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If You Lie Down with Dogs

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Ogata stared out the carriage at the house, empty now save for his father’s corpse. Tsurumi was saying something to him, but it didn’t matter. Tsurumi placed a hand on Ogata’s knee. Of course. Like the others, now Ogata owed him. Ogata looked at the hand, then at Tsurumi, who smiled darkly. This would be a temporary partnership. He still hadn’t found what he sought. He wasn't doing this for power, like so many others. It wasn't vengeance. Ogata wasn't quite sure what it was exactly, but he had time to figure out the details. The trick would be getting access to the information he needed for such details.


His breath was hot and heavy on the back of Ogata’s neck, his body a foreign weight pressing down ever so slightly for more control. A strong hand gripped his chin from behind, forcing his mouth open, and two fingers slid in across his tongue. Obediently, Ogata sucked. Then, not so obediently, he nipped at the finger tips.

“Don't be insolent,” Tsurumi warned, withdrawing his fingers quickly and popping Ogata on the back of his neck. “Is that any way to treat your daddy?”

Ogata hummed, smiling to himself. “No sir, I'm sorry. I'm just so hungry…”

Tsurumi pushed himself up, allowing Ogata to turn around on his hands and knees to face him. He looked up to find that devilish grin smiling down at him, pants tented with arousal. Tsurumi looked positively giddy.

“I don't think bad boys who bite are entitled to a treat,” Tsurumi admonished, gaging Ogata's interest. Wordlessly, Ogata reached for the belt on Tsurumi’s waist, only to get his hands smacked.

“What did I say?”

Pouting, Ogata shrugged and folded his hands in his lap. He's being bratty intentionally; Tsurumi wouldn't like this if he was just mindlessly obedient, wouldn't trust that this was all Ogata's pure lust and devotion for his commander.

If he wasn't careful, Tsurumi would see through the ruse.

“Open your mouth, little boy,” Tsurumi growled, and Ogata followed directions. Tsurumi finished what Ogata started, unbuckling his pants and whipping his dick out to tap it against Ogata's waiting bottom lip. It's musky, the smell of unwashed flesh that’s been bottled up tight all day, but it's also sickeningly sweet to the palette. Ogata sucked just the tip, rolled his tongue around it in a tantalizing tease, and watched Tsurumi's face for a reaction. When he received none, he traveled down the sides of the shaft, licking and kissing the hardened flesh with half-lidded eyes. 

“Stop playing with your food before I give it to someone else,” Tsurumi scolded, and that sends a flash of warmth through Ogata's belly. He nodded and quickly engulfs the head, wrapping a hand around the base to begin stroking and sucking with carefully measured pressure. His other hand reaches between his own legs, squeezing his balls for temporary relief. Ogata hummed around Tsurumi's dick, gagged himself on it, and smiled when he finally heard the older man above him groan.

Ogata sped up his actions, swapping his spit covered hand with the one around his balls to slide a finger in his ass. He keened and rocked forward on his knees, meeting Tsurumi's sudden thrust to lodge his dick down the private's throat. Tsurumi shivered, held Ogata's head still, and slid his dick from in between Ogata's lips.

“Are you playing with yourself?” Tsurumi asked, watching with dark lust.

Ogata kicks his lips and nods.

“My dear boy, you just don't know how to be patient, do you?” Tsurumi lowered himself to Ogata's level and pushed him onto his back, spreading his legs wide to kneel between them. Tsurumi pulled Ogata's finger from his ass and scoots back, wrapping Ogata's thighs in his arms before lying face down on the floor of his office. He parted Ogata's cheeks, and looked up at Ogata from between his legs.

“Don't worry, daddy will show you how, Hyakunosuke.”

Ogata's face burned at the name, his dick jumping in betrayal of his better thoughts. “Thank you, sir,” he whispers.

Tsurumi grinned, and then spit on Ogata's hole. Ogata jumped at the unfamiliar sensation and wriggles in Tsurumi's tight grasp. Tsurumi ignored his reaction for the moment, his interest completely captivated by the shiny, tight ring of muscle before him. Ogata's hair around his dick was fine, a small tuft of dark fibers, but his balls and sphincter were hairless. They looked positively delectable.

Tsurumi licked at the small hole, and laughed when he felt Ogata's leg muscles clench. “Relax, baby boy, you'll get used to how good it feels.”

Ogata slung an arm across his face as he willed himself calm. He was quickly losing control of the situation.

