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I Waited For You.

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Kit Herondale sat in front of his T.V, slumped down on his couch. Already finished bowls of popcorn and nachos lay strewn across the floor. He was watching a F.R.I.E.N.D.S rerun, which seemed like the perfect way to spend a Saturday at home. It seems completely normal. Of course, only if every day is a Saturday, he thought miserably. He almost laughs at his pathetic situation. Kit is jobless, nearly bankrupt, utterly single, living on Jem and Tessa’s money (his sort of adoptive parents) and Oh! Did he forget to mention he’s twenty-five goddamn years into his miserable life?


Kit had always been alone, with nobody to protect him, nobody to care for him, nobody to make him hot cocoa when he was down. He never had a home, a friend, a family. Too many angst-y feels, he thought. He was grateful to have Jem and Tessa and Mina there for him, but lately he felt like no matter how much they loved him or he loved them, he had to move out on his own. He knew the attachment and will to keep living with them was because of his lack of this sort of affection when he was young.
His only friends now were Jaime Rosales from next door and Drusilla Blackthorn from L.A. He met Jaime three years ago when he moved into this shit hole of an apartment. They’ve been great friends, almost brothers ever since. He first met Dru when he was fifteen, and he taught her how to pick locks. Though they lost touch for a few years, they reconnected in Dru’s first year of college. His often thought of Jaime as his first close friend and tried not to correct himself. It never worked. Some idiot, masochistic part of his brain always brought back memories of ink black hair and stormy eyes. The longest lashes he’d ever seen casting shadows on pale cheeks. Slender hands untangling a headphone cord, a pair of headphones slung on elegant shoulders. His first best friend. Memories of words said and unsaid, things remembered and forgotten, tears shed and wiped, and unspoken goodbyes. He was fifteen when he first met him, and fifteen when he last saw him.

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Kit’s phone flashed 7:32. Time for dinner. He got up from his place on the couch, where his ass will probably leave indents, and moved to the kitchen to make dinner, which consisted of frozen pizzas. He warmed one up in the microwave and took out some beers from the fridge. As he sat down to take a bite of this cheap version of his favorite food, the doorbell rang. Before he could get up, Jaime- who has an extra key to his house- walks in screaming.
“Ahh! You won’t believe this! D-.” Jaime shouts.
Kit rubs his temples in exasperation. “If I won’t believe it, then why bother even telling me?”
“Shut up. Cabrón,”
“That didn’t seem too polite.”
“That’s because it wasn’t, you asshole. Oh dios! You made me forget what I came here to tell you.”

Kit sighed. “You might as well have pizza while you’re here.”

Jaime brightened. “That is actually one of the reasons I came. Knew it was about time you munch pizza, gulp beer, play 7 Rings by Ariana and feel sorry for yourself.”

Kit winced because he knew it was true. That’s exactly what he did everyday and he wasn’t proud of it. Jaime saw him stiffen and his tone softened.

“Mi querido. I have good news. Dru found us jobs. I don’t know what exactly, since she said she won’t tell me on phone so she’s coming over. But she did say that the jobs were according to our skill sets. I’m so excited, you- Hey! Smile a bit, what’s wrong?” Jaime said, his mischievous brown eyes, edged with concern and worry for his friend. His handsome and carefree features shone with a slight sheen of sweat, and that’s when Kit realized he was sweating too.

“Oh dear, turn the heat down a bit. I’m too hot for this room anyways,” Jaime smirked.

Kit rolled his eyes and went to turn the temperature down. The old fashioned valve in his room wouldn’t budge.
“Hey Jaime, a little help?” he asked.

“Poor baby Herondale, can’t even turn the heat down without my help.” He said, walking up to where the blond stood.

They tried together but failed to make it move.
“Well, I declare your heating system dead.” Jaime announced.

“Forget it.” Kit declared, already picking up his pizza to sit in Jaime’s flat and mope.

“You don’t want Dru to see you this way,” Jaime said. “She’s worked her butt off to get us these jobs. Atleast try and act happy when you see her.”

Jaime was walking ahead and Kit followed, pizza in one hand, beer in the other. “You’re right. When is Dru coming?” Kit asked.

Jaime checked his phone. His head swiveled around with an apologetic wince.
“Right now.”

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“YOU IDIOT! Why didn’t you tell me she’s coming right now? What is wrong with you Jaime Eric Rosales!” Kit screamed, fully panicking.

“That’s not even my middle name.” Jaime said, faking major offence.

“Of course it isn’t. Your middle name should be irresponsible. Ugh- Jaime! Do you know how much convincing it took from my side to tell her that I was in a good place now? She was so worried, she called twice everyday to make sure I wasn’t drinking, wasn’t eating frozen pizzas that taste like garbage. If she finds out about this-,” he says, gesturing to the half empty bottle of beer in his hand,
“-she’ll be disappointed. And I can’t be a disappointment to the 50% of my social circle.”

Jaime raised an eyebrow in question.

“Oh as if you don’t know! You and Dru are the entirety of my social group. After how hard she’s tried to bring me back on the right path, if she sees me like this, I will have let her down. And I-….I can’t afford to lose her.” He finished, tears pricking the corners of his eyes.

Jaime put a comforting hand on his shoulder and said, “She won’t leave because you’re difficult. That’ll just give her more reason to stay. She is a Blackthorn, after all.”

And Kit winced at his words, for it reminded him of another time eight years ago, another Blackthorn, a different memory, clear as daylight. He thought that perhaps Blackthorns didn’t leave, but they made you leave instead.

Kit got rid of his beer and pizza and washed his face, clearing his thoughts.

Just then, the doorbell rings and there stands Dru, just how he’d remembered her, all fierceness and fire. She looks up at him and breaks into an earsplitting grin, holding her arms out. He hugs her tight, savoring the ground to reality she provided.

When he pulls back, her features are screwed up into her thinking face and she says, “You’ve been drinking, haven’t you? Also you reek so you probably haven’t even showered yet, have you?”

She’s angry, Kit realizes. Dru stomps into the house, her tight hair bobbing behind her. She turns to face him again and says, “Where is it?”

“Where is what? Come on Dru, its been so long. Quit bossing me around for a moment and come sit. Let’s hang out normally. Is that so difficult?” he says.

“NORMALLY! Don’t you dare talk to me about normally! Now where is the gods damned box Christopher?” she screams, her voice an octave higher.

Jaime walled out of the kitchen, brown hair sticking in a million different directions. He wore a green apron, which said ‘KILL THE COOK’, and waved his spatula in front of Dru’s face.

“Hello Drusilla darling. I’d like to tell you, you’re not being very polite, considering it’s my apartment you’re standing in.” he purred.

Dru just laughed dryly and said mostly to herself, “Of course this is your apartment. Both of them are practically identical.” And began stomping out.
Kit looked horrified. Jaime moved to stop her, placing his hand on her shoulder, and Dru turned around, deadly slow.
“If you stop me right now, the next thing you’ll find will be an extra ‘Ed’ on your apron. And she stalks out.

Kit looked utterly confused and asked, “What did she mean by that – Oh! Wait I got it. She meant Kill’ed’ right?”.

Oh dear angels above, Kit prays it doesn’t come to that.

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Dru was rummaging through Kit’s apartment, upturning cushions and sacking drawers. Kit and Jaime stood behind, a good distance away. Kit and Jaime had started to sweat horribly, but Kit noticed Dru didn’t even look slightly fazed.

“Where is it?” Dru snarled with a feral look.

“For the last time, I have no idea WHAT you’re looking for!” Kit shouted back at her.


