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Pitch Black Darkness - 깜깜한 어둠

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"Adderall or Ecstasy?" A male voice caught the young man off guard. His head immediately turning to search for the source of the voice.
"Sorry, what?" Jungkook muttered as he sat up straight in his chair. One hand running through his dark and rather long hair.

He must have dozed off while reading email after email since his shift had begun 14 hours ago. Long hours in the office were nothing new to the young man these days, was it the only thing he was good at. Despite that he couldn't focus on anything else and probably couldn't sleep until he found out more about his case. Jung Hoseok, his partner stood in front of his desk, holding two mugs in his hands. He wore black suit trousers and the buttons of his white shirt were open a little more than usual, showing a silver necklace Jungkook had never noticed before.

"Tea or Coffee?" Hoseok repeated, showing a rather amusing expression while looking down at the confused young man. Jungkook ignored the joke his friend had made before, acting like he didn’t even hear it in the first place. It became an inside joke between them, to call anything containing caffeine a drug. Jungkook worked with him since about five months now, but still didn't get used to his humour.

"Yeah", Jungkook proceeded, trying to search for words, "Tea. Thanks, man." He forced a smile at Hoseok. Usually he would have gone for coffee, but he had reached his limit for the day.

His friend handed him a red mug. "You work too much, Jungkookie!" Hoseok remarked with a soft laugh, before taking a sip of his coffee.
Jungkook nodded as he thought about it and took a sip of his tea as well. "If I don't get some good answers real soon, Namjoon is gonna get mad." He put the mug down, feeling the taste of peppermint spread in his mouth. "Besides, I just want to solve this case already."
His colleague made a small noise in agreement.

The case. It was the first one Jungkook ever got involved in, since he started working for the National Intelligence Agency in Seoul. Namjoon, the team leader had offered him a spot in this team. It all started with a murder some weeks ago. Someone had strangled Hae Seong, a man with reputation. He was responsible for weapon importation and transactions in the city. People were afraid of him normally, because he had influence and connections. But it seemed as if the person who had killed him wasn’t agreeing on that.

Jungkook and Hoseok proceeded to talk for some time, when team leader Namjoon came around. He worked here much longer than him, still this was the first case he ever got. So Joon put together a team, trying to solve it. Namjoon seemed stressed as he greeted his colleagues.

"Meeting." He pointed his head towards the conference room. His voice was monotone, and he sounded as if he hadn’t slept in some time. Jungkook and Hoseok followed him through a glass door into the small room.

Everyone took a seat and looked at the files which were placed in the middle of the long glass table. The room had a grey carpet and the walls were white. The large windows on two sides of the room were covered with grey blinds and the glass table standing in the centre of the room was surrounded by eight black chairs.

"Alright." Namjoon exhaled looking at both his colleagues. His short brown hair was parted in the middle. As he took out a file and a pen, he fixed his black button up and shrugged his shoulders. “Good afternoon by the way.” Namjoon smiled faintly, expression tired.

Jungkook hadn't realized it was already afternoon. He lost track of time in this building. Namjoon gestured towards Hoseok. “I called together this meeting, because we got new information from a different department. Hobi you looked into those files already?”

Hoseok quickly continued opening a file in front of him and taking out a couple of pictures. "I checked a few ATM cameras from around the crime scene. And this is what I got." He spread the photographs on the table.

Visible was the street in which they found the body. On the photos was a dead-end street with a trashcan. The ground was wet as it had probably rained before.
“I assumed he was killed somewhere else and just dumped in the closest alley.” Hoseok implied. Crimes like that were uncommon in a city like Seoul, but it turned more corrupt with each day. Gangs ruled the streets, ruled the market. Prostitution, Murder, Drugs became trivial, especially if you were practically an enemy to all that, trying to protect innocent lives or in this case save them.

“But I was wrong.” Hobi continued and pointed to a different photograph. It showed the victim and another man coming out of a building that lead to the dead-end street. The unknown man had pushed Hae Seong to the ground and strangled him with what seemed like his bare hands.

“This guy right here.” Hobi remarked and pointed to another picture where the men were more visible. The man stopped strangling Hae, as he was probably already dead. A silver car had pulled up in front of the alley. The unknown man was walking towards it. He was tall, had brown hair and wore a black coat. His hands were hiding in his pockets.
The next picture showed the man directly looking up at the ATM camera. A shiver ran down Jungkook’s spine. He was looking right at him. Not even trying to hide. An evil smirk had clearly formed on the unknown man’s lips.

“As you can see the murderer was this man right here. And it seems he wanted us to know.” Hoseok sounded a little scared at this point, voice small in comparison to before.

“Good Job Hoseok.” Namjoon pat him on the shoulder. “Information on the man?” He continued.

Hoseok inhaled. “Thanks to my unbelievably smart brain I could identify the Silver Hyundai, as I saw the license plate.” He laughed at his little joke. A short and scary laugh. “The man. Kim Taehyung. Cousin of the fucking head of Daecheonsa, Kim Seokjin.” He tilted his head as he said that name. Namjoon sighed and leaned back in his seat, running a hand to his neck and exhaling loudly.

Jungkook too made a surprised sound and widened his eyes. Daecheonsa. A group where the most terrifying and intimidating people gathered. They were corrupt. Responsible for most of the murders, crimes, drug sales, as well as prostitution. They were basically everybody’s nightmare.

“So, Kim killed Hae. Clearly.” Namjoon said, more to himself. Still, Hoseok nodded and approved.

Jungkook thought this through for a moment. Glancing at the pictures, at the young man in the coat. He put a finger to his nose and slowly moved it underneath his eye to his temple. “Well now we know that, how do we bring him behind bars?”