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Please Spare Me, Mister Space Man

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KAITO has added MAKI, SHUICHI, MIU, and 12 others.

KAITO has named the chat Bonding!!

-16 are online-

Tsumugi: Mmm. Tasty.

Ryoma: Please spare me, Mr. Spaceman.

Gonta: JDBshfj\opVHUFFIK!

Ryoma: I'll go to help him.

-RYOMA has logged off-


Kirumi: I'd like to thank you, Momota, for adding me.

Kaito: no problem ms maid kirumi tojo!

Maki: Momota, for god's sake remember your capitals

Miu: Awe fuck yeah! We needed one of these.

Kaede: Oh, of course! All the other student reps have made one, I'm so sorry I didn't think of this first!

Miu: Ahaha! But of course you didn't, Kae-idiot! You aren't me!

Kaede: That is probably why. I don't have your brains or beauty on my side!

Kokichi: God, that's fucking gay isn't it?

Shuichi: Your computer's the one with the homosexual pride flag, correct?

Kokichi: Nishishi!shutyourfreakingtrapshumaiNishishi!

Shuichi: =))

Korekiyo: Didn't he type out that entire laugh himself? Humanity is truly beautiful, the mind works in amazing ways~

Miu: Keep it in your FUCKING pants!

Kiibo: "Hello classmates!"

Tsumugi: Nico Nico Nishishi?

-RYOMA has logged on-

Ryoma: Begone weeb.

-RYOMA has logged off-

Angie: Wig.

Rantaro: yes

Kirumi: I apologize, classmates, but it must be done.

-KIRUMI has changed 16 NAMES-

-KIRUMI has taken away ADMIN RIGHTS from 15-

-CRYPTIC BABEY has logged on-

Drink The Koolaid: Nyahaha! Atua thanks you!

Kork: Beautiful.

Bootleg Miku: I'm fine with it!

Beautiful Angel: O.... oh...

Cryptid Babey: I'm... is this because of my height?

Remy: No, because we love you and want you to be happy!

Remy: Or... is it a lie...

Stacy's Mom: I apologize. Someone had requested it, and they say the requests are finished.

Remy: Whoever it is? I don't get it.

Depussy: Maybe like the Disney rat? From the chefy movie!

Moon Cheese: this username is false! the moon isn't fake! i swear.

Remy: Lit rally? Whoever did this, let me tell you, you're absolutely freaking right about everything except the fat pig's!

Beautiful Angel: p-pig?

Moon Cheese: oh no! Harumaki! cover your ears!

Ass Ass: I'm calling my lawyer.

Houdini: whos moaning

Punchy Kicky: Which one of your degenerates upset Himiko?!

Houdini: its okay tenko

Punchy Kicky: Are you sure Himiko?!

Houdini: ye

Punchy Kicky: Okay!!!

Emo: I'm actually very happy...

Remy: Who else has heard the MCR blasts at 3 am?

Emo: That's Rantaro!

Avacadon't: No, it is not

Ass Ass: Change my name back.

Moon Cheese: Change Harumaki's name back!

Emo: Kokichi, do it.

Remy: I swear, it wasn't me!

Cryptid Babey: :eyes:

Bugs!: Gonta says Hi! and want to thank you for name!

Stacy's Mom: The culprit has told me to relay to you that you are welcome, and for you to have a happy day.

Moon Cheese: ouma, put it back!

Remy: Shut up homophobe! I already told ya, it ain't me!


=You are now chatting with MOM!=

You: Thank you, Kirumi.

Mom: My pleasure, should I bring some snacks up to your lab?

You: You'd do that?

Mom: As long as you all are happy, I have fulfilled my purpose.

You: If you want to, you can stay for a bit? I can talk.

Mom: ...

Mom: Thank you. You're a nice girl.