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Ad Astra Per Aspera

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July 27th, 1990

Harry Potter, age nine, ambled down the sidewalk towards Number Four, Privet Drive from the corner store. Aunt Petunia had given him some money to go buy a tub of ice cream. Dudley was sick, and was wailing (pretending, he had long since learned that if he was seemingly crying, his mother would dote on him even more so than usual) for the cold treat.

Now, lugging the bagged ice cream down the street, careful to keep it off the pavement, Harry stopped. He felt something. It was hard to describe, and it didn’t happen very often, but now Harry could feel a presence in the bush a few feet ahead of him. The bush rustled, and out came a snake. The sun glinted off the shining purple scales, and the snake looked up at Harry with piercing red eyes.

Harry, the kind child that he was, smiled at the snake. “Hello, little snake. Are you staying cool in the heat?” To his surprise, the snake tilted its head and let out a hiss. Then, it spoke.

“A speaker. I have never met one. You are so small, speaker. I will stay with you, and ensure you are never lonely.”

“You want to be my friend?” Harry looked at the snake, surprise on his face and in his voice. The snake repeated the word, as if testing it out, and gave what Harry could only assume was a smile.

“Yes, I want to be your friend.“

And with that, the snake moved towards him and slithered up his pants leg, wrapping itself around his tiny frame under the baggy shirt Harry wore. Harry didn’t question it, happy at the idea of having a companion, and continued on towards Number Four.

Later, after fixing lunch for his family and cleaning the kitchen, all with his new little friend under his shirt, Harry was sent outside to do the gardening. His serpent friend slithered out from under his shirt and settled in the grass, eyes tracking Harry’s movements. Harry looked towards the snake as he worked.

“What do I call you?”

“I do not have a name. You may call me whatever you wish.”

Harry looked at the snake and hummed. “I like Mitra, it means friend.”

Mitra hissed in agreement, and nosed Harry’s hand. Harry smiled, rubbing his finger lightly along his head. “Mitra, why can’t anyone else hear you? You said you never met anyone who could speak to you.”

“It is a very rare ability, speaking to serpents. Only those with magic in their blood can do it, and even then, speakers are few in number.”

“Magic? What do you mean? Does that mean I’m magical?”

“Yes of course! Only the rarest wizards speak our tongue. The last one was my mother’s master. And now, you are my master. I will protect you forever, Master.”

Harry’s mind was racing a million miles an hour. He was a wizard? Was that why strange things happened to him? Every time something strange happened, Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia got very mad at him. Most of his biggest, harshest scars were from times something inexplicable happened to him.

As if he could sense Harry’s train of thought, Mitra slithered towards him and nosed his shirt up. The part of his small torso revealed was marred by an angry red scar, one of the fresher ones.

“What happened?”

Harry glanced down at his stomach, lightly tracing a finger over the scar. “Uncle Vernon caught me sneaking food. The cupboard where I sleep was locked, and I was so hungry. I knew they were gone, and that if I tried hard enough I could make it unlock. They came home early and saw me in the kitchen.”

Mitra hissed angrily, and reared up so he was looking Harry in the face. “They will pay for hurting my Master. We will train your magic so you can get stronger, and then we will make them hurt for what they have done to you.”

Harry looked at Mitra and spoke softly, his voice quivering. “It was my fault. I did something freaky and ate food, even though they told me not to. Don’t hurt them because of something I did. They don’t like when I do freaky stuff.”

Mitra, sensing his Master’s fear, softened his gaze and spoke in a soothing hiss. “Master, you are not at fault. You did accidental magic, something you can’t control yet, to get food. They shouldn’t treat you that way because of something you have no control over.”

Harry hesitated, but nodded slowly. “It’s not my fault?” At the shake of Mitra’s head, Harry nodded again and spoke. “It’s not my fault. They were wrong to do stuff like that to me.”

Mitra hissed in agreement, and Harry smiled. He ran a finger across his scales before going back to his gardening, chatting happily with Mitra all day.

That night, Harry laid on the cot in his cupboard. Mitra was curled up next to him, hissing angrily about how his Master was treated. Eventually, he turned his eyes to Harry.

Mitra seemed angry as he hissed, "Master why do you cook for the ordinary muggle humans? You shouldn't be treated like this! Why are we in this tiny room? My Master shouldn't live in this place!"

"What are muggles?" Harry immediately asked.

The snake looked furious as he spat, "Muggles are humans who can't do magic. You are a wizard! Wizards are special, and wizards should not be hurt by stupid muggles! What else do these muggles do to you?"

Harry sighed, "I don’t want to go into any more detail than I already told you. Let’s just say that what I told you in the garden isn’t even close to the worst thing they’ve done to me.”

“Well I’m here now. As your familiar, I will always protect you, Master.”

“What do you mean, you are my familiar?"

"It means that I am bonded to you now. I will live as long as you do, and I will only ever belong to you.”

Harry smiled. He felt so lucky that he had met Mitra. He had so many questions to ask, but he didn't know where to start. He decided to just start with a broad question, hoping that it would evolve into a more specific line of questioning, "Mitra, can you tell me more about wizards? What can they do? Where can I find them and more information on them?"

"Wizards are very special Master. They can do amazing things using magic.” Mitra explained. "They can use sticks to make their magic do almost anything they want. My mother's master could even do magic without a stick. When you practice your magic, we can use it against the muggles who hurt you. There is a place where wizards go called Diagon Alley. There are many stores to buy things there. One day I will take you, but first we must deal with these muggles. We will start strengthening your magic tomorrow, and you can ask me more questions if you have any, but for now we must rest so we have plenty of energy tomorrow.”

Harry nodded his agreement and murmured a goodnight to the snake. As he let himself be overcome by sleep, he couldn’t help but think how happy he was that Dudley had wanted ice cream.

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July 28th, 1990

Harry sat on the small cot in his cupboard. After a long day of doing chores, and a lack of substantial food and water, Harry was exhausted. But, he needed to strengthen his magic if he was going to escape the Dursley’s.

Mitra had been furious throughout the day, hissing angrily under his shirt about how he was treated. Now, he watched as Harry pulled a pencil out of his pocket and set it on the cot. He had taken it from Dudley’s bedroom while cleaning.

“Okay Master. Only powerful wizards and witches can move things without their stick, but I am confident you can do it. You have a strong core, I can sense it. You just need to imagine the pencil floating. Feel it in your bones. Do not be discouraged if it doesn’t work right away, it will take practice.”

Harry nodded and looked at the pencil. He imagined it rising in the air a few centimeters, and focused on it. After a few seconds, he felt the smallest of tugs in his belly, and latched onto that feeling. He imagined the feeling getting stronger, and slowly the pencil rose in the air, hovering off the cot shakily.

Harry grinned in delight, and the pencil dropped as his focus waned. Mitra hissed happily.

“That was very good, Master! Keep practicing, and it will get easier. We will try two more times, and then stop for tonight. You don’t want to exhaust your core, because that could be dangerous.”

Harry nodded and focused on the pencil again. The second time it rose just as slowly, but the pencil stayed in the air for a few seconds longer. The third time was the same.

Harry flopped back on the cot, tired. Mitra slithered onto his stomach and curled up, his head resting on his body to look at Harry’s face.

“Master, why do you live here? You called these muggles your Aunt and Uncle, where are your parents?”

Harry sighed, staring up at the ceiling of the cupboard. “My parents died when I was a baby. Aunt Petunia is my mother’s sister. I only asked about them once, and she told me they died after my dad drove drunk and they got into a car crash. Do you think they were magical too?”

“You seem very powerful for such a young hatchling. Most hatchlings that have a stronger magical core had a least one magical parent, or someone else in their family. But there is no way I can tell you for sure. When we go to Diagon Alley, there is a test the goblins at Gringotts can do. The test can tell you if your parents were magical too.”

Harry nodded, running his hand over the snake idly. “How do you know so much about magic, Mitra?”

“My mother was the familiar of a very powerful wizard. Her Master taught her very much about the Wizarding World, and when I hatched she taught me.”

“You speak a lot about your mother’s Master. Did your mother ever tell you anything about him?”

"My mother's Master was one of the most powerful wizards in the world. He lead the Dark side in the war, before he was defeated eight years ago. The Light side says that eight years ago he was killed by an infant. But the Dark side does not think that's what happened. I have heard rumours that the Light side lied about his death. But I do not know for sure what happened to him."

Harry became curious. What were the Light and Dark sides fighting over? Was the Dark side evil and the Light good?

"Mitra, can you tell me more about the war? Why were they fighting?"

"Of course, Master. For hundreds of years the Light side has ruled the Wizarding world in Britain. They suppressed the Dark wizards and made laws so that the Dark wizards could not practice Dark magic without going to Azkaban, the wizard prison. The Light side believes that Dark magic is evil, and shouldn't be practiced. They also believe that wizards should live in harmony with muggles and muggleborns. The Dark side wanted to be able to practice their Dark magic freely, and wanted to separate the Wizarding world from the muggles. They said muggles were dangerous. That they would fear wizards, and do anything to destroy the Wizarding world if they found out about it. They also wanted to take muggleborns out of muggle homes, and either move them into magical orphanages, or put them in Wizarding homes. They said muggleborns are often abused by their muggle families, and that they could lead to the discovery of the Wizarding world if too many muggles learned about magic. My mother's Master was the leader of the Dark side and was fighting for these ideas. The Light side leader lied to the Wizarding people by telling them muggles were not dangerous, and that Dark wizards would kill all muggleborns. This made many fear the Dark side."

Mitra's explanation of the war left Harry with more questions than he previously had,

"What were the names of the leaders of the war? What are muggleborns? Is Dark magic evil?"

“Albus Dumbledore lead the Light side, he is the Headmaster at Hogwarts, which is a school for wizards. While Lord Voldemort, also called the Dark Lord, lead the Dark side. Muggleborns are witches and wizards who have muggle parents. Many people on the Light side think that Dark magic is evil, but that is not true. Magic is about intent. You could use Light magic to kill someone just as easily as you could use Dark magic to kill someone. But the main reason that the Light wizards hate Dark magic is because you truly have to want the spell to happen. If they use a spell to hurt someone, they have to truly want that person to be in pain. Emotions fuel Dark magic, while you don't need emotions to fuel Light magic. Dark magic is older and more connected to the Earth than Light magic. Dark magic needs more strength to practice than Light magic, otherwise the wizard can lose control. There are many Dark spells that are meant to hurt people, but overall, Dark magic is not evil. It's just a different type of magic. That's why the Dark side fought against the Light. They wanted to be able to practice Dark magic freely."

