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Kissing You

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Although their reputation preceded them, Lan Zhan had never met Xiao Xingchen and Song Lan before. They were all rumour said - and more. There was something between them, in the wordless glances they exchanged, in the way their bodies unconsciously always oriented towards the other, how they were perfectly in sync. It was a bond Lan Zhan recognised with a soul-deep longing.

Wei Ying seemed similarly drawn to them, and Lan Zhan's fingers tightened painfully around Bichen's hilt in an effort to keep calm. The way Wei Ying talked, he made it almost sound as if he wanted them to be cultivation partners. Hope beat its wings like a bird inside Lan Zhan's chest, hope that only grew when they made their way back towards the inn with their prisoner. They were walking at the back of the group, and Wei Ying couldn't stop talking about the two daozhang, their plans to found a new sect and the fact that Xiao Xingchen was disciple to Baoshen Sanren.

Once they were alone in the room they shared, Wei Ying trailed off, looking thoughtfully into the distance, causing Lan Zhan to say quietly, "If Wei Ying wants, we can go look for your Grandmaster once we put the Yin Iron to rest."

It didn't feel like much of an offer, considering they had no idea how, when and if the situation would resolve itself, but Wei Ying's entire face lit up. Sitting down next to Lan Zhan on the edge of his bed, he looked for a moment as if he wanted to hug him. Instead he settled on patting his arm, still beaming at him as if he'd given him a great gift.

"You'd do that for me?" Wei Ying's delighted laughter pearled over Lan Zhan like a bubbling brook. "Oh, Lan Zhan, you do like me!"

"Ridiculous." How could Wei Ying still have doubts? Lan Zhan frowned slightly and decided to prove his point the only way he knew: Sliding one arm around Wei Ying's waist and his other hand into his silky black tresses, he kissed him, firm and deep, coaxing his lips apart with his tongue. His laughter swallowed by Lan Zhan's mouth, Wei Ying immediately wrapped both hands around his neck and pressed closer. His eagerness made Lan Zhan lightheaded, and he guided him backwards until Wei Ying was on his back with Lan Zhan kneeling above him. Breaking their kiss, Lan Zhan fixed him with what he hoped was a stern look, although his voice came out sounding rather hoarse: "Be quiet. People around."

"As long as you don't stop, I'll do my best." Wei Ying smirked up at him cheekily, but added more seriously when Lan Zhan obviously wasn't satisfied with this answer, "Really, I promise. I don't want Jiang Cheng and the others to find out any more than you do."

The words hurt more than they had any right to, but Lan Zhan swallowed the bitter taste in his mouth and instead divested himself of his robes. The appreciation in Wei Ying's eyes as he bared himself did help a little, as did the sight of Wei Ying undressed underneath him, all soft skin and lean muscle, a flush working its way down his chest. Leaning down for another kiss, Lan Zhan lost himself in Wei Ying, which was easy when he got to touch and caress him all over, feel him tremble and gasp, a hand pressed over his mouth to silence himself.

They were almost the same height and fit together perfectly, Lan Zhan slotting himself between Wei Ying's thighs, sucking bruises into Wei Ying's neck while their hips rocked together, sending heat spiraling through their bodies. After a while, Lan Zhan sat up a little, a small bolt of triumph soaring through him when Wei Ying whined in protest but remained where he was while Lan Zhan removed a small bottle from the heap of his clothing.

When he poured some of it over his hand, an appreciative laugh escaped Wei Ying, and he teased, "Wow, Lan Zhan, you came prepared! Whatever are you going to do to me..."

"Shameless," Lan Zhan replied, covering for the uncertainty he felt when he thought of doing that with Wei Ying. He wanted it, wanted to know Wei Ying in every way possible, yet he was afraid that being so close would make his inevitable heartbreak when Wei Ying found someone else hurt even worse. Still, he couldn't help but notice that Wei Ying hadn't sounded in the least scared or disgusted at the prospect.

For now, however, Lan Zhan wrapped his slick hand around both their erections, making them both shudder in pleasure. Covering his mouth again, Wei Ying pushed unrestrainedly into his grasp, and Lan Zhan couldn't look away from the picture he made, spread out naked on his back, his hair fanning out behind him, his skin beautifully tan against Lan Zhan's paleness.

Not once stopping his ministrations, Lan Zhan fumbled for the bottle and managed to coat his index finger, not caring at this moment that he was making a mess. Pushing one of Wei Ying's thighs up, he let his fingers wander over his balls and further back. Wei Ying gasped, back arching off the bed, and Lan Zhan gathered his courage and slid his slick finger between his cheeks. Parting them a little, he found the tight circle of muscle and circled it.

"Lan Zhan!" Wei Ying's shout was muffled, but only barely, and Lan Zhan paused, catching Wei Ying's eyes in a silent question. They were more black than brown, pupils blown, and after a moment's hesitation Wei Ying nodded eagerly. Continuing to rub their erections together, Lan Zhan took a steadying breath and carefully, ever so carefully, breached Wei Ying, alternating glances between what he was doing and Wei Ying's face.

He needn't have worried, however, because Wei Ying, obviously having made up his mind, was soon pushing back against the intrusion, forcing more than the tip of Lan Zhan's finger inside. It was hot and incredibly tight, and Lan Zhan narrowed his eyes and bit his lower lip in order not to lose his focus. For some reason this made Wei Ying's entire body shake, and he quickly grabbed a pillow, a muffled scream escaping as Lan Zhan crooked his finger inside Wei Ying. He repeated the motion, pulling out and pushing back in, until Wei Ying suddenly let go of the pillow and grabbed on to Lan Zhan instead.

Pulled forward forcefully, he was forced to quickly remove his finger in order to catch his weight with one arm. The startled sound he made was swallowed by Wei Ying, however, who kissed him with a greedy abandon that made Lan Zhan's head spin and his every nerve tingle. He was still holding their hard cocks in one hand, the rocking of their bodies pushing them together in a delicious rhythm, and Wei Ying tore his mouth away from Lan Zhan's in order to bury his teeth in his shoulder as he came in spurts over both their stomachs.

It was probably the quietest Wei Ying had ever been when climaxing, but it wasn't any less entrancing to Lan Zhan. After holding Wei Ying through the aftershocks, all he needed was the touch of Wei Ying's hands around his erection, slick with oil and Wei Ying's release, to follow him, pleasure shooting through his veins like lightning.

He only just managed not to topple on top of Wei Ying, rolling to the side instead, warm with satisfaction when Wei Ying immediately curled up around him. It didn't last long, however, before Wei Ying wrinkled his nose and sat up. "Ugh, you made such a mess, Lan Zhan!"

"We," he corrected and was rewarded by Wei Ying sticking out his tongue playfully.

"Alright, we made a mess," Wei Ying grinned widely. "I guess that means we'll have to share a bed tonight."

"Mn," Lan Zhan agreed. His heartbeat, only just recovering from his orgasm, hammered loudly in his ears at the prospect of holding Wei Ying in his arms all night. Maybe this would be enough, even if Wei Ying never reciprocated his feelings. Maybe, just maybe, he could have this; Wei Ying in his bed and by his side, roaming the world together, like Xiao Xingchen and Song Lan.

It was a beautiful dream.