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Kinky Dong (BNHA/MHA kink collection)

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Howdy howdy howdy, welcome to my collection of bnha/mha kink ficlets. Please for the love of god send me requests, and don't hold back now I guarantee you I can handle your kinks.

Just to establish some trust here, im gonna list out some of my kinks aight?
- bondage
- praise
- d/s
- omorashi
- sensitive appendages (tail, ears, etc.)
- orgasm delay/denial / overstimulation

So there we go, I challenge you to do worse than a piss kink lmao.

Things I 100% won't write tho:
- teacher/student
- ddlg
- underage (I can age up characters tho, dont u worry)
- f/f or m/f pairings (I'm a gay trans man, I aint go no experience w - and more importantly, don't feel comfortable with - writing female/female smut)


again, pls drop a comment letting me know what you wanna see! no guarantees i'll write it, but there's a good chance i will bc im kink starved lmao