Harry listened intently, thinking about the differences between the Light and the Dark sides. He agreed with many things the Dark side supported. He was a magical child in a muggle home, and he was abused. Harry was willing to bet that he wasn't the only magical child in a muggle home that was called a freak because they were different. He didn’t know how he felt about the idea of wizards and muggles living in harmony, as he was sure he had never met a wizard before.

Harry was also fascinated by the differences between Light and Dark magic. He didn't quite understand why the Light side would suppress the Dark side just because they practiced different magic. Was it because the Light side was afraid of the Dark side? Mitra had said Dark wizards needed to be more powerful to keep control, and Harry figured that made the Light wizards uneasy. If the Light side knew more about Dark magic, would they be less afraid? Harry wanted to learn more about the war, and the differences between Dark and Light magic. He hoped he could find books on the subject when Mitra showed him Diagon Alley.

"Mitra, what is Hogwarts? Will I be able to go there someday?"

"Yes Master. All witches and wizards go to school there when they turn eleven. They are taught all about magic. Except Dark magic is not taught at the school. Albus Dumbledore only allows Light magic to be taught. The school is a very large castle. I have never seen it, but I have heard it is beautiful! The hatchlings are sorted into different houses, and live in separate dorms with their house when they are in school. They are taught from age eleven to age seventeen, which is the legal age in Wizarding Britain."

Harry grinned broadly after hearing that. He would be able to live with other witches and wizards when he turned eleven in a castle!

"I can't wait to go to school there and leave this place! Though I wish we could learn about some Dark magic instead of only Light magic. I want to learn more about everything. What are the different houses students are sorted into? Where do they live?"

Mitra wasted no time responding,

“There are four different houses the hatchlings can be sorted into at Hogwarts. Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Gryffindor. Ravenclaw house believes in knowledge and learning above all else, their symbol is an eagle. Slytherin house values ambition and cunning, their symbol is a snake. Hufflepuff values loyalty and working hard, their symbol is a badger. And Gryffindor house values bravery and boldness, their symbol is a lion. Slytherin house tends to have the most Dark witches and wizards, but that does not mean there are no Dark wizards or witches in the other houses. They tend to be the most rational, and will do whatever it takes to reach their goals. Gryffindors tend to be brash and loud. They tend to rush into situations without thinking. My mother's Master was in Slytherin. Both the Ravenclaws and Gryffindors live in towers in the castle. The Hufflepuffs live near the kitchens on the lower level, and the Slytherins live in dorms under the lake. I heard that you can see the creatures swimming in the lake through the windows of the dorms! Gryffindors and Slytherins have a very heated rivalry. Hufflepuffs make friends with everyone in all the houses, but Ravenclaws tend to make friends with Slytherins mostly."

Harry immediately thought that he would probably be in either Slytherin or Ravenclaw. Harry had learned from a young age to do whatever he needed to do in order to survive. But, he also loved to read and learn new things.

When he yawned, Mitra hissed softly. “Rest, Master. We have been talking for a long time.”

Harry nodded sleepily and murmured, “Thank you for answering my questions, Mitra. Goodnight.”

 July 29th, 1990

The next day was much like the last. Harry was given a very long list of chores, made breakfast and cleaned the kitchen, then set about doing said chores.

He was just finishing the final chore, mowing the lawn, when Uncle Vernon pulled into the driveway, returning from work. Harry glanced up as the man got out of his car, and the mower went out of control, running over some of Aunt Petunia’s prized pansies. Harry looked at the ruined flowers in horror, then back at Uncle Vernon.

The man’s face was quickly turning purple, as he furiously stabbed his finger in the direction of the house. He would’ve grabbed hold of Harry and dragged him inside, but the Dursley’s took great care in not mistreating Harry where anyone could see.


Harry trudged inside, biting his lip to keep from crying out as Uncle Vernon shoved him into the wall. “YOU RUINED OUR GARDEN, BOY! YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS! WE TAKE YOU IN, WE FEED YOU AND CLOTHE YOU, AND YOU REPAY US BY DESTROYING OUR HOME?”

Vernon grabbed Harry by the waist and roughly turned him so they were facing each other. He slapped Harry across the face, then turned to Petunia. “Get the dog chain Marge left here.”

Petunia scurried away, and Vernon slammed Harry’s head against the wall. His vision swam, and he had to work hard to keep his knees from buckling. Mitra wasn’t with him, having gone hunting while Harry was mowing, and Harry desperately hoped his scaly friend wasn’t near enough to hear or sense what was about to happen.

Petunia returned, and Vernon snatched the chain from her hand. He wrapped it around his own meaty hand twice, then growled at Harry. “Shirt off, boy!”

Trembling, Harry lifted the baggy shirt over his head. His lip warbled as Vernon whipped the chain at him, the cool metal striking his tiny torso. Vernon lashed him a few more times, then harshly shoved Harry around, pressing his face into the wall. He lashed the boy’s back, and Harry inhaled sharply as the chain hit the back of his head, which was already bleeding from getting slammed into the wall.

Harry heard the chain dropping to the floor, and couldn’t help his shaking when he heard Vernon tell Petunia to take Dudley out of the house. Vernon shoved Harry into the living room, and he dimly heard the front door open and shut.

Harry squeezed his eyes shut, desperately trying to think of anything but the sound of a buckle being unbuckled.

 (The child abuse and implied child rape is over now)

Vernon had gone upstairs afterwards, leaving Harry with a biting, “Clean up this mess!” Harry finally let himself cry as he slowly redressed. He looked towards the front door, then back at the stairs. He ran towards the door on shaky legs, almost falling twice, before he wrenched the front door open and ran outside, calling out desperately.

“Mitra! Where are you, Mitra?”

The snake slithered into Harry’s view, and didn’t ask any questions as Harry held out his arm. He coiled himself around the boy’s bony arm, and Harry set off. His legs weren’t shaking as terribly, so he was able to run until his small lungs gave out and he had to stop to catch his breath.

He didn’t know where he was, but he spotted an alley and dashed into it, slumping down against the wall. Mitra uncurled from Harry’s wrist and looked up at the boy’s face.

He hissed softly. “What happened?”

Harry shook his head, tears tracking down his face as his felt the pain and humiliation from what had happened. Mitra rested his head on Harry’s knee, and Harry shakily ran his finger over Mitra’s nose.

“Come, Master. Diagon Alley is in London. We must go.”

Harry glanced out of the alleyway and nodded. Night had just fallen, and the street was quiet. Mitra slowly wrapped himself around Harry’s torso, trying his best to be careful of the lashes on his front and back, but Harry still winced.

“I will direct you to the Leaky Cauldron. It is a magical pub that acts as the entrance to Diagon Alley.”

With Mitra’s soft hiss filling his ears, Harry began his trek towards London.

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July 29th, 1990

Harry waited until it was night time again to move. It was easier to avoid people that would ask questions that way. With Mitra whispering directions, able to sense the magic, Harry picked his way towards the Leaky Cauldron. It was a long walk, and because Harry was only moving at night, it took even longer. Harry was starving, exhausted, and thirsty, but he kept walking. He was also shivering violently, as it was raining heavily and he was soaked in his thin, baggy clothes. Harry has taken off his shirt and allowed the rain to wash the blood and dirt from the lashes on his torso, but he was sure they were going to infected soon if he didn’t get them properly cleaned and bandaged.

Finally, after walking for what seemed like forever in the darkness, Mitra hissed excitedly.

“Master, it is near! Look closely, you may not notice it at first. Use your core to find it, your magic will pull you to it.”

Harry did as he was told, peering along the street in front of him. As his eyes passed from a bookshop to a record store, he felt a tug in his stomach. He was getting used to recognizing that as his magic reacting, and looked back at the two stores. In between the two store fronts was a door and sign, which read ‘The Leaky Cauldron’.

Harry crossed the street quickly, pulling the door open and slipping inside. He sighed as he felt the warmth from a nearby fireplace. The pub was empty, save for a man behind the bar, as Harry collapsed in front of the fire. The man came out from behind the bar a minute later, approaching Harry with a mug in his hands.

Harry hesitated, but with a soft hiss from Mitra, accepted it. He took a sip and hummed pleasantly. Harry didn’t know what this warm drink was, but it was delicious .

The man chuckled softly as Harry drained the mug. “Like hot chocolate, do ya? Name’s Tom, where are your parents?”

Harry looked up at him. “Hello Mr. Tom, my name is Harry. I...”

Mitra whispered softly. “Tell him the truth, Master. He will not harm you. He is good.”

Harry didn’t question Mitra, and looked up at Tom’s kind face. “My parents are dead, and I ran away from my Muggle family. They hurt me.”

Slowly, Harry lifted up his shirt. Mitra uncoiled from his waist to warm by the fire, revealing the several large gashes on his chest, along with the other scars there. The man frowned, and then went back to the bar. Harry dropped his shirt, looking on with confusion, as Tom brought him a plate of food and a blanket.

“Well Harry, you are welcome to stay here. Have something to eat, you looked starved. I don’t have any clothes for you, but I have a blanket you can warm up with. You will be safe here.”

Harry tensed as Tom moved to drape the blanket over his shoulders. Noticing it, he simply dropped the blanket next to Harry and set the food on the ground before returning behind the bar. Harry pulled the blanket around himself and picked up the plate. It was piled high, but Harry barely ate a quarter before he felt sick. He pushed the plate away and picked up the glass of water Tom placed next to him, missing the bartender’s worried frown as he peered at the mostly full plate.

“Harry, those gashes need to be cleaned and bandaged. Would you feel more comfortable if you did it yourself?”

Harry bit his lip. “I don’t know how. But, I...I don’t feel comfortable with you or another person touching me.”

Tom nodded and called out, “Finky!” A short, wrinkly creature popped into view. Harry scrambled back in surprise, and Tom looked down apologetically. “Sorry, Harry, I guess I shoulda warned you. This is Finky, my house elf. She is very kind and very gentle. Would you be comfortable letting her bandage those up?”

Harry peered at the creature, who smiled at him kindly, and nodded. Without waiting for Tom to give her an order, Finky snapped her fingers. A first aid kit appeared next to Harry.

“Can Little Harry be taking his shirt off?”

Harry tensed, glancing at Tom. For his part, Tom didn’t do anything but busy himself at the bar, back towards Harry and Finky. Slowly, Harry lifted his shirt over his head. Finky tutted softly and took out a wipe to clean the gashes on his torso.

“Raise your arms, Little Harry.”

Doing as he was told, Harry watched Finky pull square patches of gauze out of the first aid kit, along with a roll of medical tape. She was gentle as she taped the patches against his chest, instructing Mitra to press his head against the patches to hold them in place. They did the same thing on Harry’s back, then the elf snapped her fingers and Harry was no longer in his baggy, soaked clothes, but in thick pajamas. “Tomorrow, Finky can take you to get some new clothes, alright? For now, she’ll take you up to a room so you can take a bath and get some sleep. Don’t worry, it’s free of charge.”

