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you pick me (and i'll pick you)

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Catra wiggled her toes in her combat boots, scribbling faint lines on her desk with the blunt, worn end of her No. 2 pencil. Her mind wasn’t really on artwork, defacing school property, or the mostly-blank test in front of her. Just one more month of school. Four weeks. Twenty days. Then, summer. College. Freedom.

She took stock of what she’d drawn: a childish-looking stick figure of the person seated next to her. Adora. Her best friend. An adorably and obnoxiously noble alpha.

They’d shared the same foster placement up until a few months ago, when Adora had turned eighteen and left to crash on her annoying friend Glimmer’s couch. Getting over the sting of Adora’s departure hadn’t been easy, but lately, things had been better between them. Not the same as before, but… good enough.

From the next desk over, Adora caught Catra’s eye—then noticed the stick figure. The alpha snorted, hiding a grin, then pulled an unconvincing expression of disapproval. Giving a small shake of her head, she glanced meaningfully back down at the test they were supposed to be taking.

Catra rolled her eyes while their teacher’s back was turned. Although she wasn’t a poor student by any means—she’d narrowly lost out on valedictorian, which had gone (predictably) to Adora—her heart wasn’t in it. She’d been accepted to Brightmoon University, she and Adora were no longer competing, and she simply didn’t care about schoolwork anymore.

Adora stuck out her lower lip in a pout, and Catra heaved a sigh, reluctantly returning to her work. Math. Ugh. She tried to concentrate on the problem in front of her, but all the formulas floated away. Her mouth opened in a wide yawn, and her eyes wandered to the window.

It was a beautiful spring day, with clear blue skies and fluffy white clouds that looked comfortable enough to fall asleep on. Other students, the lucky ones who had gym in the afternoon instead of early morning, were playing kickball. 

Catra groaned under her breath. She really would’ve preferred to be outside, playing with Lonnie and Scorpia and the rest, especially on a day like this. The classroom was stuffy and sweltering, like the AC hadn’t kicked on.

Is it just me, or is it stupidly hot in here? She shook her mane, returning to her test, but her pencil slipped in her sweaty hand. She couldn’t seem to get comfortable in her seat, either. She squirmed, rubbing her thighs together, and her tail lashed in irritation.

After the next problem, Catra turned her attention to other calculations. How long since my last heat? She’d always been lazy about tracking them, probably because she resented her status as an omega to begin with. Maybe ‘resent’ isn’t the right word. Being an omega is okay. I just hate how some idiots treat us.

Then there was the mating bite. Although it could fade when mates drifted apart, they were more or less a permanent symbol. Deep down, in a part of herself she rarely visited, Catra longed for the safety and security the bite offered. It meant belonging to someone else, someone who likely wouldn’t leave like pretty much everyone else on the planet.

But her pride and common sense balked at the thought. Pick the wrong alpha, and she’d be little more than their property. She could always bite back, of course—make her own mark—but not all alphas allowed it. The nice, respectful ones, rare as they were…   

Her gaze wandered back, as always, to Adora. The alpha was focused on her test, the tip of her tongue sticking out from the corner of her mouth. Her skin glowed a healthy golden shade, even in the unflattering fluorescent light, and when she took a brief stretch break, lacing her fingers behind her head, Catra couldn’t help but admire her broad shoulders.

Knock it off, perv. Adora’s your best friend. It’s too weird. But despite her best efforts, Catra’s mind drifted. It wandered back in time, to their early teen years, when she and Adora had been especially close. It had been the two of them against the world. Shit, I miss those days.

Not that it had been easy. Shadow Weaver had been as manipulative as always, and there’d been puberty to deal with, too. Awkward, uncomfortable puberty in all its horror, complete with the anguish of heats that Catra was nowhere near old enough to satisfy in the natural way. She’d made do with off-brand medication, a miniature fan, and the detachable showerhead. She twitched noticeably at the thought.

That showerhead might be the one fucking thing I miss when I go to college…

Although that brought to mind a different problem. She wasn’t a horny thirteen-year-old anymore. Now that she was college-bound, legally an adult, maybe she’d outgrown the showerhead. Most omegas her age had moved on to flesh and blood alphas to satisfy their heats. There were exceptions, of course—the types who weren’t much interested in sex or dating to begin with—but with growing horror, Catra realized she was one of a dwindling number.

It’s fine for the ones who don’t want sex in the first place—but I do. I’ve always been horny as shit. What if I go to college and make a total idiot of myself because I haven’t done it before?

No. Unacceptable. She’d never been bad at anything in her life, and she refused to start with this. Practice was in order. Practice with someone safe. Someone reliable. Someone who wouldn’t be an asshole about the whole thing—and that was a tall order, considering how most alphas behaved. 

Her eyes wandered back to Adora. Still seated beside her, still working diligently on her test. Focused and more than a little adorable.

A plan formed in Catra’s mind, and she smirked before remembering her discomfort. She shifted, causing her chair to creak. Adora’s head snapped up, and she gave Catra a shushing motion, which Catra returned with a wink.

Screw the test. I need to brainstorm my pitch.


“So, you screwing anyone?”

