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Ethereal | Castiel

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It had been a constant struggle to keep himself away from her. While order remained in Heaven under the rule of the Archangels, several Seraphim had been sent to walk the Earth to ensure the safety of the humans their father had created. Gabriel had been adamant that Josiah, despite being a higher ranking angel, be one of them. He was one of the most intelligent and the most willing to get the difficult things done. 

He wasn't supposed to be attracted to her. Not a human anyway. 

She was tall and fair, standing at 5'10 with black hair that reminded him of the ocean; Hair that was falling in deep waves that cascaded down her back and ended just above her waistline. Her eyes were akin to that of the newest emerald, shimmering brightly under the sunlight and always glowing with the happiness that life as a human often brought. 

Or at least that's what he thought at the time. 

It took him a while to gain the confidence to approach her, but he hadn't regretted one moment of their time together since. She had been no older then 20 when Josiah caught her attention on the cliffs of Oregon the summer of 1970, just before she was to start her sophomore year of college. He cursed his lustful thoughts when she came bounding up the bank, her hair pulled back into a tight ponytail as she stared at him, hands wrapped tightly around her hips. 

"What's your name?" She questioned softly. Josiah inhaled deeply and parted his hair from his eyes, flashing a warm smile when she gasped at the colors of his eyes. They were a striking blue - one that reminded her of the ocean she'd grown up in, the color of the sky during the midsummer days. It was one she felt she could often get lost. 

"My name is Josiah." He replied. "And what about you, darling?" 



"You know, Father would kill me if he found out I was an accomplice in this." Gabriel muttered, slapping the younger Angels arm as he peered into the glass cases of engagement rings. "You rebelled, Josiah. You rebelled for a human. Do you have any idea what kind of a message that sends to the higher ups? Michael already wants to kill you!" 

The blonde angel smiled as he pointed to a deep sapphire ring in the back of the case, urging the sales attendant to pull it out for him to see. "Heaven has no say in whom I choose to marry, Gabriel. They have no say in who I choose to love. And if it is the end of me to love this beautiful human, one who has taught me the true beauty of humanity..” Josiah's cerulean irises locked on Gabriel who merely snorted in response, tracing circles along the glass case. "Then it is an ending I will cherish." 

"That is quite possibly the most poetic thing I've ever heard come out of your mouth, and your name literally means Jehovah has healed. That's pretty poetic in itself." 

The future grooms eyes narrowed in on a stunning diamond with two smaller sapphires fastened beside it. The band was a stunning silver that glistened in the sunlight, thin around the width and small enough to forever rest safely on the finger of his future bride. 

"That one." He replied, eyeing the clerk behind the counter. The young woman nodded eagerly and gingerly pulled the ring from the case, opening the velvet box and placing it inside. "This is the ring that Alexandria will wear when I ask her to marry me." Gabriel grinned widely and slipped the clerk his emergency card, for when he had to spend time on Earth playing as a human. 

"I'm super proud of you bud." He proclaimed, taking the box and tucking it into the pocket of his over sized leather jacket. "Now, in all seriousness here.. When I tell you not to get her pregnant, you have to listen to my advice. It's not just for her safety.. but also for yours." 

Josiah tilted his head as the archangel lead him back outside and into the busy streets of Portland, Oregon where the two of them would live for the next several weeks until the day of their wedding. As much as Alexandria wanted a large, traditional wedding on the beach, she had come to the realization that as long as she was in love with an angel.. traditional was no longer the norm. 


"When a human and an angel do the horizontal tango," Gabriel began, swiveling his hips for good measure. "The kid that's created is called a Nephilim. They're an abomination in Heaven and most of them are hunted down before they even learn what living is really like. Most of them are more powerful then us Archangels. So if you value your life and your gorgeous brides too... Do not allow a Nephilim to be born." 

Fall 1978 - Lawrence

"Jos," Alexandria called out, grimacing as she slowly exited their 1970 Chevy Camaro in the driveway of their new home. Lawrence, Kansas was a small suburban town a few hours outside of Topeka. Not across the country from her parents, but close enough for the occasional Christmas and Thanksgiving visits. After Gabriels proclamation of a world with no Nephilim, when he had come to find out of her pregnancy, Josiah had immediately moved them to Lawrence given that it was where he was most familiar with. "I got a phone call from Mary Winchester this mornin'. She wants us to come over for dinner tonight." 

"Alex.. I'm not sure how comfortable I feel with befriending a woman who was a hunter her entire life." Josiah confessed, ducking his head down to his chest in shame. Alexandria pressed her lips together in a thin line as she slowly stepped closer to her husband and outstretched her hand to rest his own on the growing swell of her stomach. 

 Gabriel was going to kill him. 

"She's very sweet, Josiah. Her husband wasn't a hunter. John works as a mechanic in town to pay their bills before Mary has her baby in January. They're good people." She pleaded. "I don't want to spend the rest of our lives together confined to four walls and a roof. I want to meet people, explore.. I want a good life for our baby boy."

Josiah inhaled deeply and ran his hands through his hair, turning Alexandria around in his arms and pulling her back loosely to his chest. His calloused hands rested over his son as they gazed at the horizon together, the sky illuminated in hues of deep red and gold as the sun began to fade over the treeline. 

"Did you make that casserole this morning before we went to the baby store in town?" Josiah whispered, grinning against the shell of her ear as Alexandria burst into fits of laughter. "I'm sure John would kill to try that fantastic cooking."

February 1st, 1979 - Reagan Carter

Josiah sat calmly beside his wife as she exhaled sharply through her nose, now deep into her seventh hour of labor with their son. Mary and John were both sitting outside with baby Dean in the waiting room for the much anticipated arrival of the first Carter baby. "Are you ready to let me take away your pain now, you stubborn woman?" He mused, his palm lit an intense gold. 

Alexandria threw her head back against the pillow and grit her teeth behind closed lips. "This-This is what women do, Josiah! We bleed and we pull through our pain because at the end, we get to learn how to fall in love for a lifetime when we see that baby. So-" The raven haired woman gasped when her husbands palm rested against her forehead, sending a wave of warmth through her body and seemingly bringing her pain to a halt. 

"Better?" He mused, grinning widely as she rolled her eyes at him. "I'll just tell the doctors you received your epidural from one of the nurses. I'd like my son to come out in one peace if at all possible, sweetheart." Josiah watched the tension seep from her body as her eyes, now a vibrant gold, focused on the ceiling. "The birth of a Nephilim is not easy. Your pain will return. I want you to survive this. To be able to tell the story that you did the impossible." 

Less then five hours later, young Reagan Carter came into the world.

Less then two years later, Alexandria gave birth to another child before she and Josiah ultimately decided to no longer have children. While it took several years for the power to fully manifest through the Nephilim, it was with their second child that it truly began to flow. 

While she was a hurricane, there was no chaos in her wake. 

And now you're at the start of the story. 

You may think this is just your typical story of a heroine who started at the very bottom - the epitome of self doubt, a girl without a father, living in a world where she has no idea of how to begin to live. Where she would like to no longer be hunted, to be able to just give in to the loneliness ebbing away at the facade she's so desperate to keep.  

I'm getting too far ahead of myself. Why won't we continue from here? Keep in mind - this is not a happy story. It's one of irreparable loss, grief, anger, and further in... Of love. 


"Castiel never does anything without cause. That's what drew me to him.. He is a true man of honor. That's all I've ever wanted." 



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{Reagan James Carter} 

"You know what they say about siblings, Josiah." Alexandria murmured as she leaned back into her husbands embrace, his hands splayed across her stomach as they watched Cleopatra and Reagan together in the living room. The young blonde was faithfully sat beside his sister, trying to explain in thorough detail to the three year old how he'd constructed the foundation of Legos displayed in front of them. "That boy is going to protect her for the rest of his life." 

Josiah snorted and buried his face in the mass of raven curls that clouded his vision. "That's if she doesn't take all his legos first. I caught them going at it earlier when Cleo went for his toys in the Enochian chest in the corner of their bedroom." The angel and his wife stepped into the doorway of the bedroom, grinning widely as both of their children turned to face them with wide eyes and the eager grins that every child expressed when they were happy. 

Lucky for them, they were always happy. 

Until they weren't. 

Age 5 (C) and 6 (R): Meeting Uncle Gabriel

"Cleopatra! Come join us out on the patio!" Alexandria called out. The young mother tied her hair into a tight ponytail and moved towards the windowsill to open the window, sunlight pouring through the glass and casting an iridescent glow on the kitchen. The room was overwhelming with the scent of freshly baked apple pie and homemade lemonade - requested by Josiah who had been anxiously awaiting the return of his oldest friend. "Josiah, honey, you need to stop pacing. You're going to run your son ragged with all the things you're trying to make him do." 

Josiah inhaled deeply and turned out to their fenced in backyard, poising his thumbs just inside the curves of his lips and sharply whistling to gain his sons attention. "I can't help it, Alex. Let us not forget that this is the same archangel who very specifically demanded that I not conceive children with a human because Nephilim are dangerous." 

"He was wrong, sweetheart. Our Nephilim are not dangerous." She replied softly, scarlet lips pressed into a red line as she lightly squeezed his hand as a source of comfort. "They have the purest souls of any child I have ever come across. They do not know darkness.. and I hope it remains that way." 

Before the two could continue their conversation, Cleopatra skidded to a stop in the doorway of the porch, jaw dropped in shock as a figure dropped from the sky and landed in their yard; six golden wings outstretched before him. "Mommy! Look at the angel!!" She cried out joyfully, gaping as the figure lifted his head to reveal two alluring whiskey colored eyes that always seemed to shimmer mischievously. 

"I'm not just any angel there, sweetheart." He called out, folding his wings inward and shaking his head to push his hair out of his face. "I'm Gabriel The Archangel, and I just so happen to be the best Uncle on this side of Heaven!" 

Age 8 (C) and 9 (R)

While the Carters had assumed their children would have a difficult time integrating with other humans, the two of them were proven wrong the very first day Cleopatra had come home from school with her hand locked in Reagans; eagerly awaiting to recant her day to her parents. 

Reagan Carters devotion towards his sister was only further proven three years later. 

"Cleo!" Reagan called, standing to the edge of their elementary schools playground. Cleopatra had been getting along well with the other children, bouncing around with the younger girls she'd befriended until she grew tired of the activity she was participating in. Reagan Carter knew the magnitude of the power he possessed. He was a soldier who envied the naivety of his baby sister. "C'mon Cleo! Momma's here!" 

Before she could grab her backpack and run to meet her brother, a much older boy gripped the straps of the backpack and yanked her backwards, throwing her forcefully into the mulch. Reagan threw his backpack to the side and immediately took action, sprinting through the dissipating crowd and skidding to a stop at his sisters feet. "Get out of here, freak." The schools bully, a brunette boy named Jonathan Black who towered at least three or four inches over the siblings, growled in response. Reagan rose an eyebrow and glanced down at his feet, where Cleopatra had made no move to stand and had instead focused on evening out her breathing. "I'm not done with your baby sister." 

The blonde knelt down and gripped her ankle, fingers laced around the fabric of her jeans as he recognized the shimmer of gold that clouded her blue green irises. He admired her stoic composure, but he wished she would learn to fight for herself. Learn how to stand up and keep walking even when the world was trying to knock her down. 

Reagan stood to his feet and evened out his shoulders as his expression darkened, eyes lit a dangerous gold as he flicked his wrist towards the opposite side of the playground where there was a patch of grass preceding the tree line that lead into the woods. "You are now." 

Jonathan yelped as he slammed against the ground, his lungs heaving for air as he cried out for help. Cleopatra lifted her eyes to the clouds that inhabited the sky, tilting her head to the side as she studied the marvelous blue that seemed to never end. It wasn't long before she was met with the grinning expression of her older brother that she felt confident enough to stand from the ground. 

"He's not gonna hurt you again, Cleo." Reagan murmured, bringing the eight year old to his chest as they began making their way to their mother standing on the top of the hill. "Not as long as I'm still breathing." 

Age 11 (C) and 12 (R)

"Dad?" Reagan groaned, trudging out of the house and scanning the two tables that lined their back porch. "Are you going to tell me the point of all of this? Why I need to learn how to fire a gun?  What the point of holy water is? I'm more powerful then Uncle Gabe for Gods sake!" Josiah whipped around and scolded his oldest son, eyes flashing dangerously which only caused the child to recoil in fear of punishment. "Okay, my mistake. But again.. I do not see a point in this!" 

Josiah scooped up a elongated, sharp silver blade from the weapons collection behind him and twirled it between his fingers. "You are lacking in your lessons, Reagan. Your sister has far exceeded you in most topics, including weapons and tactics of a hunter. Do you remember the night that the Winchesters moved away?" Reagan shuddered at the memory. He remembered waking up in his bedroom to his room basked in orange, the flames dancing across the shadows it cast on his walls. By the time he had made it to his window, The Winchesters house next door was completely engulfed in flames. 

He would never forget the fear on Dean Winchesters face as he cradled his six month old brother Sam on the hood of their 1967 Chevy Impala.

"Yes." He replied solemnly. "Their mother burned on the ceiling because of a demon. You told me about that.'' Josiah nodded firmly and tossed his angel blade through the air, grinning as Reagans reflexes kicked in and the 12 year old leapt through the air to catch it. "I do not want that to happen to any of us. Least of all Cleo." 

"And why is that?" 

Reagan peered closely at the blade in his hands, gently running the pad of his thumb over the Enochian symbols carved into the handle. "She has not been face to face with her darkness yet. I don't want her to lose that precious naivety she has kept.. I want her to remain in wonder of the Universe our Heavenly Father has created for the rest of her life. She is pure as star light, and I don't want that to change." Before he could continue his confession, a startled cry broke the silence as Cleopatra materialized on top of the bed of sunflowers Alexandria had been tending to for the past ten years, essentially crushing the flowers with the weight of her fall. "Speak of the Devil." 

"That's almost offensive." She retorted sarcastically. 

"Well, I think I have a new nickname for you." The familiar baritone of their Uncle called out, chuckling as Cleopatra stuck out her tongue and fumbled with the sunflower petals now scattered through her hair. "Sunflower." 

Reagan turned his back to the trio and scanned the table to choose his poison, his eyes falling on the worn leather book that sat on the edge of the table. He gently cradled it in his hands and ran his fingers over the engraving in the front, his eyes softening as he traced the outline of the name that the book had once belonged to. A most precious possession to a remarkable woman. 

Mary Winchester

Age 12 (C) and (13) 

The cold winter air nipped at their skin as Alexandria ushered out the few guests who were lingering after Cleopatras birthday party, the mood joyful as the 12 year old gathered all her presents into one thick pile beside the Christmas tree. Josiah and Gabriel were tending to cleaning up the kitchen, and Reagan was sat on the stairs watching the entire endeavor through weary eyes. 

It had been a long day, and the possession in his pocket seemed to be growing heavier and heavier as he stared longingly at the Christmas tree in the corner of their living room. 

"Reagan?" Alexandria called out softly, peeking her eyes over the back of the sofa as she wrapped herself tighter into the navy blue cotton blanket. "Do you want to give your sister her present now?" He nodded softly and stood to his feet, removing the locket from his pocket as Cleopatra glanced upward to meet his gaze from where she sat beside the fireplace. "Cleo darling, your brother has something very special he wants to give you." 

Reagan knelt down beside his sister, clad in military green coat and flannel pajama pants, his eyes solely focused on his sibling as he produced the locket he'd been hiding from her for the past three weeks. He watched as her expression turned to one of awe, her fingers gently grazing over the silver lid of the locket. "Reagan, it's beautiful!" 

He snorted softly as Cleopatra opened her palm, allowing him to rest it in her hand. "It better be beautiful, it took three weeks for the blacksmith in Heaven to make it." He replied. "Uncle Gabe will try to tell you he had the dominant say in how it was made, but that's bogus. Don't listen to him." 

Gabriel guffawed from where he stood in the kitchen, his jawline hidden by the mass of bubbles he had formed into a makeshift beard. "I beg your pardon, sir. I'm offended by your comment!" He cried. Reagan rolled his eyes as Cleopatra burst into fits of melodious laughter. 

"It's a very special locket. The engraving on the outside is my favorite poem written in Enochian." He said softly, unclamping the necklace and gently fastening it around her neck. "You're going to have to learn how to actually read it if you want to know what it says." 

She would never forget the look on his face when her brother walked back up the stairs. 

Pensive, brooding, as if he was wanting to remember the last moments of an unforgettable Christmas. 

Reagan paused in the center of the hallway and slowly closed his eyes, listening to the sounds and deeply inhaling the scents that made this house his home. 

Cleopatra's laughter. 

The gentle flutter of angel wings. 

Cinnamon and gingerbread candles. 

A golden glow cast on the wall from the lights of the Christmas Tree. 

Classic Christmas instrumental. 

His mothers eyes. 

The utter love and devotion that he always saw on his fathers face. 

That was a Christmas that he always wanted to remember. 

Because it would be the last one. 

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"Light a candle for each one you've lost." 


June 1992

"Josiah, you can't leave town right now! Our kids have just finished with school and you and I are just now finished settling in at in the local university as professors. We can't just pick up and leave town!" Alexandria snapped, watching as her husband rifled through their belongings until he came upon the Enochian trunk hidden in the back of their closet. "And you are not taking my son hunting!" 

The former angel turned around to face his spouse, who was fuming as she leaned against the doorway with her arms crossed over her chest. He knows he had struck a nerve when he mentioned their 13 year old - The two of them had agreed unanimously upon the birth of both of their children that they were going to do everything in their power to keep them out of the life of hunting. "Alex, honey," He said quietly as he pulled his angel blade from the trunk. "John called me last night. He's back in town with Dean and Sam, and he needs backup for a hunt. We're the only hunters in the area, and John has been a good friend to me. I need to help him eradicate the threat to Lawrence." 

"You're incorrigible sometimes, you know that?" 

All she could elicit from him was a chuckle. "I know, but we made vows to each other. And I promise you that I'm going to be coming back to you, fully functioning, with our son right beside me." Josiah proclaimed, standing to his feet and moving to cross the gap between the two of them. A sob broke past Alexandrias lips as she threw her arms around her neck and buried her face in his shoulder. "You have nothing to worry about, sweetheart. I'm coming home."

''You better be." 

Down the stairs in their family room, Cleopatra sat curled up on the sofa with the Enochian Lore book tucked in her hand, legs hidden by a thick cotton blanket. Hidden beneath the blanket was her own angel blade, her fingers gently running along the Enochian runes carved into the hilt. "Alright." Reagan heaved his duffel bag down the last of the stairs and set it beside the doorway. "There's my life for the next week." 

The raven haired beauty peers over the sofa to quirk an eyebrow at her brother. "Where are you going?" She questioned. Her brother turned away from the door to manage a weak smile - hoping it was enough to sate her growing nerves. "And why is your bag so big?" 

"Dad and I have to go out of town for the next few days." Reagan replied as he rounded the sofa and lifted her feet to set them in his lap. "It's a short trip to meet the Winchesters for something. But I promise you, sunflower, that I'm gonna be back for the fireworks on the Fourth. Uncle Gabe said it's gonna be a doozy this year." Cleopatra furrowed her brow and muttered quietly under her breath, setting the Lore book on the coffee table before leaning forward to wrap his fingers around her angel blade. 

"Take it." She said quietly. "You're going hunting, and that right there is the best weapon in the entire Universe. Not everyone gets to have one. When you come home.. bring it back to me. That's how I know you're gonna be alright." The two siblings stare at one another with a fierce expression of what looked to be fear and pride as Reagan tucked the blade into his jacket. A silly grin spreads across Cleopatras face as Reagan stood to his feet to outstretch his arms for a hug. 

 "Hug me."

Who was she to know it would be the last hug to give? 

Josiah gazed at his children as he and Alexandria stood in the living room, fingers clutching his own duffel bag as the rev of an Impala's engine sounded from their driveway. The former angel sweetly kissed his wife before turning to his daughter, who was staring at him with wide eyes filled with tears, just as she had her very first day of Kindergarten. "I'll see you later, baby. Take care of your momma for me, okay?" 

"Okay Daddy." 

The knock sounding on their door was akin to the slamming of a judges gavel - loud and taunting, a signal to say that this was the end. The family watched as Josiah moved to open the door, greeted by blaring sunlight and the faces of John and Dean Winchester; who they had not seen since the night their house had burned in 1983. "Josiah, Alexandria.." John nodded to the two of them before his eyes settled on their kids. "Long time no see." 

"It has been quite a while John. It's a pleasure to see you," Josiah rested his hands against his wives shoulders and peered around her to nod firmly at Dean, who couldn't seem to tear his eyes away from Reagan. "And Dean as well." Dean entered the house without another word and gripped the straps of Reagans duffel bag, shuffling past the group and back out to the Impala where they could see Sam curled up in the back seat.

She missed the look he’d casted her over his shoulder - Almost as if he was committing her face to memory. 

"Are we ready?" 

"I believe so." John Winchester turned on his heel and motioned to his son to follow him back out to their vehicle, leaving Cleopatra and Alexandria with one more moment to bid farewell to the men of the family. Josiah managed a weak smile as he cupped Alexandrias face in his warm hands, calloused from years of fighting wars in Heaven, and gently brushed his lips against her own. "I love you. Both of you. I'll see you in a week, okay? Gabriel will return around the same time and we will celebrate the Fourth together." 

Cleopatra waved to her brother as her father kissed the top of her head before turning to his son. Reagan met her piercing gaze with a soft smile, twirling her angel blade around in his fingers before the two men left the house, shutting the door behind them. "Do you think they're going to be alright, Mama?" 

She'd never forget the pensive expression on her mothers face as she subconsciously twisted the band on her finger, which felt as if it now weighed a thousand pounds. "I'm not sure, flower. Your daddy is a good man who hasn't broken any promises to me so far," Alexandria whispered, running her fingers through her daughters hair as Cleopatra wrapped her arms around her waist. "I'm just hoping he makes do with that." 

One Week Later

Rain. Most people would classify it as the watering of the Earth - helping the crops to flourish, giving nourishment to the flowers and filling the rivers and lakes to their brim. Like a cup nearly spilling over. For Cleopatra, rain would be the constant reminder of a day where her entire world was lost.

Her mother had been home from school for over an hour - Having immediately retreating to her study to tweak her lesson plans for the University, which left the 12 year old to her own homework in the family room. She had been curled up on the sofa for the greater majority of the day, having been crippled by sharp pains in her heart and her lower back. Pain killers had not sated her increasing pain, which was continuously ebbing away into a  numbing ache the closer to her brother and fathers arrival. 

Josiah had called her late last night to ensure that they were closing in on their target, and the two of them would be returning that following afternoon. 

A pounding knock sounded from the front door at the same time that the clock struck six o'clock. Cleopatra stood to her feet, desperate to ignore the resounding pound of the hands moving on the clock as she made her way to the front door. 

Tick. Tick. Tick. 

She stood on her tiptoes and peered through the peep-hole, her eyes narrowing in on Gabriel, who was standing further down on the sidewalk with a man she didn't recognize beside her. In his arms was what looked to be a young blonde boy, and in the other angels arms, a much larger man with dirty blonde hair similar to her fathers. Her heart slowly crawled into her throat as Gabriel slowly made his way to the door, his whiskey eyes softening as he recognized the frantic pounding of her heart on the opposite side. 

"Cleo, sweetheart.." He begged. It was then through the haze of rain that she was able to clearly see his face, which was streaked with tears. Gabriel had been one of the many constants in her life for as long as she could remember, but she could not directly pinpoint a time where she had seen him cry. "You need to let me in." 


Alexandria Carter rushed down the stairs as everything began moving in slow motion; her breath stolen from her lungs as Cleopatra moved to open the door, only for both of them to be greeted with an equally distraught Gabriel, who was cradling the body of her son against his chest. The 12 year old fell to the floor in a heap, eyes vacantly cast on the glimmering of a blade tucked into his jacket pocket, the Enochian runes taunting her as they glowed ominously in the dim light of their home. 

I tried, baby sister. I tried so hard. 

"I don't know what happened, Ria." Gabriel began, moving into the living room to lay Reagan, pale and motionless, on the sofa. "I heard his distress call from Heaven, and I felt the Earth physically tremble whenever Reagan was.. whenever he was stabbed. When a Nephilim dies.. It sends a cosmic shock wave through Heaven, and everyone felt it." His eyes shifted to the girl on the floor, whose fingers were digging so deeply into her palms that drops of blood had begun to fall onto the ground. "And I know she felt it, because of the bond between Nephilim is strong. When he's in pain, so is she. It's tragically beautiful in a sense." 

Cleopatra slowly crawled over to Reagan and pulled the blade out of his jacket, a broken scream tumbling past her lips as she chucked the blade across the room, directly piercing the middle of their family picture that had been taken the previous summer. The corpses of her father and older brother remained un-moving on the sofas, the room cast in an eerie grey hue from the impending thunder storm outside; perfectly conveying the rush of emotions swirling through her brain as she struggled to regain her breath. 

Oh gods, I can't breathe... I-I can't-t-

Two warm arms wrapped around her middle and hoisted her into the air, only to be greeted by the familiar whiskey irises of her Uncle; who had begun to whisper softly in her ear to silence the wounded screams of her mother in the foyer. Even as Gabriel laid her to sleep in the bedroom she had been sharing with her brother since their childhood, she lifted her blue green irises to gaze at the now empty tomb that sat only feet beside her. 

"This place will become your home. 

This place will become your tomb." 

A lone candle sat in the corner of the bedroom by her desk, a stray scarlet lighter beside it for when they experienced power outages. Cleopatra sat up at the waist in her bed, pale skin streaked with tears as she snapped her fingers; and an single orange flame danced against the shadows of her wall. "Light a candle for each one you've lost, my dear." She whispered, snapping her fingers again only to light a second candle which ad seemingly appeared out of nowhere.

And on the week of July 4th, 1992 - A shattering, mournful cry of a young Nephilim echoed through the gates of Heaven, and one young Seraphim in his garrison heard her cries. 

That was how he found himself on Earth years later, angel blade poised in his sleeve, cobalt eyes scanning the planes of the city park in Lawrence, Kansas with the orders to eliminate Earths only living Nephilim sent directly from Heaven at the forefront of his brain. 

He was sent to kill her because he cared about a human. 

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"What have I done that is so wrong?" She cried angrily, gesturing to the park in front of her. "What have I ever done that was so wrong?!" 

Castiel bowed his head, suddenly shaken by her words. Here he was, having heard her cries for years over the loss of her father and brother; and he had been so close to taking a completely innocent life. One she hadn't even begun to live yet. 

"Nothing. You've done nothing." 


She remembers the funeral as if it happens over and over again, replaying on a constant loop day after day. The pure devastation that racked her mother as Gabriel and Michael lowered the body of her son into the ground. Cleopatra had never met the oldest Archangel until that point, and she never wanted to come face to face with him again. 

It had been raining that day. Large, frigid drops of water that soaked through her thick raven curls; her blue green eyes red rimmed with unshed tears as she watched a thick mound of dirt be placed over top of both the freshly dug graves. The only sounds were that of her mothers hysterical sobbing, and the slow loss of her innocence. She no longer feels peace whenever she sees rain outside her window. 

Here's to the first day of the rest of your life. 

Graduation day from high school. Her blood runs with excitement over finally finishing the past four years of her schooling, prepared to leave behind all of her friends; most of which only acted as if they cared about her. Most of them knew of the power she possessed. The radiance of the gold eyes she no longer cared to show. 

This is for you Daddy.

Standing up to the man who she thought loved her, but in fact was the exact opposite. Bruises marked her skin, words clawed their way into her heart, and that lone summer day she decided to do what Reagan had been doing for her during their entire childhood. 


This is for you Reagan. 

Coming home to a mostly empty house, ghosts of the past aimlessly wandering through the halls as Cleopatra concocted a simple dinner. Her mother, or what was left of her, mostly took to hiding away in her study and furiously working on her lesson plans for the college. Silence was no longer an enemy, but a welcome friend. 

The first and last day of college. Her 26th birthday. 

I do this all for you. 

"Momma?" Cleopatra called out. Alexandria had migrated to the living room for the night, soft classical music seeping into the open area from the corner stereo as a tray was placed in front of her. "My graduation day from college is next week. I thought it might be nice to get you out of the house, finally have some happiness for once in the past 14 years." She made no move to respond as her daughter knelt in front of her. "It's been that long. Fourteen years, Mama. You’ve been doing so well in the past few that you’ve been going to that counselor... I just want you to be okay." 

It had taken at least five years to pull Alexandria out of the hole she had been trapped in since the funeral. After careful time and consideration, and a little help from another counselor who she had become good friends with.. Her mother was slowly beginning to return to her normal self. The same buoyant woman who used to gambol around the house in the embrace of her lover, eyes shining with adoration as laughter echoed in the halls. 

What a time that had been. 

Stunning emerald eyes met her own as Alexandria turned her head and managed a weak smile to her daughter. "I'm sorry darling," She said quietly, running her hands over her face. "I've just been so tired recently with everything that has occurred at the University since your fathers death." The mothers lips trembled as she cupped her daughters face in her hands. "I have grown so proud of you, Cleopatra. You are strong, and resilient, and so brave. Your brother and your father would be so proud of you." 

I did this all for you.

Sunlight poured onto the students of The Washburn University as their white robes sat against strong shoulders, faces cast towards the valedictorian as she was the first to receive her diploma. You should have seen the joy on her face whenever Alexandria witnessed her daughter walk down the center of her stage, eyes glistening with un-shed tears as she eagerly waved to her mother. Criminology diploma weighed heavily in her hand as the raven haired woman returned to her seat, sunlight flickering in her sea foam irises as she gazed upon her mother and her aunt Rose, who had traveled from South Carolina with her family for the endeavor. 

If you looked close enough.. You could just vaguely make out two forms sitting on either side of the two woman; massive golden wings stretched out along the length of the bleachers.

Time went on, as it always does. Cleopatra opted to use the money her father had left behind for her in a savings stored in their bank to purchase her first apartment; Arguing that Lawrence was a small town, and that a woman like herself with a degree in Criminal Justice to help protect the lives of innocents was a necessity. 

Alexandria packed her things and moved thirty minutes away to a townhouse in Topeka, securing a job as an Ancient History professor at the University of Topeka less then a year after watching her daughter graduate from college. The day she packed the remainder of their family home for the past twenty six years, the two women stood in the foyer and took the time to really gaze upon the house that held so many memories of their family. 

"I'm going to miss this place." Alexandria murmured, kissing the pads of her fingers and running them along the banister that lead to the second floor. Cleopatra tucked her angel blade into the sheath that wrapped around her thigh, carefully winding her arms around her mothers shoulders and kissing the top of her head. "Love was here." 

"Love died here." 

It was the week between the transition from summer to fall when he appeared in Lawrence. Castiel emerged from the treeline that surrounded the park, hands buried deep in the pockets of his trench coat as his cobalt eyes swept over the children gamboling along the mulched area of the playground. He had not been to Earth in quite some time, but had always admired both the ferocity and tenderness of humans. While they had the capability to kill, they also loved so deeply even when they were more likely to be wounded by the ones they love most.

Castiel had his orders.  

The Seraphim gazed around the park and traced the inside of his palm with the pad of his thumb, angel blade weighing heavy in his coat as his feet began to lead him forward into the pathway that traveled through the park. The smell of daisies and sunflowers was heavy in the air, chilled by the coolness of fall and exuding laughter from the playful children that ran around on the playground. On the curve of the path sat a row of old wooden benches from the early 1960’s, worn from years of use and carved with the initials of people who had come and gone. 

And on one of those benches sat a beautiful raven haired woman, her expression a mix of hidden pain and an unfelt sensation of serenity as her eyes fell on a younger blonde boy who was beginning to make his way closer to her. Castiel tilted his head in confusion as he fell into the recesses of his mind for the name of the Nephilim he had been sent to exterminate, in the name of the Heavenly Father. 

Cleopatra Carter. 

  “This is the Nephilim?” He murmured quietly. Castiel had been taught since his fledgling years that Nephilim were the most destructive creatures in the world; being the child of an angel and a human. She had the characteristics of a human on the outside, but on the inside.. pure angelic grace flowed through her veins. They had the capability to tear the fabric of time to shreds. If they were in the mood, they could kill anyone, regardless of power, with a snap of their fingers. And here was the last living Nephilim.. sitting on a park bench, watching children.


“You know, you’re speaking your thoughts.” A soft voice called out. His cobalt eyes snapped up to meet those of the woman, who had turned her attention away from the kids and was now staring at him with such an intensity that it made his vessel quake. “And you can stow the angel blade. I’m not in the mood to kill you.” 

“How did you-“ 

Cleopatra tapped her temple with the end of her finger. “Don’t forget that I have the same magical powers you idiots all have. Healing, flying, some seriously lethal skills with a blade and more importantly.. mind reading.” She tilted her head and pursed her lips, eyes narrowing as she patted the seat beside her. “I’ve been running from all of you for so long that it becomes rather easy to identify an angel when I see one. But you.. you aren’t like the others. You’re softer and much more compassionate. Please sit.”

Castiel nodded weakly and took his seat beside her, hands awkwardly fumbling in his lap as she relaxed into the bench and returned her attention to the children. A blonde boy not much older then seven raced up to the wooden ledge that separated the grass from the mulch, flashing a toothy grin and waving eagerly at Cleopatra. She returned it with a subtle wink and a soft smile as the young blonde sprinted back across the playground to his group of friends. "You hold much love for the children here." Castiel murmured. "It is quite remarkable.''

"He reminds me of the brother I lost years ago." Cleopatra replied. "Happy. Hopeful. Ready to take on the world with a snap of his fingers. But underneath that facade.. A hardened soldier who did everything in his power to protect his little sister-" She motioned back to the group of children where the same blonde boy was now standing with his arms wrapped around the shoulders of a much younger brunette girl, who looked to be at least two or three years his junior. "From the inevitable darkness." She tilted her head and turned her weight so she was facing the hunched over angel. "What is your name?" 

"Castiel." He said softly. She took the time to truly study the mold of his face; from the subtle rise of his cheekbones to the unmarred skin of his jaw, the long black lashes that shielded his cobalt eyes that were so deep she was sure she could get lost in them. His deep black hair was mussed as if he'd been running his fingers through it, parted to the side to give a clearer view of his face. 

It came to her almost immediately when he spoke his name. 

Castiel - Shield Of God. 

"What about you?" He asked. She extended her hand in greeting and wrapped it around his own, fingers dancing along his knuckles as her lips parted into a brilliant smile. "What is your name?" Shock waves spread through her body as the two of them met each others eyes, and for a fraction of a moment.. Cleopatra swore she'd known this angel her entire life. 

"Cleopatra Carter." Cleopatra remarked. She gently pried her hand away from his own and sighed deeply, creating a larger gap between herself and the angel for fear of his answer to her impending question. "Tell me, Castiel.. are you here to end me? To be the one that buries me six feet in the ground?" 

"You are an abomination." The instantaneous response from his lips made her stomach clench as Castiels expression became stoic. "I was sent here to remove you from this Earth and take you back to Heaven to be with your father and brother. This is no place for a creature such as yourself." 