Tsurumi licked again, pressing deeper into Ogata's rectum with his tongue. He pressed his lips to Ogata's skin and pushed deeper, the cold of his metal plate sending a shock of sensation against Ogata's dick and balls. Ogata shivered, whimpered despite himself, and Tsurumi ate him up. He licked and sucked, using a finger to slide inside and pull more soft noises from Ogata while another hand teased Ogata's nipple. Ogata choked back a cry, cursing his sensitive body, and tried to steel himself against becoming any more pliant then he already was.

Tsurumi detected the change in his body and tutted, smacking Ogata on the thigh sharply.

“I usually value your silence, but right now I wish to hear just how many noises you can make,” Tsurumi murmured. His smile was as slimy as he sounded, and Ogata began to tremble as his fingers continued working him over, leaving him no room to disagree.

Tsurumi pressed insistently into Ogata, two fingers now, with immense pressure on his prostate. Ogata choked out a small yelp and scrambled for purchase, anything to grab onto to ground himself, but Tsurumi had made sure to move everything out of reach before he had arrived. 

“Let me hear you,” Tsurumi hissed, eyes hungry as a viper's.

Ogata turned his face away and panted as the pressure only increased. Surely he wasn't trying to be too loud? Anyone outside would be able to hear them.

“Hyakunosuke…” Tsurumi's voice took a threatening edge as the hand on his nipple suddenly disappeared in favor of wrapping tightly around his dick.

Ogata’s hips bucked and he cried out, voice high and strained. His whole body was flushed with humiliation, yet Tsurumi just laughed.

“There's a good boy,” Tsurumi chuckled. “Does daddy’s boy need to come? Is he going to squirt his little dick all over himself and make a mess?”

Ogata felt tears stinging his eyes, but his body responded nonetheless, pushing more into Tsurumi's grip. He was slowly losing his mind, and it didn't seem like there was any end in sight. He shook his head and begged, “Please let me come, daddy!”

Tsurumi completely took his hands off of him and sat up. “No, not until I think you’ve deserved it.”

Ogata threw his head back on the floor and pounded his fists into the carpet rug he was lying on. He was seriously beginning to reconsider whether this was all worth it or not.

“Having a tantrum? I can fix that,” Tsurumi easily flipped Ogata onto his stomach and struck his subordinate’s backside. Ogata cried out, arching his back up towards Tsurumi who happily rubbed the cheeks before striking them again. He brought his hand down repeatedly against Ogata’s pale skin, now red and angry with the violent contact.

“Little boy, I’m going to fuck you like the whore you came from, and when I’m done, you’re going to thank me for saving you and giving you something you never had,” Tsurumi hissed into Ogata’s ear. He was clearly trying to push him to the edge, to see if this was really a ruse, to see how much abuse Ogata would put up with before shutting it all down. 

But Ogata had already suffered so much, this was nothing compared to the life he’d known. This was foreplay . Tsurumi wouldn’t be able to fuck him any harder than the silent gods already had.

“Please...please fuck me,” Ogata whimpered, throwing his ass back at Tsurumi. “I need it daddy, I need you.”

Tsurumi was silent for a few seconds, as if determining whether Ogata was being truthful or not. Ogata panted beneath him, body tired and high strung. Suddenly, there was a lukewarm wetness covering his rear, dripping between the clefts of his ass cheeks, and Ogata knew he had succeeded.

Tsurumi fucked him open, slowly, giving Ogata a chance to adjust and whine for more. He had already been denied one orgasm, but now he was finally getting to the best part. Tsurumi’s strong hands held him in place as he began to thrust faster, small groans of appreciation for Ogata’s impossibly soft skin that melded around his pelvis. Ogata closed his eyes and smiled, savored the feeling of being used like this, being used exactly how he wanted. 

Because when it was all said and done, it would be Tsurumi  who was being used.

Ogata’s head rocked back and forth between his shoulders as he moaned into Tsurumi’s touch, met his thrusts with eagerness and tossed his head back to expose his throat. Tsurumi grabbed his newly exposed skin and squeezed, staring Ogata in the eye as he fucked him. Ogata’s mouth hung open, eyes heavy and hooded with lust and need. He looked completely open, mind blank and accepting to anything.

Tsurumi leaned forward and kissed him, shoving his tongue in his mouth. Ogata whimpered and sucked on the slick muscle, hungry for more. The more Tsurumi trusted him, the harder he got. His dick was leaking and painful with neglect, bobbing back and forth while his lieutenant fucked him.

