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ASOIAF Drabbles Part III

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Chapter 2: What is Jon supposed to do when suddenly everyone in the world knows he's going to be fucking his own sister? (Rhaenys/Jon) (Modern Westeros AU)
Characters: Rhaenys, Jon

Chapter 3: Lyanna dreamt of many things, but it was Rhaegar, lying in a river of blood, that made her hesitant. (Rhaegar/Lyanna)
Characters: Lyanna, Rhaegar

Chapter 4: Rhaegar knew how lucky he was, to have survived the Rebellion with all three of his children, even if one had been kept from him. (Rhaegar & Jon) (Basically everyone lives AU)
Characters: Rhaegar, Jon

Chapter 5: Sansa's suggestion has merit. (Jon/Sansa) (Future fic)
Characters: Jon, Sansa

Chapter 6: The Dragon Queen did not make a good impression on Sansa. (Jon/Sansa) (GoT based)
Characters: Sansa, Jon

Chapter 7: Jon tries to talk sense into his brother. (Jon & Daemon) (Great Bastard AU)
Characters: Jon, Daemon Blackfyre, Aegor Rivers

Chapter 8: Daeron has never been good at scolding Jon. (Jon & Daeron) (Great Bastard AU)
Characters: Jon, Daeron II

Chapter 9: The Prince and Princess of Winter aren't quite fit for court. (Jon/Val) (future fic)
Characters: Jon, Val, Aegon, Arianne

Chapter 10: Rhaegar's third child is born a true dragon. (minor Rhaegar/Elia/Lyanna) (Rhaegar Won AU)
Characters: Rhaegar, Lyanna, Elia, Marwyn

Chapter 11: Aemon feels it the moment another dragon enters Castle Black. (Gen)
Characters: Aemon

Chapter 12: What if the Prince that was Promised was already dead? (Gen) (futurefic)
Characters: Jon, Bran, Daenerys, Bloodraven

Chapter 13: Lyanna shows Cersei how to deal with an bore of a husband. (Lyanna/Cersei) (No Rebellion AU)
Characters: Lyanna, Cersei

Chapter 14: After the war, Ned thought he was done cleaning up after his siblings. (Ned Gen)
Characters: Ned, Jon, Other

Chapter 15: Jon is born with eyes of two different colors--one his own, one his soulmate's. (Jon/Allyria) (Soulmate AU)
Characters: Jon, Allyria

Chapter 16: Aemon returns to the Red Keep for a shock he had never expected. (Rhaegar Won AU) (Dark)
Characters: Jon, Aegon, Cersei

Chapter 17: Lyanna felt powerful when she had Robert like this. (Lyanna/Robert) (Harrenhal AU)
Characters: Lyanna, Robert

Chapter 18: Lyanna takes matters into her own hands when she overhears her father's plots. (Roose/Lyanna) (AU)
Characters: Lyanna, Roose

Chapter 19: Aegon flies North to force the Starks to bend the knee, but they're a greater threat than he'd expected. (Aegon vs Starks) (futurefic)
Characters: Aegon, The Cannibal, Rickon, Arya

Chapter 20: Arthur is once more on the hunt for an outlaw on the Kingswood, though this time he finds unexpected answers. (Arthur & Jon) (Rhaegar Won AU)
Characters: Arthur, Jon

Chapter 21: Aegon thought taking Westeros would be easy, if not for the Starks, it might have been. (Aegon/Jon)
Characters: Aegon, Varys, Arianne

Chapter 22: Jon meets his Aunt and her husband as they conquer their way across Westeros. (Jon & Dany) (Drogo Lives AU)
Characters: Jon, Daenerys, Sam, Drogo

Chapter 23: Jon leaves the Wall after coming back to life and goes to the only place he can think of: the famed city his aunt founded. (Jon & Dany) (AU)
Characters: Jon, Dany

Chapter 24: Lyanna had explored plenty of Ancient Valyrian buildings, but none like this. (Gen) (Tomb Raider/The Mummy AU)
Characters: Lyanna

Chapter 25: Xaro may wish to wed Daenerys, but it's Jon he clearly wants. (Jon & Daenerys) (Xaro/Jon) (AU)
Characters: Jon, Dany

Chapter 26: 10 years on and the answer is obvious. (Jon/Tormund) (GoT Futurefic)
Characters: Jon, Tormund

Chapter 27: Lyanna is stuck in King's Landing with a vulnerable babe and scheming lords. (Robert/Lyanna) (Lyanna Lives AU)
Characters: Lyanna, Robert, Ned

Chapter 28: Aegon finds out a secret when he takes King's Landing. (Aegon & Jon)(AU)
Characters: Aegon, Jon