The indignant expression on her face would have been amusing if he wasn't standing feet away from her with the angel blade now wrapped tightly in his fingers. "Well, of course I happened to be wrong about you." Cleopatra spat bitterly. "All of you angels are the same. When you receive an order, you execute it. Even if it's morally incorrect." Castiel swallowed thickly as her sea-foam colored eyes flickered to a dangerous tawny gold, an aura of raw anger emanating from her form. "What am I abominating, Castiel? What am doing that is so wrong?" 

He heaved a sigh of defeat and ran his hands over his face. "To me, you have done nothing. You are only doing the same as I do, admiring the beauty of humanity." Castiel slumped back down in the bench and rested his chin against his hands. "I do not favor killing unless absolutely necessary. It is because you are a Nephilim that Heaven is afraid of the power that you possess." 

  "Oh, believe me. I'm more then well aware. It's that reason exactly why my older brother and my father were killed whenever I was twelve." Cleopatra grit her teeth behind thinned lips out of the want for retaliation, her anger not directed at the Seraphim.. but the entirety of Heaven for not lending aid when she cried for help. "I come here so I'm not wallowing in my own loneliness at my house. I began praying that God would bring me happiness, and not three seconds later.. You came strolling up the path." 

Castiel felt the tension alleviate from his muscles the moment her fingers made contact with the fabric of his coat. He swallowed the lump in his throat and lifted his eyes to meet the stunning gold only inches away from his own. Just the sight of them, the pure majesty of her, made his heart skip beats in his chest. 

"Are you my happiness, Castiel?" 


Chapter Text

"I raised a human from perdition today. I did something good.. I saved a man who will be Gods hands and feet." Cleopatra gazed deeply into his eyes and lightly brought her hand to rest upon his face, jumping backwards in shock as she was met with the memory of two stunning emerald eyes she was sure she'd never see again. 

"You didn't save Gods hands and feet, Cassie." She whispered. "You saved Dean Winchester. That's the man furthest from God you can find."


"Yeah Mom," Cleopatra murmured, sinking into the warmth of her sweater as she brought her knees to her chest. It was growing nearer to the end of fall, the bitter chill signaling the impending arrival of what she hoped was to be her first joyful winter since Reagan's death. "I'm good. I'm the best I've been in.. quite a while, really." 

Alexandria Carter had been on the phone with her daughter for a better part of an hour, curious to know why she had halted their bi-weekly conversations for the past month. "Oh, really? I didn't realize. Did you catch the attention of a handsome man?" 

Since the day she'd met Castiel in the park, he had made an effort to meet her in the exact same spot at least once a week; claiming he was interested to know more about her story and the exact reason why there was so much untold tragedy lingering in the deep of her tawny gold irises. 

"Well," Cleopatra replied. "That's one way to put it. He.. He's sweet." Her eyes flickered upward and softened when she recognized the trench coated figure of Jimmy Novak; the vessel Castiel had taken upon his arrival to Earth for the first time in a millennium. "His name's Castiel, and he has.. an intriguing story. I'll let you know more later, okay?" 

"Okay sweetie. Just.. be careful. I can't take another funeral." 

Cleopatras breathing hitched as her trembling fingers raked through her messy hair. She had not cared enough to make herself look appealing on that particular day, reiterating constantly that Castiel was an angel and did not focus his attention on a mere Nephilim. She was nothing to him. Not yet anyway. 

"Alright. I love you." She whispered, pressing her thumb against the red phone icon before sliding her cellphone into the pocket of her cardigan. A feeling of ease swept through her bones as Castiel took his place next to her. “Hey you. Where have you been?” 

It was clear based on the state of his hands and the exhaustion on his face that he’d been working feverishly since the last time Cleopatra had seen him. After two weeks of no connection, she had come to rely on the hidden prayers she’d whisper during the day. 

And apparently, he had heard them. 

“I apologize for my absence, Cleopatra.” Castiel murmured, allowing her to take his hand and gently run the pads of her fingers over the bruising that had flowered over his knuckles. “I have been performing works for Heaven.” 

A golden glow spread through her fingers and across his hand, her grace flowing through his veins as she mended the ebrasions. “What kind of works? Killing Nephilim?” Cleopatra mused, her joke falling flat as Castiel tilted his head in confusion. “You really are the equivalent of a completely oblivious puppy, aren’t you?” 

“I don’t know how that would be possible, given that you are the only living-“ 

She held up a hand to halt his sentence. “Don’t mention it.” Cleopatra said. Her sea foam eyes narrowed as she realized that Castiel would not meet her gaze directly. “Whatever you’ve been doing, it must be secret enough for you to not meet my eyes. You just so happen to wear your emotions in those cobalts of yours.” 

The Seraph sighed deeply and hunched over, pulling his hand out of her grasps and running them over his smooth features. “I have been... strategizing on how to rescue this human from Perdition. I was successful in doing so yesterday. It’s why I have not come to see you.” 

Cleopatra shifted her weight towards him and slowly raised her fingers to his temple, willing her eyes to shut as she slowly moved into his memory. It was one of the first things he’d taught her about the angelic powers that Gabriel had never taught her about - the access point of human and angelic memories and how to pry them outward and into the open. 

When she was met with a haunted pair of emerald green eyes that she hasn’t seen since that day when she was 12... Cleopatra recoiled backward and wrapped her arms around herself.

”He is to perform works of Heaven as well. He is chosen... Chosen by God to be His hands and feet.”  

Cleopatras eyes gently fluttered open to meet his own softened blues. “Oh Cassie..” She faltered, pulling her bottom lip between her teeth. “You didn’t save Gods hands and feet. You saved Dean Winchester. That’s the man furthest from God you can find.”


It was three days later when she heard from him again. Cleopatra had been in the midst of deep cleaning her apartment when a frantic knock sounded at the door, the hollow sound reverberating through the small entry way as she tied her hair into a tighter ponytail and bound towards the door. "Holy horses-" She gasped at the sight of Castiel standing in the doorway, his hands outstretched in greeting with a paper bag. The smell of pumpkin roll and apple cider, clearly the contents from inside, wafted into the apartment and made her mouth water. "Hi Cas. What did you bring me?" 

"Incentive." He replied, striding past her without a second thought and taking his seat on her sofa. "Your favorite pumpkin rolls and cider from that patch in Lawrence that your father took you to as a child with your older brother." When Cleopatra leaned against the opposite wall and crossed her arms over her chest, the Seraph could not help but allow his eyes to wander along the sliver of exposed skin now revealed to him at the base of her hips.

Father.. She made him think sinful things.

"You disappeared for three days. I was going to go work a case at work in an hour because I was convinced that you no longer cared about the Nephilim everyone wants dead." For good measure, she winked softly at him, eyes lit bright gold under the shadows of her apartment before they flickered back to the familiar sea foam green he'd grown so accustomed to gazing into. "Something tells me that there's been a development in the case of Dean Winchester." 

"Quite. He has risen from Hell, and is currently trying to track me as we speak." Castiel awkwardly wrung his hands in his lap as he struggled to form a logical explanation for the true voice and form of angels, and how they were required to take a vessel every time they stepped foot on Earth. Dean had made it quite clear since he had emerged from the Earth that he was less then pleased by the form of communication Castiel had been using to convey to him that he was there. 

Which, to humans, sounded more like a sound that was capable of breaking through the shell of the ear, and clear through the ear-drum. 

"So, I'm still not following you. Why do you need me to go visit one of the only people on this planet that I never wanted to see again?" Cleopatra interjected sharply, drawing Castiel out of his trance and his eyes back to hers. 

"This entire altercation will only be successful with your help. You are a powerful being with alot of influence in the lives of the Winchesters." He replied automatically. "They admired your family, once upon a time. I see no reason to believe they would not still hold that same opinion of you." 

"And where are they right now?" 

Castiel slowly tilted his head and began to focus on the summoning ritual that was ringing inside of his head. "A barn. They're trying to summon me, and I would say it is about time I show myself." The Seraph extended his hand and furrowed his brow as she stared at his hand earnestly, keen on memorizing the curve of each finger, the texture of his skin, and the most minuscule scars of his vessel. "Take my hand." 

Before she could even begin to comprehend what was happening, Cleopatra opened her eyes and found herself outside a dilapidated barn in the middle of nowhere. The outer doors were littered in different talismans and sigils, many of which were written in the familiar scribe of Enochian. "They seem pretty keen on getting you here." Cleopatra said quietly, shivering as the temperature around her dropped and the shutters on the roof began to move frantically in the wind. "Knock 'em dead, Cassie." 

"I wish you no harm during this endeavor, Cleop-" When she scolded him for his choice of using her full name, Castiel blushed deeply and allowed his gaze to fall to the ground. "Cleo. Please.. do remember that you knew these humans too. They have your best intentions at heart." 

Cleopatra watched in amazement as the wooden support beams on the doors broke in half, forcefully pushing them inward and granting her visibility of the inside of the room. Her eyes caught sight of two men near the opposite side of the barn; one of which was clearly younger but with a strong gait, fingers locked around the trigger of his gun, his messy blonde hair parted away from the emerald green eyes that had been haunting her since she was twelve. 

Gunshots rang clear in the air simultaneously with each individual light inside of the barn exploding, illuminating the stoic expression on the Seraphims face. It wasn't until the two men realized that their guns weren't affecting the angel that the younger one, Dean Winchester, pulled out an ancient knife and held it in front of him. 

"Who are you?" 

Castiel managed a weak, half smile as his cobalt blue eyes met those of the one he had raised from Hell. 

"I'm the one who gripped you tight and raised you from Perdition.'' 

Dean snorted and shook his head. "Yeah." He replied bitterly. "Thanks for that." Before she could even utter a warning, the older Winchester sank his blade into Castiels chest, clearly stunned by the lack of blood he had expected to pour from the wound. No wound, no cry of pain.. There was nothing. 

The angel whipped around as the older man lunged at him with his crowbar and pressed two fingers against his head, watching as his knees buckled and he fell unconscious to the ground. Dean looked upward in disbelief before his eyes shifted to the barn doors, where he had just recognized the shape of a woman staring back at him. 

"We need to talk Dean." Castiel reiterated. He too followed Deans gaze to the doors and motioned Cleopatra inside with a swift flick of his wrist. "But first, there is someone who must reintroduce herself to you. It has been quite a while since you met face to face." 

Awe passed across Deans features as Cleopatra moved into the light, her face lit in a warm smile as she meekly waved at Dean. "Hello Dean." She said softly. "It's been quite a while since we've seen each other. You were probably.. I don't know. Fourteen? You came back to Lawrence and took my father and brother out on a hunt. They.. They never returned from it." 

A wicked grin spread across Deans face as he extended his hand to lightly squeeze her shoulder. It wasn't the hug she had been expecting, but it was enough of a start. "Cleopatra Carter as I live and breathe." He murmured in awe. "Still as gorgeous as the last time I saw you." 

"That's saying alot." She mused in response, lightly nudging his hip with her own. "Cause holy crap, you are the epitome of how puberty fares well for men. That jawline though.. You keep looking like that, and I might just swoon." 

If she hadn't felt the jealousy roll off of Castiel in thick, tense waves, she would've continued her pursuit in flirting with the older Winchester. It was the way his eyes narrowed and his fingers curled into fists that made Cleopatra curious to know why Castiel was jealous of someone he barely knew. "Back to the topic at hand." He said through gritted teeth, flipping through the lore book that sat on the rickety table beside him. "Your friend is alive." 

Deans expression changed as he moved around Cleopatra, noticing the considerable height difference as he knelt down to press his fingers against Bobby's pulse. He sighed in relief when he found himself greeted with a strong pulse. ''His name is Bobby." Dean snapped. "And who are you?"


"I figured that much. I mean what are you?" 

He glanced upward from the book and furrowed his brows. "I'm an angel of the Lord." He replied. Deans face  fell as he stood to his feet and defensively crossed his arms over his chest, eyebrow raised in question. 

"Get out. There's no such thing." 

Castiel slowly rotated his head in Cleopatras direction and cast a look of annoyance at the raven haired woman. "Is he serious?" He muttered, scoffing as she merely rose her shoulders in a half hearted shrug. "This is your problem, Dean. You have no faith." 

"Never had anything to put my faith into." Dean replied, his voice cut off by the crack of thunder that erupted through the barn, his eyes drawn to the massive pair of wings that were outlined in the shadows. Cleopatra watched in utter astonishment as Castiel unfurled his wings, his eyes locked with hers as they spread along the length of the room before vanishing into the shadows and away from her sight. "Some angel you are. You burned out that poor womans eyes!" 

Cleopatra whipped around and nearly slammed her fist into Castiels arm. "You did what?!"

"For the record, I warned her to not spy on my true form." He replied calmly. "It can be overwhelming to humans, as can my true voice. You already happened to know that." 

"You mean the gas station and the motel?" Dean questioned. "That was you talking?" When Castiel nodded, the older Winchester pulled his lower lip between his teeth and lightly shook his head. "Buddy, next time.. lower the volume." 

"That was my mistake. Certain people.. Special people can perceive my true visage. I thought that you would be one of them." He jabbed a thumb at Cleopatra. "She has heard me speak with my true voice once, and it has never caused a problem for her. I happened to be wrong about you." 

Cleopatra shivered at the memory. It was a mere week after the two of them had met in Lawrence, and she had been expectantly waiting at the park for the angel to return to her. Instead of coming himself to explain why he was consistently late, he had spoken to her in his true voice instead. Gabriel had often told her as a child that angels voice were high pitched and rather obnoxious, but there was a sense of comfort she often felt in replaying the conversation they'd had that day when she had heard Castiel's true voice herself. 

"What visage are you in now, huh? Holy tax accountant?" 

"This is a vessel." 

"You're possessing some poor-" 

Castiel shook his head before Dean could finish his sentence. "He's a devout man. He actually prayed for this." 

"Look pal, I'm not buying what you're selling." Dean replied sharply. "And if you think bringing the one guilt I've carried on my shoulders since I was 14-" Cleopatra inhaled sharply as Dean shuddered, desperate to hold back the emotion that had caught in his throat. "It's not going to work. So who are you really?" 

She couldn't deny the fact that her heart absolutely melted at his next movement - tilting his head slowly to the side as he regarded the older Winchester with confusion. "Cleo, would you step outside for a moment?" Cleopatra inhaled deeply and nodded, turning away from the two men and jogging out of the open doors of the barn. "I already told you.''

"Right. And why would an angel rescue me from Hell?" 

Castiel took several steps forward, cobalt eyes bright as they never left Deans face. "Good things do happen, Dean. Even to angels. Cleopatra.. She happens to be one of those good things." 

"Good things don't happen to me. Not in my experience." 

"What's the matter?" Castiel questioned. He pursed his lips as realization passed over his chiseled features. "You don't think you deserved to be saved?" 

Deans expression remained hard as he reflexively curled and uncurled his fists at his sides. The air inside the Barn had become much more uncomfortable and tense without the presence of Cleopatra to be mediator between the savior and the saved. "Why'd you do it?" 

"Because God commanded it. Because we have work for you." 

And somewhere in the back of Castiels mind, he was wondering if Cleopatra was right about his choice to save Dean Winchester. 


Chapter Text

"I thought I told you that you needed to stay with the Winchesters?" Castiel questioned. Cleopatra inhaled deeply  and turned around to regard the angel, who was watching her with confused cobalt eyes that seemed to glow under the light of the Barn. 

"I'm not a hunter, Cas!" She snapped unintentionally. "It was hunting that destroyed my life, and I want no part of it!" 


        It wasn't until dawn when Cleopatra woke from the light sleep she'd been taking against the wall of the Barn. Her eyes slowly fluttered open as a low groan reverberated through her chest, drawing the attention of Dean and the man he called Bobby on the opposite side of the room. "Sleeping Beauty finally rises. Morning sunshine." He drawled, extending his hand to her. "Cleopatra Carter, meet Bobby Singer. One of the best hunters I know.. He's practically family." 

The raven haired woman grinned at the older man as she extended her hand. "Glad to meet another honorary Winchester." She mused, dusting off her clothes as Bobby nodded firmly in respect before her eyes ventured the area of the Barn. Castiel was no where to be seen. "Where did Cas go?" 

"He should've left hours ago, but he was adamant on allowing you to sleep. He's out in the field seeking revelation or some sort of crap like that." Dean replied, pointing outward towards the open field on the opposite side of the road. Sure enough, the figure of Jimmy Novak was standing amidst wildflowers, his eyes cast towards the Earth as he was praying. To who.. she wasn't sure. "Your angel irritates me." 

A deep blush spread across her face and neck. "Who said he was my angel?!" She exclaimed. Dean rose an eyebrow in question and shook his head, choosing to cut the subject short as he and Bobby watched Cleopatra walk out into the field to be with Castiel. She pulled her hair back behind her shoulders and cleared her throat to alert the Seraph of her presence. "Hi." 

His eyes immediately lit up at the sight of her. "Did you sleep well? I did not want to wake you.. you looked the most peaceful I have ever seen you in the time we have known each other." Cleopatra inhaled the crisp smell of the morning and stuck her hands deep into the pockets of her jeans, the deep gold of the sun flickering against the sea foam color of her eyes. 

"I did." She whispered. "Thank you for looking after me." 

When a brisk chill blew through the field, it was his next movement that she claims was the start of her slowly falling in love with Castiel. 

Cleopatra shivered against the cold, immediately drawing Cas' attention to her instead of the beauty of Gods creation around him. His eyes swept over her body as she pursed her lips, wrapping her arms around herself to try and conserve body heat. The angel frowned and slowly removed his coat and laid it around her shoulders, his fingers brushing the nape of her neck as she gripped the fabric. 

"You are cold." He whispered in reply, the faintest hint of a smile passing across his face as she nodded in response. Their eyes met for only a moment, a silent understanding and deep connection soon to form passing between them before it was broken by the sound of a sharp car horn. "I believe that is Sam, Dean's brother. I should take my exit."

"Where are you going to go?" Cleopatra questioned. Castiel tilted his head and furrowed his brow as he pondered his answer. "Back to Heaven?" 

"As much as I would like to return to Lawrence with you, I need to receive further orders." Her heart sank as his face returned to the stoic, cold expression she had seen in the Barn upon meeting Dean as he outstretched his hand to take his coat. "I will return to you and the Winchesters at a later time. Make no rash decisions." 

Cleopatra snorted and managed to wave before he was gone with the familiar flutter of wings, leaving her alone with the ever constant ache in her heart. She settled her eyes on the doorway of the Barn where a man not much younger then her stood beside Dean, both pairs of eyes watching her in wonder as she crossed the road to meet them halfway. 

The man beside Dean was most definitely Sam. She had never met him in person before, but he was almost an exact look alike of his brother. It was the eyes that gave his heritage away first - a different shade of green then Deans, but equally as haunted with a completely different story of loss, grief, and tragedy. She knew it well - no hunter lived a happy life.

It was the smell that threw her off at first. She wasn't sure whether or not it was her powers in gear as she was introduced to the younger Winchester, who had only come to find out that she was to be joining them for a while in their hunts. Her vision was blurred and her hearing garbled, but Cleopatra was so intently focused on Sam that she never heard Dean call her name. 

Just like angels.. Nephilim could see into the souls of other humans.

And Sams was dark as night, pure obsidian, and reeking of evil. 

"Cleo and Reagan have the purest souls of any children I have ever come across." Alexandria murmured. "They do not know darkness.. and I hope it remains that way." 

"I'm sorry guys. I can't-" She faltered, sprinting behind the Barn and unfurling her wings before Sam and Dean could even protest, confirming she was indeed hidden before flying back to the safety of Lawrence and collapsing in the middle of the park. Her breathing hitched as her head fell into the grass, and Cleopatra found herself looking into the cerulean color of the afternoon sky void of any clouds. "I can't do it. I-I'm not strong enough." 


Time passed. Cleopatra continued her tedious life by diving into each case she was given through the surrounding police departments, keeping up with the impending Apocalypse using phone calls between herself and Sam. Her heart ached to see Castiel again.. but she knew the angel had more important things to do. 

It wasn't long after the event in the Barn when she began getting cases involving abnormal deaths - deaths of hunters, mostly. They were always gory; bodies mutilated and sinking into a deep river of scarlet as lifeless eyes stared into nothingness. 

She assumed it was something supernatural. It always was. It wasn't until she got a phone call from Sam and her mother on her way to Lawrence from Topeka that it became ghosts instead of something simply supernatural. Sam went into lengthy detail about one of the 66 Seals that had been broken by a demon named Lilith, who apparently had been the one to kill Dean and send him to his thirty year sentence in hell. The first seal had to do with the Witnesses, who heralded the beginning of the Apocalypse.

Guilt began eating away at her gut as the younger Winchester recanted the altercation involving two people he and Dean hadn't been able to save, and the result of the spell Bobby Singer had cast to put them back to rest. 

"Do you believe in the Devil, Cleopatra?"

She nearly slammed on the brakes of her car at the abrupt question. Of course she believed in the Devil - Her father had been a freaking angel. Their family had gone to church every Sunday up until the time she turned twelve, and then visits became much less frequent. She was the definition of an abomination, one of Gods creations who was to be hunted down for the rest of her days. 

"He is the Prince of Deceit, Sam. I believe that Satan runs free.. and he's gonna get me one day. You know.. being the two most wanted abominations on this planet." 

She called her mother to assure her nerves that she was alright, relieved to hear the familiar jabber on the other side of the phone. Alexandria claimed she had been putting down ghosts all afternoon with the spare hunting equipment she had taken to Topeka from the house. It was rare enough to hear that her mother had fired a gun, being the pacifist that she was. She managed to murmur a goodnight and stay safe before ending the conversation entirely. Cleopatra entered her driveway and immediately frowned at the sight in front of her, eyes now lit gold and narrowed in confusion. 

Her front door was open. 

Grimacing, the Nephilim quietly exited her car and tiptoed up to her front door, craning her neck to see if she could hear the gentle tap of Azrael, her three year old Calico she had adopted only last week. DC comics had become an obsession of hers - but that's a story for another time. 

"Hello Cleopatra-" Castiels deep voice reverberated through the room, his sentence cut off as the Nephilim lunged and knocked him clear off his feet which sent the two of them tumbling backwards and onto the kitchen floor. The angel gasped in shock at being caught completely off guard, his vessel quaking at the raw power that emanated from the Nephilim. "You-are-suffocating-" 

"For all that is good and pure, Castiel!" She shrieked, scampering backwards to the island in the middle of the kitchen. "What the heck are you doing in my apartment?! And why is the front door busted open? You're an angel for God's sake- You can fly.

"I flew here from Sioux Falls to ask you a very simple question." The threatening tone in his voice was nothing like the one that had regarded her only days before, when he had noticed her discomfort and draped his jacket over her shoulders. This was the soldier - The Angel of The Lord - who only knew how to execute his orders. "Why are you not with the Winchesters like I told you to be?"

Good Lord. He was insufferable. 

"Castiel-" She bit, slowly turning around to regard the angel. He was wearing that same expression of confusion as he tilted his head slowly to the side, cobalt eyes glowing in the darkness of her home. "I left them alone at that Barn. I ran like I always do, because.." She pounded her hand flat against her heart and swallowed the bile that was threatening to rise in her throat. "Because I'm weak. I don't get what is so hard for you to understand about this! I don't want to be a hunter because all hunting as done for me is destroy my entire world!"

Castiel inhaled through his nose and took a step forward. His eyes swept across her chest as her breathing visibly hitched, trembling fingers digging into the pockets of her jeans as he continued to painstakingly close the gap between them. “Darling,” He began, taking note of the way she visibly shivered at the name. “You are far from weak. You are just unfamiliar with what is currently taking place-“ 

“First off, I'm not your darling." She swore she saw a flicker of disappointment pass through his eyes before his expression once again became stoic. "Secondly.. What, the Apocalypse? Dean told me about The Witnesses. He told me what you said about what happens after the Seals break. Lucifer-“ She swallowed the bile in her throat and lifted her eyes to meet Castiels. “Lucifer walks the Earth.” 

“We-need you to help the Winchesters prevent the Seals from being broken. You are capable of more then you believe. You just not have had the ability to prove it.” His hand slid down her arm to lightly squeeze her own before pulling away. "And they listen to you. Please Cleopatra-" 

That threw her off. Castiel was a soldier. He didn't ask, didn't plead, for someone else to help him. 

"At least think about it." 

Swallowing thickly, she managed a weak nod and barely managed to look at the Angel before he disappeared from her sight entirely. The Nephilim took a deep breath and glanced down at her trembling hands, cursing herself for being so vulnerable around the angel as she attempted to return to unpacking her belongings. 

"Stop glancing down at your hands!" Reagan snapped. He was anxious about leaving for his first hunt with his father the following week, and had come to the decision that his baby sister needed to know how to defend herself without the use of her powers. "Fear is a lie, baby sister. You can't allow it to rule your life. All it will do is kill you slowly." 

The twelve year old glanced up at her brother with tears in her eyes, lip jutted outward in the classic Cleopatra pout that got everybody in the house to cater to her every whim. Everyone except her older brother. "But-But aren't you always going to be there to protect me, Reag?" 

"As much as I'd like to, I'm not gonna be around forever." 

Cleopatra exhaled sharply as she tightened her muscles, bringing her focus to calming the tremor in her hands as her phone screen lit up on the island in the center of the kitchen. Her sea foam eyes snapped over to the screen with Dean Winchester written in dark bold, signaling that she had received a text from him. It was probably developments on preventing the impending Apocalypse. 

Her mind spun as she re-read his message. Once. Twice. Six times. 

From: Dean Winchester

We've got a development on the end of days. Wanna come join? Sammy wants to meet you!

She couldn't stop thinking about Reagan. How his choice to follow their father, on a hunt, had lead the both of them to their inevitable deaths. It was a constant cycle of tragedy for her. What was to happen if she heeded Castiels pleas and followed the Winchesters to the end of the world? 

One word. Choices. 

To hide away, to cower in fear over the unknown and never face the demons that lurk in the darkness.. To act as if an angel hadn't walked into her life and completely flipped her world upside down. 

Or to follow the path her brother had gone down? To fight the monsters, to be vulnerable, to allow herself to feel those emotions she had tried so hard to repress? Anger, grief, joy, love? 

Save the world,

Or watch it be destroyed? 

Cleopatra Carter wrapped her fingers around her flip phone and dialed Deans number, poising it between her ear and her shoulder as she crossed her arms over her chest. Castiel had asked for her help.. and the least she could do was listen. 


"Hey Dean. It's me." She tapped her fingers against the inside of her forearm and managed a small smile at the older Winchesters excited jabber as he beckoned Sam across Bobbys living room. "Looks like I'm gonna need you to fill me in on the end of the world." 

Chapter Text

"Keep making mistakes, Castiel. Keep having that inner battle of obedience versus rebellion, because that's about the closest that you will ever be to a human."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Dean had given her as many details as he possibly knew. If Lillith, the Queen Demon of Hell, managed to break the 66 Seals then it was a guaranteed release that Lucifer would be granted from the Cage that God had locked him in eons beforehand. 

She couldn't break the fear that plagued her sleep every night, woken by dreams of fire and blood and the same piercing blue eyes that never seemed to leave her memory. It had been days since she had last heard from Castiel, but it didn't mean that he didn't leave signs for her. A pumpkin roll on a busy morning, a cup of hot apple cider on a cold night. 

It was around Halloween whenever she received a call from Dean. She had opted to stay as far away from hunting as possible, burying herself deep into each case that was thrown her way. What had once been leisurely nights that ended before nine, she had been at the Precinct clear past midnight and into the wee hours of the morning. She read until her eyes blurred, her hands shook, and she passed out on her desk. 

"Sam and I are working a case, real weird crap. We're thinking it's a witch. And holy crap Cleo, she's older then Jesus Christ." 

Cleopatra grinned widely as she adjusted her beanie with her free hand and nodded softly to the barista in exchange for her latte. The October air nipped at the skin not hidden by the thick scarf as she surveyed the Lawrence park across the street from the cafe she normally occupied after work. "What clue are you working on now?" She quipped, sighing deeply as the warm liquid traveled down her throat. 

"We just arrived at the chicks apartment. Wanna meet us here? Could make it in a couple hours."

Before she could give a coherent, firm no, she heard Sams voice cry out in alarm and Dean rush to stop him, uttering that one name she hadn't stopped thinking about for weeks. Dropping her coffee cup, she ducked into the closest alley and unfurled her wings to take off for the location that Dean had given her. 

Cleopatra opened her eyes to the dark purple hues of Sam and Deans motel room, flicking her wrist to further open the door as she stepped inside. Sam remained trained on the trench coated angel in front of him while the elder Winchester whipped around and nearly slammed the butt of his weapon into her face. "Holy crap. Where did you-"

"Doesn't matter. I'm here to stop the end of the world, so don't make me regret it." She snapped in response, hands planted firmly on her hips as her eyes fell upon Castiel. "Speak of the blue eyed Seraphim. Where the heck have you been for the past, oh.. I don't know. Month?

Castiel stood to his feet and turned around to face the trio, cobalt irises flickering between Cleopatra and Sam before finally settling on the flabbergasted younger Winchester. He couldn't seem to quite bring himself to meet the disappointed gaze of the Nephilim who looked as if she was ready to rip his wings off of his body. "Oh my God-'' Sam immediately halted and Cleopatra had to stifle a laugh. "I'm sorry. That wasn't- It's an honor to meet you. I've heard a lot about you." 

The two shook hands before Castiel released his grip on Sam. "And I you. Sam Winchester.. The Boy With The Demon Blood. I'm glad to hear you've ceased your extra curricular activities." Cleopatra watched through narrowed eyes as Castiel turned towards her, his tongue darting out to wet his cracked lips as he studied her tense body language. "I am glad you have decided to help the Winchesters, Cleo. They will benefit greatly from it." 

Her icy sea foam eyes met his own, and for a fraction of a second, she swore she saw guilt lingering in the depths of the blues that stared back at her. "My name is Cleopatra, sir. Only my family calls me Cleo," She set her jaw and stood toe to toe with the Angel, half tempted to throw him across the room had it not been for the presence of the other Angel who stood behind him gazing out the window. "And you're nowhere near that category." 

"I can't believe you let this insect mock you, Castiel." The angel by the window growled. "She is the scum of the Earth, just like the other two are. Not worth it.

Cleopatra swallowed the bile in her throat and leaned against the wall. Every angel she had come across in the time that had passed since Reagan and Josiah died all said the same thing. Just a Nephilim - Gods greatest mistake - an innocent woman who deserved to die for the actions of the one who created her. "Dean- The Rising of Samhain. Have you stopped it?"


"Dean-" Castiel stated, slightly more firm in his tone. "Have you located the witch?" 

Dean rolled his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest. "Yes, we have located the witch. We called Cleo over there as extra backup, because unlike you, she happens to be useful." Castiel seemed to be completely oblivious to the blatant insult as he continued pestering the Winchesters with questions. 

"Apparently she knows who you are too." He said, snatching a small orange pouch that was unfamiliar to her and holding it in between his fingers. "This was inside the wall of your room. If we hadn't found it, surely one or both of you would be dead." 

"I hate to sound like an imbecile, but do either of you mind explaining to me what that is?" Cleopatra questioned, tilting her head as Castiel handed the pouch over to Dean. Sam furrowed his brow in confusion - unaware that she had not grown up in the life of hunting and was completely clueless as to how witches performed the greater majority of their spell work. He didn't know Cleopatra Carter, but every time he saw her, he was yearning to know more of her story. 

"That there is a hex bag. Filled with ancient crap that witches get off on to gank people." Dean replied. "And to answer your question about where the witch is, we're working on it." Castiel exhaled through his nose and cast his gaze towards the ground. 

"That's unfortunate. The Rising of Samhain is one of the 66 Seals." 

Cleopatra felt her blood run cold. If she ever met Satan, she would probably cower in her boots at the sight of him. Or make a Sunday School joke, or even punch him in the face for being prideful and getting himself cast out of Heaven. She was hoping it was former. 

"So this is about your buddy Lucifer?" She replied, only to be cut off by the angel at the window. 

"Lucifer is no friend of ours." 

"The breaking of this seal must be prevented at all costs." Castiel interjected. "That is why I hoped that Cleopatra would come to join you, because she is much more powerful then either of you realize."

"Okay, well that's great!" Dean exclaimed. "I can't wait to see her in action. But beforehand, why don't you tell us where the angel is so we can gank her and go home?" 

"We are not omniscient. This witch is very powerful. She is cloaked, even to our methods." 

"Well-" Sam interjected. "If Cleopatra is as powerful as you claim she is, then having her and the two of you with us will make this easy. If we work together-" The angel by the window scoffed and finally turned to face the other four people who stood in the room with him. The moment Cleopatra saw the hateful, ominous eyes and lips curled in annoyance, she immediately recognized him. While it had been years since looking upon his vessel, she had seen her father converse with him multiple times as a young child, and get involved in two altercations that had nearly killed him upon finding out he had brought two Nephilim into the world.


"Enough of this." Uriel barked. He opened his mouth to speak again but instead caught her eyes, her heart hammering against her ribcage as she uttered a silent prayer that he wouldn't recognize her. "Hm. While I don't know these two buffoons, I'm sure I've seen you somewhere." 

Cleopatra shrugged half heartedly and dug her hands into the pockets of her coat. "I kind of doubt it. I'm just a nobody, and I'll always be a nobody. I'm not important enough to be on any angels radar." 

"Okay, everyone shut up!" Dean ordered, angered emerald irises locked on Uriel. "Who are you, and why should I care about anything that you have to say?" Uriels eyes remained on Cleopatra as he raked through his vessel memories, frowning when he was unable to come upon any that connected with the woman in front of him. 

"This is Uriel. He's what you would a specialist." 

The silence that settled in the room was enough to make Cleopatra wince. Part of her seem to notice that Dean and Sam did as well, under the clear impression that these two angels were under motive. She tucked a stray curl behind her ear and swallowed thickly, holding in the gasp that threatened to break past her lips when she was met with the concerned blues of Jimmy Novak. "You two need to leave this town immediately. And so do you, Cleopatra. Please-" He took a step closer to her, desperately wanting to rest his hands on her own like she had done to him when they'd first met, now afraid of the scrutiny his brother would unleash upon him if he did. "Heed my warning."

"Why?" She replied softly. 

"Because we're about to destroy it." 


"Are you kidding me?" She shrieked, hands thrown in the air in complete and utter surrender. "And here I thought that the two of you might have some common sense, but you're just like any other angel. Thick headed, stubborn, and selfish."

"So your plan to prevent this rising is to smite the entire town?" Dean stated, lightly chewing on his lower lip as he pondered their predicament. 

"We are out of time. This witch has to die, and the Seal must be saved." Cleopatra exhaled slowly and inhaled deeply as she rested her head against the wall and allowed her eyes to drift absently towards the ceiling. She had thought Castiel was better then this - better then sacrificing an entire town of innocent people at the expense of one witch who wanted to bring down the Apocalypse. 

"There are a thousand people here." Sam replied calmly. 


"And you are willing to kill them all at the expense of one witch?!" Cleopatra growled. Castiel tuned into the waves of power radiating off of the Nephilim, gently prying into her mind with his grace in hopes it would calm her down and keep her true identity hidden from Uriel. He merely wanted to perform his Fathers work - not watch the woman he'd come to care for get killed in the midst of it. 

A small smile spread across her face as warmth poured over her, and she felt Castiel pry into the recesses of her mind. He had only done it twice in the time they had known each other, but it was always to calm her down and keep her safe. 

