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Just Desserts

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Carol had met Natasha at a dinner party, one hosted by her friend, Bruce's husband Tony. Usually where usually rich men come in hopes of finding someone to spend time with. So when Tony invited Carol, she was skeptical.


"I don't need someone like that, Tony," Carol rolled her eyes, but the smirk on his face got bigger. "Besides, I like being single."

It was only half true. She liked her alone time with her two cats, but at the same time, she enjoyed the company of actual humans once and awhile.

"Okay, okay. Just go tomorrow night, and you might just connect with someone, and you'll have a good time. Bruce and I will be there so if you don't find anyone interesting, you can hangout with us." he informed her.

Carol's face lightened up. "Alright, but only because I like hanging out with you guys; mostly Bruce, if I'm being honest." she said with a smile.

"Alright, well, we'll pick you up at six-fifteen pm, so wear your best dress. You know, the one with the stripes?" Tony said, as Bruce gave Carol a hug.

"Alright, I'll see you guys then! Next time, I'll be cooking you guys dinner when you come over." Carol walked them to the door, earning a chuckle from Tony.

"We'll see you then!"


When Tony and Bruce had told Carol they were on their way, she had almost told them that they could just go without her. But she knew if she told them that, Tony wouldn't let her live it down.

The moment six-fifteen hit, she heard a loud rumble from the engine of Tony's car. Grabbing her purse, she walked outside. Taking a deep breath as she locked the door, Carol blew out a sigh of relief when she remembered that she fed her cats, and gave them extra water before they had even told her. She was a mess, but she just hoped that tonight she wasn't going to make a fool out of herself.

"So, I'll buy you a drink, and you can mingle," Tony continued as he paid attention to the road. "Like I said, you don't find anyone, you can sit with us."

Getting to the bar took twelve minutes, and with every step towards the front door, she regretted it. But when Bruce wrapped his arm around her shoulders, she relaxed a bit.

"Everyone's really nice, I promise you," he smiled, holding the door open as Tony led both of them into the building.

As they went in separate directions, Carol made her way to the bar. She wasn't a fan of crowds, but it thankfully, it was a lot less crowded than she'd expect. Especially from the way Tony was talking, she didn't know what to think, other than it being packed.

When the bartender approached her, she ordered a water. As soon as the words left her lips, she heard a soft chuckle next to her. Turning to see who made the noise, Carol was shocked to see a beautiful woman with fiery red hair.

"Ordering water at a bar?" she said, and Carol nodded shyly. "I admire that. I'm Natalia, but you can call me 'Natasha'."

"O-okay, it's nice to meet you, Natasha. I'm Carol." she cursed at herself for being so nervous. She was never like this.

"Such a pretty name for a pretty girl. May I sit down next to you?" Natasha asked, and when she whispered 'yeah', she sat down quickly.

As the bartender handed her her water, Natasha turned to Carol. "So what brings you to this party?"

"My friend's Bruce and Tony invited me, said I needed to get out and do things. Which, I agree with them, but will I ever admit to it? Not at all." Natasha let out a laugh, and Carol could feel her cheeks heat up. Why did she always embarrass herself like that?

As the two talked more, Carol had found out a lot about Natasha. She was a cat person (thank goodness), she loved horror movies, she's been to Paris five times, and she loved Vodka. It left Carol wanting to know more, and Natasha was happy to answer her questions in just the right way. Leaving her wanting to know more. She figured it was a game the older woman was playing, but Carol was more than willing to play.

"Would you like to come back to my house?" Carol blurted out, regretting it the moment it slipped out. Was it too soon? Was that going to scare Natasha away?

"Of course, pretty girl. You wanna tell Tony and Bruce you're leaving? I'll drive." she smiled softly, and Carol nodded. She took a deep breath before turning around and walking to find them sitting on a couch.

"I'm leaving, so don't wait around!"


As soon as they were at Carol's, the two sat down on her couch. Unsure of what to do or to say, she went to go get Natasha a drink, even if she didn't ask for one.

"Well, thank you sweet girl." the redhead smiled, watching as Carol took a seat next to her. "So, what would you like to do? We can order food, my treat?"

Carol hated how easy she kept blushing, but Natasha had an effect on her. An effect that she really wanted more of, but would never admit to it.