Kit paused mid sentence and stared at her. Then burst out laughing.

“You think I’m on drugs?” he said, still laughing.

“Kit, I know you’re taking it. I even know which box you keep it in.” she paused, and her face softens.

“I know you’re going to say yin fen isn’t drugs, but honey it is. You’re addicted to it. I saw the box the last time I came here. It was Jem’s box wasn’t it? The one Clary decided to give back to him.”

Kit’s face suddenly turned red. Why was Dru after him?

“Dru, stop. Stop telling me things. So what if I’m addicted? Why do you care?” his voice rose higher and his hands were shaking. Jaime was at his side in an instant, rubbing circles on his back.

Dru bent down near where Kit was now seated.
“You want to know why I care? I care because my own brother went through this, and there was nothing I could do to help him. Because I saw him wither away, just a soulless body and I couldn’t help. He went down the same spiral and I saw him cry every night and wipe his tears.” Silent tears were streaming down her face, just like Kit’s.

‘Why would Julian go down the same spiral? He did lose his sister, Livia, but he seemed to gather himself fine enough’ Kit thought.

Dru continued, “Once you left Kit, Ty didn’t talk to anyone for months. He stopped eating, he was either holed up in his room, our out on the streets all night.”

Oh. Oh.

“He was worse then he had been at Livvy’s death. He never told us why you left, and I don’t have any right to ask you, but you should know that your absence broke him. He left for some sort of special training and we barely see him. You’re like my brother, Kit. I can’t see that happen to you.”

Kit clasped her hand tightly and wanted to slap himself. How could he be so dumb and blind?


He walked up and reached under the couch, and pulled out a wooden box, which said JC on top.
He handed the box to Dru and said, “I’m sorry. Even though what I did is unforgivable, I hope you can give me another chance.”

Dru smiled at him and said, “That’s exactly why I got you both," she paused for a dramatic effect, "jobs.”

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The trio had now shifted back to Jaime’s apartment and was sitting on the couches. Kit and Jaime still had no idea what Dru did. Apparently, she never truly explained her job to them.

“Now you guys can’t laugh,” she said, carefully choosing her words.
Jaime bursts out laughing, just to make a point.

Dru glares at him but continues, “I work at a publishing firm.”

Kit is the first to break the silence that had fallen. “Why would you hide that from us? I actually thought you worked for a secret organization or something,”

Dru took a breath of relief, “I just thought you guys would find it silly, considering how I almost majored in Forensics.”

“You did?” Jaime asks, incredulous.

“Dru, you never tell us anything!” Kit chimes in.


Dru smiled and Kit thought she looked years wiser than her age, yet so fierce.

“Well, since you know now, I’ve also got you jobs at the publishing firm. I work for Alicante.Co. It’s a relatively small firm, but we focus on quality, not quantity.”

Kit was intrigued. “What do you do there?”

“I’m the Head of the Thrillers dept.” She said, grinning.
She must really love her job Kit thought. Kit remembered all the time Dru spent as a teenager watching horror movies at night and reading all types of novels in the day.
“And what jobs are we getting? You said our ‘Skill set’, which is?” Jaime asked

Dru jumped up and clapped her hands, purely out of excitement.

“Well, firstly Kit, what is one thing you think you can do well?”

“Geez, I don’t know. Conning and pick pocketing?” he said. Years of living on the streets taught him that.
Dru winced. “Well, don’t say pick pocketing. And don’t say conning. Say, 'Convincing'. Because Kit, you can get a job with the negotiators!”

Kit was actually surprised.

Dru huffed. “We have a team of negotiators, ones who talk to writers, designers, printing agencies and a whole other bunch of grumpy people. These negotiating guys don’t know shit about writing, but they research on the people they are meeting and things they are discussing. You’re job is to get them to sign the contract, which tilts the profits in the companies favor. You think you can do that?”

And Kit could see himself doing that. He was the kind of person who could sell a bald man a comb.

“Do I have to give an interview first?” Kit asked.

“Nope. This position actually wasn’t up for grabs, so there aren’t any applicants. An interviewing process takes up too much valuable time. You’ll be there as a temp, but with a really good paycheck. If you perform good enough for the next 3 months, the position is officially yours.” She said.

“What about me?” Jaime asked with a hint of annoyance in his voice. Kit remembered how once upon a time Jaime and Dru went out. It didn’t work out, and while they’d both vowed to not let it ruin their friendship, somewhere along the way they’d both edged closer to Kit and slightly further from each other.

“You will get a position in our new Spanish dept. Now, you don’t have to edit novels or shit, but you can help in interactions with Spanish writers, help manage our online Spanish Stories page. So, can you do it?”

Kit and Jaime shared a glance.
“We can do this,” they said.
Dru almost squealed, “Oh great! I was so worried you’d say no,”
“So we start Monday then,” she said. “Here’s the address,” she handed them a business card, “Be there at 9 A.M sharp.”

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It was Monday morning and Kit was running late. It was 8:42 and he hadn’t left the house. He checked himself in the mirror, and was pleased. First impression is your last impression, they say. He wore a stark white shirt, with his favorite brown pants. He thought they worked magic on his otherwise unimpressive legs. He finished with his lucky blue tie, which brought out his eyes. It was a bit chilly outside, so he took his brown coat. It felt good to take a shower, actually get dressed up and have something to do, to have a motive in life. He ruffled his blonde hair with one hand, and pulled on his socks with the other. He would have carpooled with Jaime, but Jaime was ‘staying’ at his ‘friend’s’ house, and was coming over directly from there.

And with god’s grace, he didn’t find too much city traffic, so he stood in front of the building that said Alicante.Co at 9:18. He knew Dru was going to kill him. Or maybe she’d just give up on him. He called Dru with shaky hands. She picked up on the first ring.

“Hey, I um….I’m standing outside the building. What—what do I do?” he said. When she didn’t say anything he continued, “I know I’m late, and I’m really sorry. Its- Its just that I overslept, since I don’t have a habit of waking up this early. But- But this job really means a lot to me. Please, I’m really sorry,”

“Come on up, third floor, left wing.” Was all she said.

The building did look impressive Kit thought, standing in the elevator, alone. It did look quite empty though. Kit got off on the third floor, and turned toward the left wing. He saw a sign that said, ‘Thrillers and Mysteries.’ The left wing had a lock on it. He either needed someone to buzz him in, or he needed his own card. If all goes right today, he’ll be getting his own card, a sign that he belongs here.

The door clicked open and he walked inside. There were rows of tiny cubicles, with computers and desks and everything. At the end of the hall, there seemed to be five cabins. The first said ‘Chief Editor: Dept. of Mysteries’. Kit vaguely remembered something along the same lines in Harry Potter. The second looked identical except it said ‘Chief Editor: Dept. of Thrillers’. The third and fourth were both for the heads of the Departments. The last one looked larger. It had two name plaques which said, ‘Co-Editors: Dept. of Thrillers and Mysteries’. So that’s why it was bigger, it was shared!

He knocked on the third door, for that was Dru’s. “Come in!” her voice chimed. He entered and was awed at the size of the cabin. It was exquisite and lush. He cold see what Dru had done to the room too, he saw a whole shelf of neatly stacked books right behind her table. She sat on her desk, legs crossed, lips pursed, hair tied tight into a no-nonsense bun and wearing-

“Jeez can we wear that?” Kit asked incredulously. “Aw honey, no.” she said. She wore a black, glow in the dark, skeleton T-shirt and ripped jeans. “Then why are you wearing that?” he said.