Adora stopped short, standing in the middle of the sidewalk and staring open-mouthed at her companion. She was walking Catra home from school, as she did every day, although she always stopped at the end of the block before they reached Shadow Weaver’s house. But this topic of conversation was most definitely not part of their normal routine.

“What?” she sputtered, watching Catra continue strolling along the sidewalk in utter disbelief. “What the—why would you even…”

Catra paused, sighed, and backtracked to where Adora had halted. “Fine. Rephrase. Have you mated with anyone yet?”

Adora fumbled for an answer. No, she hadn’t mated with anyone. She definitely would have told Catra if she had. But the question was so completely out of the blue that she found herself at a loss for words. Catra kept staring, her mismatched eyes growing more and more intense, until Adora summoned a response: “No?”

Catra blew the edges of her mane away from her face with an upward puff of air. “That an answer or a question, genius?”

Adora frowned. She wasn’t always the quickest on the uptake in social situations, but she knew Catra. The more her friend blustered, the more nervous she actually was, deep down. It had probably taken Catra a lot of courage to ask in the first place, despite her blunt method of delivery.

“No, I’m not seeing anyone. I would’ve told you.”

‘Seeing someone’ was a much politer euphemism, but Catra didn’t seem thrilled with it. “I didn’t ask if you were seeing anyone. I asked if you were fucking anyone.”

Adora flinched at the harsh language. “Answer’s still no—and I would’ve told you if I was. Why are you asking? This is really weird, Catra.”

“Was just thinking,” Catra said, adjusting her backpack far too casually. “Maybe we should try it.”

Adora blinked. Swallowed. Blinked again. She couldn’t believe what she’d heard. The words had come straight from Catra’s mouth, clear as day, but they’d thrown a wrench in her brain. The gears weren’t turning anymore.

“It’s not a big deal,” Catra insisted, while Adora continued her silent, dumbfounded stare. “Just a thought I had today. Might be nice to get it out of the way so we don’t make idiots of ourselves on the college scene, right?”

Adora’s face burned hotter than the springtime sun overhead. If she were being honest with herself, the idea had crossed her mind. On a regular basis, even. (Usually during extra long showers, when it wouldn’t cause noticeable problems.) She’d been attracted to Catra since she’d been old enough to understand what attraction was, but she’d ignored her childish crush for the sake of their friendship. She’d never imagined Catra might feel the same way, let alone act on it.

She had to clear her throat several times before answering, and when she did, she had no idea what she was saying. “So, you want to…” She made vague hand gestures. “With me? But…”

“But what?” Catra interrupted. “We’re best friends, right? Unless Sparkles and Crop Top have taken that title from me.”

“You’re my best friend,” Adora declared. All three of them were her best friends, but she knew Catra wouldn’t understand the distinction, so she’d grown used to tip-toeing around the issue.

“It’s a good idea though, right?” Catra stepped closer, tail standing tall in a position Adora had learned to interpret as excitement. “We’re best friends, we trust each other—it’s probably safer than doing it with some random college alpha. And when some omega asks you to help them out, you won’t be a clueless idiot. About sex, anyway.”

Safer. And that was the crux of it. Adora understood Catra’s position with sudden clarity. As an omega, being sexual with anyone meant some degree of physical and emotional risk. Catra was usually all about risk-taking (as her cutthroat Monopoly strategies attested), but she also hated feeling vulnerable. And no one could mate for the first time without making themselves at least a little vulnerable.

That’s why she’s asking me. I make her feel safe, even after all the drama with me leaving home. The thought filled Adora’s chest with a warm glow. A dopey grin spread across her face, and she didn’t try to hide it, not even when Catra cast her a scornful look.

“Why’re you staring at me like that?” Catra grumbled, shifting awkwardly from one foot to the other.

Adora kept grinning. “I just think it’s sweet.”

“Ew.” Catra recoiled, pulling a face. “It’s just mating, weirdo. Figure we should both do it sometime this century, and you suck less than most alphas.”

“Yeah, but you picked me,” Adora insisted. Her grin showed no signs of fading.

“Don’t read into it.”

But Adora’s joy couldn’t be dampened. “Admit it. You like me.”

“It’s not because I like you!” Catra tilted her chin, staring up at the sky with obvious exasperation. Her tail lashed in agitation. “You’re just safe. Like I said.”

“I’ll take safe,” Adora said, still beaming. Even if Catra doesn’t have the same feelings I do, I can make sure she has a fun, safe first time. A win for both of us, right? She felt a small twinge somewhere deep in her stomach, but decided to ignore it in favor of the butterflies erupting there. “I’m in. Let’s do it.” 

Catra snorted. “That’s what she said.”

“Is that a yes?”

“Duh. I asked you first.”

They both laughed, and it felt just like old times. The golden feeling didn’t fade away completely as they continued their walk home, and Adora didn’t risk saying anything when Catra reached out and held her hand for the last two blocks. She was perfectly content to stay silent and enjoy it.


Catra hovered outside the revolving doors that led into the lobby of the Whispering Woods Inn. She’d never been inside, but she’d passed the small motel plenty of times on the way to and from the gas station. Even though the motel was within her usual stomping grounds, she felt out of place. Like she didn’t belong. She clutched the small paper bag she’d brought along tightly in her hand, ignoring the way it crinkled.

