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If You Lie Down with Dogs

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Ogata stared out the carriage at the house, empty now save for his father’s corpse. Tsurumi was saying something to him, but it didn’t matter. Tsurumi placed a hand on Ogata’s knee. Of course. Like the others, now Ogata owed him. Ogata looked at the hand, then at Tsurumi, who smiled darkly. This would be a temporary partnership. He still hadn’t found what he sought. He wasn't doing this for power, like so many others. It wasn't vengeance. Ogata wasn't quite sure what it was exactly, but he had time to figure out the details. The trick would be getting access to the information he needed for such details.


His breath was hot and heavy on the back of Ogata’s neck, his body a foreign weight pressing down ever so slightly for more control. A strong hand gripped his chin from behind, forcing his mouth open, and two fingers slid in across his tongue. Obediently, Ogata sucked. Then, not so obediently, he nipped at the finger tips.

“Don't be insolent,” Tsurumi warned, withdrawing his fingers quickly and popping Ogata on the back of his neck. “Is that any way to treat your daddy?”

Ogata hummed, smiling to himself. “No sir, I'm sorry. I'm just so hungry…”

Tsurumi pushed himself up, allowing Ogata to turn around on his hands and knees to face him. He looked up to find that devilish grin smiling down at him, pants tented with arousal. Tsurumi looked positively giddy.

“I don't think bad boys who bite are entitled to a treat,” Tsurumi admonished, gaging Ogata's interest. Wordlessly, Ogata reached for the belt on Tsurumi’s waist, only to get his hands smacked.

“What did I say?”

Pouting, Ogata shrugged and folded his hands in his lap. He's being bratty intentionally; Tsurumi wouldn't like this if he was just mindlessly obedient, wouldn't trust that this was all Ogata's pure lust and devotion for his commander.

If he wasn't careful, Tsurumi would see through the ruse.

“Open your mouth, little boy,” Tsurumi growled, and Ogata followed directions. Tsurumi finished what Ogata started, unbuckling his pants and whipping his dick out to tap it against Ogata's waiting bottom lip. It's musky, the smell of unwashed flesh that’s been bottled up tight all day, but it's also sickeningly sweet to the palette. Ogata sucked just the tip, rolled his tongue around it in a tantalizing tease, and watched Tsurumi's face for a reaction. When he received none, he traveled down the sides of the shaft, licking and kissing the hardened flesh with half-lidded eyes. 

“Stop playing with your food before I give it to someone else,” Tsurumi scolded, and that sends a flash of warmth through Ogata's belly. He nodded and quickly engulfs the head, wrapping a hand around the base to begin stroking and sucking with carefully measured pressure. His other hand reaches between his own legs, squeezing his balls for temporary relief. Ogata hummed around Tsurumi's dick, gagged himself on it, and smiled when he finally heard the older man above him groan.

Ogata sped up his actions, swapping his spit covered hand with the one around his balls to slide a finger in his ass. He keened and rocked forward on his knees, meeting Tsurumi's sudden thrust to lodge his dick down the private's throat. Tsurumi shivered, held Ogata's head still, and slid his dick from in between Ogata's lips.

“Are you playing with yourself?” Tsurumi asked, watching with dark lust.

Ogata kicks his lips and nods.

“My dear boy, you just don't know how to be patient, do you?” Tsurumi lowered himself to Ogata's level and pushed him onto his back, spreading his legs wide to kneel between them. Tsurumi pulled Ogata's finger from his ass and scoots back, wrapping Ogata's thighs in his arms before lying face down on the floor of his office. He parted Ogata's cheeks, and looked up at Ogata from between his legs.

“Don't worry, daddy will show you how, Hyakunosuke.”

Ogata's face burned at the name, his dick jumping in betrayal of his better thoughts. “Thank you, sir,” he whispers.

Tsurumi grinned, and then spit on Ogata's hole. Ogata jumped at the unfamiliar sensation and wriggles in Tsurumi's tight grasp. Tsurumi ignored his reaction for the moment, his interest completely captivated by the shiny, tight ring of muscle before him. Ogata's hair around his dick was fine, a small tuft of dark fibers, but his balls and sphincter were hairless. They looked positively delectable.

Tsurumi licked at the small hole, and laughed when he felt Ogata's leg muscles clench. “Relax, baby boy, you'll get used to how good it feels.”

Ogata slung an arm across his face as he willed himself calm. He was quickly losing control of the situation.

Tsurumi licked again, pressing deeper into Ogata's rectum with his tongue. He pressed his lips to Ogata's skin and pushed deeper, the cold of his metal plate sending a shock of sensation against Ogata's dick and balls. Ogata shivered, whimpered despite himself, and Tsurumi ate him up. He licked and sucked, using a finger to slide inside and pull more soft noises from Ogata while another hand teased Ogata's nipple. Ogata choked back a cry, cursing his sensitive body, and tried to steel himself against becoming any more pliant then he already was.

Tsurumi detected the change in his body and tutted, smacking Ogata on the thigh sharply.

“I usually value your silence, but right now I wish to hear just how many noises you can make,” Tsurumi murmured. His smile was as slimy as he sounded, and Ogata began to tremble as his fingers continued working him over, leaving him no room to disagree.

Tsurumi pressed insistently into Ogata, two fingers now, with immense pressure on his prostate. Ogata choked out a small yelp and scrambled for purchase, anything to grab onto to ground himself, but Tsurumi had made sure to move everything out of reach before he had arrived. 

