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A Hero's Duty

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“Mom, Dad, Percy! Come see this!” Seven-year-old Estelle Blofis yelled from the living room of the Jackson-Blofis apartment’s living room.

Groaning Percy, Son of Poseidon, leader of the armies of Olympus both Greek and Roman, most powerful demigod ever exetra exetra and the older half brother of the in his opinion far to chipper little angel, dragged himself out of bed blurrily. When he had first gotten the Curse of Achilles when he was fifteen he hadn’t noticed how much it made him want to sleep, it wasn’t until he had lost it entering New Rome and reclaimed it in the pits of Tartarus that he truly realized how much it sapped his energy. Luckily splashing his face with some cold water every few hours and sleeping till noon on weekends minimized the Curse’s side effect.

Slowly making his way toward the continued exclamations of his sister Percy took a moment in his dazed state to go over what had happened the past few weeks. He had woken up with no memory, found New Rome, fought a Giant, got his memories back, had a mutual breakup/break time agreement with Annabeth, met up with his other friends, sailed a flying boat into war, saved Nico from his imprisonment, fell into Tartarus in order to save his ex, spent… he thinks a hundred years or so fighting and fucking in the pits while surviving off of liquid fire-getting his Curse back about halfway through the ordeal, escaped, joined the armies of Olympus in the fight against Gaia, beat the crap out of her in an epic one on one final stand, and came home.

Yeah, the past mortal year had been pretty freaking insane for Percy, but hey at least he saved the day and lived to enjoy it!

The smile the thought brought to his face distracted from the haunting gaze his time in the Pit left him with. He survived, and so did those he cared about. Gods, Titans, Monsters, Giants, even Primordials had done all they could to end his life yet still he kept kicking while most of them were now gone hopefully forever. Yeah, he was a badass.

Unfortunately what he saw when he entered the living room put an instant stop to his good mood. Right there on the screen was a report on the heroics of Estelle’s favorite heroine, Wonder Woman. Gods Percy hated her. When the Titans returned she did nothing, not even during the battle of New York. When the Giants came she never even showed her face. When Gaia herself began to claw her way back to the surface to wipe out all of humanity, the great Amazon princess did jack shit and so did all of her Themyscarian sisters. She was blessed by who knew how many gods and gifted with strength and powers far beyond what she earned all because she was a part of the goddess’ pet project and won some tournament. He, Jason, Nico, Thalia, Hazel, they all trained and fought with everything they had and more to gain half of what she was given. Sure after his time in the Pit Percy was sure he could match the Amazon blow for blow and then some, but he went through a century of non-stop conflict, pain, and life-threatening situations!

If the oldest living demigod daughter of Zeus had bothered to help her mortal family in their times of need only the Fates knew how many demigods and legionaries would still be alive. Maybe even Jason would still be alive, not that the bitch even cared enough about her half brother to even attend his funeral.

Why, why did Estelle have to idolize his cousin? Not that his little sister knew about his familial connection with the Justice Leaguer or his bloodline and feats in general. It just didn’t make sense to Percy. Estelle was too young to really care about things like Diana’s admittingly stunning beauty, or the cultural ideals of the Amazons of Themyscara, so was it the super strength? Superman was stronger and faster. The fighting prowess? Both Batman and Black Canary were more skilled. The ability to give a speech and be charismatic? Again Superman matched her or even beat her there. So why?

“She’s so cool!” The young girl yelled as the broadcast showed the Amazon punch clean through some kind of killer robot.

Sally gave her son a quick glance before seemingly agreeing with her daughter, “She is something else Sweetheart.” She told her daughter.

“That’s one way to put it,” Percy grumbled. Estelle just stuck her tongue out at her brother.

“No fighting you two.” Paul warned knowing that the subject of the raven-haired woman tended to cause the two normally close siblings to take up figurative arms against each other.

“When did this happen anyway?” Percy asked jerking his chin toward the TV.