A few tired-looking betas in suits stepped around her, walking through the revolving doors with luggage in tow. None paid her the least bit of attention as they passed, and that buoyed her confidence. Come on, Catra. Don’t be a fraidy cat. They don’t know what you’re here for. They don’t care that you’re in heat… or can they tell, and they’re deliberately trying to ignore me?

As if her internal pep talk had summoned them, two alphas rounded the nearest corner—a young female with goat horns and light pink skin, accompanied by a short, broad-shouldered female lizard with dark diamond patterns on her bare arms. They stopped, sniffed, and eyed her up and down, whispering to each other.

Catra snarled in their direction before hurrying inside. She burst through the revolving doors and strode straight past the welcome desk, heading in a random direction in hopes of finding an elevator. Luckily, she arrived at one in short order. She pressed the call button, suppressing a shudder.

Alphas don’t scare me, she told herself as she waited. I could kick their asses any day. But that wasn’t really the problem.

She’d always been tough. A scrapper. Ready and able to defend herself. Without parents, thrown in and out of the system, she’d had no choice but to learn fast. But she was an omega, and sometimes that felt like wearing a target on her back. If an alpha caught her at the wrong moment, she feared she wouldn’t remember how to fight. Nor would she want to. Instinct would take over, and then…

The elevator arrived. Catra hurried in, relieved to have the small space to herself. At least she wouldn’t have to share the ride with anyone. She pressed the button for the fifth floor, shifting impatiently from footpaw to footpaw as the elevator began its slow ascent. Ding. The doors opened, and Catra shifted the white bag to her left hand, pulling her phone out of her jacket. She checked her last text message from Adora to make sure of the room:

‘Room 506. See you there.’ It was followed by a blushing smiley face and a glittery rainbow heart, which had made Catra’s stomach lurch when she’d first seen it. In an attempt to save face, she’d responded with an eggplant and a peach.

Soon, she arrived at room 506. Taking a deep breath, she stuffed her phone in her pocket and knocked.

The door opened immediately. Adora’s golden, beaming face burst into view, and Catra nearly took a step back. Innocent enthusiasm practically vibrated off the alpha, and it had a curious effect on Catra, too. Her legs wobbled, and a rush of heat shot straight between her legs, making short work of her bikini briefs.

What the fuck?

This had never happened before. She’d been around Adora on the cusp of her heat in the past. And yeah, if she was honest with herself, the bulk of her heat-fantasies were about the strong, gentle alpha—but she’d always assumed that was just proximity. Hints of Adora’s scent, since they lived in the same house. Someone easy for her mind to latch onto. But a wall of alpha pheromones had hit her as soon as Adora opened the door, leaving her utterly helpless. She whimpered, almost dropping to her knees.

Adora’s eyes widened in alarm. “Catra? Are you okay?”

Catra barely heard the words. Moisture flooded her mouth, and much lower down, as her eyes flicked to the crotch of Adora’s pants. Yep. Right there, clear as day, was a considerable bulge. She’d glimpsed it a few times before, usually when Adora snuck into her room at night for cuddles. They’d been a lot younger then.

When the young alpha’s cock had made an appearance, tenting her underwear, Catra had just snickered and said: “Heh. How embarrassing for you.” And Adora had hit her square in the face with a pillow. It hadn’t been a big deal. (At least, that was what Catra had told herself while masturbating furiously to the mental image in the shower.)

Now, things were different. They weren’t kids anymore. And in a few minutes, Adora’s cock would be going inside her. Definitely not something to laugh at.

Adora noticed the stare. Her blue eyes widened, turning a shade darker. “Catra?” The bulge in her pants gave a visible twitch.

Catra shook herself back to reality. She put a hand on Adora’s shoulder—partially to catch herself if her shaking legs gave out—and stepped past her into the hotel room. “Let’s not stand in the hall like idiots,” she mumbled by way of explanation.

“Wait.” Adora moved away, and a disappointed pang hit Catra’s lower belly as the alpha stepped out of reach. She managed to restrain herself from reaching out, though, as Adora bent to pick up the small white bag from the floor. “You dropped this.”

She held it out, and Catra licked her lips. When she took it from Adora’s hand, their fingers brushed, and the same pang returned, sharper than before. Catra was beginning to recognize the stabbing sensation as desire, and she shuddered as it coursed through her.

“Condoms,” she said by way of explanation. “And pills for me. Took my first one yesterday.”

Adora smiled—a smile that made Catra’s fur stand on end in the most delightful way. “I brought condoms too. Great minds think alike?”

“Yeah.” Catra stepped back so Adora could enter the hotel room as well. Only then did she notice her surroundings.

The hotel room wasn’t merely clean, but decorated for romance. Adora had brought several lavender-scented candles along, and they burned on the nightstands and desk. A comfortable-looking black blanket had been draped over the bed. She’d even plugged her phone into the hotel’s alarm clock charger, and soft music played from its speakers.

“Shit,” Catra said, ignoring the sting in her eyes. I’m not crying. Has to be the candles. “You didn’t have to do all this for me.”

“I wanted to,” Adora said. “I know we’re not, um. Going out, exactly. But I thought it’d make things nice? For you.”

She sounded so sweet, so hopeful, that Catra couldn’t find the will to crack a sarcastic joke. Instead, she gave Adora a hesitant smile. “S’nice.”

