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As We Fall Apart

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Contrary to popular belief, Bruce did try not to take sides when it came to conflicts between his Robins. 

“You’re the one who wanted a divorce Dickhead. You’re the one who wanted to leave us, you don’t get to take my son,” Jason snarled.

“It’s my son too. And why do you think I wanted a divorce? You are not an appropriate influence on them,” Dick snapped. 

“Hey, I actually kept that shit away from home. You were always leaving your crap all over the place. What happens when he gets bigger and tries to play Daddy’s pretty sticks and fries his little brain, huh? What happens when your killer for hire you like to fuck in our bed decides he want to collect the bounty on our kid’s head, huh?”

“Aren’t you the killer for hire in this situation?”

“Fucking Alpha prick!” 

“Guys calm down-”

“Stay out of it Replacement Traitor.”

“Jay, I just pointed out that Dick had a much better set up with his day job to support a child-”

“Oh yeah, so they can grow up all alone while Dickshit over here plays workaholic and never comes home. I’m the one who has been taking care of our son this whole time.”

“Maybe I would have come home if you didn’t make it clear I wasn’t welcome.”

“Guys, serious, let’s take a break,” Tim pleaded, managing to usher a furious Dick out of the room. 

Once they were gone, Jason collapsed onto the couch and put his head into his hands. Bruce approached him cautiously. He was hardly the Omega’s favorite person, but that didn’t mean he liked seeing his former ward in pain. Back then, Bruce hadn’t the foggiest clue how to raise the aggressive Omega he’d pulled from the streets, so he’d tried to raise him the same way he’d raised Dick. 

He should have protected him better. 

“Come to fucking tell me I don’t deserve to parent my own child too?” Jason growled without looking up. 

“No,” Bruce said sitting down a little awkwardly next to him, “Are you alright, Jay?”

“They’re going to take away my boy, Bruce,” Jason said with a shuddering breath, “Everyone- they’ve all taken Dick’s side and they’re gonna- he’s all I have left . What am I supposed to do if they take him away? I can’t-”

“I won’t let that happen,” Bruce promised. Jason stayed stiff against him before going limp and nuzzling his shoulder almost tentatively. Bruce held him tighter and tried to project a soothing scent. 

Dick did have a stabler life style- a more approvable lifestyle certainly- but he was also more disorganized and struggled immensely with the day to day aspects of parenting. He could do it, with some help that he was sure to get, but Jason- the baby had been good for Jason. He’d stopped smoking and had become much more careful and responsible than he’d ever been before on the street. 

It was an inpossible choice and Bruce didn’t take sides, but- Bruce himself knew what it was like to lose a son, he didn’t want to watch either of his boys go through that. They’d have to figure something out.

Dick would be ok either way, no matter how much he raged now. Jason- in this matter, Bruce knew he had to protect his boy.

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Someone should give Dick an award for being a passive aggressive asshole, Jason thought with gritted teeth. 

Dick probably thought he was being sneaky. They’d fought after Jason had put a bullet through the head of a child trafficking ring. Jason was not sorry. A monster like that didn’t deserve to live and Jason especially wasn’t going to let him breathe the same air as his son. But since then, Dick had been staying out late, snapping up all cases in their area, and being generally unavailable which forced Jason to take a bigger and bigger domestic role in his absence… and thus kept him off the street more often than not. 

It’s not that Jason didn’t like staying with their son. He loved it with out reserve actually. He actually might have been willing to take a break from street completely while their son was so young. But Dick didn’t ask him, just passively engineered things so Jason didn’t have much a of a choice but stay home. 

If it had been for the good of their son, Jason might have tolerated it. But instead, it felt more like Dick was trying to strip him of his freedom since he wouldn’t come to heel on the streets. The fact that it probably was more about Jason being violent than Jason being an Omega- since Dick usually wasn’t that sexsist- didn’t really help all that much in the end.

Well fuck him, Jason wasn’t interested in being a good little Bitch.

He also wasn’t petty enough to sacrifice his son’s well being to get back at Dick. He wasn’t going to let the kid grow up with two absentee parents. 

Jason smiled proudly when his son took his first couple shaky steps. Scooped him up after he fell and praised him with kisses and twirls around the room until the toddler was giggling uncontrollably as well. 

Jason couldn’t help but think about how Dick hadn’t been there for it. How he hadn’t really been there for most of their son’s firsts. 

That night, after the boy had fallen asleep, Jason decided to put his foot down. 

“What’s this?” Dick frowned when he came through the door, thoughtlessly dumping his gun and badge on the table with the rest of his things.

“Lock that away somewhere safe,” Jason snapped from where he was prepping the couch pullout bed, “We have a toddler for fucks sake.”

