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Everybody Talks

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Fucking Beautiful , is what Lance McClain thought to himself as Keith Kogane passed his lunch table.


“Lance? Lance!” Someone yelled, pulling him out of his daze.


It was Hunk.


“Man, are you staring at him again?” He asked accusingly.


“What? No dude. I have no reason to be staring at him.” Lance answers, crossing his arms and squeezing his eyes shut.


“Yeah, expect that you’re obsessed with him.” Pidge said snickering to herself, not once looking away from  her laptop.


“I’m not obsessed with him! I just think he’s very , very nice looking.” Lance said, getting quieter towards the end.


“ know you can’t get involved with him. You-“ Hunk started, voice soft and full of genuine concern.


Lance cut him off. “I know Hunk! I know..”


This happened often. Hunks current, but extending, list of reasons for Lance not to get “involved” with Keith Kogane were,


. He gets in fights way too often.

. He is always starting 60% of them, and having 60% over 40% is very obviously not at all good.

. “He’s the typical bad guy, Lance! He’ll just break your heart like any other bad guy would. And he won’t be around to pick up the pieces.”

. “Does he even really know who you are? What if he tries to fight you?!”

. His attitude.

. He always has a mean look on his face.



Most of them were just Hunk being worried about Lance’s wellbeing.


Lance’s only reason to not go after Keith Kogane was his mullet. (Although that wasn’t really a reason, because he can pull off that horrendous haircut better than anyone he’s ever met. )


Every time Lance was staring at Keith Kogane, his mind  was screaming look my way! Look my way!


I’m such a sucker. Falling in love with someone who doesn’t even know who I am.


Hunk tells Lance that Keith Kogane is not worth his time, and that Lance is not in love with him.


He wants to listen to Hunk. He does, cause Hunk is his best friend.


Hunk is nice. Really nice. But sometimes, he’s not. Like times where Lance rune up to him with a big smile of trouble on his face.


“Hunk! Hunk! I talked to him! I finally talked to him!” Lance called out.


“Talked to who? Your professer? Thank God, I was worried that you might-“


“No, Hunk! Keith! Keith Kogane!” Lance cut him off. “And he talked back! He talked back!”


You what? Hunk asked, eyes quickly showing anger. “Lance! We have talked about this countless times! What were you thinking?!”


“Hunk, he’s not as bad as you think, I swear! I dropped my books in the hall, and he picked them up. He even called me cute!” Lance ended with dreamy eyes.


“Oh Lance...” Hunk said, anger dissolving.


“Hunk, it’s okay buddy. I’ve got this. Maybe something good will happen! Just trust me!” Lance pleaded, because deep down he knew he absolutely needed his best friends approval.


“Okay, Lance. Please don’t do anything too risky. I’ll see you later at Maria’s Pizza.” Hunk said, turning around to start the walk to his car.


Lance was gleaming with joy.


But he wouldn’t be later.




Lance walked into the pizza place he went everyday after school. To his right, there was Hunk, Pidge, and Matt (Who is in high school, but is Pidge’s brother. He’s pretty cool.)


“What’s up home slice?” Matt yelled over to Lance as he walked in.


“Please stop.” Pidge said to Matt with a completely serious face.


“Oh! Yeah I forgot to tell you, I invited some friends today. Shiro, Adam, and possibly Shiro’s little brother.” Matt said, taking a sip of his soda.

“What the fuck, this is Pepsi, I asked for Coke. Pidge did you tell them Pepsi was okay when I went to the bathroom? Pepsi is never okay!”

To which Pidge replied with, “Shut your fucking trap, your friends are here.”


Two men walked in, hand in hand. Trailing behind them was no other than Keith Kogane.


Pidge waved a quick “hello” to the group, which she had already briefly met a few times beforehand.


The group made room in the booth. Shiro and Adam, whom walked in hand in hand, were now sitting next to each other on one end, and Keith sat on the other.


This meant that, Adam was on the end, Shiro was next to him, who was next to Matt, and he was next to Pidge, who was next to Hunk, and he was next to Lance, and Lance was next to Keith.


Keith Kogane. Lance thought, I am sitting next to Keith Kogane.


Everyone was already talking, except for Lance and Keith. Keith sat silent, as always.


“Uh, hey! I’m Lance.” He said to Keith.


“Keith.” Was all the other said.


It started off slow, but soon the two were talking a lot. At the end of the get together, Lance and Keith exchanged phone numbers.


They texted a lot, and some of the texts even involved flirting.


Then one day, Keith walked up to Lance while he was at his locker, and kissed him.


While surprised, Lance kissed back.


They could already hear everyone around them, whispering. About them.


Are they dating?


Seriously? Kogane picks that one? He’s a nobody!


Keith is gay? Why are all the hot ones always gay.


Gross, could they take this shit somewhere else?


They would make a pretty cute couple!


But there was one that stuck with Lance.


Doesn’t matter, they’re both boys.


The kiss ended just as soon as it started, and Keith smiled at him.


