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breathe you deep

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Jimin sighs, exiting the bathroom to find Jeongguk sitting on their bed. He purses his lips as he gets a look at Jeongguk’s swelling left eye, blood soaked napkin stuffed in his nose as he ices the back of his neck to get the bleeding to stop.


His leather jacket’s lying next to him.


“You’re an idiot,” Jimin announces, walking over to him and setting his first aid kit down. He’d had to buy it ages ago, after the first twenty times Jeongguk had gotten into a fight with another alpha to defend Jimin’s “honour”.


“Hyung,” Jeongguk whines, licking his lips.


Jimin ignores the way he pouts, big eyes fixing on him in an attempt to garner sympathy.


They’d been having a good night, Jimin dragging Jeongguk out for a date after a long week. Everything had been perfect, too, until they’d started their trek back home, both a little tipsy. Jeongguk had heard some alpha cat call him, bristling instantly, and then the alpha had whistled.


It was a lost cause after that.


“Don’t hyung me,” Jimin scowls, kneeling down on the floor between Jeongguk’s legs. Jeongguk’s earthy scent is, at least, a little dour, a little ashamed; the usual notes of cardamom and peppercorn vanishing completely.


Jimin allows himself to trace over Jeongguk’s jaw softly, taking in the damage. He gently pulls the napkin out of Jeongguk’s nostril to see if the bleeding has ceased, carefully inspecting the area. Jimin remembers the nasty right hook Jeongguk had taken to the face, heart squeezing in his chest at the memory.


He wipes at Jeongguk’s nose carefully, happy to see no new blood dribble out, and cleans some of the drying blood before swatting Jeongguk’s hand away from the ice pack to bring it to his eye. Jimin’s seen him in worse shape but that didn’t make this any easier. He hated seeing Jeongguk hurt.


“They started it,” Jeongguk mumbles as if Jimin gave a flying fuck about who started it.


“You never think you start anything,” Jimin reminds matter-of-factly, scanning the rest of Jeongguk’s face. He’s come out a lot better than Jimin anticipated he would.


“But I don’t!”


“Who always throws the first punch?” Jimin asks, nudging Jeongguk’s hand so that he holds his ice pack in place. One look at Jeongguk’s bruised knuckles and Jimin’s heart sinks. He has to force himself not to tear up, annoyance winning out that Jeongguk was always so careless about his own well-being.


“He wolf whistled at you!” Jeongguk exclaims incredulously, wincing when the animated expression causes him pain. Jimin almost thinks he deserves it.


“I’m an omega ― ”


“You’re a person !” Jeongguk interrupts, the fury from earlier returning. His scent spikes, the intensity almost painful to breath in. “Not some fucking slab of meat.”


Jimin sighs.


Jeongguk’s not wrong, of course, but that doesn’t mean Jimin wants him to start punching every mannerless, knothead alpha that crosses their path. 


“I’m used to it,” Jimin mutters instead, grabbing the wet face cloth he’d brought with himself to wipe the blood around Jeongguk’s mouth away and to clean his bloody knuckles. “You can’t fight everyone .”


“Watch me,” Jeongguk grumbles stubbornly and earns himself a well-earned smack to the arm from Jimin.


Hyung ,” he whines again, rubbing at the sore spot but Jimin knows he didn’t hit him that hard so he offers no apology.


“You think I like bandaging you up every time you start punching some dickwad?” Jimin snaps, lips pressing into a thin line as he takes in the state of Jeongguk’s hands. They’re already red and inflamed, a few knuckles scratched over, skin torn right off.


Jimin’s scent must be giving away how distressed the sight makes him because suddenly Jeongguk’s cupping his face in his hands, ice pack abandoned, a little furrow making it’s way between his brows as he frowns.


“I’m sorry,” he mumbles and Jimin rolls his eyes. Like he hasn’t heard that before.


“No, you’re not.”


“No,” Jeongguk starts, biting his lip as he holds back a smile. “I’m not.”


Jimin resists the urge to smack him again, pushing his hands away. He takes Jeongguk’s right hand and starts cleaning up the cuts, grabbing his tube of ointment to spread over the cuts and scrapes. 


