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A Love Like No Other

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My Author Notes:

The following story isn’t mine. In fact, if someone figures out who it belongs to I will gladly give them credit and link to their other works. Still, it was a story I enjoyed back in the day and when I discovered it when I was going through some old folders I decided to share it with the fanfiction community.

Even though its not mine, I do need to point something out. This piece is going to be over 50,000 words, has multiple chapters, and saved as a giant block of text. As I went about trying to add paragraphs for easier reading I realized this piece could use a few edits to make it more presentable. A few repeated phrases, inconsistencies from paragraph to paragraph once in a while, and when the character name is BOLDED know this is who the POV belongs to. No major change in the overall theme or content of the original work will be altered though. I even decided NOT to change Serena/Darien into Usagi/Mamoru even though these names are more common than the original dub.

So give me some time and enjoy a very touching piece of Sailor Moon fanfiction, featuring everyone’s favorite couple.

P.S. Mature tag because there will be sex...just much later on.

UPDATEI have discovered the original author of this fanficiton. They went by the name Jupiter Princess. I have yet to find if they did any other work.

Original Author's note PLEASE STOP AND READ THIS!!!! I realize many of you just skip to the story, but you NEED to read this note.

This is a love story. This means that it talks about sex and other mature subjects. If this is going to offend you, do not read this story. I did not write much past, "they made love" in most places.

However, I did write a few hentai parts, for those of you who like that in a love story. It is not incredibly graphic when compared to true lemons. There are also some other mature topics such as violence, abuse, and molestation. I am telling you this because I just don't want any letters saying, "I was shocked at the material." K? That's all the necessary stuff.

The rest is just FYI. This story takes place in the Moon Kingdom. It is my rendition of how Serena and Darien fell in love. I am the type of person who is, shall we say, less than happy about the way Darien treats Serena in the DIC series. He is very cold to her, but in his heart, I picture him as being warm.

I also am not pleased with the way Serena is considered such a ditz. She is the Princess of the Moon and even after she almost single handedly defeated Queen Barryl, she got no respect. I was bitter. So if you are looking for a ditz, you won't find it here. Just thought I would tell you.

As far as the Sailor senshi go, I have not yet had the privilege of watching the Japanese Sailor Moon's, only DIC's, so I do not know everything about the outer senshi's traits. Sorry. I kinda, more or less, stuck to what I knew.

Uh, I think I'm supposed to say something like the character's (Serena, Darien, etc.) were not made by me but by Naoko Takeuchi, Bandai, Kodansha, and all their related company so don't sue me for taking credit. Cuz I'm not. It's just a story. Don't have a cow. I will be happy to add other people's names who deserve credit if they so desire. Well, that's it. Enjoy!