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Sandwiched in Seven Days

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Monday - Towa

A kiss on the lips was a wonderful way to say "good morning". A kiss further down was even better.

Once Koh got going on Towa's dick, he couldn't stop at just a kiss. Years of beating the rays of the rising sun to train had made him restless even in the early hours of the mornings. Only one part of Towa, the part that pitched a tent under the thin blanket, was up to play with Koh.

The rest of Towa could join in later, after he was refreshed by sleep. He didn't stir as Koh nuzzled the curls between Towa's legs, the scent of animalistic musk reminding Koh of how he helped to clean this part of Towa with a damp cloth last night. Praising himself for planning ahead, Koh mouthed along Towa's cock to feel it extend into its generous length.

Though its bigness didn't match Towa's small frame and slight build, Towa was never shy about it. In fact, his fondness for proving to Koh what he could do with it was one of the many reasons why Koh was fond of him.

As Koh crammed more and more of Towa's dick into his mouth, he became aware of a parched sensation at the back of his throat. His craving for a glass of water was brief, for the feel of Towa's fingers in his hair brought him back on track.

He heard Towa mumble, a little sleepiness still in his voice, "It's so like you to be thirsty for cock."


Koh couldn't say anything more, not when he was focused on proving how thirsty he was. He didn't realise that his hips had started moving on their own and shaking the bed until Towa yanked at the bad of his head, hard enough to pull Koh off his cock. Koh's control over his reactions allowed him to let go immediately and open his mouth wide as he grimaced in pain, keeping his teeth away from Towa's cock.

"What did we say about coming on your own?" Towa asked, twisting his fingers around the strands of Koh's hair.

"It's not allowed," Koh gasped. "But I can control myself, I swear."

"Can you?"

Towa obviously thought he couldn't. After dragging Koh up on the bed, he flipped their positions so that he could fuck Koh's mouth. Koh went along with what Towa wanted, flattening his back along the mattress and relaxing his jaw around Towa's cock. The rhythm of Towa's thrusts and the salty taste on his tongue distracted him from the lack of friction on his cock, and to further take his mind off his own needs, he stroked his hands down Towa's spine and over the cheeks of Towa's ass.

At some point, Koh had shut his eyes and missed the moment of Towa drawing back to spray his come all over Koh's face. Whether Towa had done so to punish Koh for closing his eyes or as a precaution against choking Koh with his come, Koh could ask later. For now, he tipped his face up as Towa wiped away the fluid on his lips and around his eyes before giving his first kiss for the day.

When he looked at Towa again, Towa was smirking at him in a way that made him wish he had taken a couple more seconds to admire Towa's cute, defenseless sleeping face.

"Good morning," Towa said and reached for Koh's cock.

Thursday - Bamba

The trick to ease Bamba's discomfort about sleeping with someone more than once, as Koh found out all by himself, was to pretend not to be a 'someone'.

The morning began with him climbing into Bamba's bed and on top of Bamba himself while making noises with the back of his throat. The noises that Koh made wasn't jokey sounds like "woof woof"; he used the mannerisms of Tyramigo and the animals he met in the village as his inspiration to put on a convincing act. Most importantly, he had to convince Bamba that he wasn't a kid playing around and was willing to use unusual ways of calming down Bamba's urge to flee and put a distance between them.

The first time that Koh got on all fours for Bamba was strange for both of them, but it was enough to hit home that Bamba couldn't brush Koh away that easily. So Koh stuck around and as he got into playing the role of Bamba's pet, it became easier for Bamba to treat what they were doing as a game and show affection towards Koh through slipping into the role of Koh's owner.

From the firmness of Bamba's pat on his head, Koh could tell whether he should help Bamba get into character. That morning, Bamba's awkward pat told Koh that he ought to exaggerate his pet act. He licked Bamba's chin and even threw in a wet sniffle, earning an amused snort from Bamba.