“Because office hours haven’t officially started yet,” she replied, her mouth breaking into a grin. “I asked you to come at 9 because of the following reasons.

A. You wouldn’t be late.

B. I can unofficially show you your office

and C. We can have cookies.”

“I can’t have cookies during office hours?” is the only thing Kit asks.

Dru rolls her eyes. “You can, dumbass. But, you can’t have them with me, can you?”



Her phone rings and few minutes later Jaime, Kit and Dru are standing together in Kit’s to be office.

He has his own tiny cubicle and he feels important. Like he belongs. He meets his boss, who’s this hippie lady with a silver tongue, named Katherine.

Dru and Jaime go back to their own offices and he starts working. All he has to do right now is read up on the people he’ll be meeting over the next few weeks. The first week, he’s going to accompany his boss, to learn how things work. If he shows good skill, he’ll be handling clients on his own!

Before he knows it, its time for lunch and he meets Dru and Jaime back at the cafeteria.


“Today sucked,” Dru declares, slumping down in her seat with some coffee. Kit knows Dru likes honey tea but the caffeine helps keep her up. Today must be a busy day if she’s having coffee. Jaime offers her a sandwich and she takes it, but keeps picking on its side, not eating it.

“I’m sorry, I’m bringing y’all down. How was your day, guys?” she says.


“Well to be honest I haven’t felt this productive in months!” Jaime exclaims. Dru had changed into a pantsuit earlier and looked so professional and serious, that Kit felt a vague surge of pride. He’d taught this girl how to pick locks, when she was a Horror Movie loving teenager. And here she was standing in front of him, a grown woman, with a job she loves and works hard for. Kit had seen how much her colleagues respected and admired her.

“Why are you so down Dru? Something wrong?” Kit asked, his eyes full of concern.

“Its just that- Well, Mr. Cooper just retired last week.” She said. Looking at their confused faces she clarified, “The Chief Editor of the Dept. of Mysteries. And he was just such a charismatic personality you know? And he was always fun to be around and he was so wise. Of course I can visit him whenever I want but……..Work is just not going to be the same. “And there’s the fact that they’re bringing in his replacement today. And my assistant helper, Daisy has shifted to England with her girlfriend. So they’re also bringing in her replacement tomorrow, and ugh! Who knows what these new guys are like? Oh and by the way, they want all the employees to assemble at the conference hall after lunch. They want us to meet the new CE of the DoM.”


When neither Kit nor Jaime give a nod she cleared, “Chief Editor of the Dept. of Mysteries, you idiots!” Kit nodded and continued feasting on his sandwich. He took a huge bite and didn’t realize he had mustard dripping down his hand and right onto his pristine, white shirt.

“Fuck!” he screeched. Two blotches of mustard had now landed towards the bottom of the shirt, just above the waist of his pants. Kit started to go into ultra panic mode.

“What-what do I do? Oh my god, how do I clean this? Help!” he yells, rubbing at the stain with a tissue.

“Stop, you’ll make it worse! Oh dios!” Jaime screamed, plucking the tissue out of Kit’s hand.


“Oh god, Daisy would’ve known what to do! Tell you what, you go into the men’s room and wet a tissue and rub it off with water. That ought to help it.” Dru suggested. She checked her watch. “

Oh motherfucking hell. I need to be up there with the others. You guys clean this mess up and meet me outside the conference hall in ten minutes. And we have an informal tea afterwards for the CE’s welcome, so you guys should come. I have the liberty to invite anyone and you guys need to be there. I have a strong feeling the guy’s going to be a huge dick and I’m gonna need all the support I can get. See ya,” She says picking up her coffee and dashing, leaving Kit alone with Jaime to help him out.

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Kit tried rubbing the stain off with water but it just kept worsening. His previously tucked shirt, was now hanging out of his pants completely wet.

“Thanks a lot Jaime, not only do I still have the stain but my shirt is now WET!” he said dejectedly.

“Oh come on man, we can fix this. Just put your coat on, nobody can see the stain then,” Jaime said.

Kit put the coat he’d retrieved from his cubicle earlier, on. The wet part of his shirt pressed into his body, making him feel all uncomfortable and icky.

“Yeah, this isn’t gonna work. Think of some other way and fast. We need to meet Dru in 5 minutes.” Kit said.

“Take your shirt off and put the coat on, problem solved,” Jaime said next.

And poor Kit was running out of options, so he took his shirt off. He tried his coat back on but the coat didn’t have buttons to the top. Its was clear he wasn’t wearing a shirt since the coat only covers the part up to his mid chest.

“This can’t work either,” Kit sighed. He turned to look at Jaime, who was now washing the bottom of Kit’s shirt with hand soap.

“Stop! Oh my god, sweet fucking hell!” Kit exclaimed. Jaime tried to wash the soap off, but the water kept making more lather and Kit wanted to die.

Jaime and Kit both stared at the shirt.

“I have one final idea, but you’re not going to like it,” Jaime said.

Kit runs a hand through his hair, “Anything, just anything please,”

“Wait here for one sec,” and Jaime dashes off. He was back in a minute with a pair of scissors in his hand.

“What the fuck do you think you you’re doing Rosales?” Jaime decidedly ignores him, and snips off the bottom of the shirt by 5 inches, cutting off the stain, the wetness and the soap.

Jaime hands him back the shirt. It seemed like a miracle nobody walked into a shirtless Kit. Probably because everyone went to welcome the new douche bag editor.

“What the fuck am I supposed to do with this?” Kit said, holding up the completely dry, but cropped shirt.

“Put it on. Put the coat on. Button the last three buttons.” Jaime ordered.

Kit complied. He looked at his reflection and was shocked. There was no way anyone could tell he’d cut the shirt off!

“Am I supposed to wear my coat around now?” Kit asked, already sweating.

“Ugh- you idiot. Wear it for the welcoming party, then take it off when you’re at your desk. Nobody can see you below the chest anyways.” Jaime calmly answered.

He was right, Kit thought. With half his shirt gone, he felt weird. “Stop daydreaming, idiot. We need to go!” Jaime’s voice cut through his thoughts.



Kit and Jaime arrived at the conference hall, both breathless. Dru stomped up to them. “Where have you been? The CE’s arriving any minute. I’ve heard that he’s actually quite good at what he does, and within a year maybe, he might get promoted to Chief Editor of Spendale’s! But he still might be a dick so watch out. Now listen carefully, I’m standing there at the front, with the welcoming committee, so come stand there. But don’t act like you know me. Got it?” Dru said.

They both nodded and Dru left. They both followed a second later, and stood right at the front.

The company’s CEO, a gray haired woman in her fifties, stepped up and told everyone how pleased she was they all were there. And also how pleased she was to see the whole company gathered together. And lastly, how pleased she was to welcome the New CE of the DoM. Kit thought she was a little too pleased. When she finally ended her speech, she motioned towards her right and started to applaud. The crowd followed suit.

A young man, no older than Kit was, stepped on to the stage. His face was towards the CEO. He was taller than Kit perhaps by at least 3 inches. He turned his face toward the crowd and Kit felt like he’d been punched in the gut, kicked in the crotch, and spit on.

Coal black hair, softly bounced with his every step. His pale features were stark and striking. His gray eyes, like a stormy night. His lips shaped like Cupid’s bow, stretched thin into a forced smile. His long, feet striding towards the podium. Kit forgot how to breathe, any rational thought was miles away from his mind. He felt dizzy and put his hand on Jaime’s shoulder, in an effort to steady himself.

