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Avengers, Assemble (Over Text)

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// Chat: Bitch Brigade \\
Chat Description: Steve has a nice ass - Tony xoxo Members: 5 ---

yellowshades: so like,,,

yellowshades: im bored as hell

DinnerPlate: Tony, put your phone away. I can see it and if Mr. Thanos does he will confiscate it.

yellowshades: i'll put it away in a min, stevie xx

cobwebs: whos the new kid??? are they in your class?

DinnerPlate: Peter, put your phone away. You're supposed to be in class.

cobwebs: sorry mom

DinnerPlate: It's okay xx

yellowshades: yea hes in our class. his names pietro i think hes wandas brother or smth

DinnerPlate: Tony, phone. He's looking at you.

yellowshades: itll be fine stop stressing

yellowshades: fuck wait no hes coming over

DinnerPlate: I told you he'd take it off you, Tony.

cobwebs: f


Chat Description: Quill will steal ur tacos be careful
Members: 5

starstudent: bro this new kid is so hOt-

starstudent: HES LIKE,,,

starstudent: TOO HOT BRO

starstudent: @TrashMan ROCKET HELP ME

TrashMan: shut up quill im in engineering

starstudent: BUT-

TrashMan: NO

Gammy: omg

Gammy: one of my babies having a crush on wanda maximoff's bro???

Gammy: you love to see it

starstudent: gamora help hes so fucking hot i cant stop starign

Gammy: god ur a bisexual mess quill

starstudent: sHuT-

growingweed: wha

Gammy: hush groot u need to pay attention

growingweed: you do too but youre still on your phone

Gammy: hush, mom knows this already. this is revision.


Gammy: sucks to be tony lmao

TrashMan: haha loser

starstudent: bro, if we're gonna be put in pairs, i want pietro holy shit

Gammy: omg quill

Gammy: i didnt raise a slut


//Bitch Brigade\\
Chat Description: Steve has a nice ass - Tony xoxo
Members: 5

yellowshades: IM BACK BABYYYY

DinnerPlate: You don't have to wait until the rest of the day?

yellowshades: nahh bc i decided to behave until the end of class and i got it back :)

cobwebs: trust me i was just as surprised mom

DrAggression: Tony behaving for once?? Never knew it could happen lol

yellowshades: just for my phone other than that fuck that i hate mr thanos so much

cobwebs: i dont think anyone likes him :/

DinnerPlate: Yeah, even Loki dislikes him..


yellowshades: easy with the caps thor


yellowshades: but yeah no one likes thanos hes a dick

cobwebs: he tried to expel me for not handing in my homework for the 2nd time

DinnerPlate: The one I helped you with?

cobwebs: yeah i forgot it at home then it got wet so i had to write it out again :)

DrAggression: How tf did it get w e t?

cobwebs: i got home and spilt water all over my desk

yellowshades: at least mr fury is cool :)

THUNDERTHIGHS: My dad is cool

yellowshades: hes just not tho

yellowshades: hes a dick to u and loki

cobwebs: he yelled a mom once

yellowshades: what?

DinnerPlate: I answered a question wrong and he went on a rant about his whole class (emphasising myself and Peter especially) is "stupid".

DinnerPlate: It's fine though.

DinnerPlate: I'm over it.

yellowshades: when did this happen????

cobwebs: last week,,, mom said not to say anything tho

yellowshades: bro im gonna puncj him

DinnerPlate: Please don't, Tony

cobwebs: DO IT DAD


DinnerPlate: NO




cobwebs: GET HIM DAD!

DrAggression: I'm staying quiet this is too good tnsojdf

DinnerPlate: BRUCE HELP ME

//hey we're gay\\
Chat Description: i thought we were americans???
Members: 3

limes: clint where are u?

arrowhead: detention?

limes: what???

limes: why???

arrowhead: i fought bucky ???

limes: omg that was a joke???

limes: bucky where are u???

stayfrosty: detention also???

limes: ???

arrowhead: ok the question marks need to stop dkdnfi

stayfrosty: mxkxflcm we didnt actually fight btw we were messing around in science

limes: k but srsly tho im all alone

stayfrosty: eat ur lunch in the bathroom, u wont

limes: ew no

limes: thats where p e a s a n t s stay

arrowhead: be a good lime

arrowhead: and sit with ur brother

limes: nO

stayfrosty: yea, go sit with thor and co

arrowhead: u kno u want to loki

limes: i realy dont

arrowhead: do*

stayfrosty: do it

limes: what is this peer pressure? i feel neglected i want detention

arrowhead: u rlly dont its mr thanos

limes: yeah im gonna go sit with thor cya nerds

Chat Description: Quill will steal ur tacos be careful
Members: 5

BiggieDrax: is that a wild loki sitting with stark's crew???

starstudent: omg

starstudent: rarepicoflokilaughing.png

Gammy: quill hows it going with ur crush?

starstudent: excuse me we're focusing on loki and thor??

TrashMan: wholesome brother hours???

starstudent: exactly

Gammy: sorry but im shifting the attention to pietro

starstudent: shut

Gammy: i am ur mother and u will tell me all about ur crush

starstudent: its nOthing we just sorta smiled at each other and i almost screamed rndlidn

Gammy: omg ur a fucking disaster. he. smiled. at. you. you bi-cycle

starstudent: shush

starstudent: hes cute u'd feel the same if u had feelings for him

BiggieDrax: he is p hot no homo

starstudent: SEE

Gammy: eh

starstudent: the fuck u mean eh?? hes so hOt

Gammy: hes not my type tbh

Gammy: but he is good looking

TrashMan: we gonna talk about the fact Wanda is smiling so fucking bright and shes literally so adorable.

TrashMan: like, i wanna be her friend bc of how adorable she is

starstudent: oo rocket likes wanda??

TrashMan: not like that but shes rlly cool

Gammy: her fashions amazing too

BiggieDrax: yeah, wandas awesome

growingweed: why are you all on your phones??? we're eating lunch we can speak to each other???

starstudent: eh

Gammy: eh

BiggieDrax: eh

TrashMan: ehhh

growingweed: omg

//Bitch Brigade\\
Chat Description: Steve has a nice ass - Tony xoxo
Members: 5

cobwebs: when is loki gonna join this chat?? hes p cool

yellowshades: idk lol its up to thor?


DinnerPlate: Guys, get off your phones and talk to each other, please.

cobwebs: sorryyyy

DinnerPlate: It's okay, Peter :)

yellowshades: omg u used a smiley face

cobwebs: omg

//hey we're gay\\
Chat Description: i thought we were americans???
Members: 3

stayfrosty: uhh,,, clint?

arrowhead: whassup??

stayfrosty: hows it

arrowhead: lol im bored out of my mind

arrowhead: probably gonna starve

: we get out in about 3 mins then u can get food

arrowhead: do u think we're getting loki back??

stayfrosy: lol idk

arrowhead: :(

limes: lol yall can sit with us

arrowhead: actually, loki i cant sit anywhEre

limes: i have haemorrhoids

stayfrosty: rip vine

arrowhead: djkxosjdidb

limes: why are we holding onto vines so much??

stayfrosty: idk tbh, its kinda how we all became friends

arrowhead: good times

stayfrosty: ^

limes: ^^