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“I can see Death.”

“Stop being dramatic.”

“No seriously, he’s right there and he’s got his stupid slashing thingy.”

“A scythe.”

“What did you call me?”

Yoongi sighs, bored expression on his face. “A scythe. The ‘slashing thingy’ is called a scythe.” He explains, taking a seat next to your bed ridden figure. You’re sick with something much worse than the flu that much you know. Sadly, neither your town, nor the town’s doctor know what the hell is wrong with you. They chalked it off as your final living moments but sadly, you knew that wasn’t the case.

“Right, well, he’s coming for me. Should I join him?”

Yoongi sighs once again, mint green strands covering his eyes as he tips his head forward. “You won’t need to because you’re not dying. If you would just take the damn potion I made for you, you’d realize that!”

You huff, crossing your arms and stifling a groan at the pain in your abdomen. You’ve been ridiculously sweaty because of a horrid fever, your eyes are foggy and unfocused and not to mention you’re one hundred percent sure your insides are slowly turning into mush.

“I saw you put a toad’s ass into the damn stew I would rather die than drink that shit. No pun intended.”

“The thing is though that you won’t die. You’re just going to suffer until the ripe old age of fifty like the rest of us.”

“So be it then.” The nausea plaguing your body makes you want to lean over to the wooden bucket Yoongi had placed there a few days ago – when you first contracted whatever the hell this was. Actually, you think you know exactly what was wrong with you, sort of. You knew that wicked old witch from town had cursed you. And it wasn’t even your fault! You couldn’t force Yoongi to be attracted to her. Even if you could, you didn’t want to. He deserved someone better than a hag.

“You want to vomit.”

It wasn’t a question because he could see the green tint to your features, lips pursed in indignation and more sweat beginning to compile at your hairline. You looked sickly but Yoongi knew you weren’t on your deathbed. If only your stubborn self would drink the damn potion he had made you – you’d be cured in an instant.

He knew he should have gone to Namjoon’s shack to make it but he also couldn’t just leave you alone. The last time he had done that you had almost choked on your own vomit. Again, the possibility of you dying was off the table even if you had choked on your vomit - made possible by that damn witch that had cursed you-  but surely the feeling would be unpleasant.

“Y/n, if you don’t drink this damn stew I’m going to force feed it to you.”

“Yoongi I don’t want to!” You whined, petulantly. Your pout and furrowed brows pulled at his heartstrings but he held back his cooing in favor of scolding you once more. “Y/n, I love you but I am so tired of having to clean out your puke bucket. Take the damn medicine or I’ll curse you as well.”

Your eyes widened comically, lips parting into a perfect ‘o’. His lips twitched.

“Isn’t there anything else I could do? I really would rather rot like this than drink toad ass juice.”

He sighed.

There was one other trick but he didn’t want to tell you about it because it involved a full moon (which was three nights away) and it involved him traveling two towns over to retrieve a certain crystal from Park Jimin - a sort of prodigy warlock who was an expert in everything concerning the moon. Surprising, considering he’s a Libra. Oh and it also involved an entire night of coitus.

And Yoongi really didn’t want to make the trip to Jimin’s again.

“So there is! Tell me it!” Yoongi’s eyes widened, neck snapping in your direction. Had he spoken aloud?


“You zoned out for a solid two minutes. Tell me what the alternative is.”

“Forget it, I’m not gonna go to towns over just because you won’t drink the medicine I made you.”

“It’s toad’s ass! Would you drink it!?”

He absolutely would not but he’s not going to tell you that, so a huffy yes, I wouldleaves his lips instead.

“Bullshit.” You huff, shoving his shoulder lightly making the medicine in his bowl swirl dangerously close to the rim. “Y/n! Drink the damn cure!” He says, sitting up on his knees before reaching over to grab your face. You let out a squeal and begin thrashing about, doing your best to not let him touch your face but he overpowers you enough to the point where he’s straddling your hips, thumb and forefinger pinching your cheeks enough to get your lips to pucker like a fish.

You do your best to get him off of you but he’s surprisingly strong so you settle for cheating. When he gets the bowl close to your lips, you pinch his butt making him yelp and loosen his grip on your face. With the upper hand you manage to push him off of you.

Unfortunately for him he hadn’t cleaned out your puke bucket that morning.

Yoongi can’t believe that he’s really making the trek to Park Jimin’s cabin.

