail once Everett had left the room.

“I haven’t heard from Grace in three weeks.” She cut the young woman off sharply who was caught off guard by the change in tone. She stopped leaning on the counter staring at her aunt, shocked.

“Yeah well. She can write anytime she wants.”

“She eloped this time Abigail.” Nellie pulled the letter from the drawer in the big wooden counter top and slammed it down in front of her.

Abigail sighed and picked up the old sheet of paper. She remembered what it said but humoured her aunt by reading it aloud.

“ “Auntie Nellie and Abi. I don’t believe i’ve ever loved any one as much as Clyde, He makes the sun rise in the morning, the stars sparkle at night. He makes my body feel so--” okay. Okay i’m skipping a bit… “I’m going to elope with Clyde, and I’ll be writing to you again in a week or two. Love, Grace.” “

Abigail shrugged and returned the letter to her. Nellie glared at her long and hard. “she’s your sister.”

“She always does this. Always.” Placing an emphasis on always with a gesture of her hand Abigail shrugged.

“Its’cuz your father was never around..” Nellie leaned on the counter. Musket was back sniffing around at her leg. She reached down and gave him a playful pet on the head. Abigail felt bitter but pretended she didn’t hear that comment. It was easier not to add layers to this argument.

“She’ll be back soon”

“I want you to go look for her.”

“What!?” Abigail’s loud shout caused Musket to run around the counter and go to her side, checking to see why she was so distressed. “No way! She always does this! She always runs off with new boyfriends! And you know what? she always comes back!”

Nellie slammed her hand on the counter and Musket whined. “She never elopes. She’s never done this!” Abigail’s ears were turning red.

“Everett just told me he hasn’t seen her in Diamond city, or that his Crows have been on the lookout for her for weeks. No one has seen her in any of the minutemen aligned settlements.” Abigail folded her arms in front of herself but her stomach turned at the reality of the situation.

“Abi, I promised you mother. You need to do this... What am I supposed to do? Ride a brahmin into battle?”


“Abigail!” She screamed with a shrill tone.

Her fist slammed on the table, sick and tired of Abigail’s games. The woman wasn’t very old at all, in fact she was in her thirties, but her right leg had been crippled by a raiders baseball bat when Abigail was young. It was one of the most terrifying things she had ever witnessed and it was a miracle they had gotten out of that. She knew she was in the wrong to sass her like that, but in the pit of her stomach, she hated her for the request.

“Tomorrow I want you to head north and see if you can find anything else out. You will be faster than the caravans.”

“Come on. I’m not even a good shot.”

“You’re better than you know.”

Abigail shook her head, tears coming to her eyes in a childish way. She couldn't believe she had to clean up Grace’s mess again. She was always doing this. Grace was the favorite child, the most reckless. Meanwhile she herself was safe, content with her boring life. They had ventured out into the wasteland enough when she was younger and had been through so much hardships. She just wanted her peace.

But apparently not. Apparently poor damn Grace had to fuck something up for her again.



She was so heated up from the order that she was still trembling. How dare she clean up another one of Grace’s messes? She needed to calm down, and in a town where everything was communal that was difficult. She tried her luck in the showers, the warehouse was built as a communal locker room for both genders so it was seldom private. It was on the right side of the Marina, it was probably an boat shed, but the minuet man had restored it, installed pipes and some boilers, and made it almost a functioning space. It was unisex due to the nature of its location, and a frequent gathering place for the locals to sit and talk.

But still.

She tried her luck. The showers were empty.

As she stood under the warm water she closed her eyes. Grace. Everything was about Grace. It always had to be about her. She was the oldest, the perfect child. The warm water ran down her body and slowly relaxed her. She breathed softly long and quiet. When she looked up she was still alone. She would miss this hot water, being able to wash the filth from herself.

Taking advantage of being alone her fingers wandered south into her folds without a moment of gentleness. She knew how to touch herself and how to get herself off quickly. The commons showers were rarely empty for long. She just needed it to calm down, she told herself.