Harry bit his lip, fiddling with the bottom of the pajama top. “Are you sure?”

Tom nodded, smiling gently, and Harry returned it with a shaky smile. He stood up. “Thank you Mr. Tom, for everything.”

Tom nodded. “Of course.” His eyes flitted to Harry’s forehead, where his scar was visible through his now dry bangs, but didn’t say anything other than a soft, “Goodnight, Harry.”

The next morning, Harry woke to Finky’s soft knock on the door. He had slept relatively soundly the night before after his bath, exhausted behind belief. Finky helped him change his bandages, then ushered him out the door. Still dressed in the pajamas Flinky conjured up, with Mitra curled around his bandaged torso, he walked down the stairs to the pub, which had a few wizards sitting at tables. It was rather early, as Harry’s body was conditioned to rise with the sun, so the pub wasn’t very busy. Tom saw Harry and waved him over to the bar.

Harry climbed onto a stool and watched Tom as he placed a plate of food and a glass of water in front of him. “I’m going to shrink some of my robes to fit you, and then Finky will take you to get some clothes and will show you around Diagon. And Harry, don’t worry about trying to finish the whole plate. You don’t want to make yourself sick, alright?”

Harry nodded briefly and began picking at his plate. When he got full, he pushed the still full plate away and watched Tom work for a few minutes. When he noticed, he smiled. “Just call out Finky’s name when you’re ready.”

Harry nodded again and watched Tom for a few more minutes, before he called out the elf’s name. She appeared next to his stool, looking up at him with large eyes. “Finky be taking Little Harry around Diagon Alley, she is. Come, Little Harry.”

Harry slid off his stool and followed Finky through the back door and into a small alley with a rubbish bin in the corner. “Three up and two across from the bin. Remember this, Little Harry. This is how you enter Diagon.”

Finky pointed a long finger at the rubbish bin and moved it to the correct brick, pressing her finger against it. The brick wall fell away to reveal a bright street lined with shops. At the end of the street was a tall white building.

Mitra hissed under Harry’s robe. “Go to the white building first, Master. That is Gringotts, the bank. They will be able to tell you about your parents, and if they left you any money.”

Harry turned to Finky and asked to go to the bank. Finky nodded and took Harry’s hand, weaving in and out of the crowds. Harry was only a few inches taller than Finky, and the witches and wizards in the Alley didn’t pay any attention to the pair of them, which Harry was thankful for. He didn’t like attention.

He didn’t like crowds either, which Finky must’ve picked up on because she squeezed his hand as they reached the doors of the bank.

“It is being okay, Little Harry.”

At the doors of the building, two small creatures in scarlet uniforms opened the doors for Harry and Finky.

“They’s being goblins, Little Harry. They run the bank, they do. They grumpy, them goblins.”

Harry nodded and followed Finky to a desk that was being manned by a goblin. Harry stepped up and, at Mitra’s instruction, spoke. “Hello, sir. My name is Harry. I would like to take an Inheritance Test, please.”

The goblin peered down at Harry, and stared at him. After a second, he came out from behind his desk, beckoning to Harry and Finky.

“My name is Rangor, Mr. Harry. What is the reason for the test today?”

Harry walked behind the goblin, who was a few inches taller than him. “I would like to know if my parents were magical,” Mitra hissed something softly. “And if I have any magical family that I could meet. My muggle family doesn’t like my being magic, and mistreats me for it. I’ve run away from them and come here.”

By then, they had reached a door. Rangor pressed his finger against the polished wood, and the door opened to reveal a large room. The walls were a deep blue, a contrast to the bright marble floor. In the room was a full length mirror, what looked to be a large bath, and a table. Rangor turned to look at Harry, examining him carefully. Finally, he spoke again.

“How did you find out about the Magical world, if your family does not like your being magical? I would assume that they didn’t tell you why they mistreated you, but you discovered the reason on your own.”

Harry nodded shyly and lifted up his shirt. Mitra uncoiled himself and slithered onto the table. Rangor peered at the serpent, then back at Harry.

“I found him one day, a few days ago. I didn’t know why I could speak to him and nobody else could hear him, until he told me it was a rare ability only a few wizards have. That’s when I figured out that was why my Aunt and Uncle hated me. They hurt me worse when something strange happened. Mitra here told me those strange things happening was my accidental magic.”

Rangor grunted and nodded. “I will be back.” He left the room and Harry stood silently for a few minutes, until the goblin returned, carrying a box and two pieces of paper. He set the box and papers on the table and turned to Harry.

“In addition to the Inheritance Test, I recommend also taking a Diagnostic Test. It will record any injury or illness you have ever had and how you received the injury. It will be very helpful if you decide to take legal action against your muggle family. They can be convicted in a Magical court and serve out punishment in the muggle jail system if sufficient evidence of mistreatment is found.”

Harry nodded, and Rangor opened the lid of the box. Inside, lying on a velvet cushion, was a gleaming silver knife. “Both tests require a smear of blood on the piece of parchment. The blood will connect the parchment’s magic with your own magical core, which will allow the parchment’s magic to find and record all injuries, and gather the information needed for the Inheritance Test. Would you like to slice your palm yourself?”

Harry bit his lip, then nodded. He wasn’t looking forward to slicing his palm open with a large knife, but he didn’t trust this goblin yet, and he didn’t quite trust Finky enough with a knife either. Rangor handed him the knife and watched as Harry dragged the knife across his left palm, then directed the bleeding palm to the first piece of parchment, then the second.

Rangor touched the cut with his finger lightly, and Harry watched as his skin knit itself back together. Rangor took the knife, clean of blood, and put it away, before watching the blood on the pieces of parchment move and swirl, forming words. When the blood stilled, Rangor handed a piece of parchment to Harry. It read:

Full Name:

Kallias Marvolo Slytherin

Harry James Potter (Adopted)

Date of Birth:

July 31st, 1980



Thomas Marvolo Slytherin (Lord Voldemort) - Father -  Compromised

Lilith Jasmine Slytherin (nee Evans) - Mother

James Fleamont Potter - Deceased  (Adopted)


Severus Tobias Snape - Godfather

Narcissa Violetta Malfoy (nee Black) - Godmother

Bellatrix Druella Lestrange (nee Black) - Godmother -  Compromised

Sirius Orion Black - Godfather -  Compromised (Adopted)

Magical Guardian:

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

Bonded Familiars:

Two familiars, one not yet bonded


One soulmate, unknown identity

Magical Abilities By Inheritance:

Parsletongue - by father

Elemental magic - fire - by father

Elemental magic - water - by mother

Magical Abilities Not Inherited:

Elemental magic - air - by soulmate

Elemental magic - earth - by soulmate

Ancient Runes Gifted

Language Gifted

Undeveloped Animagus Ability

Inherited Lordships:

Noble and Most Ancient House of Slytherin (locked)

Noble and Most Ancient House of Gryffindor

Noble and Most Ancient House of Ravenclaw

Noble and Most Ancient House of Potter

Noble and Most Ancient House of Black

Noble and Most Ancient House of Peverell

Inherited Properties:


Slytherin Castle (locked)

Slytherin Manor

Slytherin Villa


Gryffindor Castle

Gryffindor Manor


Ravenclaw Castle

Ravenclaw Manor


Potter Manor

Potter Cottage


Number 12 Grimmauld Place


Peverell Castle

Peverell Manor

Inherited Vaults:

Slytherin Vault -  4,897,654,429

Gryffindor Vault -  3,564,749,502

Ravenclaw Vault 2,572,893,093

Potter Vault 685,076,424

Black Vault 853,704,693

Peverell Vault 1,766,503,720

Magical Blocks:

Glamour -  100% by Lilith Jasmine Slytherin (nee Evans)

Magical core -  50% by Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

Elemental magic -  100% block on all sides by Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

Parsletongue -  failed 100% by Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

Familiar bonding -  failed 100% by Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

Undeveloped  Animagus Ability -  100% by Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

Soulmate bonding -  100% block on all sides by Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

Harry looked at the paper, then at Rangor. “Mr. Rangor, what does this mean?”

Rangor examined the paper, face betraying nothing. “It means, Mr. Potter, that you are not a Potter. In fact, you are a Slytherin, one of the most ancient families in all of Wizarding Britain. These blocks placed on you have kept you from discovering your true self. A glamour is a means of magic to hide ones true appearance, which means you do not look like this.”

“Can you tell me what side of the war the Potter family aligned themselves with?”

Rangor looked at him, eyebrows raising in surprise. “Mr. Potter, do you not know the story?”

Harry looked at him, confused. “I’m afraid I don’t know what story you’re referring to.”

“To answer your question, James and Lily Potter were two of the Light side’s most prominent fighters. As for the story I am referring to... on October 31st, 1981, Lord Voldemort travelled to Godric’s Hollow, where the Potter family had gone into hiding. He killed both James and Lily Potter, and turned his wand on their infant son. He tried to kill you, Mr. Potter, but for some reason, the curse backfired and hit him instead. That is how you received the scar on your forehead. It is a lightning bolt because that is the wand movement for the killing curse. The world believes Lord Voldemort is dead, but this test says he is not. If the killing curse had hit him properly, it would list him as deceased, as it does James Potter. Instead, it says compromised, which means your father is still alive, but unable to access his Gringotts accounts. The world also believes both James and Lily Potter are dead, but this test shows that your mother is still alive.”

Harry scrunched his face in confusion. His father was the leader of the Dark side, but his mother was one of the Light side’s best. Had his father given him up? Had he gone to Godric’s Hollow to kill Harry, or to take his son back?

“Mr. Rangor, I don’t suppose you know just how I ended with the Potter family, do you?”

Rangor looked at the boy with sympathy. “I’m afraid I don’t know the answer to that particular mystery. However, I can provide the answer to another. Many of the goblins here at Gringotts align themselves with the Dark side, myself included. I do not know the details of how you ended up with the Potter family, but I do know that your father asked the goblins that followed him to search for you. In fact, when you went missing, the entire Dark Order, as your father referred to us as, spent months searching for you. Some, like your godmother Narcissa and her husband, never stopped searching. I am confident that your father never willingly gave you up.”

Harry grew more confused, but nodded. “Can you tell me what else this test means? What is a Magical Guardian?”

Rangor frowned as he read the list of blocks, then continued. “A Magical Guardian is the person responsible for a magical child without parents. They are responsible for the child's placement into a new home. They are also supposed to ensure that the child is well taken care of, and are required to check in with the child regularly. Am I under the correct assumption that Albus Dumbledore never did such a thing?”