He can practically hear the nosy questions he’s going to get flung at him. Everything ranging from why he would possibly need the crystal to when you were born (hour, minute, and second if possible).

And he wasn’t even sure if you would want to go through with the ritual in the end! He’s only retrieving this crystal so he can scare you into just drinking the damn concoction. Not only that but he’d have to somehow collect essence of toad’s ass all over again because the first batch is now fully soaked into the wooden boards in his cabin.

Yoongi huffed, kicking a rock that was in front of him before continuing his trek, listening to the leaves and sticks crunching beneath his feet.

It was getting dark; the final few rays of sunshine had almost finished sinking under the horizon. There was a pretty orange glow that covered the ground, effectively calming his rapidly beating heartbeat.

It wouldn’t be too bad, right? He’d get the crystal, go back home, explain the ritual and when you’d say no he would give you the best toad ass potion he could make. Simple… Right?

He kicked another stone.

“Min Yoongi! Pleasure seeing you here.”

The shrill voice that pierced through the air made Yoongi jump before pure, unadulterated annoyance filled every cavity of his body. “Park Jimin.” He muttered in lieu of a greeting, arms crossed and brow arched. He hadn’t even gotten to the porch before Jimin was outside and bugging him.

“What can I do for you?” The aforementioned grinned, teeth on show and eyes bright with the urge to pester the older man. Yoongi wanted nothing more than to slap the charming smile right off his equally charming face. But he also wanted to pinch his cheeks… For some reason.

“I need a turquoise and a jasper crystal, preferably ones that are fully cleansed. Oh, and toad ass.”  

“Oh? And why’s that?”

“Do I really need to answer that? Why can’t you ever just… Take my money?”

Jimin laughs, bell-like, full bodied and ending with a tiny squeak.

“Does it matter?! Of course it does! I can’t just give out my goods without knowing what they’re going to be used for; you of all people should know this Min Yoongi.”

Yoongi rolls his eyes. Jimin was always one for dramatics.

“They’re for a friend. She’s… Sick.”

Jimin’s brow arches, tiny grin tugging at the corner of his lips. “A friend? Is this the same friend you came here for last time?”

Yoongi grimaced. Yoongi had completely forgotten that he had come here for you last time as well. And it’s all because you’re stubborn and incredibly picky with your potions. Not only that but you refuse to shut your mouth which, in turn, gets you cursed. In total, you’ve probably gotten hexed by seven of the ten witches in your town and two of the warlocks.

“I’ll take that as a yes. If that’s the case then there’s no need for you to pay me.” As he says this, he’s moving to the back room, leading Yoongi through the wooden door and directly towards the altar where all his crystals lay.

“On what condition?” Yoongi asks. Jimin isn’t one to just give out his crystals – especially not to Yoongi. His crystals are expensive and for good reason – they’re reliable and they work one hundred and ten percent of the time. Jimin merely scoffs at Yoongi, grabbing a velvet pouch and three crystals.

“I was going to ask you why you think such of me, but I am sick of you, frankly.” At the confession, Yoongi’s brows shoot up and his mouth parts in an offended gasp. Sick of him?! How dare he?!

“Sick of me?!” He repeats, genuinely offended.

“Yes, Yoongi. I’m sick of your repressed pining. My condition is that you finally just ask her out. I put everything you need in this pouch, if you lose it or leave anything unused I will know and I also know where you live, Min Yoongi.”

Yoongi left the house with his brows furrowed and a slight sense of fear in his body. Jimin was scary when he was annoyed; he could only imagine he would be like when fully angry.

The thought made him shiver. He was not going to go down that road.

The following morning, Yoongi was beyond exhausted. The two day trip was made in a single day so there had been no rest time allowed. Luckily, he had gotten home in the early hours of the morning meaning he could at least take a nice, long eight hour ‘nap’ - minimum. The idea of resting his body on his soft mattress and slipping into his self induced coma almost made him melt into a puddle.

“I’m home!”

As he closed the door behind him, he was met with silence. Furrowing his brows, he walked over to your room only to find you sleeping still. You were lying on your stomach, arms tucked beneath your pillow and drool trickling from the corner of your mouth. Your fever seemed to have lowered, if the fact that your hair was no longer matted to your forehead with sweat was anything to go by.

