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we'll always have each other.

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When Jeon Jungkook gets drunk, especially with he’s coupled with Kim Taehyung as his wing man, it could be a threat for the entire city if someone isn’t watching them.

And maybe stating the entire city is being dramatic, but for Jimin in particular he knows that he’s in for a long night.

It’s nearly midnight on a Saturday and Jungkook has his arm around Taehyung’s shoulder while they stand on a small stage in a tequila lounge downtown, and they’re singing something in Spanish on the karaoke machine. Singing may be an understatement - it’s more like belting a random language at the top of their lungs and thinking, in their drunken stupor, that they’re native speakers. The two of them are swaying back and forth with their hands in the air like they’re in church praising something high and mighty, all the while singing nonsense and absolutely butchering the language in the process.

“Are you recording this?” Jimin says to Hoseok with a very embarrassed laugh as the two of them stand at a high top table together near the bar just watching their boyfriends make total asses of themselves on stage.

“Absolutely,” he laughs back and has his phone up and zoomed in on Taehyung and Jungkook. “This is the best kind of blackmail.”

“Taehyung won’t see it as that. He’ll find a way to make this video go viral on his behalf. He’ll never admit to anything embarrassing.”

“True,” Hoseok chuckles. He finishes recording the clip and clicks on a few buttons on his phone. “Here, I’ll send it to you for Kookie then.”

“Please do,” Jimin says. “Unlike Taehyung he’ll actually regret it in the morning.”

Hoseok locks his phone and shoves it in his pocket. Even with Taehyung and Jungkook acting like fools tonight, Jimin is happy to be spending a sober night with Hoseok. The four of them have been going on double dates throughout the summer, but tonight is their first time out since the school year started. Maybe they don't go out as much since the three of them work at the same school and they already see each other quite often during the week, but it’s nice to just have a drink and still act like a couple of twenty-something year olds on the weekend whenever they get the chance.

“Glad we also got to enjoy the tequila,” Hoseok says to Jimin with a little sarcastic smirk. The two of them haven’t drank that much tonight due to their boyfriends taking the initiative.

“They really did drink enough for all four of us.”

Hoseok and Jimin lamely clink their water glasses together and take sips while Jungkook and Taehyung find another song to sing. It’s obvious that they don’t have any intention of stopping their entertaining karaoke adventure anytime soon.

“How are you and Taehyung doing, anyway?” Jimin then asks. “It’s been a few months now. He doesn’t really have anything too terrible to say about you.”

“I’m flattered,” Hoseok clutches at his chest.

Jimin laughs in response. “You know what I mean. Taehyung is so outspoken, especially with the guys he dates. Out of a hundred reasons to like someone he’d find ninety that are shitty. It’s just how he is. And trust me, I would know about every single one of those reasons. With you there isn’t that much.”

“Give me a number,” Hoseok asks curiously.

“No way! I can’t expose him like that,” Jimin retaliates and Hoseok gives a little nod in understanding.

“It’s really easy with us. I’ve never dated anyone like him,” Hoseok states with a growing smile. “I mean, I sort of have you to thank for it. So, thank you.”

Jimin waves him off. “Please. The two of you couldn’t keep your eyes off each other all last year. You should have heard Taehyung's endless excuses to eat lunch an hour later just so we could maybe catch you on your break in the teachers lounge. I literally had to change my entire syllabus to satisfy him.”

“I was so dense I didn’t even notice,” Hoseok says with a sigh. “I noticed him of course, just didn’t realize you guys weren’t even supposed to be in the lounge at that time.”

“We were pretty sneaky, don’t worry,” Jimin says back proudly. “Besides, it was only a matter of time for you guys. I had never seen Taehyung that worked up about coordinating schedules with someone before. And the only thing I did to help you guys out is maybe not show up for that lunch at the beginning of summer when we were supposed to work on that project, remember? And I didn’t even do it on purpose. It was Jungkook’s fault because he turned off my alarm. So, I guess you should actually thank him!”

“Just take the compliment,” Hoseok smiles and Jimin shakes his head with a little shrug. “But you’re right, it all worked out.”

“Taehyung told me you had to tell the entire HR department that you guys were dating before this school year started. Was it weird?”

“Nah, it wasn’t so bad. Besides, I don’t plan on staying at this school next year. I might have an opportunity to teach math somewhere else. So if me and Tae can just make it through this school year without killing each other because of seeing each other everyday then it’ll be fine.”

Jimin smiles again and feels warm at the Hoseok’s words, mostly because Taehyung is his best friend and his happiness is so important to him. Taehyung was always so supportive of him and Jungkook, whether that meant calming Jimin down after he was being too dramatic (especially in the early years), or threatening to fight him if Jungkook was being a dick. Taehyung doesn’t exactly fit into the small definition of dramatic, and sometimes it’s hard to take him seriously, but at the end of the day he deserves to be loved, and for someone to treat him well.

Hoseokie does that just fine.

Jimin moves his eyes back to Taehyung and Jungkook who are now stumbling off stage and lamely dancing around in a very small drunk crowd that had been cheering them on while they attempted to sing Spanish. Jimin rolls his eyes cutely.