“Really?” If Adora’d had a tail, she would’ve been wagging it.



Adora’s chest puffed out with pride. She’d felt the churnings of doubt in her stomach at the mall when she’d picked up the candles, while making the playlist, and on the way to the motel itself, but it was all worth it to see the smile on Catra’s face.

She doesn’t think it’s weird or too much. She likes it!

Thoughts of other things Catra might like sent another eager twinge along Adora’s length. It was a little embarrassing that something as simple as a smile—and Catra’s delicious, mouth-watering scent—could stir such a strong reaction, but she wasn’t surprised, either. It wasn’t the first time Catra had caused this particular problem in her pants. But this time, I don’t have to hide it. She tried to assume a confident pose, placing her hands on her hips. “So, uh, do you wanna watch some TV and see what happens? Or—”

Catra made the decision by grabbing the front of Adora’s dark crimson jacket and pulling her close. Adora’s eyes widened. Catra’s face was suddenly inches away from hers, and all her powers of speech vanished. She could only stare, breathing loud and heavy, cock straining against her underwear. 

The smell of an omega in heat—Catra’s familiar scent, sweet like cut grass and much stronger than usual—had ensnared her. She’d smelled it before, of course. Sharing a house, traces of it had lingered everywhere, especially on Catra’s clothes and sheets. Adora was struck by the thought that she wanted the omega’s scent on her instead.

“Well?” Catra stared at her, mismatched eyes narrowed in playful challenge. “Show me what you got. Or are you too chicken to kiss me?”

Adora had never backed down from Catra’s dares, and she wasn’t about to start now. She wrapped an arm around Catra’s waist and closed the last bit of distance between their bodies. Catra gasped, arching as Adora’s cock pressed into her lower belly, and her mouth opened the slightest bit.

It was the opening Adora had hoped for. She tilted her head, catching Catra’s lips with her own. A spark zipped down her spine. She was kissing Catra— finally —and her fantasies didn’t hold a candle to the reality.

Catra’s mouth was hungry. Forceful. Her tongue and teeth made their presence known until she seemed to realize Adora wasn’t kissing back. She stopped, whimpering, obviously confused. Only then did Adora move her own lips, at a much slower pace.

It went on like that for a full minute. Adora kept things gentle, and whenever Catra got too enthusiastic, she stopped kissing, simply letting their mouths rest together until Catra got hold of herself again.

“What the fuck ?” Catra growled after the third round of teasing, pulling their mouths apart with a soft click.

Adora ran her tongue over her lower lip. Catra’s fangs had definitely nicked it, because she tasted a hint of copper. But she didn’t mind. Quite the opposite. It made her think of other, forbidden fantasies she’d had… fantasies of biting. Claiming. Something Catra would definitely never agree to.

“I’ve, um. Thought about doing this. Before, you know? I don’t want to rush it. That’s all.”

Catra looked taken aback. She blinked rapidly, ears flattening with something Adora could only interpret as sheepishness. But when she leaned in to kiss Adora again, their mouths met softer than before. Tingling warmth spread through Adora’s limbs, gathering low in her belly. She decided she liked slow—but hopefully not too slow.

They kissed for a long time, until they both wordlessly decided to move to the bed. The backs of Adora’s knees hit the mattress, but she couldn’t sit, because Catra had started removing her jacket. She lifted her arms to help, and Catra took the opportunity to strip off her shirt as well.

“You too?” Adora asked. Part of her burned to be naked in front of Catra, but an even stronger part needed Catra bare as well. She wanted to see. To know. To learn every facet of the omega’s body. Her hands, which had settled on Catra’s hips, ached with longing.

Catra chuckled. “Now who’s impatient?” But she stripped her own skin-tight red tank top up and off without complaint before moving on to her leggings.

Adora’s eyes widened with admiration. She’d seen Catra in nothing but underwear before. Had seen her bare back while she turned away to change. Had even caught a glimpse of her entirely naked once or twice after forgetting to knock on the bedroom door. (She’d never, ever snuck peeks on purpose, but the ones she’d gotten by accident were burned into her brain.)

And yet, this time, it was different.

Her heart pounded. She forgot how to breathe. The ache between her legs became absolutely unbearable, and she thought she might burst through her boxers. “Wow,” she sighed—the only word she could summon. And Catra hadn’t even taken off her bikini briefs or her undershirt yet.

Catra hesitated. Her hands remained on the hem of her undershirt, and Adora saw her flash a rare, hopeful smile—far sweeter than her usual goading smirk. Then she seemed to recover, and she stripped the undershirt over her head and shucked her panties.

“You too. Fair’s fair.”

Adora swallowed. She knew she should take off her underwear—her strained cock practically demanded it—but she couldn’t remember how to move her fingers. It took some awkward squirming and fumbling to get started, and when one of her knees refused to cooperate, Catra stepped in.

“Stop before you hurt yourself, dummy. Here.”

She dropped to her knees, bringing Adora’s boxers down with a quick tug.

Adora flinched as her cock hit the cool air. Wetness pearled at the tip, threatening to slide down along the shaft, and just looking at Catra, who was positively staring at her, made her twitch. She took a nervous, shaky breath and tried to force a smile. “So?”