Still in the clothes he slept in, Bamba bathed Koh first. The other times they played like this, Bamba dropped the game at Koh pretending to hate water so much that he had to be dragged across the floor towards the bathroom. It turned out that Bamba was really, really turned off by dealing with trouble in the first few hours of his day. Koh learned to keep his fake struggling to when he was in the tub itself, mainly to give Bamba an excuse to run his soapy, slippery hands all over his wet skin.

He never failed to notice Bamba lingering on his ticklish spots. Bamba must like that and he favoured Koh's armpits above all, taking his time to soap up the hair that Koh had there. The more Bamba made him squirm, the harder Koh got, but Bamba wouldn't do anything about it. Worse, he stopped Koh from having any relief, pulling Koh's hands away whenever Koh tried to sneak a touch on his cock and commanded that Koh kept his legs spread open.

In the bath, the best that Koh could hope for was a thorough wash of his cock and balls. He must not enjoy it too much as Bamba would stop if he heard a person-like moan from Koh. Koh would have a better chance of getting Bamba to be nicer once they were done and back in the bedroom, where Bamba would towel Koh dry.

As a warrior and as a lover, Koh didn't like to lose. He didn't want to be the one to stop their game first. He waited until Bamba started rubbing his towel down his front to widen his eyes at Bamba, aiming to find an opening in Bamba's defense. Even as Bamba frowned and rearranged him into a sitting position, Koh patiently waited for Bamba to crack.

Bamba sighed, sat down in front of Koh and grabbed Koh's face by the chin.

"You've brushed your teeth before waking me up, haven't you?" He asked.

Koh nodded.

Cutting the game and the teasing short, Bamba pulled Koh towards him for a kiss. Koh smiled against Bamba's lips and wound his fingers in Bamba's hair, barely a strand out of place even after a night's sleep.

Tuesday - Towa

Another man's combined desire to fuck Koh's body and work his own into a similar physique wasn't unfamiliar to Koh. Like most guys that Koh had slept with, Towa gave in to his lust for Koh first before his desire took on a jealous tinge.

What was different about Towa was his willingness to do the work. It had been two weeks since Towa began his daily regime of a thousand push-ups before bed. He claimed that even on nights when Koh didn't sleep over, he didn't cheat and kept up his streak. Koh took him at his word, which was why it was important for him to get physical to prevent Towa from giving up on not breaking his streak. He had to before Towa fell asleep facedown on his bedroom floor.

As Koh sat on Towa's butt, Towa jerked his head up and cried, "Get off me! Why the heck are you using me as a chair?"

"Just giving you a little motivation," Koh said, shifting to make himself comfortable.

"You're heavy!" Towa protested. "I don't need motivation. Just a little nap before I finish the remaining 352 push-ups..."

"You won't be able to wrestle me and win at this rate."

"Ugh," Towa groaned and pushed his palms hard against the floor, all set to cut his break short.

Koh chuckled, moving to sit cross-legged on the bed and watch Towa finish his set. Whenever they had the time to do more than just get each other off, Towa would traced his fingertips over the lines of Koh's abs, kiss the cut of Koh's Adonis' belt, and warn Koh that the day would come when he would have the mass and muscles to wrestle Koh into the dirt with his own strength. It was up to Koh to make sure that that day came sooner than later.

Each time Towa got serious during their joint training without resorting to his speedster tricks inspired Koh to take him a little more seriously as a knight. Still, he didn't find the need to mention why he thought Towa was struggling with improving in areas that were unrelated to his specialty.

It turned out that before the Druidon's return, his training with Bamba were largely based on them fighting as a duo. Towa would specialize in using his lightness to match his brother's powerful blows, seldom considering fighting on his own until they had to take on opponents greater than Druidon footsoldiers.

If Towa needed advice, Koh would share his thoughts. If Towa needed a pep talk, Koh would give one, though words alone weren't very effective in firing Towa up.


In a flash, Koh found himself tackled to the bed.

"You'll pay for...hurting my ass in a non-sexy way," Towa said, putting their faces close together.

Koh smiled up at him. "I can't wait!"