“Hey, Kit, you alright?” Jaime’s voice sounded distant. Nothing, nothing mattered anymore. What was the point? He’d spent ten damn years trying to forget him and instead ended up spending eight damn years remembering him even more.

Kit swayed slightly and people noticed. Eyes darted toward him and in that moment, the man on the podium looked toward Kit and locked eyes.

Any self restraint or rational thought Kit had, vanished and in that second nothing mattered.

As the world seemed to blur out, Kit remembered looking him in the eyes, saying one word.

His voice came out raspy and feeble but he knew he had been heard by the person it was meant for.

The one word that had uprooted his life.“Ty,” he whispered and blacked out.

Chapter Text

Kit’s head felt like it was about to explode from pounding so hard. He could distantly hear voices around him, but they were all muddled together, indistinguishable. He was lying down, he realized belatedly. He tried to open his eyes, but they felt so heavy, like they were stuck together with glue.

In moments, it all came rushing back to Kit. Seeing him on the stage, in his sharp suit, his gait ever more confident had overwhelmed Kit. He finally pried his eyes open.

He could see bright lights, almost office like. He could see faces hovering right above, peering down at him.

“Mi querido! He’s awake! Oh, Kit are you alright?” he heard Jaime say.

“I-I’m fine, I guess,” Kit said.
Dru was there in an instant pulling him into a sitting position. Had Dru known? Had Dru known he was going to come? Had he come to wreck Kit’s life again? Or perhaps he wanted nothing to do with Kit?

Kit cleared his throat and asked, “Did you—did you know?”

Dru gave him an apologetic smile, “No honey, I had no idea! I would have told you if I had known,”

Kit nodded and Dru handed him something warm. Tea.

“How long have I been out?” Kit inquired.

Dru and Jaime exchanged glances. Dru nodded and then Jaime answered, “Eight hours,”

“How have I been out for eight fricking hours?” Kit tried to yell, but ended up coughing.

“You passed out and wouldn’t wake up. We were worried and called the office’s resident nurse. She said it was nothing too serious,” Jaime said. “So we didn’t take you to the hospital, thought you wouldn’t want to wake up there,”
That was true. Kit hated hospitals.

Kit sipped his warm tea and realized they were in Dru’s cabin.
Dru put a comforting hand on Kit’s shoulder.
“There’s someone who wants to meet you Kit. We didn’t let him in without your confirmation but he’s been waiting all day. He’s sitting right outside the door. Do you—do you want to meet him?” Dru asked with just a hint of trepidation.

Kit remembered the days he’d spent, sitting outside his door. He knew how hurt he’d felt when he wouldn’t even talk to him. In some ways, he was the same
He nodded. “Let him in.”



Dru opened the door and said something. Kit could hear the sound of scuffling feet. Jaime had retreated to the corner of the cabin and looked very interested in the books adorning the shelves. Even though Kit knew for a fact that Jaime wouldn’t read any of those sappy thrillers to save his life.

The sound of the door being shut made Kit look towards the door and he wished he hadn’t.
He was standing right there, ebony hair disheveled but flat on one side. Like he fell asleep on his own shoulder. Perfect eyebrows arched in concern. His previously crease-free suit was now rumpled. Gray eyes like the beginning of a storm, flecks like black soot shining in them. His sleek, pale hands twitched at his side, like he couldn’t quite place what to do with them. His face like a painted angel’s, all with the high cheekbones and sharp jaw.

Dru had joined Jaime, but kept sneaking glances towards Kit. Kit realized it was because she was concerned about Kit, more than her brother.

“Tiberius,” Kit said in the flattest tone he could muster.
Ty’s eyes had been fluttering towards the floor until now. His eyes met Kit’s but immediately flickered towards Kit’s waist. Again. And Again. Running out of patience, Kit looked down. He saw 5 inches of his bare skin on display. At the workplace. Kit dived for the nearest cushion and placed it on his stomach. Problem solved for now.
He looked up at Ty’s face again and saw plain confusion etched on it.

“Is that-,” he began apprehensively. “Is that a new style? A cropped shirt?” Ty asked. Kit could see how Ty was genuinely perplexed.
Kit sighed. Jaime’s ideas would always get him into trouble. Always.
“Its not. Its just a long story,”
Ty was still hovering near Kit’s couch. Kit motioned for him to sit. He did.

“Well I have all the time,” Ty said, perching on the corner of Kit’s couch.

And in that second, Kit remembered just how easy it always had been to talk to Ty. So putting aside his pent up emotions, ones that he’d been bottling up for 10 years, he told him, why he cut his shirt off.

Chapter Text

They were all sitting in Dru’s car. Kit called shotgun, claiming he wasn’t feeling well. Dru was driving, which left Jaime and Ty in the backseat. Kit glanced back and saw Ty sitting upright, hands in his lap, fluttering. His headphones were still there, but on his shoulders. Jaime on the other hand, had slumped down in his seat, was checking his phone and was also trying to throw unnoticed glances towards Ty. The thought made Kit uneasy for some unknown reason.
Kit had barely spent a few minutes talking to Ty, telling him about the mustard stain. While talking, he’d accidentally dropped the cushion. He hadn’t realized it until Dru coughed and Ty’s eyes flicked lower before speeding back up. Suddenly Kit had felt very naked. As if Ty’s scrutinizing gaze had stripped his clothes, his mind, and his thoughts bare. Kit had never felt so vulnerable in front of any male before. Not even a female for that matter. Hours ago, he’d been standing shirtless in front of Jaime, yet it was perfectly normal. Why did it feel so different now?

His thoughts and the car came to a stop. Dru had driven all of them over to her apartment.
“So,” Dru began, breaking the silence, “Since I know Kit has been sleeping over at Jaime’s, Kit’s apartment is not an option.” Kit remembered his exceedingly hot apartment and began sweating at the thought.
Dru went on, “Since Jaime’s apartment is too dinghy to house even Kit properly, it is impossible for us all to fit there. Kit was going to be staying over at my apartment today, but I believe I have enough space for us all.”
Dru finished and began getting out of the car, when Ty stopped her.
“I have a hotel room booked already,” he said. “I’m sorry” he added.
“I’m sorry I didn’t ask where you were working all these years. And for assuming you’ll let me stay with you. And-,” he said, looking towards Kit’s back, “I’m sorry for everything.”

Dru turned around, “You really think I’m going to let you stay in some hotel when I live in the same city, and even work at the same place as you?”

Ty’s face sported a tiny grin. When Kit looked back again, he saw something like tears glistening in his eyes.

They all were inside Dru’s luxurious apartment. Kit loved hanging out there. It was like their ‘Central Perk’. While Dru’s apartment was lush, it still had only two bedrooms.

Dru cleared her throat, “So, one of us can sleep on the couch, two in one bedroom, and one person gets the room to themselves.”

Ty raised his hand. “I can sleep on the couch,” he offered.

Dru shook her head violently. “Nope, you’re sharing a room with me Ty- Ty. Its been so long. I need all the details,” she smirked. “Tell me this one right now, who are you dating? Or do you like someone?"

Ty immediately turned beet red. Kit looked away. Somehow, it felt weird, to have to see Ty discuss his love life.
Kit’s traitorous mind wandered more on the subject than he would have liked. Of course, so many girls would have been all over Ty. He was smart, polite and beautiful. Heck, Kit would bet all his Spider-man collectibles on the fact that quite a few boys would be swooning over Ty too. The thought of other people being this close to Ty, made Kit very uncomfortable.
Why am I being so protective he thought.