“I’m going to come all over that pretty little face of yours,” Tsurumi grunted, chest heaving with exertion. Ogata nodded quickly, wanting nothing more.

Tsurumi pulled out then, hand still wrapped around Ogata’s neck, and pushed him to the floor while he crawled up his body, fisting his erection as he did so, until ropes of semen covered Ogata’s face. Ogata smiled and happily stuck out his tongue, licking at what he could get. It was disgusting, and it tasted of success. 

Tsurumi stood, looking over Ogata’s used body, red and taut with unreleased tension.

“Do you think you deserve to come now?”

Ogata laughed and shook his head, “I’m happy as long as daddy is happy.”

Tsurumi dropped to his knees and took Ogata into his hand, sucking harshly on the tip of his dick.

Ogata yowled .


Walking out of the office, Ogata was not surprised to see Koito waiting, an irritated expression on his heavy brows.

“Oh. He’ll be out soon,” Ogata said stiffly. He could still taste Tsurumi on his breath, and despite his best efforts, he knew there was crusted semen probably still in his hair. If the murderous gaze from Koito was any indication, it was more than evident what had occurred.

“If you want,” Ogata said quietly, approaching Koito, “You can lick the rest of it out of my mouth.”

Koito clenched his jaw and stormed away, choosing instead to run rather than stay and fight. Ogata felt powerful .


"Are you sure we can have this conversation while the superior private is still present?" Tsukishima asked before the meeting began. He'd noticed Ogata tailing the lieutenant more and more as of late, much to the chagrin of Koito whom he heard whining on more than one occasion. He'd heard the rumors spread around camp, knew there was a good chance they were accurate, but Tsurumi hadn't communicated anything of that nature to him.

Tsurumi flashed him a sinister grin. "Of course, Ogata is very loyal to me." He walked behind him and rested a hand at the base of Ogata's neck, who lifted his head proudly in Tsukishima's direction. Tsukishima didn't respond, but grunted in affirmation. That was good enough for him.

And it was good enough for Ogata.

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Upon settling down with Hijikata’s group, Ogata found himself in a group of strange misfits that made him want to keep his rifle closer than before. Two murderous old men, a cannibal doctor, and a judoka who could only think with his dick was not the kind of company Ogata usually sought, but it aligned with getting closer to the gold. Ienaga stared at him hungrily, and not in the way he wanted.

Really, he was at a dead end here. There was no way he was getting anywhere with Hijikata or Nagakura, nor did he want to. He could fake things pretty well, but that was just not happening no matter how hard he tried. Ienaga would certainly try to eat him. Ushiyama was huge, and too much of a womanizer to even entertain the thought of sleeping with a man. And none of them outwardly trusted him, a member of the 7th Division. Ogata stared at himself in the mirror and furrowed his brow. If only he could find some way…


Ogata buried his face in his hands and reassured himself this was the only way he’d get the information he needed. He had already degraded himself for Tsurumi; dressing as a woman was hardly the worst thing he could do at this point.


“You look gorgeous, like a virgin at a brothel,” Ienaga remarked her work on Ogata and stepped back so that he could see for himself. He almost didn’t recognize himself past the makeup, how his lips were pouty and a soft pink, the blush on his cheeks. His scars were completely hidden, and the way his hair fell in his face added a level of mystery that wasn’t there previously. Clean shaven was a look he’d forgotten long ago, but he admitted it looked good. Not too feminine, and not too masculine. He was perfectly adrogynous, but still recognizable. He adjusted the yukata he was wearing and leaned back in the chair.

“Thank you for your help,” Ogata smiled at her, brushing his hair from his face. “You made sure he was drunk?”

Ienaga gave him a tight lipped smile. “Better you than me.”

Ogata nodded and stood, making his way to the door. He slipped out the room silently and slowly strolled down the hall, the flow of air from his yukata and nothing else quite refreshing compared to his usual uniform. He came to a stop in front of Ushiyama’s room and knocked quietly, trying to draw as little attention to himself as possible.

Almost immediately the door swung wide open and he was yanked in by an immense force, crushing him in large arms.

“So you finally came to see me after playing hard to get,” Ushiyama slurred. Ogata had to pry the man off him just get a breath of air and took the chance to step back and put some space between them.

“I’m not Ienaga,” Ogata announced. Ushiyama narrowed his eyes.

“A prostitute?”


Ushiyama laughed boisterously and reached for the sake on his desk. “Ogata looks like a killer! You look like,” Ushiyama looked him up and down. “A victim.”