“Taehyung is such an amazing art teacher but I swear if the parents ever saw the way he can drink.”

Hoseok laughs and doesn’t disagree exactly. “We should probably get them home.”

“Yeah, probably.”

Hoseok and Jimin pay the tab and go to collect their drunk boyfriends. Taehyung is wobbling, probably a bit more wasted than everyone in that bar, and Jimin gives Hoseok a sympathetic look as Taehyung falls right into him unable to stand up. Jungkook, in return, also falls onto Jimin’s smaller frame and tries to kiss him in that very drunk and annoying way that Jimin is already suffering over.

“Hiii, baby. Yum, you’re so hot,” Jungkook slurs his words dramatically, and maybe he thinks he’s kissing at Jimin’s mouth or something because he’s moaning into his cheek and Jimin has to literally smack him to shut him up.

“Fucking hell, babe,” Jimin laughs and is pushing his face away and practically drags him out to the parking lot. Jungkook leans on him the whole way, arm thrown across Jimin’s shoulder and he starts to talk loudly to no one in particular telling them how hot of a boyfriend he has. There are drunk people in the parking lot that start to clap and cheer him on for no reason, and maybe if Jimin was just as drunk he’d join in the fun and give them all a show about how hot he really is, yet he’s sober and the entertainment doesn’t exactly do anything for him. “Get in the car, drunk ass.”

“Gimme a kiss first,” Jungkook is trying to kiss him again but Jimin has his hands in his face and is pushing him away. Jungkook is laughing and Jimin can’t help but join in, squeaking when Jungkook starts to tickle him.

“Stop! I’m not kissing you until you get in the car!” Jimin squeals at Jungkook’s childish advances. He manages to open the passenger door and practically shoves Jungkook inside. “Put your seat belt on!” 

On the way home, Jungkook turns up whatever song comes first on shuffle from his phone and starts to sing at the top of his lungs, dancing in the seat and jamming out as if he’ll never see another day. He’s still in that state of drunk where he’s pretty happy and excited, feeling good, more or less. Jimin sings along as well and finds Jungkook cute regardless if he’s hammered. Besides, Jungkook has a nice voice, so they sing and dance in the car while they drive home just being silly. Jungkook puts the window down, sticks his head out like an animal and Jimin can only laugh.

They pull into the apartment complex, go up the steps and head inside. Jimin throws his keys and wallet on the table and starts for the kitchen. “Come drink water, please. Grab aspirin from the bathroom - “

But before Jimin can make it anywhere, Jungkook is lifting him straight up by his waist. He squeaks in immediate panic and only has time to yell out. “Jungkook!”

Jungkook tosses Jimin haphazardly over his shoulder and gives his ass a good smack, then starts to stumble drunkenly to their bedroom.

“Oh my god, I’m gonna die!” Jimin cries out and tries to find somewhere on Jungkook’s body to hold onto as feels completely unsteady. Jungkook is laughing annoyingly and loses his balance for a second while he walks. “Baby! If you drop me, I swear!”

“I’m not! I totally got you!”

“Oh god, ow!” Jimin yells out. As Jungkook passes through the archway into the room, Jimin’s elbow catches onto the frame in the process with a thump. “Jungkook!”


Jimin groans as Jungkook quite literally plops Jimin on the bed so he falls onto his back. He bounces in the middle of it with a huff. “You're annoying.”

Jungkook is only laughing still in a very drunken way, doesn’t hesitate to slide right between his legs and start attacking Jimin’s mouth with his own.

“Thank you for bringing me home,” he manages to say without slurring, his lips running over top of Jimin’s in a sloppy way. Jimin kisses him back regardless, tastes the aftermath of tequila and limes, and sure Jungkook is hammered but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t still taste good.

“You’re welcome,” Jimin tells him. “I’m glad you had fun.”

“Yeah,” Jungkook kisses at his jaw, rolls his body forward onto Jimin’s without hesitating, and Jimin grunts at Jungkook being feisty in this state.

“Babe - “

“Can’t wait to start working again,” Jungkook mumbles mindlessly onto Jimin’s skin. “So tired of you paying for me all the time.”

“That’s why you want to work again?” Jimin muses as he plays with Jungkook’s hair, bites his lip at the small pleasure of Jungkook’s mouth on his skin. “Can’t handle me taking care you still?”

“It’s been months. I need to take care of myself.”

“Shut up,” Jimin tells him though he’s positive Jungkook won’t even remember this conversation tomorrow. “We take care of each other.”

“Yeah, we do,” Jungkook kisses him again, this time with more force and intention. He licks at Jimin’s lips, lets out a little moan as he bluntly tests the waters. “Wanna fuck you.”

“Absolutely not,” Jimin says immediately and is able to both scold and laugh at the same time. He pushes back on Jungkook’s shoulders to put some space between them. “You always end up passing out.”

“I won’t!” Jungkook whines like a child and rolls his hips again to find friction against Jimin’s lower half. “You look so sexy tonight.”