Narrowing his eyes, Towa stripped Koh completely before binding Koh's hands behind his back with a belt. As Towa fucked Koh sideways, he held fast onto Koh's hips and spared not even the lightest stroke on Koh's cock. Koh moaned Towa's name over and over again, said "please" over and over again, but Towa just continued his harsh breathing and grunting and pretended not to hear Koh.

Towa had earned this. And Koh didn't mind that much, as long as Towa pounded into him where he needed it. Koh's arms ached from being pulled back, and the leather was cutting into his skin, and this amount of pain was the right amount to keep him hard. Pleasure took over in the moment when he came without being touched, tightening around Towa to make him come too.

'Well done,' Koh wanted to say and praise Towa for all he had achieved that night. He took his time to catch his breath, safe in Towa's arms and with Towa pressing soft kisses on his shoulder.

Friday - Bamba

His master taught him that crossing swords would bring him closer to someone, whether friend or foe. Every duel with Bamba brought Koh closer to him, for Bamba bared more of his soul through his sword than through his words.

Alone in the woods, Bamba came at Koh with all he had. Koh's arms and legs ached and his ears rang with the repeated clashing of their swords, yet Bamba acted like he wasn't dropping a single drop of sweat. It reminded Koh of the way Master Red fought him, alternately drawing out his strength and bringing sharp awareness to his weaknesses, and always stoking the will burning within him to get stronger than before.

Koh's sword flew out of his hand and landed in the dirt with Bamba's last blow. Koh had barely gulped when he sensed the very tip of Bamba's blade a hair breadth from his Adam's apple. On the other end of the sword, Bamba studied the steady rise and fall of Koh's chest.

"Strip," Bamba ordered, "and kneel for me."

As he had done after every loss to Bamba, Koh started with taking off his boots. He shed his jacket and shirt, then his pants, letting all of it fall onto the ground until he only had his necklace on. He made a point of showing to Bamba that he didn't care about getting dirt all over his clothes, and that he wasn't like the guys from the regular world that Bamba had taken to bed.

Down Koh went, his knees hitting the hard soil. Bamba kept his sword where it was, at a distance he could close in one breath to end Koh's life.

"I've seen you fight better," Bamba said. "What are you going to do, to prove that coming out here is worth my time?"

Koh curled his fingers around his length and stroked himself to hardness. If their duel had ended with a draw, it would be Bamba's hand on his cock. For his defeat, Koh was to surrender both mind and body to Bamba and accept everything that Bamba threw at him that ran between the extremes of pain and pleasure.

"Faster. Faster. Slower. Even slower."

So went Bamba's short, simple commands to guide the movements of Koh's hand. Somehow, Bamba could tell whenever Koh was enjoying himself too much. He made Koh kneel even lower, until Koh's balls touched the ground. Koh thought that this was at least not as bad as the time he had to put his hands behind his back for an indefinite amount of time and just let pre-come drip down his length.

The point of Bamba's sword was still at his throat. Koh didn't want to keep looking at it. Breathing hard and continuing to touch himself at the pace that Bamba had set, Koh looked up to meet Bamba's eyes.

"Close your eyes," Bamba said.

Koh's world went dark. His ears were open for Bamba's next command, which didn't come for a long while. Koh kept going, even if he expected Bamba to deny him from achieving release at the very last second.

He reminded himself that this was a punishment for not fighting at his best. In the past, Master Red never punished him. His master had wanted a successor that would choose himself and would continue to grow as a knight even when he wasn't around.

And so there Koh was, naked and kneeling in the dirt, trying to grow after his master was long gone.

It was too late to stop. He was dangerously close to finishing and it seemed that Bamba was too far away to stop him. While Koh was caught up in thinking about his master, Bamba had lifted his sword and went somewhere else. Koh tried to catch the sound of Bamba's boots scuffling against the dirt and when he couldn't, he threw caution to the wind and gave his cock a hard squeeze.

As his come spilled down his length, a kick from behind sent him falling face first into the dirt. Then, the unmistakable weight of Bamba's boot on the small of his back.