“Like an hour ago!” Estelle exclaimed, “And it happened in Brooklyn! That means Wonder Woman is in New York!” Her excitement now made a bit more sense. Wonder Woman usually operated out of DC.

“Why would she be in New York?” Percy wondered out loud. Sure the city didn’t have a Justice League member setting up shop in it, but it did have its own heroes and the special heavy duty SWAT teams that were set up to take care of most Super level threats meant that having a big shot like Wonder Woman wasn’t really needed. Maybe the gods had summoned her for something or another.

“I’m sure she has her reasons.” His mother told him while grabbing his sister off the couch. “Now come on, I’m making pennies for lunch.”

Perking up at the mention of food Percy pushed the subject of his very much disliked relative from his mind and began to follow his family into the kitchen. Before they could sit down however, hell before Percy was even able to make his sandwich request, the doorbell rang, the sudden noise causing Percy to jump slightly as his demigod and war-forged reflexes instantly made him think of danger before he settled himself back down. He sighed, “I’ll get it.” He groaned already moving to answer the door.

“If its a salesperson tell them we aren’t buying.” Paul called out.

‘Are door to door salespeople even a thing anymore?’ Percy thought exasperatedly. His stepfather really needed to stop reading books set in the sixties.

Opening the door Percy already had a politeish dismissal on the tip of his tongue when he opened the door only to come up short when he saw just who had rung the bell. “Hello, Perseus.” Diana of Thyemiscara dressed in a full length trench coat over Percy was sure her bathing suit looking costume greeted her cousin, after stopping him from slamming the door in her face that is.

“What in the name of Hades do you want.” He growled, his Wolf Stare in full effect

The older woman almost flinched before sighing, “Can we speak inside?” She requested.

“No.” His family was inside. His mother, stepfather, and little sister. If any of them saw the Amazon it would be a thousand times harder to get the woman to leave, not to mention how difficult it would be to explain to Estelle how he knew Wonder Woman and why she would come to their apartment… Actually, why was she there? They had never met before or interacted in any way. He only knew about her because of the news and some passing mentions of her from the various gods and immortals he regularly interacted with the former group he guessed was also the reason she knew his name and where he lived.

“Perseus I understand that you may not have the highest opinion of me-”

“Well no shit.” Percy snapped, “You left us- your fucking family- to be massacred twice. You never bothered to help us out even once over the past five years, hell you didn’t even bother to attend your own brother’s funeral!” He snarled.

“There were things that kept me away Perseus.” She defended herself.

“What could have been more important than helping your blood fight off armies of monsters intent on destroying all human life on the planet?!” He almost yelled, trying his hardest not to lose his temper and alert his family and the neighbors about the conversation and who he was having it with.

Diana looked away guiltily, “Discussions about Themyiscara being on the world stage. Treaties, agreements, borders and sovereignty, not to mention my work with the Justice League.”

“You couldn’t miss one or two fucking days? Couldn’t push back a meeting or two!? Do you know how the goddesses praised you? How they called you the ‘prime example’ of a demigod? How you would be the greatest asset, sword or shield, of Olympus and all those who fought under its name?” He demanded. Artemis had been the most vocal about it at first. She was so proud of the woman who could ‘outmatch even Heracles’ and would stand above everyone else the gods could put on the field, she and her fellow Amazons. Her words of praise dried up pretty quickly after she lost more than half of her Huntresses during the battle of New York and not a single Amazon showed up instead leaving it to Percy himself to direct the war efforts and defeat Chronos.

Diana winced, “I know I failed in many of my duties to Olympus and our family Perseus but please do not make the mistake of thinking that it was due to ill will.” She pleaded, “I came here to try and start to make amends.”

Percy snorted, “Nothing you could offer would make up for all of us who died or were injured in the past two wars Diana.” He snapped.

