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Complementary Brainwaves

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"R-rick, we need to g-go back home!" Morty said trying to make his more-drunk-than-normal grandfather move his ass to their spaceship so he could drive them back to their planet.
"M*burph*Morty, you i*burph*imbecile. I already said to y*burph*you numerous times!"
"W*burph*we have peeeeerfectly opposite brainwaves!"

"What it h-has to do with going home!?!"
Morty was already seriously considering about leaving his drunkass grandfather there and going back to Earth alone.
"W*burph*why you don't understand I am s*burph*saying we are like two half of the same orange?"
Morty stare at Rick like he had gone crazy. What the hell was he saying?
"You k*burph*know the opposites a*burph*attract each other thing? We're exactly it. I can't live without you, M*burph*Morty. You damn moron."
Rick black out in this moment, leaving a very pissed and confused teenager to put his shit together.