Ogata’s faced reddened, but he remained calm. “It’s me. I can remind you if I must, but I chose to clean up some before I came to talk to you.” He sat on the bed and pulled his legs up to his side, exposing one slender, sculpted, hairless leg. Now, he had Ushiyama’s attention.

“I don’t fuck men,” Ushiyama began, even though he didn’t sound fully convinced.

Ogata cocked his head and smiled. “I said I just wanted to talk.”


Those who can, do, Ogata thought to himself as he bit down on the pillow. And those who can’t, make due. Ushiyama was attempting to breach him with no preparation but for the jar of lubricant Ienaga had slipped in his yukata. He supposed he should be thankful for even that small amount, but it was getting difficult to breathe. Getting stabbed, shot, his jaw shattered - none of that compared to the stretch he was feeling right now.

“I don’t take it easy on whores, so don’t expect me to go easy on you,” Ushiyama grunted, thrusting forward sharply. Ogata cried out, voice high and airy. It hurt, but he could make it through this. Ushiyama made a surprised noise and tried the same motion again, amused by how Ogata responded underneath him.

“You even sound like a whore,” Ushiyama chuckled, beginning to move faster. Ogata took a few concentrated deep breaths and clung to the pillow  for support as Ushiyama lifted his hips to thrust deeper. “You do look good from this angle.”

Ogata felt as if every breath was being fucked out of him, Ushiyama’s dick was all he could think about. He couldn’t even focus on the words the giant man was saying above him as he used his ragdoll body like a toy. His dick beneath him rubbed against the blankets, a small comfort compared to the overwhelming fullness he was experiencing. He moaned with each stroke, whimpers and cries that fell into the pillow as Ushiyama grunted like a beast above him His ass cheeks stung from being spread apart for so long, so roughly, but the uncomfortable pain sent a jolt through his dick. He loved being used like this. Ushiyama didn’t care about him, didn’t care about his past. He only sought a quick fuck in return for some information. It was strictly business, no mind games. It was so easy that Ogata accidentally let slip a chuckle, which garnered Ushiyama’s attention anew. 

“What’s so funny? Am I not fucking you hard enough? Do you think I’m some kind of joke?” Ushiyama pinned Ogata’s head to the side with one large hand and plowed into him, sending Ogata wailing and unable to move. He could do nothing but sit there and take it, take the giant dick that was churning his insides into a porridge. Ushiyama sped up, fueled by a wounded ego.

“You dumb whore, you really think you’re so smart by coming to me instead of the others,” Ushiyama panted. “Do you really think I'll share what I know with you?”

Ogata managed to whimper out a defiant, “Yes,” and Ushiyama leaned over him, his full weight almost completely smothering him.

Ushiyama chased his orgasm into Ogata with a loud growl, and Ogata felt delirious with oxygen deprivation and satisfaction as he released onto the blankets beneath him.


“He has useful information he’s willing to share, as long as you’re willing to share in return,” Ushiyama told Hijikata the following morning. “I trust him.”

He had to uphold his gentleman’s code. Ogata had came to him, beautiful man to man and offered himself up. What happened afterwards, was none of his business. He was going to get to the gold either way.

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“No, I understand.”

“Ogata -”

He turned around to face Kiroranke, who looked torn between making an impossible decision and possibly losing an ally. “I said, I understand.”

“Then don’t walk away from me like that!” Kiroranke argued. “This has been my life’s work, my calling. It’s not that I don’t trust you with that information, but as things are right now -”

Ogata dropped his rifle to the side and walked up to Kiroranke, smoothing his hair back from his face. “Look at me, Kiroranke. Look real close.” When the large Ainu man met his eyes, Ogata continued, “I don’t make allies. I don’t make friends. I prefer to be alone. When I say I understand what it’s like to protect something close to you because that’s all you have, I mean it. I have nothing but myself. I understand better than you possibly could the weight of that responsibility. So forgive me for trying to offer you reprieve.”

Ogata turned to walk away again, picking up his rifle as he went, and counted as he took each step.





He stopped and forced down a smile before he turned around, ready to complete his next step.


Kiroranke was hopelessly sentimental, the opposite of Tsurumi. He cared, he was passionate. He had family and every reason to be doing what he was doing. He was the opposite of Ogata as well, and it hurt something strange and deep within Ogata to be doing this.

But that was introspection for another time. Right now, it was just a matter of picking hair out of his mouth discreetly, from sucking Kiroranke’s dick. He was more patient, more gentle, more kind made Ogata sick.

