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Pretend I’m something other

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Peters POV


This can’t be real, it can’t be, there’s no way. This has to be a dream, it has to be. There’s no way, this makes no sense! This has to be a dream, it has to be!


I’m insane, aren’t I?


It must be a dream, that’s the only explanation.


I pinched my arm, or rather whoever’s arm this was. Nothing happened. Well, except the mild pain.


Who’s body is this?!


The pain of the pinch still lingered, it shouldn’t have. Nothing that small really hurts me anymore. But this isn’t my body.


I don’t understand, this can’t be possible. I mean, I know Mr. Stark said that Loki can do magic, but this can’t be magic. It can’t be, I’ve never even met Thor, let alone Loki.


Well, he also said Doctor Strange does magic but he’s a good guy and I haven’t met him either so he wouldn’t do this. Right? I mean, what other options are there? There aren’t any other options…unless I really am insane, I can’t be insane I can’t-


I need to breathe, I can’t figure anything out if I’m still panicking. I need, I need to figure this out.


Though my breathing was still too quick to really be useful I looked around the unfamiliar room. The red blankets were still on the floor from when I threw them off of me upon waking up in this tiny room. My first thought was that I was kidnapped, but that doesn’t make any sense. I remember going to bed last night in the apartment, I didn’t even go out Spider-Manning, I had too much homework. Mr. Stark keeps telling me I can’t choose patrolling over school anymore.


Mr. Stark! I have to call him! I have to ask him to come get me.


No, no he’ll think I’m crazy. He’ll think I’m insane and then he’ll take the suit away again and he’ll tell May and then she’ll get so worried. I’ve been getting better! The nightmares aren’t as frequent, I’ve finally started to get better, I can’t ruin it now.


But I’m alone. I’m alone in someone else’s body.


That thought, even to me, still sounds insane.


I made my way as quietly as I could across the room to the door, silently turning the knob.


I could leave, I could escape.


I strained my ears, god I wish I had my super hearing back , but didn’t hear any noise.


I shouldn’t leave yet though, I don’t even have a plan. I scanned my eyes back around the room, leaving the door closed. A phone!


Once again, I silently went across the bedroom. I picked up whoever’s phone this was off the nightstand, it was sitting on some small box. With how hard I was gripping the phone, I was surprised I didn’t break it even without my Spider-Man strength.


My strength. My metabolism. My stickiness. My quick healing. My enhanced senses. It’s all gone, isn’t it? I’m helpless again.


Just to test, I placed the weird off brand phone on my palm, and flipped my hand over. Though I tried to make it stick, I watched it fall back onto the bed.


“Oh god,” I heard the foreign voice say, it’s not my voice yet still my words that came out of it. Even though I know I’m the one who spoke I still flinched at the voice.


Though the bed was weirdly soft, my bed at home isn’t this soft, it was too strange to sit in. I just stood above it, before picking up the unfamiliar phone.


Thankfully they didn’t have a passcode on the device, first I opened up the camera upon realizing this guy does not have any mirrors. The person looking back at me was not me.


He looked around my age, though smaller than me, wearing long sleeved blue pajamas. Green eyes stared back at me, analyzing the light brown hair and the freckles scattered on his face. My face? The body I’m in’s face.


Next, I opened up google maps to see where in the world I am.


I’m still in New York?


Not in the city anymore though, out near Ellison Park. That’s like six hours from home. How am I supposed to get back? I have no money, no transportation, no suit…


Wait. If I’m in this body, then who’s in mine? I have no idea who this is, he could be in my body…with my powers. Oh god oh god someone else could be in Spider-Man’s body!


I need to figure out who this is before I screw this up, figure out who I’m dealing with.


His room is pretty simple, blue walls and red sheets. Just a few books on his nightstand, along with that box. That’s where I started, opening it up to find… pills? He’s trying to hide them but not really? He kept them in a box so he doesn’t want people to just see them in the open, yet they really are not hard to find. Then again, there’s not a lot of other places to hide things, except maybe the drawers underneath his bed.


I quickly googled the name of the meds. Anxiety medication. They’re really strong pills though. He has bad anxiety.


If he is in my body and can get his hands on anxiety pills, they won’t even work with my metabolism…


Oh wow, his nails are bitten down to the finger.


He didn’t have a lot of tabs on his phone, Those he did have were mostly about books and trees. Who spends their time reading about trees? Then again I guess not a lot of kids spend their time reading about robotics.


After a quick check of the room, finding nothing else unusual I went through his phone more. His messages were mostly just between him and his mom, her mostly asking him if he ate, giving inspirational quotes that seemed to do nothing to help him, and talking about appointments with a Dr. Sherman. His therapist I think. At least he has a therapist to help with his anxiety.


Evan. That’s his name.


The rest of the texts are with someone named Jared. This Jared guy really does not sound like he wants anything to do with Evan.


