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A Second Chance

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"RYUKO!" Ladybug screamed as she watched her friend's body freeze out of shock as she was hoisted into the air by a black leathered villain. A scream tore through the dragon miraculous user's throat, as a leather clawed hand gripped her by the neck, radiating a dark energy. Ryuko's scream rung in the air as her pupils shrunk and stared into the villainous green eyes. Ryuko's eyes darted violently from her spotted friend and her attacker, before her body was dropped onto the ground, leaving her curled up in a ball, grasping her neck where the cataclysm was used.

Queen Bee began viciously attacking the green eyed villain with no hesitation while Ladybug rushed over to Kagami, leaving the Snake miraculous to battle more of Hawkmoth's army.

"RYUKO!" Ladybug screamed. Ryuko began coughing hysterically while she struggled to look at Ladybug properly, her eyes a hazy mess.

"This is a losing battle," Ryuko began, tears beginning to form, and her voice turning hoarse, "Ladybug, we're only a group of 16 year olds, only 4 of us at that. With Mayura and Hawkmoth working alongside eachother to build a massive army, including half of paris, and bringing in more villains all the way from America, we don't stand a chance."

"Ryuko, don't talk like that. We still have the miraculous. We are still fighting. We are still here-" Ladybug started, as she began to pick up Ryuko.

"BUT FOR HOW LONG? Even the Guardian is beginning to lose hope. We can't do this on our own."

"Save your breath. We need to get you to the Guardian. VIPERION, QUEEN BEE, RETREET!" Ladybug barked over the noises of the Akumas. Queen Bee and Viperion looked relieved, their moves beginning to grow tired and slow, their footing becoming sloppy. Quickly, the began making their way to their teammates, and began their journey over to the Guardian's home.


"Ladybug, what happened? Have you lead any Akuma's here?" the Guardian asked in a low, rushed voice.

"Ryuko got Cataclysmed, no Akuma's followed us on the way here," Ladybug quickly responded with.

"Inside, all of you, quickly!" Master Fu ordered, shutting the door swiftly behind him. Wayz, who peaked through to see the commotion, immediately began closing windows and shutting the curtains, as Master Fu began to retrieve medicinal herbs. Ladybug layed Ryuko down, wincing upon hearing a small groan of pain. Immediately, Master Fu set to work, grinding herbs and murmuring under his breath. Queen Bee and Viperion exchanged a look, before nodding to one another.

"We will be in the next room over, let us know how Kagami is doing, we're gonna detransform in the other room," Queen Bee murmured softly, with a look of sadness in her eyes.

"We'll leave some food in the other room for you and Tikki," Viperion added, before both of them left the room. Ladybug could only slowly nod and softly murmur, "Tikki, spots off," before they swiftly left the room. Tikki, worn out and exhausted, hugged Marinette's cheek silently before leaving to the next room. Once all the herbs were applied, Master Fu sat down next to the young girl in silence, struggling to find the right words. Eventually, he found the strength to speak.

"You can't win this fight alone. You need more allies," he said softly.

"Who can I trust as a miraculous holder? Lila convinced the class that Ladybug was using all of them as pawns, and then lured them into becoming Hawkmoth's puppets, Chat Noir's miraculous has been corrupted leaving him to be controlled by Hawkmoth, and half of Paris is under Hawkmoth's control! The other half of Paris has lost faith in us and are avoiding us, and refuse to fight back from the villains, choosing to stay silent and try to sneak out of France. But with the Government trying to prevent anyone from entering and leaving, we're just stuck here in this mess! Not to mention, that law is pointless seeing as Hawkmoth has managed to sneak in Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, the Joker, and so many more already! I don't know what to do!" Marinette cried, as the dam broke with tears streaming down her face as her nose began to clog up and her body beginning to shake. Master Fu hugged her tightly as he spoke to her gently.

"None of this is your fault, you have done all you could. Perhaps there is still hope, Marinette. With Hawkmoth bringing in more villains, who is to say we can't bring in more hero's?"

"What are you talking about? There isn't anyone left to play hero for us-"

"In America, they have a system called the Justice League. Inside, there are many heroes sworn to protect America, and if we gain contact with them, we may be able to gain new allies," Master Fu explained.

"That...that could work! How do we call for them?" Marinette asked desperately.

"I have tried to gain contact with them, but with the government not allowing us to leave, and Hawkmoth has turned Alya into his puppet, preventing us from gaining access to the internet while she is still in her Lady Wi-Fi form."

"How are we supposed to gain contact with them? We can't leave Paris unguarded, and we need their help desperately," Marinette rushed out.

"We can use the horse miraculous to open a portal to America, allowing the person to teleport, but we can't send everyone. Paris still needs to be guarded as you said. Whoever goes needs to leave with the miraculous box, to keep it out of Hawkmoth's hands," Master Fu responded.

"Who will be sent? I can't possibly go, my miraculous is the only one who will stand a fighting chance against Chat Noir's!" Marinette asked, fidgeting in her seat.

"You must go. You and I are the only ones who have knowledge of the Guardians, your safety along with the Miraculous box is top priority. I have taught you what I could, and while you are away, I will fight in your place," Master Fu finished, with a tired and worn out look in his eyes.

"No, you can't be can't! Master Fu, you're getting older. You can't fight in your condition-"

"I have lived my life and my purpose. Now quickly, we can't waste time," he said, before abruptly getting up and making his way to the door. When opening the door, Luka and Chloe fell though and hit the ground, with sheepish and embarrassed expressions on their faces. Marinette looked shocked, realizing that they had heard everything, while Master Fu shook his head as he made his way over to the Miracle Box. Opening it, he quickly pulled out the horse miraculous and placed it in Marinette's hands. Suddenly, a figure began to form. The Kwami introduced themself as Kaalki, and was about to continue before Master Fu cut them off. Master Fu gripped the miraculous and muttered the trigger word to activate the horse's ability. Marinette looked worriedly at Luka and Chloe, and received forced smiles in return.

"Don't worry Dupain-Cheng, have some more faith in us, particularly me. After all, I can more than manage to take down Hawkmoth's army long before you get back!" Chloe rushed out, with a faked confidence as forced chuckles left the other's mouthes. "Just don't get yourself injured in America. I promise you, I won't be coming to save your utterly ridiculous butt when you trip all over yourself there!" They all knew that was a lie.

Kaalki, quickly grasping how serious the situation was, asked where their destination was. Master Fu paused, before saying in a firm voice...

"Gotham, America."