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Kissing You

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"Ancestor, you haven't told us where the other shards of Yin Iron are!"

Wei Ying's call remained unanswered. Lan Zhan wasn't surprised, he had felt the last remnants of Lan Yi's spiritual energy disperse along with her physical form. Turning away from Wei Ying, he scooped up the Yin Iron and deposited it in a spirit-locking pouch. It wasn't enough to contain it, of course, but it would have to do until he could hand it over to his uncle and brother.

Having secured the pouch, he then set off along a passage way at the back of the cave. Wei Ying yelped as he was pulled along, and Lan Zhan was reminded of the fact that they were still connected by his headband. It wasn't quite a marriage bond, but he had let Wei Ying touch his headband, and they had bowed before his Ancestor together. It should feel sacrilegious, instead a feeling of rightness spread warmly through Lan Zhan whenever he glanced down at their bound wrists.

Shaking his head in hopes of clearing his mind, Lan Zhan looked away and sped up his pace. He couldn't allow himself such flights of fancy, not when Wei Ying was completely oblivious and would certainly not appreciate the path Lan Zhan's thoughts were taking.

"Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan, not so fast," Wei Ying protested, only proving his point. Unwillingly, Lan Zhan slowed down a little but kept his gaze firmly fixed ahead, as if he was completely focused on trying to find an exit. Undaunted, Wei Ying rambled on, "Lan Zhan, I really liked your Ancestor. Who'd have thought the Lan sect had such an adventurous leader at one point - and she knew Baoshen Sanren! I wish I'd had time to ask her more."

Suddenly he stopped, forcing Lan Zhan to come to a halt as well. When he turned to glower at him in annoyance, he was caught short by the uncharacteristic look of uncertainty on Wei Ying's face. "Do you think she approved of me? I know I keep making fun of your sect, but I do want her to like me."

"Why?" The question slipped out before Lan Zhan could stop himself.

Wei Ying bit his lower lip, seemingly at a loss for words for a change, absentmindedly fiddling with the headband around his wrist, bringing them closer in the process. Finally, eyes lowered, he said in a quiet voice, "Like I told you, I respect you. And if your Ancestor likes me, maybe it'll make you respect me, too?"

It was not at all what Lan Zhan had expected, and his treacherous heart gave a hopeful flutter. He squashed it down firmly and settled on replying to the less fraught part of Wei Ying's question: "She did like you."

"Oh, Lan Zhan - does that mean you like me, too - just a little?" Glancing up at him, a smile like a sunrise transformed Wei Ying's face. Before Lan Zhan could find a way to respond that wouldn't betray just how much he liked him, Wei Ying had closed the little distance between them and kissed him.

Quickly overcoming his surprise, Lan Zhan gave in, as always immediately drowning in the sensation of Wei Ying's lips, the tangle of their tongues, the pressure of their bodies. They were both standing barefoot in the snow, but cold was the furthest thing from Lan Zhan's mind. Wei Ying was a furnace against him, and when he wrapped his arms around Lan Zhan's neck, the movement forced his hand up as well, their wrists still being connected. He slid his fingers into Wei Ying's damp hair, tilting his head for better access and nipped at his lower lip. Moaning, Wei Ying inserted a knee between Lan Zhan's thighs and pushed forward hungrily until Lan Zhan's back hit the wall of the cave.

Instead of the expected pain, however, he felt the rock behind him giving way. Stumbling, Lan Zhan fell straight through the mountain, pulling Wei Ying along by the headband. He landed on his back out in the open, a flailing and babbling Wei Ying on top of him - right in front of Jiang Wanyin and Wen Qing's astonished eyes.