“Maybe not but it would be just another folly if I didn’t at least try.” The heroine took out a plastic card from one of her jacket’s pockets and gave it to Percy. “This is an access card to the Hall of Justice in DC.” She told him, “On the Fourth, the sidekicks of Batman, Flash, Aquaman, and Green Arrow will take their first step in joining the Justice League. I offer you the same chance as them.” She revealed causing Percy to look at her in shock, “You are without a doubt one of the greatest heroes this world has ever seen Perseus, mortal or otherwise. You can do a great deal of good beyond the world hidden by the Mist and you deserve at least some recognition for what you have done for everyone who calls the Earth their home.”

Percy looked down at the credit card shaped piece of plastic that his cousin had given him. Blue-tinged silver with the golden JL logo of the League it looked official without standing out too much at a passing glance. The son of Poseidon sighed, he really didn’t like Diana, and as far as he was concerned defending his family and those he held dear would always come before anything or anyone else, but she was right that Percy could do a great deal of good if he fought against the nondivine threats that plagued the world as well. “I’ll consider it.” He told her, not bothering with looking at her, “Don’t expect me to join in whatever PR stunt campaign march that’s gonna be set up for the others if I do show up, but I will consider at least meeting with the rest of the Justice League.”

Diana nodded, “That is all I can ask cousin.” She bowed sligtly and turned away.

“Did you offer this to the other surviving members of the Seven or Nico?” He called after her, causing the older demigoddess to stop and turn to look at her cousin over her shoulder.

“... Piper McLean’s skill in direct combat is commendable, but her reliance on Charm Speak would leave her vulnerable when faced with strong-willed or inorganic or even simply unintelligent beings. Frank Zang for all his raw strength from his transformation ability is bound to New Rome and would not be able to act without the Senate’s permission. Leo Valdez is legally still dead and has opted to spend his time either on Calypso’s island or wandering mostly isolated from the world. Annabeth Chase while having unmatched skill with her dagger and a strong mind would simply be too vulnerable against mortal weaponry. Hazel Levesque’s powers over precious stones and metals would disrupt economies wherever she fought. And Nico DeAngelo’s abilities are simply too…” She tried to think of a way to explain how the young man’s necromantic abilities would be unsuited to the image of the League and the mental well being of those they were defending without sounding condemning about his ancestry.

“I get it.” Percy waved her off. He may not like it but he could at least somewhat agree with her reasonings about not offering the same ‘honor’ to his closest friends and allies.

Diana nodded and turned away once more, this time not being stopped as she made her way down the hall toward the elevators. Percy waited until the metal doors closed between the two demigods before going back into his family’s apartment, stuffing the access card his cousin had given him into a pocket of his slept in jeans.

“Who was it Percy?” Paul asked his stepson as the teen fell into a chair beside him.

“Jehovus witness.” Percy lied “Took a while to convince them to leave.” His stepfather easily accepted the lie but the look on his mother’s face clearly said that she didn’t, thankfully she didn’t push him for answers, he didn’t want to think about the implications of the card resting in his pocket, or the offer buzzing in his head.

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Percy woke up torturously early on the Fourth of July, the day that the sidekicks of the Justice League members were to be granted access to the famed Hall of Justice. ‘They really need to work on their naming sense.’ Percy grumbled as he tightened the straps of his left vambrace, the last piece of armor he needed to put on to complete the set.

After deciding that he would indeed show up at the Hall like his cousin asked he had quickly also decided to go with a full Ancient Greek theme with some oceanic highlights for his… persona or whatever heroes called their hero sides. Full Greek armor- studded leather skirt thing and all save for a pair of thick boots instead of sandals- made from a mix of a Celestial Bronze base and Imperial Gold wave like ripples to give the armor an almost liquid appearance. Top it off with a plumeless helmet with three spikes above his eyes and a golden trident over his heart and it was pretty clear what he was going for. At least in his mind.