After shutting your door, he made his way to his room putting the velvet pouch on his desk and jumping into his bed. Hopefully he’d wake up before midnight so he could get everything ready but as most naps go; it was a hit or miss.

When he woke up he’d also yell at Namjoon for leaving you alone.

Yoongi did not, in fact, yell at Namjoon because as it turns out, his body was ready for more than eight hours of sleep and the coma he had accidentally slipped into was more than a little concerning to you.

You knew he would come home tired but he was practically dead as he lay on his bed. He was on his back, arms and legs spread out like a starfish, and he hadn’t moved from that position since you first went to check on him – four hours into his rest.

You had even checked if he was still breathing (he was).

That was two hours ago and with midnight quickly approaching you decided it was time to wake him up.

“Yoongi…” Your mutter was almost silent as you poked his cheek. His nose twitched but that was the most you got out of him. Settling for trying something a little more effective, you raised your voice and poked his arm a bit harder.


“Yoongi wake up!” This time it was a scream and a semi-violent shake of his shoulder causing him to jump and sit up quickly.

“Holy shit I’m blind.”

“Your eyes are probably just adjusting to being used after thirteen hours. Or, you know, orthostatic hypotension.”

“Why are you the way that you are?”

You only rolled your eyes, standing up from where you had previously been on your knees. “It’s almost midnight. You were nearing a solid twenty four hours of sleep and the food is getting cold.”

“It’s almost midnight?!” Yoongi practically flew off the bed and straight to the velvet pouch on his desk. You couldn’t help but grin at the tufts of hair at the back of his head that were standing in several different directions. He turned to you with wide eyes before grabbing your hand, “we need to get everything ready.”

The walk into the woods hadn’t been so bad considering Yoongi’s cabin was right at the edge. It was something that freaked you out before because they looked creepy with their falling branches and loose vines but now they hardly terrified you.

“You feeling okay?” He asked, fingers intertwined tightly with yours as he led you to ‘The Spot’. You chalked up the fluttering in your stomach as another wave of nausea. “Honestly? I might throw up.” He grimaced and stopped you in your tracks.

“Okay before we get to the spot I have to explain the ritual.”

And he did.

You were left with parted lips and a hot face – one not caused by a fever.

“So… So we have to… Errm… Do that…?” Heat spread through your entire body, embarrassment and something else burning your every nerve.

“… Not really? You could drink the potion…” Despite his nonchalant words, the red tint to his sleep lined cheeks told you different.

“I am not going to drink that potion… Unless you don’t want to … Erm… Yeah.”

“I do! I-I mean, I wouldn’t mind… You’re my, uh, friend… And I want you to be okay again. This is my fault technically.”

You ignored the pang in your chest and settled for sending him a tight smile. “Okay, then I’m okay with it. As friends, of course.” You added so you wouldn’t sound so desperate. He had friendzoned you already and you weren’t about to try to breach that.

“Right. Friends.”

The rest of the walk was silent.

The closer it got to midnight, the more the butterflies – for lack of a better term – seemed to double.

Yoongi was setting up the area where you’d get… Down to it. He had placed a blanket in the middle of a circle of candles, three separate crystals at the bottom of the fabric. You thought he was done until he pulled out two vials from the velvet pouch.

“What’s that?” You asked, brows furrowing. He was looking at the vials with equal confusion, brows pulled tight and lips pouting in contemplation. “I… I don’t know, actually. Jimin gave them to me.”

Jimin, though dramatic, would never put either of you in danger. He had a big heart and you really took a liking to the blonde when you had met him a few months ago for a previous curse that we won’t talk about.

“Hand one over, then.”

Yoongi’s head snapped in your direction, confusion lacing his features. “You’re just going to drink it? No questions?!”

You were wary of it, sure, but you were feeling a bit petty at the moment. “I trust him.” You merely shrugged, reaching over for the vial and popping off the cork. It was a rosy color, puffs of red smoke swirling through the cold air. At least it was pretty… And it smelled vaguely of cake?

“Wait!” You arched a brow at the panicked Yoongi in front of you. He bit his lip before glancing at the glass in his hand. “Let’s drink it together?” Your stomach seemed to do another flip and the waves of nausea seemed to intensify but you swallowed it down and nodded.  “On three.”


He popped off the cork.


You swallow your nervousness.


The liquid is refreshing as it travels down your throat. It’s a simultaneous burn and cooling of your insides before it gets hot again. Your nausea is completely gone and you feel light headed – the good kind. It’s almost as if you’re high, drifting through a cloud of… Lust?

