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Shirakumo Oboro's master plan for getting his two favorite idiots together.

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Shirakumo Oboro had a big problem, or rather, his friends Aizawa Shouta and Yamada Hizashi had a problem which meant that Oboro had a problem too. See, Shirakumo loved his two friends, hanging out together was always fun and interesting, they were all good in different subjects so it was always easy to help each other if one of them was struggling, and Oboro would be inclined to say those two were the best friends he'd had. In a way, the three of them were the outcasts of 2-A, friendly with most people but not relating to them, finding each other and sticking together through thick and thin, Oboro was the kind to which meant that if one of them had a problem then the three of them had a problem.
In this case, the problem here was that his two best friends were completely, obviously, and absolutely in love with each other but still refused to do anything about it. Happy to pine after each other and bemoan the situation to Oboro instead of actually talking to each other like the hero students they were.

Now, don't get him wrong, it had certainly been fun at first, hearing Hizashi whine and tell him all about the boy that beat his ass in the sports festival and how he was going to marry him one day. That had been a fun day, Oboro still had a lot of fun remembering the way that Hizashi had looked shocked from the moment Shouta stepped into the arena and then proceeded to wipe the floor with him, and even more fun when Hizashi had walked back to him looking dazed. Oboro hadn't expected him to be a masochist, but he guessed that having a cute boy throwing you over his shoulder and pinning you down had to be attractive to some people, it certainly had been hot to see Shouta pick Hizashi up like he weighed nothing. God knew how many people had a gay awakening that day but none more than Hizashi.

And then, of course, there was Shouta. It had taken a lot longer for Oboro to notice his feelings for Hizashi since the black-haired boy was a lot more subtle and quiet about his feelings not to mention the fact that it took a long time for them to be close enough that Shouta would let his guard down around them, but once Oboro saw the signs there was no mistaking the lingering looks from Shouta that had started around the end of their first year, or the way he smiled when Hizashi made one of his terrible jokes or puns that never got anyone else to laugh. He had seen the way the two glanced at each other whenever the other wasn't looking, during training, during lunch, every moment of every day.

It was love, plain and simple, and Shirakumo Oboro was not going to sit back and let those two ignore their feelings any longer. He was going to get them together like the great friend he was and then he'll probably be the best man at their wedding if they had one. Knowing Shouta he might not want to get married because it was illogical or something stupid like that but he could still be the best man in spirit.

There was only one problem though, how to start? He supposed that the first step should probably be getting them alone, Hizashi was already very vocal about his crush already so maybe if they were alone it would just be a matter of time before he broke down and confessed. There had already been plenty of times where he had looked close enough to propose to Shouta, so all Oboro really had to do was leave them alone and create the opportunity for him to confess.

With that thought, all he needed to do was set his plan in motion.

Step one of plan "Get Shouta and Hizashi alone" started early in the morning on a Monday, when Oboro saw Shouta walking to school. This was the perfect time to set his plan in motion.

"Morning, Shouta! How are you, my buddy, my pal!" Oboro called out, catching up to the grumpy student and putting an arm around his shoulders, grinning at him as the two walked together to school.
"Shirakumo...what do you want?" Shouta sighed sounding tired, as though he had wanted more peace and quiet instead of having to deal with Oboro, which was incredibly rude of him but Oboro was almost used to it by now. Most people would be offended but Oboro had learned by now that Shouta just wasn't the type of person who would be smiling all the time and get excited about the company.
"Nothing! Why do you have to be so suspicious?" Oboro asked with a grin, trying to keep a poker face.
"You're earlier than usual, and you're awfully friendly," Shouta explained, looking over at him with a frown, "and you're acting weird, which means you're planning something."
"I am not! And I'm always friendly!" The white-haired boy pouted as he looked at his friend, and he couldn't help but wonder if he really did look as suspicious as Shouta said or if the other boy simply was that good at reading others. "But fine, I'll admit I wanted to ask you something."
"Thought so. What is it then?" Shouta asked as he shrugged Oboro's arm off of him.
"Well, I was just thinking that since the sports festival is so close, we should start training, you know? Make sure we get first place!" That, at least, seemed to get Shouta's attention, and Oboro would have started dancing if he wasn't trying to keep his cover. "So I wanted to know if you'd like to join me and Hizashi with some extra training."

There was a moment of silence as Shouta seemed to think about his proposal for a moment, both of them still walking while Shouta looked down to the floor in thought, and for a moment Oboro was sure that this plan would fail before it could begin, sure that Shouta would see right through him without a doubt and call his bluff about the training. And if he did get suspicious then it would be a long while before he would get the chance to try again.
"What exactly are you planning?" He asked, just like Oboro had expected.
" Shouta! You wound me!" Oboro cried, holding the boy close to him. "All these years of friendship, have they meant nothing to you?"
"We met last's been one semester."
"All! These! Years!" Oboro continued as if he hadn't heard him "And you doubt my intentions? Would I be planning something?"
"Yes," Shouta answered without any hesitation.

