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Kissing You

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Wei Ying knew that his greatest fault was his habit of acting without thinking. It got him into trouble more often than not, although luckily he usually managed to talk his way out of any serious consequences.

Case in point: He honestly hadn't intended to put Lan Zhan out of commission. But despite being the most sober of the three disciples Lan Zhan had caught drinking Emperor's Smile, his inhibitions had been lowered just enough that Lan Zhan's icy refusal to join them or even so much as look at him made Wei Ying even more desperate for the Second Jade's attention. He really hadn't expected Lan Zhan to be so susceptible to his suggestions - was that a general weakness or had maybe, just maybe Lan Zhan's feelings towards him softened a little?

After all, the night before, at Lake Biling, he had let him fall asleep in his arms, even if he hadn't stayed.

Still, Wei Ying definitely hadn't expected to have Lan Zhan in his bed the very next night, and not for any fun reasons but because he'd passed out drunk after one single cup of liquor. It should be hilarious, but instead Wei Ying's stomach did a funny little twist at the sight, which he chalked up to his own tipsiness.

The sensation only got worse when Lan Zhan called him "Wei-gege," and Wei Ying quickly distracted himself by trying to right Lan Zhan's crooked headband. Turned out that Lan Zhan hated being disorderly even when drunk, although Wei Ying figured slapping his hands away was unnecessarily rude.

As payback he teased Lan Zhan about never getting a wife, swallowing back vinegar at the thought of Lan Zhan married to some pretty female cultivator. Touching her, kissing her, making lots of little cultivator babies with her... It really was a completely ridiculous idea. Even Lan Zhan seemed to agree.

But of course Wei Ying couldn't leave well enough alone, once again managing to put his foot in his mouth with his stupid comment about Lan Zhan's mother. Lan Zhan didn't reply, but something in his demeanour changed, making Wei Ying feel about one chi tall. He never really talked about his parents, yet it only felt right to do so now. As usual, Lan Zhan didn't say anything, but Wei Ying could feel him listening. It was... nice. More than nice, and when he stopped talking, it felt only natural to lean in press a gentle kiss to the bow of Lan Zhan's mouth.

It opened immediately under his touch, a small sigh escaping Lan Zhan even as his hands came up and pulled Wei Ying closer. It really was strange, how someone as rigid and formal as Lan Zhan could be so warm and spontaneous when it came to this. If Wei Ying didn't know better, he'd get a big head knowing that he was the only one who got to see perfect Lan Wangji like this, the only one he touched and kissed and embraced until they were both breathless with it.

As it was, with Lan Zhan pressing him back onto his bed and covering him with his body, it was easy to forget that, whatever this was between them, it was only an aberration, since Lan Zhan had made it quite clear that he barely considered them friends. And it wasn't as if Wei Ying wanted Lan Zhan to confess to him or something - they were both just doing this because it felt good.

And it did feel good - more than good, it felt wonderful, and Wei Ying bucked upwards against Lan Zhan, seeking friction. Lan Zhan responded in kind, and they rocked against each other, kissing becoming more and more difficult as arousal flared hot between them. As always, Lan Zhan redirected his attention to Wei Ying's neck, the pressure of teeth sending currents of pleasure through Wei Ying, making him moan and gasp.

Suddenly Lan Zhan stiffened, his entire body shuddering against Wei Ying without a single sound. It took a moment for Wei Ying to realise that Lan Zhan was coming - silent in this as he was in everything else. Immediately after followed the realisation that Lan Zhan had passed out, right on top of him, his breath evening out against his neck.

Caught between frustration and amusement, Wei Ying chose laughter as he always did, and began working his way out from under the weight pinning him to the mattress. He only had himself to blame, after all.