“You have such beautiful eyes,” Kiroranke murmured, caressing Ogata’s scars with a thumb while sucked. “You’re always hiding under that hood.”

Ogata needed to shut him up, fast. He sucked harder and twisted his mouth opposite of his hands. Kiroranke was so big , he had no idea how this was going to work without proper lubricant. Ushiyama had been convenient at the inn, but they were in the middle of the woods now. Ogata slurped down the hard flesh and choked immediately upon making contact with his pelvis, but powered through nonetheless. Kiroranke went silent, save for a few gasps of pleasure as he was taken aback by Ogata’s enthusiasm. His large chest heaved with arousal, watching under long lashes as Ogata worked his shaft with rough twists and pulls, eyes curiously downturned.

“Look at me,” Kiroranke ordered, and Ogata met his gaze, eyes soft and watery. KIroranke inhaled sharply and tugged Ogata up by the shoulder to stand, even though Ogata only really came up to his chest. Kiroranke looked him over silently before finally declaring, “You don’t look like you’re getting anything out of this.”

Ogata tilted his head to the side. That wasn’t the point of any of this. “Does it matter? I want to make you feel good.”

“Of course it matters,” Kiroranke made an exasperated sound. “Lie down, let me take care of you.”

Ogata stiffened, and then schooled himself to relax his shoulders. He removed his clothing and laid down on top of them over the rough bed of pine needles they’d scraped together for bedding. He spread his legs and folded his hands under his head, looking up at Kiroranke expectantly.

“Well? Are you going to seduce me or just stare at me?”

Kiroranke smirked, and knelt down between where he lay. He leaned down to meet Ogata in a heated kiss, wet and hungry. Ogata pulled Kiroranke closer to him, held him tight and Kiroranke rolled his hips against Ogata’s, his erection a tantalizing tease against his own semi. It was nice, but Ogata needed more . He needed to see Kiroranke unwittingly open himself completely to Ogata.

“You’re so soft…” Kiroranke whispered, trailing his fingers down Ogata’s side. He hooked Ogata’s leg up and dipped his head down, trailing kisses over his cheek and scars, down his throat to his sensitive nipples. Ogata gasped and arched into the touch, dick springing to life with interest as Kiroranke suckled on his pectoral. Ogata willed himself to relax once more, and let out the softest mewl he could muster, which made Kiroranke perk almost immediately. The large man growled in the back of his throat and mouthed his way further down, coming to Ogata’s pelvis but never touching his dick which now waved hard and proud. Kiroranke pressed a firm kiss to the base and looked up at Ogata, sweaty and flushed with want.

“I need oil, love,” Kiroranke purred. The pet name was like a gut punch, leaving Ogata winded and breathless at a loss for words. When he didn’t immediately react, Kiroranke smiled and kissed his inner thigh before getting up himself and fetching what he needed from his pack. Once he came back, he leaned down to kiss Ogata softly. “It’s okay, I know that you need this.”

Ogata wanted to bite back that he didn’t need the words of affection, fake as they were. He didn’t need them even if they were real. He didn’t need to be vulnerable like Kiroranke was being. It was foolish. They couldn’t trust anyone, much less themselves at this point. It didn’t matter how good it felt right now as Kiroranke was working him open slowly while sucking bruises into his pale skin. Kiroranke looked at him with so much want that it made him feel like a rabbit cornered by a wolf, awaiting the inevitable of being eaten. All Ogata could do was lie there and wait.

Kiroranke removed his fingers and kissed Ogata on the mouth again as he began to slide in, his large dick spreading him wider than he’d ever been. Ogata gasped, huffed, took deep breaths to relax into the feeling and Kiroranke was right there in his ear coaching him along the entire time. He whispered praises such as, “So good, so good for me,” and “You feel amazing. You look beautiful like this.” Ogata bit his lip and clenched his eyes shut, resisting the way Kiroranke made him feel. Why was this getting to him?

“Look at me, Hyakunosuke,” Kiroranke kissed his chin. “You’re so perfect.”

Ogata choked down a sob as he forced himself to look Kiroranke in the eyes, his gaze tender and accepting. Kiroranke rolled his hips suddenly, never breaking eye contact. Ogata felt even more exposed than he already was under that discerning gaze, but he dug his fingers into the older man’s long hair and pulled him down for a kiss. He needed to distract himself from those large, brown eyes.