There was not a lot of apps on his phone. Out of curiosity I opened a folder labeled extras, which was where I had found the maps app. There were a few other apps there that seemed to be for school. Trying to exit I accidentally swiped to the next page of the folder, finding one lonely app. A messaging app.


Maybe it’s bad I’m going through all this guy Evan’s stuff, but I really need to figure him out. See if he seems like a threat.


The messaging app only contained one contact, a guy named Connor. His profile picture…that was something else.


He’s handsome though.


The best way I can describe him is an emo rocker punk kind of guy. Brown hair down to his shoulders, same colored jacket too big on his skinny frame. I only did a quick scan through the latest conversations, the most recent one from last night.


I love you.” Is Evan dating Connor? He told him I love you and Connor said it back.


I can’t help but wonder if Evan is out to his mom. Probably not if he’s hiding the app.


Where’s his dad?


There are no conversations or messages about a dad.


Lastly, I went through his photo album. Wow this guy really loves trees. 99% of his photos were of trees. The rest were of Connor. Yep connor is definitely the rocker type. Black painted nails, messenger bag with pins all over it, thick boots. But in an attractive kind of way.


There were only a few pictures of Evan and Connor together, Evan does not seem to like being in the photos but when he’s with Connor..they both seem so genuinely happy. There’s one of Connor kissing him on the cheek, Evans face as red as the fall leaves he obsessively takes pictures of, that’s honestly kind of cute.


What am I saying? Evan might be in my body. A kid with severe anxiety might be in my body, powers and all. Without his meds he could be having a mental breakdown right now. He could seriously hurt himself or someone else with the kind of strength my body has.


I could call him…


It’s probably a terrible idea, what do I even say? ‘Hey I’m Peter Parker, I’m Spider-Man and somehow we switched bodies maybe? and I need you to keep my secret while I try to figure out how to switch us back.’ He’ll think I’m as crazy as he probably thinks he is.


What other choice do I have?


I watched his thin fingers type out my phone number. I watched the phone buzz and buzz. Pick up Evan, pick up. I mean, assuming Evan is in my body. What if he isn’t? Is my body just lying dead in bed? Oh god Aunt May is going to freak out if she finds me like that…


She probably already left for work by now though, it’s Saturday she usually lets me sleep in when she has an early shift.


Finally the person on the other end answered the call.


“Hello?” I asked, Evan’s voice still unfamiliar to my ears.



Evans POV


I officially lost it. I’m insane, I lost my mind.


Mom was right, I am broken. I can’t be fixed, not after this. I have to be hallucinating.


God why is it so loud? It’s too loud! Too loud too loud too loud too loud I can’t do this!


I’ve never hallucinated before, what’s wrong with me?! Yesterday was a good day, I was with Connor and it was nice and good and why is this happening? Why would I hallucinate being in someone else’s body?


Cars driving past, voices down the hall, cars honking, birds outside, I can hear it all. It’s too much. I shouldn’t be able to hear this much, I don’t want to.


I clenched my fists, the stench of blood smacking me in the face immediately. Prying my hands open, it revealed crescent shaped incisions in my palms, this body’s palms?


I didn’t mean to, I didn’t. I wasn’t trying to make myself bleed this time, I wasn’t trying to hurt this body like that. It doesn’t make sense I didn’t squeeze my hands that hard, they shouldn’t have bled so easily. It didn’t even hurt, I don’t understand.


The thick smell made me start gagging, tears forming in my eyes as I started to cough.


I can’t do this, I can’t, I’ve lost my mind. I failed, I failed, it’s over.


I can’t I can’t I can’t I can’t I can’t I can’t I can’t I can’t I can’t I can’t do this-


I heard myself hiccup, too loud , I didn’t mean to start crying. I just can’t help it.


Holding the bloody hands to my chest, I tried to cry as quietly as I could but each sob just seemed to scream out.


How did I get this bad so quickly? I haven’t been this bad since I broke my arm, I thought I was finally starting to get better. I was so wrong, so so wrong.


Connor won’t want me anymore…


That thought alone sent another wrecking sob through my body. I don’t even know who’s body this is supposed to be. I don’t know where I am, who’s room this is.


I'm lost.


But no ones going to come find me. I don’t deserve it. I’m better off alone aren’t I?


I tried to make my body as small as possible, curled up on the floor in the corner of this stranger's room.


I didn’t even try to stop myself from crying, I just tried and failed to keep myself quiet. Each breath only became quicker and quicker until no oxygen was coming in. I gagged once again at the sick smell of blood, only to send me into another coughing fit, more tears leaking through my eyes.


“Peter, honey are you okay?” A woman’s voice called through the unlocked door, too loudly . She sounded more concerned than pitiful like my mom usually sounds.


Who’s Peter? Who is that? Where am I?


Instinctually I answered, “Yeah I’m fine.”