She worked two fingers over her clit rubbing over it up and down slowly and rough. She closed her eyes and leaned against the shower wall working a third finger against her clit. Her breath began to quicken and she reached up to grab at a sensitive breast and play with nipple. She mewled in excitement.

It was building up. She worked her fingers at a much more rapid pace. She shyly pushed one into her entrance and began to search for the spot that could finish her.

The door down the hall opened.

She gasped and pulled her fingers from herself straightening up the best that she could. Two women who worked the fields were talking back and forth behind the wall of lockers as they were getting undressed. She cursed herself under her breath.

As soon as the two women were in under their shower heads she made a hasty exit.


She grabbed her gun and hurried up over the hill. A delightful pool of heat was soaking into her underwear. She had nearly been caught, and there wasn’t anywhere in town where she could let off steam. She headed towards the Coast guard pier up the river, to her secret place under the old stone bridge, nestled behind large rocks and overgrown bushes.

It was so stupid to do this. Why was she even thinking about it? She sat herself down on an old mattress. She had spent time here a frequently since moving to the settlement. She liked to come here to be alone, to read or to drink.

This time she was going to finger herself.

She slid her underwear down past her boots and laid herself back onto the old mattress wanting to continue where she left off in the showers. Nervously she slid her hands down her body and pressed her fingers against her clit. She felt a flutter of nervousness in her stomach that caused her to shiver. There was something thrilling about the added risk of doing this outdoors.

She was soaked, she had been mulling over the thrill of doing this out in the open for a long time. Letting everything else on her mind go for now, She shyly pushed a finger inside of her, working it into the entrance and up to the space between her clitoris. She shivered laying back, looking up at the old concrete of the bridge. The rain from the forewarned storm was beginning to fall and dance on the river giving her a sense of calmness. She closed her eyes listening to the boom of thunder off in the distance. She truly felt alone.

Abigail gasped, as she hit a nerve that made her legs jump. She was still shy and afraid to go much further with this but dreadfully curious, wondering how it would feel to have something inside of her. She loved the feeling of teasing herself so gently. She shivered, shrugging off her jacket down to her elbows, in the back of her mind imagining she was being forced to undress for her lover. She pulled down the top of her dress and set her breasts free, wanting her nipples to feel the chilly air.

The sound of rough panting caused her heart to sink. Someone had been watching--and hadn’t made themselves known. She sat up reaching for her gun-but was surprised to see her friend standing there wagging his fluffy tail with excitement. He must have followed her into the bridge. He usually went out with her and knew all of her favourite spots. Oh, how she felt guilty for being caught by a dog.

“Musket go home.” She ordered softly, sitting up look at him, she didn’t think she would ever find peace around here. Between the showers and the playful dumb expression on muskett’s face she might have to give up.

Musket ignored her approaching her with a wagging tail, “You little shit I said to go home” her playful sentence was cut short by the dog approaching her with force. He shoved his head between her legs and sniffed deeply at her wet heat.

“WHOA. Musket whoa!” She grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and tried to pull him away. Her strength was nothing compared to the wolf dog who easily overpowered her, sniffing into his prize and giving it a hard wet lick.

A surprised moan escaped her and she tried to close her legs. No one had even touched her like that. “Musket--” she was breathless as he took another lick, pushing into her, trying to push past her weakening shove. She moaned and spread her legs wider. She couldn’t help how her body reacted. Guilt pooled up in her stomach. Musket couldn’t have known how wrong this was--he was just a simple dog.

He gave her another lick. She could compare the licks to the kind he would give her fingers if they were covered in food. He was trying to get at every bit of her to taste, licking his soft tongue along her folds, between them and just ghosting over her clit. She reached up to grab at her breasts and tried to lift her hips into his licks. The way the dog licked her was purely instinctive as if he wasn’t licking her for her own satisfaction but to ensure that she would be perfect for mounting.

Oh. mounting what was she thinking. That was disgusting of her. She couldn't believe she was taking advantage of her friend.

“Musket. Musket boy.. we need to stop” she lifted a leg to pull herself back from him. He growled playfully and wouldn’t pull away. His tongue ran over her clit, teasing it.