Jaime plopped onto the couch immediately. “I was thinking,” he began, “that the food in the cafeteria today was stale. It was horrible and it gave us all the stomach flu.”
He caught Dru’s eye and gave her a knowing smirk. She nodded with sudden understanding.
She continued Jaime’s idea. “Oh we have a terrible stomach ache, and we absolutely cannot go to work tomorrow.”
Kit’s useless brain was still thinking about random girls ruffling Ty’s hair. He wanted to throttle those imaginary girls.

Dru prodded Kit, “Oh Kit, can you go to work tomorrow? Even with this terrible stomach ache?”
Kit finally understood. But he could see Ty hadn’t. He ignored Dru and Jaime’s prompting stares and turned to Ty instead.
“What they mean is,” he said to Ty, “Let’s call in sick, and take the day off tomorrow. We’ll say we have the stomach flu.”
Ty’s brow that had creased in confusion, straightened.
“Oh, of course. We should do that!” a playful smile had lit up Ty’s entire face and it made Kit’s heart do a somersault.
“Why didn’t you all say that before?” Ty asked Jaime and Dru.
“Because they’re dumb and dramatic,” Kit said.


Jaime jumped up and down. “Let’s have a movie marathon!”
He took out CD’s from Dru’s stack of them.
“Nope,” Dru said, plucking the CD out of Jaime’s hand. “We’re having a Netflix Marathon.”

Jaime looked at Dru. She was smiling in a secretive way. Like she knew what Jaime was thinking.
Jaime’s eyes widened. “Oh Dios mío! She’s gonna make us watch Sherlock!”


Dru grinned, “You bet I am! Besides, you said you loved watching Sherlock with me,”

Jaime turned around and mumbled something like, “Well that was when we were dating,”

Ty looked apprehensive. His hands fluttered at his sides. “I don’t think any show could do justice to the books,”

Kit remembered how Ty called him the Watson to his Sherlock. Suddenly, Kit felt cold all over. Ty couldn’t just come right back into his life after 10 years and pretend nothing happened. Nobody gave him the right!

And Kit decided it was time he said something.

“You know what Ty, I have had enough.” He said out loud.

Ty stared at him in confusion.

“You can’t come waltzing back into my life like this. You need to acknowledge your mistake. You have no idea what I went through! And – and now,” his voice started breaking. “Now you’re here again and you want me to pretend that nothing ever happened, like it was all some silly mistake? Let me tell you, silly mistakes do not go on for ten goddamn years!”

Jaime looked extremely shocked at Kit’s sudden outburst. But Dru looked like she knew Ty had it coming.

Kit backed up to the door to Dru’s other bedroom. “Back then Ty, I always tried to look out for you! You wanna know why? Because never in my rotten, pathetic existence did anyone ever look out for me. Because I had no one. But I wanted to be the one you turned to when the whole world was against you. I wanted to be your friend, your support. And sure, it’s been ten years. But it feels like yesterday to me.”

“Maybe Jaime and I should sit inside for a while,” Dru said.

“You guys don’t need to leave. I’m done with this talk,” Kit said, his tone razor sharp.

Ty’s eyes betrayed his true emotions. He looked hurt. Kit thought he had no right to look all betrayed and innocent and the picture of elegance.

Ty looked Kit in the eye and said, “I- I understand what happened was my fault-,”

“Yeah, no shit Sherlock,” Kit snapped.
Ty winced and Kit felt like the most cold, heartless bastard to ever walk the planet. Except for maybe Hitler.

But Kit’s comment had shut Ty up. He looked blank as he sat down on Dru’s couch.

Fine by me, Kit thought. He too sat down on Dru’s couch, albeit at the opposite end.

Jaime bent over to whisper something in Dru’s ear.
Dru smiled evilly again and had anyone else seen her smile that way, they would have been sure she was planning their murder.

“Trust me, I know what I’m doing.” was all she said.

Dru and Jaime plopped into the middle of Dru’s couch, effectively separating Kit and Ty. Dru flicked through and landed on Sherlock. She went through the series of episodes and landed on the one she wanted to watch.

Kit sighed. “Dru, why can’t we watch from the beginning?”

“Oh come on! I was re-watching the whole series last weekend! You absolutely cannot expect me to re-watch my re-watched parts. And you’ve all seen the series anyway. You know what happens. You’ll catch up.” She said, pressing play.

Kit had infact, no memory of this episode. Or the one before that. Or before that. Maybe Kit just sucked at remembering T.V shows.
Silence fell, and they all were engrossed in watching the show.
Watson is having dinner with his to be wife. Oh well, Kit always shipped Johnlock.
Then much to John’s obliviousness, enters Sherlock. He draws on a pen mustache and serves John wine. John looks up and suddenly Kit recalled the episode.

Onscreen Sherlock had been pretending to be dead for 2 years. He then, randomly decided to come back and tell John, ‘Surprise! I’m alive’.

John Watson was punching Sherlock’s nose bloody.

Kit’s guts knew this was all some elaborate plan of Dru’s.
He couldn’t help but say out loud, “What a lousy friend. Couldn’t even bother telling John that he’s alive?”

He heard Ty speak up immediately, “Well he had his reasons!”

“His ‘reasons’ can’t be more important than his best friend, can they?”

“Maybe they were, you don’t know.”
Their voices were rising higher and higher.

“Well it might have been necessary at first! But ten years? Does that make any sense? Can he just jump into John’s life and expect everything to go back to normal?”
Kit realized a split second too late what he’d said.
“I meant 2 years,” he tried to correct himself.

“Well maybe his best friend was being a dickhead!” Ty retorted.
Kit had never heard Ty cuss.
“Perhaps he never even cared for his friend! Maybe he was just using John because he was lonely and so was John! Maybe they shouldn’t have become friends in the first place!”

“Sherlock was not understood by everyone. When the only one who could understand him leaves him, he is bound to be hurt!” Ty said.

“Well if Sherlock had cared more, he would’ve tried to talk to John. For all John knew, he was dead.”
Kit snapped.

Dru and Jaime were swiveling their heads left and right.
Ty sighed with a tinge of annoyance.
“Forget it,” he muttered.

Kit was indignant. “You don’t get to do that!”

Kit stood up and said “I’m going out for a few minutes, I need some fresh air.”
He was almost out the door, when Dru called out, “Leave my packet of cigarettes on the table, hon.”
Ty’s eyes shot to hers and she cleared, “I don’t smoke. I just have one pack for the showcase. But Kit used to smoke, though he hasn’t been for the past few months.” She proceeded to glare at Kit.

Kit backtracked and left the packet on the table.

He walked out into the chilly night, pulling his jacket closer. If he doesn’t have cigarettes he’s gonna have to have something else.

Chapter Text

(Dru’s POV)


There was an uncomfortable silence after Kit left. It had been a few hours and he still hadn’t come back. He wasn’t returning her calls or texting to confirm he was okay. She was getting worried now. Ty was sitting right beside her, and though he seemed calm enough, he kept glancing at his watch every few minutes.
Dru hadn’t fully understood whatever had transpired between Kit and her brother all those years ago. But she’d known it had left them both broken.

If she was being very honest, she had been considering Kit at fault for the first few years. But when she met him again, she saw the hollow shell of a person he’d become.
Ty had been the same, but then he’d disappeared. He studied abroad, and from what he told the Blackthorns in their monthly video calls, he was planning to stay there for another couple of years.

But then all of a sudden he shows up here? At the exact same place where Dru worked? And as her boss?
Dru loved her brother dearly, but the situation he’d created angered her.