“And I’ll look just as sexy when you’re sober in the morning, I promise.”

“Come on,” Jungkook’s hands sneak under Jimin’s shirt, his fingers drunkenly gripping at Jimin’s hard body with a little force in hopes of getting what he wants. But Jimin only shakes his head.

“Can’t take you seriously when you’re the only one that’s drunk, babe.”

“Go take a few shots then,” Jungkook tries to drunkenly reason.

“No! It’s nearly one in the morning. I wanna sleep.”

“Jimin,” Jungkook whines again and Jimin actually snorts at the way he says it.

“Jungkook,” Jimin mocks his tone with a teasing laugh and Jungkook only grumbles in response. “Get off me, you’re heavy.”

Jungkook is clearly in a mood though and not wanting to give up that easy. He’s kissing Jimin again, stifling Jimin’s mocking laughs down his throat. His hand comes up to brush back Jimin’s golden hair, holding him in place while he kisses him deep. And maybe it’s slightly more coordinated since he’s actually paying attention to what he’s doing, with his mouth nipping lightly at Jimin’s lips, trying to tease them in his own way.

It’s Jimin’s turn to groan at the notion, even squirms a bit under Jungkook’s larger body. Jungkook presses down between his legs further, his other hand blindly tracing down his body to palm against his jeans. Jungkook smirks against Jimin’s mouth, lets out a little chuckle. “You’re getting hard.”

Jimin whines with a frustrating pout and hates that he’s such a sucker for Jungkook even when he’s just wants to go to sleep. Jimin pushes up against him lightly.

“Babe, I’m serious. Let’s just go to sleep,” Jimin says to him. Jungkook listens this time. He pulls away to just look down at Jimin now, eyes tracing over his features with a little smile against his slightly swollen mouth. Jimin pushes his long hair out of his face, runs his finger down the side of his neck. He sighs in almost defeat. “How many of me do you see right now?”

Jungkook laughs out loud and then starts to move his eyes all around dramatically as if he’s seeing a thousand of his boyfriend and Jimin giggles at him being silly.

“Only one,” Jungkook kisses Jimin’s nose cutely. “You’re the only one.”

“Are you nervous about starting work on Monday?” Jimin then asks as they lay there together. He aimlessly runs his fingers up Jungkook’s arm.

“Not really. I’ve worked with private clients before. It’ll just be a different type of setting,” Jungkook says back, and it’s clear that he’s still pretty drunk but Jimin knows he is being honest. “Plus, it’s a bunch of rich people. It’s not that I’m unfamiliar with the environment. My dad has personal trainers, you know? Rich people gotta learn to work out too.”

Jimin nods and they stay like that for another moment or so, with Jimin rubbing at his neck and arm, up and down his back, hoping to maybe get Jungkook sleepy in some way while Jungkook’s hand trails around his side under his shirt. “You wanna sleep now?”

“No,” Jungkook blurts out quickly and laughs a little, and Jimin rolls his eyes. “Still wanna fuck you.”

Jimin bites on his lip as he feels Jungkook’s hand put pressure on his hip. “You won’t fall asleep?”

“No way,” Jungkook’s mouth dips down and is back on Jimin’s neck again, this time kissing at the skin big and sloppy. He bites on his ear lobe and says out less than endearingly. “Take your fucking clothes off.”

“How romantic,” Jimin almost sighs but ends up giving in to Jungkook’s advances. He pulls at Jungkook’s shirt and together they shed everything easy, quickly, throwing their garments on the floor and crawling properly into bed. Jungkook doesn’t even wait to start fumbling through through the drawer to find the bottle of lube.

“Hold on. I want you to take aspirin first so you don't have a headache tomorrow,” Jimin then says and Jungkook only rolls to his side of the bed on his back with a nod. Jimin rushes to the kitchen to pour a glass of water then goes to the bathroom to get aspirin. He’s literally only gone a minute, but when he returns to the room, Jungkook’s eyes are closed as he lays there on the bed. Jimin glares. “Babe, I swear - “

He shakes Jungkook’s shoulder harshly only resulting in a loud, annoyed grumble from Jungkook who has quite literally passed out as expected.

“Fucking typical,” Jimin leaves the water and aspirin on his nightstand and throws the blanket lazily over Jungkook’s naked body. He crawls onto his side of the bed and grunts at his half-hard erection, is too annoyed to do anything about it, and ends up playing on his phone a bit before snuggling in and going to sleep himself slightly unsatisfied.

But regardless, he’s happy that Jungkook had a good time tonight. And he’s always happy to not have Jungkook pass out right on top of him (which he has, unfortunately, done before after a long night of drinking). Jimin falls asleep not long after.

It’s 8:57am the next morning when Jimin shifts on the bed gently, his eyes blinking open from a comfortable slumber, and he yawns cutely.

He lets out a little sigh, feels the aftertaste of only some of the tequila he was able to enjoy last night lingering on his mouth, and regrets going to bed not having brushed his teeth. He’ll blame Jungkook for that, of course, since his routine was so messed up.

Jimin glances over to Jungkook’s side of the bed, and at the sight of his boyfriend laying there asleep, he can’t help but feel his entire body tense.

