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Naughty Boy

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Mike, Scott, and Vincent were working the night shift at the pizzeria when Vincent decided to see just how far he could push Mike. Vincent smirked, hands behind his head and feet propped up on the desk as Scott checked the camera’s while sitting in the other seat. Mike was on the couch, texting god-knows-who instead of working. Not like there was much to work on anyways. 

“So, Scott, what do think about those kids we saw today?” Vincent asked, voice casual but mischief in his mind. 

“Hm?” Scott asked, looking over at the purple man, “What kids? We see like a hundred a day.”

“You know, the fat ones.” Vincent said, “Why the hell do their parents let them get like that?”

Scott shrugged, saying, “I don’t know.”

“You know what I think?” Vincent asked with a smirk, Scott opening his mouth to say ‘I don’t care’. But Mike beat him to the punch.

“You better shut up.” Mike warned, not looking up from his phone.

But Vincent went right on, saying, “I think the parents are doing it on purpose. Hell, they’re trying to make their kids unfuckable! Do you know how many candy bars it took me to coax one of those porkers into taking one god-damn step ?”

Scott face-palmed, saying, “I swear if you don’t stop making pedophilic comments I’m gonna have to report you to HR.” 

Mike was already shaking with anger.

“Well sorry my sexual preference is different than yours, Scotty boy.” Vincent said, “Didn’t know you were such a fucking nazi.”

Scott sighed, rubbing his temples in stress, trying to forgive Vincent for his behavior. But Mike wasn’t so forgiving. Vincent was grabbed by the front of his shirt, Mike hauling him to his feet and shoving him up against the wall. 

“I told you to shut the fuck up!” Mike yelled. 

Vincent looked nervous, gulping and laughing nervously. He put his hands up in surrender as Mike gripped the front of his shirt still. 

“H-Hey, take it easy, Mikey. Ju-Just joking.” Vincent said with a shaky smile. 

He hadn’t expected Mike to get that mad so quickly. But Mike was furious, balling his other fist like he had a licence to kill. He then pulled it back, swinging his fist towards Vincent’s face as hard as he could. Vincent barely ducked in time, pulling his hands to his face to protect himself from the blow. But Mike’s fist, taking an upward angle, smashed into the wall. (Jesus, Mike, calm down)

“Mike!” Scott said in shock, watching Vincent get up and flee the room.

Vincent then proceeded to run down the dark hall, yelling, “Mike’s gone crazy and falcon punched a hole in the wall!”

Of course that night ended with Mike getting billed for the giant hole in the wall, and court-ordered anger management. 


But that was all in the past, right? It was now a month later, and Mike seemed to be finally getting his shit together. Tonight was the first night since the incident that Vincent and Mike were working the night shift alone, just the two of them. Vincent was sitting in his chair like usual, lighting up a smoke to help calm his slight nerves. It had been very awkward between the two, and Vincent could tell that Mike was probably still pissed off at him. Mike entered the room, not even sparing the purple man a glance as he sat down on the couch like usual. Once again he was just staring at his phone, probably texting his girlfriend “Doll”. If that was even her real name. Vincent sighed, getting up and leaning on the door frame while he finished his cigarette. Usually Mike would yell at him for smoking inside, but he was silent. So Vincent stood with a hand on his hip and the other holding the cigarette to his lips. Mike just continued ignoring Vincent, only shifting lightly in his seat every so often. 

“What you look’n at? Your girl sending nudes or something?” Vincent teased with a smirk, finishing his smoke break. 

Mike rolled his eyes, saying, “Fuck off.” Sternly. (Mike stop with the nudes)

But Vincent wasn’t in the mood for letting Mike off easily, instead wanting to get a reaction out of the short tempered man. 

He walked back into the center of the small room, saying, “I bet she’s at least a C cup. Hopefully a D. If any less than those, I don’t know why you’d bother with her.”

Mike huffed, turning red in the face as he tried to ignore the bastard. 

But Vincent’s grin only widened as he leaned closer to Mike, saying “She puts out at least, right? I mean, with all that anger you’ve got, I wouldn’t be surprised if you would put her on bedrest on your anniversary.”

