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A Love Like No Other

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Chapter 12- The Trust


The morning before my performance Lita and Mina came over to bug me. They were going to attend the performance and came early to spend some time with me prior. They came in my room and woke me up like this...

"Serena…," Lita whispered as Mina shook me slightly. At some point, I must have said something about Tuxedo Mask because when I came to they looked at me with the biggest smiles and Mina asked me, "So...who's Tuxedo Mask?"

I sat up in bed. "What?" I demanded, faster than I should have.

"You kept saying that name in your sleep, so who is he?" Lita demanded of me. I put my head in my hands. This was great. I promised not to tell, but then again, they were my best friends. Tuxedo Mask would understand. After all, I did not have to tell them where he lived.

They sat down on my bed and I told them my story. I included that I had strong feelings for him and that he had said I was pretty the night before. I told them I did not know for sure if he returned my affection.

Mina squealed. "Oh, how romantic! I knew you were in love! I could feel it! My being the love Princess and everything... Oh, Serena! You're so lucky! He sounds amaaaazing!"

Love! Love? I had never associated the feelings I had for Tuxedo Mask as 'love' before. Was I in love with him?

Mina put her hands over her chest and squealed in-between giggles.

"Mina, I really do not believe I love him. Like, yes, certainly, but love? I simply do not..."

"Yeah right! Serena, honestly who do you think you're talking to? You have bigger googly eyes than I did when I liked Frederick. You are so in love!"

"Well, Lita certainly mentions Frederick enough to have been in love. 'Freddy this. ' 'Freddy that.' It's SICK!" Mina grumbled, but then laughed. My friends were such valley girls. Honestly, I sometimes wondered how they passed as intelligent at Court sessions. They were fun to be with, and they did know a lot about men. But most importantly, I was beginning to think that they were right about my being in love with Tuxedo Mask.

"Besides." Mina started, "Anyone's better than Micah! Is he still beating you?"

Micah! I had almost completely forgotten about him. What could I do? I was engaged to one but in love with another. I certainly could not tell Mother about Tuxedo Mask. And, if Tuxedo Mask found out about Micah, there is no way he would ever love me the way I love him.

"I have not seen him in a long while. Since Tuxedo Mask attacked him, I believe."

"Well if he doesn't cut it out I'll take care of him myself!" Lita stated. Lita was by far the most powerful warrior Princess. She could beat anyone in a fight with or without powers. Jupiter had always been stranger than the other planets for some reason. Lita was certainly no exception. I figured it was from the long line or War Princes and Princesses found in her family tree. She was the tallest of the Princesses with brown hair, green eyes, and had by far the biggest chest.

Mina, on the other hand, was the most graceful, next to me. She was also, in my opinion, the prettiest of all of us. She had sparkling blue eyes, blonde hair, and an attractive figure. But what made Mina the prettiest is that she always acted as sweet and pretty as she looked. Even when she was angry, she still managed to be graceful and Princess like, where Lita would pound anything that got in her way.

I admired them both. "That is alright, Lita. When we marry..." "IF! If you marry!" Mina corrected, glaring at me and looking all around perturbed in a most Royal fashion.

"IF we marry, I will be able to defend myself having the full power of the Silver Crystal."

"Yeah but still. I'd love to kick his ass."

Mina and I gasped. It was not proper for a young Princess, or any royalty for that matter, to curse.

"What?!" Lita asked annoyed. "Really, you innocents!"

We all laughed and they said goodbye. I got up and decided to take a shower before my performance. It was already three in the afternoon. The play started at seven and I had to be there early. As I was getting in the shower I wondered what it would be like if Tuxedo Mask was here with me.

The performance was a success. The audience gave us all a standing ovation. I was filled with mixed emotions. I was relieved it was over with and it had run perfectly, but at the same time, I felt something special was now going to be missing from my life. I began to contemplate the possibility of starting another production.

Backstage, the cast members were exchanging thank yous, flowers, and phone numbers. Molly wanted my number and I told her I would call her. We said goodbye and I finished packing up my things. My friends and Mother were standing outside waiting for me. All of us in disguise, of course. But I thought it might have been obvious with all the disguised guards around us!.

They congratulated me and we headed back to the palace for a small celebration. I was exhausted and retired early. I ended up taking another shower to wash off all the perspiration I had gotten from being under the hot stage lights all night. I crawled into bed and set my clock to wake me up at nine. I wanted to sleep in, but not keep Tuxedo Mask waiting too long.