“I just,” Jeongguk says quietly, a little more serious, “I want to protect you.”


“You do, baby,” Jimin assures, meeting his eyes. He’s a little taken aback by the sombre expression.


“But I can’t,” Jeongguk says helplessly, expression twisting into something tight, more closed off. “You shouldn’t have to ― ”


Jimin abandons his task, mirroring Jeongguk’s earlier actions as he cups Jeongguk’s face in his hands. He hates seeing Jeongguk like this, too. “You think I remember anything any of those assholes say? Especially when I have you.”


Jeongguk’s expression doesn’t change, features still pinched into anger, upset. Jimin leans in and kisses him, soft and loving, lips lingering against Jeongguk’s. He pulls back with a smile, carding his hand through Jeongguk’s hair, longer than it’s ever been.


“Besides,” he huffs, a little exaggerated, “don’t you just get into fights so I can bandage you up after? You think I don’t know, Jeon Jeonggukie?”


That brings a smile out of him, Jeongguk reaching for Jimin and drawing him in closer. He tugs Jimin right into his lap, picking him up easily until Jimin’s straddling him, a dopey grin on his face as he looks up at Jimin. 


Jimin winds his arms around Jeongguk’s neck, knows he probably looks as stupidly in love as he feels but he doesn’t find he cares. Not with Jeongguk.


“You caught me,” Jeongguk grins, and even with the swollen eye, he’s still the most handsome person Jimin’s even seen in his life. “I love it when you take care of me.”


“What a bad pup,” Jimin murmurs, kissing Jeongguk again, a little firmer, more intentional. And not for the first time, Jimin’s heart swells with so much love and affection, he doesn’t know what to do with it. He loves the way Jeongguk smiles, eyes crinkling up, bunny teeth on display in delight. He loves how Jeongguk always looks at him like the rest of the world’s just faded to nothing, there’s just them. The devotion sits white hot in his belly, reminds Jimin of how lucky he is, how he wants to cherish Jeongguk just as much in return.


“I thought you liked our little role play,” Jeongguk grins cheekily, pulling back just enough that Jimin can see the sparkle in his eyes. Well, his eye. The swelling on his left eye has almost shut it entirely. “Don’t you Nurse Park?”


Jimin cocks an eyebrow, thumb brushing over Jeongguk’s temple. “Nurse Park?”


“Since you’re always nursing me back to health.”


“Oh, is that right? Maybe this time I’ll let you get one of your cuts infected,” Jimin says, lips pursed and a little mean. “It’ll serve you right.”


Jeongguk pouts, gripping Jimin’s waist a little tighter. “You wouldn’t do that to your Alpha.”


Jimin snorts, pinching Jeongguk’s good cheek. “Who said you’re my Alpha?”


“So you’re seeing someone else?” Jeongguk counters, voice already hardening. They’ve been together for almost a year now. As if Jimin could even look at someone else.


“If I was seeing someone else,” Jimin says slowly, hands smoothing over Jeongguk’s clavicles through his thin white t-shirt and settling on his shoulders, “you’d have had an aneurysm by now with how jealous you get.”


Jeongguk can’t even deny it, jaw clenching as Jimin smiles at him fondly, always amused by Jeongguk’s fervor. “Like you’re any better,” he grumbles out, Jimin’s hand moving up to smooth the crease between his brows out.


“Guess that’s why we’re perfect for each other, hmm?” Jimin murmurs, nuzzling into Jeongguk’s scent gland and pressing a soft kiss there. It calms him down immediately, the spiciness of his scent wafting through their room. “Don’t want anyone but you.”


“You’re not allowed to want anyone else,” Jeongguk growls, nipping at Jimin’s scent gland. The effect is immediate as Jimin goes lax in his arms, head tilting submissively to bare his neck to Jeongguk.


“Okay, Alpha,” Jimin acquises easily, leaning in to scent Jeongguk again. He mouths over Jeongguk’s scent gland, shivering when Jeongguk does the same, his teeth sinking in possessively. He gets pulled into a messy kiss, head yanked up as Jeongguk fists a hand in his hair. Jeongguk’s far too aggressive for someone who’s got bruises all over. And maybe Jimin did like that Jeongguk always defended him. He just wished there was a way for Jeongguk to protect him without getting hurt.