Jaime was nodding off beside her and Ty was pretending to be engrossed in the movie she’d played.
The doorbell rang, and she heaved a sigh of relief. Jaime’s eyes flicked open as Dru pushed him aside to get to the door.

“I’m awake, I’m awake! No pushing!” he yelled.


Dru opened the door and sure enough Kit was standing right there. With one shoe. And a pierced nose. And ear. A brown paper bag dropped from his hand.

“Good morning Drusilla darling,” his slurred voice came. He stumbled inside with wobbly steps.


Jaime was now fully awake and had shot to his feet.


“Dulce maldito infierno! Kit are you drunk?”

Dru hustled him inside. Kit had a sloppy smile plastered on. Ty had stood up, but hadn’t approached Kit yet.

“Sit down,” Dru ordered.

He obeyed her and sat down. On the floor.


“Oh my god! Jaime help me,” she said. They both lifted Kit up and threw him onto the couch.

“What the fuck Christopher Jonathan Herondale? Did you think you would get away with this? Look at yourself! You’re completely wasted,” Dru said, sitting beside him.

“Shhhh. Sshhhhhhhhh,” Kit said, raising his finger to his lips.
“No body are gonna talk,” his face scrunched up in confusion. “No bodies are gonna talk,” he tried correcting himself.


“You mean nobody is gonna talk?” Jaime offered.

“Yes, that,” Kit said pointing his finger towards Jaime.

“Today I’m gonna speak, and y’all will listen,” he declared, his words slurring together.

“Firstly, Dru why are there two of you?” he asked.

”I had a clone manufactured recently. Life-like isn’t it?” Dru deadpanned.

Kit nodded seriously, then continued.

“Oh Dru, you’re always doing new stuff. Today I did new stuff. Look at this,” he pointed to his nose.

“I got my ears pierced!” he exclaimed with child like excitement.

“Sweetie that’s your nose,” Jaime told him.

“Potato – Potahto. And you wanna know why I did it? Shhhh, it’s a secret! But I’ll tell you,” he leaned towards Jaime.


“Dude you’re not whispering. You’re just spitting all over me!”

Kit leaned towards Jaime’s ear and tried to whisper, but ended up pretty loud anyway.

“I wanted to look nice.” He said and gave a satisfactory smile.

“That’s not a secret, everyone wants to look nice.” Jaime said, slightly perplexed.


“Oh but not this way. You see, I’ve hardly cared about my loooooks,” he started, in a sing song tone.


“Dear lord, are you belting into a Disney princess song?” Dru asked.


Kit gave her a vulgar gesture and continued.

Ty was watching him closely, but from afar. Like he was afraid Kit would look at him and become angry again.

“But now I wanna look niceee.” He finished.


Jaime stared at him for a moment then said, “You look like Jamie with short hair,” he said.

“Who?” Kit asked.

“Jamie Campbell Bower. With the nose piercing.” Jaime said.

Dru nodded a bit. “Kind of,” she said. “But Jaime is way hotter than you,”

“Ohh definitely. He’s a snack all right,” Jaime agreed.


“Hey! I can be hot!” Kit whined.

“Yeah, no.” Jaime said.

“We’re sorry Kit,” Dru added, all serious.

Drunk Kit seemed a lot more upset about this fact than Normal Kit ever would.


“What’s wrong with me?” he asked again.
Dru saw drunk Kit getting very sad. She felt bad about what she was about to do.
She took out her phone and placed it on the top of her showcase. She pressed the record button and started filming. This was going to be a masterpiece.

“Well for starters Kit, you’re very short.” Dru said.

“Hey! I’m as tall as you are!” he whined.

“You’re right, and I if I were a man, I’d be short too,” she said.

Jaime laughed. “And look at your hair Kit. It’s not a perfect blond. It’s not a perfect dirty blond. It’s a weird hybrid yellow blond.”

“No fair, Jaime! You were supposed to be on my side!” he said, dejectedly.

“And miss up an opportunity to insult you? Never,” Jaime grinned.


“And your eyes Kit. I mean they’re the most common blue ever.” Dru said. “We’re sorry to tell you this Kit, but you’re just a dumb blue-eyed blond. No, scratch that. You’re just a short, dumb blue-eyed blond.”


Drunk Kit was now overly upset. His eyes were red (though that was probably from the drinking) and he looked really cross.

“Am I really that pathetic?” he asked. Dru suddenly realized that perhaps Normal Kit had this thought somewhere in his mind. That’s why Drunk Kit was so upset because sub-consciously his mind believed that it was true. She felt horrible for doing this too him. But also a little pleased. Drunk Kit would be a lot more honest than Normal Kit would.


The way he asked them if he was pathetic would melt a heart of stone. And Dru thought that that was proved when Ty came up to them and knelt beside Kit. His left hand kept twitching at his side, but he took Kit’s hand in his clasped it tightly.


Kit looked into Ty’s eyes and his drunken smile said it all. Dru knew right there and then that they were made for each other.


(Continued in Kit’s POV)

Kit’s mind was wandering. Why was he so pathetic? Maybe Dru was right. Maybe he was just a short, dumb, blue-eyed blond.

Then Ty walked up to him. He knelt beside his feet and clasped his hand. Kit felt warm and tingly and weird. Ty’s hand was cool, and he intertwined his long fingers with Kit’s.


“You’re not pathetic Kit,” he said. His soothing voice cut through Kit’s drunken stupor. He saw Ty’s beautiful face and couldn’t help but smile.

“But- but then why would they say all those mean things?” he said, gesturing towards Dru and Jaime, who were watching the exchange carefully.

Kit would later remember seeing Dru smile in her Evil way ™.

Ty held his hand tighter. Kit looked into his striking grey eyes.

“Because they’re dumb and dramatic,” he said. “And I’ve been to so many countries and met so many people. But you’re still the closest person to perfect I’ve ever met.”

Kit remembered blushing— did he just fucking blush? Drunk Kit's mind did not work very well. He looked at Ty's hesitant face. As if he was waiting for Kit to lash out again. He looked beautiful, he thought again. What was wrong with him? He gave a loopy smile and said, "You're pretty," then promptly passed out for the second time that day.

Chapter Text


Kit’s head throbbed in the dullest manner. Leave it up to his headaches to be boring too. He opened his eyes and it took him quite a few seconds to realize he wasn’t home. Nor was he alone. He tried to remember last night’s details but was having a hard time. 


He tried backtracking. He remembered storming out for ‘fresh air.’ Then, he remembered Dru taking her cigarettes back, and – oh.

The events came crashing into his mind. He had gotten very drunk and pierced. He reflexively put a hand to his nose. Yup, still there.


And then- Oh my god.


Forgetting all about his persistent hangover, he looked around the living room in which he just woke up. Dru and Ty had curled up on the second couch while Jaime was hanging off an armchair. All of them looked like they’d fallen asleep doing something. Looking down at the paper bags and throw-up buckets, Kit realized they’d fallen asleep taking care of him.


Kit felt like the biggest dick on the planet. Here were his friends wanting to spend a night with him, and all he did was ruin their night.

Last night, he recalled stumbling to the nearest bar with the specific intention of getting so drunk, he’d be numb.

His mind had been in a whirl. Why was Ty’s presence affecting him so much? Shouldn’t he be indifferent to whether Ty was with him or not?


Yet, spending even the past few hours with Ty had made him realize that the aching hole in his heart had never left, he’d just become accustomed to it. He counted all the things he adored about Ty.