Jungkook looks heavenly sprawled on his back with his long black curls pushed backwards and his upper body exposed. One arm is resting up by his head and the other along his bare chest. The morning rays of the sun from the creases in the blinds are gleaming down on him. And he's not entirely sure what it is but there’s something about Jungkook looking this way that has Jimin's inside churn with a dark rumble.

He’s so hot, and the image is almost picture perfect, like he’s some famous model posing in a photo shoot for a mattress brand or something stupid like that. 

Jimin runs his tongue against his lip and at just the sight he’s automatically turned on. Maybe it’s because Jungkook left him somewhat unsatisfied last night, he’s not sure, but Jimin can’t help run his hand down his bare chest and right over his own length under the covers.

He resists a shaky moan as he touches himself languidly, head turned on his pillow to the side so he can watch his boyfriend sleep. He watches the way his chest rises and falls so steadily, and even in this state Jimin can tell that Jungkook is still very much passed out and in a heavy slumber even at nine in the morning.

He’s beautiful, so fucking perfect. And it’s easy to cancel out how annoying he was last night after being so hammered when he looks like this.

Jimin bites at his lip as he slowly gets hard. He thinks about a thousand things in that moment while laying next to Jungkook in bed, as they’ve done hundreds of mornings over the last three years together. But he mostly thinks about how in love he is with Jungkook and how the last few months, regardless if Jungkook has been working or not, have been different.

They survived a third summer together, even when the beginning of this summer was a little rough. Jimin remembers so clearly how Jungkook had promised him that he’d give him more attention and that he’d make sure he was showing his love for Jimin on the daily. At first Jimin didn’t really think anything of it, thought it was just something he was saying to get out of the doghouse from lacking in attentiveness while he finished his last year of college. Yet he has. He’s been doing exactly what he said he would, telling Jimin endlessly how much he loves him, making sure that he’s being aware and mindful, and if Jimin is being honest it’s been unreal, almost.

Even with Jungkook not working, these last few months - this entire summer - has been the best they’ve ever had together in so many ways.

It’s been three years.

It seems like they’ve already experienced an entire lifetime together inside of this apartment. They’ve built it piece by piece, with each pillar becoming stronger and sturdier. And the best part is knowing that this is only the beginning with them and their relationship. Eventually these walls of the apartment will turn into the walls of a house. Eventually they’ll start chasing after new firsts, new lasts, new everything with one another.

Jimin moans lightly unable to resist since his mind is wandering in a thousand different directions that keep him both emotional and turned on. He's so hard and his fingers glide easily over his length to find places that keep him sensitive.

Jungkook is still unmoving and deep in sleep, and Jimin finds his whole body to be tingling with a desire for more.

Quietly he reaches for the lube sitting on his bedside table that he didn’t put away from last night. He’s careful to be as silent as he can as he pops open the bottle and coats two of his fingers.

Gingerly without disturbing Jungkook, he pushes off his side of the comforter and lifts his legs to his chest, holds them under his knees against his body with his free arm. Then he’s rubbing his lubed fingers over his entrance.

Jimin chews on his tongue as he pushes his fingers inside, stifling back a cry because fuck he just loves being touched so much. And maybe it’s been a while, if he’s being honest, since he’s pleasured himself in this way since Jungkook is always ready and available, and the fact that they live together helps. It immediately reminds him of old days in college prior to having Jungkook at his disposal where he’d fuck himself with dildos and other toys to get off when he couldn’t find a late night lover. Taehyung even played a part in it sometimes when Jimin just couldn’t help but need it.

Those days were something. Even thinking about how much of a frenzied hoe he was in his early twenties causes Jimin to cringe just a bit. Now at twenty six with a career and a degree and a steady boyfriend, those lonely nights of fucking himself seem so silly and hopeless. And sure, maybe he’s still desperate a lot of the times, but at least he doesn’t have to run around the city trying to find anyone to give it to him good.

He’s so stupid in love with Jungkook, and needless to say that aspect makes getting laid so much better.

Even though having his fingers in his ass is quite pleasant, and Jimin could probably sit this way for another few minutes finding little spots inside of himself that make him tingle, Jimin has never been one to get off this way on his own, and every time Jimin tries to find that spot, his fingers seem to be just shy of it.

And it starts to frustrate him. He’s panting a bit trying to lift his legs further and angle it differently while trying to stay quiet and not wake Jungkook.

The stretch is nice, the lube smells so sweet, but it’s not enough.

Jimin removed his fingers and doesn’t even hesitate to roll to his side and crawl onto Jungkook’s lap. He straddles him cutely, his eyes tracing over the beauty that is his goddamn body as the sun continues to hit him this way and cast this type of glow around his frame. It’s almost majestic, and it takes Jimin’s breath away.

Jimin kisses him on his lips gingerly just once while his free hand starts to stroke at his soft cock under the blanket.

Jungkook stirs at the contact. His eyes barely blink open as he attempts to stretch. He stops once he realizes Jimin is sitting right on top of him. He grunts tiredly. “Hey.”