“Musket.. Oh..” She gave into it laying back onto the old mattress, pulling her legs up to her chest and spreading them just enough to fit muskets massive head between them. Her hands returned to her breasts, giving them rough squeezes and pinching at her nipples.

This was maddening, the slow moving licks over her clit now and then were enough to push her closer and closer. As she laid there being pleasured by her friend, she looked around, out into the storm. They were safe here together under the bridge. The noise of the thunder was drowning them out from the world. No one would be out in this rain.

It’s when she realised, that she might never get another chance at this.

“Stop--stop Musket wait!”

She sat up, using her firmest tone still within her to shrug off her jacket. Musket took a step back and sat down looking at her needily. It’s when she noticed that he was certainly enjoying it too. His length was erect, poking out of his sheath.

Oh. she was truly disgusting.

She pulled her dress up and turned herself onto her knees, sticking her bottom out to him hoping he would get the idea. She had seen dogs mount one another before and craved the pure raw instinct that musket would be able to bring. Was she truly able to handle this? She had never been with another person. She couldn’t imagine herself with a normal man--but a wolfdog? This might be the stupidest thing she’s ever tried.

“Come on boy. Come on.” she said gently and softly, spreading her legs and turning her head to watch him.

He approached, sniffing her at first and giving her a few more wonderful licks but he slowly seemed to realise what access he was getting. With enthusiasm he lifted himself up, pushing his hips against her, slapping her bottom with his red length. Her stomach fluttered nervously as she reached back grabbing hold of it, and lining him up.

It’s all the direction he needed. He pushed inside and she gasped--trying to prepare herself but the size but it was impossible. He forced himself in and she moaned breathlessly, gripping at the mattress.

“Musket! Oh!” there was pain, wonderful pain of herself stretching to fit his girth. She looked down from below watching his hips push inside of her. Her hands returned to her breasts and squeezed.

His teeth were on the back of her neck gently holding her down in large powerful jaws. He pulled back now and then to nip at her shoulders. She whined and it only made Musket push harder.

The thunder storm was getting louder moving over head. She was confident that no one in the nearby town would hear her moans. His cock finally hit a magical spot. The spot her sister told her about once. She needed it again and she was begging for it.

“Musket come on boy. Please!” she whined, tempted to reach down to herself and play with herself but she felt it would be cheating her of her new fantasy, getting off solely to the work of her dog. She tried to push her hips into him and he growled. He wasn’t going to let her move. He wanted to finish in her. He put his jaws on the back of her neck and forced her down

“Please. Please!”

His thrusts became harder as her vagina’s wetness made it easier for him to enter her. Abigail tilted her hips making it easier for him to hit that spot every time, bracing herself as he rutted in and out of her, shaking her body with the rapid force. It suddenly hit her out of nowhere--coming in a wave that washed over her and made her body twitch and rattle from the invasion. It lasted a minute all the while Musket was thrusting in of his own volition.

She came from a dog and the thing was still fucking her. This wouldn't be over until he said it was. It felt amazing to be under something that was driven purely by instinct. She was so close again now and she could feel his length swelling, something was pushing at her already stretched entrance.

She gasped, mouth opening wide. She knew what it meant if it made its way inside her. She wanted it--badly. She moaned needily as his length threatened another orgasm from her. She begged for it, tears gathered in her eyes. On one final rough thrust he spilled into her. The woman felt the additional stretch and let out a gasp as he roughly forced the knot inside, swelling up in her The sensation of being filled drew a long final orgasm from her that shook her entire body. Her legs felt useless as she struggled to hold herself up on her knees.

As she laid there recovering from the wonderful intrusion she listened to the rain and felt Musket lick a gentle tongue on the back of her neck.

“Good boy..” she turned her head for him to lick her face. As she laid there in the cold listening to the rain she told herself that this wouldn’t be the only and last time she would do this with him. It had been wrong, but she couldn't bring herself to care about the broken taboo.

Musket was rather pleased with himself and flopped onto Abigail causing her knees to finally give out under his weight.

They laid there together listening to the rain until his swollen knot subsided. She would have to prepare to leave the next day.