His bracers secure Percy stood up from his bed and grabbed his sword belt- not something he normally wore but Riptide didn’t work on mortals or mortal armor so he was taking the Drakon Bone sword he got in Tartarus, plus it was a good place to keep the two collapsible spears he had ordered from the Hermes Mail Service and his small bag of ambrosia-, allowing himself a brief glance in the mirror as he tightened the piece of leather. Even without having put on his helmet just yet he couldn’t say that he really recognized himself in his own reflection. He usually wore a baggy T-Shirt or sweatshirt and a pair of jeans, a typical teenage wardrobe. But in full armor, with the small scars on his upper arms and legs on display? He looked like a soldier from the times of his father’s highest worship. It was disconcerting to say the least.

He remembered his mother catching him polishing it a week after the war against Geia ended. She knew about his Curse and didn’t know about the time he spent without it after bathing in the Tiber. She had asked him why he bothered with it anymore, after all wouldn’t it just weigh him down?

‘I need the weight.’ He had told her, ‘I need it to remind me not to get cocky. That I am not unbeatable. I need it so that when the battle ends and I take it off I can see every dent, scratch, and piercing in it I am reminded I am not some perfect warrior, that I’m not infallible. So many of the gods are like that, more than a few demigods too if they live long enough to develop an ego. I don’t want that to be me. I don’t want to think I’m above everyone just so that I can be proven wrong.’

She had cried. He had made his mother cry for the first time in years and that made him feel like more of a figurative bastard than he was a literal one.

“Is your dad sending you on another quest? Or is it one of your uncles?” Speak of the devil and he shall appear.

Percy turned to face his mother, the older woman standing in the doorway of his room dressed in her pajamas. “Neither.” He assured her, “I’m going to DC. What are you doing up so early?” He asked.

“It’s six thirty in the morning Percy, I’ve been waking up at this time for longer than you’ve been alive. Only teenagers think of it as the crack of dawn you know.” She teased.

“It can be! Apollo is pretty inconsistent.” Percy defended himself with a laugh.

The long suffering woman smiled at her son. “So. DC?” She questioned.

Percy winced and sighed as he picked up his helmet, “... Diana invited me to join the Justice League.” He admitted. “I might not like her, but I have to admit she made a decent argument for it.” As the words left his mouth he saw the mirthful and quizzical look in his mom’s eyes turn to worry. Again Percy winced.

All his mother knew about the dangers of the divine world she got from old legends, books, and watered down regalings from Percy himself. The things the League delt with had no such lense. She saw video of Batman fighting the likes of Joker and his gang, of Superman fighting Solomon Grundy, of his cousin fighting Cheetah. She had listened to news reports of the damage and bloodshed the villians that the League fought against caused. The knowledge that such things occasionally happened within a dozen miles of her must have been bad enough, but the thought of her eldest child purposely going out looking for such people? Of him fighting them? It must have terrified her.

“Mom.” The demigod said softly walking up to the older woman and clasping her shoulder with the hand not currently occupied with holding his helmet, “I’ll be fine okay? I’m more durable than Superman, stronger than Aquaman, I’m fast enough to catch three bullets in my teeth alone, and have been recognized as one of the best swordsmen in history by both Chiron and Athena. And that’s not even going into my water powers, earthquake powers, or storm powers.” Okay he might have exaggerated with the speed thing, but the rest was true.

Sally breathed deeply, “Bring your nemean lion skin.” She told him firmly, knowing he had gotten a new one during his time in the Pit.

Percy blinked and looked down at his armor clad form, “Uh, I don’t think a fur lined letterman jacket will go with this.”

“Then wear it as a cape.” She ordered.

This time he winced. He was not a fan of wearing capes or cloaks, “Come on mom-”


“Yes ma’am!”

“And remember your shield watch!”


Mistakes are something that Percy is, unfortunately, pretty used to. Luckily all things considered forgetting that getting from New York City to DC via pegasus took about an hour instead of four and a half like a car would have taken was a pretty small oversight. All it meant was that he got to the Hall a few hours earlier than he thought he would and would now have to wait. Not too bad, plus it made getting into the building without anyone noticing even easier.