Jimin leans down to kiss at his neck lazily with soft pecks that are barely there. His voice is soft and needy as he presses his mouth against his ear. “I’m horny.”

Jungkook let’s out this little snort that is tired and almost incoherent. Jimin continues to stroke at Jungkook’s cock with his hand as he nibbles on his ear, hoping to get what he wants.

Jungkook doesn’t say anything back right away, just lets out soft moans as Jimin touches him. He feels Jungkook getting hard and finds it suffering to have to wait, especially due to already having pleasured himself and being so ready. Jungkook speaks next, his voice groggy and tired still.

“Sit up, let me stretch you first.”

“It’s okay,” Jimin moves his hips backwards on his lap.

“Baby - “

Jimin lines himself up now that Jungkook’s cock is hard, and no, his smaller fingers aren’t anything compared to how Jungkook can get him stretched, so the pressure of Jungkook’s dick right on his hole is immediate. Jimin groans into his neck.

“Did you touch yourself already?” Jungkook is instantly aware of the lube coating around his entrance, and Jimin only nods as he sits up fully now with his back straight.

“Yeah, maybe. Well I tried, at least.”

“That’s - that’s so hot.”

Jimin smirks in satisfaction and closes his eyes, his entire body focused on taking Jungkook’s cock without a proper stretch. He squints his face and feels Jungkook’s hands on his thighs to help him down.

“Baby, relax.”

Jimin breathes out harshly as he sinks the rest of the way down. His hands rest on Jungkook’s abdominal as he curses. “Fuck.”

“God, you’re something else right now.”

Jimin vaguely smiles as he notices that Jungkook fully awake now, his eyes tracing over every inch of Jimin on top of him. And Jimin does the same, his eyes meeting Jungkook’s below him and the sunlight is literally making him glow - a complete halo around his toned body that’s matched with a lazy smile that is so sexy. He already looks so fucked out it makes Jimin’s cock throb.

“So are you,” Jimin counters and resists the urge to kiss him only because he knows that both of their breaths probably stink.

Jimin starts to lightly move, almost barely, to adjust himself to the stretch. Jungkook grunts and his hands come up with an urge to touch Jimin automatically, with one aiming for his cock that has been hard this entire time.

But Jimin pushes his hands away. “No touching.”

Jungkook frowns still lazy and tired under him as if they have the entire day to be like this (which, at this point, wouldn’t bother Jimin one bit). “Why not?”

“Because I, fuck - “ Jimin is moving more steadily now, his fingertips digging into Jungkook’s stomach as he starts to grind. And the pleasure is immediate, electrocutes throughout every part of his body that sends him into a mumbling mess while he rides him. “I was thinking about back in the day when I used to just - shit shit - fuck myself on my dildos and sort of just - ahhh - wanted to again but luckily I have a boyfriend with a fat fucking cock so I don’t exactly have to do that anymore.”

“God, your mouth,” Jungkook groans without restrain. “Fucking dirty.”

“Used to just make myself cum like that all the time,” Jimin starts to pant out as he grinds in Jungkook’s lap, his tongue darting out to wet his mouth and he uses Jungkook’s abs as leverage to try and find what he’s looking for. “Could just cum by fucking myself so good.”

“Yeah?” Jungkook is playing along with Jimin’s ramblings, his hands only resting on Jimin’s sides as he moves on top of him. “What else did you like to do with yourself before I came along?”

“I could just - oh god,” Jimin shifts suddenly and hits a spot that he’s been searching for all morning, scrunches his face and moves right against it greedily. “God, your cock is so big babe, I just - fuck, fuck -

“Answer me.”

“Fuck you,” Jimin lazily scolds with his eyes still closed as he moves frantically. “Just lay there and be quiet.”

“Don’t be snippy,” Jungkook warns lowly and gives his legs a squeeze.

“Just wanna fucking cum without you being so chatty.”

“Already?” Jungkook says this with a little bite on purpose to get Jimin’s blood boiling, but Jimin keeps grinding and focusing on a spot that feels too good and ignores him. “Not gonna cum just by fucking yourself on my cock, right?”

“Yes, I am,” Jimin snips back.

“You always need me to touch you. You talk a big game but you can’t ever cum without being touched.”

“Oh my god, Jungkook, shut up,” Jimin practically whines and resists the urge to just cover his face with a pillow.

Almost out of spite, Jimin starts to grind faster, his hips moving in perfect circular motions against Jungkook’s lap. He whines loud and long and uncaring, neck flying backwards as he cries at the pleasure. And it’s good, it’s so good because Jungkook’s dick is so goddamn big and it fills him up every time no matter the position.

Jimin closes his eyes and focuses like he’s in his own world. He shifts and moans, loves the power he has to find that spot and make himself feel good. He forgets about Jungkook for just a second as he worries about himself, sticks his tongue on the roof of his mouth and rolls his hips however he wants.

Jungkook is quiet, as requested. The only sound between them is the slight squelching of the lube, the gentle creek of the bed and Jimin’s soft, panting moans that come out languid and needy.