Harry nodded numbly. “I’ve never met him, and I only heard his name when Mitra was telling me about Hogwarts, and the Wizarding War.”

Rangor grumbled, and Harry backed away slightly at the angry expression on his face. Rangor noticed and immediately softened. “I am sorry, child. I am not angry with you, but with Dumbledore. He is not in the good graces of the goblins, for his attempts to control our race, and the bank. Seeing this information does not help his case.”

Harry nodded slightly, and watched as Rangor murmured in a different language under his breath, before he schooled his features. “These blocks placed you are highly illegal. If you would like, we can remove the blocks placed on you. It is a fee of 30 Galleons.”

“What are Galleons?”

“Galleons, Sickles, and Knuts are the currency of the Wizarding World. Galleons are gold, Sickles silver, and Knuts bronze. There are 17 Sickles to a Galleon, and 29 Knuts to a Sickle.”

Harry nodded, and spoke. “I would like to get the blocks removed. Will Dumbledore find out if they are removed?”

“No. The way in which we remove the blocks is undetectable by any and all means of magic, including our goblin magic and elf magic.”

Rangor nodded to Finky, who had been watching the entire scene in silence. Harry nodded again. “You can take the 30 Galleons out of the Potter vault. How are the blocks removed?”

"You must remove all clothing and step into the pool. It is filled with a liquidized magic that will cure all injuries it can, as well as remove any blocks placed on you. The soulmate block that was placed on you will be removed from your soulmate when it is removed from you. You will fall into a deep sleep, but no harm will come to you. After you wake, stand in front of the mirror and your true self will be revealed.”

Harry nodded and hesitated, glancing at Finky. He began to shed his clothes and glasses, missing the angry looks the goblin sported at the sight of his heavily scarred back, and sunk into the pool, which was filled with glittering black liquid. It was pleasantly warm, and he felt his eyes drooping. His body, which had grown accustomed to aches and pains, suddenly felt as if it was floating on a cloud.

When he woke, it was three hours later, which, unbeknownst to Harry, worried Rangor. Nobody ever stayed in the pool that long. Mitra gave him a soft hiss of assurance, before Harry approached the mirror. Harry noticed the bandages had disappeared, as had the large gashes they were covering. After a few seconds of inspection, Harry realized there was no new scars from the gashes. He shook his head to clear his thoughts, and looked into the mirror.

Staring at him was his reflection, before it slowly morphed into a woman with fluttering white wings. She smiled at him and beckoned for him to follow her, before she began walking further into the mirror. Gulping, Harry followed.

“Who are you?"

The woman smiled. "I am Conah, the Angel of Purity. Centuries ago, the goblins asked if I would reside in the Mirror of Purity, to guide people looking for their true selves. That is where I am taking you now.”

Harry nodded, and silence filled the space. He didn't know why, but Conah's presence was comfortable. He felt safe, walking with her. Soon, they approached a figure. It was held upright in glowing chains, which were slowly crumbling.

"What's happening? Who is that?"

“It's you. These glowing chains are the blocks placed on you. As my liquidized magic from the Pool of Rebirth takes effect, the blocks will fall. After the last chain falls away, you will be able to return to your true self, and to the real world."

Harry frowned, looking up at the angel. "Will I ever see you again?"

She smiled softly. “Everyone does." Harry nodded nervously, and looked at his body.

Where Harry Potter had tan skin, Kallias Slytherin was ghostly pale. His hair was jet black, but he could see fiery red mixed in, and framed his face in soft waves. His jaw and cheekbones were sharp and defined, his closed eyes were deep set under dark eyebrows. He was still malnourished, and his face and body were still riddled with scars, but he didn't care. He was in awe of how much safer he felt staring at his true self. As he watched, another glowing chain crumbled, and a black calligraphic ‘F’ appeared on his left side.

The last link in the chains fell away from the body and suddenly Harry was facing Conah, instead of standing next to her. He looked to where he had previously been standing, and saw the body he had lived in his entire life, before looking back to Conah. She smiled, leaned down to press a soft kiss to his hairline, and gestured behind her, towards the surface of the mirror, "Go, child, and be free. I will see you again, I promise."

Harry exited the mirror, looking into it. For a second, he saw Conah’s smiling face, before it faded to his own. He stared at it, the bright crimson eyes flitting around as they took in every feature.

Rangor cleared his throat. “Mr. Slytherin, I have taken the liberty of conjuring new clothes for you.”

Kallias turned and approached the table, dressing in the black robes. He looked at Ranger. “Can you please make a copy of these documents to place in the Slytherin and the Gryffindor vaults?”

Rangor nodded and snapped his fingers. Kallias saw the Inheritance test and the Diagnostic test duplicate, before all four pieces of parchment disappeared.

Kallias turned to Finky, and he gave her a small smile. “Finky, please return to the Leaky Cauldron. Don’t tell Mr. Tom anything other than that I’ve made some discoveries about myself and would like to explore Diagon alone. You may tell him that I will not look the same as when I left. Tell him that I will be staying in my room at the Leaky Cauldron until further notice, and that I will pay to continue to stay there. Thank you for showing me here, Finky.”

Finky bowed, and disappeared, and Kallias turned back to Rangor. “Rangor, do you know what is inside the Slytherin vault? Surely a family as ancient as the Slytherin family would use their vault to hold more than just money.”

Rangor nodded, and approached the door. He pressed his hand into the wall next to it, which faintly glowed. “Arkit to room three, please.”

A minute later, the door opened and another goblin came in, joining Rangor and Kallias at the table. “Mr. Slytherin, this is Arkit. As the most senior goblin here at Gringotts, he is the manager of the Slytherin, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Peverell vaults. He is the only goblin with the authority needed to access the five vaults of the most ancient families in Wizarding Britain. Arkit, this is Kallias Slytherin. He wishes to know what is inside the Slytherin vault. Arkit is also part of the goblin branch of the Dark Order.

Arkit gave Kallias a short bow. “Mr. Slytherin, it is lovely to meet you. The Slytherin vault is, in actuality, a series of small vaults. It includes your family’s savings, family heirlooms, familial wands, and other artifacts your family has acquired over the years. Would you like to visit the Slytherin vault?”

Kallias nodded, holding his arm out to Mitra. The serpent slithered up to the boy’s shoulders, draping himself across. Arkit nodded. “Very well. If you would follow me, Mr. Slytherin.”

Chapter Text

Kallias followed Arkit out of the room and through another door. Arkit motioned for him to get in the cart, then did the same. As they raced further underground, Kallias explained to Mitra everything he had discovered. By the time he had finished, the cart had slowed to a stop.

Arkit held his hand out to the stone wall and slowly pressed a spot. The spot glowed, and the wall melted away to reveal a large stone room, with doors on the walls. “Each door leads to a smaller chamber that holds wands, artifacts, and heirlooms. The main chamber not only acts as a common area between the other three chambers, but also holds your family’s savings. Explore as much as you’d like. As a Slytherin, you can access any and all parts of the Slytherin vault.”

Kallias nodded and walked the perimeter of the chamber, peeking in each of the smaller chambers. In the first, the walls were filled with racks of wands. Kallias wandered among the wands, noting that each wand had a silver plaque that told the core, length, and wood of the wand, as well as the Slytherin who used it, and what the wand was best suited to perform.

The second chamber was filled with suits of armor, weapons, and many other artifacts. The third was filled with glass containers. In each container was a Slytherin family heirloom, including rings, necklaces, and other pieces of jewelry. Kallias frowned as he noticed a fourth door.

“Arkit, what’s inside this chamber?” Arkit approached the chamber door and pressed his hand into it, allowing it to open. Kallias went inside, looking around. There was nothing there except a wooden box with ornate carvings. As Kallias stepped forward to examine the box, he noticed a letter on top of the box. Picking up the envelope, Kallias raised an eyebrow as he read his own name.

“Arkit, I think this box is meant to be mine. May I take it?”

“Of course, Mr. Slytherin. If you would like, I can have it sent to wherever you reside, so you may continue to go through Diagon Alley without having to carry it.”

Kallias nodded. “I am staying in room five of the Leaky Cauldron. Please send it there.”

Arkit nodded and placed his hand on top of the letter. It and the box disappeared. Kallias thanked Arkit, then returned to the main chamber. “Arkit, is there a way for me to have access to my family’s savings without having to come to the Slytherin vault?”

Arkit nodded and entered the chamber holding the family artifacts, returning with a small green pouch. “This pouch was made by the goblins for a member of your family, many years ago. It is charmed to access the Slytherin vault, but we can link it to the other vaults you have access to. Only members of the Slytherin family can use it.”

Kallias nodded. “Please link it to the other vaults. Thank you.”

Arkit touched the pouch, which flashed yellow, before handing it to Kallias. “Of course, Mr. Slytherin. For big purchases, Gringotts provides every witch and wizard with a cheque book. It is linked to your magic only, and all you have to do is fill out the price and the vault you are taking the money from.”

Arkit produced a small leather booklet,  and Kallias examined it. “How does it link to my magic?”

“I, or another goblin, must touch the card and the person that is being linked to the card. May I touch your shoulder?”

When Kallias nodded, Arkit placed one hand on the card, and the other on Kallias’ shoulder. Kallias tensed, and as soon as the card flashed yellow, then dark green, Arkit removed his hand. “I apologize, Mr. Slytherin. Here is your cheque book.”

Kallias nodded and made his way towards the exit. After the cart ride, he bowed to Arkit and Rangor. “I thank you for your help, Mr. Arkit and Mr. Rangor. I owe you a great debt for helping me discover my true self.”

The two goblins returned his bow. “Consider the debt paid. The return of our prince is more than enough.”

Kallias gave them a smile, before leaving Gringotts. He pulled the hood of his robes up, figuring that his bright red eyes would draw attention to himself.

He saw a shop called ‘Twilfitt and Tattings’, which was a clothing store, Kallias discovered when he stopped in front of the store windows. Kallias shrugged, figuring he couldn’t just wear Mr. Tom’s shrunken robes for the rest of his time in the Wizarding World, and pulled the door open to enter.

A woman with greying black hair and a warm smile greeted him. “Hello there laddie! My name is Isabelle Tattings. What can I do for you?”

Kallias smiled at her. Despite just having learned that he was the son of the leader of the Dark Side, his kind personality remained. “Hello, Miss Tattings, my name is Kal. I’ve just discovered the Wizarding World, and I need new clothes.”

Isabelle nodded and beckoned him towards the back. “Well, Kal, you’ve come to the right place. Do you know what type of clothes you’d like to have in your wardrobe?”

When Kallias shook his head, Isabelle nodded again, a cheerful smile on her face. “That’s quite alright, dear! I’ll walk you around the shop and show you what we have, and we’ll figure it out together, how about that?”