Mike looked up at Vincent suddenly, glaring at Vincent with such intensity that the purple guy though he’d seen the end of the world in those fierce orbs. But he only sneered at the face of death as Mike tried to control his anger. He had been doing so well, if he went a bit longer without an incident he could be out of anger management early. 

“Why?” Mike asked, “Why do you insist on always being the bad guy?” With a hint of saddened surrender in his voice.

But Vincent only teased, his cheek brushing up against Mike’s as he whispered, “If I’m such a naughty boy, why don’t you just spank me?” Into his ear.

Blood was pumping through Mike’s body wildly, crashing through his veins and burning up his last ounce of resistance. It was as if something in Mike had snapped, and he was no longer in control of his own movements. He roughly grabbed Vincent by the wrist, tugging him to the side. The taller man, in a state of shock, lost his balance and landed across Mike’s lap with a small grunt. Vincent panted, looking to see that Mike was still gripping his wrist tightly. He went to pry it off, only for Mike to curse at him and enclose the other wrist in the same strengthened hold. 

But Vincent was stronger than Mike! All he had to do was wiggle out of this death grip! He just needed to get off of the man and then he cou-

Vincent’s eyes then widened in surprise as he felt a sharp pain suddenly blooming on his ass.

“Wait, did you just fucking spank me!?!?” Vincent yelled, face turning bright red as he tugged against Mike’s grip on his wrists.

But Mike didn’t let go (or even answer) and instead repeated the act, bringing his hand down even harder. Vincent gasped at the pain, feeling both shame and anger towards Mike. But Mike kept punishing him, each swat getting sharper and more painful. Vincent was panting, closing his eyes tightly as he tried to push through the pain. Every attempt at trying to break free only resulted in a harder hit. A pain-filled moan slipped through his lips, making him feel even weaker. Vincent looked over his shoulder, opening his mouth to plead.

“Pl-Please stop. I’ll leave you alone!” He begged. 

But there was only wrath in Mike’s eyes, glaring at Vincent as he said, “I gave you your chance.”

Vincent decided that he probably deserved this, thinking that if he surrendered then soon it would be over. But his bottom was starting to burn, each swat only fueling the flame of agony. He wasn’t used to feeling pain like this, and was still trying to comprehend that this was really happening. Just when Vincent felt that he was going to break and cry, the abuse stopped. So suddenly it almost sent the purple man into shock. He then let out a sigh of relief, hanging his head and catching his breath. But the calmness only lasted for a moment, Vincent feeling a tugging on the back of his pants. Vincent let out a (rather manly) yelp before tugging against Mike’s grip once more (just kidding, Vincent’s yelp reminded Mike of a startled puppy). Mike growled, Vincent writhing and struggling in his lap. His hand was honestly hurting from gripping Vincent’s wrists so hard. But even though his hold was loosening, he was only becoming more angry at the purple bastard.

“Stay fucking still!” He yelled, huffing in annoyance as Vincent struggled. 

But Vincent jerked hard against Mike’s slipping grip, breaking free. He fell off of Mike’s lap, landing on the tiled floor with a grunt. 

“What the hell is your problem?!” Vincent yelled, feeling a mixture of anger and fear. 

“I’m sick of you always being a complete bastard towards me!” Mike said, standing up and towering over the purple man. 

Vincent, too prideful, knew he should apologize and ask/be) for forgiveness, but held his tongue. Mike didn’t deserve an apology! God, Mike was just as bad as him! (Vincent, you’re delusional). Vincent tried to get up, wincing at the pain he felt on his ass as he sat on the hard floor. Mike grabbed Vincent by the arm, jerking him forward, forcing him to stand before him. Even though Vincent was taller, he seemed submissive and weak compared to Mike now. 

“You asked for a spanking, Vincent, so you got one.” Mike said sternly, “And you’ll get them from now on, everytime you act like a little brat.”

Vincent was shocked, face red at the insult and thought of being spanked again. But he wasn’t about to argue, meekly nodding as Mike finally let him go. Mike sighed, running a hand through his hair as he slowly retreated back to the couch. Vincent stood there for a moment, in a daze before making his way to his swivel seat. He winced and flinched lightly at the burning sensation as he sat down, unable to miss Mike’s satisfied smirk.