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If You Lie Down with Dogs

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“No, I understand.”

“Ogata -”

He turned around to face Kiroranke, who looked torn between making an impossible decision and possibly losing an ally. “I said, I understand.”

“Then don’t walk away from me like that!” Kiroranke argued. “This has been my life’s work, my calling. It’s not that I don’t trust you with that information, but as things are right now -”

Ogata dropped his rifle to the side and walked up to Kiroranke, smoothing his hair back from his face. “Look at me, Kiroranke. Look real close.” When the large Ainu man met his eyes, Ogata continued, “I don’t make allies. I don’t make friends. I prefer to be alone. When I say I understand what it’s like to protect something close to you because that’s all you have, I mean it. I have nothing but myself. I understand better than you possibly could the weight of that responsibility. So forgive me for trying to offer you reprieve.”

Ogata turned to walk away again, picking up his rifle as he went, and counted as he took each step.





He stopped and forced down a smile before he turned around, ready to complete his next step.


Kiroranke was hopelessly sentimental, the opposite of Tsurumi. He cared, he was passionate. He had family and every reason to be doing what he was doing. He was the opposite of Ogata as well, and it hurt something strange and deep within Ogata to be doing this.

But that was introspection for another time. Right now, it was just a matter of picking hair out of his mouth discreetly, from sucking Kiroranke’s dick. He was more patient, more gentle, more kind made Ogata sick.

“You have such beautiful eyes,” Kiroranke murmured, caressing Ogata’s scars with a thumb while sucked. “You’re always hiding under that hood.”

Ogata needed to shut him up, fast. He sucked harder and twisted his mouth opposite of his hands. Kiroranke was so big , he had no idea how this was going to work without proper lubricant. Ushiyama had been convenient at the inn, but they were in the middle of the woods now. Ogata slurped down the hard flesh and choked immediately upon making contact with his pelvis, but powered through nonetheless. Kiroranke went silent, save for a few gasps of pleasure as he was taken aback by Ogata’s enthusiasm. His large chest heaved with arousal, watching under long lashes as Ogata worked his shaft with rough twists and pulls, eyes curiously downturned.

“Look at me,” Kiroranke ordered, and Ogata met his gaze, eyes soft and watery. KIroranke inhaled sharply and tugged Ogata up by the shoulder to stand, even though Ogata only really came up to his chest. Kiroranke looked him over silently before finally declaring, “You don’t look like you’re getting anything out of this.”

Ogata tilted his head to the side. That wasn’t the point of any of this. “Does it matter? I want to make you feel good.”

“Of course it matters,” Kiroranke made an exasperated sound. “Lie down, let me take care of you.”

Ogata stiffened, and then schooled himself to relax his shoulders. He removed his clothing and laid down on top of them over the rough bed of pine needles they’d scraped together for bedding. He spread his legs and folded his hands under his head, looking up at Kiroranke expectantly.

“Well? Are you going to seduce me or just stare at me?”

Kiroranke smirked, and knelt down between where he lay. He leaned down to meet Ogata in a heated kiss, wet and hungry. Ogata pulled Kiroranke closer to him, held him tight and Kiroranke rolled his hips against Ogata’s, his erection a tantalizing tease against his own semi. It was nice, but Ogata needed more . He needed to see Kiroranke unwittingly open himself completely to Ogata.

“You’re so soft…” Kiroranke whispered, trailing his fingers down Ogata’s side. He hooked Ogata’s leg up and dipped his head down, trailing kisses over his cheek and scars, down his throat to his sensitive nipples. Ogata gasped and arched into the touch, dick springing to life with interest as Kiroranke suckled on his pectoral. Ogata willed himself to relax once more, and let out the softest mewl he could muster, which made Kiroranke perk almost immediately. The large man growled in the back of his throat and mouthed his way further down, coming to Ogata’s pelvis but never touching his dick which now waved hard and proud. Kiroranke pressed a firm kiss to the base and looked up at Ogata, sweaty and flushed with want.

“I need oil, love,” Kiroranke purred. The pet name was like a gut punch, leaving Ogata winded and breathless at a loss for words. When he didn’t immediately react, Kiroranke smiled and kissed his inner thigh before getting up himself and fetching what he needed from his pack. Once he came back, he leaned down to kiss Ogata softly. “It’s okay, I know that you need this.”

Ogata wanted to bite back that he didn’t need the words of affection, fake as they were. He didn’t need them even if they were real. He didn’t need to be vulnerable like Kiroranke was being. It was foolish. They couldn’t trust anyone, much less themselves at this point. It didn’t matter how good it felt right now as Kiroranke was working him open slowly while sucking bruises into his pale skin. Kiroranke looked at him with so much want that it made him feel like a rabbit cornered by a wolf, awaiting the inevitable of being eaten. All Ogata could do was lie there and wait.

Kiroranke removed his fingers and kissed Ogata on the mouth again as he began to slide in, his large dick spreading him wider than he’d ever been. Ogata gasped, huffed, took deep breaths to relax into the feeling and Kiroranke was right there in his ear coaching him along the entire time. He whispered praises such as, “So good, so good for me,” and “You feel amazing. You look beautiful like this.” Ogata bit his lip and clenched his eyes shut, resisting the way Kiroranke made him feel. Why was this getting to him?

“Look at me, Hyakunosuke,” Kiroranke kissed his chin. “You’re so perfect.”

Ogata choked down a sob as he forced himself to look Kiroranke in the eyes, his gaze tender and accepting. Kiroranke rolled his hips suddenly, never breaking eye contact. Ogata felt even more exposed than he already was under that discerning gaze, but he dug his fingers into the older man’s long hair and pulled him down for a kiss. He needed to distract himself from those large, brown eyes.

Kiroranke fucked him slowly, rocking his hips into Ogata in rhythm with the beat of their hearts. His mouth sought more than just Ogata’s lips; they traveled everywhere he could comfortably reach until he was fed up and sat up on his knees. He held Ogata’s legs apart by the ankles, suspended in the air and began to fuck him in earnest, watching the way Ogata whined and tried to hide his face in embarassment. His dick bounced between them, neglected, and Kiroranke decided to do something about that. He propped Ogata’s foot up over his shoulder and let the other leg fall the side, holding him in place with one hand and jerking Ogata off with the other. Ogata let out a long moan in pleasure at the sudden changes, the angle changes particularly. He could feel even more pressure against his prostate and knew he was going to come soon.

“Please, Kiro-”

“I’m close,” Kiroranke agreed, huffing with the strain of maintaining such a punishing pace. His thighs clapped against Ogata’s, the sound of their bodies and breaths filling the wilderness Kiroranke kissed Ogata’s ankle and groaned as he came inside of Ogata’s tight warmth.

Ogata watched him, fully engrossed in the way Ogata’s body felt, and had a moment of clarity right before he came, dick spurting white over Kiroranke’s fist. He squeaked out the other man’s name, bringing his attention back to Ogata, who lay spent beneath him. At once, Kiroranke swept him up in his arms, pulling him up from the bed of pine needles to sit in his lap, firmly placed still on his dick.

“Thank you,” Kiroranke kissed the side of his head. “I needed that so much.”

Ogata wrapped his arms around his broad shoulders and rested his forehead in the crook of his neck. “Yeah, me too,” Ogata whispered, heart still racing.