Kallias nodded, following the woman around. Around the shop were racks of hangers and shelves full of shoeboxes and folded clothes. Floating above each section of clothing was a piece of said clothing.

Together, they decided that Kallias’ wardrobe would include seven button up shirts, seven pairs of trousers, seven day robes, five jumpers, three traveling cloaks, four pairs of Dragon hide boots, three sets of dress robes, seven regular t-shirts, seven pairs of jeans, three pairs of pajamas, and other general accessories.

Isabelle led further into the back, taking him into a fitting room. “Alright, we’ll get you measured, and then we can discuss colors and fabrics. If you’ll take off your outer robe, please.”

Mitra unwound himself from Kallias’ shoulders, and he took off his outer robe. Isabelle got busy, wrapping a tape measure around various parts of his body. As she called out the measurements, a quill in the corner of the room recorded them on a clipboard.

When she stepped back, peering at the clipboard, Kallias put his robe back on and let Mitra settle on his shoulders once more before moving off the platform. Isabelle looked at Kallias, quickly replacing her frown with a smile.

“Alrighty! We just need to talk about the colors and fabrics, then I’ll get started making your wardrobe! Hmm…”

She peered at Kallias, studying his face before smiling and beckoning him to follow her. She led him to a wall holding different colored fabrics. Isabelle pulled out a dark green swatch of fabric, as well as swatches of dark blue, black, and grey.

“These colors would look good with your skin tone, hair, and eye colors. Do you see any more colors that catch your eye?”

Kallias surveyed the wall before pulling out a royal purple swatch, as well as deep red and off white swatches. Isabelle smiled brightly, “You’ve got a good eye. Those colors would look great on you as well.”

Isabelle noted the colors on the clipboard, then put all the colors back. “Now onto the fabrics. Do you have any preferences?”

“Something soft. My skin is easily irritable, so I’d like clothes that aren’t very rough.”

Isabelle nodded, pulling down a few different swatches. “Like these?”

Kallias ran his fingers over the fabrics, marveling at the softness. He nodded, smiling softly. “Yeah, I like those.”

The woman smiled, then marked it down on the clipboard. “Alrighty! The softer fabrics do tend to be more expensive, so if you want your entire wardrobe in the softer fabrics, it will be more in the 500-600 Galleons range. Are you prepared to pay that much?”

Kallias gave her a soft smile and nodded, and Isabelle returned the nod. “Alright then! I’ll get this started, and you can come back tomorrow. You can pay then. Have a nice day, dear.”

Kallias gave her another smile and left the shop. He wandered around Diagon Alley, until he came upon a store called ‘Spencer’s Trunks’.

He entered, peering around at the different trunks on the racks. A few other customers were around, but Kallias paid them no attention as he examined the trunks. As he looked at the more expensive trunks, some which included whole apartments inside, a man approached him.

“Hello, young man. My name is Gerald Spencer, is there anything I can help you with today?”

Kallias glanced up, then back at the rack which held the smaller apartment trunks. “Yes sir. I’d like to know more about these apartment trunks.”

Gerald looked down at him with an eyebrow raised. “Now why would such a young child like yourself need to know more about these here apartment trunks?”

Kallias met his eyes briefly, in which Gerald’s brown eyes widened at the sight of blood red eyes. “I think that is none of your concern, is it Mr. Spencer?”

Gerald gulped, then nodded. “Well, Mr…”

“You can just call me Kal.”

“Well, Kal, there are three models of apartment trunks. The first model, the Emerald, is the smallest, and the third model, the Diamond, is the largest. Each model has an option of how many bedrooms are in the apartment. The Emerald has the option of 1-3 bedrooms, the Ruby offers 4-6 bedrooms, and the Diamond offers 7-10 bedrooms. Do you know what model you’d like to know more about?”

“Yes. I’d like to know more about the Emerald, please. I’m thinking of buying a one bedroom apartment trunk.”

Gerald nodded and pulled the Emerald model off the rack. It was black with a silver lid, and had five emeralds imbedded in the front.

“Each emerald opens a different compartment. The first compartment is general storage, you can store anything in it. The second compartment is the wardrobe compartment. It is charmed to link to the wardrobe in the bedroom. You just think of the outfit you want, or the category of clothing, and they will appear. The next compartment is the library compartment. It works similarly to the wardrobe compartment, in which it is linked to the library in the apartment and you just think of the subject, series, or author, and they will appear on the shelf in the compartment, or the empty shelf next to the fireplace in the library. The fourth compartment is the potion stores. It is charmed to preserve every potions ingredient you place there. It is linked to the potion stores in the potions lab. The final compartment is, of course, the apartment.”

Kallias nodded. “Can you show me the apartment?”

Gerald nodded and tapped the last emerald with his wand before opening the trunk. A spiral staircase in light brown wood led downwards. Gerald stepped on the staircase, leading Kallias downwards.

The stairs ended at a light wood door that opened to reveal a room with leather couches and chairs in front of a fireplace. There was a large opening on one wall, and a smaller doorway next to it. On the other wall were two doors. The apartment was decorated in blacks, greys, and beiges, with light colored wood throughout. Gerald noticed Kallias examining the walls, and explained.

“You can change the color of anything in the apartment by holding your wand to the object and saying the color you want to change it to. The same goes for all the wooden furniture, if you want to change the type of wood used.”

Gerald gestured to the room they stood in. “This is the living room. Through the opening is the dining room and kitchen, which can expand to fit up to 30 people. Through this next door on the right is the library, which can hold up to 10,000 books, and like I mentioned before, is connected to the book compartment of the trunk.”

Kallias peeked into the dining room and library, before following Gerald across the living room to the other two doors. Gerald opened the first one, and Kallias saw a potions lab, which included a small bathroom and wash station.

“As I mentioned before, the potions stores are connected to the potions compartment.”

The second door revealed a bare room, except for a raised wooden platform.

“This is a dueling chamber. You can call up practice dummies with varying levels of difficulty, or you can duel a fellow wizard.”

Gerald led Kallias down a hallway that was opposite the apartment entrance, and came to three doors. Gerald opened the left door, allowing Kallias to peer inside.

“This is the study. The bookshelves in both the office and the bedroom are not connected to the book compartment.”

They left the room, and Gerald opened the final two doors. The door on the right was a spacious bathroom, filled with the basic necessities, and the door in the middle revealed a bedroom. Kallias looked around, before following Gerald out of the apartment and back into the shop.

“I would like to buy this trunk, please. It will be of great use to me. How much does it cost?”

“7,500 Galleons. When you leave, you can set passwords for each compartment by touching your wand to the corresponding emerald and saying the password. If you don’t have a wand yet, I can link the trunk to your magic by touching your stomach, where your core is, then the trunk with my wand.”

Kallias nodded, and took out the cheque book the goblins gave him. He filled out the cheque and took the money from the Black vault, and handed the cheque to Gerald. “I do not have a wand yet, so if you could link the trunk to my magic, please.”

Gerald took the cheque and folded it up, going to the counter to put it in a locked box. He went into the back room, returning with a trunk shrunken in his hand. The man pulled his wand out, carefully placed the tip against Kallias’ stomach, then against the top of the trunk. The small trunk flashed yellow for a second, and Gerald handed it to Kallias.

“To unshrink it, tap the top twice, and again to shrink it. Because you don’t have a wand yet, you can set the passwords with your hand, but once you get a wand reset the passwords with your wand. If you have any troubles with the trunk, do not hesitate to contact me.”

Kallias nodded, slipping the trunk into his pocket. “Thank you, Mr. Spencer. Your help has been greatly appreciated.”

Kallias left the store, heading straight for Flourish and Blotts, a bookstore he had passed on the way to Twilfitt and Tattings. He loved reading, and now that he knew magic was real, he wanted to know everything about it. Once inside, he immediately disappeared into the shelves.

Kallias had always loved reading. The library had been his escape from Dudley and his gang, as Kallias theorized they didn’t know such a building even existed. He came in there so often, most of the times out of breath from running, that the librarians knew him by name. They let him stay in the library and read every book he could until he would jump up, realizing he had to leave to get home. He enjoyed all types of books, but particularly history, fiction, and language books. The last topic always confused people, but if there was a book in or about a language other than English in the public library, Kallias had probably read it. He had an unusual knack for picking up languages quickly, so quickly that he would help students learning a language.

He browsed the shelves, letting his fingertips run along the spines. He headed to the shelves labeled ‘About the Wizarding World’. He saw a book that was about the history of the Wizarding World, and eagerly pulled it out. Soon, he had a stack of books just about the Wizarding World, including ‘Hogwarts, A History’, books about politics, the Wizarding war, etiquette, and guides to living and adjusting in the magical world. There was even a book on properly using a quill to write and draw.

Kallias struggled slightly to keep the large stack of books in his arms, but suddenly they were lifted out of his arms. A man in front of him tucked his wand back into his pocket.

“Sorry, it just looked like you were struggling, so I put a hovering charm on them. If you wanna browse some more, the stack will follow you around.”

Kallias looked at him, smiling slightly. “Thank you, sir.”

The man gave him a smile in return, then walked off, heading towards another section of shelves. Kallias peered at his floating stack of books, marveling at it for a few seconds, before heading off to a section labeled ‘Hogwarts Subjects’. Kallias wanted to know everything he could about the magical world, but he also figured it couldn’t hurt to get a head start on at least the theory of the schoolwork. He got multiple books on each of the core subjects, then books on Ancient Runes and Arithmancy. He added them to the stack of books, watching with a smile as the stack moved down so he could reach the top.

Kallias found a small section of Muggle classics, and immediately headed over there. Once he had a sizable number of muggle classics, he headed over to the counter. He would probably come back to the bookstore many times over the next few days, so he was fine with not exploring the entire bookstore.

The man behind the counter gave Kallias a grin as he took out his wand to guide the stack onto the counter. “Bit of a bookworm, eh? I was too, at your age. Say, why don’t you take a catalog? You can browse it, and owl the names of the books you want. When you receive the books, you pay by putting the money in the pouch on the owl’s leg.”

Kallias gave the man a nod, and he pulled out catalog out from under the counter. He rang up the books, and Kallias paid for them then took the shrunken bag holding them, thanked the man, and left.

Kallias explored more stores, buying quills and parchment, before he wandered into Magical Menagerie. The Inheritance test said he had two familiars, and Mitra was one. He hoped his other familiar was in the shop, but if not, he would get an owl anyways.

He looked around at all the different cages, peering at the different birds. A beautiful raven squawked from its cage, then pecked sharply at the lock. With a few more pecks, the lock gave out, and the raven burst out of the cage. A salesperson came running, brandishing her wand.