“Okay,” How could she believe me? “I’m sorry Pete, I have to go to work, I’m already late. There’s cereal in the pantry, I larb you,” she answered before I heard her crashing footsteps walk away and a door open and close. I could still somehow hear her walk down the hall outside what must be an apartment and get into what sounded like an elevator. Only once the elevator went down did I let myself let out another cry, not even trying in the slightest to hold back this time.


I have no idea what she’s talking about, did she say love or ‘larb’? It doesn’t even matter does it? I have no idea who that woman is.


What is wrong with me?


I refrained from covering my mouth with my hand as I let out another pitiful sob, as my hands still had blood on them. I still can’t even breathe right, I can’t do anything right. I couldn’t even fall right.


Then a buzz like a swarm of killer bees sounded in the room. It took me a few moments to realize it was a phone buzzing.


Besides the fact that I'm in a room I’ve never seen before and that woman called me Peter, I know I’m not in my body by just looking at my arms. For one, I’m wearing short sleeves, I haven’t worn short sleeves in who knows how long. I even got a long sleeved version of my favorite blue shirt. Whoever this is, they are wearing short sleeves, and their wrists have no scars on them. It can’t be my wrists, so it can’t be my body. Therefore I have to be hallucinating.


The only reason I got up from the corner was to make the insistent buzzing stop it, stop it.


When I finally found the phone on the floor next to the bunk bed I dropped it upon seeing my own number calling. Thankfully the iPhone did not break upon impact. The crashing sound it made though, caused me to flinch too hard.


It looked even more terrifying that I accidentally got blood on the phone still ringing with my own number. I would try to wipe the blood but I didn’t want to ruin whoever’s shirt this is, it’s definitely not mine.


Who would be calling me? Who could have my phone? I can’t even breathe properly, how can I try to talk to someone? I can’t, I can’t, I hate talking to people I can’t.


But who could be on the other side?


Without allowing myself more time to second guess, I hit the answer button.


Immediately I turned the volume as low as it would go after hearing the breathing on the other side. Why is everything too too loud?




The blood drained from my face. That’s my voice.



Peters POV


Thank god he answered. Say something Evan, anything, let me know you’re there.


“Hello?” I repeated, ignoring how weird the voice sounded to my own ears.


I heard a choking sound on the other side, that sounded suspiciously like crying.


“My name is Peter, and I know this is going to sound crazy but I think we switched bodies.” I definitely sound crazy.


Another choking sound.


I didn’t think he would actually panic this bad, I mean I panicked too but he’s actually crying.


“Evan, right? I’m in your body, I found your phone. Your mom called you Evan, that’s your name right?”


The sound he made was almost incoherent, but I think he said yeah. God it’s strange hearing someone else use my voice. Ned was right, I do sound weird over the phone.


“We’re going to figure this out okay?” I can’t let him know I’m terrified too. “Are you in my bedroom?” Yes, because of course he just happens to know what my bedroom looks like, “grey walls, bunk bed…legos on the floor?” Please let him be in my bedroom, if he isn’t then I have no idea where he could be and if something happens to him we may never be able to switch back.


He’s hyperventilating, I don’t know how to help him. How do I help someone breathe? I’m Spider-Man, I help people all the time, I can help him. Right?


“I’m going to figure this out,” hopefully , “but first I need you to try to breathe okay? Try to take deeper breaths.”


“Can’t,” he choked out. My voice sounds so pathetic when I’m crying, when he’s crying? My body crying? I don’t know, doesn’t matter right now.


“Okay, okay, um…” I don’t know how to do this, I’m not a therapist, “can you try to breathe with me?” I took an overly exaggerated breath in, and then exhaled way too slowly. The only response I got was a shaky breath on the other side. Still an improvement from his hyperventilation.


“That’s good, you’re doing good, Evan.” I have literally no idea what I’m doing.


It took several exaggerated breaths for him to sound like he was breathing somewhat normally, “You okay?” Well of course he’s not okay he’s in a body he doesn’t know and we have no idea why or how to change back. “I mean, do you think you can breathe okay now?”


He took a second before answering, “Think so.” He sounds so helpless, can I really blame him though?


“Okay, okay,” how can we switch back when we don’t even know how we switched in the first place? “Honestly…I don’t know how this happened, but we’ll figure it out okay.” I can’t risk panicking him again, we’ll never get anything done if he has another mental breakdown.


I need to tell him, don’t I?


That’ll only freak him out more though. But if I don’t tell him then he’ll be a danger to himself and everyone around him, and to me. I can’t let him slip and have people find out that I’m Spider-Man.


“Evan, I need to tell you something. But I need you to try your best to stay calm, okay?”


He mumbled, “Okay,” voice so small. God he sounds so vulnerable.


“Okay…has anything…unusual happened-besides switching bodies,” I corrected, “like, are your senses way too strong, everything too loud?”


He made a surprised sort of sound, “Yeah, it’s too too loud.”


“Yeah,” I took a deep breath. “That’s normal. Evan…I’m Spider-Man.”