"It's not the first time that I've purified a city." 

Cleopatra gagged at the truth pouring from the mouth of Uriel. She had been under the impression that the God she prayed to, the God she worshiped despite the losses she had endured, was a selfless, graceful Heavenly Father. She loved him. She still does. But why were his angels so.. tainted? When did murder no longer fall under one of the Ten Commandments that weren't to be broken? 

"Look, I know this is regrettable." Castiel said. "We have to hold the line. Too many seals have broken already." 

"So you screwed the pooch on some seals and now this town gets to pay the price for it?" 

She duly noted the way that Castiel squinted and furrowed his brow when he was confused, adding it to one of the things she found most adorable about the angel who had once brought her happiness. Now.. Now she wasn't sure why she'd let him in to begin with. 

"It's the lives of 1,000 against the lives of six billion. There's a bigger picture here." 

"Right.." Cleopatra murmured. "Yes, because you two are bigger picture types of guys. Cause that makes sense when you're trying to justify murdering the very beings you were sent here to protect. Smooth." 

Castiel stiffened as he felt Uriels eyes burning holes into the back of his skull, forcing him to set his jaw and turn towards the lax Nephilim leaning against the wall. "Cleopatra, Lucifer cannot rise." He said darkly, his voice husky as he moved closer to her. "He does and Hell rises with him. Is that really something that you and the Winchesters are willing to risk?" 

"We'll stop this witch before she summons anyone. That way your Seal won't be broken and nobody else has to die!"  

I know you have lost faith in who I am, Cleopatra. Castiel spoke softly in her head, eyes still locked with her own. I will do everything in my power to make that right, but these boys need your help, and so do I.

"We are wasting time with these mud monkeys." Uriel said sharply. Cleopatras fingers gently grazed the cuffs of Castiels coat as he turned away from her to face Uriel and the Winchesters, who were beside themselves at the thought of an entire town being torn apart on their watch. 

"I'm sorry, but we have our orders." His response was so monotonous, so automatic that he seemed to mirror his brothers and sisters in arms. 

"No- You guys can't do this." Sam pleaded. "You're angels. Aren't you supposed to - You're supposed to show mercy!" Castiels shoulders hunched at the statement, his eyes focused on the wall as he felt Cleopatra stare directly at him. That was exactly what he had done all those months ago in Lawrence when they'd met; taking mercy upon her and instead choosing to spend his time getting to know the woman he'd come to so deeply admire. Her faith, her devotion, her innocence.. It was admirable. 

That was why he wasn't good enough for her. 

"We have no choice." 

"Of course you have a choice." Dean replied sharply. "I mean, come on. Have you never questioned a crap order, huh? Are you both just a couple of hammers?" 

"Look." Castiel ground his teeth behind closed lips. "Even if you can't understand it, have faith. The plan comes from Heaven, and it is just." 

"This is not a plan from God. God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, your Father, our Heavenly father.. He wouldn't send his angels down to Earth to decimate a town! That's not.. That is not what Scripture says. Angels brought forth prophecies and protected their fathers creation! Not murder them in the streets!" Cleopatra puffed out her chest and stood in front of Sam and Dean, eyes flickering between their normal sea foam green and terrifying gold that was brought with the presence of a Nephilim. "So there is nothing you can do that would convince me that this plan is coming from God. It's coming from Heaven. That makes it crap.

"It must be nice for you to be so sure of yourselves." 

"Tell me something, Dean." Castiel questioned. "Whenever your father gave you an order, did you listen?" 

Dean straightened his spine at the mention of John. Given that Castiel had been the one to pull him from Hell, he had assumed that the Angel knew more about him and his past then he cared to admit. But he hadn't wanted to ever think about the misfortune that John had thrust upon him and Sam ever again. 

"Sorry boys. Looks like the plans have changed." 

Uriel snorted indignantly. "You think you can stop us?" Dean moved around Cleopatra and allowed his hands to fall limp at his sides, eyes locked with the broad shouldered angel in front of him. 

"No. I know I can't. But if you're going to smite this town, you're going to have to smite us too because we aren't leaving." He looked over his shoulder towards the last reminder of his childhood, eyes softening as she lifted her head to meet his gaze. "You in or not, Carter?"

"I'm always up to dying for the Winchesters." She replied meekly. 

"You see, I figured that because you went to all the trouble to bust me out of Hell that I'm probably worth something to the man upstairs. You want to waste me? Go ahead. See how he digs that." Uriel scoffed as Dean inched closer to him, seemingly unafraid of the angel. 

"I will drag you out of here myself." 

"You'll have to kill me if you do that. And see.. right there is the problem. You're going to wipe out a whole town for one little witch? Sounds to me like you're compensating for something." Dean stepped into place between Cleopatra and Sam and crossed his arms tightly over his chest. 

"We can do this, Uriel." Cleo spat harshly. "We will find that witch, and we will stop the summoning." Uriels eyes lit up fiercely as he rose his hand, halted by Castiels command to silence himself as he now stood in front of Cleopatra. 

"I suggest that the three of you move quickly." He commanded. Dean and Sam immediately turned heel and stepped out the door. She moved to follow silently behind them just as Castiel wrapped his fingers around her wrist, drawing her backwards to him. "Cleopatra-" 

"Know your allegiances, Castiel." She whispered, swallowing thickly as she recognized the little proximity left between her chest and his own. "While Uriel may be your superior, he is not good for you. This.. This is not the angel I met in Lawrence. I don't want the soldier.. I want that angel who brings me cider and pumpkin rolls and tells me about my goodness despite the fact I'm an abomination. I want the driven, compassionate angel who brought me happiness.

Before he could react, she was gone, leaving him alone with an infuriated angel and the self deprecating thoughts plaguing his mind. 


"I want you to follow them." 

Cleopatra leaned against the hood of the Impala, brow furrowed in confusion as Dean and Sam leaned against the doors in unison. "Excuse me?!" She deadpanned. "I came all the way here to help you two kill-" 


"Whatever!" She exclaimed, ignoring the wide grin that spread across Deans face at her frustration. "I came here to help you gank this witch that wants to raise Satans brother from the dead. I didn't come here to follow two angels around like I'm some sort of Russian spy!" 

"Look, Cleopatra." Sam replied softly, his hazel eyes clearly conflicted as he swept his hair to the side. "We know you're frustrated about the entire situation, but here's the thing. We don't know you yet. Cas claims you're some sort of all powerful being, but you haven't shown us your powers. You could be a monster in disguise for all we know, and we're just supposed to blindly trust you?" 

Her jaw dropped in amazement at Sams utter lack of knowledge on the history between the Carters and the Winchesters. She had been under the impression that there was an inkling of truth that the brothers kept linked between them - for those moments when things became too difficult and they needed to fall back on one another. "Wow." She breathed, jabbing a finger between the two brothers. "And here I was thinking that the two of you actually talked to each other about your pasts. I shouldn't be surprised that Sam has absolutely no idea who I am." Her cold gaze shifted back to Dean as he shifted uneasily against the Impala. "You didn't tell him about Reagan and that hunt back in '93, did you? Did you tell him that my brother never made it back from that hunt, Dean? That our parents were best friends when you and Reagan were kids, and that we were a part of your lives until your mother burned to death?" 


Sam gasped as he was met with infuriated gold eyes. He had encountered nearly every monster their father had ever told them about, but none of them had eyes as magnificent as the woman in front of him. She was lonely, lovely, and lethal. So if she wasn't their typical monster that went bump in the night.. 

Then what was she? 

"Whatever. I'll go follow Tweedle Dee and Dum." She replied bitterly. "But I just want you two to know that I keep leaving behind a life I desperately want to live for the sake of the world, and an angel I can't seem to get out of my head. I'm going to help you keep Lucifer from rising."

And with that, she turned away from the Chevy Impala, waiting until she was out of sight to cloak herself and follow in the footsteps of Castiel and Uriel.

Chapter Text

He walked into my heart like he always belonged there,

took down my walls,

and lit my soul on fire. 

- t.m.


Cleopatra carefully crept through the underbrush of the treeline that surrounded the city park where Castiel and Uriel had ended up, sitting on the nearest bench and observing the children gamboling about in costumes. Gold eyes carefully surveyed the area before she sank against the nearest tree, careful to remain hidden from the two angels. 

"The decision has been made." Castiel proclaimed. Uriel laughed bitterly and shrugged, almost as if it didn't matter to him. 

"By a mud monkey, of all people." He replied sarcastically. "I'm amazed at that woman who was with them. She's.. far more intelligent then the common mud monkey we encounter." 

"You shouldn't be calling them mud monkeys to begin with." Castiel warned, his eyes darkening at the indiscreet mention of Cleopatra. "You're close to blasphemy. You know as well as I do that there's a reason we were sent to save him. The girl is just another piece of the puzzle. I have high hopes that the two of them will succeed together. There is much potential there." The Seraphim sank onto the park bench, smiling softly as he flashed back to the first time he'd found himself in this spot. On a bench, watching children, in a small town park. "At any rate, it's now out of our hands." 

"It doesn't have to be." Uriel replied casually. Castiel lifted his chin from where it rested on top of his folded hands to regard his partner who sat beside him. 

"And what exactly do you suggest?" Castiel quipped. His cobalt blue eyes were still locked on the kids, particularly the young blonde boy in a Captain America costume who flashed the two of them a toothy grin that went unnoticed by Uriel. It reminded him much of his first meeting with Cleopatra-- how serene he had felt after his encounter with the Nephilim. She brought him a sense of security he had not felt in quite some time. 

He was so deep into his memories that he almost didn't hear Uriels response. "I say we drag Dean Winchester out of here and then blow this insignificant pinprick off of the map." He growled. Cleopatra peered around the tree to get a better look at the two angels but suddenly found herself frozen at the sight in front of her. 

Massive navy wings as dark as the night sky were spread out feet in front of her, feathers glistening in the sunlight. Her eyes gazed in amazement at the individual texture of each feather and the direction they ran, the gentle arc of his wings that seemed to close in around himself. She wanted nothing more then to run her fingers through the feathers.. To hear the heavenly words pour from his mouth. 

Gazing upon Castiels wings was like looking at the constellations themselves. 

Her mother had told her about wing grooming when she was younger. Given that Josiah had fallen, his wings were in far worse condition then Castiels currently were, but he had insisted on allowing her to groom them. She often spoke of the Enochian that she learned through it, the intimacy that occurred between an angel and their soulmate. 

That had been her exact words too. Alexandria was Josiahs soulmate. 

Cleopatra felt her heart slam against her rib cage as she pressed her body against the trunk of the tree, eyes blurring with unshed tears as her hand closed over her mouth. After the loss of her brother and father, Cleo had been convinced that she was destined to be alone. All that time had passed since they'd buried their bodies in the ground, and here God had given her a sign that there was still good in the world.. Through the only angel who had ever brought her happiness. 

Before she could even break into a sprint and fly out of there before Castiel noticed her presence, her phone vibrated in her pocket with an unread text message from Dean. 

Dean: Sam literally smoked Samhain. Case is closed. What did you get on Douche 1 and Douche 2? 

Shaking fingers poised over the keys of her phone as she hurriedly typed a response to the older Winchester. 

Cleopatra: Cas convinced Uriel to put his faith in you, and apparently it worked. Wish I could've watched the magic. I'm gonna come crash at your motel room on the sofa, if you don't mind. I'm beat. 

From where he stood in his motel room, Dean allowed his toothbrush to hang limp in his mouth as he grinned at Cleopatras message. He was eager to learn more about the mysterious woman from his childhood that he had not seen since the day her brother had left with him on that hunt. 

And Sam couldn't seem to shut up about the fact that she had gold eyes. 

Dean: Make your way over here, Princess. Looks like we got alot of catching up to do. 


She wasn't surprised that Dean had gone to the nearest convenience store to buy the most baggy clothes he could find. Despite the fact that they were no where near form fitting on her, Cleopatra appreciated the gesture and changed her clothing later that night, settling into the sofa and tucking her feet beneath her just as Sam sat down on his bed. 

"You want to know about the gold eyes, don't you?" Cleopatra questioned, to which he nodded eagerly. She admired the curiosity of the younger Winchester and the abundance of questions he always seemed to ask. Despite the fact that she had known Dean since they were kids, and Sam was a year younger then her, she had not spent life with them. They weren't her family, not yet anyway. They didn't need to know every detail. "Daddy was an angel and Mommy was a human. Only thing I got from him was the eyes." 

Well, not the truth, but not a lie either. 

"So you're part angel?" Sam replied. "Can you do all the things that the angels can do?" Cleopatra inhaled deeply and snapped her eyes back open, looking upon the older Winchester with bright gold eyes as she motioned to his gun. "What?" 

"Shoot me." 

Dean guffawed at her request as he settled on the bed behind Sam. "Are you kidding me, Cleopatra? It'll-" She held her hand up to silence him and once again motioned to the gun on the bedside table. Dean pressed his lips into a thin line and flicked the safety off, his handgun aimed for the center of her chest. "On three. Ready?" 

"One.. two.. three." 

Cleopatra felt time slow down around her as she zeroed in her focus on the bullet coming in her direction, Sam and Deans bodies frozen as she forced the trajectory towards the wall opposite of her. Both of the brothers gasped as they were thrown from their respected beds at the sheer power that emanated in the room, handgun tossed aside and bullet now lodged in the wall above Sams bed. 

"Mother of Christ-" Sam praised, hands lifted above his head as he repeatedly bowed to her, which caused Dean to break into hysterical laughter. "I'm not worthy. Who am I kidding.. Neither of us are worthy!" The older Winchester rose an eyebrow as he and his brother simultaneously crawled underneath their blankets, two pairs of bright eyes watching in anticipation as Cleopatra wrapped the cotton blanket that had been spread along the back of the couch around herself. 

"Would you do me the honors of shutting off the lights, oh Queen?" Dean mocked. A devilish smirk spread across her lips as she outstretched her hand towards the light switch and flicked it downward, bathing the three of them in complete darkness. The two men were unconscious almost immediately. 

There was a reason she was named after the most infamous Egyptian Queen, after all. 


After a hearty breakfast of diner eggs and bacon with a side of hash browns and freshly brewed coffee, Cleopatra followed Dean back to the park where Castiel and Uriel had met the following day. Dean had requested that she stay out of sight so he could break through to Castiel, who seemed to favor him over Sam. He was afraid that if she showed her face to the Seraph that he would immediately change his tune, and Dean wouldn't get the answers he needed. 

"Let me guess. You're here for the I Told You So?" He mocked. 


"Well, good. I'm really not all that interested to begin with." 

Castiel scrunched his nose as he eyed the older Winchester beside him. "I am not here to judge you, Dean." He replied. "Our orders-" 

"See, that's the other thing. I've had enough of these so called righteous orders you keep talking about, and so has Cleopatra. You know she never showed up to help up stop Samhain yesterday? It's almost as if she's just.. disappeared." Dean spoke loudly, his emerald eyes flickering upward for the presence of the Nephilim. Despite the fact that the Winchesters knew she was part angel, she had told him this morning about her enhanced senses. 

"I will have to find her. It's.. quite disheartening that she ran off. I swear I only felt her presence yesterday." The angel shook his head lightly in response. "Our orders were not to stop the summoning of Samhain." Castiel interjected. "Our orders were to do whatever you told us to do." 

Now interested, Dean leaned forward and folded his hands together. "Your orders were to follow my orders?" He questioned. 

"It was a test.. To see how you would perform under battle field conditions, you might say. The reason why I asked Cleopatra to tag along with you is so that she would realize her greater potential. With the three of you working together, I was hoping that she would come to her senses and show what true power she possesses." 

"And why do you think she hasn't done that yet?" 

"She has not met her true darkness." Cas murmured. 

Desperate to change to a different subject, Dean once again spoke up. "So I failed your test, huh? Don't worry. I get it. But you know what? If you were to wave that magic time traveling wand of yours and I could go back and do it again, I'd make the same call. See, I don't know what's gonna happen when these seals are broken, let alone what's gonna happen tomorrow. Do you want to know what I do know? This here.. The kids, the swings, the trees, the sun.. Is still here because of my brother and I."

Cleopatra slowly began making her way across the park at that point, sea foam eyes focused on the beat of Castiels wings folded against his back as he became more comfortable around Dean. "You misunderstand me, Dean. I'm not like you think. I was praying that you would choose to save the town, and that Cleopatra would join you. I just want what is best for her." 

"You were praying that I'd save this town?" 

"These people are all my fathers creations, and they are works of art. Yet even though you stopped Samhain, the Seal was still broken. We are one step closer to Hell on Earth for all creation, and that's not an expression. It's literal. You of all people should appreciate what that means." Castiel sighed deeply, lips pursed outward as he bowed his head to his chest. "Can I tell you something if you promise not to tell another soul?" 

"Not even Cleop-"

He immediately shook his head vigorously. "Especially not her. I am afraid of what she'd say." Her heart sank as she jumped over the outer wall of the playground that surrounded the mulch, easing her way past giggling children as she approach the pair. "I am not a hammer, as you say. I have doubts. I don't know what is right or what is wrong anymore, let alone whether or not you passed or failed here. But in the coming months, you will have more decisions to make, and believe me when I tell you that she is in fact a part of it. I don't envy the weight that's on your shoulders, Dean. I truly don't." 

Cleopatra lunged forward with her hand extended just as she saw his wings part to take flight, giving Dean his cue to take his stand and leave the premises. "That's my cue." He replied. "I'll keep pondering those decisions while you have a chat with your angelic best friend forever." 

Castiels head whipped back around to meet the furious golds of the Nephilim, who was seething as she pinned his arms to the bench with her face only mere inches from her own. "I think it's time we had another heart to heart, angel." She said sweetly through gritted teeth. "Maybe you can explain to me why I can see those magnificent wings of yours." 


"What did you say?" 

Cleopatra pressed her lips into a thin line and tilted her head slowly, mirroring Castiels favorite expression as her gold eyes pierced his own. "Let me enunciate just a little bit louder for you, angel." She said sharply. "Why can I see your wings?" She immediately noticed the way his breathing hitched under her touch, his cobalt irises dilated in alarm as her fingers brushed the outer feathers of his wings. 

"I.. I'm not sure what to make of this." He mumbled. "If you can see them, describe them to me." Cleopatra leaned backwards and knelt down in front of Castiel, eyes narrowed in wonder as they swept over and across his wing span. "Cleopatra, I have to know. You need to tell me what they look like." 

"Deep, deep blue. Almost borderline black. The outer detail of your wings is probably what stuns me the most.  It's.." Her voice broke off as she brought herself to her knees with her face inches away from Castiels, her eyes cast upward as trembling fingers touched the tips of his feathers. "They're breathtaking. It's almost like gazing into the constellations themselves." 

The two of them locked eyes with one another, his fingers creeping out from underneath the cuffs of his coat and grazing the side of her neck. Cleopatra inhaled deeply and allowed herself to succumb to the yearning that came with his fingers against her skin. When he touched her, she was on fire. 

And she feared it.

"There is a legend that has been whispered about for eons, but no one ever discovered it to be true." Castiel uttered, moving his fingers to the nape of her neck to play with her hair. She took another hesitant step closer to the point where she was now positioned between his knees, hands splayed over his chest. "When a human can see the wings of an angel.. They are said to be each others soulmates. The last angel it happened to was your father, and look where that got him." 

If she hadn't been so intrigued by the new problem at hand, Cleopatra would've punched him straight in the mouth. "How can we be sure?" 

"I have not heard of a Nephilim and an Angel being bonded as soulmates." Castiel replied. His head snapped upward as he pulled his fingers away from her, body immediately rigid as if he was sensing something she wasn't. "I will find out more. In the meantime, please join Sam and Dean. Speak to your mother about it and see if your father ever told her anything. Do not repeat any of this to anyone." 

With a flicker of blue, he was gone, leaving her alone with her uneasiness over allowing another person to slip past her walls. 

"Oh Castiel," She whispered. "Who knew Samhain would bring me a soulmate?"

Chapter Text

"I have been afraid of many things in my life. I have been afraid of myself since I became aware of the powers I possessed. But you want to know what truly terrifies me?" Cleopatra questioned. "Binding myself to the Angel that God set aside to fall head over heels in love with me." 


After a few days of radio silence, Cleopatra gathered the courage to return to her home in Lawrence. Dean and Sam promised to keep in touch if they needed the research expertise of her and her mother, which was fortunate given that she wanted nothing to do with the hunting itself. Castiel, on the other hand, had completely vanished after her declaration of being able to see his wings. 

If she didn't know better, Cleopatra would have said he was just as terrified at the idea of God setting aside a soulmate for him, let alone having it be a Nephilim. 

"God, give me strength." She whispered, locking the door to her car she'd left parked in the driveway before turning around and glancing at her home. It was in the same condition she'd left it before taking off to spy on Uriel and Castiel -- Exactly that. Nothing about Lawrence had changed. Life was exactly the same. 

"Cleopatra Abigail Carter!" A stern voice shouted as she stepped inside the foyer, only to come face to face with her irate mother. Alexandria Carter had been desperately attempting to reach her only living child for the past three days, coming up empty handed when she received no return phone call and drove from Topeka only to find the house empty. "Where have you been, young lady?! I've been trying to reach you for days!" 

The raven haired beauty blew a strand of hair from her face as she set to cleaning up the minimal amount of supplies left on the counter in her kitchen. "The Winchesters needed my help. Figured it wouldn't hurt to help stop the end of the world, you know." Quirking an eyebrow, she turned around to face her mother. "You are talented in Enochian lore as well as overall history, mother. Tell me. What Revelation omens have you seen recently?" 

Alexandria felt her mouth run dry as she stared blankly at her daughter. This was what she had spent the first twelve years of Cleopatra's life desperately trying to avoid -- To keep her from meeting the darkness of the world. It was that same desperation that caused her husband to overlook her wishes, and brought her home two corpses to bury. "That's not the point." She snapped, hands wrapped around her hips. "Were you with the angel too? I thought you were trying to distance yourself from him." 

"I tried. I tried so hard to make myself stop carrying about Castiel. He's an enigma.. One I want to unravel." Cleopatra replied. "Dean and Sam wanted me to follow him and his new partner to see what kind of information they were feeding each other, so I did. And get this!" She leaned her weight against the marble countertop and cracked each knuckle individually, as if she were preparing to unveil the biggest news of her life. "Instead of listening to him talk about what they really had planned, I was too busy focused on his wings."

That stopped her in her tracks. "N-No." She gaped in disbelief, her fingers immediately flitting up to the angel wing pendant around her neck she'd had made in memory of her husband. Deep scarlet wings expanded widely across her collarbone, as if they were trying to envelop her and protect her from the dangers of the outside world. "You're telling me that after all this time you two have known each other that you can now see his wings? Do you know what that means?" 

"That I'm destined for greatness? That maybe, by some miracle of miracles, maybe the Host of Heaven will stop trying to end my life?" Cleopatra retorted, fingers wrapping around the handle of the blue tea pitcher and pouring herself a glass of iced tea. "I have been afraid of many things in my life. I have been afraid of myself since I became aware of the powers I possessed. But you want to know what truly terrifies me?" Cleopatra further questioned. "Binding myself to the Angel that God set aside to fall head over heels in love with me." 

Alexandria sighed deeply and crossed the gap between herself and her daughter, wrapping her hands around her shoulders and resting her forehead against her own. "Castiel is not your enemy, honey. He could've killed you. If he really wanted to follow his orders to eliminate you, he would've done so. If I didn't know any better, I'd say he's starting to become a little bit more human then angel." 

"What's your point?" 

"You think you're the one terrified to fall in love? The only one afraid to fall into an eternal covenant to love the man God set aside for you? Imagine being Castiel." Alexandria whispered. "Born into war, raised as a soldier, and when it comes time to execute an order.. You can't find it in you to do it because the woman you were sent to kill is everything you wish you could be. Compassionate, loving, loyal. She's not your commander, she's not your abandoned Heavenly Father.. She's just a woman who wants to love you but doesn't know how. And then you find out that she's your soulmate.. I don't blame him for being terrified. He's probably fighting with himself." 

Before she could continue, Cleopatra stiffened as her phone vibrated on the counter top behind her, Deans caller ID flashing on the screen. "Hey Dean." She said quietly, running her fingers through her hair. "Sorry I ran off on you.. Wanted to return home for a while. Everything okay?" 

"I know this is gonna sound super creepy, Cleo. Sam and I did some research into you, and we found out that you're a Detective for Lawrence and Topeka. Top of your class, so we hear. I think that you'd be super useful for this case Ruby just gave us." 

Tilting her head slowly, the Nephilim chewed on the inside of her thumb nail. "Ruby.. Haven't met her yet. Is she.. Is she anything like Sam?" She recognized the familiar hum of the Impalas engine and the roar of music, thankful Sam was preoccupied. 

"What do you mean, kid?" 

Cleopatra lifted her eyes to meet her mothers and pulled the phone away from her ear, pressing the speaker phone button before holding it in the palm of her hand. "Dean, when I met Sam, I could see his soul. Most of us angels can. His soul.. It's pure obsidian and reeks of death. So, if I'm correct, then Ruby is probably a demon and she's the one who has been gifting Sam with whatever it is that makes his soul so evil?" 

An elongated pregnant pause ensued as Dean chewed on Cleopatras words, pulling into the parking lot of the church where he and Sam had assumed Anna had disappeared to. "Case of a missing girl who's diagnosed schizophrenic but might be one of your species or whatever. Sent the address. Meet me there." 

The line went dead before she could deny his plead of assistance, cursing under her breath as she snapped her phone shut and looked up to her mother, eyes wide and begging for understanding. "Don't worry honey. I know." Alexandria replied, sloppily kissing her daughters forehead. "I have to be back in Topeka by tonight anyway. Stay safe for me, you here? Let me know if you three need help with research." 

Just as she was making her way to collect her things, Cleopatras timid voice called out, "Mom? What do I do whenever I see Cas again?" Alexandria inhaled deeply and clutched the wings in between her fingers, uttering a silent prayer to her deceased husband before turning around to face her daughter. 

"Let him know you still care." 


With a little bit more optimism in her step and a newfound faith coursing through her veins, Cleopatra packed yet another overnight bag and flew off to the address Dean had sent her, landing beside the Impala in front of a white steeple church. She frowned and curled her toes in her boots, inhaling the clean air as she gazed over the front of the building. 

Her moment of serenity was swept away from her when Dean and Sam came crashing through the front window. 

Cleopatra immediately sprung into action, sprinting across the street with her hands outstretched; The two men froze in midair as she straightened her posture, gold eyes narrowed as they were lowered safely to the concrete. Dean gasped for breath as they fell into reality, pain coursing through his dislocated shoulder as his blurred eyesight focused in on the figure walking towards them. 

"Good Lord you two, you look like crap." She muttered, lifting Dean to his feet before following with Sam, arms wrapped around both their waists as they hobbled over to the Impala. "Let's get back to your motel room and I'll heal you both. No dental floss stitches, and no whiskey. Sound good?" 

Dean gave no answer as he instead handed her the keys to the Impala. "Leeford Motel on Main and Second. Drive." Grinning widely, the younger woman snatched the keys and slid in behind the wheel, fingers tapping nervously against it as the Winchester brothers collapsed simultaneously in the back seat. "I'm dyin' back here, kid. Hop to it!" 

Cleopatra sped to their motel and parked directly in front of the door, keen eyes watching as the brothers entered the room and shut it behind them. Her mind immediately went to Castiel, who would most likely be involved in the search for this Anna that Dean had filled her in about on the way over, claiming that she was an angel who was seeing the 66 Seals as they were executed. 

Pressing her lips into a thin line, the Nephilim exited the car and tightened her coat around her waist as she slowly formed a coherent prayer to Castiel. Cas.. If you're still hearing me, I'm sorry. I never meant to frighten you.  If we are truly soulmates, I am blessed to know it will not be a lifetime before I am granted the opportunity to fall in love with a good man. I know you're probably too busy with carrying out Heavens orders, but if you are listening.. Please don't run away from me. You are my happiness, after all. 

And in the midst of his search for their fallen rebellious angel, Castiel heard her. 

And he smiled. 


"Thanks for the supernatural healing, Cleo." Sam called out as he sat on his bed, Dean parallel to him as the two brothers watched their rescuer in the midst of her nightly routine. Her bag was tucked in the corner by the sofa, cellphone amidst the array of clothes as she returned to the room and rifled through it for her favorite Nirvana teeshirt. "We really appreciate you coming back to help us." 

"Cas obviously isn't coming around to give an hand in the angel department." She replied bitterly, moving to sit beside Dean and tucking her knees beneath her as she did so. "But in order for me to continue working hunts with you two, we need to put some things in the open." Sam gaped in awe as he was met with sharp golden eyes that now seemed to stare intently at him as if they were trying to break him apart piece by piece. "Your soul reeks of death, Sammy. It's probably one of the most terrifying things I've ever come across because it is so evil. You tell me why you're the poster boy for Hell, and maybe I'll consider being a part of your insane team of merry men." 

Sam inhaled deeply and settled his elbows against his knees. "Do you want the updated version or should I start from the beginning?" Dean tensed at the term beginning, which was when Mary had made her deal with Azazel and Sam had been infected with demon blood. Cleopatra knew about their mothers death given that she and Reagan had seen it the night it occurred, but she never knew why Mary Winchester had died. "Cause it's brutal. All of it." 

"We've got all the time in the world." Cleopatra whispered, leaning in so she and Dean were shoulder to shoulder. "Start with telling me why the angels call you The Boy With The Demon Blood." 

So for the greater portion of an hour she listened to Sam weave a story; from the night their mother had been murdered through their years of living on the road with their absent father, his inevitable death through saving Dean, and the older Winchesters thirty years in hell before he'd been resurrected by Castiel. 

The details of Hell were sparse, given that Sam hadn't been apart of it. She was more interested in hearing what had gone on when Sam had been alone, and she'd been getting to know Heavens most self-destructive angel. 

"I know you two hate her, but Ruby.. she saved me." Sam muttered. "More then that, she got through to me. What she said to me.. It's what you would've said." His hazel eyes then turned towards the raven haired woman sitting beside his brother, who had not torn her eyes away from him the entire time he'd talked about his extended time with the demon. "And I know you're afraid of me because I'm also afraid of myself, but I really hope we can come to where that no longer becomes an issue.  Dean respects you, values you. If my brother can value you despite not knowing you well, then so can I." Sam turned his attention back to Dean and ran his hands over his face. 

"You have no idea how much I appreciate that, Sammy. Seriously." Cleopatra replied, motioning for him to continue. "You guys know relationships in this life are hard to come by, so I appreciate anything I can get, even if its you two morons." 

"If it wasn't for her, I probably wouldn't be here." 

A soft knock on the door drew their attention to the African American woman who then entered, hastily shutting the curtains before turning to acknowledge the three of them. "Go to this address." She commanded. "That's where I'm at. Go through the back window. Don't stop, don't take your car, don't pass go." 


"Okay yes, so I'm possessing this maid for a hot minute." Ruby replied sarcastically. "Sue me."

"What about-" 

"Coma girl? Rotting back at the cabin with Anna, so I've gotta hurry back. See you when you get there. Now go!" Dean held fresh linens in his hands as she stormed past him, quietly shutting the door behind her as she vanished. The three passed inquisitive expressions all around before Cleopatra stood to her feet, brushing off her jeans as she let out a loud yawn.

"And here I was thinking that I might actually get a decent nights sleep for once." She replied, slightly annoyed that they had to leave the comfort of the motel bed. "Alright Sherlock and Watson, grab my hand. This is gonna get.. hazy." 

Before either of the boys could argue, she laid hands on their shoulders and shut her eyes, opening them to find that they were directly outside of the address that Ruby had given to Sam. It was a dilapidated cabin, with a barely functioning chimney that puffed out smoke every few moments; curling into tendrils before it evaporated in the damp night air. 

"Crap," Dean groaned as he leaned against her, incredibly aware of the hand that was traveling up and down the length of his spine. "Do you always give guys vertigo whenever you.. what was that anyway?" 

"Most people who aren't knuckleheads would call it flying. Me? I call it Teleportation, The Rad Style of Flying." Cleopatra replied, breaking into a fit of laughter as Dean pulled her into a loose headlock, oblivious to the wide grin from Sam as he nuzzled her hair with his fist. "Let go of me, you ape!" 

"Oh yeah, if anyone is the ape, it's definitely me and not the freakishly tall humanoid to your left." Dean muttered, following the two into the cabin where Ruby opened the door and ushered them inside. "Hey Anna. How're you doing?" 

"I'm fine, I think." Cleopatras eyes narrowed inward as a petite redhead sitting on the ragged sofa stood to her feet, swallowing thickly when she saw gold eyes watching her. "I'm more concerned about your new friend here. She wasn't at the church." 

"Oh, I forgot the introductions." Sam gently nudged Cleopatra forward, hand clasped on her shoulder as she feigned a smile to the woman opposite of her. "Cleopatra Carter, meet Anna Milton. Anna, meet Cleopatra. Apparently the two of you are both angels." 

As Dean and Sam conversed with Ruby about their situation, Cleopatra couldn't seem to calm her growing nerves as she watched Anna, who seemed to be staring back at her just as intently. Despite the fact that she had no memory of who she was, there was something unnerving about the way they seemed to be able to read each other so openly. Almost as if they were cut from the same cloth. "You aren't an angel. There's... There's something different about you. You're part angel, but you're not fully angel." Her eyes widened as she bit down hard on her lip. "I've heard them talk about you too. You and.. Castiel? They call you Heavens Most Wanted Abomination." 

Face now wearing an expression of pure rage, Cleopatra leaned inward to where she and Anna were nearly nose to nose, her eyes vibrating a raw power unlike anything the angel had ever felt before. Like an atomic bomb that was waiting to go off. 

"They don't know who I am." She snarled. "They don't know who we are, or the forever we haven't lived yet. If they want to call me Heavens Most Wanted Abomination, that's on them. If they want the monster beneath the skin.. then that is what they're going to get." 

Somewhere from behind her she heard Dean strain to thank Ruby for saving Sam, prompting the Nephilim to turn away and walk towards the Winchesters, taking her place beside the window. The red head inhaled deeply, desperate to shake the fear coursing through her veins as she slowly lowered herself back onto the sofa. 

"Hey, Sam? Do you think I could call my parents real quick, just to let them know I'm okay?" Anna questioned. "I'm sure they're probably freaked." Cleopatra kept her gaze focused on the fullness of the moon as Sam and Dean exchanged glances, unsure of how to disclose the death of Rich Milton and his wife without drawing hysteria from their daughter. "What?" 

Sam exhaled sharply and moved to sit beside her. "Anna," He began, voice faltering as he heard her breathing hitch. "Your-Your parents-"

"What about them?" She pressed, hot tears pricking the corners of her eyes as she struggled to keep her focus on the younger Winchester. 

"Anna, I'm sorry-"

"No!" She shrieked, threading her fingers tightly through her hair as broken sobs escaped her lips. Cleopatras eyes fluttered shut as she listened to the desperate cries of a child who had lost her entire world, images flickering between the night she had lit two candles in a darkened bedroom to reality - where an angel, or human, had lost the only link to the world she remembered. "Why is this happening to me?" 

"Because loss is inevitable. It happens, and you learn to face it." Cleopatra murmured quietly enough only for herself to hear. Anna shot upward and clutched at her ears, pupils dilated with fear as they snapped over to the front door. The pure terror on her face drew the Nephilim straight to attention. "Anna? What're you hearing?" 