When Jimin opens his eyes to look back down at him, Jungkook just watching him with hands resting lightly on his thighs and his mouth slightly open like he’s experiencing something unreal himself. The sun is still shining through the blinds and it almost takes Jimin’s breath away again at how beautiful he looks laying under him like this.

Yet the truth is, Jimin wants to be touched so bad - because he really wants to cum and the stimulation and control he has right now is nice, and he can’t exactly complain. But Jimin is prideful, and he tries to have an upper hand even in situations where he knows Jungkook will usually overpower him.

So instead of admitting to what he really wants, Jimin continues to grind and move his hips, feels himself get completely worked up but not worked up enough. And it’s frustrating, of course, especially with Jungkook looking up at him this way and staying quiet now as Jimin tries to make himself cum by just fucking down on his cock.

“Shit,” Jimin pants out and leans back completely now, both hands gripping into Jungkook’s thigh muscles behind him. His hips roll and his cock springs straight in the air. The shift is good, it hits him different and he focuses on that spot again, eyes closing and lip curling under his teeth as Jimin moans at his own pace in an attempt to find his orgasm.

Maybe it’s because he can practically feel Jungkook giving him a smug glare underneath of him, or maybe it’s just that he’s thinking about it too much now, but whatever he’s doing just isn’t enough. It feels incredible, sure, but fuck it’s not enough.

Jimin pouts and he’s almost annoyed, mostly with himself. He sits back up again on Jungkook’s lap and furrows his brow, resists an urge to touch himself because that’s all he really wants. He’s so horny, so goddamn full of Jungkook’s cock and all he wants to do is cum already.

“What’s wrong?” Jungkook says to him, hands instinctively gripping at his legs that are still straddled around his waist.

“Just - just wanna cum and I can’t,” Jimin admits in borderline defeat though he keeps rolling his hips.

“You can cum,” Jungkook says to him with his voice groggy and low, almost casual.

“I know I can, I just can’t, I - “ Jimin groans with an ongoing pout and falls forward unable to resist needing help. He kisses Jungkook lightly on his lips. “Help me.”

Jungkook snorts with his mouth twisting into a taunting grin. “No way! You told me to lay here and be quiet so that’s what I’m doing.”

Jimin makes the saddest noise ever at his response. He moves down to his neck and presses his mouth all over Jungkook’s skin and jaw hoping to coax him. “Come on, I need you.”

“You just told me how you used to fuck yourself stupid with all your toys back in the day. I know you can, baby, so do it.”

“Jungkook - “

But something has shifted, as it usually does, even though Jimin tries to have it his way sometimes when it comes to being intimate with Jungkook. Jungkook’s hands run up Jimin’s chest to his shoulders and he gives Jimin a small push off his body.

Jimin makes another noise and sits back up obediently, resting his hands on Jungkook’s chest now. “You’re mean.”

“I’m not. Come on baby, you look so sexy sitting in my cock like this,” Jungkook runs his hands up Jimin’s thighs encouragingly. His eyes are just watching Jimin now with that look, the one that’s become a bit darker now that he’s able to do what he wants. Jimin craves Jungkook like this and falls so easily for him. “Let me see you cum.”

Jimin complies, though he’s mostly pouting still. He starts to move again, hips rolling in different directions in hopes of finding a spot to focus on again. Jungkook is so big inside of him, and he swears sometimes on days like today when he’s feeling sensitive and unsatisfied he’ll never get used to it. Jimin pants out relentlessly. “Touch me.”

Jungkook shakes his head. Instead, he indents his fingertips into Jimin’s hips with a little force to keep him going.

“Please,” Jimin starts to beg. “Jungkook - “

“Keep moving.”

Jimin whines and squints his eyes shut as he tries to do as he’s told, but his movement is coming out haphazard and uncoordinated. His legs hurt and he’s so much harder now. And since Jimin knows Jungkook is acutely aware of how desperate he’s feeling, he knows it’ll be impossible to get what he wants without giving into Jungkook’s demands, or persuading him otherwise.

Jimin is one-hundred percent aware that Jungkook won’t let him do this, but he tries anyway and moves his hand right over his cock to grind up into it.

Jungkook is there to snatch his wrist expectantly with a little hiss. “Don’t.”

“I can’t, I can’t do it,” Jimin cries. “Touch me, please.”

“Don’t you stop,” Jungkook’s fingertips grip into his leg and Jimin obeys, doesn’t have a choice. “You can get off on your toys but not my cock? It’s not good enough for you?”

“Jungkook - “

“Come on baby, aren’t you close?”

“Yes, yes.”

“Come here.”

Jungkook takes Jimin’s other wrist and pulls him down on his chest. Jimin presses his forearms against the pillow, his mouth finding Jungkook’s neck again desperately. He practically chews on the skin, bites it and whines sadly in hopes of getting Jungkook worked up in a more sensitive way. Jungkook’s hands slither from his legs to his back and he wraps his arms completely around Jimin’s waist to keep in right in place on his lap.

“You’re so sexy,” Jungkook praises. “So needy to cum. I could watch you ride me all day.”