"Take me," Koh begged.

Wednesday - Towa

From time to time, Koh remembered that Bamba slept just next door to Towa's room. Maybe one day, if Towa made him scream loud enough, Bamba would come barging in to...who knows. He'd never do that in real life as it was him who set down the rules of their arrangement on how he and Towa were to share Koh throughout the week. Breaking rules just wasn't Bamba's thing, even for rules that he had made up.

Unlike his big brother, Towa wasn't so rigid about maintaining boundaries. Out of the blue, he spread a handful of small, square wrappers on his dining table and tore one open to show Koh the ring of plastic inside.

"Before he left, nii-san threw these in the trash," Towa said. "Men from the regular world have to use these to avoid pregnancies and spreading diseases through bodily fluid."

"How?" Koh took the ring from Towa and tried to put his finger through it, amazed to find a transparent plastic barrier that prevented him from doing so.

"Like this."

On a cucumber from the fridge, Towa rolled the plastic down the vegetable's length like a sheath. Koh watched, fascinated, and insisted that he give it a shot too. When he broke the plastic barrier on the cucumber's blunt end by using too much force, he ripped open another packet to try again.

He celebrated succeeding on his third try by giving Towa a high-five.

Idly sliding the rim of the plastic along the cucumber, Koh asked, "Why did Bamba throw these away? These seem fine to me."

"He buys a box of these once every ten years, when someone from the regular world catches his eye," Towa explained. "Cause he's from our tribe, nothing bad will happen if he doesn't use one, but there's no way the other guy would believe him."

The other guy. Indirectly, Towa was telling him that Bamba never had 'other girls'. Koh doubted that Towa could bring himself to be more direct about sharing details on his brother's private life without Bamba's permission. To know more, Koh would have to ask Bamba himself.

Towa continued, "So he just uses one or two, and the rest would lose their effectiveness after a certain period of time. When he needs to use another, he'd rather buy a new box than pretend he's not using crappy know how upright he is."

Koh did. Towa went quiet after that, as if talking about Bamba has made him lose the mood for playing around. Picking up the cucumber sheathed in plastic, Koh searched for inspiration on how to change the topic.

"You know what. I think that this," Koh handed Towa the cucumber, "is as big as your dick."

Towa didn't need any more suggestions for how else they could have fun with the dick-shaped vegetable. Koh got into the position that Towa wanted him in, up and bent over the table with his legs spread and his pants and underwear around his ankles.

Using lots of lubricant from a bottle and his tongue on Koh's hole, Towa loosened Koh up to slide the cucumber inside Koh. The stretch from its thickness was eased by the smoothness of the plastic that Koh wasn't used to. Koh tightened around the cucumber once, confirming that it was close to Towa's size, when he sensed Towa tapping his fingers around the exposed end of the vegetable.

"Towa, what--"

"This seems like nothing much for you, so I thought I'd give you something extra."

As Towa wormed in a finger, Koh gasped. His hole was already stuffed, but he could take more and how much more was up to Towa to decide. His tolerance for being stretched was never the same since being with the brothers, who were both was as interested as he was in exploring his potential to go beyond his limits.

Towa withdrew his finger, and before Koh could protest, Towa inserted two fingers that were coated in lubricant. He let Koh relax, but not for too long, and hummed an indistinct tune as he gave Koh some shallow thrusts with the cucumber and watched Koh's thighs tremble.

Saturday - Bamba

Doing it out in the open and among nature, like sex was an extension of training, was what Bamba preferred. Indoors, Bamba was restrained in bed, reluctant to let go of his self-consciousness about Towa listening in. With Bamba within his reach, Koh was restless and eager to bring each other off without having to watch how much noise they were making.

"Why don't we give him something to jack off to? Stir his imagination a little bit," Koh argued, "and help him sleep better."

Unconvinced, Bamba shook his head and rolled over, turning his back towards Koh.