Kiroranke fucked him slowly, rocking his hips into Ogata in rhythm with the beat of their hearts. His mouth sought more than just Ogata’s lips; they traveled everywhere he could comfortably reach until he was fed up and sat up on his knees. He held Ogata’s legs apart by the ankles, suspended in the air and began to fuck him in earnest, watching the way Ogata whined and tried to hide his face in embarassment. His dick bounced between them, neglected, and Kiroranke decided to do something about that. He propped Ogata’s foot up over his shoulder and let the other leg fall the side, holding him in place with one hand and jerking Ogata off with the other. Ogata let out a long moan in pleasure at the sudden changes, the angle changes particularly. He could feel even more pressure against his prostate and knew he was going to come soon.

“Please, Kiro-”

“I’m close,” Kiroranke agreed, huffing with the strain of maintaining such a punishing pace. His thighs clapped against Ogata’s, the sound of their bodies and breaths filling the wilderness Kiroranke kissed Ogata’s ankle and groaned as he came inside of Ogata’s tight warmth.

Ogata watched him, fully engrossed in the way Ogata’s body felt, and had a moment of clarity right before he came, dick spurting white over Kiroranke’s fist. He squeaked out the other man’s name, bringing his attention back to Ogata, who lay spent beneath him. At once, Kiroranke swept him up in his arms, pulling him up from the bed of pine needles to sit in his lap, firmly placed still on his dick.

“Thank you,” Kiroranke kissed the side of his head. “I needed that so much.”

Ogata wrapped his arms around his broad shoulders and rested his forehead in the crook of his neck. “Yeah, me too,” Ogata whispered, heart still racing.

Chapter Text

From up in the tree, Ogata stalked his next prey. He had made it this far; he was so close to turning the tables, but he had a few more steps between him and his goal. Sugimoto was still fiercely suspicious of him, which he found strange because he didn't hold anything against him or Tanigaki, who had shot him. If anyone should be on guard, it's him

Ogata wondered for a second what rumors spread around about him when he and Tanigaki were still enlisted. Tanigaki was fiercely honorable, so seducing him would probably be very difficult, but then he'd also given into Inkarmat hadn't he? And who knew what her true intentions were anymore than they knew his? It was time to switch up tactics, from aloof to...friendly.


Tanigaki felt a pair of eyes on him and quickly scanned the area for who it was that was watching him insistently. When he didn't see anyone immediately on the ground, he looked up to find Ogata sitting in a tree and smiling at him. He frowned; what kind of game was Ogata playing?

Against his own instincts, Tanigaki approached the tree and folded his arms. “Are you just going to keep sitting there looking like the cat that got the cream?”

Ogata swung his one hanging leg and shrugged. “I’m just keeping watch up here. I'm bored, why don't you come talk to me while I check the perimeter?”

If Tanigaki wasn't already on guard, he was now. Ogata wanted him alone? For what?

“Take Shiraishi,” Tanigaki deflected.

“I want someone who can watch their own ass and Sugimoto hates me,” Ogata explained, dropping out of the tree. “Kiroranke is busy right now, as well as Asirpa. Inkarmat is of no use to me.”

“That sounds like a personal problem.”

Ogata tilted his head and smiled. “Come on, we’re brothers in arms. We’re not that different, you and I.”

Tanigaki told himself he wouldn’t fall for whatever tricks Ogata was playing, and followed him into the woods.

The entire time they walked, Tanigaki listened as Ogata spoke of their shared experiences with Tsurumi, his upbringing, his feelings about his brother. He was more open and transparent now than he’d ever been in the short time they’d worked together as soldiers, and now as traitors depending on who was asking. The sun passed overhead, and all they’d done was walk around, checking for signs of other people in the area and occasionally hunt a small animal for food later. Tanigaki was beginning to think that maybe, just maybe, Ogata was a person after all.

“Why are you telling me all this?” Tanigaki asked as they took a break by a brook.

Ogata rested his rifle against a tree trunk and took off his boots and gaiters to dip his feet in the water. “Maybe I just wanted to talk to someone who’d listen.” He stared off across the water, face relaxed in thought. “You’re not as dumb as you look.”

Tanigaki cleared his throat and shifted unsteadily. Ogata looked up at him, and he quickly realized he was still standing. Tanigaki sat next to Ogata and mimicked his actions, sliding his feet into the cool water.

“What do you want to talk about?”

Ogata’s cheeks flushed a shade of pink, and he looked down at his feet in the water. “I’m trusting you with something I’ve never even admitted to myself. I’m a fool.”

