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Ready Player Two

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Shigaraki has created the chat room "L.O.V"

They have added Izuku Midoriya, Toga Himiko, Dabi and six other users.


Izuku Midoriya: owo wots dis?

Toga Himiko: shhhh don't question it!!!

Dabi: ....
Dabi: I can't believe you done this

~Dabi has left the chat~

Izuku Midoriya: hah pussy couldn't handle the pure chaos this chat already emits

Toga Himiko: aww izu these names are so boring I need to change them


Izuku Midoriya: go right ahead I'm tired to seeing my full name.

Toga Himiko: yayyyyy

~Toga has changed her name to VampCatto~
~VampCatto has changed Izuku Midoriya's name to ASSassin~
~VampCatto changed Shigaraki Tomura's name to DustyMcgee~

VampCatto: aww sad dabi ain't here anymore...

ASSassin; first of all love the names darling you have captured our pure chaotic essence

Second of all I will get dabi back in here gest giv meh uno momento

~ASSassin has added Dabi into the chat~

Dabi: fuck leave me be I was doing no wrong why must you torture me

ASSassin: bitch you need to be apart of this disfunctional family too you fucking burnt piece of emo bacon

VampCatto: svhfhgff hahaha burnt piece of emo bacon!!

Dabi: rude

ASSassin: r U d E

VampCatto: hsijsjsjsjdhsj omi god dabi ur ass getting roasted and toasted

Kurogiri: children please no bullying Dabi

ASSassin: aww okay Momgiri

VampCatto: yeah sorry Mamagiri!

DustyMcgee: all right you fuckers I made this chat for e m e r g e n c I e s not for you fucktards to socialize and shit

VampCatto: aw izu look shiggy feels left out!

VampCatto: oh yeah before I forget...

~VampCatto changed Dabi's name to BurntEmoBacon~
~VampCatto changed Kurogiri's name to FBI~

BurntEmoBacon: well fuck you too then

ASSassin: aw come on cheer up dabi we're just messing around no harm comes from a little fun

BurntEmoBacon: yeah tell that to the many people you have injured when you set those building on fire for "fun"

ASSassin: hey bitch that don't count

BurntEmoBacon: and why the fuck not?

ASSassin: coz technically those were jobs I ain't doin those for fun

BurntEmoBacon: you sure looked like you were having fun like a deranged child with a flamethrower and a few gallons of gasoline

I seriously still don't know how you got out of that alive

ASSassin: I'm kinda like a cockroach annoying and hard to kill

BurntEmoBacon: can I get a amen?

Twice: amen

Twice: nah bro he's fam

VampCatto: Omi god one of the cryptids appear!!

ASSassin: says the one who was slowly becoming a cryptid themself

VampCatto: hey I was just enjoying some quality entertainment

Why u gotta call me out on this?

ASSassin: hey my dudes where's all the Twinkies at I'm starving

FBI: izuku I put them out of reach
You have been on a sugar high for three days you need sleep

ASSassin: sleep is for the weak like @DustyMcgee over there

DustyMcgee: hey shut it at least I don't look like a piece of cauliflower

ASSassin: wow you just had to bring that up you bitch

DustyMcgee: then quit talking shit you fucker

ASSassin: excuse me but that is the only language I know

Also @FBI tanks for telling me where the snacks are

FBI: what

ASSassin: yeah you said outta my reach that usually means you hid them in the vent above the fridge

Yeet I'm outta here

VampCatto: where ya goin izu?

ASSassin: somewhere where I can eat my Twinkies in peace

BurntEmoBacon: I've heard U.A and endewhores office are brilliant places to eat snacks you stolen especially when your a wanted criminal responsible for the deaths of hundreds of people including a few pro heroes.

ASSassin: damn so subtle you could've just told me to go fuck off and get caught or sum shit

ASSassin: eh I guess it's time to die then baii

~ASSassin has went offline~

VampCatto: damn dabi if he ends up dead I'm killing you too

DustyMcgee: if izu dies I'm killing eveyone

VampCatto: mood

DustyMcgee: toga stfu

VampCatto: why are u and dabs so salty???

Lol Dabs
Wait Dabi have u ever dabbed?!!!??!?

BurntEmoBacon: ah fuck off toga

DustyMcgee: all right who fucking changed my name

VampCatto: hajajjsdk he JUST noticed!!!