It was a pity that Bamba wasn't as shameless as his younger brother. Towa offered to help with unwinding Bamba, claiming that he wanted to play a part in helping his brother let loose for the first time in the Reiwa era to make up for letting Bamba stay uptight for a good part of Heisei.

That weekend, Towa came over to the Tatsui residence for dinner and a movie. After they took over the couch with promises to the others to wash their dirty dishes later, Towa fished out a small phone from the pocket of his shorts and sat on Koh's lap.

"It's for staying in touch with friends from the regular world," Towa explained. "Now, say 'cheese'."

As Koh turned to grin at the camera, Towa kissed the tip of his nose.

Click! Their picture was taken.

"Towa, we shouldn't--"

"Aww, we haven't done anything naughty. Only a jealous person would think you're bending the rules of our arrangement with that childish kiss."

"Will Bamba be...jealous?"

Towa shrugged in a way that seemed overly casual, then put his arm around Koh's shoulder and hugged Koh close so they would both appear in the next picture he took. Finally, he gave his phone to Koh and told Koh which button to press to send the pictures to Bamba's own phone.

"Send one picture for him to make you scream tonight. Send two pictures for him to make you scream all night."

Koh sent both pictures.

The second he stepped into Bamba's room, Bamba ambushed him in the dark. Koh landed on the bed and on his stomach. He wasn't given the chance to ask if the pictures made Bamba angry, or aroused; most likely a jumble of both judging from Bamba's ferocity in screwing him into the mattress.

Like Towa, Bamba was big. Koh felt every inch of him; a little too much of him because of Bamba's haste to prepare Koh to be entered. Koh didn't bother with letting Bamba know; he didn't have the voice to do so anyway, after screaming his throat hoarse with every thrust of Bamba's hips. Pinned by Bamba's big hands to the bed, Koh couldn't move much. He listened to Bamba losing the will to restrain the noises he made, moaning louder and louder until he bit down hard on Koh's shoulder.

His brief sob was drowned out by Koh's cry, out of pain and shock over the amount of emotion that Bamba packed into one sound.

Sunday - Bamba/Koh/Towa (I)

Perhaps the use of Gyakusoul could return Koh's ass to its state just mere hours ago. Before Bamba wrecked it.

Though Koh wouldn't disrespect Gyakusoul like that, he allowed himself to laugh at his own joke. He'd tell it to Towa so they could laugh at it together, right after Towa was done sucking him off for the...third? Fourth? 'Whatever-number-here' time in a row.

Koh fondly looked down at the back of Towa's head and stroked the line of Towa's long, lovely neck. Towa's end goal was to reduce Koh into a pile of bliss while letting Koh's hole rest, hoping that each orgasm would speed up said hole's recovery.

Towa flared his nostrils once to breathe in deep, then without any warning, he pulled his mouth off Koh's cock. Panting harshly, he ignored Koh's groan of protest.

"My jaw hurts," Towa gasped. "I can't go on any more."

Koh wouldn't blame him for tapping out. Just as he was about to ask Towa to use his hand instead, he sensed footsteps nearing the half-opened door of Towa's room.

"Bamba!" Koh called out. "Come help Towa!"

The door opened a little more and Bamba poked his head in. "What's going on?"

"Nii-san, help me finish this." Towa prodded Koh's hard-on, which had started to flag after Towa aborted his mission. "It'll be a shame to let it go to waste."

It was impossible for Bamba to not notice that both Towa and Koh were completely naked. He tried to fix his eyes on their faces, failing as Towa bounced off the bed, dick bouncing too, and grabbed Bamba's arm.

"You two can--"

"This is part of the fun of sharing Koh! Well, if you don't want to, I'll just put my clothes back on and leave you alone with him."

After Towa took a step towards his pile of clothes, Bamba stopped him as he said, "Wait. I can take care of this."

Bamba climbed onto the bed and zeroed in on Koh's cock. Holding Koh's hips down, right over the faint bruises he had pressed last night, he took Koh down his throat in one go. Koh was unable to thrust; he couldn't even writhe much as Bamba used his tongue and the muscles of his throat to coax Koh back to full hardness.