When you look over at Yoongi you find that he’s already looking at you. His pupils are blown wide and his cheeks are tinged pink. He swallows, lifting a hand to run it through his hair before taking his bottom lip between his teeth. You can’t help but focus on the movement, taking your own lip between your teeth.


You, yourself, are shocked at how sultry your voice sounds but you can’t really bring yourself to care about it when he’s looking at you like he wants to ravage you. Fact of the matter is, you’d let him and not just because of whatever the hell was in that vial.

“Yes, y/n?” He mutters, voice a deep rumble as his gaze focuses on the way your tongue drags against your bottom lip. “Yoongi… I want you.”

The next movements are quick; it’s almost as if you’ve gone feral, unable to contain yourself as you tug at each other’s clothes. You tug off his shirt as he rips off your shirt, grip tight around your sides. Everywhere he touches sends bolts of electricity through your body and straight to your core.

When he bites down on your collarbone, you let out a loud mewl, throwing your head back as pleasure overrides your senses. It’s almost like every touch is intensified by a million.

“Fuck, wait, get on the blanket.” He breathes, pulling you backwards and into the circle of candles before pulling you down onto the soft fabric. You hardly notice the bumpy texture beneath the blanket as Yoongi begins massaging your breasts, lips seemingly permanently attached to yours.

“D-do we have to say anything?” You manage to stutter out, hips bucking when his thigh presses against you when he shifts. “What do you mean?” He asks, pulling away. He looks pained, as if not touching you was the worst thing in the world.

“For the ritual.” You pant.

“Oh, no, I already wrote down the spell. Just need to burn it when we… You know.” Instead of nodding like you wanted to, you pull him back down to you and kiss him harshly. It’s all teeth and tongue but it feels amazing. Your body is burning with desire and it’s beginning to get frustrating not having any form of pleasure being given nor received.

“Yoongi, take your clothes off.”

“Can’t wait, need you now.” He growls, biting down on the soft flesh of your neck hard enough to have your back arching off the floor. “Need to fuck you like this, now.” He continues, hiking up your skirt enough to have your panty clad core exposed. You watch as he tugs his pants down enough so that his dick is exposed.

He’s not necessarily huge, per say, but he’s got a good girth, red and angry tip swollen with need. You are faring no better, the sticky wetness between your thighs becoming slightly uncomfortable and you’re getting more agitated the longer he takes to just touch you already.

“God, Yoongi, just hurry up!” There’s a hiss to your demand, fingers gripping his biceps hard enough to leave a bruise but not enough for your nails to break through the skin. “Hold on, want to taste you.” Sure enough, his gaze is focused solely on the wet spot on your underwear, fingers tugging the fabric enough so your swollen lips spill out the sides. You whine, back arching when he pulls against your clit.

“I can’t wait,” you cry out, pushing him back and onto the floor. You straddle him, hands placed firmly against his toned chest as you grind your pussy onto his exposed cock. He hisses, hands gripping your hips tightly, nails digging into your skin. You moan at the feeling, grinding harder onto him so the head of his cock hits your clit each time.

“God, you’re such a tease.” He growls, pulling you against his chest before flipping your body over so he can take control again. “Gonna fuck you so good, princess. I promise.” He says, placing a surprisingly soft kiss to your cheek. You smile, hands placed around his shoulders as he aligns himself at your entrance. “Ready?” You nod.

Your moans mix together as he enters you and the stretch is not a painful one despite the lack of prep. The potion seemingly lubricated you more than enough for him to slip in without worry.

When he bottoms out, he pecks your cheek once again before pulling all the way out and slamming back into you, dragging a lewd moan from you. “God, you’re so fucking tight. Can hardly move.” He groans, head finding purchase in the crook of your neck as he slams back into you. You can only moan, fingernails digging into his biceps deep enough to draw blood.

A choked moan leaves his lips at the sting, eyes screwed shut as he loses himself in the pleasure.

You can feel your breasts jiggling with each thrust, legs spread wide enough to accommodate his figure. It’s insane how you can feel every ridge of his cock dragging against your walls. His girth stretching you enough for a slight burn to start but it’s far from painful.