“Let me hear you,” Tsurumi hissed, eyes hungry as a viper's.

Ogata turned his face away and panted as the pressure only increased. Surely he wasn't trying to be too loud? Anyone outside would be able to hear them.

“Hyakunosuke…” Tsurumi's voice took a threatening edge as the hand on his nipple suddenly disappeared in favor of wrapping tightly around his dick.

Ogata’s hips bucked and he cried out, voice high and strained. His whole body was flushed with humiliation, yet Tsurumi just laughed.

“There's a good boy,” Tsurumi chuckled. “Does daddy’s boy need to come? Is he going to squirt his little dick all over himself and make a mess?”

Ogata felt tears stinging his eyes, but his body responded nonetheless, pushing more into Tsurumi's grip. He was slowly losing his mind, and it didn't seem like there was any end in sight. He shook his head and begged, “Please let me come, daddy!”

Tsurumi completely took his hands off of him and sat up. “No, not until I think you’ve deserved it.”

Ogata threw his head back on the floor and pounded his fists into the carpet rug he was lying on. He was seriously beginning to reconsider whether this was all worth it or not.

“Having a tantrum? I can fix that,” Tsurumi easily flipped Ogata onto his stomach and struck his subordinate’s backside. Ogata cried out, arching his back up towards Tsurumi who happily rubbed the cheeks before striking them again. He brought his hand down repeatedly against Ogata’s pale skin, now red and angry with the violent contact.

“Little boy, I’m going to fuck you like the whore you came from, and when I’m done, you’re going to thank me for saving you and giving you something you never had,” Tsurumi hissed into Ogata’s ear. He was clearly trying to push him to the edge, to see if this was really a ruse, to see how much abuse Ogata would put up with before shutting it all down. 

But Ogata had already suffered so much, this was nothing compared to the life he’d known. This was foreplay . Tsurumi wouldn’t be able to fuck him any harder than the silent gods already had.

“Please...please fuck me,” Ogata whimpered, throwing his ass back at Tsurumi. “I need it daddy, I need you.”

Tsurumi was silent for a few seconds, as if determining whether Ogata was being truthful or not. Ogata panted beneath him, body tired and high strung. Suddenly, there was a lukewarm wetness covering his rear, dripping between the clefts of his ass cheeks, and Ogata knew he had succeeded.

Tsurumi fucked him open, slowly, giving Ogata a chance to adjust and whine for more. He had already been denied one orgasm, but now he was finally getting to the best part. Tsurumi’s strong hands held him in place as he began to thrust faster, small groans of appreciation for Ogata’s impossibly soft skin that melded around his pelvis. Ogata closed his eyes and smiled, savored the feeling of being used like this, being used exactly how he wanted. 

Because when it was all said and done, it would be Tsurumi  who was being used.

Ogata’s head rocked back and forth between his shoulders as he moaned into Tsurumi’s touch, met his thrusts with eagerness and tossed his head back to expose his throat. Tsurumi grabbed his newly exposed skin and squeezed, staring Ogata in the eye as he fucked him. Ogata’s mouth hung open, eyes heavy and hooded with lust and need. He looked completely open, mind blank and accepting to anything.

Tsurumi leaned forward and kissed him, shoving his tongue in his mouth. Ogata whimpered and sucked on the slick muscle, hungry for more. The more Tsurumi trusted him, the harder he got. His dick was leaking and painful with neglect, bobbing back and forth while his lieutenant fucked him.

“I’m going to come all over that pretty little face of yours,” Tsurumi grunted, chest heaving with exertion. Ogata nodded quickly, wanting nothing more.

Tsurumi pulled out then, hand still wrapped around Ogata’s neck, and pushed him to the floor while he crawled up his body, fisting his erection as he did so, until ropes of semen covered Ogata’s face. Ogata smiled and happily stuck out his tongue, licking at what he could get. It was disgusting, and it tasted of success. 

Tsurumi stood, looking over Ogata’s used body, red and taut with unreleased tension.

“Do you think you deserve to come now?”

Ogata laughed and shook his head, “I’m happy as long as daddy is happy.”

Tsurumi dropped to his knees and took Ogata into his hand, sucking harshly on the tip of his dick.

Ogata yowled .


Walking out of the office, Ogata was not surprised to see Koito waiting, an irritated expression on his heavy brows.

“Oh. He’ll be out soon,” Ogata said stiffly. He could still taste Tsurumi on his breath, and despite his best efforts, he knew there was crusted semen probably still in his hair. If the murderous gaze from Koito was any indication, it was more than evident what had occurred.

“If you want,” Ogata said quietly, approaching Koito, “You can lick the rest of it out of my mouth.”

Koito clenched his jaw and stormed away, choosing instead to run rather than stay and fight. Ogata felt powerful .


"Are you sure we can have this conversation while the superior private is still present?" Tsukishima asked before the meeting began. He'd noticed Ogata tailing the lieutenant more and more as of late, much to the chagrin of Koito whom he heard whining on more than one occasion. He'd heard the rumors spread around camp, knew there was a good chance they were accurate, but Tsurumi hadn't communicated anything of that nature to him.

Tsurumi flashed him a sinister grin. "Of course, Ogata is very loyal to me." He walked behind him and rested a hand at the base of Ogata's neck, who lifted his head proudly in Tsukishima's direction. Tsukishima didn't respond, but grunted in affirmation. That was good enough for him.

And it was good enough for Ogata.