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Vivid Dreams

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Regina left her ensuite turning off the light she brushed her teeth and removed her make-up.

She sat at her vanity applying moisturizer before heading to bed alone. Just like she did any other night. Henry wasn't a little kid anymore and almost never slept beside her even if he had a bad dream.

Her purple silk pajamas and her 'insane thread count sheets ' as she imagined would be said by Sherrif Swan; were the only things that comforted her.

She sighed as her head hit the pillow. She refrained from tossing and turning thinking it would just be a waste of effort. Eventually sleep claimed her.

She woke up the next morning to the smell of coffee and breakfast.

Henry didn't know how to cook and she sure as hell didn't have anyone over. She couldn't recall anyone making her breakfast except for the cute attempts of Henry when he was younger, and servants from the Enchanted Forrest.

Maybe she was just hallucinating it. She shook her head and laid there quietly contemplating what to do until she heard the scurry of tiny feet in the hallway then descend down the stairs.

Clearly her daily routine was not going to be done, she needed to find out who the hell was in her house because there was no mistake of those being Henry's feet.

She got up and went to Henry's room there was things different about it. Somethings the same but others the telling of an older boy who lived there. The coffee and breakfast definitely hit her nostrils as she took a deep breath. After descending down the stairs a little girl she didn't recognize flew out of the kitchen heading towards her with open arms.

"Mommy Mommy Mommy I made breakfast!" She picked up the girl who hugged her tightly.

"Did you now my little princess?" Regina said with a smile trying not to alarm the girl she was not her mother. What in all the realms was going.

"No you silly Mommy I'm no princess I'm a knight like mama!" The little girl said to her smiling so brightly.

Regina tried to refrain from raising an eyebrow. Mama... Now she was ever more curious what was going on.

"Am I in trouble? " The little girls lip started to quiver. She had seen that brow and from what she understood it was when something bad happened. Regina relaxed her brow and smiled back at the girl.

"No my sweet knight, Mommy was just thinking of something" she kissed her cheek taking a whiff of how 'her' supposedly little girl smelled. She smelled so good and it just made Regina smile even more. "Let's go eat, my little one"

She walked in to the kitchen to see who she least expected to be there The Savior, Sherrif Emma Swan as she lived and breathed. Emma turned around to face them and took the girl from her arms, kissing Regina's lips before saying "Good morning babe how'd you sleep?"

Regina just stood there stunned. Whatever the hell kind of dream was this she was just going to roll with it. Sure enough she'd wake up to an empty kitchen and as far as she was aware Miss Swan was a fire hazard in the kitchen in the real world.

Emma had put the little girl in a booster seat. "I already made you a plate Gina." Something was bothering her wife, she'll have to get into that later.

She squeezed Regina's shoulders the tense reaction wasn't what she expected.

Regina turned around and put her arms around Emma's waist she saw the frown that painted her face.

"I'm sorry dear, I'm having an off morning" Regina looked into those green eyes saw love and concern.

"Are you sure that's just it?" Emma asked concerned. Regina responded with a chaste kiss to Emma's lips. Which was far more soul moving than she had expected.

With a beaming smile she gave Emma was mostly convinced.

Regina sat down to the table a bowl of fruit accompanied a plate with a waffle and scrambled eggs. Emma busied herself with making a plate.

There was no setting for Henry she wasn't going to ask.

"Mama said I'm a good chef" the little girl who she had no idea what her name was said smiling with quite a bit of syrup all over her face.

Regina took a few bites. "Mmmhmmm, I think you might be even better than me"

Emma joined them at the table with way too much bacon for Regina's taste.

They enjoyed small talk conversation and hearing all about the little girls dream she had the previous night.

Regina started cleaning up as Emma cleaned up their little girl. She heard Emma tell her to go play in her room for a bit. The pitter patter of little feet went up the stairs.

Emma wrapped her arms Regina giving her a back hug as some call it. "Somethings definitely bothering you" she whispered before kissing her neck. Before Regina snarked a response she remembered where she was, a dream and there was no use in destroying this dream.

Emma stopped Regina's cleaning "I told Sarah we will go to the park before we drop her off at Ruby and Mulan's, I'll finish cleaning up. I've determined you won't do any work today house or regular work and don't think I don't know you sometimes get up at night at work in the study during the weekend or when I'm at work."

Once again Regina turned around and found her arms around the Sherrif. "What did I ever do to deserve you?"

Emma jokingly responded "You casted a curse" while still laughing kissing the Mayor's lips, it heated up quickly as Regina swiped her tongue at Emma's lower lip and Emma gladly allowed entrance.

They were both nearly out of breath and Regina kept hearing this beeping noise.

"Do you hear that" she asked Emma?

"I don't hear anything babe"

Next thing Regina knew her alarm clock went off. There was no smell of coffee or breakfast. She turned the damned thing off.