Being able to use the Mist to alter perception and being capable of using moisture in the air to bend light kind of makes sneaking into a building that you have the key to pretty effortless.’ The teenaged demi-god thought to himself as he entered the library of the Hall- it took way to much willpower not to mess with the giant statues in the lobby for him to stay there. His own brand of invisibility might not have been on par with Anabeth’s Yankees cap- it took way too much concentration to use it in battle and required constant focus- but it was more than capable of getting him through the small army of reporters and fans already gathering outside the building from bothering him.
Sitting down on one of the plush couches that furnished the book filled room- mindful of his sword and the damn lion pelt cape his mother forced him to wear- Percy briefly debated taking off his helmet but seeing as there was an observation deck behind him he decided against it, even if said deck was currently empty. The hero breathed out heavily through his teeth and patted his legs. Three hours. It would be three hours before the actual League members and their protegees would be due to arrive. He groaned loudly, flopping backward to slouch on the couch. “I should have gone out for a burger or something. There has to be at least one place here that sells breakfast burgers right?” He asked himself out loud.

Not getting an answer from the empty room the half blood yawned loudly. Gods above and below he was tired. Getting up early then having to ride Blackjack for an hour to get to the Hall on top of his Curse left him feeling very fatigued. ‘I have like two and a half hours.’ Percy told himself lazily, his eyes already closing. ‘A quick nap won’t hurt...’ Before the dark haired hero could begin to question the idea his mind already faded out and he drifted off into the land of dreams.

Screams. Roars. Growls. No matter what he did Percy could never escape the constant noises of rage and pain that echoed around him. He hadn’t slept in a week, he’d had a migraine for almost just as long, his bones ached from the vibrations the non stop noise caused.

“Shut up.” Percy whispered horsly. Gods his throat was dry. When was the last time he’d had a sip of water or nectar? Three days ago? Or was is four? He couldn’t remember.

“Ssssea Sssspaw-!” A Dracaenae began only to be silenced by Percy’s every trustworthy sword Riptide. That was another thing, since this is where all monsters went to respawn they were much more brutal here and would return to attack him again much faster than if he killed them outside of the pit. Probably because all they had to do was reform at the most basic level and sniff him out, rather than fully resurrect themselves and crawl their way out of the Pit.

Percy licked his chapped lips, his eyes darting across the golden dust that was once a snake woman, searching for anything that looked like a sack or a canteen. The day after his water, ambroisia, and nectar ran out he had been fortunate enough to kill a rough cyclops that had been carrying a large jug on his hip. Percy had assumed it was water and had ripped its stopper out and chugged several mouthfuls of its contents before his mind registered what it was. Fire, liquid like fire.

He had screamed in pain and dropped the jug, letting it shatter on the ground and its contents seemingly seep into the dry stone. He regretted his reflex almost instantly. Despite the pain the fire had caused him no harm and had in fact seemed to energize his body, even taking off a bit of the edge of his hunger. That fire had been life, and he had foolishly let it slip between his fingers.

So far none of the monsters he had slain since then had had any more of the strange substance, but he held out hope. Hope for the sustaining fire, hope that he could find a way out of there, hope that the gods or the Fates might send him some kind of aid. He had to. It was all he had in the Pit.

Percy’s hand snapped out like a viper to grab the wrist of someone who had been about to grab his shoulder. His sea green eyes opening blurrily and his heart beating far faster than someone who had just been sleeping should have had the demigod took a second to focus on his would be agravator. A plastic and metal long bow, a quiver of mechanical arrows, red hair, semi pale skin, domino mask, white out lenses over his eyes, stupid yellow hat, and a blood red uniform. “...Archer junior?” Percy mumbled. He knew who this was. It was Modern douchebag beard Robinhood’s student. At least he was pretty sure it was. Ask him again in a minute.

‘Junior’ gritted his teeth while a pair of snickers emitted from somewhere else in the room. “My name is Speedy.” He growled, tugging his arm out of Percy’s grip. The demigod let him.

