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Just Desserts

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Carol had met Natasha at a dinner party, one hosted by her friend, Bruce's husband Tony. Usually where usually rich men come in hopes of finding someone to spend time with. So when Tony invited Carol, she was skeptical.


"I don't need someone like that, Tony," Carol rolled her eyes, but the smirk on his face got bigger. "Besides, I like being single."

It was only half true. She liked her alone time with her two cats, but at the same time, she enjoyed the company of actual humans once and awhile.

"Okay, okay. Just go tomorrow night, and you might just connect with someone, and you'll have a good time. Bruce and I will be there so if you don't find anyone interesting, you can hangout with us." he informed her.

Carol's face lightened up. "Alright, but only because I like hanging out with you guys; mostly Bruce, if I'm being honest." she said with a smile.

"Alright, well, we'll pick you up at six-fifteen pm, so wear your best dress. You know, the one with the stripes?" Tony said, as Bruce gave Carol a hug.

"Alright, I'll see you guys then! Next time, I'll be cooking you guys dinner when you come over." Carol walked them to the door, earning a chuckle from Tony.

"We'll see you then!"


When Tony and Bruce had told Carol they were on their way, she had almost told them that they could just go without her. But she knew if she told them that, Tony wouldn't let her live it down.

The moment six-fifteen hit, she heard a loud rumble from the engine of Tony's car. Grabbing her purse, she walked outside. Taking a deep breath as she locked the door, Carol blew out a sigh of relief when she remembered that she fed her cats, and gave them extra water before they had even told her. She was a mess, but she just hoped that tonight she wasn't going to make a fool out of herself.

"So, I'll buy you a drink, and you can mingle," Tony continued as he paid attention to the road. "Like I said, you don't find anyone, you can sit with us."

Getting to the bar took twelve minutes, and with every step towards the front door, she regretted it. But when Bruce wrapped his arm around her shoulders, she relaxed a bit.

"Everyone's really nice, I promise you," he smiled, holding the door open as Tony led both of them into the building.

As they went in separate directions, Carol made her way to the bar. She wasn't a fan of crowds, but it thankfully, it was a lot less crowded than she'd expect. Especially from the way Tony was talking, she didn't know what to think, other than it being packed.

When the bartender approached her, she ordered a water. As soon as the words left her lips, she heard a soft chuckle next to her. Turning to see who made the noise, Carol was shocked to see a beautiful woman with fiery red hair.

"Ordering water at a bar?" she said, and Carol nodded shyly. "I admire that. I'm Natalia, but you can call me 'Natasha'."

"O-okay, it's nice to meet you, Natasha. I'm Carol." she cursed at herself for being so nervous. She was never like this.

"Such a pretty name for a pretty girl. May I sit down next to you?" Natasha asked, and when she whispered 'yeah', she sat down quickly.

As the bartender handed her her water, Natasha turned to Carol. "So what brings you to this party?"

"My friend's Bruce and Tony invited me, said I needed to get out and do things. Which, I agree with them, but will I ever admit to it? Not at all." Natasha let out a laugh, and Carol could feel her cheeks heat up. Why did she always embarrass herself like that?

As the two talked more, Carol had found out a lot about Natasha. She was a cat person (thank goodness), she loved horror movies, she's been to Paris five times, and she loved Vodka. It left Carol wanting to know more, and Natasha was happy to answer her questions in just the right way. Leaving her wanting to know more. She figured it was a game the older woman was playing, but Carol was more than willing to play.

"Would you like to come back to my house?" Carol blurted out, regretting it the moment it slipped out. Was it too soon? Was that going to scare Natasha away?

"Of course, pretty girl. You wanna tell Tony and Bruce you're leaving? I'll drive." she smiled softly, and Carol nodded. She took a deep breath before turning around and walking to find them sitting on a couch.

"I'm leaving, so don't wait around!"


As soon as they were at Carol's, the two sat down on her couch. Unsure of what to do or to say, she went to go get Natasha a drink, even if she didn't ask for one.

"Well, thank you sweet girl." the redhead smiled, watching as Carol took a seat next to her. "So, what would you like to do? We can order food, my treat?"

Carol hated how easy she kept blushing, but Natasha had an effect on her. An effect that she really wanted more of, but would never admit to it.

"If we do, I'll pay. You don't have to spend your mon-" Carol began, but was cut off when she put her finger over her lips.

"Carol, sweet girl, why do you think I was at the party tonight?" she asked, her voice laced with something Carol couldn't quite make out. When she didn't answer, Natasha continued. "I'm looking for someone I can spoil, and spend time with. If you'd like to be that person, I'm more than willing to get to know you. If it's not your cup of tea, then I won't be upset."

Carol blushed, looking down at the ground - mentally cursing herself. She should have known, especially out of all the nights she had met her there. Was at Tony's party.

"I-I don't think it would be a problem, you're very beautiful and from what you've told me so far, you're interesting, but." she looked up at the older woman.


"I want you to meet my cats! Nala and Vitani!" she said with a childish grin, which made Natasha roll her eyes.

"I'd love to meet your cats," she smiled, smiling softly as Carol left the room to find her cats.

Natasha drank her water, jumping when one of her cats sat on her lap. Rubbing against her body, she put her water down onto the stand next to where she was sitting.

Smiling when the cat (she wasn't sure if it was Nala or Vitani) rubbed herself against her. Soon after, Carol came back out holding the other.

"I couldn't find Vitani, she doesn't like to be around-" she cut herself off when she saw said cat on top Natasha. "She likes you, and trust me, she doesn't like anyone."

"Well that's good to know! She's a good little kitty." she cooed, petting her as Carol sat down with Nala.

When the cats ran off, the two of them got to talking. "What would you like for dinner? My treat." Natasha said, still adamant on paying for dinner.

"I'm kind of in the mood for pizza," Carol admitted, finally giving in to Natasha's stubbornness.

"Pizza? Alright sweet girl."


Carol enjoyed the conversation as the two ate their dinner, occasionally watching whatever was on the screen. Before they knew it, it was two am.

"I've had a really good time tonight, Natasha," Carol smiled, and Natasha smiled back at her.

"As did I," Natasha said. "What are you doing tomorrow?"

"I'm off, why what's up?"

"I'll pick you up at one if you'd like to come over? We can talk more on what we both want from this relationship."

"Yeah! That'll be okay, I've got to get my haircut in the morning so I'll text you as soon as it's done,"

"How about I pick you up at nine am? I have a nail appointment at nine thirty at my favorite salon and I'll pay to get your haircut." she offered as the two walked towards Carol's front door.

"If you're okay with that, than I'll see you then!"

"Oh love, I'm more than okay with it." with that, Natasha opened the door and left. Carol quickly put her number into her phone.

Oh how Tony truly deserved a thank you.