Catra didn’t respond with words. She wrapped her hand around the base of Adora’s shaft, squeezing as if to test its firmness. 

Adora’s eyes rolled back in her head. She sat abruptly, catching herself on her hands. “Fuck,” she blurted out, tensing her stomach in a pathetic attempt to restrain herself. Just the thought that it was Catra’s hand on her cock and not her own threatened to make her spill far too soon.


Adora’s cock was magnificent. 

Catra hadn’t seen many others—mostly in porn—but it didn’t matter. She already knew Adora was the most beautiful alpha she’d ever seen, or would ever see, and had the equipment to match.

From the blunt head, down the long, smooth shaft, to the place where Adora’s outer lips flared wide around the base, it was absolutely breathtaking. The tip was tinged a light shade of pink, and wetness glinted in the slit at its center.

Catra didn’t even remember dipping down to take it in her mouth. She just did. She pulled the soft-looking tip between her lips, rolling her tongue over the gleaming furrow. Adora’s taste spread through her mouth, and she groaned her approval. The wetness tasted like Adora smelled: sharp, salty, with a tinge of sweetness to counteract the pleasant bitterness.

It was everything she’d never known she needed. She forgot that this was supposed to be practice. She forgot her desire to frame this as a game, or a competition. Her omega instincts demanded she serve, and serve she did, taking Adora deeper despite her inexperience.

That proved to be a mistake. She choked as the head hit the back of her throat, and had to retreat a few inches. Luckily, Adora didn’t seem to mind, or even notice. Her eyes were half-lidded, and she’d clutched the sheets in tight fists. The muscles of her abdomen clenched, becoming even more defined. Her breasts rose and fell with her quick, shallow breaths.

“Catra…” One of Adora’s hands came to rest between Catra’s ears, pressing gently down. “You don’t have to… this is supposed to be for you…” But the alpha’s body belied that statement, because she kept pushing—although never forcefully—and her length twitched against Catra’s tongue.

Catra could have argued the point, but she decided Adora was in no fit state for a debate. Neither was she. For some reason, sucking Adora’s cock made the ache between her own legs flare to life, and she knew she needed to keep doing it.

It wasn’t too difficult to figure out. Adora gave the strongest reactions when Catra sucked the head, so she focused there. She wrapped her fist around the shaft, giving it a few squeezes and shallow pumps as she lavished attention on the tip. Whenever Adora moaned or tugged her mane, lightning zipped down Catra’s spine.

Wait… is this what they mean by omegas loving to serve? It’s just… making someone you like feel good? And enjoying their pleasure? That’s not so terrible. A sense of relief washed over her at the realization. I like doing this. I like how Adora tastes and smells, and it doesn’t make me feel weak. If her mouth hadn’t been stuffed full, she would’ve smiled. There was power in this act as well as submission.

After that, her confidence grew. She put her all into the task, delighting in every hoarse cry Adora gave. Soon, Adora started throbbing. The base of her shaft swelled, becoming bulkier and firmer, and Catra cupped her hands around it. Even though she hadn’t taken Adora all the way down her throat, the alpha had started to knot. She withdrew to the tip of Adora’s cock, massaging the pounding base while flicking her tongue over the head.

“Catra, oh shit Catra, I—I’m gonna…”

But Catra didn’t heed the alpha’s warning. She sped up, dragging the flat of her tongue in a slow, wet circle. Adora went rigid, throwing her head back and shouting Catra’s name. Her cock gave a curious ripple, then spilled, pumping a rush of come into Catra’s mouth.

Although Catra had tried to prepare herself, the gush of heat took her by surprise. She swallowed reflexively, enjoying how warm Adora’s come felt sliding down her throat, but there was more than she’d expected. She couldn’t keep up, and some slid from the corners of her mouth, dripping back down onto Adora’s knot.

That didn’t discourage Catra in the least. Ignoring the mess, she sucked and swallowed for all she was worth. She still didn’t know exactly what she was doing, but Adora was in heaven, judging from the trembling tension in her limbs and the deliriously happy look on her face. Her open mouth had taken on a smile, and it tugged at Catra’s heart.

Gradually, the flood waned. Adora whimpered and flopped back onto the mattress, still twitching a little. Her knot remained, but the shaft above softened, drooping to half-mast as Catra let it slide from her mouth.

“Wow,” Adora murmured. Her eyes had closed, but she was still grinning. “That was… wow.”

Catra laughed. A happy, genuine laugh—the kind she didn’t often share with anyone except Adora. “Guess so. You look wiped out.”

“Am not.” Adora’s lower lip stuck out in a pout. She found the strength to prop herself up on her elbows and look down at Catra. “Just gimme a minute. I’ll be good to go again.”

Catra’s inner walls clenched at the promise. “Yeah?”

Adora patted the mattress. “C’mon up here. What’re you still doing on the floor?”

The thought of having her warm, naked body pressed against Adora’s warm, naked body was too tempting to resist. Catra bounded onto the bed, but instead of lying down for cuddles, she prowled over Adora’s prone form. Adora surprised her in turn by sitting up and wrapping an arm around her waist, drawing her closer.