Well, okay that was fair, but this was not going according to plan and he needed to convince Shouta.
"Come on! It's just training! I want to do well this year to get attention from other heroes. Last year I got like, two offers for my internship and we're supposed to be starting work studies this year." He tried one last-ditch effort to get him to agree to this, and it wasn't until he started talking that he realized that all he was saying was true. He had an amazing quirk but he was willing to admit that he wasn't great with it and hadn't made it that far last year.
Shouta, at least, seemed to buy it, because he seemed to look torn for a moment, studying Oboro before visibly deflating.
"Fine. I guess I can join you two idiots on your training."Shouta shrugged, looking away from Oboro and starting to walk faster.

Part 1 of the plan "GSaHA" was complete.

"Awesome! See you later then!" He said before running off, not noticing the way that Shouta looked at him once he was out of sight. The suspicious glint to his eye as he followed after him would be hard to miss if he had only looked back.

Part 2 was even easier than part 1 since it only involved getting Hizashi to agree to train with him, not only was Hizashi a lot less suspicious as a person than Shouta but he was always eager to train and keep himself busy. At first he had looked doubtful, pointing out that they usually went to the arcade after classes or they would go do homework together, even pointing out that since they had hero studies that day they would surely end up too tired to train any more than that, but as soon as Oboro told him that Shouta had already agreed to train with them all his complaints flew out of the window and he was jumping out of his seat to agree to whatever Oboro proposed. It was perfect.

Now, part 3 was even easier that part 2, all he had to do was go to the gym, pretend he forgot his uniform, and let Hizashi and Shouta start working out together for a while before eventually coming back. Or just leaving and then come up with an excuse tomorrow, hopefully, they would be too busy making out to care that Oboro wasn't there.
But really, two fairly attractive teenagers with a crush on each other, sweaty from exercising and sparring with each other (because really, that was Shouta's go-to, and Oboro knew intimately how Hizashi felt about getting his ass handed to him) the moment Shouta pushed Hizashi down and pinned him to the ground Hizashi would definitely confess, and if it was the other way around by some sort of miracle then there was no way Hizashi would be able to contain himself from kissing him.
it was an absolutely foolproof plan!

What he didn't count on, however, was that Shouta had been suspicious about everything from the start and instead of going along with his plan the moment that Oboro mentioned having forgotten his costume, the boy had simply given him his spare gym uniform and told him they would wait for him. Not only that but Shouta waited until he was done, right outside the changing room and dragged him back to the gym for training.
But this was fine, so what if there were some hiccups on the way? He could improvise, he would just stay with them, train according to Shouta's plan, and then pretend he was tired or hurt and leave. This could even be better! He would leave them worried, and in the perfect mood for talking. Or tired and sweaty and with Hizashi more likely to let his mouth run.

Three hours later found both Oboro and Hizashi trying to catch their breath, laying down on the ground and no longer feeling their legs...or arms...or any other part of their bodies.

"Come on, you wanted to train for the sports festival so get up and keep going." Shouta crossed his arms, looking at them with a very unimpressed look and not at all affected by the torture that they had just been put through. Which was incredible given that he had done the same things as them, except he managed to beat them in their sparring sessions. All four times in a row.
"I can't move! Aizawa, please! Have mercy!" Hizashi cried out, trying to raise his hand only to find that it was no use since it hurt to even raise it, and dropping it immediately with a groan.

From where he was laying down Oboro couldn't really see Shouta's face, but he could basically feel the eye roll and he tried to brace himself for the denial.
"Fine, we can stop for today." Oboro almost stood up in shock, looking at Shouta as if he couldn't believe it, only to get kicked in the stomach when the boy saw the baffled look he had.
"Ow! Oi!" He cried out, turning on his side and holding his stomach.
"Don't look at me that way, idiot, we're doing this again tomorrow." He huffed before leaving the gym, and from where the two boys were laying down on the floor they just barely managed to see the smirk on Aizawa's face as he looked back at them. "Now hurry up, or I'm going to grab lunch on my own."

Both teens shared a look after Shouta left, Hizashi dropping down on the ground again with a dreamy sigh.
"He's so cute, why is he so cute Oboro?" Hizashi whined, getting a shove and a groan as his only answer.

Plan A was a bust. Time to move on to plan B...after he remembered how to use his legs.