"They're coming!" 

Dean immediately set to reloading the weapons he and Sam had brought with them from the Motel, Cleopatra ushering Anna into the side room of the cabin while the three left in the main room prepared to be ambushed by the angels. When she reemerged with a unfamiliar silver blade that had been tucked into the sheath on her thigh, Dean was the first one to ask what it was. 

"What the heck is that thing?" 

Cleopatra smirked as she twirled it through her fingers, strength coursing through her veins as she ran the pads of her fingers over the Enochian Runes. "It's called an angel blade, genius." She retorted. "And it's about the only thing that can kill them." 

"Why are you standing in front of us?" Ruby snapped. "And who are you? These idiots have failed to mention it!" The corners of her lids turned upward into a smirk, Cleopatra met the eyes of the demon and winked as her fingers tightened around the hilt of her blade. 

"I'm the only chance you have of getting out of here alive." 

And with that remark, the door broke off its hinges, and Castiel came storming inside with Uriel. 

Part of her was overjoyed at seeing the angel again after so long, but the moment that their eyes met, Cleopatra knew that Castiel wasn't here to give her the answers she'd been longing for since seeing his wings for the first time. 

"We're here for Anna." Castiel said clearly. His cobalt eyes swept over the four people in front of him before they decided to settle on Cleopatra. No matter the circumstance, he always seemed to feel safest when she was looking right at him -- and right through him. 

"Like, here for her here for her?" Dean replied. "Cause if that's the case, we've got an angel who's fully ready to kick you into next Tuesday." Sam straightened his shoulders, setting his jaw as he formulated his next question to the two angels in front of him. 

"Are you going to help her?" He asked, cursing inwardly as his voice seemingly broke apart. Cleopatra remained un-moving at his side, eyes locked solely on Castiel and fingers wrapped so firmly around her blade that her knuckles had begun to turn white. 

"No. She has to die."

I'm sorry I'm not what you want. Castiel whispered into her mind. Cleopatras eyes softened as her grip on the blade she kept so close to her heart slipped and clattered against the floor. I'm sorry this is who I have become in front of your very eyes. 

On the contrary, angel. She whispered in reply, lips turning upward in the ghost of a smile as his eyes swept over her face. They're telling you who to be. It's up to you now. Tell them who you are. Do not let them define you. 


Seriously though, after 4x10 and 4x16.. Casopatra will not be reluctant anymore around each other. They're gonna be best friends before they're romantically involved, and I've got most of it planned out. 

I'm so excited to give you guys this story. It's going to be a thriller - and I can't wait to share it with you! 

Chapter Text

[ Set during 4x10 - Heaven and Hell ] 


I'm sorry I'm not what you want. 

Have you ever found yourself in a compromising situation where it boils down to either you or the other person? Where one walks out of the situation unscathed, but the other is left to fend for themselves against the inevitable pain inflicted on them?

One gets to live,

And the other gets to die?

I'm sorry this is who I became. 

Put yourself into their shoes for a moment. An angel and his Nephilim -- or the woman who was promised to be by his side for eternity. She is his chosen soulmate, but she is not only that. She is the definition of the Divines most hated abomination next to Lucifer, and he failed in carrying out the order to end her life. 

He failed because he cared, and that was Castiels problem. He had far too muchheart. 

He had spent the greater majority of the time while looking for the Winchesters and Cleopatra preparing himself for how he would approach her, running his fingers through his hair out of frustration as his jumbled thoughts seemed to continuously remain that way -- rendering him unable to form a coherent sentence as to why he was looking for Anna, why he and Uriel had to kill her. 

So to say he was disappointed in himself the moment he set foot in the dilapidated cabin wearing the same cold expression that angels frequently wore was an understatement. His mask was beginning to shatter every time he encountered the Nephilim and the Winchesters -- leaving nothing but chinks in his armor. 

Each broken piece was another weakness he couldn't overcome. 

"You two are heartless, you know that?" 

It was Deans voice that pulled him from his stupor, causing Castiel to turn his head towards the older Winchester. Despite the conversation between himself and the Nephilim only a moment before, he couldn't help the shudder that ran down his body as he tried to shake her penetrating gaze. 

"Believe me, we know." He muttered beneath his breath. "And?" 

"And?" Sam replied indignantly as he furrowed his eyebrows. "Anna is an innocent girl!" 

"She is far from innocent." 

Cleopatra took two tentative steps backwards as she scooped up her blade, wincing as the floorboards groaned under her weight. She knew Castiel and Uriels intentions -- They were looking to extract the angel and return her to Heaven for proper punishment of her rebellion to be executed. How she had fallen, Cleopatra wasn't sure. But she did not want to be on the receiving end of Castiel carrying out his orders. 

"What do you mean?" 

"It means she's worse then this abomination you've been screwing." Uriel spat venomously. "Now do me a favor, and give us the girl." Cleopatra clenched her jaw at his demands, raking her fingers through her hair as she stepped upward and back in front of the Winchesters, who were glancing questioningly at each other for the seal of approval to deny his request entirely. 

"Sorry, it's not going to happen." Dean retorted as he shrugged innocently. "You're gonna have to get a different one. Try J-Date." Uriels ominous eyes narrowed as he stepped forward, hoping it would intimidate the older Winchester into submission. 

"Who's going to stop us, you two? The demon whore, or the woman that no one seems to know?" Uriel grunted as he tossed Ruby across the room with a flick of his wrist, causing the demon to collapse in a heap on the floor amidst shards of broken glass. 

Everything thing moved in a flash as Dean both moved to intercept Uriel, leaving the Nephilim alone with her angel. Castiels angel blade slid from the sleeve of his trench coat into his hand, making it easily accessible as his narrow fingers wrapped around the hilt. 

"Cas- Wake up!" Cleopatra snapped, gasping for air as his opposite hand slammed her into the wall right behind Sam, who was now unconscious on the floor. Fingers wrapped loosely around her throat as the blade pressed directly into her skin, leaving a thin trail of blood to travel down the column of her neck and disappear beneath her teeshirt. "I'm not going to kill you, angel! And you aren't going to kill me!" 

Her blood turned to ice as his eyes darkened inches away from her own, hot breath ghosting her lips as they flickered between two terrified golden irises staring back at him. "And how do you know that?" He whispered in her ear. "Ending you was my order after all." 

Play the part, then win her heart. 

Her eyes drifted back upward to meet his own, trembling fingers gently coming to graze the stubble on his cheek. Castiel fervently began thanking his Father for Uriel being preoccupied in that moment, for it was the first touch he'd received from her since the week they'd met. The warm pads of her fingers caressed the apple of his cheek before they came to cup his jaw, drawing his attention back to her. 

Her eyes were calmer then the storms that had forced Noah to build the Ark to take him to the new world.

Castiel sank into her touch almost instantaneously, oblivious to the way his vessel began to fight chaotically against the banishing sigil that was soon to vanquish himself and Uriel from the premises. 

"Because you care too much about me." 

And before he could reply, the angels were gone, leaving a gasping Nephilim and her partners in the midst of scattered debris.


After ultimately coming to the conclusion that they needed to get Anna safe, Dean drove the four of them back to Bobby Singers house in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She opted to remain on the upper floor with Sam while Dean and Ruby locked the angel away in the panic room in the basement, which was where all supernatural beings went for refuge. Apparently. 

"So Sammy, what exactly have we found out about Anna Milton?" Cleopatra questioned. Sams eyes snapped upward as she re-entered the living room dressed in a oak colored leather jacket, hair pulled tightly back into a ponytail to give a clear view of her face. Sam took the moment to appreciate the features that had been veiled by her hair -- The gentle slope of her nose to the curves of her eyebrows, his hazel irises following the apples of her cheeks down to the shape of her lips. "Sam."

"Uh-Yeah! Sorry." He blurted out, smiling sheepishly as she raised an eyebrow at him. "What did you say?" 

"What I said, Einstein, was what have you learned on Anna Milton? That wasn't permission to be checking me out, Winchester." She mused lightly, taking her spot on the sofa as Dean reentered the room and sat beside her. 

"Her parents were Rich and Amy Milton, a church deacon and a house-wife. According to the reports though, this latest psych episode wasn't her first." Sam replied, his finger trailing along the police report as he thoroughly scanned the details. "When she was two and a half, she'd get hysterical anytime her dad got close. She was convinced he wasn't her real father." 

Cleopatra snorted indignantly and linked her fingers behind her head. "Wow, really? Cause that doesn't sound like something an angel who was cast out of Heaven would say!"

"Dude, shut up and be useful." Dean replied sharply. Cleopatra shrugged and leaned her head back on the sofa as Sam continued, comparing the story with one her father had told her whenever she was nothing more then a child wanting to learn the tales of the Divine. 

When an angel falls, they're bound to Earth. There is no return to Heaven, and they no longer possess the thing that makes them an angel. Their grace is extracted, and they're nothing more then human. 

"She saw a kid shrink, got better, and grew up normal." 

Dean flipped through the file and gently shut the manila folder as he lifted his eyes to meet Sams. "Until now, so what is she hiding?" 

"Why don't you just ask me to my face?" 

Cleopatra opened one eye to find Anna fuming in the doorway, Ruby lurking behind her with her arms tightly crossed over her chest. "Ruby-" She groaned, pressing her hands tightly against her knees as she stood to her feet. "What part of watch her do you not get?" 

"The watching part." 

The Nephilim inhaled deeply as she contemplated her choices: Gabriel and Castiel had both taught her how to infiltrate locked memories and pull them to the surface in order to cause the holder of those memories to remember what had been locked away. In retrospect, she could pull them from Anna.. But it would be a definitive giveaway to her true identity. 

"I wish I could tell you why the angels say I'm guilty, but I have no clue!" Anna cried exasperatingly. "Why don't you tell me why my live has been leveled? Why my parents are dead?! I.. I don't know. I swear, I would give anything to know." 

"Okay, then let's find out." 

It was a mere few hours later when Dean returned with another woman on his heels. She was slim figured with dark curled hair, her eyes veiled by a pair of sunglasses and clad in a leather jacket and flare cut jeans. Sam immediately brightened at the sight of her, leaping to his feet to greet his brother and the stranger at the door. 

"Pamela, hey! How are you?" 

"Sam? Sam is that you?" She asked, her hands running over Sams torso and face before she smacked his backside, grinning wickedly as he stiffened beneath her touch. "Of course I know it's you, grumpy. Could tell from a mile away. Same way I know that's a demon, the brooding pensive one in the corner is.." Pamelas voice faltered as she stepped away from Sam and towards Cleopatra, halted in her steps by a seemingly invisible force. "I want to say an angel, but that's probably not right. Who are you, chick?" 

"Carter. Cleopatra Carter, ma'am. And if I were you, I wouldn't come any closer." Cleopatra called out as she twisted her wrist, smirking as Pamela involuntarily turned in Annas direction. "And the poor girl is Anna. We know that already. Mind telling me what you are?"

"Pamela Barnes, Miss Carter. Best psychic you're ever gonna meet, and I'm here to help figure out who Anna is." Pamela punched Sam hard in the arm as a wicked grin spread across her face. "Stop eyeing my rack, Winchester." Sam began blurting out a mantra of apologies before he was silenced as the six of them entered the panic room where Pamela ushered Anna to lie down in the cot parallel to the wall. "As I count down, just go deeper and deeper, okay? 5...4..3..2..” 


“Deep sleep.” Pamela gently ran her fingers over Annas face before recoiling to sit back in her chair, the two Winchesters and Carter watching the ordeal from all sides of the panic room. “Every muscle in your body relaxed. Can you hear me?” 

Anna nodded softly. “I can hear you.” 

“Now Anna, tell me. How can you hear the angels? How did you work that spell?” 

“I-I don’t know.” She murmured. “I just did.” 

“Your father. What’s his name?” Pamela persisted. 

Rich Milton.” 

Cleopatra ran her hands over her face as she studied the redheads body language. According to Castiel, Fallen angels who turned human were robbed of their memories from their time in Heaven, depending on how long they’d been on Earth. Their brothers and sisters, the battles, the blood. Part of her was glad that Josiah had never divulged the details of the battles he’d fought in Heaven alongside her Uncle Gabriel. 

“Alright, but now I want you to look further back when you were very young. Just a couple of years old.” Anna scrunched her expression almost instantaneously, her brows furrowed as she began to tremble violently against the mattress. 

“N-No. I don’t want to!” 

“It’s okay Anna.” Pamela cooed. “Just one look, that’s all we need. What’s your dads name?” Cleopatra shot upward as Anna began to thrash, lips curled backwards in a scream as the electricity blew out in the lights above them. Eyes still screwed tightly shut, the red headed woman shot up in her bed and slammed Dean backward into the wall as he attempted to approach her. 

No! He’s gonna kill me!” 

Before anyone could be rendered injured, Cleopatra stepped in front of Sam, hand outstretched and fingers curled to hold Anna tightly in her place. Pamela seemed to feel the resistance as she touched two fingers to her forehead before Anna was comfortably resting back on the mattress, now entirely lucid. 

“Hiya there Red.” Cleopatra clucked her tongue as she surveyed the damage. “Gain any of those memories back in that pretty little head of yours?” Anna ignored the question of the Nephilim as she rested her hand on Pamelas shoulder, feigning a weak smile before her eyes flickered between Sam and Dean. 

“Thank you Pamela.” She replied. “That helped a lot. I remember now.” 

Sam cleared his throat as he prepared to speak the question he knew that everyone else was looking for the answer to. “Remember what, exactly?” Two green irises that so closely mirrored his own gazed back at him, almost as if she was reluctant to confess her true identity. And based on the way she was avoiding looking at Cleopatra directly, the Nephilim assumed that Anna knew who she really was as well. 

“Who I am. More importantly,” Anna jabbed a finger at the raven haired woman. “How I know you. Your father..” Her eyes pricked with tears as Anna stood to her feet and slowly began walking in her direction, almost as if she was comparing her to her deceased father. “You look almost exactly like him.” 


”So... Castiel and Uriel. They’re the ones who came for me?” Anna asked as she paced in front of the doorway to Bobby’s living room. Dean, Sam, Cleopatra and Pamela were sitting side by side on the desk as they patiently waited for her to begin asking questions. 

“Yeah. They did.” Cleopatra replied, tilting her head to lean it against Deans shoulder. She half expected him to wince and pull away but was ecstatic when he relaxed into her touch instead. “Since you knew my father.. I’m curious. Were they in the same garrison?” 

“What’s a garrison?” 

“It’s a group of angels brough together to fight in Heavens battles.” Anna replied. “I was their leader, of sorts. Her father Josiah was my commander, very high up in ranks of the divine. He was a good man.” Cleopatra dipped her head to her chest and allowed her eyes to flutter shut, instead concentrating on the sound of Deans deep breathing. “I’m sure I have a death sentence on my head.”

”I’m still not entirely following.” Sam muttered as he scratched the back of his head. “Why would they want to kill you. What did you do?” 

“I disobeyed.” Anna’s voice faded off into nothing, almost as if she was reluctant to disclose the story of how she fell from Heaven. “Which for us is about the worst thing you can do. I fell.” Cleopatra shivered at the memory; Gabriel had told her when she was a child of Lucifer’s downfall, and how he had watched with solemn, tear filled eyes as his older brother had been cast from Heaven.

I’ll never forget the way he screamed. 

“What do you mean?” Dean questioned. 

Before Cleopatra could answer, Pamela decided to answer for her. “It means she fell from Heaven and became human.” 

“It’s incredibly painful. Try cutting your kidney out with a butter knife.” Anna turned her eyes towards Cleopatra and managed a forced smile. “I fell not long before your father met your mother, Alexandria. He came to visit me a few times when I was younger, but obviously I didn’t know who he was. But I had fragments.. memories that were just enough to let me remember.”

“As much as I would love to continue this conversation, my father is not the focus of our problem here.” Cleopatra snapped, veering around the conversation to bring it back to the topic of the two angelic assassins. “What happened to your grace?”

"It was ripped from me when I fell. That is how I became human." 

Dean held his hands up before they could continue, his brows furrowed in confusion. "Come again?" He asked. Cleopatra snorted and gently nudged the older Winchester in the side. It was nice to be able to know the answers for once in her life. 

"My grace. It's.. energy. Hacked it out and fell. My mother Amy couldn't get pregnant, so she always called me her little miracle. She had no idea how right she was." 

Cleopatra peered around Anna to gaze upon Ruby in the doorway, as still as a statue and face contorted in fear. "I never thought I'd ever say this in my life, but the demon looks like she's gonna have an aneury-" She yelped loudly as Dean pinched the skin on her abdomen, followed by tightly gripping her wrists to prevent a collision to his sharp cheekbones by her hands. "Dean!"

"I am trying to listen to the angel, you idiot." He retorted. "Because unlike you, Sam and I don't happen to know anything about them!" Dean turned back to Anna whos lips were curved into a smile, desperately trying to control her laughter as Cleopatra grumbled and crossed her arms over her chest in defeat. "So, you just forgot that you were Gods little Power Ranger?" 

"The older I got, the longer I was human, yeah." 

"Okay! My turn!" Ruby exclaimed. "I don't think any of you realize how royally screwed we are." The leather clad demons ominous irises fell onto the Nephilim, who was now staring back at her with cold golden eyes that sent shivers down her spine. She'd known since the day they'd met that Cleopatra was a threat, and most likely saw through the facade she was playing in order to reel Sam in. 

She was terrified of the outcome when the truth finally came out. 

"Ruby is right. Heaven wants me dead." 

"And Hell just.. wants her!" Ruby interjected. "A flesh and blood angel that you can question, torture, who bleeds! Sister, you're the freaking Stanley Cup. And sooner or later, Heaven or Hell, they're gonna find ya." 

"I know. That's why I'm gonna get it back." 

It was Sams turn to ask the question. "Get what back." 

"My grace."


Chapter Text

"I want to know. What are you to him?" 

"I'm supposed to be his somebody. The woman who will forever stay by his side. But Castiel unfortunately doesn't know what the meaning of free will is.. And I'm not sure he ever will." 


South Dakota

After rejuvenating her energy with a cup of coffee and a half an hours worth of sleep, Cleopatra ventured out of the house and into the junkyard in search of Anna. If she was aware of who her father was, then she was most likely aware of the power she possessed as a Nephilim and she was not ready for the Winchesters to discover it yet. 

"Hey Dean, can I have a minute alone with Anna?" She called out softly, managing a warm smile as the older Winchester turned in her direction and nodded before disappearing in the direction of the house. The dark haired woman took her spot leaning against the back of the car Anna was currently positioned against, fingers tightly wrapped around her mug as they stared at the stars. "My father spoke highly of you. Said you were a good friend to him." 

"It is quite difficult for me to believe that Heaven left a Nephilim alive." Anna replied. "They have no idea, do they? Do they think you're just another angel?" 

Cleopatra nodded softly and took a sip of her drink. "They're just now grazing the surface of finding out what real angels are like. I'm not sure how they'd handle finding out that I was the most powerful entity on Earth. It's a miracle that I made it this long." 

"If you don't mind me asking, how did your father die?" 

The question made her heart constrict with a familiar pain she hadn't dwelt upon in quite some time. Her fingers interlocked tightly around her mug, eyes blurred with unshed tears as she found herself pulled back into the last memory of her father alive-- When John Winchester had taken him and Reagan away to a hunt not far from Lawrence. 

"He was killed on a hunt. We weren't told how.. but we had to bury him. Michael and Gabriel helped with it." She whispered, swallowing thickly as bile slowly worked its way up her throat. Warm fingers gently wrapped around her shoulders as Anna gave a comforting squeeze of assurance. "I try not to think about it, the fact that I don't have the answers I want. It makes me feel pathetic." 

"Okay then, if you don't want to answer that question, answer this one." The angel turned and looked her dead in the eyes, lips pressed in a hard line as she studied her reluctant facial expression. "I want to know. What are you to him?" 

"I'm supposed to be his somebody. The woman who will forever stay by his side. His soulmate. But Castiel unfortunately doesn't know what the meaning of free will is.. And I'm not sure he ever will." Cleopatra confessed, eyes cast downward in shame. "I met him only a few months ago but it feels like I've known him forever. I want to know what makes him hurt, who he loves, what he loathes. I want to fall in love with him and I'm absolutely terrified because of it." 

Before she could continue, Dean stopped in his tracks halfway to the house and sharply turned around to rush back to the Nephilim and her angelic acquaintance. "You are a great influence in what is to come from Castiel, Cleopatra. You will help mold him into a great man." Anna whispered. "Don't give up on him quite yet. He might surprise you." 

She managed a weak smile and squeezed Annas hand, eyes flickering to Deans form lingering a few feet away. Castiel had given her sparse details about rescuing the older Winchester from his time in Hell - but since the day she'd agreed to help prevent the apocalypse, Cleopatra had noticed more of a defeated glint in his emerald eyes and the slump in his shoulders whenever he thought himself to be alone. 

It could best be classified as dying inside. 

Exhaling a shaky breath, she gripped the inside of Deans wrist and turned his body towards her, cursing quietly under her breath as his eyes met her own and she lifted her fingers to graze his sharp jawline. They were far away enough from Anna that she couldn't see them in the shadows of nightfall. "Dean." She whispered. Dean swallowed thickly at the scarce amount of space left between their bodies, her chest just barely brushing against his own as her fingers crept up to her temple. "Breathe for me."

And the second his eyes shut, she saw it all. 

A flurry of rage, blood, and endless fire. She saw Dean prying his mutilated body off of what looked to be a rack, fingers tightly gripping his new weapon as Alistair watched from a distance while he tore into other souls of the damned. 

And all the while, he was still crying out for Sammy. 

Pulling herself away, the Nephilim was met with exhausted green eyes staring back into her own as she cupped his jaw in her hands. "Why-" He whispered, swallowing the tears threatening to pour from his eyes. Dean had tried so hard to repress his memories of Hell for sake of Sam, who had finally relented on his quest to pry answers from his brother. "Why did you do that? I-" 

"I wanted to know how badly they hurt you.'' She replied softly, her gaze never faltering from his own. "Because if we're really in this together, I need to know the man that is Dean Winchester. Not the boy who stole my brother and my father from me." Standing on her tiptoes, Cleopatra allowed her forehead to rest against his own as Dean subconsciously wrapped his muscular arms around her waist and pulled her against him. She knew that he was not a fan of physical contact from people he barely knew - but she wanted him to know that she was there. 

"I can't-" He rasped, nestling her shoulder until his face fell into the crook of her neck. "I can't talk about this. Not yet. Please.

"You don't have to. I know what it's like to keep things to yourself that you don't want anyone else to know. Just know this.." Lifting his head, Dean sighed deeply when he felt warm lips gently graze his cheek. "I'm not going anywhere." 

She watched solemnly as he pried himself away from her and ventured out of the shadows to face the renegade angel. 


The Next Day 

After a fitful night sleep against the wall of the barn, Cleopatra awoke to Dean re-entering the Barn directly behind Sam. The older Winchester gulped down what remained of the alcohol in his flask as Sam anxiously awaited the return of Ruby, who had not shown her face since last night. 

"Little early for that, isn't it?" Anna quipped. 

"It's two a.m. somewhere, isn't it?" Anna curved around Dean and smiled softly as she extended a hand to Cleopatra, fingers linking tightly as she heaved the Nephilim to her feet. The two women exchanged a nod of understanding before turning towards Dean and Sam. 

"Are you okay?" Cleopatra asked. Her fingers wrapped around the hilt of the angel blade tucked into the sheath on her thigh as Dean lifted his head and managed the infamous Winchester smile - hoping it would be enough for her to drop the conversation. 

"Best I've been in a while, kid." 

Before anyone else could make a remark, the doors to the Barn were nearly wrenched off of their hinges as Castiel and Uriel reappeared; Expressions vacant and cold as they entered the barn and slammed the doors behind them. 

"Hello, Anna." Castiel said quietly, cobalt blue eyes locked on the redhead as she struggled to control her heavy breathing. "It is good to see you." His gaze flickered over to his Nephilim, who was desperately trying to keep herself out of his proximity for fear that she'd let her guard down and be vulnerable around Uriel. "And you as well, Cleopatra." 

I want to fall in love with him and I'm absolutely terrified because of it.

"How?" Sam snapped angrily. "I want to know. How did you find us?" Two pairs of eyes flickered in Deans direction as the elder Winchester dipped his head towards his chest out of guilt, ashamed he'd revealed their location to the angels. "Dean?" 

"I'm sorry." 

"I don't understand." Cleopatra murmured quietly. "Why?" Anna swiveled her head towards Sam and Cleopatra as they expectantly waited for an answer before she cast her gaze back onto the angels who'd betrayed her. 

"Because they gave him a choice." She replied firmly. "Either kill me, or kill you." Her dark eyes filled with malice as her entire body went rigid with pent up anger. "I know how their minds work." Turning on her heel, the renegade angel poised herself onto her tiptoes and captured Deans lips in a soft kiss, but only for a brief moment before she pulled away and rested her forehead against his own. "You did the best you could. I forgive you." The trio watched as Anna stepped away from them, her shoulders back and her jaw set as she approached Castiel and Uriel. "Okay. No more tricks. No more running. I'm ready." 

"I'm sorry." Castiel confessed. 

"No, you're not. Not really. You don't know the feeling." She replied sharply. 

"Still, we have a history. It's just-" 

"Orders are orders. I know." 

Soft pads of long fingers ran over the Enochian runes on the hilt of her angel blade as Cleopatra watched the entire situation through narrowed eyes, itching to drive the blade through Uriels throat. Her father had never told her about angelic altercations like this - How desperate they were to remain nothing but machines, set on carrying out orders of the Divine. 

She was glad she wasn't an angel. 

"Please. Just.. make it quick." 

Her blood turned to ice at the sound of a icy baritone echoed through the room. Whipping around on her heel, the Nephilim found herself faced with two demons, a nearly unconscious Ruby, and Alistair. She had yet to meet the demon face to face, but she had seen the torture he had put Dean through during his time in Hell. He was a force to be reckoned with. 

"Don't you dare touch a hair on that poor girls head." Alistair exclaimed, bony finger pointed into the air. Cleopatra shoved Dean, Sam and Anna to the opposite side of the Barn as Castiel and Uriel brushed past her, but not before the former could let his fingers lightly brush against hers. Electricity ran up her arm as their eyes met for a fraction of a second before Dean was pulling her down with him. 

I will not let them hurt you. 

"Do you think you can get the upper hand on Cas?" Dean whispered in her ear, completely aware of the fact that he had pulled her directly into his lap. Cleopatra shifted uncomfortably as the tension grew between the angels and demons standing only mere feet apart from one another. "Or kill Uriel? I'm game for either." 

"Let me take out the demons." She replied, gasping as Castiel was forced onto his back in front of her, Alistairs fingers wrapped tightly around his neck as he struggled to regain the upper hand. The angel managed to tilt his head backward just enough to meet her petrified expression, his blue eyes pleading with her for help. They still had so much to do together. She wasn't about to let a single demon take out her chance at forever with Castiel. ''Screw it. I'll go for Alistair instead." 

"Wait-Cleo, no!" 

Ultimately deciding to not use her powers to overcome Alistair and despite the amount of demons that Uriel was currently eliminating, she raced towards the crowbar in front of Sam only for Dean to scoop it upward and slam it into the side of Alistairs head. His grip immediately loosened on Castiel, allowing the angel the ability to regain his breath as he found himself pulled backward by strong arms looped under his trenchcoat.

Worried blue-green eyes looked him over as a bright light filled the room, nearly blinding her had it not been for Cas' hand coming to rest over her eyes. "Don't open them. I do not wish blindness upon you." He whispered into her mind. Once it had receded and Anna had vanished with it, now a full blown angel, Castiel pried himself away from her with a final caress of her cheek before stepping between Dean and Uriel, and altogether vanishing. 

Out of breath and slightly star-struck, Cleopatra dusted off her jeans and adjusted her flannel, hair veiling her eyes as they narrowed at Sam and Dean. "I would like to know who's brilliant plan it was to bring Heaven and Hell into the same place at the same time? Are you trying to kill us all-" A snort of disbelief broke past her lips when Sam slowly rose his hand into the air. "Of course." 

"When you have Godzilla and Mothra at each others throats, it's best to just let them fight it out." Sam retorted, gasping as she lunged forward and punched him as hard as she possibly could in the bicep. His entire body rippled as his hand flew to cover the swelling area. "O-Ow!

"You two-" Her index finger jutted between Sam and Dean before motioning to the Barn doors that would lead them to where the Impala had been parked. "You two owe me a beer." 


Cool air rippled through her messily tied up hair as Cleopatra stood several feet away from the 1967 sleek black Chevrolet Impala, allowing the brothers a moment to disclose on what had happened. Her eyes regarded the rolling hills and sunshine that just barely reflected on the fields through the overcast clouds. 

She could not help but continue pondering what Anna had said to her the night before. The angel had not seemed the slightest bit fazed when she had confessed about the two of them being soulmates. If anything.. It seemed as if Anna wanted her to be Castiel's lover. Maybe falling in love would change him - or even better, make him into a better version of the man he currently was. 

Smirking against the rim of her nearly empty beer bottle, the Nephilim inhaled the crisp air and tuned into her heightened hearing - courtesy of being half angel and half human. She had the ears that angels had whenever humans would pray to them. 

"I know you heard him. Alistair. What he said.. He said I had promise." 

She sucked a sharp breath in between her teeth as realization hit her. Dean was finally gathering the courage to talk about his time in Hell. "I heard him." 

"And you're not the least bit curious?" 

"Dean, I'm incredibly curious. Got even worse whenever Cleopatra came in the other day looking all star struck, and I remembered that she can see memories. So I figure she probably knows. But you're not talking about Hell, and I'm not pushing." 

That was what she'd learned about Sam - Loyal, brave, overly compassionate Sam Winchester who cared more about his blood brother them himself. 

"It wasn't four months you know. It was four months up here but down there... I don't know. Time is different. It was more like forty years." Tears pricked the corners of her eyes as Cleopatra allowed them to flutter shut, desperate to conceal her emotions that seemed to constantly betray her. "They sliced and carved and tore at me in ways that you.. you can't even imagine. Did it until there was nothing left." 

"And then?" 

"And then suddenly I'd be whole again. Like magic, just so they could start in all over. And Alistair at the end of every day would come over and make me an offer. To take me off the rack if I put souls on." 

Figuring that the brothers would need more emotional support then feeding off of each other, Cleopatra adjusted her flannel and new black jacket - courtesy of Dean - as she sat her beer bottle in the grass and with a snap of her fingers rendered it as nothing more then shards of glass. Her combat boots dug into the moist earth as she stepped onto gravel and began to trek back to the Impala. 

"If I was the one who started the torturing. And every day I told him to stick it where the sun shines. For thirty years, I told him. But then I just couldn't do it anymore Sammy. I couldn't." 

As quietly as she possibly could, Cleopatra wedged herself in between the windshield and Deans body, sitting at a reasonable distance in case he had no desire to be touched. But much to her bewilderment, the older Winchester almost instantaneously reached outward and tightly gripped her hand in his own. She was so small compared to him. 

"And I got off that rack. God help me, I got right off of it and I started ripping them apart. I lost count of how many souls. The things that I did to them." 

Tears ran down his prominent cheekbones as Deans blurred eyes fell to his lap, only to land on Cleopatras fingers gently turning his wrist over and begin tracing words on the inside of his forearm. "Dean, you held out for thirty years. That's longer then anyone would have." 

"How I feel.. This thing inside me.. I wish I couldn't feel a thing Sammy." 


"I wish I couldn't feel a thing." 




Chapter Text

"That's what this is. Solely your choice." She tentatively wrapped his fingers around the hilt of her blade and guided it to the hollow of her throat. "End me. Love me. But whatever you choose.. Know that your choice, either way, will affect you for the rest of eternity." 

One clean swipe. That's all it would take. 

But for some reason he can't find it in him to do it. 

His eyes shone with unshed tears as he studied her - Lips pressed into a firm line, flickering gold eyes focused on him, jaw set, completely ready to accept death with open arms. Castiel felt his vessel shiver at the sheer acceptance in her expression before he stumbled backwards, almost as if touched by fire, and drops the blade to the ground. 

"I won't." He ground out, tears trickling down his subtle cheekbones as stunned eyes met his own. "I will not- I won't kill you under Heavens orders. If I am to be a free angel, an angel who has fallen.." Castiel closed the gap between himself and the Nephilim and rested his hand on the curve of her neck. "I will rebel in order to fall in love with you." 



After careful consideration, Cleopatra opted to return home for a short while and request to be let go from the Lawrence Police Department. Her superior officers attempted to convince her that staying on the force was her best option, but made no prove to protest when she collected her things and returned her possessions to her apartment across from the park where she had met Castiel. 

She met her mother for lunch the following day, somehow managing to keep Sam and Dean Winchester from the conversation while they chatted over sandwiches and tea. Rain poured from the overcast skies onto the busied streets of Topeka as she sipped at her drink and listened to Alexandria ramble on about the newest lore she had been reading. 

It was all so... simplistic. While she yearned to be totally free from the life, being involved in hunting had brought her the revelation that she had a soulmate. A soulmate who she was sure was well on his way to gathering the courage to approach her again, whether or not it was through Sam or Dean or through a dream like he had so many times before. 

"Cleo? Sweetie?" Alexandria leaned over the table with her hands folded as she furrowed her brow at the absence of her daughters presence at the table. "Cleopatra." The raven haired woman snapped over to her mother and managed a soft smile as she tugged on the end of her braid that rested against her shoulder. "You're thinking about him." 

"N-No-" She stuttered, rifling through her purse to produce her wallet and pay for their meal. "No I'm not. I'm thinking about returning home and-" Her sentence broke when her mother rested her hand against her own and slowly lifted her chin to meet her eyes. 

"I know you're thinking about him because I've seen that look on myself." Alexandria replied softly as she stood to her feet and wrapped her fingers around her wallet. "I'll go pay for our lunch." 

Just as she moved to follow her mother through the growing crowd of the cafe, her phone began to ring from where it was tucked in her coat. Cleopatra stepped into the nearest hallway and leaned against the wall, phone poised against her shoulder as she surveyed the people rifling about through the line. "Hello?" 

"Cleo? It's me." Sam replied urgently. "Cas and Uriel took Dean." 


"So you're telling me that Alistair was capturing reapers for his own purposes, you found them and released them, and in return Cas and Uriel kidnapped him only to make Dean his interrogator?" Cleopatra paced the length of the Winchesters motel room as Sam watched her intently, his bottom lip pulled tightly between his teeth. "That's.. That's a choice with catastrophic consequences." 

"And since you and Cas are so closely knitted together.." Sam replied reluctantly as he tugged on the ends of his hair. "I thought that you'd be able to pin down his location and keep an eye on Dean. He.. You know he isn't strong enough yet." 

It hadn't even occurred to her that she had a physical and mental bond with Castiel, much less that Dean was inadequately prepared to torture the same demon who had made his life a living hell in the time he had been downstairs. If anyone was going to be rescuing the older Winchester from his oppressor and also breaking through to Castiel at the same time... It needed to be her. 

"I'll get back to you shortly." 