"If we do, I'll pay. You don't have to spend your mon-" Carol began, but was cut off when she put her finger over her lips.

"Carol, sweet girl, why do you think I was at the party tonight?" she asked, her voice laced with something Carol couldn't quite make out. When she didn't answer, Natasha continued. "I'm looking for someone I can spoil, and spend time with. If you'd like to be that person, I'm more than willing to get to know you. If it's not your cup of tea, then I won't be upset."

Carol blushed, looking down at the ground - mentally cursing herself. She should have known, especially out of all the nights she had met her there. Was at Tony's party.

"I-I don't think it would be a problem, you're very beautiful and from what you've told me so far, you're interesting, but." she looked up at the older woman.


"I want you to meet my cats! Nala and Vitani!" she said with a childish grin, which made Natasha roll her eyes.

"I'd love to meet your cats," she smiled, smiling softly as Carol left the room to find her cats.

Natasha drank her water, jumping when one of her cats sat on her lap. Rubbing against her body, she put her water down onto the stand next to where she was sitting.

Smiling when the cat (she wasn't sure if it was Nala or Vitani) rubbed herself against her. Soon after, Carol came back out holding the other.

"I couldn't find Vitani, she doesn't like to be around-" she cut herself off when she saw said cat on top Natasha. "She likes you, and trust me, she doesn't like anyone."

"Well that's good to know! She's a good little kitty." she cooed, petting her as Carol sat down with Nala.

When the cats ran off, the two of them got to talking. "What would you like for dinner? My treat." Natasha said, still adamant on paying for dinner.

"I'm kind of in the mood for pizza," Carol admitted, finally giving in to Natasha's stubbornness.

"Pizza? Alright sweet girl."


Carol enjoyed the conversation as the two ate their dinner, occasionally watching whatever was on the screen. Before they knew it, it was two am.

"I've had a really good time tonight, Natasha," Carol smiled, and Natasha smiled back at her.

"As did I," Natasha said. "What are you doing tomorrow?"

"I'm off, why what's up?"

"I'll pick you up at one if you'd like to come over? We can talk more on what we both want from this relationship."

"Yeah! That'll be okay, I've got to get my haircut in the morning so I'll text you as soon as it's done,"

"How about I pick you up at nine am? I have a nail appointment at nine thirty at my favorite salon and I'll pay to get your haircut." she offered as the two walked towards Carol's front door.

"If you're okay with that, than I'll see you then!"

"Oh love, I'm more than okay with it." with that, Natasha opened the door and left. Carol quickly put her number into her phone.

Oh how Tony truly deserved a thank you.

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When Carol woke up at six am, she cursed at herself. Having the fear that she was about to be stood up due to ruining things with Natasha somehow. But shook it off as it was just her anxiety, she got up to prepare for the day. Since she woke up way too early, and had no plans on going to bed, Carol dragged herself out of bed and took an extra long shower. Once dressed, she made herself a bowl of oatmeal. As soon as she fed her cats, Carol sat down and texted Natasha.

Carol: Hey, we still on for this morning?

Only a minute went by before her phone went off.

Natasha: Hey sweetheart, of course we are. When I come pick you up, would you like me to bring you a coffee?

Carol: Yes please if that's okay with you!

Natasha: Carol, if it wasn't okay, I wouldn't have offered. Trust me when I say this, if I want to buy you something, I have the money to buy it. Everything is okay. Promise.

Carol: Alright then, I'd love a coffee. Couple you possibly get me a muffin too?

Natasha: Of course sweet girl. I hope you're okay with me coming at 8:50 instead?

When Carol replied with 'more than okay', she hurried to her room to pick out a better outfit. Right at eight-fifty, Natasha pulled up halfway into her driveway. Locking the door, she began to walk towards the car, only to be greeted by Natasha outside of her car.

"Good morning, I have your coffee and muffin in the car." Natasha smiled, walking up to meet Carol. Offering her arm as soon as she as close to Carol.

Carol took her arm, and Natasha led her to the car. Opening the door for her, she waited for Carol to get in before shutting the door. The gesture made the blonde blush, watching as the older woman went around the car, and finally got in.

Natasha turned on the car, and turned to look at Carol. "I'm so excited how your hair is going to turn out. I bet you're going to look so cute." she smirked, and Carol could feel her cheeks heat up.