Jungkook’s voice is like velvet, a low register that grumbles from his chest and causes Jimin’s entire body to shiver from the vibration.

He picks up his legs so his thighs are against Jimin’s backside, and as he does his cock pushes deeper inside of Jimin and he feels everything, the pressure exploding inside of him at the shift in angle. He practically screeches out. “Oh fuck!”

“Yeah? Right there? Fuck, you’re so tight. Can’t believe - can’t believe you tried to stretch yourself, baby. God - ” Jungkook stays like that for just a few seconds and Jimin is whimpering.

“Fuck me, please.”

Jimin can practically feel Jungkook smile with a smirk as he grips at his waist, pulls himself out and gives Jimin a deep thrust.

Then he’s fucking him hard while Jimin lays motionless on top of him, head falling deeper into Jungkook’s shoulder and his whines turning into suffering cries. Their skins slap with Jungkook’s thighs meeting Jimin’s backside and the bed rocking noisily with each thrust.

“Oh my god,” Jimin’s mouth is mumbled against Jungkook’s shoulder as his high greets him so quick.

“You better fucking cum,” Jungkook smacks at his bottom and Jimin flinches at the contact, his breath airy and already heavy as he thrusts up into Jimin this way.

“I’m - I’m going to. Fuck, fuck,” Jimin’s fingers grip at the pillow and he focuses on everything in that moment - from Jungkook’s cock hitting his prostate to his own length rubbing against Jungkook’s front, at the way he's being handled and smacked and everything that he loves when he's intimate and close with Jungkook this way.

And fuck he feels so goddamn lucky to have Jungkook, because he knows Jimin inside and out, knows what he loves and how to make him cum so good. It makes him emotional, for whatever reason, as tears dot the corners of his eyes. He’s been so emotional during intimate times lately, swears it’s just because Jungkook has been so attentive and everything with their relationship seems to be falling into place. So even while he’s getting fucked so good at nine in the morning, Jimin is still able to muster up that emotional connection.

Jimin blinks away the tears and his vision flashes white. The heat pools into his stomach as he lets out stuttered and agonizing cries into Jungkook’s shoulder indicting that he's so close.

Jungkook moves harder, his grunts coming out near explosive now as Jimin reaches his high.

Jimin cries again, mumbles something completely incoherent as he cums on Jungkook’s chest next, coating his abs and tanned skinned in his substance that lands between the two of them. He shivers almost violently as Jungkook slows his thrusts, eventually stopping completely without finishing himself.

“Feel okay?” Jungkook’s hands run up Jimin’s back to stroke through his hair, and Jimin nods against his shoulder.


“Sorry I left you feeling needy last night,” Jungkook kisses at the side of his head.

“It’s okay,” Jimin finally sits up with his arms shaky. “You just made up for it.”

Jungkook chuckles lightly and Jimin still feels Jungkook so hard inside of him. He slides off of his lap with a grunt and leans over the bed to grab a towel from the floor to clean himself off. Jungkook’s cock is still hard and wet from the lube, and Jungkook’s hand is there to stroke it leisurely.

His eyes are closed again like he might fall back asleep, body long and hard, ripped, and sticky with Jimin’s cum.

Jimin practically gulps at how good he looks. The sun is still shining through the window even though it’s shifted gradually in positions in the sky. Jimin wets his lips. Then he's leaning over Jungkook's chest to lap at his cum.

“Shit, baby.”

Jungkook’s free hand is in his hair, and Jimin does this motion of cleaning up Jungkook's chest dramatically with his tongue darting out to tickle between the creases of his abs, glides up to swirl it around his nipple. He sits up and sticks out his tongue slightly, then swallows the rest of it down. “You’re still hard.”

Jungkook sits up at record speed and Jimin giggles, lets Jungkook handle him to all fours and settles behind him with a hiss. His cock pokes at his backside, already so sensitive and used today. Jungkook kisses up his spine, grabs at Jimin’s meaty cheeks with a tug. “Really gonna lick your cum right off my chest and not expect me to want to fuck you again?”

“No, I knew,” Jimin says cheekily.

Jungkook scoffs with a dark chuckle. He turns Jimin’s chin awkwardly and leans over his body to kiss him quickly. “Such a slut for it sometimes.”

“Your breath stinks.”

“So does yours.”

Jimin giggles again as Jungkook finds the open bottle of lube and drips it down Jimin’s cheeks, smears it over his stretched hole and Jimin whimpers again but with a tugging tease at feeling satisfied now. He shakes his ass a little bit and hears Jungkook grunt.

“Fuck me already, I don’t need to cum again.”

Jimin shrieks suddenly as Jungkook’s hand lands right on his ass at his snarky comment. “You were saying?”

He feels Jungkook push right against his hole and Jimin groans while he slips back inside. Then Jungkook is moving quick, hands squeezing at his backside, the lube squelching and the bed rocking once more to hit against the wall under the window. And Jimin is moaning regardless, can’t help it really, because Jungkook is so big, he fucks him so hard. And he loves the chaotic sounds of his grunts as he chases his high.