You couldn’t fake a reaction like that, even if it was uncharacteristic of Ogata. “It’s okay, you can tell me.”

Suddenly, Ogata turned to look him in the eye. He bit his lip and pushed back his hair, clearly trying to steady himself.

“I don’t know how to say this, and you’ll probably want to hit me, but…” Ogata trailed off.

Tanigaki leaned closer to him expectantly. “No, I can tell this is serious for you. What’s wrong?”

“I...have you ever been with a man before, Genjirou?”

Like a shard of ice had pierced his heart, Tanigaki froze at the question and now his own face was reddening as he recalled the incident with the otter meat.

“Are you...talking about what happened that time…”

“No!” Ogata answered quickly, laughing nervously. “Other than that. That doesn’t count.”

“Then no,” Tanjirou muttered. He turned away, but his cheeks were still warm. “I can’t say that I have.”

“Ah, well,” Ogata nodded. He turned his attention back to the water, leaving Tanigaki waiting on his next words expectantly.

“Well what?”

“The thing is,” Ogata shifted to lie back on his forearms and unbuttoned the top of his shirt. He had already shrugged off his jacket when they’d arrived and hung it on a tree. “I’m physically attracted to you.”

Tanigaki lost track of how many times Ogata shocked him today, but this was possibly the largest revelation of them all. “But I shot you.”

Ogata laughed. “Water under the bridge. Now, what do you think of that?”

Wrestling with the other guys under the influence of the otter meat had been like teasing one’s self instead of full on masturbating. It didn’t scratch the itch, and instead it only build pressure inside, waiting to burst only to fizzle out sadly. Tanigaki had laid with Inkarmat that night, but it was a different type of pleasure than how it had felt holding down and throwing around a man. You could be animalistic with men, not women.

“I must be hungry for otter meat again,” Tanigaki deflected. Ogata laughed again, and his heart skipped a beat. Ogata was being so different with him than everyone else; perhaps he could be trusted after all, especially with more information on what they had planned. Would this help further their bond and trust?

Ogata reached over and dusted the top of Tanigaki’s hand with his fingertips, caressing his hairy knuckles. “You have such big hands,” Ogata purred. “I’ve been wondering what they’d feel like holding my ass apart.”

Tanigaki swallowed, watching as Ogata slinked from his position and out the water to straddle him. He didn’t move a muscle, spellbound by this change in personality.

“I want to know your secrets, Genjirou,” Ogata braced himself on Tanigaki’s large shoulders and rolled his neck to the side, his hair falling down to partially conceal his right eye. “I want to know what can make you scream.”

Tanigaki exhaled loudly through his nose and closed his eyes. He needed to keep it together and get Ogata off him.

But Ogata was rolling his hips into his and leaving small kisses along his jaw and neck. He gave small licks across his sweat stained skin and nipped at his collarbone, pushing his shirt to the side. Tanigaki inhaled sharply when he felt Ogata’s erection press into his stomach; this wasn’t a joke after all. This wasn’t some sick, twisted, long game to humiliate him after all. No, Ogata wanted his dick, and he was going to get it.


Tanigaki’s restraint snapped when he finally made peace with what was occurring, and he made quick work of pulling his clothes off to match Ogata’s enthusiasm. Ogata grinned, moving from his lap just long enough to disrobe as well, and to take a good look at Tanigaki’s body. Tanigaki’s dick was long and proud, perfectly proportioned in thickness and balls.

If Tanigaki had shame, Ogata couldn’t tell anymore, because he pulled Ogata back into his lap so quickly he lost his balance and fell into his arms. Tanigaki caught him, however, and thrust his semi against Ogata’s dick, grunting in pleasure. His large hand pulled Ogata in for a kiss, hungry and nervous all at once. He could feel the energy thrumming just beneath the surface of Tanigaki’s skin, his eagerness and arousal forming an intoxicating brew of lowered inhibitions.

Ogata bounced on his lap lightly, suggesting at what he wanted, but Tanigaki had other plans in mind for him. He manhandled Ogata onto his knees, and then stood, erection waving in the air.

“If you want it that bad…” Tanigaki held his dick straight out, and Ogata opened his mouth happily to let him slide in.

Tanigaki wasn’t gentle like Kiroranke, nor was he as rough as Ushiyama. He fell somewhere in between, like a lust-crazed convict finally getting out of prison after years with his hand. He held Ogata’s jaw like a porcelain vase, but he fucked his mouth with candor. He never took his eyes off Ogata, watching him like a hawk as sweat rolled down his face and onto Ogata’s. Ogata blinked when the drops met his skin, but he was too entranced to be disgusted. He fisted his own dick in his hand sloppily, knees stinging from the rough ground moving slightly underneath him. His jaw burned, his throat ached, and still he drooled down his own chest, the slippery noises of being mouth fucked filling the air.