In a flutter of wings she was gone, once again soaring over the majesty that was the United States. She had only done this a handful of times with Gabriel as a child - When the Archangel had been teaching her about the wonder of Heaven and the Earth that God had created in seven days. A world that was soon to be destroyed if she didn't help prevent the rising of the Devil she never wanted to meet. 

Her eyes keenly surveyed the warehouse where she could feel the conflict of Castiel's vessel, tucking her wings inward towards her own body as she safely made the ascent onto the concrete outside the building. Sam had asked her to remain unseen until she absolutely needed to intervene, so that was exactly what she intended to do. 

"What's going on, Cas? Since when does Uriel put you on a leash?"

Her heart jumped into her throat as she ducked through the open door and pressed her back against the wall, invisible to the angel and the righteous man he had risen as they bickered with one another. 

"My superiors have begun to question my sympathies." Castiel replied almost automatically, as if he had taken time to rehearse his answer. 


"I was getting too close to the humans and Neph-" Her eyes widened as Castiel immediately halted in his answer, praying that he wasn't careless enough to give away her true heritage to the hunter. "To the humans and angel in my charge. You. Cleopatra." His voice softened as his pale lips quirked upward in the ghost of a smile. "They feel that I have begun to express emotions. Doorways to doubt. This can impair my judgement." 

Dean frowned as he stepped in front of the Angel. He didn't know everything about Castiel's relationship with the newest member of his family, but he was far more then curious to know why he was so protective over her. Why his mood seemed to rise every time she was in his presence. 

Why he refused to lay a finger on her. 

"Well you can tell Uriel, or whoever, that you do not want me doing this." Dean replied sharply, his shoulders shaking as he heaved a sigh. She knew that this weight would forever be burdened on himself and eventually.. He would no longer be able to carry it alone. "Once I go through, you will not like the man who comes out." 

Tears blurred his eyes as Dean glanced downward at the wrist Cleopatra had written on days before. He had asked her in private to take a permanent marker and write those words - You are not alone - on the inside of his wrist. It was a constant reminder that someone was still looking out for him. Still wanting to keep his heart intact. 

"Want it? No." Castiel spoke up. "But I've been told we need it. For what it's worth, I would give anything to not have you do this." 

She held her breath until Dean walked through the enforced steel door and slammed it behind him, leaving her seemingly alone with her angel. 

Cleopatra positioned her foot against the wall and crossed her arms over her chest, shifting in her scarlet flannel as she watched Castiel move across the room. His muscles rippled against the fabric of his dress shirt as he nervously wrung his hands while waiting for the screaming to echo against the walls of the warehouse. He looked.. nervous. Unsure of the outcome.

"Father, I'm not sure if you're listening right now.." His voice began in a whisper as he gripped the side of the table and allowed his eyes to flutter shut. "But I ask for your guidance in this situation. Help me to do right by Dean Winchester, and help me to do right by my soulmate." His voice dropped off entirely as cobalt irises swept across the room, almost as if he was expecting her to step from the shadows and surprise him. "Cleopatra Carter is a good woman. I do not deserve a woman such as her and I am quite afraid of what will happen when our paths finally cross again. I want to make the correct choice." Tears pricked the corners of her eyes as the Nephilim covered her mouth with her hands, hoping it would help her strangled cries to recede. Such a pansy. You're crying over his prayer to God about you. "I want to be good for her, Father. I want to be the one she deserves. Please.. Please help me be good for her." 

She almost thought he was going to continue his lament in asking God for his Nephilim to be safe, but his inquiry was halted by the shattering of lightbulbs above his head. Castiel immediately tensed at the presence of Anna standing in the doorway behind him. "You were praying about your soulmate." 

"Is it a crime for me to wish safety upon the woman our Father has set aside for me?" He retorted. "I only wonder what will happen when I see her again. If she'll finally try to kill me for putting Dean into this predicament." The Seraphim turned around and regarded Anna with his usual stoic, emotionless expression. "Anna." 

"Hello Castiel." 

"Your human body?" 

Boots softly slapped the concrete as Anna entered the room. "It was destroyed. I guess I'm sentimental.. Called in some old favors and-" Both angels remained silent as Alistairs screams took the place of the silence that had encased the warehouse only moments before. Cleopatra remained frozen as she watched the encounter unfold in front of her, fingers wound around the end of her braid.  

"You shouldn't be here. We still have orders to kill you." He commented. 

"Somehow I don't think you'll try." Anna remarked as she glanced upward and around the empty room, albeit the hidden Nephilim and the angel with his hands tucked into the pockets of his trench coat. "Where is Uriel? Surely he would have made a comment about your prayer-" 

Castiel held his hand up to halt her statement. "He went to Heaven to receive revelation." He informed her quietly, his baritone vibrating deep in his chest as his eyes remained focused on the door to the dungeon. Anna exhaled slowly before she turned around and slowly tilted her head inquisitively. 

"Why are you letting Dean do this?" 

"He's doing Gods work." 

"Torturing? That's Gods work? Are you kidding me?" Anna exclaimed angrily. Cleopatra leaned forward and braced her hands against her knees as her angel blade grew heavy against her thigh, prepared to pull it out of the sheath at a moments notice. "Stop him Cas, please. Before you ruin one of the two real weapons you have!" 

"Who are we to question the will of God?" 

"Unless this isn't his will!" 

"Then where do the orders come from?" He spat back. 

"I don't know. One of our superiors, maybe.. But not him. If they had come from him, you would have never thought to lay a finger on the Nephilim our superiors ordered you to eliminate because they still believe she's going to destroy the Universe." Castiel swallowed the bile rising in his throat as his fists clenched, eyes falling shut as he tried to block out the memory of the second time Cleopatra had come sprinting across the park in Lawrence to greet him. Her smile made his heart ache for.. something. 

He just wasn't sure what that something was. 

"The Father you love? Do you think he wants this? Do you think he'd ask this of you?" Anna was nearly inches away from Castiels face now, her tone thickening with a methodical anger that Cleopatra had admired. "Do you think this is righteous?!" 

Her heart beat wildly in her chest as Alistairs screams ripped through her body, sending goose flesh rising in their wake. 

"That thing you're feeling? It's called doubt. These orders are wrong, and you know it. That's why you haven't killed me yet. That's why you couldn't find it in you to kill Cleopatra." A wave of jealousy spread through her bones as Cleopatra watched Anna settle her hand directly on top of Cas'. "You can do the right thing here. You're afraid, Cas. I was too. But together-" 

"Together?" He replied indignantly, prying himself away from Annas grasps. "I am nothing like you! You.. You fell!"


"Go." He commanded. His facade fell the moment Anna disappeared, and Castiel found himself once again gazing at the ground. 

Do you ever feel the moment before something goes wrong and evolves into chaos? The moment where everything seems to be going the way you want it to, and then one thing sets the order off and the entire world just.. implodes around you? You aren't expecting it. You aren't anticipating things to go bad. But that's how life goes - The bad things happen when you least expect them. 

The second she heard Dean screaming, the Nephilim tore from her hiding spot and burst into the dungeon only to find Alistair free of his chains with his fingers wrapped tightly around the older Winchesters throat. Her eyes widened at the blood spattered across Deans face, a deep purple bruise already beginning to form beneath his eye as they threatened to roll back into his head. 

"Hey douchebag!" Alistair swiveled his head around to regard the newcomer standing just outside the Devils Trap. "I don't believe we've met yet, but I'd like you to get your hands off of the man I'm supposed to be guarding." 

A disbelieving laugh broke past the demons lips as he turned around fully, curiosity piqued at the bravery this mere woman possessed to be threatening a being such as himself. "And what are you? His guardian angel?" 

"Something like that." 

Warm hands pushed her to the side just as Deans body was cast in the same direction, Cleopatra landing directly on top of him as Castiel thrust the dagger she'd seen Sam use frequently into Alistairs chest cavity. Positioning herself over Deans body with her knees at his hips, Cleopatra examined his lacerations and gently brought his face back to meet her concerned gaze - Fingers sweeping over every inch of visible skin she could find. "Don't quit now on me, Dean." She pleaded, warmth spreading through her fingertips as she rested her palm against his forehead to begin healing his external wounds. 

"Looks like God is on my side today!" Alistair declared sardonically, grinning wickedly as he threw multiple punches into Castiels jaw until a sickening crack echoed throughout the room. Just as the blood had been cleaned from Deans face did Cleopatra decide to look up, horrified as she watched blood trickle down the side of Castiels temple while Alistair had him pinned to the nearest support beam. "Like roaches, you celestials. Really wish I knew how to kill you, but all I can do is send you back to Heaven." 

Castiels hands struggled to pry the demon away from his throat as it began to grow harder to breathe on top of the incantation that he had began to utter moments before. His blurred vision shifted to behind Alistair where a growing golden light had begun to form, revealing the outline of two massive wings and the outline of a familiar blade. 

What caught his attention was the stunning gold eyes staring back at him. 

"I forgot to mention," She snarled, grinning widely as her lips were inches from Alistairs ear. The demon balked as he felt the tip of her angel blade dig deeper into his skin; Not enough to kill him, but enough to wound him further. "He's under my protection too, you prick." 

She collapsed to her knees just as Sam entered the room, angel blade cast aside as she moved to examine Castiel. He threw his arm over her shoulder as Cleopatra helped him to his feet, hand splayed against his waist as they slowly ambled behind Sam. "Are you alright?" She whispered softly. Castiel entwined his fingers through hers, responding in a soft squeeze as they intently watched Sam pry the answers to the murder of the garrison's angels from the demon. 

"Who-Who is murdering the angels?!" Sam growled, turning his wrist further as Alistair struggled to move away from the invisible force clamped around his neck. The air was pungent with the smell of fear and blood as exhaustion slowly began to seep into her bones, and she found herself beginning to buckle under the angels weight.

"Don't give in. Not yet." He whispered in her ear. "He's almost cracked him." 

"I-I don't-t kn-ow! It's not u-us- We're not d-doing it!" 

"Yeah well, I don't believe you!" He snapped in response. 

"Lillith is not doing it! She wouldn't kill seven angels, she'd kill a hundred. A thousand-" Alistair rested his head against the brick wall behind him and ran his tongue over the blood on his teeth. "Go ahead, send me back. If you can.."

She watched in horror as a mixed expression of pride and want for power passed across Sams face. "I'm stronger then that now. Now I can kill." Her eyes flickered to their stunning gold as she focused on the longing from Sams soul, recoiling the moment she was met with nothing but darkness. Cleopatra desperately attempted to block out the sounds of Alistairs moans as Sam slowly and painfully brought his life to an end, held together by the Seraphim wrapped around the side of her body. Her eyes never parted from watching Sam's soul writhe inside of his body, almost as if it was caught in between crying out for help to be brought back to life - or succumbing to his growing thirst for power and darkness and blood. 

There was a reason he was called Sam Winchester - The Boy With The Demon Blood. 

Dread settled in her stomach as she and Castiel exchanged glances. If it wasn't the demons who had set out to kill the angels from his garrison, then who was? 

And why? 


''I did not wish harm upon Dean." Castiel murmured as he followed on Cleopatras heels to Deans hospital room. The two of them had arrived to find the older Winchester totally incapacitated - With tubes down his throat and an IV inserted into his body to keep him hydrated. His skin was a pale white with multiples lacerations and bruises forming around the sharp edges of his face. "I only wished to pry the truth from Alistair." 

Cleopatra turned around and smiled at the Seraph as he ducked his head downward in shame. "I know you didn't, but Sam doesn't know that." She whispered softly as her fingers grazed the side of his jaw. His cobalt irises met hers and for a moment.. He felt an inexplicable peace. "I healed what I could earlier during the fight, but Dean has extensive damage. It will take some time to heal what has been done." 

Sam caught sight of the two angels standing in the doorway and immediately stood to his feet, following the two of them out into the hallway just outside Deans room. "Sam-" 

"Get in there and heal him." Sam snapped. "Miracle. Now!

"I can't!" Castiel exclaimed irritably. "Cleopatra-" 

"That's not the point! Cleo did not put my brother in there! You and Uriel.. You are the ones who put Dean in that situation because you can't keep a simple Devils Trap together!" Cleopatra allowed her hand to ghost up Castiels arm as her fingers tentatively brushed the fabric of his coat, grounding the angel to reality and thus gathering his courage to admit to the younger Winchester that he had no idea why. 

"I have no idea what happened." Castiel confessed. "That trap - It shouldn't have broken. I'm sorry-" 

"This whole thing was pointless. Do you understand that? The demons aren't doing the hits." Realization passed over Cleopatras face as she pondered what they had learned, stepping away from Castiel and letting her hand fall back to her side. If it wasn't the demons, then it had to be another angel. A rogue - or someone who craved power. 

"Maybe Alistair was lying." Castiel protested, turning around to regard her with wide blue eyes. "You were there, you saw it too. Do you think he was lying?" Her heart ached as the Seraph stared at her pleadingly, begging for her to take his side before she gently shook her head. 

"No. He wasn't lying at all." She said softly. She followed Sams form into the hospital room before he vanished from her sight entirely, leaving her alone with the conflicted Seraph. Cleopatra brought her hands to rest against his shoulders and gently guide him in her direction before her fingers instinctively curled around the nape of his neck. "Cas-" 

"Your touch." He said quietly, almost quietly enough that she didn't hear him. "I should not feel something when you touch me, but I do. My vessels heart pounds in your presence. It's grounding, it keeps me going.. Knowing that I will encounter you again and can learn what touch feels like from somebody destined to love you." She was so caught off guard by his answer that before she could coherent respond, he had completely vanished from her sight as well. 

To be continued in the next chapter

Chapter Text

''Castiel." Uriel called out as he straightened his spine from where he sat on the bench. Castiel had arrived to the park only moments before to find himself amidst a field of new fallen snow, the air bitterly chilled around him and his fingers trembling inside the pockets of his coat from his growing fear. "I have received revelation. Our superiors.. They want us to stop hunting the demon responsible for killing our brothers and sisters! Something- Something is wrong up there, can you feel it?" 

He knew something was going on in Heaven, but Castiel was far more concerned about what was going on inside of himself. 

"The murders... Maybe they aren't demonic." He murmured. ''Sam Winchester and Cleopatra Carter said that the demons had nothing to do with it." 

"If not the demons, then what could it be?!" 

"The Will of Heaven." Cas proclaimed as he squinted at the ground, tongue darting out to wet his cracked lips as Uriel watched him intently at his side. "We are failing, Uriel. We are losing the war. Perhaps the garrison is being punished for it!" 

"You think our father would-" 

Castiel tilted his head toward the Heavens and exhaled slowly out of his nose to bring his thoughts back into focus. He had been holding out hope that his Father had some kind of a destiny laid out in the stars for him and his Nephilim, that his world wasn't one to end in blood and revenge and death. He was an Angel of The Lord, and that's what he wanted to forever remain. He didn't want to lose his faith in his father. 

"I don't think our Father is giving orders anymore." 

But in that moment of self-realization, Castiel Novaks faith slowly began to break away piece by piece. 


He needed to see her. He needed to see that she still cared, that she would always care, because if he didn't have the reassurance that Cleopatra Abigail Carter would be with him, then there was no point to it all once he rebelled against Heaven. That was.. if he did at all. 

"Anna?" He called out in the silence, the tips of his shoes dug into the snow as he spanned back and forth on the empty sidewalk outside the Mansion. "Anna, please." His heart lifted as the light above him began to flicker and his attention was brought to the red-headed angel on the front steps. 

"Did you finally decide to kill me after all?" 

He gently shook his head. "I'm alone." 

Anna seemed to immediately notice the change in demeanor and the slumped posture of his shoulders that normally stood so tall, so elegant, so proud. She narrowed her eyes and tilted her head at one of the few remaining friends she had left in the garrison. "What do you want Castiel?" 

"I'm considering disobedience." He muttered. 


"No-" He shot back, eyes fluttering shut as the same mental image popped up: Cleopatra Carter, mid-summer in Lawrence, sprinting at him from across the town park with the most extravagant smile he had ever seen in the entirety of Creation. She was his Fathers most beautiful and most treasured of creatures. "It's not. For the first time in my life.. I feel-" He swallowed the words that soon died in his throat. Unsure. Terrified. Borderline to falling in love. 

If there even is a term for it. 

"It gets worse." Anna said as she descended the stone steps to close the gap between them. "Choosing your own course of action, the people you fall in love with.. It's confusing. Terrifying." The moment her hand met his shoulder to squeeze it in reassurance, his eyes snapped over to gaze at her gesture before she recoiled as if having been touched by fire. "That's right, you're too good for my help. I'm just trash. A walking blasphemy." 

"Anna-" Cas called out weakly. "I don't know what to do. Please- Please tell me what to do." She gazed back over her shoulder at him just as a soft golden light emitted from the front porch of the house up the stairs, and a familiar figure had emerged from the shadows. 

"No. That's not my job. This time.." Anna brought her focus to the stairs where Cleopatra stood; Now dressed in a elegant black trench coat and wrap around scarf and clad in jeans with accompanying combat boots from the waist down. "This time, it's her turn to talk." 

Anna disappeared in a flash of light and was replaced by the figure of Cleopatra, who slowly descended the stairs of the mansion with her eyes locked on Castiel. “You say you seek disobedience, Castiel?” She tutted. “That’s what you don’t quite seem to understand yet, angel. You already did disobey whenever you refused to kill me all those months ago. This reluctance I keep seeing in you? Anna is right. It's called doubt." Castiel bit down hard on the flesh of his cheek as she stepped in front of him, so close to his vessel that he could almost feel her heartbeat. "But what this all boils down to is choices. You have a choice here." 

"How do I know which one is the right choice?" 

With as solemn of an expression as she could muster, Cleopatra slowly extended her hand towards the Seraph and rested the tips of her fingers over his dress shirt before entirely settling her hand against his toned torso. "Us humans call it relying in our heart. It's not always so reliable.. But it has never steered me wrong before." She said quietly. "The only time my heart didn't listen was when I felt the anguish coursing through my veins the day my brother was murdered, and chalked it up to being the stomach bug. That was when I didn't listen to my heart last." 

Castiel had heard of this - The Nephilims Bond. When two Nephilim were born into the same household, they had a bond that far outmatched any in the Universe. They felt each others emotions - Pain, joy, sorrow, anguish, guilt, love, grief. It was tragic and beautiful in itself, but he didn't envy her for it. He was not sure how well he could manage having to physically feel one of his brothers or sisters die in his own body. 

"I'm going to make this very easy for you, Castiel." Cleopatras voice brought him back to reality, tilting his chin upward as the Nephilim and Seraph locked eyes. "You can use this as an opportunity to do one of two things. You can take this angel blade-" He froze as her signature weapon slid from the sleeve of her coat and tore into the fabric of her blouse, exposing slivers of milky skin to his eyes. "And run me through with it. That means you have succeeded in your mission to exterminate the last living Nephilim." 


"Or!" She held up a single finger as she slowly sank to her knees, eyes glistening with unshed tears. "You can take one look at me and decide that despite the odds, despite what Heaven tells you.. That feeling emotions is okay. That falling in love with me is right. Because sweetheart, let me tell you, it's not just irony that your Daddy set me aside to be your wife. It's destiny." Determination crossed her face as Castiel stared down at her, visibly dumbfounded as she held the hilt of her angel blade in her hand. 

"Make your choice, Castiel. End me, but know I am no longer afraid to die. Love me, but know that love has wounded me deeply before, when I thought I loved the person who physically abused me. In whatever you choose.. Know that your choice, either way, will affect you for the rest of eternity." 

 Seconds turned into minutes, and soon he felt as if he had entered Eternity. Time stood still around him. The bitter chill seeped into his aching bones as he gripped the angel blade in his hands, glowering downward at the woman who knelt at his feet.

One clean swipe. That's all it would take. 

But for some reason he can't find it in him to do it. 

The frigid air blustered around him, whistling eerily as he studied her from head to toe - Cracked lips pressed into a firm line as her flickering gold eyes focused on him, jaw tightly set, completely ready to accept death with open arms. Castiel felt his vessel shiver at the sheer acceptance in her expression before he stumbled backwards, almost as if touched by fire, and dropped the blade to the ground. 

"No!" He yelled as his breathing became labored, fingers threading in his hair as they often did when he was distressed. Cleopatra felt her breath catch in her throat as his eyes flickered to a stunning blue - The inner essence of angelic grace. Her eyes remained wide as he paced the walk in front of her, unsure of what to say next as he muttered incoherently under his breath before turning to face her. "You can't ask me to do this! I.. I will not do this!" 

"Why not?" She pressed. It had been a long time coming to see the cold and calculating side to the angel who had vowed to never point his anger directly at her and to never lay a finger on her. "Why won't you do it? I'm waiting here, you know! You wanna impress Heaven?" Her tone turned venomous as she extended her hand outward to call out to her angel blade, white fingers enveloping the hilt as it flew from the snow and back into her hand. "You want to be a proper Angel? Then do it! Take my life and march back into Heaven knowing that you fulfilled in your mission, Castiel!"

Just do it. 

"Be the soldier you so desperately want to be! C'mon then! Kill me!" 

Kill me. Let this uncertainty, these secrets that encompass my life.. Let it be over. 

Her voice slowly rose until it became a ragged, breathless scream from exposure to the bitter cold. "DO IT! JUST KILL ME!" The Seraph rushed forward as Cleopatra pounded her chest with her fist, his strong arms lifting her upward and wrenching the blade from her grasp. In an instant she was encased in his warmth, overwhelmed by his intoxicating scent as she now wore his coat and was pressed against the nearest tree. Her lips began to quiver as a veil of hair concealed her tear filled eyes, blocking them from Castiels sight. 

"I won't do it." He whispered, the pads of his fingers coming up to cup her jaw and bring her attention directly to him. The only sound in that moment was that of his frantic heartbeat as they longingly stared at one another - Amazed that instead of following his gut instinct and killing her, he had instead chosen the other path: Falling in love with the woman his Father set aside for him. "I will not kill you under the name of Heaven. It is like I said when we met.. You are an innocent. An innocent I will devote the rest of my life to falling in love with." Castiel slowly close the minuscule amount of space left between them until his lips grazed the shell of her ear, sending shivers down her spine from the contact. 

"I will rebel against all odds to fall in love with you, Cleopatra Carter." 


It was not much later when he found himself back in the dungeon where they had entrapped Alistair, keen eyes peeled for clues as to how the demon had escaped the ancient Devils Trap. He rotated his wrist to tighten the knob that had caused the pipe to leak in the first place before Uriel entered the room behind him. 

"You called? What do you say Castiel.. Will you join me? Will you fight with me?" 

He should have known since the start of this that Uriel would be the one to betray him. Uriel - The one angel who hated the Winchesters more then anything else, who constantly questioned the identity of his nearly non-existent Nephilim. Uriel.. Who wanted nothing more then to see Lucifer freed. 

"Strange." He commented. "Strange how a leaky pipe can undo the work of angels when we ourselves are supposed to be the agents of fate." 

"Alistair was much more powerful then we had imagined-" Uriel interjected. 

Castiel gently shook his head and said, "No. No demon can overpower that trap. I made it myself." He studied the flickering gaze of his ally before moving to stand in front of him. "We have been friends for a long time, Uriel. Fought by each others sides, served together away from Home for what seems like forever. We're brothers, Uriel. Pay me that respect and tell me the truth." 

"Truth is.. The only thing that can kill an angel, is an angel." Castiel winced at the familiar grind of metal as Uriel unsheathed his blade and twirled it between his fingers. 

"You?" He asked in disbelief. "You are the one who broke that Devils Trap? Set Alistair on Dean?" 

"Alistair should have never been taken alive." Uriel remarked. "Really inconvenient, Cas. Yes.. I did turn the screw a little. Alistair should have killed Dean and escaped, and you should've happily gone on scapegoating the demons-" 

"For the murders of our kin?" 

"Not murders, Castiel." He replied matter of factly. "My work is conversion. How long have we waited here? How long have we played this game? By rules that make absolutely no sense?!"

"This world.." Castiel began. "It is our Fathers world-" 

The venom that dripped from the opposite angel's voice did not go amiss as he responded, "Our Father stopped being that, if he ever was, the moment he created them!" He shivered in disgust as Castiels entire vessel tensed, his shoulder blades tightly pressed together as the tension in the air grew thick. "Humanity. His vagrants. His whining, puking larvae. The thought of them just makes me want to convulse." 

"Are-Are you trying to convert me?" 

"I wanted you to join me!" He exclaimed. "With you, we can be powerful enough to-" 

Castiel tilted his head. "To do what?" He murmured, his voice dropping several octaves as Uriel squirmed underneath his intense gaze. 

"To raise our brother." 

It had never occurred to him that Uriel had been a devout follower of Lucifer, intent on breaking the fallen Arch-Angel from his cage in Hell and setting him free upon the world. But now as he stared down his comrade, a ally who had been at his side through the bloodiest of wars, Castiel cursed himself for not recognizing the tell-tale signs of betrayal sooner. 


Awe flashed across Uriel's features. "You do remember him, don't you? How strong he was.. How beautiful. And he didn't bow to humanity. He was punished for defending us! Now if you wanna believe in something Cas, believe in him." 

"There's this game that humans play whenever we're bored or getting to know people." Cleopatra inquired as she tucked her knees beneath her, sat at Cas' side as they watched the children gambol throughout the park. It was only their fourth meeting since the day they'd met, but she never felt safer then when she was with him. "It's called Twenty Questions. I'll start off with something easy. What is your favorite color?" 

He'd said blue at the time. Like the translucent blue of icicles or a mid-summers sky. Now it's the color of melted gold; Or more specifically, the color of her eyes. 

After twenty minutes of rifling through the most simplistic questions she could think of between the two of them, Castiel finally had summoned up the courage to ask the one that had been nagging at his brain since they had started. "What are you afraid of, Cleopatra?" 

"Lucifer is not God." 

"God isn't God anymore, Castiel." 

She was obviously caught off guard by the question, her veins pinched by ice almost immediately as her eyes fell on the blonde boy she saw quite frequently during her daily life in town. He was the spitting image of her brother - Which was why she was constantly making trips here to begin with. "I'm afraid of loss. Pain." She whispered, turning on her side to regard the angel with misty sea foam eyes. "Grief. But I'm also afraid of the Devil." 

He was still upset that they had never finished their game. 

"He doesn't care what we do." Uriel growled. "I am proof of that." 

"But this?" Castiel questioned in retaliation. "What were you going to do, Uriel? Were you going to kill the entire garrison?" 

"I only killed the ones who said no. Others have joined me, Cas. Please brother.. Don't fight me. Help me. Help me spread the Word. Help me bring on the Apocalypse." Castiels face contorted between a mixture of confusion and deeply rooted guilt as he slowly tilted his chin upward to look directly into Uriels eyes. "All you have to do is be unafraid." 

"You are aware that Lucifer was once an-" 

Cleopatra held up her hand to silence his rambling. "I attended church from birth up until my father died. I still have a firm belief that God is out there watching over me.." Her voice broke apart as she swallowed the bitter taste threatening to rise in her throat. "And so are my brother and father. I know the stories, Castiel. Lucifer fell because he was prideful and thirsty for power that he couldn't have. I'm afraid of the Devil because he walks as a human.. He looks like one, and talks like one. I'm afraid of falling for his deceit. That if I ever do meet him one day, He will play a key part in turning me into the abomination I know I am." 

She had been right. Every moment from this point on, until the inevitable end of days, boiled down to his own choices. Join Uriel, or die at his hand? Kill the Nephilim... Or fall in love with her? 

In the end, it's the choices we didn't take that we only come to regret later on. 

"For the first time in a long time.. I am." Castiel grunted as he shoved the heel of his hand into Uriels chest, the wall of bricks collapsing behind him as his body was forced through it. The sickening crack of bones against bone echoed around the empty room as the two angels fought against one another - until there was no sight but blood, and no sound but labored breathing. 

Castiel spat blood from his mouth and slammed his fist into Uriels jaw once again only to be completely sideswiped by a crowbar slamming into his skull, knocking the wind from his lungs and forcing him to his knees. "You can't win Uriel." He proclaimed, eyes cast upward to gaze into the darkened orbs of his brother. "I still serve God." 

"You haven't even met the man!" He exclaimed. "There is no will." 


"No Wrath!" 


"No God!" 

Castiel fell backwards as the sickening squelch of a blade entering a body emanated against his pounding skull, forcing the Seraph to cover his ears as he recognized the blurred form of Cleopatra who had driven her angel blade directly through Uriels throat. "Sorry sunshine." She growled, twisting the blade soaked in his blood through the center of his throat. "If there isn't a God.. Then there's still me." 

A bright light shone through the abandoned warehouse until it morphed into an explosion - the death of an angel - before they were met with the sight of wings etched into the concrete and the shadows of nightfall. The Seraph and the Nephilim turned to gaze at one another, a silent thanks passed between their locked eyes, before Cleopatra gently lifted her hand to caress Castiels cheek. 

Warmth spread through his body as her grace healed his wounds. It was a different warmth then when he healed himself - The type of warmth that when it encompasses you, you never want to leave. It makes you feel safe, secured, unafraid.. It makes you feel as if you're home. 

"C'mon angel." She whispered, her lips quirked upward in the ghost of a smile as she extended her hand, beneath her fingernails still caked in Uriels blood. "We have a Winchester to see." 


Hospital rooms always made her feel uncomfortable. The overwhelming smell of chloro-septic filling her nostrils. The soft, rhythmic echo of the heart monitor in the corner. The pale contrast of the white walls against the person occupying the hospital bed. 

Castiel stared at the older Winchester, quite dismayed by the sight of him as his fingers trembled at his sides. Dean had been battered and bruised quite significantly from his fight with Alistair, and given that he had no idea about Uriels involvement, it only further deepened his guilt.

Cleopatra felt her heart skip a beat whenever he fumbled for a hold on her hand before finally lacing their fingers together, never loosening his grip on them. She flashed him an encouraging smile before he trekked across the room to take his seat at the bedside. "Are you alright?" Castiel murmured. She opened her mouth to respond but was interrupted by the gravelly voice and stunning green eyes beside her. 

"No thanks to you." He muttered, wincing as Cleopatra sat on the small space left between Deans body and the mattress. She gazed over him with concerned blue-green orbs before gently coming to rest her hand on his forearm. 

"You need to be more careful." Castiel warned. 

"And you need to learn how to manage a Devils Trap-" 

"No." The Seraph replied pensively, his eyes falling on the small patterns that his mate, or future mate, was writing on the inside of Deans arm as her gaze remained focused on the wall. "That's not what I mean. Uriel is dead." Had Dean not been half sedated and drifting in and out of unconsciousness, Cleopatra would've given a silent cry of victory.. Had it not also been her first legitimate kill. 

And all to save Castiel. 

"Was it the demons?" Dean asked. His eyes followed the pale fingers tracing his skin to the veiled expression of a woman he'd only just recently come to admire, slowly lifting his hand to brush hair from her face and gaze at her eyes. He had seen that look a thousand times before on himself whenever he had made his first kill - not an angel or a demon - but his first kill ever. It had torn him apart to know that his own two hands were capable of taking a human life. 

"No. It was disobedience." Her eyes widened at Castiels false statement as the two of them turned to the angel. "He was working against us. Cleopatra was the one who ended it." 

Dean swallowed the bile rising in his throat and slowly swiveled his head, pain radiating through the upper half of his body as he gripped Cleopatras hand in his own. "Is-Is it true?" He asked timidly. "Did I break the first seal? Did I start the Apocalypse?" 

"Yes." Castiel replied. "When we discovered Lilliths plan for you, we laid siege to Hell. We fought to get to you before-" 

"I jump started the Apocalypse?" Dean muttered bitterly. Cleopatra lightly shook her head and brought her palm to rest against his cheek, turning his chin so the two of them were looking directly at one another. She had felt his guilt before - So similar to her own. What if I had done something different? What if I had never given myself to a man who abused me? Who would I have become then? What if.. What if.. 

"Dean." She whispered. Castiel resisted the urge to lash out as he watched her thumb slowly brush the underside of his bottom lip. Most likely meant as a means of comfort, but it did nothing to staunch his growing jealousy. "There's no way you could have known. Believe me when I say this, despite the fact we're just getting to know each other again." She brought her other hand up to cup the opposite side of his face and slowly lowered her forehead until it was resting against his own. ''This isn't on you." 

Castiels nostrils flared as he dug his fingernails into the center of his palms, oblivious to the wounds he'd inflicted as droplets of scarlet began to fall on the floor. He had clearly seen how Dean responded to her touch. Almost as if he craved affirmation from a woman who genuinely cared about him. 

"We were too late." Cas interjected. Cleopatra pried herself away from Dean and turned towards the Seraph, never faltering in her grip on his hand. 

"Why didn't you just leave me there then!?" 

"It's not blame that falls on you, Dean. It's fate." Cas' eyes rose to the ceiling as he relaxed into the fabric of the arm-chair. "The righteous man who begins it is the only one who can finish it." The Seraph gazed upon his acquaintance pensively as his cobalt eyes met those of the Nephilim. She was staring at him with such a craving for answers that it made him further reluctant to divulge them. "You have to stop it." 

"Lucifer? The Apocalypse?" Dean murmured plaintively. "What does that mean?" When Castiel made no move to answer, the muscles in his forearms grew rigid with anger as his eyes opened just a fraction wider, indicating his frustration. "Hey! Don't you go disappearing on me you son of a-" 


"What does that mean!?"

"I don't know. I don't. Dean.. They don't tell me much. I know that our fate rests with you." 

Cleopatra stood to her feet and moved to the opposite side of the room, immediately noticing that Dean began to squirm as she moved further away from his hospital bed. She took that moment to truly study the man in front of her. A man born into a loving home who had been exposed to death far too soon, raised in war, and now a self deprecating soldier whos only intent in life was to put everyone else in front of himself. Dean Winchester was the epitome of self loathing, and she knew it. 

If her staying with the Winchesters meant that she could begin picking up pieces of his heart,

"Well then you guys are all screwed, Cas. I can't do this Cas. It's.. It's too big." 

And learn how to love the ones who had taken the only home she had ever known,

"Alistair was right. I'm not all here. I'm not strong enough." 

Then she would defy the odds. 

She would love a rebel. 

And she would finally learn to let go. 

"I guess I'm not the man that either of our Dads wanted me to be." 


Chapter Text

"There are a-lot of trials and tribulations headed for you and Castiel." Chuck replied, his voice hollow as he spoke against the computer in front of him. "Alot of grief and guilt, but alot of happiness too." Cleopatra nervously wrung her hands in her lap as she waited for him to continue. 

"Am I enough for these men?" She whispered. Chuck peered around the computer screen and slid his glasses back up his nose, his lips quirking upward in the ghost of a smile at her clumsy approach towards him. "Have you.. Am I good enough to fix the Winchesters? Do I protect them? Do I-" 

Soon enough his hand came to rest over her own. "Cleopatra, you are surely more then enough for the Winchester boys. They've never known what unconditional love feels like, and that's something you exhibit quite strongly. You are good enough to heal the broken, to save the dying, and to guide the lost in being found." The crinkles around his eyes grew prominent as his smile widened. "You're the savior these boys and angel need." 


{4x18 - The Monster At The End Of This Book}

"Do you want me to keep wearing your clothes?!" Cleopatra shouted as she hurled a pair of Deans sweatpants at the bathroom door. "Because if I do, I'm afraid I'm gonna start smelling like you, and that is not something I want!" Dean yelped as one of his boots came flying through the opened bathroom door, followed by a steady steam that had gathered during his shower. 