“...Gonzales?” The snickers turned into chuckles.

Speedy seethed, “Fuck. You.”

Percy looked the other teen up and down, “I’m game.” And now the chuckles were replaced with shocked choking laughter.

Another, much darker shape entered Percy’s vision. “Who are you.” A deep, threatening, authoritative voice demands. Batguy.

“I’m guessing dear old Diana didn’t tell you she invited some family over?” Percy snarked back in turn. He’d been trained by freaking Lupa and Chiron, his dad and both his uncles were kings, he stood against the antithesis to his specific powerset and bloodline. The voice of some guy in a cape isn’t going to scare him.

“Diana has male family members?” Another voice asked, this one sounding just a bit faster than normal and much friendlier than the previous two.

“Plenty.” Percy grunted, finally fully waking up, “Though most of us aren’t really on talking terms with her.” The teen informed as he stood up.

Dark and broody spoke up, “You are the wielder of the blade of Heraclius.” It wasn’t a question.

“...Is that how she informed you of my existence? Not bloodline, deeds, titles, name, nickname, family relation status, but by my sword? Seriously?”

“I know your name and bloodline.” Batguy- wait no it was Batman- assured him, “Professional courtesy dictates I don’t reveal it unless necessary.”

Percy blinked. “Oh. Okay. Er, in that case, call me Riptide?” What? It might be his sword but it was a badass name and it fit his power set! Besides according to the majority of Camp Half-Blood his naming sense sucked. Seriously. Name one amnesiac titan ‘Bob’ and you never hear the end of it! Damn critics.

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Roy- currently Speedy- was admittedly a bit irritated at the moment. He had been fighting crime alongside his guardian, mentor, and though he would never admit it his idol Green Arrow, for three years now. He had trained, fought, overcome, he had done everything he could have possibly imagined and more to prove his worth as a hero, and now, after all he had done, after every promise that Ollie had made him about today, he and the other partners- not FUCKING SIDEKICKS- were being blatantly snubbed. For crying out loud they were being treated the same as the new guy was!

Speaking of whom, whoever this ‘Riptide’ was Roy didn’t like them. Not because of the sass or the joking proposition, but because he had never heard of the guy before, not in the news and not from any of the League members he and Ollie worked with, and yet he just shows up in the public headquarters of the Justice League taking a nap on one of the couches and Batman- freaking Batman- was somehow okay with the guy being there. Or at the very least he wasn’t kicking him out.

“You are just going to leave us here?” Roy demanded as the older heroes were scanned by the computer to allow them entrance to what he knew to be the teleporters. “You promised us a real look inside, not some backstage pass.”

“It is a first step.” Aquaman told him, “being able to access this room is something few can boast.”

“Oh really?” Roy mocked, gesturing up toward the balcony where several families and reporters were looking down at the gathered heroes from behind a thick sheet of glass. “Who cares what side of the glass we’re on? We aren’t zoo animals!”

“Roy, calm down. You just need to be patient.” Oliver tried to talk him down.

“What I need is to be treated with respect.” He shot back, the red clad archer turned to face his friends and Riptide. “They’re treating us like kids, worse like sidekicks!” He told them, “We deserve better than this.”

Wall, Dick, and Kaldur looked at each other, saying nothing. Riptide however spoke up, “It does seem pretty dumb to bring us all here just to leave us out of the meeting. I mean Diana asked me to come here to start the process of joining the League not join a book club. Granted I’m guessing you meant for a sitdown or a tour, maybe a demonstration of our skills and powers in front of the League members who haven’t worked with us before or something, not a briefing about a pretty obvious setup, but these four fought the nutbags too so leaving them out is pretty insulting even if you hadn’t told them that today marked them being junior members or whatever of your group.” The armor clad teen looked around those gathered in the room. “At the very least you could give us a reason we’re being left out.”

