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Before Bayville...

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 As of Season 1 of X-Men Evolution


Date when season 1 starts:August 2000

Mutant Name: Aurora

Name: Valéy Mercy Kaehler

DOB:January 7th 1975

Physical Age: 21(she stopped aging when she turned 21)

Mental Age:25


Fluent Languages: English, Italian, French

Current Residence:Bayville ???-25now

Past Residences in order:Sicily, Italy 0-15, New Orleans, Louisiana 15-???



•Mutant-Daughter(alive)<10>-Áriannia Vena Kaehler

•Mutant-HalfSister-Adopted-Daughter(alive)<14>-Karina Jade Kaehler-Twilight



•???-Cousin(???)-you’ll see him later

*A cat who’s name is Dannié and is a boy


Disguised form Aurora





 True Form

Aurora’s true form

 Aurora’s true form

Aurora’s Costume



Her sister is 11 years younger than her and she’s been taking care of her since she was 15 and when she was 18 she adopted her so she considers her her child. Plus she has a 6 year old daughter so yeah that’s fun. You may not think she’s fit to be a mom or is too young, but she is an amazing mom to both of her daughters. And a mysterious cousin who’ll pop up later. He’s not all that important so don’t get your hopes up. And of course there’s her parents but you’ll learn more about them in the actual story…..



Loyalty: The Brotherhood cause they are the best and I love them. And everyone knows at the time Magneto and Mystique are the leaders of the brotherhood but Valéy is too…kinda. She’s seen a LOT for 25. Anyways she’s loyal to the Brotherhood, Magneto, and Mystique but if she had to choose between Erik and Mystique she would choose Magneto she definitely respects him a lot. And unlike the brotherhood members who are in high school she actually believes in the cause.#Xmensuck


Powers and Mutations: Well her powers are Light Manipulation so she has photon blasts can make light solid can make herself invisible plus other things if you want to know the look it up. Her other power is Regeneration so she can heal,but it when it heals it leaves scares like it would if it took the normal time to heel. She also has Defensive Telepathy which is something I made up where basically telepaths powers don’t work on her and she can talk to people through their minds, but she can’t read people’s minds. And last, but it is certainty not least she has another power that I’m not gonna tell you, but it is very useless except for in certain situations(you’ll find out her power soon enough)For Mutations I know in the pictures I see her looking like Madison Beer but that is her human form cause she can change from her human to mutant form WITHOUT a holowatch cause I say so. Anyways her true form is very pale could be considered literally white skin and has grey markings across her entire body(kinda look like tattoos), blue eyes and blue hair.


Tactical Skills: So she is very well trained at using her powers while fighting and can EASILY hold her own against just about anyone. She is great at hand to hand combat but like the street version. She is kinda tactical I mean not as good as Magneto or Mystique obviously but not bad not bad at all. She has pretty quick reflexes and is fast. With the help of her powers she can pack a big punch(glowing punch) not that she needs to. She also has some useful medical skills.


Leisurely Skills and Hobbies: She is very good at cooking and baking and enjoys it. She reads and writes fan fiction while listening to music like me. She also enjoys singing and is quite good at it. She loves swimming, but definitely isn’t an outdoor person. She is a shy person but once you get to know her your like she’s shy??? She doesn’t kinda has friends but not any that know EVERYTHING about her other than probably her daughters. She loves fashion and clothes and gets as much as she can #fashionshow. She has like 2000s clip on bangs but they actually look good on her. Loves video games and dress up and fashion games and story central games. Plus other stuff.