"Th-thank you, Nat," Carol smiled, taking a sip of her coffee.

"Good coffee, yeah?" she asked, accent thick as she focused on the road.

Carol hummed, "Very."


The Car ride was quiet, but comfortable, and Carol enjoyed it. Occasionally taking drinks of her coffee, and bites of the chocolate chip muffin. As soon as she finished the muffin, Natasha's hand went to her thigh. "You know, I love the way you blush when I compliment you, Carol. Can't wait to make you blush in other ways."

Carol nearly choked on her coffee, earning a laugh from Nat. "Please…" she whispered as if someone wasn't supposed to hear them. Spreading her legs without thinking, she wanted more from Natasha. Looking at her as she focused on the road, a smirk trying to fight its way onto her lips.

Moving her hand painfully slow up Carol's thigh, Natasha turned into the salon's parking lot. "Please what? What do you want, Princess?" Natasha cooed.

"I want you to fuck me, please."

Pulling her hand away, Natasha laughed. "No, we have an appointment, Princess."


The two walked into the salon, and were greeted by the workers. Natasha took the lead, leading Carol to where she needed to go.

"I'm going to be across the room, if you need anything, let me know," Natasha smiled, kissing Carol's hand before letting go of her hand.

Thankfully she was still able to see the older woman from where she was sitting. The woman who had greeted Natasha sat Carol down in the chair with a friendly smile. Wrapping the styling cloth onto her she asked, "I see you came here with Natasha, are you two friends?" she asked, trying to make conversation.

"Yeah, I a bit more than friends," Carol admitted, biting her lip as she watched Natasha from the mirror.

"She has a habit of picking the cute ones," she continued before giving her a chance to ask what she meant. "So Nat tells me you want your hair short?"

"Y-yes, that's what I want." she smiled, and the lady got to work. Twenty-five minutes later, Natasha came to sit next to you in an empty chair.

"It looks so good so far, Carol." Natasha smiled, pulling out her phone. Trying her best to not embarrass herself, she watched the hairdresser cut her hair. Thankfully, the woman was almost done so the two of them could get out soon.

"Natasha, leave the poor girl alone, you're embarrassing her."

"Yeah, Nat." Carol smiled, but Natasha laughed it off.

"Maria, please." Natasha groaned. "Don't encourage, her."

"I'll zip my lips." Maria laughed.


Carol looked in the mirror at her hair, and she loved how it looked. Thanking Maria, Carol waited out in the lobby for Natasha to come back out to pay. What felt like hours (due to the fact that she was still soaked from what happened in the car) was only ten minutes. As she watched her pay, she squeezed her thighs to try and relieve some of the pressure. Making sure Maria didn't notice as she did.

"You ready to go?" Natasha turned around with a smile. Carol nodded as she got up, following her out the door.

Back in the car, Natasha placed her hand on the inside of Carol's thigh once again. The drive back to Natasha's house was tense, occasionally feeling her fingers rub at her clothed skin, Carol wanted to whine.

Finally breaking the silence, Natasha began to speak, "So we're going to go back to my house, and we're going to set some rules, boundaries, and if you still want this like I do, then you'll get your first reward. Understood, Carol?"

"Y-yes, Natasha." she said, and once again the car went silent.


Pulling up to her house, Carol's jaw dropped. The house was huge, and had tons of privacy, Carol was excited to ask about the flower garden. The two walked to the front door, and when Natasha unlocked it, they both went in.

"Take a seat on the couch, I'll bring us something to snack on," she smiled.

Carol did as Natasha told her too, looking around the room as she waited. Finally appearing with cheese cubes, and some water. They sat in silence, before Natasha spoke up again. "Do you have any questions for me, Princess?"

"Y-yes, what are you into, or I'm not sure that's the right wording, but what do you want to do with me?" Carol asked, and Natasha hummed.

"I want to take you out and treat you to anything and everything you want. I want to treat you like my princess. But in the bedroom? I want to fuck you like you're a slut, my slut. That's only if you want that," she admitted, and Carol looked away. Trying to hide her blush under Natasha's gaze. "If that's what you want, I'd have you give me your safewords, hard limits, soft limits, and what you want."

Carol thought about it, and Natasha never rushed her to answer the question. "We can watch a movie, and go out to eat. I don't want to rush you with your answer, princess."