“So perfect.” He whines, lips beginning to kiss the expanse of your chest. After every over kiss he starts to nip at your flesh, sucking bruises into the skin before soothing it over with a drag of his hot tongue. The feeling of him against your neck makes you regret telling him not to eat you out as you can only imagine how good he must be at eating you out.

The image makes you moan, back arching enough so your breasts are flush against his chest.

He continues his thrusts, lips still attacking your neck until he hits that rough spot inside of you and he feels you clench around him – your orgasm approaching all too suddenly. The fluttering of your walls make him still, overwhelmed with pleasure yet he manages to pull out, using his hand to push him over the edge and spill over your panties.

As your climax subsides the effects of the potion wear off and you’re left in pure, unadulterated panic. Your hazy mind is clear and you can feel your heart picking up speed with each passing second – you’re certain he could hear it considering his head was resting on your chest. You could feel his breath on your nipple, making you shiver.

“Yoongi…” Your voice is quiet, nervous.

You had breached your friendship, surpassed simple platonic feelings and slept with your best friend. You didn’t necessarily regret the action but you wished that it hadn’t happened. You wished that you had just drunk the original potion so that you would have your friendship as pure as before.

You doubted that everything could go back to normal now that his cum is coating your panties.

“Yes, y/n?” He refuses to look at you but he doesn’t move from his spot on your chest. You can feel his throat contract as he swallows, lips parting so he can run his tongue over his lip.

You’re just as nervous. As scared. You don’t want to lose him just because you’re stubborn but you also don’t know how to ask him where your relationship stands. It’s not a situation you had put yourself through before. You had never considered sleeping with any of your other friends.

“Still friends?”

Your voice sounds small, almost drowned out by the crickets chirping close by. The moon is still bright and covering the earth in a soft glow. You can feel Yoongi tense before he finally looks up at you.


You try your best to hide the hurt on your face as you breathe out a chuckle. “Right. Okay then, I understand.” You mutter, gently pushing him off of you since you’re beginning to feel incredibly vulnerable.

He does get off of you but he doesn’t let you get your clothes, hands tightening around your wrists.

“Wait. I- I look-”

“Yoongi its fine, I get it.” You mumble. You shouldn’t have asked him to sleep with you – you had brought this upon yourself in a selfish need to take your relationship with Yoongi further.

“No, y/n, you don’t! Look. You have every right to punch me in the dick after I tell you this but I just- I need to tell you.”

Scanning your face for any sort of reluctance, he swallows. It’s now or never.

“I love you. And before you do the cliché of telling me you love me too, I don’t mean as friends. I don’t want to be your friend anymore. Friends don’t chill in the woods with their tits and their dicks out for show – you know? I liked sleeping with you and if you’re up for it I would really like to do it again. But like… In a more romantic way… And not where anyone can see my bare ass – or yours.”

He pauses before taking a deep breath.

“This is all fucked up and backwards but… Can we… Can I be your boyfriend and not your boy friend?”

You bite your lip, finding the cute blush on his cheeks all too endearing despite the fact that you’re both naked save for the skirt that’s still bunched up at your hips and his pants around his ankles.

He takes your silence as a no and chuckles nervously. “I- I’m… Can we just-”



“Kiss me.”

Park Jimin is many things.

He is kind, caring, lovable, incredibly charming, handsome - the list goes on… But it ends at patient. And that is made exceptionally clear as he sits on his couch that was comfy two hours ago but is now surely flattening his superb ass.

He can’t count exactly how long he’s been sitting on said couch but he does know that the entirety of that time was filled with love stricken talk from both you and Yoongi, and while Jimin is glad that Yoongi finally grew a pair (thanks to Jimin by the way) he is also over the domestic lives that you live.

Frankly, Jimin just wants to go to his bed and sleep. It’s already midnight and he’s unsure exactly how much more stories he can handle before making himself poof out of the room. He’s not even sure he’s mastered the act of apparition.

So, instead of risking losing his head somewhere in between universes, he decides to lift a single finger in front of him. Luckily, the two of you get the message and pause your talking.

“I am very happy for you guys, really,”

He watches as you and Yoongi look at each other, soft smiles on your faces. Gross.

“But if I have to sit on this couch any longer – my ass is going to implode.”

“Oh! You should have just said so – lets go for a walk!” You suggest causing Jimin to deadpan.

“Oh, yeah and we’ll tell you about that time that-“

Suddenly losing his head in a different universe doesn’t sound like the worst idea.