“No! Back in your cage, missy! You have done this far too often! Back!”

But the raven ignored the witch, and stretched her wings before swooping down to perch on Kallias’ head. The raven nibbled his ear, and Kallias felt a surge of warmth in his core. As the saleswoman ran over, looking panicked, Kallias reached up to pet the raven.

“Excuse me, but I believe this raven is my familiar.”

The witch surveyed Kallias, and watched how the raven rubbed her head against Kallias’, then nodded.

“Yes, it seems she is. Well then, she’ll be 10 Galleons, and you’ll need to a perch for her.”

Kallias nodded and picked out a perch for his raven, as well as picking out a terrarium for Mitra. He murmured to his raven, “I’m staying in room five of the Leaky Cauldron, the window is open. I’ll be along very soon.”

The raven pecked his ear once more, then flew off.

Kallias explored Diagon Alley a little more, before he found an alleyway with a sign naming it Knockturn Alley.

“Master, I suggest going to the wand shop in Knockturn Alley. The wands there are not traceable, so you can practice your magic.”

Kallias nodded and walked into the alley, glancing at each shop as he passed. Finally, he came to one called ‘Hawkins’ Wands’.

He entered the shop, giving a tiny nod when Mitra explained that Skylar Hawkins, the owner, was one of his father’s followers. Just then, a man came out from the back of the shop, glaring at Kallias.

“What do ya want? We’re closed!”

Kallias reached up to pull his hood down, staring at the man with his bright red eyes. The man paled and dropped into a low bow.

“My Prince! I am so sorry, I didn’t know it was you! To what do I owe the pleasure?”

Kallias regarded the man, then spoke. “Stand.” When Hawkins did, he continued, “I am here for a wand. I have been told that your wands are untraceable.”

Hawkins nodded and gestured for Kallias to follow him. He led him to the back room, where three racks were hanging on the walls. The first was filled with slabs of different types of wood, while the second held vials full of various items, and the third appeared to be full of different length wands. Hawkins led Kallias to the rack of wood.

“My wands are different from those of Ollivander's. Because I make them on site, as the customers come in, my wands do not have the trace on them, perfect for young wizards wanting a head start on spells. The customer chooses the wood, core, and length. First, let's start with the wood. Just hover you wand hand over each slab of wood on the rack and choose the wood that calls to your magic."

Kallias held his left hand up to the rack of wooden slabs, letting his magic guide him. He moved and stopped over a slab of dark colored wood. Hawkins picked the slab off the rack, humming. “Blackthorn wood. It is best suited to warriors, and will become a loyal and faithful servant, after it passes through danger or hardship with their owners.”

Kallias raised an eyebrow, but said nothing. Hawkins moved to the next rack, and Kallias did the same.

“These are the magical cores. It is possible to have two magical cores, so listen to your magic. Whenever you’re ready, My Prince.”

Kallias closed his eyes and held his hand up to the rack. Immediately, his magic called out and his hand followed. He heard Hawkins pick the object off the rack, and focused on his magic once more. It pulled him down to the other end of the rack, and when he opened his eyes, Kallias saw something distinctly bone-like. Hawkins made a small noise of surprise.

“White River Monster spine and Thestral tail hair. White River Monsters are native to the White River in Arkansas, in the United States. Used as a wand core, their spines produce elegant and forceful spells. Paired together with Thestral tail hair, which is a generally unstable wand core, although when mastered it is very powerful. This will be quite the wand, My Prince.”

Kallias gave Hawkins a small smirk. “I’m quite the boy, Hawkins.”

Hawkins nodded in agreement, then gestured to the last rack. “That you are, My Prince. Now the wand length, when you’re ready, My Prince.”

Kallias listened to his magic, pulling down a wand with a tag that read, ‘11 inches’, and handed it to Hawkins. He took it, and led Kallias back to the front.

“The wand will take an hour to make, so you may go shop more if you wish, or you may wait here.”

Kallias left the shop to go to a bookstore he had passed earlier. He browsed the shelves for awhile, gathering a small stack of books, including a book on the history of Dark Arts, two books on the war, and two books on magical tattoos. As he approached the counter, he saw a glass case holding two ancient looking books titled ‘The History and Basics of Parslemagic’, and ‘The History and Lineage of the Slytherin Line’. He immediately decided he was going to pay however much the bookstore owner wanted to get those books. He had no clue he could use Parsletongue to do magic! Plus, the second book was about his family. There was no way he could give that up.

Kallias approached the counter and set his books down. As the bookkeeper rang them up, Kallias pointed to the glass case and asked,

“How much for the books in the glass case?”

The man finally looked up, and dropped into a bow as he saw Kallias’ face. He spoke to his feet, “My Prince! What a pleasure it is to have you in here.”

Before he could continue, Kallias instructed him to stand up. The man did so, hurrying over to the books in the glass case, taking them out and bringing them back to the counter.

“These books are quite old. They’re listed at 500 Galleons each, but for you they’re 500 Galleons total. Nobody can read them anyways.”

Kallias raised his eyebrow at that, and re-examined the books. Noticing the slight squiggle to the words, he realized the man was right. Nobody else could read them because they weren’t a Parsletongue.

“The total comes to 600 Galleons, My Prince.”

Kallias wrote out a cheque and handed it to the man, then asked the man to shrink the stack of books and place them in a pouch. Kallias took the pouch from the man, slipping it into his pocket, then thanked him and left the bookstore.

Kallias headed back to the wand shop and waited in the front, chatting idly with Mitra until Hawkins came out from the back, holding a wooden box in his hands. Kallias opened the box and took the wand out of the box. It looked beautiful, and holding it made his magic sing. The handle of his new wand was carved in the shape of a deadly snake coiled around the wand. It provided a good grip while also presenting an intimidating image.

When Kallias looked back up, Hawkins began speaking. “The wand will cost 15 Galleons. We also sell Dragon hide wand holsters that either attach to your forearm or your belt, whichever you choose. The wand holsters are 7 Galleons each. They are invisible to everyone except you when you are wearing one.”

“I would like a forearm holster, please. Dark green or black.”

Hawkins pulled a dark green holster from behind the counter, and exchanged it for the 22 Galleons. Kallias fastened it to his left forearm and slipped his wand in it. He tested it, flicking his wrist and feeling satisfied when his wand slid into his hand smoothly.

“Thank you, Hawkins. You’ve done me a great service today. This will be remembered.”

The man gave Kallias another low bow, and Kallias pulled his hood up as he left the store, heading back to the Leaky Cauldron.

Today had been very overwhelming, but also very wonderful. He couldn’t wait to examine his purchases and read his books, but first he wanted to explain everything to Mr. Tom. As he walked through Diagon Alley, a few questions came to the forefront of his mind, making him frown. Why had his father tried to kill him? And, if his mother wasn’t dead or compromised, where was she? Why hadn’t she kept him?

Chapter Text

Kallias entered the Leaky Cauldron, going to the bar where Tom was working. It was more packed now, so Kallias just watched him for the time being, until he came over. 

Tom gave him a smile and murmured, “Finky told me what you look like now. Give me a minute, and we’ll go to a private room to talk.” 

Kallias nodded, thanking him when he set a plate of food in front of him. A few minutes later, Tom called to another bartender, and approached Kallias. Kallias slid off his stool and followed Tom to a private room, where he closed the door and sat in the chair across from Tom.

“Mr. Tom, what side of the war did you align yourself with, the Light or the Dark?”

Tom hummed, peering at Kallias. “I was more Neutral, myself. I don’t agree with what the Dark does, but I don’t think I’ve got the full story, so I can’t fully align myself with the Light.”

Kallias nodded, breathing a small sigh of relief. He didn’t want to make the man upset when he told him about his parents, so it was easier that Mr. Tom wasn’t aligned with anyone at all.

“Well, I learned some things about myself today. First, my name isn’t Harry Potter, it’s Kallias Slytherin. My mother is indeed Lily Potter, but my father is actually Lord Voldemort, not James Potter.”

Kallias explained everything to him, including what Mitra told him about the war. When he was finished, Tom rubbed his face.

“I can’t say that I fully agree with the tactics the Dark uses, killing and torturing and such, but I must say that I never liked Albus Dumbledore. Just knowing what he’s done to you is enough to drive me away from the Light side. Don’t worry Kallias, you are always welcome here, and I will not tell anyone about you. As far as I’m concerned, you are still just a kind little boy that needs somebody to care about him, and I’m more than happy to be that person. I will understand, however, if you wish to find your godparents and live with them.”

Kallias smiled at Tom, feeling relieved. “I think I want to meet them eventually, they are my family after all, but I don’t want to just yet. I like staying here with you, and I’m kind of apprehensive of meeting any of my family right now.”

Tom gave Kallias a smile, nodding. “Of course, Kallias. When you think you are ready to meet them, I will help you contact them and set up a meeting.”

“Thank you, Mr. Tom. I bought some things at Diagon Alley today, so I’d like to go up to my room and look at them now, if that’s alright?”

“Of course. You don’t need to ask to go to your room. Just make sure you come down for supper sometime in the evening, alright? I don’t want you to get sick because you aren’t eating.”

Kallias nodded and left the private room, heading upstairs to room five. He opened the door, smiling when his raven flew down from the top of the wardrobe in the room.

“Hello. I suppose I should give you a name, huh?”

The raven chirped, and Kallias studied her for a second, before a smile spread across his face.

“What about Akilah?”

She pecked his ear, then nuzzled her head against his. He laughed, running his fingers through her feathers.

“I guess that’s a yes.” 

Akilah chirped, and Kallias pulled her shrunken perch out of his pocket. The salesperson had told him to just tap the top of the perch twice to make it unshrink. He set the perch down by the window and tapped it twice, stepping back quickly when it did indeed get larger. Akilah landed on the perch, preening happily.

Kallias grinned, rubbing her head, before he set Mitra on the bed and began pulling his purchases from his pockets. He set everything on the floor and took his wand out, tapping it all to unshrink it. The first thing he wanted to do was set passwords for his trunk. He figured all his passwords could be in Parsletongue, so nobody could get into any of the compartments. Pointing his wand at the first emerald, he spoke clearly.






With that done, Kallias set about organizing his purchases into his trunk. Namely, his books. He kept the books he bought in Knockturn Alley out of the book compartment. Since they were a bit more sensitive, he wanted to put them in his bedroom, where the bookshelves weren’t linked to the book compartment.

With all of his books organized, Kallias entered the apartment. He walked around, changing the colors of the walls and floors. All the wood in the apartment changed from the light colored wood to a deep mahogany. The walls of the living room, dining room, and kitchen became a navy blue, while the library was changed to dark red. The dueling chamber and potions lab both got walls of dark grey, his study now had walls of royal purple, and his bedroom and bathroom had forest green walls.