Their new position put Catra’s breasts directly in front of Adora’s mouth. She tried to say something—crack a joke, maybe—but the sound became a delighted whine as Adora’s lips wrapped around her nipple.

The soft swipe of Adora’s tongue sent another surge of heat between her legs. Her outer lips, already puffy and slick, started dripping and smearing all over her thighs. She shoved her claws through Adora’s hair, careful not to rake the alpha’s scalp, and held her there. “Fuck! Guhh, that’s… it feels… your tongue is so soft…”

Adora chuckled around her prize. She let go with a soft pop, much to Catra’s distress, and said, “Oh? Well, your tongue was pretty soft too, but it had a light rasp on it.” She paused, blowing a cool stream of air directly over Catra’s wet nipple. “I loved it.”

“Mean,” Catra growled, attempting to pull Adora back to her breast. But Adora had other plans. She kissed across to the opposite breast, suckling that nipple instead, and Catra gasped. She bit her lip to stifle any more embarrassing sounds, but they came out anyway, loud and more than a little desperate.

Adora spent a good while there, kissing back and forth between Catra’s breasts and driving her absolutely insane. Catra’s mind descended into a lustful haze, a place of pure, aching want. She recognized the greedy, hyper-sensitive state, the longing for an alpha’s—no, for Adora’s touch anywhere and everywhere, but she’d never felt it so keenly. It was beyond the heatsick moments she’d spent shivering in the shower, shoving her own fingers as deep as they would go. Her body seemed to know true satisfaction was finally within reach, and she trembled and whined for the want of it.

Adora pulled back, staring up at Catra with cloudy blue eyes, and wrapped both hands around her hips. An insistent tug guided Catra forward, and she followed, though her next whimper held a note of confusion.

“Catra?” Adora lay back, moving her hands to Catra’s rear, and continued pulling until Catra found herself kneeling on either side of Adora’s head.


“Your mouth was amazing. But unless you aren’t in the mood, you come first from now on. Always.”

Then Adora pulled down, and Catra cried out as the alpha’s mouth wrapped around her clit.


Adora ran her hands along the soft, short-clipped fur of Catra’s thighs, enjoying the heat radiating from the omega’s skin. Everything about Catra was soft and warm, even the way she smelled and tasted. The flavor was stronger than Adora had expected, but it only took her a few tentative licks to decide she liked it. After that, she dove in, searching out the spots that made Catra mewl.

It wasn’t hard to find them. Sucking Catra’s clit earned high-pitched gasps, and made her thighs and rear tense. Slipping down to her entrance earned lower noises, and nearly made Catra melt on top of her. Or maybe she was melting. Within a matter of moments, the lower half of Adora’s face was drenched.

Gradually, Catra’s moans became louder, pleading, insistent. “Inside,” she growled, tugging Adora’s hair. Then, softer, she added: “Please?”

Adora couldn’t deny her. In that moment, she doubted she could’ve denied Catra anything in the world. She cupped one of her hands between Catra’s legs and slid in with one finger, grinning as the omega’s muscles clenched around it, trying to pull it deeper.

Catra started rocking on her hand immediately. “Fuck,” she grunted, taking the finger as far as possible. “More, please, please fuck more.”

Adora laughed as she added a second finger, but the sound became a soft gasp of wonder as she watched what she was doing. Catra’s pussy really was the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen. The outer lips were covered in damp, dark brown fur, incredibly soft and fluffy to the touch, while her inner lips were pink and bare. Her clit stood out, a perfect pink pearl protruding from beneath a delicate hood. It was larger than Adora had expected, with a few smooth bumps at regular intervals around the shaft, but it fit perfectly in her mouth. Probably a Magikat thing.

She leaned forward at the same time Catra pulled her back in. With a groan, she resumed sucking, inhaling deep draughts of Catra’s heat-scent as she explored with her fingers. This was the source, and she would’ve happily drowned in it.

Before long, Adora discovered another delightful secret about Catra’s body. The omega’s front wall had a series of swollen ridges, which protruded when she pressed into them. Catra made a noise that could only be described as a squeal, and a swift jet of wetness hit the heel of Adora’s hand. Adora didn’t let surprise stop her. She resumed sucking, applying as much pressure to the spot as she could.


Catra’s hips gave several unsteady jerks. Then, she froze. Her tail fluffed, sticking straight out, and her limbs tightened, quivering with unreleased tension. Her inner walls tightened as well, and Adora was surprised at how strong they were. She found she could barely move her fingers.

Luckily, Catra had already hit her peak. She came with a gush of clear fluid, soaking Adora’s face and running down her wrist.

Adora kept going for as long as possible. Her lungs burned with the need for air, but she didn’t let go of Catra’s clit, and she didn’t stop hooking her fingers into the spot she’d discovered. Each movement coaxed out more wetness, and soon, there was a sizeable puddle on the sheets as well.

Only when Catra went limp and started tugging her hair did Adora stop. She did so reluctantly, placing one last kiss on the tip of Catra’s clit, then dropping another kiss on her thigh. “Any good?” she asked, unable to hide her smirk. She already knew the answer.

Catra started down at her in disbelief, apparently lost for words. She blinked several times before she finally managed to reply. “Sure you haven’t done this before? You didn’t squeeze in some secret practice with Crop Top or some other omega, right?”