After all, they were only together because Jeongguk had pumpelled the shit out of a handsy alpha who’d tried to feel Jimin up at a bar despite being told to fuck off.


There’s no doubt in Jimin’s mind or heart that Jeongguk is his Alpha, his mate. It was just a matter of the two of them both being ready and sometimes Jimin thinks they are, every single cell in his body singing as Jeongguk kisses him. Would it be so bad if he just sunk his teeth right into Jimin now and claimed him?


Jeongguk’s tongue pushes past his lips, licking into Jimin’s mouth, drawing a moan out of him as he clutches at Jeongguk a little tighter. The hand in his hair travels along his spine, meeting the one Jeongguk already has gripping his waist and he squeezes, their tongues sliding against one another. 


Jimin feels himself go a little hazy, always so easily swayed by Jeongguk’s arousal, his scent sharpening into something so pleasant and sweet. The first time Jimin had really breathed Jeongguk in, he’d thought his legs were going to give out, wet in seconds. 


He whines when Jeongguk sucks on his tongue, pulling back to suck on Jimin’s upper lip. When Jeongguk’s hands slip from his waist to cup his ass, Jimin squeaks at the way he squeezes it, heat flooding his cheeks.


“Jeonggukie,” Jimin breathes, his name swallowed between the two of them as Jeongguk only kisses him harder, hand slipping under Jimin’s shirt. Calloused fingers drag up his back, Jeongguk’s hot palm settling in the small of his back as he nibbles on Jimin’s plush lips, tongue swiping over the bites soothingly.


Somewhere in the back of his mind, Jimin knows he still needs to finish banading Jeongguk up but every time Jeongguk’s big hand kneads his hand, heat pools in his belly alluringly. It’s difficult to think straight when all he can smell is Jeongguk. He whines, hips grinding down all on their own, ass clenching around nothing in need.


Jeongguk’s fingers dig right between his cheeks and Jimin knows he’s wet, blushing even harder as he realises. He draws away panting, Jeongguk’s expression clouded with lust.


“You’re hurt,” Jimin mumbles, even as his eyes draw to Jeongguk’s mouth. “We can’t.”


“I’m fine,” Jeongguk argues, always stubborn.


“No.” Jimin holds strong, already moving to push off of Jeongguk’s lap despite his half hard cock. “I know he punched you in the side.”


“It doesn’t even hurt,” Jeongguk grouses but he doesn’t fight Jimin’s firm denial. He doesn’t let go of Jimin’s hand either though, tugs him right back into his lap once Jimin has his ointment in hand again.


“You gotta rest,” Jimin murmurs, applying the ointment to the hand he’d missed earlier. “And you need to ice your eye.”


“I dunno if I like Nurse Park all that much,” Jeongguk confesses, leaning back on his free hand. His t-shirt clings to the hard lines of his well-defined body and Jimin resolutely ignores how hot his boyfriend is, focusing instead on his injuries.


“Nurse Park doesn’t like troublemakers either,” Jimin retorts, letting go of Jeongguk’s hand to grab the ice pack. He can’t help himself when he leans forward to kiss Jeongguk just under his jaw, bringing the ice pack to his eye and placing it gingerly against it.


Jeongguk’s hands find Jimin’s waist again, his smile sly and a little triumphant. “And yet you love me anyways.”


Jimin resists the urge to roll his eyes, giving in to his fondness and smiles, indulgent. “And yet I love you anyways. Must be something wrong with me.”


“Nah,” Jeongguk denies, kissing the palm of the hand Jimin’s using to hold the ice pack to his face. Jeongguk wraps his hand around Jimin’s wrist, kissing the inside of it as well. “You’re perfect.”


“You’re not so bad yourself,” Jimin murmurs, giving Jeongguk a sweet peck on the mouth. And then as an afterthought, he adds, “Alpha.”


Jeongguk’s good eye darkens, his grip on Jimin’s wrist tightening. “Careful, little omega.”




“‘Cause I might just eat you up.”


“How terrible.”