Once he put his Dark Arts books in his bedroom, Kallias dropped onto his bed in room five, staring at the box in the corner. With a slightly trembling hand, Kallias picked up and opened the letter.

My son,

Kallias sucked in a breath, focusing on those two words. This letter was from one or both of his parents. He took a deep breath to keep the few tears at bay, not wanting them to drip on the parchment, and read the letter.

My son, 

I am glad this found you. I do not know where you are, but I hope you are safe and happy. 

Your mother, Lily, was a spy for the Dark Order, within Dumbledore’s Order of the Phoenix. She needed to keep up appearances, so she married James Potter. When she discovered she was pregnant with my Heir, you, she placed Potter under the Imperius Curse and acted as though the baby was his. When Dumbledore insisted the Potters go into hiding using the Fidelius Charm, Lily informed me of the address and I began planning.

That Halloween, I went to Godric’s Hollow to take you and your mother back home. I killed James Potter quite easily, and found you and your mother. Before we could make our departure, Dumbledore and Sirius Black, the Secret Keeper, confronted us and we were engaged in a duel. When they failed to defeat us, Dumbledore turned his wand on you. In order to protect you and your mother, I took the Killing Curse. I knew I would not be killed, as my Horcruxes hold pieces of my soul, therefore preventing my dying. My soul was ripped from my body, and I was forced to flee, going into hiding in the location I am at now, which I will not disclose to you. I received word from your mother shortly after, that she was using her Animagus form of a tiger to hide in plain sight.

I will return to you, my son. I have to regain strength, but I will return, I promise you. When I return to you, we will find your mother, and we will be together again. Please, for your own safety, do not try to contact me. I will try my best to contact you again, but I do not want to alert Dumbledore to where you are.

Your mother and I love you, always remember that.

Your Father

Kallias sniffled, wiping his eyes. His father didn’t try to kill him. Mitra slithered onto his lap, rubbing his head under Kallias’ chin in an effort to comfort him. His father loved him. Mitra was scanning the letter, written in Parsletongue, before he hissed softly.

“See that, Master? Your father loves you, and your mother is alive and in hiding. We will find them, Master, we will.”

Kallias gave his familiar a watery chuckle, and turned his attention to the box.

He flipped the clasps up and opened the lid. Inside was another letter from his father.

There are three items in this box. If you pull out the smallest item, a ring box, you will find the Slytherin Heir ring. I would like you to have it, as a reminder of your family and how much you mean to them.

Kallias pulled out the velvet ring box and opened it. He gasped softly. A gleaming silver ring was nestled in the cushions of the box. A square shaped emerald was in the middle of the ring, and had the Slytherin crest engraved on it. There was a small black snake inlaid in the band. He slipped it on his ring finger, watching it shrink down to fit him, then continued to read.

The second item is a journal. If you open it, you will see it is blank. That is a charm put in place to prevent prying eyes from seeing its contents. It is a book that allows you to transfer the contents of multiple books into its pages. It is never-ending, so you could put the contents of every book in the world in its pages, and you would still have extra pages. The incantation to transfer a book into its pages is in the front cover, also hidden by the charm. To disable the charm, simply put your wand hand on the front cover and think of your first name. This will disable the charm enough so that only you may read it, if you would like more than one person to be able to read it, think of your first and middle name. To enable the charm again, put your wand hand on the back cover and think of your full name. I have already transferred a few books in its pages I thought you would enjoy.

Kallias pulled out a green leather journal and put his left hand on the cover, thinking his first name. When he opened it, he saw a handwritten note on the inside of the cover. He glanced over the pages, and a few caught his eye, but he set the journal aside to finish reading his father’s letter.

The final item is a necklace. It is a portkey to any of the Slytherin properties. To activate it, hold the pendant and think of the property you wish to go to. Wear it at all times, it can make for a quick escape if you are ever in trouble.

Your Father

Kallias blinked away the tears and pulled a silver chain out of the box. It held a gleaming silver snake pendant. He slipped it on, feeling the cool metal against his neck, then decided to head downstairs for supper.

July 31st, 1990

Today was Kallias’ tenth birthday, and he mentioned as such to Tom after he had returned from picking up his wardrobe.

“Really? Well we must celebrate. Is there anywhere you would like to go?”

Kallias bit his lip, then nodded slowly. “Well...Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia took Dudley to the zoo a few times, but I had to stay with my neighbor, Mrs. Figg. I’d like to go, if that’s alright.”

Tom smiled at him brightly, and called out to the other bartender. “I’ll be gone for the day, you and Izzy can handle it, right?”

The other man nodded, then Tom looked back at Kallias. “I loved going to the zoo when I was a kid. I’m half born, so I got to go to both Muggle and Magical zoos. Come on, let’s change into some Muggle clothes and get going. The zoo isn’t far from here, so we can just walk.”

Kallias smiled slowly and went to his room upstairs. He changed into a pair of dark blue jeans and a red t shirt, and put on the black and white sneakers he had gotten when he picked up his wardrobe.

He turned to Mitra. “Mitra, my friend. Mr. Tom is taking me to the Muggle zoo today. Is there anyway you can come with me without drawing attention?”

Mitra hissed in thought, before he replied, “Yes, Master. I can be placed under an invisibility charm, and then I will be about to go with you without being noticed.”

Kallias smiled and picked the snake up to place him on his shoulders, then joined Tom downstairs.

“Mr. Tom, can you please place an invisibility charm on Mitra so I can take him to the Zoo without being noticed?”

Tom nodded and took out his wand, flicking it at Mitra. The snake slowly disappeared, although Kallias could still feel his weight across his shoulders.

“Thank you Mr. Tom. Are you ready to go?”

“Yes I am. Are you all ready?” 

Kallias gave him a nod, and the two set off. They walked towards the zoo in comfortable silence, and Kallias gave a quiet thanks to the man that stamped his hand at the entrance gate.

“So, Kallias, where would you like to go first?”

After seeing just about every animal in the zoo, eating lunch in the zoo’s restaurant, then getting ice cream, Tom and Kallias approached the tiger exhibit. Kallias breathed out in awe, peering at two female tigers as they wrestled in the grass.

“This is amazing. Thank you so much, Mr. Tom. This has been the best birthday ever.”

He was staring at the tigers, so he didn’t notice Tom’s frown, but he did notice as one of the tigers he was watching suddenly stopped wrestling, staring at him. She snarled at the other tiger when it tried to snap at her leg, and scrambled upright.

The tigress trotted over to Kallias, large green eyes peering at him. She gave a soft mewl, pawing at the glass. Kallias looked into her eyes, and almost gasped as he felt something reaching out to his magic. He focused on the feeling, identifying it as another magical core. Focusing on the other core, Kallias was suddenly flooded with a number of memories.

He was no more than two weeks old, in the arms of a beautiful redhead, who was singing a soft lullaby.

He was a month old, giggling as the same women shot colored lights from her wand for his amusement.

He was six months old, playing with who he assumed was his mother, her fiery red hair tickling his chin as she laid next to him on the carpet.

He was one year old, flying around on a toy broom, almost running headlong into a grumpy orange cat, then running into a table and sending a vase smashing to the ground.

Another memory, one that couldn’t have been much later than the last, of screams and bright green lights.

Kallias blinked, feeling tears rolling down his cheeks as he stared at the tigress. She mewled again, sounding more distressed. Kallias tentatively reached out with his magic to her. He once again took in the feeling of summer days and the smell of fresh strawberries, and felt the tigress’ magic responding. Kallias spoke, his eyes never straying. “Mr. Tom, I need you to trust me.”

Tom raised his eyebrows at the boy. “Of course. What’s wrong, Kallias?”

“This tiger is my mother. I need to cause a distraction so she can escape.”

Tom reeled back in shock, and cleared his throat. “Kallias, I do trust you, but how do you know for certain that this tigress is Lily Potter, er... Slytherin?”

Kallias finally tore his eyes away from his mother to look up at Tom. “I can feel her magic. It feels and smells familiar. As soon as I reached out to it, I saw a bunch of memories of me and a red haired woman. One of those memories was the night James Potter was killed.”

Tom blanched, and looked at the tigress. She turned intelligent emerald eyes on him and growled softly. Tom nodded. “Okay. What do you need me to do?”

Kallias turned and surveyed the zoo. He caught sight of the reptile house nearby and nodded to himself firmly. “Just stay with her. When you see the signal, get her out of there.”

“What’s the signal?”

Kallias turned back to Tom, and looked him in the eye. Tom fought the urge to flinch back at the slight glint in his crimson eyes.

“You’ll know.”

With that, Kallias ran off, weaving through the crowd. He ran into the cool building and looked at the caged reptiles as he ran, then skidded to a stop. There, standing a few feet in front of him, was the Dursleys. Their backs were turned, but Kallias would recognize them anywhere.

Shaking his head to clear thoughts of his past, he turned to the exhibit he stood next to. Behind the glass was a large Boa Constrictor. Reading the sign next to the glass, Kallias discovered the snake was Brazilian, but had been born and raised in captivity.

He turned back to the glass, raising a tiny fist to knock softly on the glass. The sleeping snake lifted his head up in an angry hiss and slithered towards the glass. Kallias rested a hand on Mitra’s invisible body to keep him calm.

The Boa hissed angrily at Kallias. “Stupid children, knocking on my glass all day long. I’m trying to sleep! How’d you like it if people came and gawked at you your entire life?”

Kallias almost jumped back at the furious tone, but took a calming breath and looked at the Boa. “I apologize, Mr. Boa, but I need your help. And I can help you in return.”

The snake reared his head back in surprise, then leaned closer to peer at Kallias. “You are a speaker. I have never met one. How may I be of assistance, Speaker?”

Kallias pointed to the sign. “Do you want to go home to Brazil?”

The Boa nodded.

“I can make this glass vanish, I’m sure of it. You can go to Brazil, but I need you to pass by the tiger cage. Clear everybody out except the man standing next to the tiger.”  

“May I ask why, Speaker?”

“The tigress that will be standing by the man is actually my mother in Animagus form. I need to set her free. To do that, I need a distraction.”

“And that’s me.” The Boa nodded his scaly head in understanding, and Kallias grinned.

He focused on his magic and placed his hand on the glass. Unfortunately, just as he could feel the glass beginning to flicker, he heard a shout.

“Mum, Dad! The snake is moving!” 

Kallias groaned as Dudley ran over, followed by his parents. He roughly shoved Kallias to the ground with a, “Move freak,” and pressed his face against the glass.