Adora wrinkled her nose. “Ew. No. Bow’s just my friend. Besides, his set-up’s a bit different, I assume.”

“Well, we’re friends, so that excuse doesn’t hold water,” Catra pointed out. “But fine, I believe you. Guess you’re naturally gifted.”

Adora couldn’t resist one more smart remark, now that the heat-haze had cleared a bit. Apparently, making Catra come had done the trick. “Lucky you.”

Catra tousled her hair, and for some reason, the playful gesture turned electrifying. They both gasped, smiles vanishing from their faces, and stared at each other, locking eyes.

Adora’s cock shot straight up toward the ceiling. It had hardened again while she’d been pleasuring Catra, but it seemed to sense it was needed, because suddenly, the ache was back, fullness that almost took her breath away.

Catra broke their stare, glancing over her shoulder. “Looks like Adora Junior is ready for action again.”

Adora tried not to blush. “Can we not name my dick, please?”

“Fine. But its services are needed.” Catra scooted back, kneeling over Adora’s lap instead of her head. She reached between her legs, spreading her outer lips apart with her fingers, and Adora bit her lip to stifle a groan. Fuck. She’s beautiful. What’ve I gotten myself into? The ache in her cock was nothing compared to the sudden pang in her chest.

“You okay with this?” Catra asked, her voice almost a purr. Her fingers played over her clit, and Adora felt the tip of her cock start to leak at the sight. “I’ve had the injection, so no pups, but I can grab a condom for—”


Adora was surprised how fast the word came out. Catra stared at her with mild alarm, so Adora tried again, more calmly this time. “It’s okay. I, uh—I got the condoms for you. Because I know you hate being… you know. Vulnerable.”

A slow blush spread across Catra’s freckled cheeks. “Really? That’s why you got ‘em?”

Adora nodded. “Yeah.”

Catra didn’t say anything else. She positioned herself over the slick tip of Adora’s cock and started sinking down.

The heat only touched Adora’s tip at first, the loveliest liquid warmth she’d ever felt. She throbbed, leaking faster, staring in awe. Her eyes jumped from the sight of her cockhead touching Catra’s pussy, to the look of adorable frustration on her face. She didn’t seem to be in pain—more like impatient as she tried to find the right angle. She brought her free hand to Adora’s shaft to help line things up, and Adora pulsed in the soft grip.

“Go slow,” she rasped, before she forgot how to speak altogether. “It’s okay.” If you go any faster, I might come as soon as I’m inside you.

But Catra was determined. She adjusted her hips, and Adora made a very loud, embarrassing noise as the tip of her cock sank forward into paradise. There was tightness, resistance, but Catra was also soaked with wetness. Somehow, Adora managed to fit the first inch inside. Barely. Her hands shot out, seizing Catra’s hips, but not to pull her down. Just for something to hold onto as she hovered on the brink.

Then Catra took the widest part of her head, sliding all the way to the top of her knot in one fluid stroke. Adora came, her entire body pounding like one big, fluttering heartbeat.


At first, Catra was confused. She didn’t realize why Adora’s fingers suddenly dug into her hips, or why the alpha threw her head back and arched. Then the rhythmic streams of wetness hit her inner walls, and Catra knew. Adora was coming. Sweet idiot. You didn’t even manage to get your knot in.

But as Adora spilled inside her, Catra’s amusement vanished. She put her hands over Adora’s, lacing their fingers together and squeezing hard. Her own need spiked with each pulse of Adora’s cock, and she stiffened, hurtling toward her own orgasm at a truly alarming rate.

Oh fuck, what’s happening? For a brief moment, she was afraid, but then she took a deep breath, and Adora’s familiar smell filled her nose. She sighed with relief, and her body relaxed. The fullness was incredible. The stretch. The connection. It didn’t hurt nearly as much as she’d feared. In fact, it felt like her body had been built for this. For Adora. Or like Adora had been built for her.

Catra wasn’t surprised when Adora sat up, nor when the alpha reversed their positions, pulling out just enough to tip Catra on her back. Before she could even whimper at the loss, the alpha slid back in. Her come made entry even easier. Catra threw her arms around Adora’s waist, digging her claws into the alpha’s broad back as the knot bumped her clit. 

Adora’s hips started churning—hurried, selfish strokes. She’d forgotten all about her desire for slowness and care. In, her alpha-scent demanded. Catra wrapped her legs around Adora’s waist, urging her to rut as hard and deep as possible. Somehow, she knew it was the only thing that could possibly satisfy her.

And it did satisfy her, only to bring her need roaring back even stronger. Each thrust was relief, each withdrawal agony. Catra clung to Adora as tightly as she could. Remaining still was impossible, so she bucked off the mattress, dragging the flat of her tongue along Adora’s sweat-dampened throat. It tasted good, and her scent lived there, and Catra nearly shuddered to pieces.

Adora shook, too. “Can I?” she pleaded, her breath hitting Catra’s neck fast and hot.

Catra wasn’t sure what Adora was asking, but the answer was yes either way. Yes to anything. She couldn’t remember why she’d been so afraid of this. It was Adora on top of her, inside her, with her every step of the way. Adora. The one person she could always trust. She moaned Adora’s name, offering herself up for anything her alpha desired.