Personality: She is a good ol fashioned introvert. Valéy is a nice but funny but realistic person. She is a total smartass in her own right. She is almost never wrong, but when she is she will apologize. She can easily work her way rebought problems and challenges and can outsmart most people. She isn’t very intellectual but doesn’t need to bet, if she is very educated and passionate on something she can go on about it for hours. She may have social anxiety, but will never back away from an argument and will fight that she is right and you are wrong. She is very understanding and empathetic, but isn’t very good at actually comforting people. She usually doesn’t express her emotions with anyone even if they are close. She usually works through them and private. She is strong and can handle anything you throw her way.She doesn’t like to talk about the rough parts of her past. She hates to be belittled and made to be weak. She appreciates people’s sympathy and empathy, but really doesn’t want it, it makes her feel weak and emotional. She has never cried in front of anyone that’s currently alive. She will challenge authority if she thinks it is wrong. She knows when things are a losing or a winning battle. She will protect herself and her family even if it makes her a coward. She doesn’t have clear morals, but will take the time to look at people’s decisions and their motivation behind it before taking sides. She is very observant, mostly because at first she can come off as shy. She is and can be a very good spy she is good at playing roles and lying. As well as convincing people to do things and can give a motivational speech or two. She angers easily, but doesn’t take it out on those undeserving. She is typically inclined to forgive people, but can draw an unforgivable line or a line where you have to act to earn back her trust. She gives second chances depending on what you’ve done and the reasoning behind it, but not thirds. She is a hardcore procrastinator, but when it comes down to the important stuff she’ll do what she’s gotta do. She tells the truth at almost all times, the only time she won’t is if she has to and It’ll make the situation worse. She’s only loyal to those who are deserving, so her CLOSE nonexistent friends, family and other mutants. She’s believes people can change, but not often and won’t give them the benefit of the doubt unless they prove themselves. Her biggest fear, other than the obvious is being completely alone. But she doesn’t show it she emenates confidence and nonchalant and strength to strangers. Even though she is only the strong part. She is good a putting up acts against strangers and enemies alike. But that is mostly because she wants to make a good impression on them and is too nervous to talk to them. Even though she wants people to like her she does not need anyone’s approval to do what she wants and thinks is best. She is perceptive and not a very serious person in general. She’ll brag on herself once she has you beat, but she isn’t foolish enough to think she’s won completely and turn her back on you. She is not spoilt she knows what real life is like for mutants and that it is hard.  She doesn’t start fights, if you push her she’ll push you back. If you deserve to die she’ll kill you without remorse and the next day she’ll dance on your undeserving grave. She doesn’t tolerate people who hurt her family, friends, or other mutants. She is a realist not an idealist. She believes that the X-Men’s ways will not work and that The Bortherhood are right, but respects them for their intentions. She is okay with doing the dirty work to make things better in the end. She is determined to do what is right even if she has to do very wrong and messed up things. And she believes that The Brotherhood is what is right. No matter how many people she has to fight or say that it is wrong she believes in the cause and will continue to believe. She truly believes all of these things about herself and while some she’s say out loud and some she wouldn’t she isn’t narrsasstic or arrogant but a realist. And she truly believes all of these things to be true about herself.

 Illnesses/Disabilities: She is Bipolar, but she’s takes medication for it so I doesn’t affect her very much. She also has maladaptive daydreaming from past experiences, and you can probably guess what it means or look it up if you don’t already know what it means.

This fic will be mainly centered around Valéy and her daughter/sister Karina. So the brotherhood and the acolytes.. If you guys want to know if this fic will have romance the answer is a definite YES! But it is a slow build kinda like all of my stories even though I’ve barely written any… anyways the romance will be between Valéy/Magneto and Karina/Pietro. So yeah that’ll interesting and fun to right. It’s like are parents are together and so are we! Hey if it can happen on Grey's anatomy it can happen in one of my stories. P.S I love and am obsessed with Magneto in general. There should be more romance stories with him. But what can ya do? WRITE SOME!!!


This is part 1 of the story and it will take place before season 1 starts by many years. But they are important and KINDA juicy??? Just be patient my friends. I hope you guys are as excited for this fic as I am. Cause I’m really excited. And don’t worry I will continue to post my other story and THIS. Just probably not as much for this one. Yeah that’ll be kinda hard but whatever.


If I had to pick 3 words to describe Valéy I would say that she is Practical, Sarcastic, and Strong-willed


Yeah yeah I know I kinda got carried away with this bio thing, but it was fun to write and just came naturally to me, so I kept on writing(typing). Oh and Karina will have one of these things too. So you’ll get info on her too.