"Fine, you wanna act like a girl about it?" Dean retorted as he brushed past the Nephilim and beelined for his duffel bag. "Go take a trip home, see your mom, get some feminine clothes. God only knows that the sexual-" The elder Winchester gaped as his body was flung across the motel room only to be pinned to the wall, his emerald green eyes met with the piercing golds of the woman in front of him. 

"There is no such thing as sexual tension between us, you imbecile." Dean swallowed nervously as Cleopatra inched closer to him and rotated her wrist before snapping downward to release him from her hold. Ever since Sam had pointed out the vicious golden eyes, he'd been intrigued to the point where he wanted to know who she was, or even what she was. But it was clear she wasn't keen on giving the answers to his questions. "Try not to do anything stupid while I'm gone. Listen to Sam, because he's the smart one-" 


"And please, for the love of God," Cleopatra glanced over her shoulder at the nearly empty motel room and the eldest Winchester son before flashing a smile at him. "Don't get yourself killed." 


The moment she set foot in Lawrence, Cleopatra was met with a strong urge for coffee and a new book. Or set of books. Maybe both. She straightened her spine and dusted off her clothes, gathering herself back together before trekking down main street towards the book shop. 

She was met with the fresh smell of pastries upon entering the small shop, the metal bell above the door echoing against the bookcases as she stared at their leather spines in awe. The owner of the shop. a frail older Irish woman named Anastasia O'Sullivan who had immigrated from Ireland upon meeting her deceased husband, had taken a liking to her upon the first time her father Josiah had brought her inside for the "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" series when she was in middle school. 

What caught her attention over all the new literature around her was the familiar head of black hair and the swooping tan trench coat that stood on the wall parallel to the register, nimble fingers wrapped around the cover of a unfamiliar paperback. Cleopatra snuck through the aisles furthest away from Castiel, her boots lightly tucking into the ragged burgundy carpet as she peered around the corner, ducking her head when his eyes snapped over to meet her own. 

"Oi, Cleo! What're you doin' hiding from the handsome man?!" Anastasia snapped, lightly smacking the small of her back and propelling her to an alertness she had not felt since the last time she and the angel had encountered one another. While it had not been a long period of time since Dean had been out of the hospital, somehow Castiel still managed to make her anxious in the most preposterous way. "Castiel, this is-"

"Dear Ana, I did tell you I was waiting for a pretty woman, didn't I?" Castiel tutted, turning the paperback towards Cleopatra. Her eyes narrowed in on the cover. What was in Castiels hand appeared to be a erotic novel titled Supernatural: Something Wicked by Carver Edlund, and the reason why he'd been leaning so awkwardly against the shelf was because it wasn't just an individual book. 

It was a part of an entire series. 

Anastasia lightly nudged her hip and leaned upward to whisper in her ear. "I can tell this one is already a keeper." She whispered before winking at Castiel and disappearing into the room behind the register that lead to the second floor of the building, hidden away by a white curtain. 

"Cas, what are you doing here?" 

Castiel swallowed and shifted uncomfortably as he set down the book. "I heard about the books and wanted to see them for myself. Tell me these don't look familiar to you." Her fingers brushed against his own as she took the book from his hands, turning it over to read the synopsis on the back. 

"These books are about Sam and Dean?" She inquired, almost as if she were amused by the aspect of the Winchester brothers having an entire series written about their tragic lives. "While part of that is absolutely hilarious to me, it also makes zero sense. How could this.. Carver Edlund.. write an entire series about two people he's never met?" 

"The man who wrote these is actually named Chuck Shurley, and while Dean and Sam do not know this yet, I feel obligated to inform you." Castiel replied softly, his hand coming to rest on the curve of her jaw as his fingers brushed a stray hair behind her ear. "He is a Prophet of the Lord." 


"So, let me see if I'm following." Cleopatra began, dipping a finger in her coffee as Castiel leaned into the chair across from her. After nearly imploding inside of the bookstore, the Nephilim had thought it best to lead her angel to the cafe by her house to get the entire story on Prophets. "Chuck Shurley, who is a Prophet, is protected by an Archangel. He's been having visions of Dean and Sam since he became one which is how he knows every minuscule detail about their lives. And judging by the look on your pretty pale face-" Cobalt blue eyes flickered up to meet her own as she flashed him a grin. "You still haven't told them any of this yet." 

 "Well, if I'm correct, they're on their way to speak to Mr. Shurley right now. I'm sure they know how to handle it." Castiel absentmindedly traced circles on the surface of the table as Cleopatra sipped at her coffee. "Truth be told, there is a reason why I came to Lawrence to find the books. I could have gone to any bookstore in the United States-''

The Seraph froze as warm fingers grazed his own, and he lifted his eyes to find himself staring into the soul of the most beautiful creature his Father had created. While Sam Winchester had a soul made of pure obsidian and reeking of evil, Cleopatra's soul was heavenly. Bright. Pure. 

 "Why did you come find me, Cas?" 

Castiel slowly exhaled, his lips falling into an o as Cleopatra loosely linked their fingers together. Before he had taken Jimmy as his vessel, he'd been careful to watch the interactions between two married humans. Jimmy had been devoted to Amelia Novak. He loved her and never hesitated to tell it to her. And now here he stood, mere months into his time spent with humanity, and Castiel was unsure of whether or not to classify the way his body was reacting in Cleopatras proximity as the beginning of himself falling in love with her. 

"I missed you." He confessed in the softest of whispers. The smile that lit up her entire face did not go amiss as Cleopatra lightly squeezed his hand before lifting their linked fingers to her lips, uncurling each of his digits to press a kiss to the rough pads of his calloused fingers. Her eyes never left his own until she had finished, pressing a feather light kiss upon his palm before she moved to pull out her money for the coffee she'd drank. 

"I missed you too. I missed the way you make me feel." Cleopatra replied. "You are the only person to ever give me a reason for living, Castiel. I don't want that feeling to leave. But the angels.." Her voice broke off as she was hit with a sinking realization. "Angels aren't supposed to love humans. It's forbidden." 

"Angels also aren't supposed to have soulmates, Cleopatra-" She held up a single finger and pressed it to the corner of his mouth, reluctant to press it against his lips for fear that he would recoil. His cobalt eyes softened as she leaned forward and brushed her lips against his cheek. 

"Please... call me Cleo." 


This part is near the end of the episode right before Cas comes in, and after Deans car accident. Cleopatra arrives to the house first. 

She arrived to his house before Chuck did, taking a seat in the corner arm chair with her fingers wrapped loosely around a bottle of water she'd found at the back of the fridge. After her conversation with Castiel, she'd wanted to get Chuck alone in hopes that he'd have some answers to her questions about their future. It wasn't much later when the front door opened, revealing a man with wild brown hair and icy blue eyes; He was dressed in a grey sweatshirt and faded jeans, multiple bottles of hard alcohol tucked into his arms. 

"Woah!" He exclaimed, jumping several feet in the air at the sight of the woman in his house. "Where-How-Wait.." A small smile tugged at her lips as Chuck tilted his head, struggling to identify where he'd seen her. "I know you. You're in the later books after Dean gets out of Hell, same time Castiel shows up." His eyes lit up in amazement. "You're Cleopatra Carter. The Nephilim." 

"Hello Chuck. It's nice to meet you." She replied softly. "I'm not here as an enemy. I'm here as a friend." Chuck glanced between where she sat in the arm chair which had been positioned perfectly in front of his computer before he took his place at the swivel chair. "Did you ever write me into the books?" 

Chuck nodded slowly as he poised his fingers above the keys. The chapter he'd been working on prior to the arrival of Sam and Dean was one that took place in the near future, where Castiel was expelled from his vessel and sent back to Heaven for punishment - Punishment over falling in love with Heavens Most Wanted Abomination. He'd seen how far she'd fallen for the angel and all she would sacrifice for him. 

He didn't have the heart to tell her that they'd be the end of each other. 

"I did, especially when Castiel becomes an important part of Dean and Sams story. There are alot of trials and tribulations headed for you and Castiel." Chuck replied, his voice hollow as he spoke against the computer in front of him. "Alot of grief and guilt, but alot of happiness too." Cleopatra nervously wrung her hands in her lap as she waited for him to continue. 

"Am I enough for these men?" She whispered. Chuck peered around the computer screen and slid his glasses back up his nose, his lips quirking upward in the ghost of a smile at her clumsy approach towards him. "Have you.. Am I good enough to fix the Winchesters? Do I protect them? Do I-" 

Soon enough, his hand came to rest over her own. "Cleopatra, you are surely more then enough for the Winchester boys. They've never known what unconditional love feels like, and that's something you exhibit quite strongly. You are good enough to heal the broken, to save the dying, and to guide the lost in being found." The crinkles around his eyes grew prominent as his smile widened. "You're the savior these boys and angel need."

Before she could even begin to form a coherent response, their conversation was halted by Dean crashing in through the front door. His leather jacket was torn in several places, bruises blossoming against the sharp features of his face as he glared at Chuck from across the room. He looked worse for wear, and by the anger flashing in his eyes, he had a bone to pick with him.

"Dean?" Cleopatra called out. "You look like crap, man. What happened?" 

"Why don't you ask your Prophet friend over there?" Dean snapped. "He knew all this was gonna happen anyway! Did-" His emerald irises narrowed on the Nephilim as he drew closer to her, taking notice of the way her breathing hitched whenever he was angry. "Did he write you into the books too?" 


The older Winchesters nostrils flared as he pushed past Cleopatra to stand directly in front of Chuck. "Why do I get the feeling that there's something you aren't telling us?! I want to know how you know what you do! I deserve to know how some random dude gets privileges to my crappy life story!" 

"Dean-" Cleopatra warned, wrapping her fingers around his bicep. Her mind flashed back to her earlier conversation with Castiel, and without thinking she found herself uttering a prayer beneath her breath to bring the Seraph to her aid. "Listen to me Dean-" 

"Dean, let him go." All three figures turned around to greet the commanding baritone that echoed through the room and found themselves staring at Cas. Once again, his expression was completely stoic. There was absolutely zero indication that the angel who'd confessed he missed her presence, shivered under her touch, and pierced her soul with his cobalt eyes was even there to begin with. "This man is to be protected." 

There are many trials headed for you and Castiel. 


"He's a Prophet of the Lord." 


Castiel slowly outstretched his fingers to wrap around Cleopatras wrist, hesitantly pulling her in his direction as Chuck gazed upon the  two of them in astonishment. "No wonder she talks so highly of you. I must not have your story together yet." He murmured. "You're Castiel, she's Cleopatra. The Seraph with Heavens Most Wanted Abomination. Awesome-"

"It's nice to meet you, Chuck." Castiel said in greeting. "And yes, you are correct. She is the last living Nephilim. On the other hand.." His eyes softened as he picked up a stray copy of Scarecrow lying on the side table. "I admire your work." Cleopatra leaned into his shoulder and remained wary of touching him in front of Dean, her eyes focused on the disbelief flashing across the eldest Winchesters face. 

"Woah- Are you kidding me? This guy.. He's a Prophet? C'mon, he's practically a pinhouse forum writer!" He peered around Cas' shoulder and glowered at Chuck, who was now sitting in the armchair with a can of beer in his hand. "Did you know about this?" 

"I-I might've, uh.. Dreamt about it." 

Cleopatra snorted as Deans nostrils flared. "You get way too worked up over nothing, Deano." She mused. "Okay, so he's a Prophet. I'm a Nephilim, and Castiel is an angel. Why does anything surprise you anymore?" Her heart skipped a beat as a reoccurring thought came to her mind: She had yet to tell him and Sam that the two of them were soulmates. "Cas and I are-" 

"Also in the book with me!!" Chuck interjected. It was clear that the Prophet had absolutely zero intentions of allowing her to confess her secret. "I didn't tell you because it was preposterous and absolutely arrogant! Writing yourself into the story is one thing, but as a Prophet? That's M.  Knight level douchiness!" 

"This.. This is the guy who decides our fate?" Dean said angrily, nudging Castiel in the ribs to draw his attention away from the book. The angel only found himself glancing up when he felt Cleopatras presence draw closer to him.  

"He isn't deciding anything. He's merely a mouthpiece. A conduit for the inspired word." 

"The Word?" Cleopatra replied. "Like.. the word of God?" 

The Seraph smiled. "You'd think that's what they meant, but it's in fact quite the opposite. One day, these books will be known as the Winchester Gospel.. with a few side characters, of course." Cleopatra pursed her lips as she focused on the rhythmic bouncing of Chucks leg, followed by the anxious flickering of his eyes that could not seem to find an anchor. It had become clear to her in her short time with the Prophet that they had completely turned his world upside down. 

After a moment, she was pulled out of her stupor when Dean decided to roughly shake her shoulders. "Hey, no zoning out here Cleo!" He exclaimed. "We- I need you to be present, okay? I wanna know how this guy became a Prophet. Do either of you have any idea?" 

"I can tell you that I don't know how Prophets are chosen. The order comes from high up on the chain of celestial command."

"How high?" 


It was in moments like these that she wished Gabriel was still around. Unfortunately, she hadn't set eyes on her Uncle since the day of her fathers death, and she would've been surprised to ever see him again. He was probably dead by now, or partying his life away in Heaven. 

"Okay.. never mind then. How do we get around this?" 

It was her turn to be confused. "Around.. what, exactly?" 

Dean stomped his foot against the ground irritably. "Catch up! The Sam and Lillith love connection! How do we stop it?" Cas' eyes cast towards the ceiling before he slowly exhaled through his nose, his gaze flickering back to acknowledge a clearly desperate Dean. 

"What the Prophet has written cannot be unwritten." He replied. "As he has seen it, so it shall come to pass." 

Cleopatra felt her entire body stiffen at his words as Dean stormed out of the house, beelining for the Impala before he peeled out of the driveway and down the street. Chuck had been very clear in what was coming for her story - for their story - A lifetime of pain, and loss, and guilt, and absolute bloodshed. 

There are many trials coming for you and Castiel. 

Her chest slowly constricted until it felt like she was carrying the weight of the Universe on her chest. Her fingers fumbled for a solid grip as they trembled, her breathing coming in quick, uneven gasps as she sank to her knees. "Hey." Castiel urged as he too sank to his knees, pulling his bottom lip between his teeth. "This fear you feel over our future is a lie, Cleopatra." He took two fingers and angled them beneath her chin. "Look at me." 

The moment she did, it felt as if everything she'd ever feared in her life, from loneliness to grief to anger to pain.. melted away just by gazing into his eyes. Eyes that had once belonged to a human that now held a million untold stories that had begun with Creation. 

"Cas-I-" She rasped as her fingers wound through her thick, raven curls. "I have lost so much already. I can't fall in love with you while I know that so much crap is coming down the road that's inevitably going to break us apart. I-I cannot take another funeral." Cleopatra felt tears prick the corners of her eyes as she lifted them to meet the Seraphs concerned expression. "Stay with me. Don't flee because of Heavens orders.. Don't hesitate in how you feel." Cleopatra gripped his hand and rested it over her heart. "This? It only beats for you." She leaned forward and tenderly wrapped her arms around his neck, standing on her tiptoes to press herself into the curve of his body. "Please Castiel.. Stay with me." 

His lips quirked upward in a smile as he hid his face in the crook of her shoulder. Had it been a year previously whenever he'd taken over Jimmy Novak as a vessel, Castiel would have never anticipated the first genuine friend he made would be the woman he was going to fall in love with. "Always." 

His greatest sin in the eyes of Heaven was always going to be falling in love with a Nephilim. That was his problem. He loved her, loved humanity, too deeply. 

Please.. I need help.

She immediately pulled away and frowned upon hearing the voice in her head. It had been known for Nephilim to be able to hear prayers.. but she hadn't ever anticipated being able to hear Deans. 

 Do you hear me? I'm praying here. C'mon. Please.. 

In the blink of an eye, Castiel found himself still wrapped in Cleopatras embrace, but instead standing outside of the same motel that Dean and Sam had checked into earlier that day. His jaw dropped when he felt the gentle caress of beautiful white feathers brush against his cheeks before Cleopatra pried herself away from his warmth, managing a grin despite the tear stains on her cheeks.

"Dean?" She called out softly, stopping in her tracks when Dean whipped around to face her and Cas. "Prayer is a sign of faith, hon. This is a good thing."

"So does that mean you'll help me?" He pleaded. "Either of you? You're both angels, for gods-" Dean stopped when both angels eyes narrowed instantly, sending shivers down his spine at the power that radiated from both of them. "Please. I'm asking, I'm begging-" 

Cleopatra turned to Castiel and stuck her hands deep into her pockets, the two of them exchanging a questioning glance as to whether or not she could actually drag Sam from the motel with her powers. Nephilim were not only strong willed - But they were fierce, stubborn, lethal, and powerful. She could kill Lillith with the snap of her fingers. On the other hand, it wouldn't be long before the boys figured out what she really was. 

"This is a Prophecy, I- We cannot interfere. We already have our own Prophecy set in motion.. Like I said, once it is written, so it shall be." 

''You-" Dean jabbed a finger at Cas. "You have tested and pulled me every which way, and I have never asked for anything. But now I'm asking, I need your help. Both of you." His eyes flickered down to the dark haired woman. "You want to prove how much you care about Sam and I? This is it. Prove it to me by helping me save my baby brother, Cleo." 

"What you're asking, Dean.. It's not within my power to do." 

"Why?!" He exclaimed. "Because it's divine Prophecy?!" 


"So I'm just supposed to sit around and wait for it to happen?" Dean snapped back. When Cas didn't answer, his expression hardened until nothing was visible but a calm, methodical rage. "Screw you. Both of you. Especially you, Cleopatra. And here I was thinking you might actually have begun to give a dam-" 

The tension in the air grew when Dean was thrown backwards and slammed into the door of the Impala, pinned to the car by an invisible force wrapped around his torso. When he finally gathered the strength to lift his chin, he was met with the same pair of angered golden eyes that only appeared when things became difficult. "Don't you dare act like you get to dictate who I care about, Dean!" Cleopatra growled. "You may have lost your mother, but did you lose Sam? Have you ever physically felt the pain your brother was in when he died the first time? No? Because I did. It's called the Nephilim's Heart, you see." 

"Nephilim?" He questioned. "What is a Nephilim?" Despite his experience in modern and historical lore, Dean had never once come across any of children between angels and humans. He'd been told it was strictly forbidden.

"A Nephilim is the child of an angel and a human. One Nephilim is enough to tear the world apart, but two? Holy crap, they can break the entire freakin' Universe if they're having a bad day!" She exclaimed. "So, what do you do when two children are given more power then they know what to do with? You kill one of them, evens out the playing field. And if you really want to screw over the last living Nephilim, who has practically given up any chance of a life by hunting and living under a false pretense of a normal life, send her a soulmate that also happens to be an angel!" 

Dean felt ice pinch the blood coursing through his veins. His eyes flickered in between a silent Castiel and fuming Cleopatra, who recoiled when she finally felt his gaze settle on her. "Wait a minute. Did you.. Did you say soulmate?" He pressed. "Like.. You two? Child of an angel, and an angel, were put together as soulmates?" 

Cleopatra swallowed the bile in her throat. "Do you want to keep going?" She muttered darkly. "I can throw you across the parking lot, bucko. Keep riling me up. See what happens." Deans eyes darkened as he set his jaw, the muscle twitching beneath his skin as he clenched his fists at his sides. 

"Screw you. Both of you. No wonder Cas hasn't got a pair, it's because his woman makes all the tough decisions for him. So let me send you off, if you still plan on leaving, by saying this again. Screw you, your mission, your God." He spoke mockingly. "If you two don't help me now, then when the time comes and you need me, don't bother asking." 

Castiel remained stoic until Dean moved further down the parking lot. Cleopatra pursed her lips and lightly pulled on his trench coat, tugging him down to her level. The Seraph softened under her touch as her lips remained only mere centimeters away from his ear. 

"Tell him." 

Honesty was the most important policy in the type of relationship she was building with Dean from the ground up. If the Winchesters were going to unconditionally put their trust in her, she needed to show them that she was worth trusting in. "Dean, you need to understand why I can't interfere." Castiel called out. "Prophets are very special. They're protected-"

 "I get that!" 

Cleopatra held her hand up. "Dean, trust me when I say this." She said softly. "Take a breath and listen to him." 

"If anything happens to a Prophet, anything at all," Castiel repeated slowly, taking his time with trying to convey his point but without revealing the bigger picture behind it. If he directly interfered between the Archangels and Chuck, it was his head on the line and he wasn't willing to risk himself in such a manner. "An Archangel will appear to destroy that threat. Archangels are fierce." 

Gabriel grinned at the little girl who sprinted towards him from the back porch of the cottage house. He'd swore up and down that Cleopatra would be terrified of his six wings that expanded across the yard, but she made no effort to show her fear. She was more concerned about Uncle Gabe. 

"They're Heaven's most terrifying weapon." 

How could the same man who cradled her from birth be the one to put her brother and father to rest? 

Gabriel was not cruel. He wasn't emotional, but based on what she'd seen today.. He most certainly was a coward. Cleopatra watched through the haze of rainfall as the Archangels, Michael and Gabriel, took one last look at her and Alexandria before disappearing entirely. 

Not even so much as a goodbye. 

Her heart lifted as Deans eyes narrowed, a signature move he did when the gears inside his head began to turn. "And these Archangels, they're tied to Prophets?" He asked. 


"So if a Prophet is in the same room.. as a Demon?"

Cleopatra grinned as she wrapped her hands around her hips and rocked on the heels of her feet. "Then the most fearsome wrath of Heaven would rain down on that demon, and they're basically toast." She replied proudly. "Just so you understand why we can't help." 

Dean jabbed a thumb at the Nephilim. "And why can't you help? What does being a Nephilim have to do with saving Sam's skin?" He questioned firmly. "Now him, I get. Being Heavens baby angel and all.. but why you?

Cleopatra inhaled deeply and lifted her chin to gaze at Dean, oblivious to the slight quivering of her lip as the elder Winchester expectantly waited her answer. "Story for another time, I'm afraid." She remarked, shooing him away from the pair. "Go on then, go save your baby brother. We'll be here whenever you get back." 

Silence enveloped them as Dean peeled out of the parking lot in the Impala, leaving the two of them alone for the first time since the bookstore. Cleopatra slowly turned towards Castiel and managed a small smile at the Angel, who couldn't help but blush at how intently she was gazing at him. "You're staring at me again." 

"I can't help that I really want to kiss you, Castiel." She whispered for fear that someone else would hear her. Cas' eyes widened as Cleopatra lightly grasped her hand in his own and pressed a kiss to the inside of his wrist. "I can't be near the Archangels, Cas. There was a point where they terrified me, but now I just want to exact vengeance upon them.  I have since my Uncle Gabriel buried my father in the ground and never spoke to me again." 

Castiel swallowed as he considered uttering the sentence that had been rolling through his mind since the entire situation had come to pass. He didn't want her anywhere near this. He didn't want her anywhere near Heaven. 

I will never let another living soul harm you.

"You are the only thing in my life that I have ever wanted to protect, Cleo." Castiel said softly, outstretching his arms to take her hands in his. "If I could convince you to stay away from the Apocalypse, I would. I know you're more stubborn then to just listen to me. If I had to devote myself to protecting one human, protecting you, there is nothing else I'd rather do."

And so they stood there in silence once again, contemplative and afraid - Fearful of what was coming, fearful of what Heaven would do upon finding out that their soldier had fallen out of rank and into the arms of their most hated abomination. But nevertheless.. 

It still made Castiel smile.

Chapter Text

Jimmy Novak is not my soulmate. 

Jimmy Novak is not my soulmate. 

Jimmy Novak is not my soulmate. 

[Set before and during 4x20] 

[Song - Little Lion Man]


        After the initial altercation between Dean and Lillith, they soon found themselves on the steps of her home and entered quietly only to be greeted by the mewling of Azrael from where he rested in the corner. Based on the lack of food in the container and gratuitous amount of water, Cleopatra assumed her mother had been to the house on a number of occasions to keep her friend alive. "I have a question for you." Castiel called out as he shed his coat over the back of her couch, further removing his dress shoes and tucking them beneath the couch as well. "To continue our game of Twenty Questions." 


Her heart skipped several beats as she inserted a K Cup into her Keurig, hoping that this next cup of coffee would be the one to keep her awake for the duration of the night. But the moment she gazed upon the half clothed Seraph in her living room, she knew sleep wasn't coming for her to begin with. 

Seeing him without the trench coat was almost as if he was missing a piece of himself. 

"What is your biggest fear?" 

Looking back on it now, she should have just lied to him. Told him that her biggest fear had already come true when Reagan and her father had both died. But despite the lack of time spent with Castiel, a new fear of hers had quickly come to light. One she had hoped would never surface. 

Feet gently padded against the carpet of the living room as she now stood directly in front of Castiel, heart pounding in her chest as he stared intently at her. Every single time their eyes met, she was sure he was gazing directly into her soul and begging for it to flow from her - connecting his grace and the very center of her being as one.

"You want to know what my deepest fear is, Cas?" She whispered, voice husky as her fingers curved around the frame of his jaw, lips just inches from his own as Cleopatra rose to her tiptoes to sink into the curve of his body. The audible, nervous gulp that emitted from him did not go unnoticed as he wrapped his arm around her waist. "My deepest fear is losing you." 

Cleopatra should've known it would happen. With the luck she had, it was almost inevitable that Castiel was bound to be ripped from her grasps in a moments notice, to never return to the solace of his soulmates arms. She hated herself for admitting it - but she was falling in love with him. 

It was a number of days before she heard from him again. After accompanying the Winchester brothers on their hunt for their supposed half brother Adam (Believe me, he's a story for another time) Cleopatra had returned home and immediately set to restocking in clothes that were suitable for hunting. Packing at least two duffel bags worth for an emergency, she had gone from simply locking her doors at night to sleeping with a gun under her pillow, a can of salt neatly sitting on top of the exorcism spell on her desk. 

A week passed before she saw him in her dreams - and then woke to a desperate voicemail from Dean. 

Castiel frowned when he found himself hidden away in the confines of the storage shed; A hand-made building formed by oak and cherry wood from the surrounding forest that Josiah had taken nearly a year to build, finally deciding to frame the foundation in the corner of the yard to allow his children room to run. 

His sharp eyes gazed over the tools that were neatly organized along the walls before they settled on the familiar form of the Nephilim, smiling sadly as she gazed at what was occurring beyond the window. "I was hoping you'd never find me here." She whispered, motioning him towards her with her fingers. "C'mere Cas." Castiel tiptoed across the creaking boards and leaned into her back, inhaling the familiar scent of books and lavender that so often accompanied her presence. "This was it. The last summer before they died." 

"I figured." He replied softly, curling his fingers around her shoulder and squeezing softly. He knew how much it pained her to relive the few precious memories she did have of her family - and had it not been for such dire circumstances - he would've never invaded it to begin with. "I would not have come if I didn't need your help." 

Concern filled her features as Cleopatra turned around to regard the angel. "What's going on?" 

"When you wake up, you're going to get a call from Dean. It's going to shake you, Cleo. I need you to be prepared for it." Her eyes nervously flickered to the deep gold he'd grown to love, and Castiel found himself pulling her to him and tentatively brushing his lips against the crown of her forehead. "Don't be afraid, Sunflower. Wait for me." 

She woke up in a cold sweat to the familiar tune of Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd - a tune she'd only come to hear through the music collection inside the Impala. Cleopatra rushed to turn off her alarm and flipped through the main screen of her IPhone until she came upon her voicemail, clicking on the one she'd received from Dean less than an hour ago. 

Deano: Hey C, it's me. I know we haven't talked since you blurted out that whole soulmate business between you and Cas, but this is urgent and I wouldn't be calling if it wasn't. We.. We found Cas' vessel. Dude named Jimmy Novak who's hellbent on seeing you again before he goes back to his family in Illinois. Sent you the address of where we currently are - Get here fast, darling. He needs you. 

Cleopatra tilted her head towards her ceiling as a fresh wave of tears blurred her vision, her lips quivering as she struggled to keep her guttural sob silent. Her hands flew to her mouth as she curled into the fetal position on her bed, unable to contain herself any longer as tears stained her pillowcase. 

Castiel had warned her about this the last time she had seen him. She had never seen such a look of panic on his face until that night - the one where the two of them had been bathed in the shadow of her living room - when they had taken their game of Twenty Questions to a level she had not been anticipating. By the time dawn arrived, she knew nearly everything about him. His fears, his regrets, his childhood, his sins, his successes, his family. 

Heaven hated her. That much she knew. But why they were so angry with an angel for attaching himself to what the lore claimed was his soulmate, she still had yet to understand. All Castiel had done his entire life was take orders from On High, and not killing her had been the first one he had ever gone back on. 

"I had gone all this time believing I would be making Heaven proud by killing you, and the moment I saw you watching those children in the park.." His voice broke off as she played with his fingers where they rested on top of the couch. "I knew how grave of a mistake I had been about to make by killing you. It is only now in this time we are together that I fear they will punish me for wholly committing myself to you."

He was... He was so good. His heart was bigger then his entire body. His compassion far outweighed anything else, and all he wanted to do was the mission he had been given from creation: Protect the humans that reside upon the Earth. And now Castiel was probably somewhere in Heaven being punished for making his own choices, for falling in love with the only Nephilim kept alive because he loved her - loved humanity - far too deeply. 

"Don't be afraid, Sunflower." Cleopatra whispered as she met her reflection in the mirror. She didn't see a haggard woman weary to face the world head on. She saw a goddess - One who defied the odds and never took no for an answer, who fought for the ones she loved and what she believed in. "Wait for me."

She saw the strength that her father had always seen in her. 

After a quick shower to freshen herself up, Cleopatra dressed in the outfit she had set out the night before and took one last look in the mirror as she tightly gripped the straps of her duffel bags. 

"I'm coming to save you, Castiel." 


"What do you remember?" 

Jimmy Novak gazed at the two strangers who sat on either side of the dingy motel room table, his meal of fast food long discarded as his eyes anchored to the floor. "My name is Jimmy Novak. I'm from Pontiac, Illinois. I have a family-" His sentence cut off as his blue eyes that so closely mirrored Castiels widened. "I'm supposed to tell her." 

"Woah-" Sam interjected. "Tell who what?" 

He pulled the flesh of his lip in between his teeth as his mind sparked one memory he had not realized was tucked away in the corner of his mind. He saw himself sitting in the living room of a house he didn't recognize - the remains of breakfast discarded on the coffee table as the TV played reruns of FRIENDS. On the couch sat Castiel with his arms loosely tucked around the frame of a female; She had dark hair that veiled most of her face from his sight, her head tucked beneath his chin as she slept soundly against his chest. Their fingers were loosely interlocked in the dim light that shone through the front windows, the first sight of dawn breaking over the horizon.

If Jimmy remembered anything about his time as the vessel of an angel, it was that. He remembered every ache of Castiels soul when the two of them fought to be together. He remembered the confusion, the utter joy in his heart when she had held his hand for the first time. The security he felt when they locked eyes from across the room. 

Realization clouded over his eyes as Jimmy finally turned to look directly at the man called Dean. "I'm supposed to tell Cleopatra how much Castiel cares for her." 


When she finally arrived to the Motel, Cleopatra found Dean and Sam hovering on the opposite side of the Impala where they could keep an eye on the silhouette moving around inside their motel room. "Well, if it isn't Sammy and Deano." She mused, grinning as the younger Winchester opened his arms and allowed her to jump into them. "Oh man did I miss you. You smell fantastic!" 

Sam winked as he set her on the ground. "Cologne and motel shampoo will do that for you." Cleopatra turned around and faced Dean, eyes lighting up at the sight of the older brother as she leaned in and brushed her lips against his cheek. A dark red blush spread across the apples of his cheeks as Dean pulled her to his chest and embraced her tightly, if only for a moment. "Thanks for coming, Cleo. We know this can't be easy for you." 

Her smile fell when she remembered that it wasn't Cas inside of that room. It was his vessel, whos name she had only come to know through Dean's voicemail. Jimmy Novak. "Am I correct in assuming that you two are trying to figure out what to do with him?" She asked. The two boys nodded as her eyes fell back on the window where Jimmy now stood, piercing cobalt eyes flickering through the darkness for their forms. "Won't the demons come after him if he goes home to Illinois? He's a vessel. They'll think he has answers-" 

Sam smacked Deans arm in retaliation. "I told you!" He exclaimed. "Maybe he doesn't even know what he knows! I say we get somewhere safe and we let Cleopatra break into his memories, see if anything is being suppressed!" Her face drained of color at the thought of breaking into the memories of a man who was no more then a stranger, a husband who yearned to return to the life he'd been living before an angel had taken his body captive.

"No." She snapped. "I will not break into his memories. I don’t do that unless absolutely necessary because it’s an invasion of privacy. Not to mention all it's going to do is remind me that Cas isn't in there anymore, and that I failed to protect my soulmate from his inevitable punishment. As far as I'm concerned.. I'm only here to ensure that he doesn't die. That's it." Dean frowned as her eyes flickered to their lethal, tawny gold as she heaved a sigh of defeat. "Jimmy Novak is not my soulmate." 

"Okay, so regardless of that fact, we can't just let him skip out!" Sam interjected. "What we saw when we found his body, that was angel on angel violence. Looked like a freaking nuclear bomb went off in there, and whatever happened.. It was big. we can't just let the only lead we got skip out!" 

Dean shook his head vigorously. 

"We're pals now, Winchester." Cleopatra muttered as she nudged him in the hip. "Spill." 

"What happened to when we used to help people?" Dean asked. "Like getting them back to their families?" 

"You don't think that I don't want to help him? I'm just being realistic here! We're doing him a favor, especially by calling in someone like Cleopatra. She's more capable of taking out a group of demons with her pinky finger then with the two of us combined and accompanied by angel blades. If we want to question this guy.." All three heads turned towards the dimmed motel window, and Cleopatra shuddered as the wind nipped at her bare skin. "You can bet the demons do too." 

She shoved her hands into her pockets and pulled her bottom lip between her teeth. "He's not gonna be thrilled about this." Cleopatra said. "I'm a familiar face. He's bound to have seen me before. Let me talk to him." The Winchesters nodded as Cleopatra lead the way back into the motel room, wrapping her fingers around the doorknob and pushing her way inside. "Jimmy?" 

Jimmy Novak felt his heart skip several beats at the achingly familiar voice, his soul pulling him in the direction of the security it held when he turned around and came face to face with Cleopatra Carter. "Cleopatra-" He breathed in awe, eyes gazing up and down her body. "You are a sight for sore eyes." 

She snorted indignantly at his remark. "You don't even know me." She retorted. 

"I know you alot better then you think. Just because I had an angel controlling my every movement doesn't mean I didn't see what he saw." Jimmy stood to his feet and took a step closer to her but froze in his tracks when he noticed how she recoiled in his presence. "Or how I felt what he felt." 

"Jimmy, I hate to be the bad cop here.. But I'm not letting you go home." His eyes widened when her own flickered to a deep gold, a color he had not known was possible for human eyes. "And neither will they." 

"What the- What do you mean I can't go home?!" Jimmy exclaimed. 

"You're a likely candidate to have a bullseye on your back from the demons that have been pursuing you." Dean replied. "Regardless of the fact that you don't know anything, you were a vessel. They're gonna want you bad." 