Tanigaki withdrew his dick and grabbed Ogata by the throat, pulling him to his feet. Ogata tried to hide his excitement at the violent action, but his dick twitched, and Tanigaki noticed.

“So you like being mistreated?”

“You like to mistreat people,” Ogata countered, prodding at his temper. If he could get Tanigaki to come even further out of character, the satisfaction of that would be even better than the information he’d get out of him later.

“You haven’t seen mistreatment yet,” Tanigaki growled. He shoved Ogata to the ground, then laid down next to him and patted his thighs. Like a trained pet, Ogata responded and climbed on top. Tanigaki pulled him down by his hair to whisper in his ear.

“Go fuck yourself.”

Ogata trembled with excitement. Even better than being actively used, he was being ignored. How had the tables turned so quickly? He reached behind himself and angled his hips so that Tanigaki’s dick met his hole. He rocked back and forth slowly, moaning shamelessly at the stretch. He should have prepared himself, but this would do. He could still come from this. It hurt even better because it was Tanigaki, the one person who he never suspected would be capable of hurting anyone .

But somehow, time after time, Tanigaki found it in his heart to torture Ogata. He was a sadist, and Ogata allowed him the space to let that out. He could never turn away from a challenge, and Ogata never went without offering one. 

“Is that all you can take?” Tanigaki huffed. “I thought you’d be better at this, from what the rumors said about you and Tsurumi.”

Ogata keened, taking in Tanigaki half way. “Tsurumi isn’t as big as you.”

Tanigaki smiled, then grabbed Ogata’s hips and forced him down. Ogata dug his nails into his chest and cried out, hiccuping as he was bounced along Tanigaki’s dick with fervor. 

“Stop underestimating me, Hyakunosuke,” Tanigaki panted. “That’s why you keep getting hurt.”

“You promise?” Ogata asked, helpless to do anything but keep himself braced against Tanigaki’s chest.

Tanigaki didn’t answer, but then he didn’t have to. Ogata already knew.

Ogata bounced in tandem with Tanigaki rhythm until the larger man stopped completely and placed his hands behind his head. Ogata picked back up where he left off, sitting on the balls of his feet for better leverage to ride. He needed more stimulation to come, but this wasn’t about him - it was about Tanigaki. 

Tanigaki, who looked bored and unimpressed by his efforts. Ogata pouted and rolled his eyes.

“If you’re not enjoying this, I can take my ass somewhere else.”

“Give me a show,” Tanigaki responded.

Ogata stopped bouncing to find the right angle for himself, and when he found it, he closed his eyes and sighed. He rubbed his hand across his chest to pinch at a nipple and grabbed his dick with his other hand, working himself slowly. He ground his ass against Tanigaki, working the dick back and forth against his prostate for continued stimulation. His head tilted back, exposing his neck, and he moaned lewdly at the perfect scenario before him. Tanigaki’s girth was just right for stretching him open but making him feel full. He worked the head of his dick in his hand and tugged at his nipple, scooting faster against Tanigaki and letting out tiny whimpers as he neared his orgasm.

Just then, Tanigaki’s hand gripped his throat and the thrusting continued. Ogata opened his eyes to see Tanigaki looking less unaffected than before, his brow furrowed and face red as beets. He tried not to sneer, but it was difficult. Tanigaki had fallen for his bait, like a bear to a trap.

Ogata moaned louder, and Tanigaki’s hand squeezed tighter until he was making scratchy high-pitched noises in the back of his throat. Tanigaki fucked into him recklessly, feet planted on the ground for better control. He pinched Ogata’s other nipple with his free hand, and Ogata’s body convulsed, semen spurting over his fist and onto Tanigaki below him.

Fresh air filled Ogata’s lungs as he sucked in a quick breath before having it fucked right back out of him. Tanigaki had released his neck and nipple in favor of grabbing his hips and using him to get off, as if he were just an object for him to mindlessly rut into. 

“You’re disgusting,” Tanigaki heaved, eyes fluttering. He pressed Ogata flush to him and canted his hips slowly, milking his orgasm.

Ogata tried to catch his breath, and laid down against his chest.

“Takes one to know one,” Ogata whispered into his damp skin.