Adored? What the hell?


He loved how Ty never forgot anyone, anything any detail. Nothing would escape Ty’s eye. Could anyone blame Kit for feeling slightly vulnerable under his scrutinizing gaze?



Kit had never been one to care about looks. But, when he caught his dull and awfully boring face staring back at him in a shop window, he felt the need to change something.


Sure, it was probably his drunken head saying this, but he acted impulsively anyway. And an hour and lots of painful screaming later, he had a nose ring and a pierced ear.


Now awake, the first thought that popped into his head was if Ty would like this look.

What is wrong with you? He chided himself.



Shaking his head, he stood up and immediately collapsed into a heap of wobbly bones and fine toned muscles (Yes, Kit was proud to say he had been working out).


He tried getting up and managed to stumble to the kitchen. Dru’s kitchen wasn’t overly tidy but was neat and managed.


As Kit made some coffee for all of them, he heard a groan from the living room. Dru’s head popped up from behind the couch.


“Oh! You’re awake?’ she asked, half yawning.



“Yup,” he said. Then added sheepishly, “Ya know I- I’m sorry about last night. It was highly irresponsible of me to go out and get drunk and pierced,”


“Aw hon, you don’t need to be sorry.” Dru said. “Just,” she rubbed a hand through her hair, but realized it was too tangled to be fixed anyway, “Take better care of yourself. Okay?”


Kit nodded. “I owe you. Big time,” he said and he meant it. Dru could ask for his kidneys or his Spiderman collectibles right now, and he’d hand them over without a second thought. (Well maybe not all of his collectibles.)


Dru smiled. “Actually, what I’m about to show you is gonna make us even, so,” she shrugged, and picked her phone up.


Kit’s smile faltered. What could Dru possibly have over him?


Kit bought the four mugs of coffee to the living room.


Looking at still snoring Ty (and Jaime too, but Kit hadn’t noticed) he realized how worn out he (they) looked.


Kit was caught in the biggest moral dilemma.


“I can’t do it!” he raised his hands in surrender.


“Do what?” Dru asked, looking up from whatever she was watching on her phone.

“I can’t wake them up! Look at them, all tired and innocent. I can’t wake them up only to serve them this” he said, pointing towards the mugs in his tray, “this coffee that probably tastes like its been poured out of a pig’s ass.”



Dru stared, incredulous. Then burst out laughing.


“You’re such a sensitive baby!”


Kit huffed. “Excuse me for having feelings!”


After she laughed for another century, she cupped her hands and yelled, “Wake up Suckas!! Its time for pig’s ass coffee!”


“Which was made by Dru!” Kit added.


Ty and Jaime both stirred. Jaime woke up first and snatched the mug right out of Kit’s tray. He finished it in a gulp and then sat up straight.



Dru pushed Ty to wake him up again. He just murmured, “One last minute,” and Kit thought that was adorable.



Dru, jumped up and Kit was surprised by her newfound energy.


“Kit are you ready to face it?” she asked.


“Face what?”


Jaime -as if he’d suddenly recalled that he knew what was being talked about- smirked in Kit’s direction.


Dru handed Kit her phone. As the video began to play, Kit had vivid outbursts of memory.

While he was the butt of the joke, he couldn’t help but snort at his reaction. As the video neared its end, Kit saw Ty coming towards him in the video.


Ty? He thought. What could Ty possibly have to say to him? Video Ty kneeled in front of Kit.


His mind sent him a random image of Ty kneeling in front of him with a wedding ring. What was wrong with him?


“Because they’re dumb and dramatic,” Video Ty was saying “And I’ve been to so many countries and met so many people. But you’re still the closest person to perfect I’ve ever met.”


Present day Kit turned extremely red. Did Ty really say that? The video ended, but not before Kit saw Video Dru smiling in her Evil Way ™. What was Dru up to?  Why was Ty being so nice to him?

Why did Jaime have ketchup on his nose? Kit had to figure out all these questions before they drove him insane.


Dru turned to Kit expectantly. “Well?”


Kit looked her in the eye. He knew the game she was playing. She’d seen it. Of course she’d seen it. She was Dru fucking Blackthorn! She couldn’t have not noticed how red Kit turned at Ty’s proclamation.


She suspected something. Infact, she probably knew something was up. Kit wanted to tell her he suspected something was wrong with him too. Except he had absolutely no idea what. But of course, he couldn’t tell her that.

 Because then he’d admit he needed her help. And that was the one game he couldn’t lose.


He stared back at her defiantly. “Well what?”


“Well, what do have to say to that?” Dru countered.


“Nothing. I was drunk and a little praise hurt nobody. I’m still mad at him though,” Then he added, “And if I were you, I’d refrain from making any assumptions.”


Dru, being the most badass person Kit had ever seen, just stared him down and said, “We’ll see,”


Jaime, oblivious to the internal game they were both playing asked, “Pancakes?”


Dru and Kit both nodded, still locked in the deadliest stare of the century.


Jaime looked concerned. “Guys? Are you going to make out or something? Coz I’d prefer not to be here when that happens.”


“Ew,” they say in unison, breaking their eye contact together.


Draw, Kit adds to his new mental list of ‘Rounds until Dru can break me’.


Just because this round was a draw, doesn’t mean the next will be.


If Dru thought breaking Kit was gonna be easy, boy, was she in for a ride!

Chapter Text


Dru’s POV



They’d all decided they’d leave towards the early part of the evening to show Ty around, give him the New York feels. So for now, they were all stuck at home, trying to figure out if blue-berry pancakes were as good as chocolate ones.


Their gang was right here and so was Ty, and Dru felt more at ease than she had in ages. Which was why, when the door bell rang, she was somewhat confused. She almost never had visitors. Except for dear old Ms. Brown. Always popped over when she felt like it and had Dru make absurd amounts of tea. Dru actually had taken a liking to her. She drank tea and chatted with Dru about how Mr. Millicent Barnard back in London was an absolute wanker. Dru often agreed; anybody with a name like that can’t have grown up right.

Assuming it was Mrs. Brown, she gestured for Ty to take the door. She’d told Mrs. Brown she was going to be at work (which initially she was), so being seen binging Netflix at home would seem really rude.


Ty opened the door and she heard a male voice, but couldn’t see who it was because Ty stood in the way.


“I- um, I’m looking for Blackthorn- sir,” came the slightly accented voice. He had a exquisite voice, that reminded Dru of clear water running over jagged rocks.


“That would be me,” Ty answered.


“Oh. Oh, you’re Ms. Drusilla Blackthorn? I mean Mr.? Or- I’m not sure, I – sorry,” he stuttered, clearly perplexed.  


“That would be me,” Dru said from behind, walking up to the door.


Ty moved aside, and Dru got a clear look of the guy. Tall, lean frame and the most captivating emerald-green eyes. Pale, blond hair curling around slightly pointed ears.


He looked like a literal fairy, graceful and unreal. But what shocked Dru the most was the feeling that she’d seen him before. Surely not, she told herself. She wouldn’t forget someone who looked like that.


Maybe it was Dru’s imagination, but he looked quite baffled to look at Dru too, much more than she was.


“Is something wrong?” she asked.


“I-uh, nothing, no,” he said, and looked sheepish.


“Then state your business,”


“I’m from- I’m your,” he tried, before he was interrupted by Jaime.


“Betrothed? Damn, Dru! You found your prince charming?” he hollered, pleased to have completed the man’s sentence before he could.


Dru cast him a glare that shut him up and returned her attention back to the beautiful stranger at her doorstep. He had turned awfully red at Jaime’s comment and Dru found it disgustingly adorable.