"Look, I'm gonna make myself very clear here, okay? I'm done." Jimmy stated firmly. "With demons, angels, all of it. I just want to go home. I've been shot and stabbed and healed with my body being drug all over the Earth, and by some miracle.. I'm out? And I am done." His eyes flickered between the brothers and the silent woman between them before he spoke again. "I've given enough-" 

To say that Dean and Sam were stunned when a hand flew out of nowhere and struck Jimmy Novak across the fact would've been an understatement. The brothers had not been privileged enough to see what happened when Cleopatra was provoked, but it was clear that being around Castiel's vessel was more painful for her then she let on. 

"You-You think you've given enough?" She snarled weakly as tears pooled in her eyes. "I have lost my brother, my father and my soulmate-" Her voice threatened to break as she dared to look into the eyes that so closely mirrored Castiels. "The man I am growing to respect, to admire, and to adore is dead. Now am I just looking at the husk of who he was. Don't tell me you've given enough when I have lost everything I love." 

She slammed the door before any of the men could respond. 


3 AM - Before Dean went to sleep

Weep for yourself my man 

You'll never be what is in your heart 

The liquid burn that numbed her aching heart was a welcomed friend as Cleopatra lounged on the hood of the Impala. Sitting out here in the comfort of the dark was much better for her then having to face Castiel's vessel, who was adamant on trekking back to Pontiac to be reunited with his family. 

That was the worst part she had to come to terms with. She wasn't Jimmys soulmate, and as long as he was still breathing, she was never going to be his. She was Castiels. Plain and simple. 

Weep little lion man 

You're not as brave as you were at the start 

His cobalt blue eyes were pitiful as they gazed upon her from inside the motel room. It was clear that he had bared witness to Castiel's demise; softened by falling in love with Heavens Most Wanted Nephilim. "I wouldn't do that if I were you." Dean called out, completely enthralled by the work of the Magic Fingers that had been loosening his taut muscles for the past twenty five minutes. "She really doesn't want anything to do with you." 

Rate yourself and rake yourself

Take all the courage you have left 

"The feelings that Castiel harbored for that woman is not one sided." Jimmy murmured. Sam, now with his interest piqued, peered over the lid of his laptop in curiosity. "I watched him fall in love with her. While I am a married man devoted to his wife.. I have grown to care deeply about her well being." 

"Good luck speaking to her man. You're wearing her soulmates face." Dean replied casually. Jimmy sighed softly as he retreated to the bed parallel to Deans and burrowed beneath the blankets, hoping to wake up in a few hours and have all of this conflict disappear. 

4:45 AM

When he woke, Cleopatra was still leaning against the windshield of the car. This time her bottle was long discarded and she was softly singing to herself as she swayed back and forth. 

Wasted on fixing all the problems that you made in your own head

He had discarded Castiels trench-coat upon waking up, and it came as no surprise when he snuck outside and found her wearing it. The warmth of his coat enveloped her as Cleopatra kept a keen eye on the window of the motel room. Part of her contemplated knocking Jimmy unconscious with a mere snap of her fingers, hoping it would keep her from having to speak to him. Having to talk to the husk of the angel she lost would most likely drive of over the edge. 

And it was not your fault but mine 

And it was your heart on the line 

She had just wanted to keep him safe. She had thought that maybe, just maybe, God had granted her mercy from the pain that surrounded her life and gave her someone to share the gift of living with. It was her fault that he intercepted her that day in Lawrence. It was her fault for pursuing him. 

It was her fault that he was probably dead. 

  "Cleopatra?" Her heart sank as Cleopatra lifted her head towards the voice, grimacing as Jimmy emerged from the darkness. "I know you don't want to speak to me, but there's an aura about you that Castiel admired. So do I." Jimmy gestured to the open spot on the hood. "May I?" 

"Whatever makes you happy." 

I really messed it up this time, didn't I my dear? 

The raven haired woman sank into the familiarity of Castiel's coat, expression veiled by her hair as she removed her headphones and wrapped them loosely around her neck. "I'm sorry I make you uncomfortable. I can't even begin to imagine how you must be feeling." 

"You're right." She growled. A pang of guilt flooded her heart at the venom that dripped from her words, watching as Jimmy unintentionally winced at the sound. "You don't." 

"Are you always going to speak to me so venomously?" Cleopatra slid off the hood and turned around to face Jimmy Novak. He was wearing that same guilty expression she had seen so frequently on Castiel; Cobalt irises cast downward, head bowed towards his chest and hands awkwardly fumbling in his lap. 

"Jimmy.." She murmured. "What all did you see when you watched through Cas' eyes?" 

"I saw his unwavering devotion to you." He replied almost instantaneously. Cleopatra felt her knees begin to tremble as the hairs stood up on the back of her neck, eyes blurred by a wave of hot tears. "I saw him choose to go against everything he'd ever known to rebel against Heaven. He rebelled for a woman he cared very deeply about. A woman he was falling in love with." 

A deep, guttural sob broke past her lips as Cleopatra sank to the pavement, tears running down her face as she tightly pulled at her hair, mourning the loss of her angel as she wept heavily. 

Jimmy felt his heart break as the words she'd been whispering finally registered in his ears. 

"Jimmy Novak is not my soulmate." 

"Jimmy Novak is not my soulmate." 

"Jimmy Novak is not my soulmate." 

No. He wasn't her soulmate. He was no warrior, he was no Angel, and he was most certainly not the one Cleopatra was waiting for. He was simply a man looking to reunite with the woman he loved and the daughter he had abandoned. He would never be Castiel, Angel of the Lord. 

But despite that. it didn't mean he would not care for her as Castiel did. 

[Chapter Fifteen continues 4x20 - The Rapture] 

Chapter Text

I'm coming home, I'm coming home 

Tell the world I'm coming home 

Let the rain wash away 

All the pain of yesterday.. And though my Kingdom awaits

And they've forgiven my mistakes..


When she woke up the next morning in the bed opposite of Deans, it came as no surprise to find that Jimmy had vanished entirely. Cleopatra barely grasped what had happened once she'd begun crying, but very vaguely remembered the curve of Jimmys arms and the gentleness of his smile as he whispered in her ear while carrying her to bed. 

"Dean!" Sam shouted as he stuffed clothes into his duffel bag. "Would you hurry up already?" Cleopatra gave her eyes a moment to adjust to the sunlight before they settled on Sam, and it took everything in her power to not unfurl her wings as a defense mechanism when she was met with the writhing image of his soul. 

Dear God.. It was so dark. 

"Sam-" She murmured cautiously. "Were you drinking demon blood-" The younger Winchesters eyes widened as he lunged across the bed and pinned her to the mattress with his hand tightly clamped over her mouth. Hazy green eyes full of malice gazed back at her as Sam slowly removed his hand from her mouth, body still pinned between his legs. 

"Not-" He snapped under his breath, sure to enunciate each other. "One-Word."

They were out in the Impala within the next half an hour, Cleopatra tucked neatly in the back seat as she scrolled through the unread messages on her phone. Most were from her mother badgering her on their newest case, with the occasional email from Chief of Police in the areas surrounding Lawrence. 

It was when she opened an email from a previous friend in the Precinct that Anna materialized in the car. "Anna!" She shrieked, gripping the angels arm as Dean swerved the car away from oncoming traffic. "What are you doing?!

"Have you ever tried calling ahead?" Dean questioned, gripping the wheel with white fingers. 

Anna merely shrugged in response. "I like the element of surprise." She confessed. "So, what did Jimmy tell you? Did he tell any of you anything? I figured he'd spill more to Cleopatra- cause.. y'know. The soulmate thing with Cas. Did he remember anything?" 

"Why? What's going on?" 

Anna's expression became grave as she lightly gripped Cleopatras knee. "It's Cas." She replied. "He got sent back home. Well, more like dragged back. It's one of the worst things that can happen to us. Painfully, awfully bad. He must've seriously pissed someone off." 

Cleopatra leaned her head back against the seat and dug her fingers into her jeans, eyes screwed tightly shut as she struggled to compose her frantic breathing. She'd gone all this time under the assumption that Castiel was dead, and while he was probably not far from it.. Anna had not confirmed that she'd seen him die. It sparked a fire deep in her gut that told her Cas would be coming home.

But it didn't mean he'd be the same Cas that left her. 

"Cas seemed like he had something to tell me. Something important." Dean glanced at the two women in his backseat through the rear-view mirror. "Do you know what it is?" 

"No." Anna said. "Are you sure Jimmy doesn't know?" 

"I don't think so." 

Annas eyes narrowed as she leaned forward towards Dean and Sam. "You don't think so?" She uttered venomously. "That's not good enough, Dean. Whatever Cas wanted to tell you, it's big. You have to find out for sure." A warm hand encased her kneecap as Cleopatras eyes snapped open, renewed with a vigor to find Jimmy Novak. "He trusts you more then these two. Your face should be the first one he sees." 

"That would be why we're going after Jimmy." Sam replied matter-of-factly. 

"You shouldn't have let him go in the first place." Anna snapped. "I hope for your sake that he's not dead already." The redhead flashed her a comforting smile before she vanished from inside the Impala, leaving the tension high between the three travelers inside. Cleopatra pressed her body against the door and slowly inhaled through her nose, fingers flicking up her chest to wrap around the pendant that Reagan had forged for her years before. 

Wait for me. 

Little to Castiels knowledge, she'd taken a photo of him the night they'd spent talking and placed it inside the locket. He'd been deeply engrossed in her Enochian lore that she still hadn't read, messy hair hung low over his browbone and cobalt blue eyes illuminated by the firelight. 

It perfectly captured the things she'd grown to love about Castiel, hence why it hung above her heart along with the last family picture taken before her brother and fathers death. 

When they finally pulled up outside the Novak residence what felt like an eternity later, Cleopatra immediately shot upward and allowed her angel blade to slip from her sleeve and into her fingers. Dean and Sam took notice of her sudden change in demeanor as her eyes flashed a soft gold. "Jimmy is in danger." She remarked before jumping out of the Impala, lunging up the steps and extending her hand towards the front door. The wood splintered into fragments the second she snapped her fingers, granting her access to the main floor.

Dean set course for the male demon while she lunged at the female, knocking her off of Jimmys form and back onto the ground. Her stomach twisted when she was bet with eyes of obsidian, lips pulled back into a poisonous smile as the tip of the angel blade loomed over the jugular. 


For a fraction of a second she contemplated allowing the demon to live, thus rendering its host alive, but it would have still wreaked havoc upon the town. Better to kill one and save the lives of the many.  

Cleopatra slit the womans throat and stumbled backwards only to be pulled away by the familiar arms of Jimmy and Sam as Dean ushered Amelia and Claire out into the open. The bitter winter wind nipped at her skin as Amelia lead Claire into the backseat while Dean pushed her petite form into the middle of the extended drivers seat. "Honorary up front." He mused, winking as she sank into the leather. 

The entire trip away from the destruction inside of the Novak Home, Cleopatra could not shake the penetrating gaze that Jimmy was casting at the back of her head. He was moved that despite claiming to hate him, the woman had thrown a demon off of his body without a struggle and had killed her without hesitation. 

"You were right." Jimmy confessed as he gently shut the car door behind them. Dean and Sam now stood amidst an open parking garage, hands tucked into their jean pockets as the man slouched his shoulders, signaling his inevitable guilt over being wrong. "But I'm telling you, I don't know anything." 

"I don't think they're inclined to believe you, Jimmy." All three men turned towards the top of the car where Cleopatra sat with her knees tucked to her chest. "You're still a vessel, and they will want to know what makes you tick. If they're feeling generous, the most they'll do is vivisection." 

The utter calm in her voice told him that she was not joking. 

"I'm going to tell you once again, you're putting your family in danger." Cleopatra grit her teeth from behind closed lips as Sam spoke up, digging the hole he'd begun with her earlier that morning deeper and deeper the more he spoke. He was merely an instrument trying to keep a facade that somewhere in him was still Sam Winchester, the little boy that could. "You need to come with us." 

Jimmy blinked several times before glancing over his shoulder to gaze upon his girls. The two women who had given him a reason to continue living upon waking up. His medicine to keep his aching heart beating, and the ones he'd fought so hard to return to. Jimmy felt his heart sink when he was instead met with the soft green-blues of Cleopatra, expression mixed with concern of his well-being and utter irritation towards Sam's ability to be as blunt as possible in the worst circumstances. 

"How long?" He repeated, grimacing as Sam exhaled and vigorously shook his head. "And don't give me that we'll cross that bridge when we come to it crap."

"You just don't get it, do you? The demons will never stop! You can never be with your family." Cleopatra cursed under breath as Jimmy visibly sagged, shoulders slouched and lips curved into a frown. "So either you get as far away from them as possible, or you put a bullet in your head-" 

"Sam!" Cleopatra shouted. The Winchester brothers were caught completely off guard when the reverberations of her shout shook the pavement beneath their feet, and the younger Winchester was suspended in mid-air. Jimmy watched from behind awed eyes as Cleopatra turned her free hand towards Dean and snapped her fingers. "Sleep." 

It took less then thirty seconds for the hunter to fall completely unconscious. 

"Now, I am going to make myself very clear here." The field that held Sam in mid-air shattered and he fell to the ground, hands braced to sturdy his fall as he regained his breath. "As long as I am standing here, no more will you make such crass comments. It's insensitive towards him, it's rude, and more importantly.. It's inhumane. I don't care how dark and ominous your soul is. What you have done with that blood is entirely your choice, and I want no part in it!" 

Cleopatra half expected some sort of sharp remark but was greeted with silence. 

"Whatever you've done to your heart has ruined the man I was told you were. The man I want to hold in high esteem." Sams heart constricted at the utter loathing Cleo carried towards him behind her words. "This is not truth. It is your misconstrued version of truth." She slowly turned on the heel of her boot and lifted her chin to gaze at Jimmy. "And to you, you insanely brave man, I'm sorry. I'm sorry you have witnessed such a bitterness and hatred from me. I'm sorry I'm not the woman Castiel loves, and more importantly.. I am so deeply sorry that you were pulled into any of this to begin with. But what he said is partially true. As long as you are breathing, these demons will rip the Earth apart trying to find you. Then when they do, they'll kill your family and force you to watch. You'll feel helpless for being unable to help and the guilt will rip you apart. Then they'll torture you until they have every detail of angelic possession they can get their hands on. Having your family around is a liability, Jimmy. I would know." She paused and closed her eyes, her stomach clenching as Reagans smile flashed behind closed eyelids. "It's why mine is dead." 

''Me leaving will keep them safe? Hidden away from the demons?" He questioned uncertainly, like a child in school who was afraid to speak up and answer the question. 


Jimmy Novak straightened his shoulders and clenched his jaw, the muscle pulled taut as they ticked against his jawbone. He knew Cleopatra Carter. He trusted her. As long as she said that Amelia and Claire were doomed to die by staying with him, he'd follow her word. 

"Then I'll send them somewhere safe. I need my girls to be safe." A soft gasp broke past her lips as Cleopatra was pulled to his chest, arms wrapped tightly around her form as it dawned upon her - He was hugging her. "That includes you."

Within the next ten minutes, Jimmy had bid his farewell to Amelia and Claire while Sam hot wired the only car in the garage, leaving Cleopatra to attend to Dean. The hunter smiled wearily as his emerald eyes fluttered open only to gaze upon the concerned face of his newest friend. "It's always nice to wake up to a gorgeous girl in my lap." He murmured, gasping as Cleopatra punched him in the arm. "Ow- That was a compliment!" 

"I know." She grinned and winked as the two of them stood up. "That's my way of telling you I love you." 

Dean couldn't help but smile as the raven haired woman gestured Jimmy into the back seat of the Impala, bidding farewell to his wife and daughter as Sam sat in the passenger seat. It had been a rough road to get to where they were now, and with the secret resting on his shoulders, it was a miracle she associated herself with him. 

And to think... after all these years, she loved him as a part of her family. 

He was waiting for her to call him brother. Or even better, to call him something better. It didn't have to be right now. He'd give her time. 

All good things take time.


With the familiarity of Jimmys body - Cas' vessel - whatever you want to call it sitting next to her, it was difficult to not curl up against him and fall asleep. She could vaguely hear Dean and Sam bickering in the front of the Impala, the gentle words to Lynyrd Skynyrds Simple Man flowing through the radio. 

For the most part she was on the brink of slumber, but it was the small things keeping her tethered to consciousness. The feeling of Jimmys hand tucked between their bodies. The gentle whisper of Sam's voice - Until her mind registered exactly what it was he said. 

"I'm scared of myself, and I'm scared of Cleopatra." 

She had never intended to strike the fear of God into the younger Winchester, but with how he and Dean had been treating Cas before being expelled out of Jimmy, it was moreso instinctual to come to his defense. Her heart sank when he uttered it, because no one had ever been afraid of her before. Reagan had been the one to make sure that no one ever came near her. He was the one who kept her safe. 

And now she was the one who kept Castiel safe, and she was striking pure, unadulterated terror into the hearts of those who dared to cross him. 

The blaring sound of a ringing phone drew her from her sleep. “Hello?” Sam asked groggily, peering out the windshield through narrowed eyes. “Who is this?” After a moment of silence, the younger Winchester finally turned around and extended his hand towards Jimmy. “Hey man, it’s your wife.” 

Jimmy leaned into her shoulder as he took the phone from Sam, his hand coming to rest just on the edge of her knee as he pressed the phone to his ear. “Amelia?” His face fell and his grip tightened on her knee as fear crossed over his expression. Whoever was talking to him on the other side of the phone was most definitely not the woman he had married. “Oh my God.” 

The tension was high by the time they arrived to the warehouse where Amelia had demanded the four of them meet her with Claire, but she had also stated that Jimmy walked in there alone. Cleopatra swallowed the bile in her throat as Jimmy Novak shrugged on his trench coat and flashed what she could've only assumed was a forced smile before he turned away from her, leaving an uneasy feeling of dread looming in her gut. 

"Okay, they're expecting you to come in there alone.. So that is exactly what you are going to do." Dean replied. 

"We'll be up on the catwalks with Cleopatra, right behind you." Sam interjected.

Cleopatra vigorously shook her head. "You two still have yet to see what I'm capable of. Alot of the powers I possess I have kept restrained because one wrong move, and the Earth implodes. If I'm gonna do anything, I'm gonna hide in the shadows and make sure this guy doesn't get killed." She squeezed Jimmys shoulder affectionately. 

''You want me to stall?" Jimmy replied indignantly. "This is my family we're talking about here!" 

"Listen to me," Dean said. "This is going to work. No one is going to get hurt here, okay?" 

The patriarch of the Novak family merely shook his head and turned to the mouth of the warehouse, running a hand uneasily through his hair as he took a deep breath in through his mouth. On the other side of those doors was his little girl - and the woman he loved. 

"Yeah whatever, give me a minute. Okay?" 

Before the boys could protest, Cleopatra disappeared without a moments notice to the roof of the warehouse - granting her the perfect vantage point over Amelia and Claire. Her eyes flickered over to the wall that separated them from Jimmy, and her heart sank when he began to shout at the sky. 

''Castiel! You promised my family would be okay, you promised you would take care of them!" He screamed angrily, blue eyes cast towards the Heavens as if he expected some sort of response. Her heart ached at how familiar his anger was to her; Almost akin to the way she had yelled at Gabriel for not protecting her father and brother. "Do you hear me Heaven?! Help me, please!" 

Cleopatra felt her blood turn to ice at his following words, "You promised Cas!" 

Her mind backtracked to a few days before when Castiel had appeared to her in her dream, begging her to wait for his return. She'd never forget the look of pure terror lurking deep in his eyes just before she had woken up. What if he'd been making empty promises since the day they had met? If he was doing it to Jimmy.. 

Who's to say he wouldn't do it to her? 

"Get it together, you over-emotional sap." She growled, toes digging into her boots as she sprinted off of the roof and onto the following paneling to the room Jimmy had just entered. Amelia stood tall beside the unconscious form of Claire, devious smile spread across what normally would've been a soft expression. 

"Hello honey." She drawled. "Welcome home." 

"Listen, I'm begging you here. Do whatever you want with me. But my wife and daughter-" She cursed under her breath as his voice caught in his throat, eyes fixated on Claire as Amelia began walking towards him "They're not a part of this!" 

"Oh, but that's just it. They're a big part of this. And yes," Amelia paused in her statement. "You should have come alone." Cleopatra quietly jumped down and stood directly behind Jimmy, fingers ghosting the curve of his shoulder as Amelia could not see her form. 

"I am alone." 

The blonde woman grinned widely. "Oh, you're such a liar." She spat. "To think you wouldn't bring Heckle and Jeckle, hm?" The door burst open and the Winchester brothers were pushed through, each held firmly in the grasps of 2 demon possessed male and a female. "You got the knife?" 

The female nodded and held up the blade they'd received from Ruby. 

"You wanna know what's funny?" 

Dean snorted out of amusement. "You wearing a soccer mom?" He retorted. 

The demon possessing Amelia's body visibly sagged, pride vanishing from her expression as she dug her hands deeper into her coat pockets. "I was bummed to get this detail." She confessed. "Picking up an empty vessel? Sort of like a milk run, but look who landed into my lap instead!" 

"Okay, you've got us." Sam said. Cleopatra frowned as she noticed the bags that had grown under his eyes since they'd left the motel. Running around and hunting without the fuel of the demon blood in his veins was really beginning to take its toll on him. "Now let these people go." 

"Oh Sam, it's easy to act chivalrous with your wonder girl powers not working, isn't it?" 

Dean cast a sideways glance at his brother and tilted his chin upward. Anytime now Cleo. He whispered into the recesses of his mind, unaware that the Nephilim was lurking right beside him and waiting for the opportune moment to reveal herself. Her fingers were tightly wrapped around the hilt of her angel blade, sea foam irises narrowed in on Amelia. 

But as they say, 

The words you wish to speak don't matter until it is finally too late. 

Too late to utter that final goodbye.

Too late to say you're sorry. 

Too late to tell them you love them more deeply then you had ever imagined. 

[ This part is strictly from Jimmys POV - Song used is I'm Coming Home]

The moment that gun was whipped out and fired, Jimmy Novak swore he saw a bright light as gold as Heavens Gates, followed by the faint outline of wings against the walls of the warehouse. 

And then an inexplicable pain bloomed in his abdomen. His trembling fingers rose to his line of sight, and he found them stained with red. 

His eyes fell upon her. Cleopatra. The Nephilim that Castiel loved, who was now staring at him with wide eyes and clutching her chest. Jimmy had heard her statement outside the warehouse. "I'm going to make sure this guy doesn't die." 

Don't make promises you can keep, sweetheart. 

He could hear the commotion of demons fighting with the Winchesters as he crawled across the floor, dirt and blood caking under his fingernails as his eyes fell on the now conscious form of his daughter. It was the second that Claire opened her eyes that he knew something else was inhabiting her.


And the blood will dry 

Underneath my nails 

Cleopatra ducked underneath flying fists and stood in the open space in front of the fight. Her gaze settled on Claire, who was staring back at her just as intently, but through a different pair of eyes. "I know you. This way that you're acting is not the angel that's bound to me." She remarked. "You don't inhabit children without permission. So for the sake of your own dignity, get out of Claire Novak." 

She knew something was wrong when he brushed past her as if she wasn't there to begin with. 

And the wind will rise up to fill my sails 

Cleopatras entire being shuddered to her very core when she slowly turned around and found herself face to face with Sam, whos lips were covered in the blood of the woman he had killed. "You wanna know why I'm terrified of you Sam?" Cleopatra murmured, uneasily shifting on her feet. "Because you look like the creature from my nightmares." 

The younger Winchester shoved his blade between the rib cage of the possessed woman and stood to his feet, swallowing thickly when he realized how many pairs of eyes were trained on him. It had always made him uncomfortable to be the center of attention, but knowing that it was because he'd just sucked the blood out of a woman like some vampire made it a hundred times worse. 

Sam extended his hand just as Amelia came around the corner, halting her in her tracks as black smoke poured from her mouth. The petrified woman sank to her knees as Dean ran over to her, leaving Cleopatra to follow Claire back into the main room where Jimmy still lay. 

The young girl knelt down in front of her father and gently carded her fingers through his hair. 

"Of course we keep our promises." 

So you can doubt 

And you can hate

But I know... No matter what it takes 

"Of course you have our gratitude." Castiel/Claire praised. "You served us well. Your work is done." Jimmys tear filled cobalt eyes flickered behind his daughter to the woman he'd come so highly to respect, who was quivering in her shoes trying to suppress her anger over Castiel inhabiting Claire. "It's time to go home now. Your real home. You'll rest forever in the fields of the Lord." 

I"m coming home 

I'm coming home 

Tell the world I'm coming home 

She had failed Reagan by letting him go on that hunt, had failed her father by not remaining at her mothers side. A little girl has to grow up and leave her parents to become the woman they raised her to be. Cleopatra Carter had packed her bags and stayed exactly where she wanted, leaving her mother to run from their past to the safety of Topeka. Her heart could no longer bear the thought of living in the house where their lives had been lost. Where love had died. 

Let the rain wash away

All the pain of yesterday 

"Rest now Jimmy." 

"No-" Jimmy pleaded, wincing as another wave of searing pain soared through his body. He vaguely saw the silhouette of Cleopatra approach him, the rank smell of corpses scattered on the floor, and the taste of blood was palpable on his tongue. Cleopatra opted to remain as far away from Castiel/Claire as possible, fingers gently resting on top of his hand that laid at his side. "Claire-" 

She wanted to heal him. Her Nephilim grace should've worked... would've worked.. but she wanted him to be willing to take Castiel back into his body so Claire could live a normal life. Selfish. 

And though my Kingdom awaits

And they've forgiven my mistakes 

"She's with me now. She's chosen. It's in her blood, as it was in yours." Cleopatra grimaced when Jimmy gasped sharply, the sound of gurgling blood bubbling in his lungs echoing in the room as she slowly helped him sit up against the wall. 

"Please Castiel- Take me. Just take me. Please." The Nephilim lifted her chin to regard the young girl, who was now staring back at her through such young eyes. It was almost a relief to not see tragedy lurking deep within them. 

"Castiel." Cleopatra replied firmly as her fingers wrapped around Claires chin, gripping it loosely as she pulled her closer. "I'm only going to tell you this once. You possessed this girl without her permission and that is against angelic code. Now do yourself a favor, and get out of her!" 

Claire pressed her lips into a thin line. "I want to make sure you understand this." She said. "You won't die or age. If this last year was painful for you, picture a hundred just like it." Jimmy leaned into Cleopatra as he gripped Claires arm like a vice. 

"Doesn't matter. You take me." He demanded weakly. "Just take me." 

I'm coming home

I'm coming home 

Tell the world I'm coming.. 

"As you wish.'' 

A magnificent bright light filled the room as Castiel transferred his essence, his grace, back into the body of Jimmy Novak. But before the repossession, Jimmy managed to gaze back up at the woman beside him and utter three words before Cleopatra was gazing at the eyes of the angel. 

"He's home again." 

While Amelia rushed to embrace her daughter, Cleopatra frowned as she now stood between Dean and Sam, wrapping her arms around both of their shoulders as they awaited an explanation from Cas. "Hey Cas, hold up." Dean called out. The Seraph paused in his tracks and turned to his friends. "What were you going to tell me?" 

No more love for you, Castiel. It is time you learned why angels do not serve man, but serve the will of Heaven. You are to remain as stoic and distant from your Nephilim as you were when you met. Emotional attachments cloud judgment, and you are a soldier. Not a hopeless fool in love. 

"I learned my lesson while I was away Dean." His eyes slowly shifted between the three. "I don't serve man, I serve Heaven." Then they fell upon her figure and softened if only for a fraction of a second before morphing back into the cold, hostile angel she'd met so many months ago. "And I certainly don't serve you." 

Chapter Text

I think I'm losing my mind, but here's the catch. You wanna hear it?

Nobody can tell the difference. 


Locked away like a caged animal. 

Another pointless return home to Lawrence. Another night plagued with dreams of Castiel. Another night of endless anxiety over the Winchesters - more specifically, Sam. Dean had called when the two of them had departed from Bobby Singers house after the younger Winchester had been locked away to begin his detox of demon blood. 

It was the ringing of her phone that drew her from her fitful sleep. 

"Cleopatra?" Dean murmured. Her eyes shot open as the Nephilim sat upward in her bed, vision blurred by the darkness that enveloped her. She extended her hand towards the lamp on the opposite side of the room and snapped her fingers to turn it back on. "Are you awake?" 

"Haven't slept well the past day." She whispered, running her hand over her face. "I keep seeing Cas in my dreams. He's not entering them like he did before he got expelled from Jimmy, but his presence is just.. there. It's the most invigorating feeling, Dean. To know that there's this man out there that will eventually fall in love with me. God's most infamous Abomination." 

"Darling, if you are anything... You are most certainly not an abomination." Dean said firmly. "You have done nothing but offer us help since the day I came out of Hell. While you may be afraid of Sammy.. Believe me, having you here is more beneficial to both of us then you probably realized. Especially for me." 

The silence that followed his statement brought tears to her eyes. "Dean? What do you mean?" 

From where he stood in the garage outside Bobby's house, Dean Winchester exhaled sharply and lifted his head towards the sky. He had never been one to openly express his emotions - But ever since their conversation when Anna had first become an issue, he had never felt more safe then when in her presence. Maybe because she reminded him of what it was like to have someone love you unconditionally just as his mother had. 

"I know we're still gettin' to know each other again Cleo, but you make me feel more secure then I have in a long time. You know how to pull me back on the path of what is right, and I can't thank you enough for it. You make me want to be a good man. A righteous man. I know you are terrified of what Sam is capable of-" Dean awkwardly scratched the back of his neck. "But once we get him detoxed, you are looking at the complete opposite of my baby brother. He's a good kid.. Please, just give him a chance." 

“Okay. I will.” A small smile quirked her lips upward as she twirled her fingers through her hair. "I've been striving so long to find happiness. I found it in Castiel.. and I've been looking for someone to replace the hole that was left when Reagan died." She pressed the phone closer to her ear and whispered, 

"I think I finally found it." 


She made her way to Bobby Singers the next day, making sure to overpack her duffel bag due to the fact she was more then aware that she wouldn’t be returning home for quite a while. Cleopatra stood in the foyer of her home and gripped her bag with white knuckles, inhaling deeply before she cast her eyes upon the door. 

“You can do this.” Cleopatra murmured. “You can help the Winchesters beat the Apocalypse. You can bring backyour Castiel.” She slowly extended her hand towards the doorknob. “Stand up.” 

Wind blew through her hair as she opened the door, only to be greeted by copious amounts of sunlight. The street outside of her home was vacant, albeit the children gamboling on their bicycles down the sidewalk. If you listened just close enough.. You can hear the distant songs of church bells.

“Take a deep breath.” 

Her fingers trembled as her wings slowly unfurled from the slits she had cut into her leather jacket. 

“And keep walking.” 

Meanwhile at Bobby Singer's Home 

Castiel frowned as the unmistakable sound of Sam's panicked shouting echoing against the walls of the panic room. Sam had been on detox from the demon blood for well over a day, inducing mass hallucinations and severe delusions. 

He had only begun to unlock the system of bolts on the double-enforced steel door when an unseen force pinned him against the wall of the basement. The Seraph grunted underneath the mass pressure applied to his airway until a pair of angered gold eyes materialized in front of him. 

  "Trying to unlock Sammy, now are we?" Cleopatra murmured, venom dripping from her tone as she slowly leaned closer to Castiels steely expression. "Let me ask you something, Cas. Are you stuck on stupid?" Castiels hands subconsciously reached upward until they were wrapped around her hips in a vice, gritting his teeth from behind closed lips as they stared at one another. 

"I will put this as simply as I can. I am fulfilling my orders." Cas growled as his eyes visibly darkened, "Whatever this stuck on stupid means, I can assure you that what I am trying to fulfill does not concern the likes of a Nephilim." They way he spoke to her as if she was some mere creature, like the scum of the Earth, made her stomach curl with an uneasy trepidation. 

Her grip on him tightened as anger replaced the confusion pumping through her veins. After all the effort she'd put into Jimmy Novak, saving the Winchesters from their nightmares and their demons, the struggle to coming to terms with having an angelic soulmate. She had been working non-stop to reassure Castiel that he meant the world to her. 

It didn't seem like it had been enough. 

And he had the audacity to mention hiding Heavens Orders because she was a Nephilim?

"You bas-" She swallowed her crude words and raised her hand, grimacing as it collided so hard with his cheek that it completely jarred his head to the side. "What is wrong with you, Castiel? Have you not figured it out yet? Heaven is manipulating you and you are too much of a coward to stand up and tell them!” 

Castiel made no move to pry himself away from her because deep down, a part of him knew he deserved her scrutiny. But if pushing her away was what would keep her safe.. 

Then that's what he would do. 

Cleopatra froze as the door to the panic room slowly opened and revealed Sam's disheveled form, hazel eyes bright with fear as he silently navigated his way through the house. Her heart broke at the sight of him - His expression pale and cheeks sunk in, and dark bags had begun to grow under his eyes from lack of sleep due to the hallucinations. 

"This is not the angel I fell for." Cleopatra hissed in his ear, her grip tightening on his trench coat as she felt his wings flutter nervously beneath her hands. A sign that he was growing more anxious around her the longer she was angry. Castiels eyes snapped over to her own before they met for a fraction of a second, and the Seraph left her with the whisper of the most solemn statement she'd ever heard from him. It was dripping with self-hatred and guilt - A new feeling that seemed to accompany Cas everywhere he went. 

"I will never be the angel you want to love." 


When Dean woke up the following morning from quite possibly the most restful sleep he'd had in ages, it was to the comforting feeling of warm fingers carding through his hair. He allowed his eyes to remain shut as if he were still sleeping, but Dean was now fully attentive to the whispering woman beside him. 

"Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep. Keep these nightmares far away, from my brother each and every day. Amen." Cleopatra smiled as she was met with glistening emerald irises that narrowed to adjust to the sunlight filtering through the windows. "G'morning gorgeous. How're you?" 

"Happy now." He murmured. Cleopatra extended a hand and hoisted Dean to his feet, timidly wrapping her arms around his torso as she pulled him into a tight embrace. His entire body shuddered at the contact, and Dean felt the tension in his muscles subside as his face came to fall in the crook of her neck. " 'M starving." 

"I made eggs and bacon. Bobby had just enough in stock that didn't happen to be liquor." Cleopatra replied. Bobby glanced upward from where he sat behind his desk and flashed a toothless smile before he turned back to the lore book spread out in front of him. "Listen Dean. Sam-" 

He knew the moment her face fell. "Where is he?" 

As Dean and Bobby took off down to the basement where the Panic Room was, Cleopatra remained tucked on the couch in the living room as she absentmindedly traced the tattoo she'd got on her arm the last time she'd returned home. It was only several inches wide, spreading across the inner part of her wrist in a scribe that the tattoo artist was perplexed to be etching onto someone elses skin. 

She couldn't go another day without gazing upon Castiels name written on her skin - meant as a constant reminder to herself that there was indeed someone who loved her. Someone who wanted to be with her, to spend what life he had with her.  The Seraph had a bigger heart then he cared to admit, and that was probably why he had been pushing her away. He didn't think he was good enough for her. 