"I've got my answer, Natasha." Carol shyly smiled, turning her head away.

"Look at me, Carol."

Carol looked at her instantly, earning a smile from the older woman. "What is your answer, sweetheart?"

"I'd like to do this with you, all of it."

"Mm, alright. Well, before I can fuck you, we've got to discuss everything."

"What safewords would you like to use?" she asked.

"I've seen the traffic light system, and I really like that. Red for 'stop completely', yellow for 'slow down', and green for 'I'm okay'." Carol informed her.

"Good girl," Natasha praised, noticing the way she blushed at the praise.

"Hard limits and soft limits?"

"Nothing with blood, or bodily functions. Nothing with needles, or electricity or water. For soft limits, I'm willing to try anything except for my hard limits." she said, smiling softly as she played with her thumbs.

"That's fine with me, and what do you enjoy?"

"I really like praise, and verbal humiliation. Spanking, strapons, orgasm denial, face slapping, spitting, things like that. I'll be honest, I haven't tried that much." Carol admitted, and Natasha smiled.

"I'm glad you were honest with me princess, and we'll start out slow today. Are you ready to play, sweet girl?" Natasha asked, and Carol nodded.



"I'll be back, I've got to grab a few things. When I come back I want you out of those shorts, keep your panties on, and I'm so glad you're wearing a tank top. I want you to pull it down, along with your bra. Can you do that for me?" Natasha asked, caressing.

"Yes, Nat."

"Good girl."

As Natasha left the room, Carol got to work. Pulling her shorts off, she waited a couple of seconds before doing the last part of what the older woman wanted. She was soaked, and the feel of the air conditioner on her exposed breasts didn't help. Carol sat sit as best as she could, tapping her fingers against her thigh kept her mind busy. The anticipation of Natasha coming back in was becoming too much, almost thinking she was forgotten. But when she came back in, Carol bit her lip.

"Look at you, so pretty for me," Natasha cooed, holding a duffle bag as she got back onto her knees. "Today we're just doing a little, the next time we play, though, we'll be going over some rules. But for today? You can come as much as your pussy can take."

With that, she trailed her fingers over the inside of Carol's thigh, slowly. Watching as goosebumps formed on her skin, a sly smile on her face as Carol tried her best to stay extra still for her. Earning a groan as she moved her hand away. "Don't complain, kotenok. I'd hate to deny you of any orgasms." she teased, and Carol shook her head.

"No, please, I'll be good." Carol blushed, looking away as Natasha palmed your breasts.

"Do you like when I touch you?"


Natasha hummed, moving one hand to pinch at Carol's nipple. Removing her other hand to push her panties to the side, sliding her middle finger into her wet cunt. Chuckling, Natasha slowly began to move the finger, curling it up as she fucked her harder. Carol whined, a single finger wasn't enough. She needed so much more.

"Please, Please give me more!" she begged, and as if Natasha was waiting for her to crack, she slipped in two more fingers. Natasha never breaking eye contact with Carol, even as she leaned in, taking her clit into her mouth.

"Fuck, fuck, Mo-Natasha, please," Carol whined.

"Patient, princess. You'll take what I give you, or you don't get anything, understood?" Natasha continued once you nodded. "Because I'd hate to not give this pretty pussy attention. So fucking wet for me."

Natasha slowed down her fingers, pressing the pad of thumb against her clit. "Tell me, Carol, whose pussy is this?"

"It's yours, please, please fuck it. Fuck my pu-" Carol was cut off when Natasha began fucking her. Curling her fingers with each thrust, licking her lips as she watched the younger woman try to squirm away.

Pulling her fingers out of Carol just as her orgasm was beginning to start, Natasha brought the same hand down onto her pussy. "Aw, were you about to come? My bad, sweet girl." she laughed, adding to Carol's embarrassment.

Sliding her fingers back in, she continued where she left off, but this time, let Carol come hard around her fingers. Natasha fucked her through her orgasm, pulling them out when she was finished. Sucking her fingers, making she kept eye contact with as Carol.

"You taste so good, baby," Natasha hummed. "You did so well for me today, Carol. I'm proud." Natasha praised, reaching up to kiss Carol's forehead.

"Let's cuddle for a bit, then we can go out to eat if you'd like."

"I'd love that."