“Jay, I’m tired. He’s asleep,” Dick sighed, “It’s not like he’s going to get into it in the next 5 minutes while I grab something to eat.”

“No. Put it away now,” Jason growled.

“Fine, whatever,” Dick shot him a dirty look and went to do so.

You’d think it was some new rule Jason was making up on the fly to inconvenience him, Jason thought bitterly, rather than an agreement they’d had from the moment they’d known they were having a baby.

“There, done,” Dick came back in and flopped tiredly into a chair, “Happy now?”

No, but Jason just grunted instead. 

“So, are we having someone over, or?” Dick asked gesturing towards the couch-bed.

“My heat is probably going to start sometime tomorrow,” Jason said, not looking at him.

“And you’re inviting someone over to watch our son?” Dick surmised, a slightly possessive look coming over his face, “You know I don’t like other people in the house when you’re-”

“It’s for you,” Jason said curtly.

Dead silence as that statement sunk it. That’s right, Jason thought savagely, you are not invited to my heat after all the shit you’ve been pulling lately. 

“That’s not fair Jay,” Dick said finally, “I’m your husband. Your heat affects me too.”

“Oh no, poor Alpha, imagine being uncomfortable during a heat,” Jason scoffed, “You’ll live.”

Dick was still decent enough that he didn’t fight that, though he made a face.

“What about our son?” Dick demanded.

“You’ll just have to watch him,” Jason said unsympathetically. 

“I can’t just take that much time off work short notice.”

“It shouldn’t have been short notice; my heat is the same time every year.”

“You should have reminded me.”

“Not my job,” Jason said a little bitterly, “besides, you were perfectly to take off work when you thought you’d be fucking me through my heat.”

“Stop twisting my words Jason,” Dick sighed, running his fingers through his hair, “What’s this really about? I know things haven’t been great between us lately, but your heat has always been a time for us to reconnect.”

I’m not going to let you convince me everything is fine while I’m high on my hormones, he thought.

“Why? So you can knock me up with another kid that you can never be around for?” Jason snapped instead. 

Real anger showed up on Dick’s face this time. 

Fucking finally, some part of Jason thought as he geared up for the ensuing fight.

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Dick didn’t know how things got so messed up. He’d loved Jason, he really had. Some days he thought maybe he still did, but everything felt so poisoned between them. 

If he had to say, then it seemed like everything went downhill when they found out Jason was pregnant and decided to keep it. Jason had struggled a lot during the pregnancy and Dick hadn’t known how to support him.  He’d tried, but Jason hadn’t wanted to be touched for a whole lot of it, extremely uncomfortable with his body and quick to snap at Dick when he displayed any sort of Alpha-like possessiveness. 

Dick never really thought much about the fact that all of his experience with kids was with preteens and teenagers. He had no idea what to do with a baby. His son wriggled and cried whenever he’d held him at first and it was stressful. Jason hadn’t had the patience to teach him, just took over. The Omega clearly knew what he was doing and Dick had been beyond grateful to step back and let Jason do his thing… something he later found out Jason resented him for. 

Alpha pride had insisted that they not accept any help from Bruce and he didn’t want Jason using the dirt money he’d gotten from offing crime lords. That meant trying to support his new family on a Police salary only… which was easier said than done. He worked longer hours, trusting Jason’s competency at home, and the patrolled at night. They barely saw each other those first few months after the baby was born. He never even realized that Jason was struggling with the isolation and postpartum depression. 

He honestly felt pretty bad about that. 

But then, things started to take a turn for the ugly. 

When Jason went back onto the street, he seemed even more brutal. Granted, he was actually a lot more cautious and careful out there- which Dick was grateful for- but he was also less forgiving of anything he considered a significant threat too close to their territory. Between that and the fact that Dick continued to struggle with taking care of their son without his mate around- well, it just seemed like everything would work better if Jason stayed home and Dick took over patrol. 

Plenty of other families worked that way, right? And besides, it wasn’t forever. Once their son got a little older, Dick would be better able to hold his own and take care of him without help. And maybe Jason would mellow out a little after taking a break. It seemed like a good plan. 

Jason did not think it was a good plan. 

He yelled at Dick and kicked him out of their bed. It was humiliating to be made to sleep on his own couch, but he tried to respect Jason’s wishes even if he was frustrated and angry at him. He tried to hold onto the reasons he’s married the Omega, but it was harder and harder as he was treated like an unwelcome stranger in his own home. 

Dick tried his best not to be a burden, but it was difficult. He missed physical touch and affection. Jason wouldn’t even look at him, let alone give him affection. His son still cried for his dam whenever he tried to do anything with him. Tim was supportive on the phone, but they were both too busy to ever meet up. Everyone at work was of course professional. Dick convinced himself that he was just fine, even as it felt like every day he withered away. 