Crossing the finish line of his next orgasm was like being pushed off a great height and falling through the air. Koh let out a scream, frightened yet fascinated by the speed and amount of his come that Bamba swallowed with ease. He waited for Koh's cock to become limp again before releasing it from the warmth of his mouth.

Bamba pulled back, wiped his lips with the back of his hand and took in the entirety of Koh's nude form. Towa seized the chance to join them, putting his hand between Koh's thighs to press his finger against Koh's hole.

"I think this part of him has been empty for long enough," Towa said.

Koh agreed.

Sunday - Bamba/Koh/Towa (II)

They moved to Bamba's bigger bed.

While Bamba took care of Koh's front, Towa took charge of Koh's behind. Koh moaned into Bamba's mouth as they kissed, reacting to Bamba's tongue thrusting inside his mouth and Towa's slick fingers up his hole. He didn't have to move a muscle with the brothers arranging his limbs this way and that; lifting his thigh so Towa could slide into his hole and reach around to put Koh's cock between Bamba's thighs.

Unlike other siblings from his tribe that Koh had slept with, Bamba and Towa were more co-operative than competitive. They took their turns with Koh while looking out for the other brother, making sure that each of them would have enough of Koh. Instead of finishing inside Koh, Towa pulled his hard cock out to allow Bamba to turn Koh, getting access to Koh's mouth and cock as Bamba was free to enjoy Koh's wet hole.

Koh was only left empty for a fraction of a second at a time. He was a natural at being stretched and filled, and he loved the challenge presented by the well-endowed brothers. Having both of them at the same time would mark a new win for him, and he summoned the minimum willpower required to tilt his head back and say to Towa, "Put it in."

As he felt Bamba withdrawing, he placed his hand on Bamba's chest and said, "Stay."

"Don't worry, nii-san," Towa said, and Koh could hear the smile in his voice. "We've practiced this."

He did what he had done earlier that week to put his cock inside Koh after putting the cucumber in, inserting his fingers one by one against the underside of Bamba's cock. Bamba stayed still and stroked across the sensitive skin under Koh's belly, helping Koh relax for Towa's benefit.

Between the brothers, Koh was getting hot from their body heat and their touches on him and inside him. The temperature seemed to rise by a few degrees from the moment Towa replaced his fingers with his cock and pushed in a bit at a time. Koh sank into the heat, rocking back against Towa and holding on to Bamba's hips.

When Towa was all the way in, he took Bamba's hand and placed it on Koh's cock.

"Let's do this," Towa said.

Bamba understood, wrapping his fingers around Koh's cock as Towa did the same. They got Koh off together like that; their entangled fingers getting wet with sweat and the pre-come that Koh dripped.

Unable to think, only feel, Koh followed his instincts to tighten around both cocks inside him at the arrival of his latest orgasm. It sharpened the intensity of being filled so completely and he let his head rest on Bamba's shoulder as shockwaves of pleasure ripped through his bones. At the verge of blacking out, he sensed Towa pulling out of him and giving room for Bamba to do the same.

The brothers traded a well-deserved fist bump. Koh wanted to join in, not caring that he lacked the strength to move his legs and the rest of his lower half. He scooted to the edge of the bed and held his fist out, knowing that Towa would know what he wanted to do.

Towa did more than bump fists, sitting on the bed to kiss the top of Koh's head. "That was great. You're so great."

"We did it, guys!" Koh cheered. "I think I'll have to take it easy for the rest of the day. Unless a Minosaur attacks, of course."

"This part is off-limits for the day," Bamba added, patting Koh's butt.

The last thing Koh heard before dozing off from exhaustion was Towa asking Bamba to stay, since they were in Bamba's room after all. When Koh next woke up, he came face to face with Towa sleeping on his side and curled up into a ball. Bamba wasn't far away, asleep as well on Koh's other side, looking as peaceful as Koh had ever seen him.