“I’m not your betrothed. I’m from and I was hired as your assistant.” the man finished.


“Oh, right. Well um, listen,” she paused. “What’s your name again?”


“Ash” he supplied.


“Well Ash, pleasure to meet you,” she extended her hand. He stared right at it. “You’re supposed to shake it,”

 That seemed to shake him out of his stupor.

“Right, sorry,” he said, clasping Dru’s hand and shaking a little too violently.


“Rule number one of working with me Ash,” she declared, “stop apologizing so much. Not everything is your fault.”


That earned her a warm, confident smile.


“Secondly Ash, what on earth are you doing at my doorstep?”


“Well, I was at the office and you weren’t there. I asked around and they said you’d taken a sick leave. Which had me worried so I looked up your address and here I am. Did I do something wrong?” he asked, and he looked so innocent.


“Ash, you’ve never worked as an assistant before have you?”


He shook his head.


“Have you ever had a job?


“I-uh, nope.” He sighed.


“Ash, hon, you’re my assistant at work, not my personal butler,” Dru said. “Don’t stress it. I’ll help you out. Meanwhile, get home and get some rest. And please don’t show up to work in a ‘Kill the Kardashians’ hoodie and we should be fine.”


Ash smiled at her.

“Got that ma’am,”


“Good. Now, before you go, wanna have some pancakes?”



Ash’s POV



Her black hair cascaded down her shoulders in uneven waves. She smiled and her cheeks pushed upwards, squishing her big, round eyes. She said his name in almost every sentence.


And she looked exactly like her picture. Call it fate, call it a Lyft, but something had bought him right where he’d wanted to be. His hand went reflexively to his pocket, where the picture was folded up. Never in his wildest dreams had he thought he would meet her, the mystery girl from his picture. Somehow, he finally felt his life clicking into place .

Chapter Text

Kit's POV

It wasn't time for lunch yet and Kit had already finished off a handful of granola bars. He was sitting in his office doing some paperwork, hands just moving mindlessly. Yesterday's events had still left him shell shocked. His boss seemed to notice Kit's mood and tried distracting him by taking him to a real negotiation. It worked for a while. Kit even got a chance to show off his skills. Katherine told him this was the fastest they'd ever closed a deal with such an high rate author. 

But now he was back in his office, back to real life. Well, as real as his life would get while Ty was around. Even as a mature adult, Kit was nowhere near understanding what Ty wanted. Kit didn't know what he himself wanted. He was still quite mad at Ty, mind you. But he also couldn't ignore that warm comfort he felt just by looking at Ty. 

By now Kit knew that there was something fundamentally wrong with himself. He couldn't stop staring at Ty. He was mesmerized by Ty's long lashes and his elegant fingers. Who thinks about their former best friend like that?  What was Ty to him anyway? Would they go back to being best friends? Was the term best friends too childish? Would they even be friends or just co-workers? Or perhaps they would be acquaintances? Or would Ty just be the brother of his best friend? 

His mind spun as he buried himself in paperwork again. 


It was lunch time and they were all sitting around a square table in the corner of the lunch room. 

Ty wore a dark gray suit with a cream button down shirt underneath. His suit looked tailor-made and he looked so stunning in it that Kit almost gauged his own eyes out, just so he would stop staring at Ty. Kit intentionally took the opposite side of the table, just to stay as far away from Ty as possible.

Just then Jaime stood up and said, "He Kit, would you mind changing seats with me? I have a few papers I need to clear with Dru before I submit them to my boss."

Kit stared at him. He stared right back. He glanced at Dru who was hiding her smirk. He knew what they were doing. 

"Come on Jaime! No work during lunch!" he said. 

"This is really important Kit. Now scoot over," she ordered. 

Any more protestation from Kit's side would make it evident he didn't want to sit near Ty. And no matter what was going on, he didn't want to hurt Ty's feelings. 

He switched with Jaime and was now within arms reach of Ty. Ty's intoxicating perfume wafted down and Kit was one second away from stabbing his fork and killing himself. 

Just when he thought things couldn't get worse, he felt Ty's palm on his back, rubbing circles. He was reminded of a distant memory. A cold rooftop and the two of them. A trembling Ty looking for comfort. 

"Are you alright Kit? You haven't touched your food," Ty said. His voice showed genuine concern and Kit couldn't take it. 

"Yeah I'm fine," he muttered. 

Kit was lost in his thoughts when an attractive man with emerald-green eyes walked over to them. Attractive man? What the hell?  he thought. 

Kit remembered him form yesterday. Ash, Dru's assistant. 


Dru's eyes lit up when she saw him and Kit was happy to see her this way. 


"Sit with us Ash, " she beckoned. 

Ash looked a tad too hesitant. "Don't most uh- bosses find it weird, eating lunch with their assistants?" he asked. 

"Well those with a stick up their ass might, but thankfully I don't." she said. 

Ash smiled and sat down with her. 

"So Ash," Jaime began, "What did you do before this? What's your full name? What's your social security number? Do you have any pets? What's your take on Taylor Swift's new album?"


"Geez Jaime!" Dru exclaimed. 

Ash's cheeks were slightly pink with all the eyes focusing on him. 

"I didn't work before this. My name is Ash um- Morgenstern. I -"

"Hold the fuck up-" Jaime said. "You're Ash Morgenstern. As in son of evil tycoon Sebastian Morgenstern? As in heir to the Queen and Sebastian's multi-million business?"

Ash was now fully blushing and looked awfully embarrassed. He just nodded. 

Jaime's eyes looked like they were about to burst out of their sockets. "Why-" he began before he was interrupted by Dru.

"I think that's enough interrogation for a day don't you think? " she said. 

They finished lunch in silence.


Kit was home. He couldn't focus on doing anything. Not until the burning question he had was answered.  He should have been able to answer it himself but he couldn't. Dru and Ty were coming over in an hour because Ty wanted to show them something. Ash was also invited because apparently four people aren't enough. 

Kit found his hand wandering over his laptop. He had some time before they came over. He opened his laptop and began his search. 


Minutes passed before there was a loud knock on the door. Kit's face flushed a deep red and he jumped up. In his haste he left the laptop open and ran to the door. Dru stood there, decked up in a red dress. And with - make up on? Dru never used make-up. 

"Are you wearing make-up?" he asked.

"Yes" she replied and stormed in.

"You're early," he said instead of Where's Ty?

"Yup, also Ty's next door with Ja-" she paused looking at the laptop. "Were you working?" she asked, walking towards the laptop. 

Kit looked at the open laptop and jumped for it, grabbing it before Dru could. "No! I mean yes, I was working!"


"Liar!" she said. "Wait! were you watching porn?"

Kit paused for a moment before saying, "Yes! That. I was watching porn," 

Dru glared. 

"You know me and my good ol' friend porn." he said, patting the laptop for conviction. 

"Hand over the laptop," she ordered. 


"Do it,"

"I can't,"

"I'm not judging you," she said. 

"But you will," he said, sounding defeated. 

Her eyes softened. "No, I won't,"


He handed her the laptop and hid his face in his hands. 

The first tab he had opened was titled, "Am I Bisexual? A guide."

The second was "How to come out to your friends and family: A guide."

The third said, "Is it a passing crush or more? A guide."


Dru looked at it and hugged Kit tight. Her soft hair tickled Kit's nose. It was a second later when they both realized they were crying. 

"Oh hon," she whispered. "I will always love you, you know that right?"

"I do," he said.