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Day Three: Silence

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Midoriya woke up alone. He thought it was just a normal day, so he got up left his room like always. It was unusually quiet, but he assumed that maybe everyone was already up and busy training, or he was up a little earlier than normal. He found that he liked the quiet; usually, there was yelling, laughing, and chatting coming from people’s rooms that all blended together into a cacophony that wasn’t pleasant to listen to in the mornings. Midoriya never thought he would miss that noise.

Then, he heard something. As he approached the door, he heard a low groaning, and then, faintly, a scream. So, he started running out of the building until he saw blood. He hoped it wasn’t a villain like he expected, but he knew that something was wrong.

Another scream. He kept running, and then he saw one. A zombie. It was in the shape of a person, but whoever it used to be was no longer recognizable; they had flesh hanging off of their face, and even bone was exposed all over their body. It was horrific, more so than anything Midoriya had ever seen. Adrenaline kicked in and he started running in the opposite direction, only to be faced with even more monsters in the distorted shapes of his peers and teachers. He wondered how this happened, if it was a quirk, if there was any way to reverse it. Unfortunately, he didn't have the answers, so all he could do was keep running.

Midoriya finally made it far enough away from the monsters to catch his breath, and he tried to think of any way out of this situation. If only he knew where All Might or any of the teachers were. Even knowing where any live person was would be a help, but for now, he would have to do this alone. Or at least, he thought he was alone.

He heard a sound behind him, and he hesitated running away, a fraction of hope left in his heart that it was a friendly face. He turned around only to see another of the grotesque monster that most likely once was someone he recognized. He started to run, but he was too late; the zombie grabbed on to him and tripped him, and in that moment, Midoriya thought he was a goner.

Then, he heard an explosion. “Deku, get up! You need to go, I’ll hold this fucker back.”

Midoriya didn't have time to thank Bakugou before he got up to his feet. He immediately felt immense pain that almost made him fall again, but he felt a pair of strong arms catch him; Todoroki.

He caught his breath and they walked him to somewhere safe, Bakugou fighting off zombies as they went. Once they were out of danger, Todoroki asked, “Are you alright, Midoriya? You didn't get bitten, did you?”

“I’m fine. I didn't get bitten.” he said, although he was still in a lot of pain. Todoroki set him on the ground and looked at his wound. It was covered in blood, and immediately, Todoroki took off his shirt and ripped it, tying a piece of cloth around his leg. Even with the limited resources he had, he managed to clean the wound, which improved the pain tremendously.

“Way to show off, Half-n-half,” Bakugou teased, still with his back to them and on the lookout for zombies.

“I’m trying to save his life, Katsuki.”

Midoriya rolled his eyes. “Good to know you’re both well enough to keep flirting, but we need to figure out a way to keep the zombies away, or we’ll never survive this. We need to find shelter.”

“Can you walk?” Todoroki asked, and Midoriya tried to stand up once again, but his leg still didn't feel good enough to put weight on. He shook his head, and Todoroki sighed, knowing what he had to do, but a little embarrassed to do it. Nonetheless, he picked Midoriya up, cradling his legs and upper back in his arms, bridal-style, so they could go find shelter.

“Our best bet is to go back to the school,” Bakugou said, and sped ahead of them, trying not to look at them, worried his feelings would get the better of him. Todoroki followed close behind, and they all walked in silence, but Midoriya could still hear the sounds of screams in the distance. He tried to focus on his own pain, knowing that it was easier to control than the pain of his imagination going wild as he guessed who it could possibly be who was screaming. He had almost gotten used to pain, but now there was no easy way to fix it. He also tried to focus on Todoroki’s soft touch as he tried his hardest not to break Midoriya any more.


Soon, they were back at the school, and Todoroki let Midoriya down onto the floor again, where he inspected the wound once more. They did everything in silence, for their own safety, and because this hard day had mixed up feelings in all of them.

Midoriya thought about his experience of death, and he thought about what he should do now that they were in mortal danger, now that he knew his days were numbered. He considered confessing to them, but he also briefly realized that if he died he would never have to go through the humiliation of being rejected by them.

Todoroki remembered the pain of getting burnt, and he realized he always felt like there was a part of him that was undead, like his mom killed a small piece of him back then. He just wanted to protect Midoriya and Bakugou so they would never have to feel that pain.

Bakugou felt angry at himself, but like always he directed that anger outwards. He wanted nothing more than to kill every last zombie, and if he was really being honest with himself he would say it was to protect Deku and Todoroki. But if either of them asked, it was so he could get back at whoever caused this in the first place.

Once Bakugou had finished barring the door and Todoroki had rounded up as many supplies as possible, they sat down next to Midoriya, one on each side, silently checking on him. He would say that he was fine, but he could feel every nerve that had been damaged by the zombie. He really wasn’t used to going through a normal recovery process, and he wished he hadn’t always relied on Recovery Girl.

And then Todoroki was careless enough to not look as he placed his hand on the ground, and it ended up right on top of Midoriya’s. He didn't take it off, though, despite every cell in his body telling him to. Midoriya was injured, after all. He needed as much support as he could get.

Midoriya didn't take it as a simple gesture, though. It was as if he could feel Todoroki’s love for him in that moment, and he took the opportunity to blurt out something he never expected to say. “I love you.”

The two of them were once again silent, not knowing what to say, and assuming he meant it about the other.

“I love both of you.” He clarified, but still, he was met with only silence.

Until Todoroki finally spoke. "I care for you, too, Midoriya. And I'll protect you both no matter what."

"I'm not a damsel in distress. I don't need saving, Icy-Hot."

After giving Bakugou a scolding glare, Midoriya replied, "Thank you, Todoroki. I'll protect you too."

And although Todoroki should be good at controlling his temperature, his face heated up at the sight of Izuku being so nice to him.

Midoriya was glad he could feel that they both cared for him in that moment. He still felt pain radiating from his leg, and he for one moment forgot that the zombie had bitten him, and instead just focused on the silence.