Kallias tensed at the word. He felt anger and fear bubbling inside him, then throbbing pain in his right arm, which he had tried to brace himself with. He glared fiercely at Dudley and suddenly, the glass had vanished. Dudley yelped and fell inside the exhibit, while the Boa slithered out. Gently, he nudged his head under Kallias’ good arm and helped him stand, supporting him until he regained his balance. Kallias looked at Dudley, who was pounding on the glass that had reappeared, then grinned broadly and turned to the Boa.

The snake tilted his head in a bow, and spoke solemnly. “I owe you a great debt, Speaker, for allowing me to return to my home. If you are ever in Brazil and are in need of my services, go to the serpent community and ask for Almir.”

Kallias offered a nod to Almir, and watched as he slithered out of the reptile house doors.

Meanwhile, Tom stood next to the glass, hand gripping his wand to rescue Lily at a moment’s notice. Lily stood silently at the glass, gazing at the reptile house where Kallias had disappeared. The doors burst open and an incredibly large Boa Constrictor slithered into the sunlight. It seemed as though time had frozen, the Muggles gaping at the snake, until said snake hissed angrily, and the Muggles began screaming. The snake slithered towards the tigers, and Tom tensed, ready to pull his wand out.

Lily pawed the glass, shaking her head, and suddenly Tom realized what was happening. This was Kallias’ distraction. As the snake moved towards the tiger exhibit, he looked right at Tom, then Lily, and nodded. Using the Muggles’ panic as cover, Tom quickly Apparated into the tiger exhibit. In an instant, there was a woman in place of the tiger. Tom Apparated both of them out of the exhibit and they fought the crowd, heading in the direction of the reptile house.

Kallias met them outside, a scowl on his face and his arm limp by his side. He caught sight of the fiery hair, and bolted towards the pair. Lily was just able to open her arms before Kallias leapt into them, clinging to her neck tightly with one arm.

“Mama!” Kallias’ voice was muffled and choked as he pressed his face into the crook of his mother’s neck, breathing her in through his sobs.

Lily brushed her hand through his short curls. “My sweet boy.”

Kallias looked up at her, soaking in every feature of her face. She smiled softly at him, then her head to look at Tom.

“Thank you, Tom, for keeping my boy safe.”

Tom gave her a smile and nodded, before he glanced at Kallias’ right arm, which still hung limply as he held onto his mother. Tom took out his wand with a quick glance around, and tutted as he ran a diagnostic charm.

“Broken arm. How’d this happen, Kallias?”

Kallias scowled and Tom swore his eyes got brighter, as if on fire. “The Dursley’s were here. Dudley pushed me out of the way when Almir began moving around in his exhibit. I tried to brace myself.”

Lily glared, and Tom quickly healed the boy’s arm. Despite the warm weather, Tom suddenly felt cold as the temperature dropped in response to Lily’s temper. 

Then, Kallias spoke softly. “Mama?”

Lily looked at him, glare gone. He was leaning away from her, fear clear on his face.

“I’m sorry, my serpent, I’m so sorry. I am not mad at you, but at my wretched sister and her family.”

Kallias’ eyes searched her face, before he slowly leaned back into her. “I missed you, Mama.” 

Lily whispered into his hair. “I did too, Beauty, so much.”

She leaned back to look at Tom, and smiled softly as she turned back to Kallias.

“Come, let’s go home.”

August 7th, 1990

Lily and Kallias had been getting reacquainted. The bed in room five of the Leaky Cauldron was rather small for the both of them, so they slept in the king sized bed in Kallias’ apartment, with Lily’s tiger form curled protectively around her son.

The past week had been difficult to keep Lily hidden, but now they were going to reintroduce her to the Wizarding World. David Alexander, a Reporter at the Daily Prophet, was part of the Dark Order, so Lily contacted him to meet in a private room in the Leaky Cauldron.

August 9th, 1990

Alexander had told them to expect the article to be released the next day.

Sure enough, when Lily and Kallias walked downstairs for breakfast in the pub, Tom smiled and tossed them a newspaper.

“Made the front cover. Not a surprise of course, with what was said in the article. Have a look.”

Lily Potter Alive!

By David Alexander

Readers, imagine my surprise when I received a note from a dead woman. Two days ago a note asking to meet at the Leaky Cauldron made its way to me, signed by none other than Lily Potter. 

Yesterday, I went to the Leaky Cauldron to see if this note was real or not. Indeed, I was met by a fiery redhead. It was unmistakable. I was looking at Lily Potter.

The story she told me is a surprising one. You see, Lily and James Potter were never Soulmates, and they were never actually married. They were not romantically involved, as everyone believes, but simply good friends who had no interest in finding their Soulmates.

Until, that is, Lily Evans met a handsome stranger with red eyes in Diagon Alley. Her Soulmate was none other than the Dark Lord, You-Know-Who. 

Lily told me she was courted by the man, who was “very sweet and cared for [her],” and ended up pregnant by him. Of course, Lily knew what might happen to her child if it got out that he was the Heir to You-Know-Who, so she and James pretended the baby was his. Lily placed Glamours on him when he was born to make him look like James, and all was well.

Until Halloween night, 1981. We all know the story, You-Know-Who went to Godric’s Hollow, killed the Potters, and was destroyed by baby Harry Potter. But, Lily told me that is not what happened. James Potter was indeed killed, but Lily had tried to protect her son. When the Dark Lord found them, he hadn’t attempted to kill them, but had wanted to bring them home. Lily told me the Dark Lord was “sweet as ever,” and she and Harry had almost left with him, when Albus Dumbledore appeared.

“He began dueling [You-Know-Who], but they were evenly matched. So he turned his wand on Harry, and [You-Know-Who] threw himself in front of the curse. That destroyed him, and Dumbledore used a spell to force me to change into my tiger Animagus form. He sent me to the Muggle Zoo in London and took my son. That’s where I’ve been, for the past ten years. I didn’t know if my son was alive or not, until he freed me from the zoo and we were reunited.”

Now, I was quite shocked to hear that, but Lily was quick to show me her memory of the event, and her story was confirmed. If that wasn’t shocking enough, Harry Potter then answered my questions about himself and his past. As we already know, Harry Potter isn’t a Potter, but a Slytherin. His name is really Kallias Slytherin.

He was raised by his mother and James Potter, until that fateful Halloween night in Godric’s Hollow. When I asked young Heir Slytherin how he felt about his biological father he looked scared when he answered:

“I don’t like what he did. He hurt people! I would never want to do that, hurting people is terrible. I know what it’s like to be hurt, and I would never wish that on anyone!”

When I asked if he could elaborate, he nearly broke down, and it was only the presence of Lily that calmed him enough to say,

“My Aunt and Uncle, they’re Muggles, they hurt me. If I didn’t do something fast enough, or I made a mistake in my chores, they’d beat me and starve me. I ran away just a few days after I met my familiar, because I now know that what they did to me was wrong.”

I asked him if he had a Magical Guardian, and he named none other than Hogwarts Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore. If you are unaware, a Magical Guardian is responsible for the protection of a magical child. They are supposed to place the child with a new family and check in to ensure the child is being treated with love and care. However, Heir Slytherin told me he has never met his Magical Guardian.

I went to Gringotts to take the statement of Rangor, the goblin who administered Heir Slytherin’s Inheritance and Diagnostic Tests, and discovered that Dumbledore has been stealing from Heir Slytherin’s vaults, and using his Wizengamot seats without his permission!

The Wizengamot has been notified, and is holding an emergency session this Saturday to determine the consequences of Albus Dumbledore’s dire actions.

If this man is willing to commit murder of a magical child, knowingly leave a helpless child in an abusive home, and steal from him, who’s to say he won’t do that again? What else is he willing to do to gain power? Who else is he willing to hurt?

Kallias smiled after he finished reading it. Alexander had done a phenomenal job writing the article. Lily looked down at him and smiled, gently ruffling his hair. Kallias swatted at her hand, giving her a mock glare that made her laugh.

“Do you want to go to Diagon today? We can look at some books and other stores and get ice cream at Fortescue’s.”

Kallias smiled and nodded, and the two bid goodbye to Tom and headed into Diagon Alley.

Narcissa Malfoy was in Diagon to get a few new books and a new wardrobe when she passed a mother and son duo. Her blank mask dropped for a second, showing her shock, before she quickly entered the Leaky Cauldron and asked for a private room.

When she saw the duo return to the Leaky Cauldron and sit down at a table, chatting idly, she approached them. Red and green eyes met her own blue eyes. Lily rose from her seat and stared at Narcissa for a few seconds, before she opened her arms and embraced the other witch. Narcissa hugged her back.

When they broke apart, Lily nodded towards the private rooms. “Come. Let us talk somewhere more private. Kallias, come along, please.”

Kallias stood and followed the pair to one of the private rooms, dropping onto the couch next to his mother, across from Narcissa. He looked at Narcissa, and she had to fight the urge to drop her eyes from the piercing red gaze.

“Beauty, this is one of your godmothers and aunts, Narcissa Malfoy.” 

Kallias stared at Narcissa for a few more seconds, before he gave her the tiniest of smiles. “Hello. It’s nice to meet you, Lady Malfoy.”

Narcissa shook her head. “None of this ‘Lady’ nonsense. You’re family, it’s ‘Aunt’ to you,” Narcissa paused, thinking of the article in the paper that morning, and added, “or Narcissa or Cissa, if you wish. Anything but Lady Malfoy, really.”

A larger smile tugged at the boy’s lips, before he nodded. “Narcissa, then.”

Lily watched the interaction with a small smile, before looking at her sister-in-law.

“So, Cissa, what brings you to Diagon today?”

“Well, I was picking up some new books and a new wardrobe for Draco, when I passed by the two of you. I wouldn’t have believed it was you, Lily, if I hadn’t read the paper this morning. What about you two? What are you doing here?”

Lily looked to Kallias, silently asking for his permission. When he gave her a nod and a small smile, Lily answered, “Kallias has been staying at the Leaky Cauldron, ever since he ran away, and I stayed here too when I was freed from the Zoo.”

Narcissa nodded, pushing her anger at Dumbledore down. She didn’t want it to show on her face and frighten the little boy sitting across from her. Keeping her face carefully neutral, she looked at both Slytherin’s.

“Well, it’s up to you, but there’s always room with us at Malfoy Manor. I know Lucius would love to have you stay with us, and Draco would love to have someone to play with.”

Narcissa looked to Kallias. “I have a son your age, named Draco. He’d love to meet you.”

Kallias frowned, looking unsure. “Is he nice?” 

“He is, once you get to know him. To people he doesn’t know, he comes off as very rude, but I have a feeling he’ll want to you quite quickly.”

Lily looked at Kallias, seemingly having a silent conversation with him, before she nodded. “It would be much appreciated. Let us speak with Tom, and then we’ll get all packed up to go with you.”