The older heroes shared a look with eachother, silently asking the others if they should speak. In the end it was the Bat himself that took a step forward to explain. “You are correct in assuming that we had other things planned for today.” He told the teens, “Originals several members of the League that you have had minimal or no contact with in the pass were supposed to meet you, take stock of your personalities and seeming mental state, and then be shown first hand what you are capable of in a series of sparing matches in the gym.” he revealed, “This is because due to an internal League charter all new appointments to our ranks is to be done through a vote taken once a year near the middle of December. Your ‘first steps’ are in fact special treatment granted to you to help bolster your chances of acceptance when the time comes.” He told them bluntly.

“Wait so we came here today because we’re a short list?” Wally asked.

Flash rubbed the back of his head, “Uh, kinda? Other independent heroes will also be taken into account, and there’s no actual guarantee that any of you will be accepted even with all this.”

“Why were we purposely misinformed?” Kaldur asked gravely.

“We were lied to Kaldur. Don’t pretend its something else.” Roy grumbled. He wasn’t happy about this, but knowing that Ollie had been giving him the chance he earned was something at least. He thought he was being insulted but instead he was just having a secret entrance requirement kept from him. Not a good thing, but better than what he had thought. Every group had its own version of initiation after all.

Aquaman answered his student, “Had you been informed you would have likely acted differently, altering your behavior to seem as good a fit as possible. The other members want to know who you actually are and how you act, not what parts you can perform to get on their more favorable sides.”

Roy winced. His little outburst- justified as it was- probably proved the need to that.

“If the plan was for us to meet other members, where are they?” Dick asked.

“Scrambled right now.” Ollie told the youngest hero, “Ideally we would be prepping you and letting you get used to the base before they trickled in.”

‘Fake base.’ Roy thought with a grumble. “Are they still coming?” He asked.

“Unless something comes up.” Batman grunted.

Just then the ridiculously big computer snapped on revealing the face of the League’s resident walking nuke, Superman. “This is Superman, anyone there?”

The League members in the room made their way over to the counsel “What is it Superman?” Batman asked.

“There’s a fire currently engulfing the Cadmus building in DC, reports say it spread remarkably quickly.”

“I’ve had my suspicians about Cadmus, this could be a good oprotunity to-”

“Zatara to Justice League.” A new voice cut it. The face of the powerful magi known as Zatara appeared on screen next to Superman’s. “The sorcerer Wotan is attempting to use an ancient artifact to block out the sun. I’m requesting a full League response.” He informed.

The Dark Knight scowled, “Superman?”

“All things considered its a small fire. Local response teams already have it handled.”

Batman grunted but nodded, “We’ll be there soon Zatara. Batman out.” He turned toward the anxious teens, “Stay here.”

“What?” Riptide squawked. Roy silently agreed with the sentiment.

“This is a priority League matter, your initiation will have to wait.” The detective told them, already making his way toward the teleporters.

“You said you brought us here to prove ourselves!” Wally yelled.

“And you will,” Flash assured his nephew, “But this is not the kind of thing you bring newbies to.”

“We aren’t ‘newbies’.” Dick shot at the speedster.

‘We aren’t, never heard of Riptide before a half hour ago.’ Roy inwardly snarked.

“You would be to them.” Aquaman stated, “Introducing you in the heat of battle will interfere with synchronization of our teamwork.” Okay, that was a fair point. Still, sitting back and doing nothing was not Roy’s thing.

“If you aren’t going to take us with you just send me a text when we are gonna start our little demo to the other League members. I’m not going to sit here doing nothing.” Roy told the older heroes, walking toward the door.

“Where are you going?” Riptide called after him.

“Today was supposed to be about proving our worth right? I’m gonna go do that.”

“Want some company?” The unknown hero asked, already catching up to the archer.

Roy looked at the man from the other teen of his eye, “This isn’t going to be amateur hour buddy. Just because Wonder Woman is your cousin doesn’t mean you are invincible.”

Riptide snorted as the two left the Hall, the masses still gathered outside noticing them almost instantly, “I’m not green Gonzales, Diana wouldn’t have asked me to come if I was. I can handle myself in a fight.” He assured.

