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It's Okay To Cry, Solas.

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It was a normal day in the city of Thedas. The streets were crowded with people, some familiar and some not so familiar. Two men could be seen moving stuff from a van into a small house and a quiet street. One had chocolate brown hair that rested on one side of his head in dreadlocks and was most certainly an elf (I mean the ears people) while the other was slightly taller, a human, with tanned skin and beautiful black hair, along with a FABULOUS moustache. Their names were Solas and Dorian. They had just finished moving the final boxes into their new home that they had decided to move into together after a year of dating.

"And that's the last of it!" Dorian exclaimed happily as he dumped the last box near the entrance to the kitchen and flopped onto the couch.

"Fenedhis, my arms are killing me.." Solas mumbled.

"That's why you need to workout and gain muscles like mine." Solas chuckled (something he rarely did) as Dorian kissed his biceps and winked, adding to the sass.

"You're unbelievable." Said the elf as he stood up to start unpacking some of the boxes. Although his arms hurt, he didn't want multiple boxes still full of things to be on the floor in a few weeks time, he just wanted everything unpacked and away.

"What are you doing Solas?" The other piped up as he noticed his boyfriend move to the boxes, "We don't need to unpack yet."

"I just want to get some things unpacked, that way there will not be anything in boxes by the time next month arrives." Solas replied.

"Don't worry, we're not going to pull an Iron Bull." The human joked as he stood up to pull Solas away from their stuff.

"If he was here he would correct you by saying 'THE Iron Bull'." Dorian laughed, knowing that that was exactly what Bull would have said. The two sat down on the couch and the elf cuddled into Dorian's side, sighing. It was an adorable sight and if Varric was here, he would probably have added something like this into one of his books. The couple sat there for a good few minutes before Dorian spoke again.

"Solas...if you don't mind me asking, why do you always get so...scared and anxious when things get heated between us?" It would have probably been a really embarrassing question if it was not Dorian asking it (oBvioUSly) but it WAS Dorian asking.

"Um.." Solas was never at a loss for words. He always had something smart or witty to say to everyone, "I just...I'm not really...comfortable with it is all.."

"We've been together for a year now Solas, I know when you're lying. You can tell me! If it's something embarrassing I won't laugh." Dorian said quickly.

"I'm not lying! I'm being serious.." He was lying. He couldn't tell Dorian, he just couldn't!

"Solas? Hey! You still there?" Dorian waved a hand in front of his boyfriend's face. Solas hadn't even realised he had spaced out, too deep in thought, "Please tell me Solas, maybe I can help you!"

" can't." The elf eventually said. He had said it so quietly it could have been impossible to hear if you didn't have good hearing.

"What? Why can't I help?" Dorian was becoming slightly worried by now. What did he mean by ' can't.'?

"You just can't...It happened ages ago!" Solas stopped himself from saying anymore. He didn't feel like being questioned anymore and just wanted to get out of the room.

"What do you mean by 'It happened ages go.'?" Solas froze and felt his breath get caught in his throat. What the FUCK had he just gotten himself into? Now he would have to tell Dorian, he wouldn't be let off so easily now.

"Solas, tell me." He could tell Dorian was worried by the tone of his voice now.

"...Okay, but don't tell anyone else..." Solas sat up slightly and looked down at the floor. He felt trapped now and just wanted a hole to appear in the ground and suck him up. Sucking in a breath, he began telling Dorian what happened.

"A few years ago...I was like 14, maybe 15 I don't remember properly, my Mother died in a car accident. I bet that sounded quite cliche and honestly, it is. My Father started to blame me because of it, just constant yelling and shouting...Eventually he turned to alcohol and drugs to get through it. Once again, sounds really cliche...Then he just started screaming at me one day when I came home from school. He was...angrier than usual and it scared me. I tried getting away from him by moving towards the stairs but he grabbed me by the arm and threw me across the room." Solas paused and ran a hand through his hair before continuing, "At that point I just froze up I guess and didn't know what to do or what to say to get him to stop...Then he started punching me, he had never physically hurt me, he would just say things. It continued to get worse after that...One night I came home from school after staying there to help some guy catch up with some Math homework and as soon as I entered the house my Father walked over to me. Without a word he grabbed me by the arm and dragged me into his room...Everything just kind of blurs together after that I guess, it was just pain..." He cut himself off at the end. He couldn't bring himself to look at Dorian.

"Solas-" The human began, but the elf cut him off.

"D-Don't.." Tears gathered in his eyes but he couldn't let them fall. It happened years ago, why was he crying?

"Hey, hey, Solas...Look at me." Dorian gently grabbed Solas' chin and turned his head to face him, "It's okay to cry, Solas. No one just gets over something like that." Solas broke down after the tanned man had said that. He let himself be comforted as he cried, finally letting all the emotions that he had kept bottled up for years out. It felt good to have someone listen to him, someone to talk to about how he felt. Both of them sat there, holding onto one another, both content on just staying there, cuddled up together.