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Sonic.exe: a change of fate

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Omega held back Mephiles as Shadow threw Exe onto the ground.
"Get your hands off of him!" Mephiles yelled. Shadow picked up the gun and held it to Exe's head.

How did it come to this? Well, let's start from the very beginning, shall we?

"You have disappointed me greatly" a demonic shadow figure said. Sonic.exe was standing before him in the depth of the underworld. He was sent here because one of his victims had escaped from his grasps. Exe was meant to kill all the victims he captured, but one managed to escape. This demon figure teleported Exe to his realm after he heard of the one that got away.
"Seriously, how did you let one victim escape?" The figure said.
"I had my back turn for one second. These victims are very naive" Exe said.
"That's not my problem! As your punishment, you will suffer a terrible fate" the figure said.
"Do your worst. I'll probably be in the time out corner again" Exe said with a sassy tone. The figure shot a beam at Exe causing him to fall over.
"You must be sent into the world. With no memory of your actions or powers." The figure said. Exe couldn't do anything as he lost consciousness and fell to the ground.

"Hey…..hey…..wake up……" a voice in the distance said. Exe's vision was blurry as he opened his eyes. When the vision was clear again, he saw another person facing him. He kinda looked like someone he knew, except they had gray stripes on their quilts rather than the familiar red ones.
"You fell pretty hard. Are you okay?" The person said. Exe got up and found himself in the middle of the forest. His head started to hurt as he stood there.
"Ugh my head. What happened?" Exe asked the person.
"Well i was just walking and suddenly I hear you fall from thin air and crash down here. You must've hit your head pretty hard. I'm surprised you didn't die from the fall." The person said.
"And who are you?" Exe said.
"I am Mephiles the Dark. I usually don't help people but you seem evil. Like me" The stranger introduced himself.
"Well I'm X but you can call me Exe or Sonic.exe" Exe said. "That's the only thing I can remember"
"Wait. So you don't know why you fell from the sky and landed in the forest?" Mephiles said.
"My head hurts alot. The only thing I seem to remember is my name. I don't know how I got here or what happened before all this. And when I try to, the headache only gets worse." Exe said.
"Perhaps there is something you need to refresh your memory" Mephiles said.
"Maybe you can help me" Exe said. "We can search for clues that can help me remember who I am and then I can go back home" Exe said.
"Me? Help you? I'm a villain not a hero. I don't help anyone" Mephiles said crossing his arms. He felt kinda bad because Exe would get himself killed getting his memories back. The thought made Mephiles cave in.
"Fine…" He said. Exe smiled.
"So does this make us friends?" Exe asked
"Not a chance"