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Kissing You

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Lan Zhan didn't know when his brother had become such a meddler. First he suggested Lan Zhan become friends with Wei Ying, then he assigned them the same room at the inn, and now this. Now Wei Ying was here, at the cold springs, calling his name as if he hadn't just received 300 hits.

His irrepressible spirit was unlike anything Lan Zhan had experienced before, and despite the icy cold water, he suddenly felt quite warm. He also became very aware of his nudity, which was ridiculous, considering everything he and Wei Ying had already done. They'd never been naked together, however, and Lan Zhan quickly put on his robes, needing them to shield him from the shining light that was Wei Ying's smile and his simple admission, "I want to be your friend."

It sent Lan Zhan's usually so orderly mind into turmoil, and he barely heard Wei Ying's chatter over the deafening beating of his heart. He couldn't help but notice Wei Ying beginning to unrobe, however, and desire flared hotly in his stomach. Before he could control himself, Lan Zhan had grabbed the belt of Wei Ying's hanfu, swallowing Wei Ying's surprised gasp with a kiss.

His hands made quick work of the belt, and he pushed Wei Ying's yi off his shoulders. Throwing both blindly towards the shore he began to explore Wei Ying's chest and arms, running his hands over his shoulders and down his back. Wei Ying laughed breathlessly into their kiss, "Oh, Lan Zhan, why did you bother getting dressed if you just want us to be naked now?"

With that he nimbly removed Lan Zhan's outer tunic, his hands worming their way inside his inner garment, leaving trails of fire on Lan Zhan's skin despite the cold from the spring. The need to be ever closer burned through him, and he hefted Wei Ying up in one decisive motion and deposited him on a rock at the water's edge. Wei Ying squealed in surprise and delight at this casual display of strength, but it quickly turned into a loud moan when Lan Zhan pulled down his trousers and wrapped his hand around him.

His own cock was also filling rapidly, especially when Wei Ying locked his ankles behind his back and brought their hips together, making both of them gasp into their kiss, which was all hunger and need. Lan Zhan's erection slid between Wei Ying's thighs, and the part of Lan Zhan that had shamefacedly peeked at some cutsleeve pillowbooks after the incident in the Library Pavilion filled his mind with images of what they were only mimicking now.

However, despite his lack of experience he knew that this was not the place, even should Wei Ying be willing, which he wasn't certain of and didn't know how to ask. For now, Lan Zhan was more than happy to lick and bite his way down Wei Ying's neck and chest while their hips ground against each other in a tantalising rhythm. When he paused at Wei Ying's peaked nipples, he was rewarded with a gasp of his name, so he repeated the experiment, all the while never letting up the steady motion of his hand around Wei Ying's cock.

It got easier as Wei Ying began leaking at the tip, so Lan Zhan doubled down, enthralled by the sight and sensation of Wei Ying falling completely apart under his ministrations. He was the cause of this, he made Wei Ying first shout and arch and then cling to him tightly as aftershocks ran through him, mouth blindly seeking Lan Zhan's.

When he opened his eyes again, he blinked up at Lan Zhan with something close to wonder, before his usual cheeky smile transformed his face again. "Now it's your turn. What do you want, Lan Zhan?"

Overwhelmed, words caught in his throat, Lan Zhan settled on showing him, pushing his knees together so his thighs formed a tight tunnel around his weeping erection. To his credit Wei Ying caught on immediately, pulling Lan Zhan further on top of him, enabling him to slide more easily into the cradle of his legs. It couldn't possibly be comfortable, lying on his back on a rock, but Wei Ying simply wrapped his arms around Lan Zhan and kissed him deeply, fingers digging into his shoulders.

Lan Zhan didn't need any more encouragement, getting lost in the maelstrom of feelings and sensations, all caused by this enchanting creature below him. When Lan Zhan was too breathless to continue kissing Wei Ying, the latter switched to mouthing at his neck, only interrupted by the occasional utterance of, "Yes, Lan Zhan, so beautiful, come for me!"

Lan Zhan could only obey, hiding his face against Wei Ying's neck because he was beginning to be afraid of what he might let slip. Once he trusted himself not to be an open book, he extricated himself from Wei Ying's embrace and gathered their clothes. Wei Ying let him go willingly enough, and Lan Zhan covered himself again, hoping against hope that his robes would help armour his heart.