Adora grunted, forcing her hips into a steady rhythm. Each stroke went deep, deep enough to make Catra’s inner walls clench. She knew she was probably yowling up a storm, but she couldn’t stop—and wasn’t sure she wanted to. Why shouldn’t the world know she was Adora’s, and Adora was hers?

She could mark me. Leave proof.

The thought was electric. Catra stiffened, squeezing around Adora for all she was worth—but something inside her must have loosened, too, because Adora’s knot, which had been nudging against her entrance the entire time, suddenly slid into place with a loud, slick pop.

The moment it went in, Catra came. She dug her claws into Adora’s back and her teeth into Adora’s shoulder, muffling her screams in the taut flesh she’d seized. Her inner walls rippled wildly around Adora’s knot. It was thicker than anything she’d ever felt, or even imagined, and she was amazed it had fit inside her at all. Adora had filled her up completely. There wasn’t even a centimeter of room left.

But then another jet of come spilled inside her, and Catra found that she had more room after all. Adora’s hips snapped against hers, but the thrusts were shallow. With her knot lodged in place, she couldn’t manage long strokes.

Catra didn’t care. Adora’s cock hit deep, and the knot kept every drop of the alpha’s come safely inside. Without letting go of her hold on Adora’s shoulder, she tilted her head, offering her throat. There was no fear. No doubt. Only trust, and wave upon wave of pleasure.

When Adora bit down, blunt teeth breaking the skin of her throat, Catra felt an overwhelming sense of peace. The pleasure-pain that had been tormenting her, the fever of lust, finally broke, like a cooling rain on scorched earth. She smiled into her own bite, letting the rest of their shared release carry her instead of devouring her. It lifted her to the highest peak she’d ever climbed, but instead of falling, she floated. She floated weightlessly back into herself, and into Adora’s arms.

Finally, her orgasm faded to aftershocks. Adora shifted on top of her, emptying a few final, weak spurts before collapsing in exhaustion. She glowed with sweat, every inch the proud, noble alpha, and Catra had never loved all the things about Adora that annoyed and infuriated her more in her life.

Maybe that’s why they annoyed me. Because they make her a good mate—not just a good fuck—and I was scared. 


Catra suddenly realized that while Adora had released the mating hold, her teeth were still buried in the alpha’s shoulder. She withdrew her fangs, wincing when she saw the deep purple mark she’d left. Her teeth had broken skin, and their imprint was clear on top of the bruise. “Uh…”

A slightly worried look crossed Adora’s face. “Did you… not mean to do that?”

The heartbroken note in the question snapped Catra out of her stupor. “No! I mean—yes. Okay, I didn’t mean to do that, but I’m glad I did. I don’t regret it, and I’d do it again. Am I—does that make sense? Please tell me it makes sense…”

Adora’s face softened. “Yeah,” she laughed. “It makes sense. I wasn’t expecting it either… but I secretly hoped.”

Something about the way Adora was looking at her roused Catra’s suspicions. “How long’ve you been in love with me?” she asked, giving Adora her best don’t-fuck-with-me stare. Asking the question of Adora was far less frightening than confessing her own feelings first.

“Since always,” Adora said, without any hesitation at all. “I thought you knew and just didn’t feel the same.”

Catra was dumbfounded. Truly dumbfounded. The idea that someone could be in love with her had honestly never occurred to her. All her life, she’d been told she was unwanted. Unloved. Unloveable. And yet, here Adora was, claiming she always had been.

“You’re serious?”

Adora nodded. “Yeah. Maybe it was selfish, but when you asked for my help… well, I couldn’t resist, even if you didn’t love me back. I’m sorry.”

Catra burst out laughing. Adora stuck out her lip, looking a bit disappointed, until she clarified: “I’ve been telling myself for years I didn’t love you, because I thought I didn’t deserve to be loved back. I take back all the times I called you an idiot. I’m the idiot.”

Adora’s face split in her biggest grin yet. “Really?”

“Well,” Catra grumbled, flushing with embarrassment, “you don’t have to be all smug about it.” But she herself was smug about it, because someone had finally picked her. She was Adora’s first and only choice. She felt like she’d won something, only a million times better.

“Heck yeah I’m smug about it,” Adora said, bubbling over with enthusiasm. “I’m gonna tell everyone I know about my amazing mate, and how lucky I am. Uh, I’ll leave out the more graphic details…”

“Or don’t. Make Sparkles and Crop Top squirm.” But inside, Catra’s heart was singing. Mates. She called us mates. I have a mate!

Adora nipped the side of Catra’s neck, opposite the first mark she’d left. As rebukes went, it wasn’t very effective—but it did remind Catra how warm and soft Adora’s mouth felt on her skin, and made her very aware of the thick knot still lodged inside her.

“What’s that for?” she asked, already wrapping her legs around Adora’s waist again in preparation.

Adora released her neck. “Other side looked lonely.”

Catra smirked. “Well, we’ve got the room for the weekend. Plenty of time for plenty of marks… and I’m not letting you leave until you have more than me.” Just to prove she meant it, Catra latched onto a sensitive-looking spot under Adora’s jaw.

Adora moaned, giving her hips a light jog. “Uhh… this is one competition I think I’ll be okay with losing.”