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A Love Like No Other

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Chapter 14- A Late Night Caller


I transported back to the palace and went straight to my room. I had a banquet to attend. It was for practically the whole Court and all the Delegates and Ambassadors.

I sent for my maidservants to help me prepare. They put beads in my hair and dressed me in a long sleeveless pink gown with matching sash. I also wore a pearl necklace and earrings and carried the royal scepter.

The maids left and I laid back on my bed. It had been the most wonderful day. I knew for sure now that I was in love with Tuxedo Mask. I had not even realized what I was doing until he informed me I was distracting him. With his face so close to mine, all I wanted was to kiss him and have his arms wrapped around me. I had been so excited he had not woken up when I got there. I loved waking him up and having him smile at me in the morning. I had loved every minute I spent with him. He was no longer mean or rigid. Now he was caring and sweet. I was pretty sure he felt the same way about me. He had let a few comments slip and I knew I had excited him when I was touching his chest. I knew I had such an effect on men before but when I did it to Tuxedo Mask, it was the first time I was glad I was able to.

Tuxedo Mask was so great. He had become so open and true. He was also the first truly observant person I knew. He could tell exactly what I was feeling and why and reacted accordingly. He had no desire to hurt me.

Tuxedo Mask also had another quality which you would never find in someone who lived in a palace. He was down to Earth. He did not need extravagances or indulgences. He was happy living with what he was given and even with the little that that was, he still didn't use all of it. I knew I would love him forever.

I left for the banquet, finding my seat to be next to my Mother's... and Micah's.

Micah! I had forgotten about him. What if he sensed my emotions? My mind must be practically screaming them. I did a quick telepathic ritual which allowed me to have extra control and would, in turn, allow me to block unwanted probings.

Everyone was making their way to their seats. Micah strolled confidently up to my Mother and bowed. "Good evening Queen Serenity. I humbly thank you for inviting me to this banquet."

I could not believe Mother bought his fake humility. Everyone in the court could have known he was being impudent. I was disgusted by his display and refused to look at him. "Hello, Princess Serena."

Shove it, Satan! I yelled in my mind and sent the message telepathically.

"Greetings, Prince Micah," I said aloud to his astonished face. I grinned knowingly, mockingly at him and turned back to the roll on my plate. I used my power to block him from responding to my message. Luckily, Mother was too busy greeting her guests to notice what had transpired.

The food was wonderful but the company, terrible. Micah kept trying to invade my thoughts and emotions and it took all I had in me to keep him out. I tried to enjoy my dinner and speak with my Mother as much as possible. She thought nothing of it considering it had been a while since we had really talked.

By the middle of the banquet, Micah had become more than a nuisance. He had become a threat. I was tired of the game he was playing. It took more work for me to keep him out of my mind than for him to make an attempt to get in. We had been having a small talk together despite what was going on internally. Finally, I told him point-blank, "If you do not stop your attempts to get into my mind, I will leave the table and tell my Mother why."

My Mother was busy entertaining the other guests, visiting other tables. She was an excellent hostess, I must give her that.

Micah replied, "Why Princess, I do not know what you're talking about." He smirked at me, and I wanted to wipe it off his face with one blast of energy. I merely glared at him in my most menacing and frightening look.

It worked! He did not try to probe my mind anymore after that. I thought I had won the battle until dessert came. That was when I felt his hand slowly working its way up my thigh. I was stunned. He started to rub and squeeze my upper inner thigh when I jumped up. I ran to my Mother.

"Mother, I am feeling a little under the weather. I think I am still fatigued from last night. May I retire to my quarters?”

She gave me permission to leave and said that she would check in on me later. I told her it would not be necessary and she should not worry. I merely needed sleep. I grabbed my sceptre and exited the dining hall and headed down the corridor towards my chambers.

I was about to close the door when a foot got in my way. The door was forced open and Micah stepped into my room.

"I see what you did Serena. You said you needed rest so that you could spend some time with me alone. Very clever."

He knew that was not my intent. He was merely gloating. I realized this had been his plan when he rubbed my leg. He wanted to get me so angry that I would leave and give him the perfect opportunity to rape me, with no one to help.

He locked the door and came over to me. He grabbed me and shoved his tongue in my mouth. It was so disgusting! I stumbled and almost fell but he had such a tight grip it only made it easier for him to push me onto the floor on my back.

I was outraged, but there was nothing I could do. I was too weak to fight considering it had taken most of my energy just keeping him out of my mind. Now I had none left to keep him out of my body.

I looked around. I saw my scepter not too far away. Micah tugged at the fabric of my dress, attempting to expose my breasts. I reached for the sceptre and grabbed it. I slammed it down on his head. Micah rolled off of me and groaned.

Using the power in the sceptre I blasted him. Another agonized groan. He looked up at me and got to his feet by grabbing onto a chair. He was annoyed because he had tried unsuccessfully to undress me and now I could kill him if I chose and it would have been legal.

But I was not like him. I merely raised the sceptre as if to blast him again and said, "Leave. Now."

He did so without argument. I did not know what he was going to tell his parents. I did not really care, either. Once again I felt dirty. Every time he touched me It just made me want to shower.

As I was running the water I heard a voice in my head, telepathic say, I'll get you back Princess, don't worry. I will."

I did not care about his threats. As long as I had the Silver Crystal, he could not harm me. I undressed and got in the steamy shower. It felt so good. I imagined Tuxedo Mask was in the shower behind me, rubbing and massaging my shoulders.

How wonderful it would be if I spent my life with him, I thought. I washed my hair and came out smelling like coconuts. I dried my hair and put on my favorite silk lace nightgown. Raye had bought it for me at a store on Venus. Venus, of course. The love capital of the universe.

I opened my bathroom door, ready to crawl in bed and dream of Tuxedo Mask when I saw him. There was a figure standing in the corner with a sword in his hand. Micah!