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Take Me Home

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Your friends had said you were crazy when you bought your small fixer-upper cabin. One big room that made up the kitchen and living room. Two bedrooms separated by a small hall with the closet and bathroom.

At first it seemed like a good idea because it would give you something to do with your free time. You might actually be crazy though because it's been a few years since your impromptu buy and the cabin is not an upper yet. DIY videos can only teach you so much. The windows leak in heavy storms, the shingles on the roof still need to be replaced, and the door to the 'second bedroom' doesn't close all the way but you'll get to it.

Not like the pipes are lead…at least you don't think the pipes are lead.

Between your part time job, part time classes, and procrastinating fixing your home; you gardened. A selection of hardy flowers with a few vegetables closer to the tree line. Nothing fancy but you did have several books on it in the hopes it would help you. Potatoes, onions, green beans, and a tomato plant called your garden home for now. They should all be ready soon and you are hoping this season you would do better.

It also helped with the food bill. Not like it took much to feed just you though.

You had migrated back inside after a few hours of yard work. Flowers had been weeded and you had pinched off the new growth stems on your tomato. The book said to remove the stems at the second leaf to help the plant focus on fruit growth. You didn't fully understand but that was why this year you had only one plant. Unlike last year when you got ballsy and ended up with some weird tomatoes that all tasted like dirt.

Not sure what went wrong there but you were willing to try again but on a much smaller scale.

The news was droning on about something or another while you washed your hands in the kitchen. When the news anchor casually mentioned 'increase in Decepticon activity' is when you actually started paying attention.

Increased activity? How do you get more increased than the raids and crazy schemes they were doing already? Ugh this was why you tried not to watch the news. It just made you frustrated and sad. But you had gotten into enough fights with people close to you that you watched the news anyway. Just to know the weather and keep an eye on any actual news.

Celebrity gossip wasn't news nor was the hour after the news where those older rich women drank wine. You wanted to get paid to drink wine at 7 a.m. while gossiping.

But because you did not get to do that you avoided the early morning news except for the weather. So the evening news told you what was up and right now it was the 'Cons doing what they did best', Steal stuff apparently. Though you wouldn't say they were good at that because they never got much before the Good guys would chase them off. Maybe they are better at falling through buildings and knocking off the power to the whole city on accident?

That had been a terrible weekend.

The sharp jingle of an urgent news flash caught your attention. The older looking guy with the colorful tie was on. Looking as serious as ever.

"The Deceptions have been spotted moving into South City. Stay cautious and evacuate all large buildings. Take shelter where necessary."

He carried on with the usual song and dance about ducking for cover and avoiding being stepped on; Run to the side not ahead. No-brain things that wouldn't be considered in a moment of panic so this well-aged man had to make sure you were thinking about it now.

That's one of the reasons you picked this place though. It wasn't in the city so you could avoid falling chunks of buildings when the fighting really got going. You so didn't have much traffic on your way home or any close neighbors. Sure there was some kind of ranch, that also could have been a cult, a few miles further out but they didn't mess with you. So did they count as legit neighbors?

The only real danger you faced was if something were to happen to you. Then no one would know. That point was brought up by a close friend. You didn't have the heart to just shrug off her concerns so you reassured her that you would be as careful as you could.

You switched to another news channel and the woman on screen looked much more shook than the older man. "Several factories robbed, airplanes sucked dry, and broken streets along several major routes through the city. We aren't sure at this time if the robberies were a distraction to syphon the fuel or not."

And with that you turn the tv off. At the same moment you hear something hit your house and nearly jump out of your skin. It takes you precisely 2 seconds to convince yourself the noise didn't come from your tv.

Sounds like someone hurled a brick at your house but much denser sounding. What if they busted a hole in the siding or cracked it again! You couldn't afford to fix that much damage right now.

You slipped a pair of worn down sneakers on and took off outside to investigate the status of your dwelling. Out the back door and into your garden. The veggies looked fine but glancing to your right you could see where the damage was. Your bed of New England Aster was a bit singed and you could see an actual crumpled part of your Four o'clocks. Probably where whatever hit your house then hit the dirt. The morning glories you had convinced to climb your house had been mostly ripped off.

Frustration was the first emotion to hit you but was quickly replaced with agony. Too much time wasted on flowers. All for not. Ruined in 10 seconds by something. You weren't sure you had the will power to try again now that it was ruined. And speaking of those 10 seconds. Whatever had hit your house was moving among the remains of your Four o'clocks. It looked small. Might be an animal? Though what kind of animal would make such a solid sound on impact was lost on you.

You took a step into the crushed flowers. Mindful of the fact that a few were lightly on fire. For some reason.

She spied some kind of hunk of hot pink metal shifting through the leaves and broken stems of greenery. It had jagged arms? A weird bit of mass on its back and what looked to be tiny rockets?

With an impressive display of mobility, for a piece of metal, you assume it righted itself. Then it turned to look at you. With its bat like face. Roughly the mass of a dog but small enough you might be able to pick it up. If that was something you found yourself wanting to do for whatever reason. It looked at you with its sharp red glass eyes and you looked at it with your not glass eyes.

That's when you noticed the Decepticon logo on its chest. Yet you were still compelled to open your mouth and say "Are you alright?"