Then came Slade. 

The Mercenary invited himself into Jason and Dick’s room with some information he’d requested one day while Jason was off taking their son to visit the Manor for the day. Dick lectured him for coming to his home, but he knew the mercenary would just do whatever he wanted. In the end, it wasn’t like he could discover anything there that he didn’t already know. 

“Trouble in paradise?” Slade had given a pointed sniff to the air and Dick flushed, knowing his lack of scent in the room made it obvious that he wasn’t sleeping there. 

“That’s none of your business,” Dick snapped. 

“Don’t know why, hate fucking can be good too you know,” Slade said causally, moving up behind Dick as he tried to focus on scanning through the case files, “And you’re still the hottest ass in time.”

As if to make a point, Slade’s hands cupped his ass and squeezed. Dick took a deep breath around the lonely desperate feeling rising up in his chest. 

“Slade…” he warned as Slade laid a scratchy kiss against his throat. 

“Say no,” Slade challenged him as his hands slipped around to Dick front and pulled them flush together. Dick let his eyes fall closed and his head tip back onto Slade’s shoulder. Warmth and touch all over him after so long and Dick felt like he might start crying if it stopped. 

He should still say no, he knew that. But… he just wanted, if only for a little bit, to be touched and wanted again. 

When Slade led him to his bed, Dick went willingly and did his best not to think.

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Dick remembers when he’d accused Jason of cheating with Roy. The flat unimpressed look in his eye when he’d regarded Dick.

“There’s only one cheater in this relationship Dickie dearest, and it sure as hell isn’t me.”

Dick hadn’t realized Jason had known. He’d never said anything.

“Maybe we should separate,” Dick had suggested tentatively, “It’s clear this isn’t working out and we’re just going to make each other miserable if we keep this up.”

“Hell no,” Jason glared at him. 

Dick hadn’t understood, and he’d said as much.

“We agreed,” Jason said fiercely, “We have a kid now and we agreed that we’d be a family no matter what it took. You trying to quit this family Dick?”

“No,” Dick had wilted back.

“Then don’t bring that kind of shit up,” Jason had said as if that was that. 

Still, the idea that maybe they weren’t right for each other stuck in his head, surfacing whenever things started to go wrong. Day to day he never could tell if Jason wanted him around or not. He was mad if he was gone and he was mad if he was there. Dick didn’t know what to do.

And then things slowly started to look like they might get better. Dick slowly got better at taking care of their son. He had still stumbled at the details but he was slowly getting it. Every day their son was more mobile and more verbal Dick was able to engage with him a little better than before and give Jason some breaks. Dick still worked overtime a lot to make ends meet, but so long as he was engaging with their kid then Jason seemed happier. 

He even let Dick back in his bed. No sex, but Dick loved having him close. 

And then it all fell apart for good. 

Dick must not have been as careful coming home one night because one of Nightwing's enemies figured out where he lived and attacked while he was gone. Whether it was to try and use his family against him as leverage, or just to strike back at him, it wasn’t clear. They’d never have any answers because Jason hadn't let him finish his threats and monologue before he slit the guys throat with a kitchen knife and then dumped the body out the 5th story window. 

Jason had been angry that he'd been careless, but mostly just miffed that they were going to have to move. 

Dick on the other hand had been livid. Jason swore that their son hadn’t seen anything, but they both knew he would always have killed the guy. Jason had killed someone in their house . It was the last straw for Dick. 

Dick hadn’t really thought about how Jason would react. He just looked at him and could only see a killer, no trace of the guy he'd fallen in love with. He was dangerous and had no remorse for his actions and hell if Dick was leaving his son with him.

The moment it became clear that Dick not only planned to leave but was going to take their son with him, Jason lost his shit. To this day, Dick still thought that Jason might have killed him if the family hadn’t arrived when they did. He was thankful he'd called them when he'd heard the house had been attacked. 

“I will never forgive you for this,” Jason had hissed when Bruce pulled him off Dick. 

Dick had been a mess, but his friends had surrounded him in overwhelming support and advice on his next steps. Tim sympathized with Jason, but Dick knew he agreed with him in the end even if Tim was unhappy with the outcome. 

He didn’t want to take it to court- especially since their vigilante personas played a roll in everything- but Jason wasn’t budging. He was hell bent on keeping their son with him and throwing Dick out of both their lives completely. No compromises. Dick's friends assured him that if it did become a court battle he was sure to win; Jason’s anger and rash decision and words kept stacking the odds against him. 

Dick had been angry and grief stricken, but he hadn’t really been worried.

Not until Bruce stepped up and blindsided them all by siding with Jason.