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You Still Get My Heart Racing (For You)

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Peter takes a deep breath. He can do this. After all, he’s faced aliens, criminals, and bullies. He can handle one dance. One dance with a beautiful girl he really, really likes.

“Kid, you got this,” Mr Stark tells him, suddenly appearing at his side. Somehow, even words from his mentor are failing to calm him down right now.

“I-I don’t know about this Mr Stark. I mean, it’s MJ.” He tells him, gesturing to the lone figure sitting at the table, watching the crowd as she usually does when she isn’t reading a book.

“Yes. Your girlfriend who’s going to say yes.” Mr Stark places two hands on Peter’s shoulder, rubbing them as if prepping him for a fight. “Now, you’re going to get your ass over there, or I will drag you there myself.”

That threat and a push from behind send Peter over to MJ. Upon seeing him, she graces him with one of her rare smiles: the one that’s small and sets her mouth in a slight curve that she always saves for him. Peter relaxes at the sight.  

“Hey, MJ.”


Peter glances at the dance floor before asking, “Do you…uh…want to dance? With me, that is?” The feeling in his chest loosens. That wasn’t as hard as he thought it would be.

“I don’t dance,” MJ tells him.

Peter’s face drops at her answer. “Oh. Uh, okay, that’s…that’s cool. We can just sit here and—”

“I’ve never really danced before,” MJ admits.



“If you want…I could teach you,” Peter offers. Thanks to the combined efforts of Pepper, Tony, and May, Peter could dance well enough that he didn’t step on people’s feet. But if MJ didn’t want to, he’s cool with staying with her the rest of the night.



“Show me what you got, Parker,” MJ teases him, already standing up. Peter smiles, taking her hand and leading her to the dance floor.

“So, um…your hand goes here.” He guides her hand to his shoulder. The room suddenly feels warm. There’s a buzzing in his ear, and it’s spread throughout his body. It’s like his spidey-sense, except it’s poised to carry him away rather than warn him of danger. Peter forces himself to focus on MJ, but the sensations increase as he does so.

“And my other hand?” MJ’s voice brings him back down to earth.

“Oh, uh…here.” He takes her free hand, the feel of her skin both soft and new to him; he’s only held her hands a couple of times before now.

“Then my hand goes—” he places it on the small of her back. “Here.” He finishes, gulping at how close they are.

They stay in that position a while, until MJ asks, “So, when do we start moving?”

“Right! Yeah. Uh. Okay. So, it’s just forward, side, close.” He then gently leads MJ forward, but they accidentally bump into each other. Her lips brush his, and he nearly loses his balance. Luckily, she’s holding tight to him.

“Basically, mirror what I do,” he tells her. She nods, and they try again. This time, they go through one whole sequence with a few bumps, then one where they glide across their space on the dance floor. He even twirls her a few times, and her smile is more prominent than he’s ever seen it. Peter’s heart beats faster when she directs it at him, her brown eyes sparkling under the twinkling lights. Out of the corner of his eye, Mr Stark gives him a thumbs up before Peter spends the rest of the night dancing with his girlfriend.

Later that night, MJ drives him home, stopping at his apartment first. She plays with her fingers, her curly brown hair obscuring her face. Beside her, Peter says, “I…uh…I had a great time tonight.”

MJ smiles at him. “Me too. Finally learned how to dance.” She chuckles weakly, avoiding his gaze.


“And I…liked having my first dance…with you.” She peeks at him, shyly through her curtain of hair.  

Peter’s cheeks hurt as he beams at her. “Yeah?”


“That’s great.” Peter heads outside. “See you on Monday?”

“Yeah. See you.” MJ waves goodbye, another radiant smile on her face before speeding off down the streets of Queens. Peter stands there, watching her leave before heading up to his apartment.