“First of all, call me that again and I’m going to shoot you with a taser arrow. Second, taking on a few back ally thugs or whatever you did doesn’t mean you are on my level. Powers or no.”

Riptide stopped, prompting Roy to do the same two steps later, turning to face his fellow teen from his now lower position on the Hall’s steps. “Trust me Jr. I’m more than on your level.”

“Is that a challenge?” Roy growled, grabbing his bow.

“If you want it to be.” Riptide said- god Roy could practically hear his smirk- grabbing one of the two cylinders from the right side of his belt. Roy would have thought he’d go for his sword, the cylinders must be collapsable weapons instead of the medical storage units Roy had initially thought them to be.

The call of one of the remaining reporters cut their standoff off before anything could happen. “Speedy! Cat Grant from the Daily Planet, do you have the time to answer some questions?”

Roy sighed, reporters irritated him so fucking much. Still, public appearances and all that. Very important. “Of course miss Grant, I’d be happy to answer a few questions.” Riptide looked at him like he was crazy.

Grant was quick to shoot off her questions before he could change his mind “Why are you leaving the Hall so early? Did something happen inside? Where are the other sidekicks? Who is this new mask with you?” She rattled off.

“Why are you asking him who I am?” Riptide grumbled.

Roy ignored the other teen’s irritation and began to explain. “I am leaving the Hall now because what needed to be done inside today has already been dealt with. I have been entered into the League’s systems and given a tour of the facilities, the only other thing that was expected to be done today had to be rescheduled. Nothing happened inside that was outside the realm of the expected. The new guy here,” He gestured to Riptide, “Is Wonder Woman’s cousin Riptide. Like Aqualad, Robin, Kid Flash, and myself he was offered access to the Hall and the possibility of League membership.”

The reporter’s eyes lit up at the mention of who Riptide was related to. She turned to face the new hero casuing Roy to smirk. She was his problem now. “Riptide was it? Amazing that this is the first we are seeing of you, being related to Wonder Woman herself you’d think you would have been fighting by her side the first chance you got!” She baited.

“I had my own battles to fight.” Riptide ground out, obviously not liking the unspoken questions being asked. “I was kept busy ensuring the safety of those I could help in my own way, just as my cousin was.” He said diplomatically though Roy could tell he was frustrated. “I never even met Di- er Wonder Woman face to face until about a week ago.” He revealed.

“Oh? Was it a shock to have someone like her showing up in your life and ask you to come to the Hall of Justice?” Cat inquired.

Riptide shifted uneasily, “In truth I already knew that the two of us were related, have for years, we just never crossed paths…” There was a story there, Roy and Cat could smell it. “Really I’m closer to one of her half-sisters, and I had a sort of friendship with her half brother before his death.”

‘Shouldn’t have said that!’ Roy inwardly screamed.

“Wonder Woman has siblings then? Half- siblings at that?” Cat probed.

“A few. Like I said one just died. I also have half-siblings. So does a fair chunk of the population of the world. What’s your point?” He challenged. “We’re also both bastards, have had premarital sex, gotten drunk before and ignored the sabbath.” Roy and Cat could both tell his eyes narrowed dangerously behind his helmet.

Cat gulped loudly, “N-no of course not. It just comes as a shock that a heroine as famous as Wonder Woman would have so many family members that we never heard of or saw before.” She stammered out.

“Not everyone who has powers wants to be like the League.” Riptide told her, “Not everyone has the openings to either. Like myself, they were fighting their own battles. Speaking of, Speedy and I were about to go do some fighting ourselves. Excuse us.” His piece said the armored hero strode past the shocked form of the reporter, silently gesturing for Roy to follow.

‘Can’t believe I forgot’ Roy thought to himself, ‘You don’t hear about every hero in the world from the news.’ He might not know Riptide very well, or at all really, but he could bet that the two of them would get along pretty well. If the new guy could keep up that is.