“Fuck baby, you look so good right now,” Jungkook praises in between his thrust.

“What do you mean?” Jimin aimlessly asks as he leans on his arms for support.

“Just fucking, fuck your body,” Jungkook’s hands are all over him next, rubbing up and down his back and sides possessively, and Jimin smiles softly thinking that maybe Jungkook is feeling the same way he did earlier. “Look beautiful.”

Jimin chews on his lip, swears he isn’t going to start crying just because his boyfriend is calling him beautiful while he’s on all fours getting pounded at nine in the morning but he just might.

Jungkook fucks him good that way until Jimin can hear his moans get higher and more consistent, and he knows he close. Jimin arches his back, clenches purposefully around his cock and looks back at him from over his shoulder.

And fuck. Jungkook is fucking stunning.

Again, the light is hitting him in an alarming way, dancing over his flexing chest and abs as he thrusts to paint them a bright color from the rays. Jungkook's eyes are trained on Jimin’s backside as he watches himself disappear inside his ass over and over again, and when Jimin clenches again he throws his head back, eyes closing and lets out a moan that suffocates Jimin from the inside out.

Jimin is practically drooling. “Oh my god, you’re so sexy right now, what the fuck.”

Jungkook smirks, wets his lip and chews on his tongue. “You’re sexy.”

“You’re so fucking hot, Jungkook, oh my god.”

Jimin can’t help it. His hand wraps around his half hard cock desperately at the sight of his boyfriend look this way and starts to pump himself while Jungkook fucks him hard now due to Jimin getting so worked up again.

“Thought you didn’t need to cum again?”

“I lied, fuck.”

Jungkook smiles fully with new urgency, grabs Jimin's waist hard and fucks him at his pace. They stay like that for a while, just watching each other and finding their highs, chasing them alongside one another until Iungkook is groaning out. “I’m close, wanna cum inside you.”

Jimin nods and Jungkook closes his eyes, his body moving on its own as Jimin works himself up as well. With several cries and a few more frantic thrusts that are sloppy, Jungkook cums hard inside of him and Jimin does the same into his hand. Jungkook is breathing heavy with his mouth surging down to kiss anywhere on Jimin’s body that he can reach in this position.

“Stay just like this.”

“Jungkook, I don’t wanna make a mess.”

“You won’t.”

Jungkook’s slips out and grabs the towel, pushes down on Jimin’s back until he’s laying on his stomach. Jimin feels Jungkook pull apart his cheeks, and Jimin scrunches his face. “Really?”

“Just wanna see,” Jungkook says more to himself. “Don’t always get to fuck you and cum inside you when the sun is shining on you like this during the day.”

Jimin smiles to himself, loves that him and Jungkook are so in sync. He feels pretty. Especially as he just watches Jungkook from over his shoulder as his boyfriend admires him. Jungkook's his brow is sweaty and his long hair is falling his face. Then Jimin feels the cum leak from his hole, and on top of feeling pretty maybe he feels a bit dirty, in a good way of course.

He bites his lip and says softly. “Don’t let it get on the sheets.”

“I’m not.”

Jungkook is gentle and attentive, cleans Jimin off after he’s seen what he’s needed too. Then he’s scurrying to the bathroom and Jimin rolls into his back and cleans off his hand, snuggles up with the covers with a content sigh.

Jungkook is brushing his teeth, comes out with a toothbrush in hand as he multitask and pulls up a pair of gym shorts on the process.

“Gonna go for a run,” he mumbles.

“Only you would spend twenty minutes working out by fucking me senseless then go for a run afterwards,” Jimin laughs as he watches Jungkook get dressed.

Jungkook spits on the sink before coming back out into the room. “I’ll grab some coffee.”

“Yes, please.”

Jungkook smiles and leans over Jimin in the bed, kisses him cutely. “You know you’re right.”

“I am?” Jimin says with a raised brow. “About what, exactly?”

“I remember what you said last night.”

“Which part? You were pretty hammered,” Jimin says with a little smile.

“That we take care of each other,” Jungkook brushes back Jimin’s hair and looks at him lovingly. “Even if it’s something like this, needing to get off or just wanting to get fucked real good. I’ll take care of you, you take care of me.”

Jimin smiles warmly, takes Jungkook’s hand and kisses at his palm. “We’ll always have each other.”

Jungkook kisses him again sweetly then he’s heading out. Jimin snuggles into his comforter and can’t help but feel giddy, stupid, sort of childish at the butterflies fluttering around his chest. Because lately it’s been like this between them, like they’re falling in love all over again.

Or maybe it’s something more. Maybe it’s something new.

Whatever it is, whatever this feeling is that makes Jimin's toes curl and his stomach flip over a thousand times at just the thought of Jungkook being in his life, Jimin doesn’t want it to end.

Even amidst his happy feelings and the giddiness inside of his heart at being with Jungkook and sharing this life together, Jimin’s eyes water, his soul softens, and he just can’t help but want so much more.

He wants everything.

And he just hopes, even after all of their sweet words towards one another as of lately, that Jungkook still wants everything with him, too.