“Class.” He said, and walked away.


Lance was stunned.


And everyone was looking at him. Okay, not everyone, but a very good amount.


He felt exposed, naked.


Doesn’t matter, they’re both boys.


Doesn’t matter, they’re both boys.


Doesn’t matter, they’re both boys.


Doesn’t matter, they’re both boys .


In the last few months, Lance had come to terms with his sexuality. He had decided that he was bisexual.


Hunk had supported him. So did Pidge, and Matt. So did all his siblings. But his parents, they were still having trouble with it.


You’re bisexual? What do you mean?! You’ve always liked girls! Only girls! This has to be a phase!


His dad shouted at him the day he came out.


Are we not giving you enough attention? Is that it? We can work on that Lance, you just have to tell us.


His mom had a sad look on her face, and asked him questions, while trying to calm down her husband.


Lance cried that day. A lot.


He ran upstairs, and cried. A few minutes later, Rebecca walked in his room. She said nothing, climbed into his bed with him, and held him tightly.


He cried even harder.


The next morning, everyone acted as if it never happened. But when the matter was brought up, his parents would finch, or wince.


They were working on it. He knew they were.


But it still hurt.


And now he was experiencing it all over again, with people he didn’t even know.


The whispers kept coming. They followed him everywhere. Lance didn’t know what to do. His skin was crawling.


So he ran.


But not alone.


When all his classes were over, he stood in the parking lot. And when he spotted Keith, he pulled on his arm, and said a quiet, “We have to go. now.”


“Why? Where?” Keith asked.


“Anywhere, please.” Lance answered.


Keith guided Lance to his motorcycle, walking with his arm around his shoulder, holding him tightly.


They drove as fast as the could. Lance guessed they were going to Keith’s house.


He needed to get away from everybody.


From everybody talking.


All they did was talk.


But it was okay, Lance had gotten a ride from Hunk that morning anyway.




When Lance arrived at Keith’s house, they walked to his room.


Shiro had yelled a quick “Hey” but Keith didn’t answer.


They sat on his bed.


“What happened back there? Are you okay?” Keith asked.


Lance met his eyes. He considered saying yes, i’m fine. Everything is fine.


He didn’t.


“Everybody is talking about us. Cause you kissed me, and it was all just so overwhelming. I’m sorry.” Lance said, he didn’t quite know what he was apologizing for. He just felt he was being annoying.


“You don’t have to apologize. Lance, let them talk. I really like you, and I don’t want to mess this up.” He said, looking right into Lance’s eyes.


“I really like you too.” Lance replied.


And he did. But he just couldn’t get the whispers out of his head.


They kissed again, and then Lance said he was tired. So they took a nap. Lance didn’t go to Maria’s Pizza that day.


When he woke up, Keith drove him home.




The next day at school, they kissed again.


Lance liked kissing Keith. But the whispers kept coming.


So at the end of the day, Lance said to Keith, “I can’t do this. I can’t be with you. I’m sorry.”


And when Keith asked why, Lance said “I’m sorry” once more, and walked to his car.


Keith didn’t go after him. He only stood there, hurt. 


He never thought that he would let everyone’s words get in the way, but he did.


When he told Hunk what happened, Hunk said “Oh Lance...” and held him tightly as he cried.


A few days passed. Then a few weeks. The whispers stopped, and Lance tried to pretend none of it ever happened.


But everytime he looked at Keith, and saw how hurt he looked, his heart broke.


He was in love with Keith. He really was.


He thought it was all over. Him and Keith. But one day, Keith texted him during class.


Come to your locker. I need to tell you something important.


So Lance asked to use the bathroom, and there Keith was. He looked so sad. And Lance’s heart broke once again.


“What is it? What’s wrong?” He asked Keith, trying to act normal.


“Lance, i’m in love with you.” Keith said.


Lance started to say something, but got interrupted by Keith.


“I’m in love with every part of you. And I was so happy that I finally worked up the courage to kiss you. And you kissed back. You kissed back!  So what’s wrong, Lance? Why can’t you be with me? Was it all a game? Did you never really like me?” Keith asked.


“No! No, it wasn’t a game, Keith. I love you too. So, so much.” Lance said, eyes welling up with tears.


“Then why?” Keith asked once more.


“The whispers, Keith! Everyone is talking about us! Saying mean things! I couldn’t handle it!” Lance yelled,  forgetting that they were in a school hallway.


Keith took a step towards him.


“Let them talk. Let everybody talk. Cause trust me, no one will ever be able to do anything to you when i’m around. So just let them talk. Show them you don’t  care.” Keith said, giving Lance a small smile.


Let them talk?


Let them all talk about me? About us?


Lance met Keith’s eyes.


Yeah, let them talk.


Lance took Keith’s face in his hands and kissed him.


It started with a whisper.


When the kiss ended, they parted ways, and agreed to go on a date after school.


And that was when he kissed me.


Lance was happy, and Keith was too.


Everybody talks, everybody talks back.