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Falling For A Star

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“Alexandra, Je te pose un question?” Antoine asks his spouse.

“Ouais Antoine?” Alexandra replies.

“Quand nous sommes sur la rue, quelque fois les femmes de mon équipe permittent leurs maris de baise un auture ami sur l’équipe.”  Antoine follows.

“Okay, so you prefer your teammates over me?” Alexandra asks startling Antoine with the switch in languages.

“Not what I’m saying, Jamie and Tyler were flirting with other teams’ guys, and they seem to be okay,” Antoine mentions.

“That is Jamie and Tyler, I don’t know what’s gotten into you.  What are you getting at? I hate this town and what it has done to you Antoine,” Alexandra spits.

“Okay there is a specific Dane that I like, he’s in Winnipeg so it wouldn’t be all the time,” Antoine starts.  The fury in Alexandra’s face is visible.

“Do whatever the hell you want Antoine, I think I’m done with you and this town.  I’m taking the Alexandre back to France, and I want a divorce,” Alexandra spits.

Antoine starts thinking, ‘maybe a guy in my life wouldn’t be bad after all.’

Antoine arrives back from Winnipeg with divorce papers and a nearly empty condo.  A couple of pictures of Rous with his son, some furniture, his wardrobe, and the appliances are the only remnants indicating that the condo is occupied.


Nikolaj is standing just inside the player’s entrance to the AAC anxiously waiting for Jamie and Tyler when Rous walks out.  “Hey Nikolaj, what’s up?” The Frenchman asks leaning up against the wall with a huge smile on his face.

“Jamie and Tyler wanted to see me,” Nikolaj replies.

“You mean they didn’t manage to seduce you in Winnipeg?” Antoine asks incredulously.  “They were flirting pretty hard with anyone that skated by them.”

“Well, um,” Nikolaj stammers shuffling his feet.

“Was going to go out to dinner, but is not fun alone.  Why don’t you join me?” Antoine asks with a coy smile.

“But Jamie and Tyler, I promised,” Nik stammers again.

“They know how to fuck each other without you, come on s’il te plaît,” Rous encourages batting his eyelashes with a cheesy grin.

Nikolaj weighs his options, Antoine’s smile isn’t making his decision any easier.  ‘How can he be so fierce on the ice, and so sweet off it?’ Nikolaj ponders.

“What about your wife Antoine?” Nikolaj inquires.

“She left me, we are getting divorce,” Antoine replies still with a coy smile.

“Okay, I’ll go to dinner, but you better explain why she’s leaving you,” Nikolaj responds.

Antoine grabs Nikolaj by the hand and takes him to his car.  “I know this private little place where we can be almost alone at this hour.  Food is Indian, but really cozy,” Antoine asks.

“You live here, I trust you.  And you can just call me Nik,” Nikolaj replies with a wink, Antoine punches the gas to get to dinner faster.

They get their dinner ordered, Nik finally asks the burning question, “So why did Alexandra leave you?”

“Well road trips get lonely and I was going to ask her if it were okay to play around with my teammates.  I don’t like keeping secrets and some of the other guys do it. Sometimes with other teams like Tyler and Jamie, but Alexandra took exception to it and left me,”  Antoine starts. “You see, I’m bisexual.”

Nikolaj chokes on the sip of water he just took.  He never expected to find another guy that was into guys besides Tyler and Jamie.  He was hoping tonight was going to be more of a date with the Bennguins, he didn’t expect to be on one with Antoine.

“So what else did you admit to her?” Nikolaj asks.

“That there was this Danish guy in Winnipeg I liked and that it would be nice if she would let me play with him,” Antoine answers with that grin again.

“So, since I’m the only Dane on the Jets, I assume you meant me,” Nik notes.

“Yeah, would I be on a date with you otherwise?” Antoine says.

“Fair point, is this just a one-night stand or were you testing the waters for something more?  I haven’t been on many dates with guys that haven’t been one-nighters. Would be nice to have something more permanent.  After meeting you, I realize I probably wouldn’t have gotten that from Tyler and Jamie,” Nik comments.

“Jamie would become too jealous, it wouldn’t be good for you.  Me on the other hand,” Antoine smiles and blushes. “I’d like to see where this goes, I’m not a one-night stand kind of guy that wouldn’t be fair to my son.”

Nikolaj chews a bit on his entree to ponder Antoine’s answer, “Understandable, we will have to work out how this is going to work long distance.”

Nik swallows another bite, “So we Skype date for the next couple of weeks?  Just see if there’s some chemistry?”

“Oh, I think there’s chemistry.  So you top or bottom?” Antoine smirks.

Antoine ponders the question over another bite of his Chicken Tikka, the spice has started to make him sweat, “Dunno, to be honest, most guys only have me top.  You?”

Antoine laughs, “It has been too long, juniors I think.  I like both.” Nik bites his lower lip.

“Alright, you have me half-sold.  I wouldn’t mind changing up to keep things interesting,” Nik waggles his eyebrows.

Antoine smiles as he digs into his curry.  Nik interrogates him about what he likes off-ice.  

Antoine’s accent thickens, “Well I like American football, some basketball, but taking care of Alexandre is always priority.”

Nik smiles, “We are so going to a Blue Bombers game next summer then!  I show up there occasionally.”

The evilest idea pops in Antoine’s head, “If they are playing Montreal, then there will be bet on the game.  Quebec was my home in juniors.”

Antoine whips out a credit card to pay the bill.  He gets the receipt and writes some information on the back.  “Here is how you can reach me, phone and Skype.”

The following morning Antoine's phone chimes, “Landed in Vegas, have an off day.  Wanna Skype?”

Antoine smiles and returns the text, “Order a room service lunch, we do a virtual lunch date?

Antoine’s phone alarm goes off just seconds later, a calendar invite, “Video Lunch with Nik, 1pm.”  Antoine lets out a long sigh of relief.