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Kissing You

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The impertinent Jiang disciple was still talking, perched on the wall with his forbidden liquor, and Lan Zhan's fingers itched with the desire to use the silencing spell on him again.

However, strangely enough, there was also a different, unfamiliar urge growing inside him, which had taken root during their previous fight. It was rare that someone gave Lan Zhan any trouble, and he'd been surprised to discover how talented Wei Wuxian was. It made him feel quite... excited, his heart beating faster, warmth spreading through his limbs.

Yet another insult was hurled at him and, following a sudden impulse, Lan Zhan jumped onto the roof, landing smoothly right in front of Wei Wuxian, startling him into silence. It didn't last, of course - but when Wei Wuxian opened his mouth to speak again, Lan Zhan followed an even stranger impulse: He covered his mouth with his own.

It wasn't a proper kiss, even Lan Zhan knew that, just a pressing of lips against each other, and Wei Wuxian drew a sharp breath. Lan Zhan almost pulled back, mortified - however, the next moment Wei Wuxian's lips softened and he began to kiss back. Lan Zhan's heart raced, his usually so orderly mind in complete turmoil. Still he didn't stop, only pressed in closer, not even put off when his tongue met the taste of liquor in Wei Wuxian's mouth.

It was the crashing of that jar of Emperor's Smile onto the ground which finally startled them apart, and Wei Wuxian hastily removed his hands from where they'd begun to creep inside Lan Zhan's hanfu. Pouting, he crossed his arms. "Look what you've made me do - two jars of Emperor's Smile, lost!"

"Shut you up, though." Ignoring his tingling lips and hot ears, Lan Zhan turned and fled. Laughing, Wei Wuxian followed.