"Castiel." She whispered as the pad of her finger traced the Enochian on her arm. "Hear me, Angel. I'm not afraid of you, sweetie. Please.. don't let Heaven dictate who you are. You are a better man then any of them will ever be. Hear me.." She lifted her arm to her lips and brushed them against his name. 

"Come home." 

After Dean and Bobbys careful examination of the busted Devils Traps and the unbolted door on the Panic Room, Cleopatra hopped into the Impala to follow Dean in tracking Sam who was no doubt looking for Ruby to replenish his lack of demon blood. They peeled out of Singer's Garage and took off down the road towards Jamestown, North Dakota. 

After several hours of silence, Dean cleared his throat and shifted his gaze to his peripheral vision to glance at Cleopatra. She was tucked against the door with her arm beneath her head, lips slightly pursed and hair swept over her eyes as she slept. He envied how innocent she looked when she slept - an innocence he'd been forced to relinquish upon becoming a hunter. 

"Cleo-" He murmured, lightly squeezing her knee as he pulled the car into the lot of the motel where Sam had been seen last and putting it in park. Cleopatra yawned as her eyes fluttered open to be greeted by darkness and the gentle hum of the Impalas engine. "C'mon hon. We're here." 

Dean froze when a pale hand flashed in his vision and was soon wrapped around his wrist. Cleopatra tugged him backward into the Impala to where he was almost hovering over top of her, eyes glowing softly as she stared up at him. "If it comes to killing Sam, Dean.." She murmured uncertainly. "Would you do it?" 

"He's my brother." Dean whispered softly. "I don't think I could if I tried." 

The pair softly trekked through the carpeted calls of the motel until they found Sam crossing the hall into another room parallel to his. Dean lead the way with his hand tightly wrapped around the hilt of the demon knife, He glanced over his shoulder to the Nephilim standing behind him, angel blade poised in her fingers as she waited for his signal. 

Dean broke into the room first, immediately lunging for Ruby who was standing by the bed and immediately whipped around at the sound of footsteps. Just as she moved to drive the knife aimed for her throat through the delicate skin, two arms wrapping through her arms and wrapping tightly around her sternum. "Let-" Cleopatra growled as she trashed in Sams vice like hold. "Go-Of- ME!" 

"Don't kill her!" Sam protested. "Just take it easy, okay?" 

The younger Winchester was thrown backwards by what seemed to be a violent wind blowing in his face and forcing him to loosen his grip on the Nephilim in his arms, but it was in fact the violent swish of her wings as Cleopatra used them to pry herself away from Sam. Breathless and beyond enraged at his association with the demon behind him, she allowed Dean to continue scrutinizing his brothers absurd choices. 

"Well, that must've been some party you two had going considering how hard you tried to keep the two of us from crashing it." Dean replied sarcastically as his thumb swept away the droplet of blood that had formed on his lip. "The only reason the most powerful being on the planet isn't killing that scum behind you is because she's too loyal to me to do it herself. When I give her the signal, Ruby's nothin' more then ashes." 

"Dean, I'm glad you and Cleopatra are here." Sam confessed. It was true. Part of him had been petrified to see the reactions he'd get from his oldest brother and newest friend upon realizing that once he'd broken out he had immediately gone to Ruby to refill on his demon blood. If he was to sacrifice the minuscule amount of sanity he still clung to in order to save the world, Sam would do it. He would do it in order to keep those he loved safe. He didn't matter anymore. Dean was the one who did.  "Please- Let's just talk about this." 

"As soon as she's dead, we can talk all you want!" 

"Sam- I am the most repulsive heavenly abomination you two will ever lay eyes upon in your life. I literally was not supposed to be born. It goes against every single code written since the creation of Earth." Cleopatra said earnestly. "What you are doing here, associating yourself with that vile creature.. You are succumbing to the temptation of the blood because she's manipulating you into doing it. That's what demons - that's what Lucifer does. They don't call him the Prince of Darkness for no reason, Sammy." 

"So you're saying that she's using me? For what? To let Lucifer out of the cage?!" Sam exclaimed indignantly, completely baffled at the implication that Ruby would be stupid enough, let alone reckless enough, to do such a thing. 

His heart thrummed against his sternum as Sam Winchester was met with timid gold eyes. 

"That's exactly what she's doing."

By the time he had even considered telling her to leave the room, Sam found that Ruby had completely vanished from his sight, which left him alone with Dean and Cleopatra. "This isn't what you think, Cleopatra-" He interjected, only to be silenced by the raising of her hand. 

"I've been dealing with demons and angels my entire life, but not men with the degree of self destruction like you two. Dean is right, Sam. She's poison. Now I can't compare this you to the younger you before you became addicted to the blood.. but I'm willing to wager that who you were then would despise who you are now. Tell me. Where did she go for all those weeks at a time?" 

Dean had told her very explicitly about Ruby's disappearances. How she only came around when Sam needed to recharge. 

It wasn't a coincidence that she happened to show up at the opportune time, every single time. 

"She was looking for Lillith!" 

Deans jaw slackened as disbelieving laughter fell past his lips. He stretched his hands outward and simply shrugged as if he was completely amazed at how utterly clueless his younger brother was. "That's practically French for manipulating your a** ten ways from Sunday!" 

Sam stood his ground, much to her amazement. And it was just as the brothers moved to stand eye to eye, prepared for a full out brawl, that she heard it. The tiny familiar voice lingering in the back of her mind - the one that was always there when she needed him most.

Cleopatra - You portray the glory of both your Earthly and Heavenly Father.

The softened expressions and tender words turned to venomous, bitter remarks spat at one another. Dean wasn't strong enough. Sam was far more capable. 

This is only going to go downhill from here. There is no escaping the inevitable. Dean Winchester will attempt to save the world.

The first punch was thrown, followed by the messy scattering of shattered glass and debris spread across the room. She vaguely heard the sound of Sams anger, saw the way Dean refused to hit his brother when he came to terms with reality - Sam was turning into the monsters they hunted. 

Sam Winchester will break it. 

Her heart sank when Cleopatra fell to her knees behind Dean, still lost in the trance of Castiels voice so clear in her mind as she cradled his head in her lap. 

"You don't know me." Sam snarled as he removed his fingers from Deans neck. Cleopatra slowly unfurled her delicately arched gold and white wings and wrapped them around Deans body, cradling the older Winchester close to her torso as he solemnly watched his brother approach the door. "You never have, and you never will." 

"You walk out that door-" Dean called out hoarsely. "Don't you ever come back!" 

And Lucifer will finally be free. 



Chapter Text

And the great dragon was thrown down, that ancient serpent, who is called the Devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world—he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him.

- Revelation 12:9 


"I want to save him." 

Dean turned around from where he was leaning against the Impala, fingers poised around the neck of his beer bottle as Cleopatra sat cross legged on the ground before him. The two of them had decided to stop at the halfway point to Sioux Falls and rent a motel room for the night before finally arriving at Bobby Singers home to build the next phase of their plan. "Who are we talking about now? Are we still on Sammy.. or now are we on Cas?" 

"I was talking more specifically about Sam, but thank you for once again putting my mind back on the angel who wants nothing to do with me." She replied bitterly as she stood to her feet, snatching the plastic bag that contained her stuff from the gas station before grabbing her things from the trunk of the Impala. "I just.. I miss him, y'know? He made me feel something I didn't know was possible.. and now he's just gone. Like breath on a mirror. Almost like he never existed to begin with." 

"Did I tell you that he came to me at the house just before Sam took off? Wanted me to be the servant of the Angels. Do whatever they asked. I even asked him about you. Why he kept pushing you away." The two of them entered the motel room they'd rented and frowned when the realization dawned upon them: There was only one bed. Regardless of the fact it was king sized, there was still only one bed in the room. "I'll take the sofa." 

"Dean, for the love of-" Cleopatra interjected. "Have you not shared a bed with a woman before that you didn't sleep with?" The elder Winchester shook his head, eliciting a snort from the Nephilim as she knelt beside her duffel bag and began to rummage for her pajamas and showering supplies. "Please, do continue. What did he tell you?" 

Cleopatra immediately noticed the way his shoulders sagged and his head dipped towards his chest. "Cas saved me from Hell. He's become a good friend... But he's just lost sight of what really matters to him. I made a promise not to tell you any of this." Dean confessed softly as he rubbed the back of his neck. "He's pushing you away to protect you." 

The genuine tone of his words fueled her fire as Cleopatra stood to her feet, her eyes glowing a soft gold underneath the dimmed light of the room. "Why? Why does he think that pushing me away is going to protect me? If anything.. Being away from him is slowly tearing me apart." 

"If I didn't know any better, I'd say the angel is fallin' in love with Heavens Most Feared." Dean said. "But I don't know better. I wouldn't be able to tell until I saw it." And with that Dean retreated into the bathroom, leaving Cleopatra alone with her thoughts while he turned on the shower and drowned out the silence in running water. The Nephilim slowly exhaled through her mouth and allowed her hair to fall over her face, head bowed towards her chest as she drummed her fingers against her thigh. 

"Dear Heavenly Father.. I know it's been quite a while since I've prayed, and I'm sorry. I'm sorry for straying off of the path that leads me to you. Losing Daddy.. That was when everything changed. When love died. When I changed.. and I want nothing more then to be able to stand on my own two feet with no fear of what is coming ahead of me. God.. Tonight I pray for Gabriel." Her lips quivered as her throat slowly began to constrict at the thought of the Archangel. "I miss him. Can you.. you know.. send him my way? I'm not mad at him for Dad anymore.. I never was. I just want him to come tell me how much he missed his Sunflower." A wry, somber smile graced her features as the pads of her fingers grazed the locket fastened around her neck. "God, tonight I pray for the Seraph you set aside for me to marry someday. I don't know where he is or what he's doing.. but please, help me find the words. Help me express just how good of a man he is, and to show him what is truly right. And please.. if you truly value the words of your children.. Protect Castiel in all his endeavors. Help me to be the woman he needs." 

By the time that Dean emerged from the shower, Cleopatra was half asleep on the right side of the bed with the comforter pulled up to her chest and her body curled in on itself. He gazed at the slight trembling of her shoulders and frowned as he crawled into bed, allowing his fingers to gently graze her shoulder blade in an attempt for her to look at him. "Hey, Cleo." Dean whispered, his lips parting upward in that beautiful smile she adored as the rough pads of his thumbs wiped the tears that had gathered on her cheeks away. "Everything is gonna be okay, hon. I'm not gonna let anything happen to you or to Cas. Not as long as I'm still breathing." 

"Why?" She uttered quietly, almost ashamed to have been asking it. "Why would you do that for me?" 

"It's like you said, you think you've found the replacement for the hole your brother left when he died. And me?" Dean shuddered as she moved a fraction of an inch closer, her nose grazing the top of his teeshirt just above his heart. She was so warm. "I was looking for that unconditional love I never got from my mom. My dad was a dictator in everything he did, never gave us an opportunity to feel cause hunters were supposed to be cold, emotionless, ruthless beings of destruction. When I met you again.. Part of me knew that we'd get here. Where you'd eventually be my best friend." When Dean glanced back down at the woman in his arms, he suddenly realized that she had fallen asleep snug against his chest. "You've done nothing but stand up for me and defend me since you came back into my life, and if this is the last possible moment that I can tell you this.. I am so thankful for it." 


The following morning found them in the living room of Bobby Singers house. Cleopatra sat tucked on the sofa with her legs beneath her, eyes keenly observing Deans tense body language as Bobby expectantly waited for him to respond. "Dean- Earth to Dean- Did you listen to a word I said?" 

"Yeah, I did." Dean replied. "I'm not calling him, Bobby. We're gettin' pretty close to the beginning of Armageddon. Don't you think we have bigger fish to fry at the moment?" 

"I know you're pissed, and you have every reason to be. I'm not makin' apologies for what he's done, but he is your-" 

"Blood?" Dean interjected. "He's my blood? Is that what you were going to say?" Cleopatras eyes shifted over to Bobby Singer, who simply exhaled through his nose and allowed his head to fall to his chest. The tension in the room was growing increasingly thick over the inevitable beginning of the end, and she could see the effect it was taking on the two hunters in front of her. 

"He's your brother, and he's drowning." 

She dug her fingers into the fabric of her jeans to restrain herself from leaving the room, a habit she had taken on for when the stress became far too difficult for her to bear. Cleopatra set her gaze firmly on the fireplace behind the desk, the argument occurring between Dean and Bobby gradually fading in and out. She very vaguely heard something about Sam being too far gone to save, and before she could make any sort of remark about how no one was too far gone, Bobby decided to do it for her. 

"Well, boo-hoo!" The older man jeered, storming towards Dean whos expression contorted into something between shock and fear. "I'm so sorry that your feelings are hurt, Princess! Are you under the impression that family is supposed to make you feel good? Make you an apple pie, maybe? They're supposed to make you miserable. It's why they're family!

Despite the fact that Bobby was very clearly trying to express tough love to the older Winchester, she saw wisdom in his words.. to a certain extent. That didn't stop the fact that Dean was clearly raging between bringing his brother home and abandoning him for good, just as Sam had abandoned Dean and John upon running away to college. "I told him that if he walked out that door, he didn't need to come back!" Dean snapped in response. "That was his choice!" 

"Bobby-" Cleopatra ushered softly as she stood to her feet, moving to step in between the two men. The Nephilim had not spent much time with Deans surrogate father, but she knew enough based on what she had seen and been told to know that Bobby Singer was a good man who loved the Winchester boys deeply. "I think you've made your point there, old man." 

"Doesn't matter, cause I ain't done yet." Bobby replied. Cleopatra sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose as Dean released his grip on her wrist, walking away from her and toward the window. "You sound like a whiny brat. Even worse.. you sound like your dad." 

That was the wrong thing to say!

She winced as Dean whipped back around, expecting an earful about how he was nothing like John, but was met with a set jaw and flashing emerald eyes. "Now let me tell you something. Your dad was a coward." 

"I know my father was alot of things, Bobby. But a coward? Really?" 

"He'd rather push Sam away then reach out to him. That don't strike me as brave." Bobby replied. "You are a better man then your daddy ever was." Dean snorted in disbelief as Cleopatra came to stand beside the older hunter, gently leaning into his shoulder as the two of them stared at Dean. 

"I've told you this a thousand times since we came back together, Dean." Cleopatra said. "You know it. You just don't want to believe it." 

Her words settled into his stomach like an anchor, causing him to swallow the bile that threatened to rise in his throat. Dean Winchester was not a good man - He was a sinner, one who lusted over women, who took to gamboling when in need of money, stole, drank excessively.. Murdered. He wanted to be a good man for the people he loved, but the fact of the matter was.. He was what his dad had turned him into. A soldier. 

"Now do us both a favor." Bobby said softly. "Don't be him." 

The room seemed to dematerialize around them in that moment, leaving both Cleopatra and Dean utterly clueless as to how they'd transported to an unfamiliar area. The ceilings of the room they now occupied were high, with gold accents lining the doorways and accompanying furniture. The marble table in the middle nearly filled the length of the room, and was covered in fast food she assumed was Deans favorites. 

Why am I here? What purpose do I play in stopping the Apocalypse? 

The familiar flutter of wings made her heart sink as both she and Dean turned around to face the person they belonged to.

"Hello Cleo. Hello Dean. It's almost time." 

Castiel had finally returned to her. 


She was tempted to make a joke about how all of Deans fantasies somehow ended up having burgers and beer in them when an angel she had never seen before appeared in front of Castiel. Given the cold, stoic expression he wore Cleopatra figured it was the superior who had been assigned to him. 

"Now, aren't you a sight for sore eyes?'' He mused. "I don't believe we've met yet. My name is Zachariah." He extended his hand in greeting and frowned when she only stared at it in response, fingers dancing against her hip as she ached to pull out her angel blade. "Seemingly not a friendly person, so I'll keep that in mind. But I've heard quite a bit about you, Cleopatra Carter. Seems as if you and Castiel have become good friends." 

That's one way to put it. 

Her nostrils flared as Cleopatra and Castiel met one anothers gaze, oblivious to Zachariah dancing around her to further regard Dean. "Well, how about this? The Suite Life of Zac and Cas?" The two angels stared at him, obviously confused, before Dean had decided the joke had died. "Never mind. Where are we?" 

"Call it a green-room. Needed to keep you safe until show time." The angel Dean had called Zach extended his hand and picked up one of the burgers that piled on the silver platter. "Have a burger, they're your favorite. From the seaside shack in Delaware, I think?" 

"I'm not hungry."

"No?" Zach questioned. "Okay. How about Ginger from Season 2 of Gilligans Island? You have a thing for her, don't you?" 

Cleopatra snorted rather loudly at how pathetic the offers that the angels were making Dean were. Apparently bartering off food, booze and women was the way to recruit an Archangels vessel into the impending end of the world. "Tempting. Weird, but no." Dean replied. "Let's bail on the holo-deck, okay? I want to know what the game plan is." 

Zach straightened his shoulders and folded his hands behind his back. "You let us worry about that. In the meantime, I do have a question for you." The angel turned back around and pointed to the woman behind him, who was still staring at Castiel with such a look of rage that it made Dean quake in his shoes just to gaze at her. "Why have you pulled this girl, a Nephilim, into stopping the end of the world with you?" 

"That's none of your business-" 

"Woah!" Cleopatra shouted, hands raised in surrender on either side of her head. "I can talk for myself, thank you very much. Now.. to you, oh angel who I don't know, Dean did not recruit me to stop the beginning of the end. I chose to be here.  You don't have to tell me what you angelic imbeciles are already thinking.. I'm an abomination, a curse that deserves to be wiped out.. blah, blah. I know I have no point to this. Once you hear something enough, you start to believe it. What I want to know, however, is why you're keeping so many secrets!" 

"Dean, we want you to be calm. Focused." 

"I'm about to be pissed and leaving with my Nephilim, so start talking Chuckles!" 

Zachariah pulled his bottom lip between his teeth and frowned upon realizing that he'd now have to disclose sensitive information about what was happening. "All the Seals have fallen except one." He said. 

"Wow! That's an impressive score. Almost better then the Washington Generals." Dean replied smoothly. Zachariah turned back around with raised brows, almost stunned at the sarcasm that dripped from the mouth of the older Winchester. 

"You think sarcasm is appropriate, do you? You know, considering you're the one who started all of this.. The final Seal, however, will be different." 

Cleopatra and Dean answered simultaneously, "Why?" 

"Lillith has to be the one to break it. She's the only one who can." Zachariah said. "Tomorrow night at midnight is when it all happens." 

"Where does it all go down?" Cleopatra asked. She desperately tried to focus her attention on Zachariah, but no matter how hard she attempted to do so, she couldn't shake Castiels penetrating gaze that lingered on her. Almost as if he wanted to convey his apology with his eyes because he had no idea how to do it with his lips. 

"We're working on that." 

"Then work harder!" Dean exclaimed. "If I'm supposed to be the one who stops her, how? With the knife? Cause last I heard, Nephilim were powerful enough to wipe out the entire planet. Maybe that's why Cleopatra is here." His gaze shifted to the woman across from him, her lips slightly parted as dark locks fell into her face, chest heaving as they locked eyes with one another. "To be the power I need to end it." 

Power. That was a word she'd never used to describe herself. She was powerful enough to rip the planet apart when she was angry. Powerful enough to stop Satan from escaping his cage. Powerful enough for there to be no possible way of killing a Nephilim. 

How tragic it is when you're forced to watch everyone live out their lives around you, from birth to ash, and are hopeless to do nothing. The world keeps on turning, and you keep on moving with it. 

"All in good time." Zachariah said calmly. "Have faith." 

"In what? In you?" Dean remarked skeptically. "Give me one good reason why I should." Zachariahs expression became shockingly cold as he stepped up to Dean so the two of them were eye to eye. Cleopatra stood against the wall with her arms crossed over her chest, keenly watching the entire altercation to be sure that no one was stepping out of line. Just the very sight of an angel who had changed Castiel in such a way that he no longer wished to be around her repulsed her. 

"Because you swore to obey." He replied lowly, venom dripping from his words. "So obey." 


"I'm gonna punch him." Dean turned from his fifteenth lap around the room to where Cleopatra was perched on the table, rocking on her haunches as she threw another beer bottle across the room and watched it disappear the moment it came in contact with the floor. "When Cas comes back, I'm going to punch him in his pretty face and make him regret ever pushing me away." 

"I'll support you a hundred percent, kid. Man needs a reality check." The two of them casually bumped fists as Cleopatra took a swig of her own beer bottle, wincing at the acrid taste as it traveled down her throat. "Never thought I'd see the day where you'd be willing enough to drink an entire beer by yourself." 

The Nephilim merely shrugged. "There's a first time for everything." 

Before Dean could continue his question, the familiar fluttering of wings caused him turn around to acknowledge Castiels presence. Cleopatra remained rooted in her spot, eyes fixated on the doorway in front of her as her finger traced the neck of her bottle. "Dean, you asked to see me?" He asked quietly, cobalt eyes flickering to the woman behind him. "As did you, Cleopatra." 

"I asked to see you for one reason, angel." Dean whistled in disbelief as Cleopatra lunged off the table, balancing her jump off of the tips of her boots as she threw her entire body weight into Castiel. The two of them toppled over one another and directly onto the floor, unexpectedly sprawled over each other. It took all of Deans self control to not burst into hysterical laughter, or yell "Get some Cleo!" when Cleopatra propped herself up on her elbow and realized her face was only inches from Castiels. She could pick out each individual speck of color that lingered in the depths of those cobalts she adored.

And then she drove her fist into his nose.


"Stop pushing me away, Cas. What happened to you?"

The most baffling part? He didn't make an effort to stop her. He took every punch as it came despite the pain that radiated through his vessels body, both at the betrayal in her expression and the crush of each blow she delivered.

Do you not remember what you said to me in the shed?" 

Oh, how he did remember. He remembered every minuscule detail about that particular conversation. The way she gazed at him against the sunlight of the window, the gentle waves of her hair that sloped down her shoulders and met at the middle of her back, the flicker of tawny gold lingering behind the piercing sea foam green that always seemed to stare right through him. 

She was beautiful, and he was planning to tell her that night in her memories. But plans had changed - and so once again, Heaven had screwed him out of any chance of surreal happiness. 

"You told me to wait for you, angel." Cleopatra murmured softly, allowing her head to fall just beside his ear. "So that's exactly what I'm going to do. I'll be here waiting for you until the world falls down, and everything is reduced to dust." She felt his breathing stutter beneath his fingers, and for a fraction of a moment before Dean awkwardly cleared his throat, she was tempted to read his mind to see what he was really thinking.

"Hate to break up, whatever this is." Dean gestured to the two of them as he helped to hoist Cleopatra to her feet. "But Cas, I did call you here because I need something."

Castiel swallowed thickly and adjusted himself in the confines of his suit, his trenchcoat seemingly feeling as if it weighed ten times more pounds then normal as he bobbed his head. "Anything." 

"I need you to take me to see Sam." 

Almost immediately did he disagree by swiveling his head back and forth in a fluid execution of i-meant-anything-other-then-that-you-idiot. "I don't think that's wise, Dean." He chided. Dean set his jaw as he took another step closer to the Seraph so that way they were eye to eye. "Have you forgotten what happened the last time you met?" 

"No, that's the whole point." Dean replied. "Listen, I'm going to do whatever you mooks want. Okay? I just need to tie up this one thing. Five minutes. That's all I need." 


That caught her attention. Given the closely knitted relationship that Dean had formed with Castiel, Cleopatra had at least somewhat expected him to allow Dean the opportunity to bring Sam back from the brink. She pitied the fool who met her hand when she found out who had converted him back to the angel she'd met in Lawrence. The one who didn't care so much about two humans and a Nephilim.

"What do you mean no?" Deans voice wavered between calm and on the verge of snapping at Cas. "So what, am I supposed to be trapped here then?" 

"You can go wherever you want, Dean-" 

"Super!" Dean exclaimed. "I want to go see Sam!" When Castiel once again demanded that he stay put. the elder Winchester turned towards the door they'd entered hours previously and found it had disappeared, only to be replaced by another wall. When he turned back around, Castiel was gone, and Cleopatra was once again perched on the table with another beer bottle in her hand.

"I'm leaving." She said firmly. Deans eyes widened as he whipped around to face his friend, who was now spread shoulder length apart in the middle of the room with her hands outstretched to each opposing wall. "I play no purpose here, Dean. The angels have been after me since birth, and I'm not about to sign my death warrant. C'mere. I'll take you to see Sam." 

Splendid. Dean trekked over to stand behind Cleopatra, curling his fingers around her shoulders as she intently focused on the room. If they had truly done their research on Earth's last living Nephilim, they would have put up a type of warding to keep her confined inside beforehand-

"Wouldn't do that, darling." Zachariah chided. ''We have this entire room warded to keep you in so you don't make a mess out there. Can't have the most powerful being on Earth being another catalyst for the end of the world!" The angel froze when he was met with two deadly tawny gold eyes, fueled by anger over Heavens death grip on her life. 

"I'm not your darling, you pathetic sack of meat." She snarled lowly as her lips curled back and her teeth bared. "I can scatter you across the Cosmos with a snap of my fingers, and don't think I won't do it. You've been less then friendly to these boys, and it's just about time that you receive your punishment." 

"What?" He guffawed. "Are you going to be the one to kill me? Or are you going to let Deano over here do it? Finally gonna embrace your inner darkness, are you.. Abomination?" 

Her eyes flickered down to the sheath attached to her thigh as she ran the pads of her fingers along the Enochian Runes etched into the hilt. The blade itself had been a gift from her father as well, an item to signify who she would become in the future. Cleopatra gazed upon this blade in remembrance of those who she lost and those who had yet to come. If anyone deserved to be on the receiving end, it was the angel who played a key role in whatever turned Castiel back into a soldier. 

"We'll see what God has in store for you, Zachariah. Dying at the hands of a Nephilim," She unclipped the sheath and pulled out the angel blade, pointing it in Deans direction as he glowered intently at the angel. "Or allowing this human, one you have done nothing but lie to, be the one to jam this sacred blade into your heart?"

This is for you, Castiel. 


I know this chapter was boring, and I apologize. The end of Season 4 is probably my least favorite part of the entire show besides s1-3 (I liked them, but they aren't my favorite) so by the time we start Season 5, we're going to have alot of changes for Casopatra and Deopatra. Sam and Cleopatra will also begin to bond. 

This has been drafted for a good week and a half, so I haven't had much time to write. I apologize for that, but believe me.. I've got so much in store. Just you wait. 


Chapter Text

It's down you go,

We'll all enjoy the show

Can't wait to see you go 

When your walls fall like Jericho 

Jericho: Celldweller 


It felt like an eternity had passed since the two of them had been brought into the secluded room, and Cleopatra was growing anxious while Dean kept trying to phone Sam. She had downed three bottles of beer in the past hour, and the two burgers she had did not settle right in her stomach. 

"Angels are crap at choosing decent food." She muttered, buttoning her red plaid flannel in hopes that it would warm her up. "Have you been able to reach Sam quite yet?" The Nephilim paused as she saw Deans shoulders slump, a heavy sigh breaking past his lips as his head dipped towards his chest solemnly. 

"He's not going to." Castiels deep baritone sounded, drawing both of their attention towards him. "You can't reach him here, Dean. This is outside your coverage zone." Dean snapped his phone shut and straightened his shoulders, anger seeping its way into his expression. Cleopatra wagered that it wouldn't be long before he finally decided to lash out. 

"What are you going to do to Sam?" 

"Nothing." Cas replied softly. "He's going to do it to himself." 

Cleopatra jumped off of the table and pushed her hair from her eyes, interest now piqued at exactly what Castiel meant about Sam. "What does that mean, Cas?" She questioned, frowning when the angel averted her gaze to glance at the floor. She could tell that he was ashamed of himself for finally succumbing to the dictatorship that the angels ran in Heaven since the disappearance of God. Castiel just wanted to be an angel, and that had been snatched from him because of his deeply rooted love for humans. "Why are you here, Castiel?" 

"Because you and I have been through a great deal since we met, Cleopatra." He said quietly. "As have I with Dean. You both mean a great deal to me and I just wanted to say I'm sorry it ended like this." 

Her heart jumped into her throat at his choice of word. Ended. That it ended like this. 

"Why do we have to end?" She whispered, tears pooling in her eyes as she lifted her chin to gaze into Castiels. His frown deepened when he realized she was on the verge of tears because of him, and he cursed himself for once again hurting her. "We haven't even started yet, angel." 

It was a good thing Dean decided to interject his own opinion, because she was truly at a loss for words.

"Sorry?" Dean uttered mockingly, before he threw his fist into Castiels jaw. Cleopatra covered her mouth to avoid laughing as what sounded like a rock colliding with metal echoed in the air, and the elder Winchester turned back towards her with an incredibly pained expression as he clutched his throbbing hand. "This is Armageddon, Cas! You need a bigger word then sorry!"

"Try to understand, this is long foretold. This is your-" 

"Destiny?" Dean snapped. "Don't give me that holy crap. Destiny, God's plan.. It's all a bunch of lies your poor stupid son of a-" His sentence was cut off when a pale hand came out to wrap around his wrist, halting him from saying the wrong thing. "It's all just a bunch of lies from your bosses to keep you and I in line!" 

Cleopatra deeply inhaled through her nose as the words she needed to say rang out clear as day in her mind. If Cas was going to come to his senses about this, she was going to have to be the one who said them. "Castiel, do you want to know what's real?" She asked. "People, families, that is what's real. And you plan on watching them all burn?"

She rolled her shoulders back as Castiels eyes darkened and his nostrils flared angrily, taking another step closer to close the gap between himself and Dean. "What is so worth saving?" He replied bitterly. "I see nothing but pain here!" Cleopatra extended her hand to tenderly brush her fingers with Cas', noticing how his body language softened at the contact while she guided his hand to her chest.

"I won't disagree with you, but there's alot more then just pain here. There's joy, anger, sadness, love. Human beings are flawed Castiel. We find others that keep our hearts beating, people to hold on to when things get tough.. people who give us a reason to get up in the morning-" 

"I see inside you. Both of you. I see your guilt, your anger, your confusion.. In paradise, all is forgiven. You'll be at peace, even with Sam." His flaming blue irises shifted down to meet her own. "And hopefully, you will at peace with me." Whatever was fueling her at that moment in time dissipated as Cas took her hand in his own and brushed his thumb over her palm, laying a feather light kiss thereupon. "I'm sorry." 

Her heart sank as she realized her greatest fear had just come true. 

She lost Castiel. 


"Help him." Cleopatra demanded, extending her hand and rotating her wrist inward so Castiel was now facing her. "I will make my peace with the fact that I lost you, and you lost me. If you're going to do anything to prove to me that the angel I met in Lawrence is still in there, you get off the bench and help Dean!" 

Castiel pressed his lips into a hard line as he fought against the Nephilims hold, his vessels heart thumping hard against his ribcage, almost as if it were trying to break free of his body to land directly in her hand. "What would you two have me do?" He asked. 

"Get me to Sam!" Dean exclaimed. "We can stop this before it's too late!" 

Castiel vigorously shook his head. "If I do that, we will all be hunted! We will all be killed!" 

The Seraph gasped when the vice around his vessel tightened, and tears pricked the corners of his eyes as it suddenly became difficult to breathe. He felt himself turn towards Cleopatra, arms pinned at his sides as the woman in front of him contemplated ending his prolonged existence right there. She could've.. very easily. 

But she didn't. 

"I-I am so disgusted at what they turned you into." She spat. "You are the only good thing I have ever had in my life. The most beautiful artistry amidst a room of blank canvases. You are the man I was set aside to marry someday, and we are off to a terrible start." Cas swallowed thickly as Cleopatra stepped towards him and tilted her chin upward to sweep her gaze over his face. "I know you. We have seen one anothers souls, and I know that deep down in that enormous heart of yours that you don't actually want to do this. You care about the Winchester brothers, and you care about me. So stop cowering in your fear and help us prevent the end of the world, regardless of the fact that we'd be hunted because of it. I've been hunted my whole life, and I'm not about to stop now." 

Dean was sure that she'd broken through his barrier, but he was sorely disappointed to find Castiel still shaking his head even after Cleopatra released him. "Why do you care about dying?" Dean growled. "Seems to me that you're already dead." 


"No. Just get out of here." 

An tense silence filled the room as Cas locked eyes with Cleopatra one final time before disappearing in a flurry of wings. 

Just as Dean had been before Cas had come back again, Cleopatra carded her fingers through her hair and began to pace the length of the room. All this time she had been sick with worry over what the angels had done to Castiel when he'd been ripped from Jimmy Novak, and he had only come to confirm her worst fear. He no longer was interested in pursuing a relationship with his soulmate. 

Her wings were an entirely different story. It seemed as if every time Castiel was in proximity, their arch strengthened and curled outward as if they were calling to his own wings. They ached to wrap around him, to pull him into her embrace and remained safely hidden away in the shroud of gold and white feathers for the rest of eternity. 

Her grace thrummed against her veins, a soothing feeling pulsing through her body as she came to a stop and allowed herself to fully feel the weight of all that was happening. If they didn't get to Sam in time, he was certain to unlock the Devil from his cage and set him free upon the Earth. That was an Earth she did not want to take part of. 

Just as Dean moved for another burger, two hands wrapped firmly around his shoulders and pushed him into the wall. He stiffened in his captors hold until his eyes locked with Castiels firm gaze, a nod of understand passing between them. The Seraph removed the demon blade from his coat and brought the sharp edge against his wrist, slicing outward to unleash a stream of blood for what she only assumed was a banishing sigil. 

"Castiel?!" Zachariah boomed to make his presence known as he stormed across the room. "What do you think you're doing?" Cas slammed his hand against the sigil and watched as Zachariah vanished in a haze of bright white light. 

"He won't be gone long. We have to find Sam. Now." 

She was still gaping when Dean tugged her towards him, oblivious to the distaste that passed over the Seraphs blue eyes as he handed him the demon blade. "Where is he?" 

"I don't know. But I know who does." Cas replied. "We have to stop him Dean, from killing Lillith-" 

"But I thought Lillith was meant to break the final seal?" Cleopatra inquired. 

"Lillith is the final seal! If she dies, the end begins." 


She wasn't surprised when Cas transported them to the dingy living room of Chuck Shurleys house. While the writer was baffled as to why they had showed up, she had no idea. Nothing in their lives ever made any sort of remote sense. 

"You three aren't even supposed to be in this story!" Chuck exclaimed. Cleopatra glanced between Castiel and Dean before allowing her gaze to settle back on Chuck, her arms crossed over her chest. 

"Yeah. we're basically making it up as we go." Cas replied calmly. Before Chuck could even begin to form a coherent response, the lights in the house began to flicker and the computer screen stalled as a brilliant light shone through the windowpane. All four of them froze as the ground trembled violently at their feet. 

"Aw man," Chuck whined. "Not again!" 

"It's the Archangel!" Castiel bellowed. "I'll hold them off, I'll hold them all off! Just stop Sam!" The Seraph forced his palm against Deans head, and before she could blink, the older Winchester was gone. He turned his head to gaze at the Nephilim beside him and extended his hand - a call to unite together in order to hold off the Archangels looking to unleash their wrath. 

Take my hand. 

Despite the anger she held towards Castiel, Cleopatra Carter unsheathed her angel blade from the sheath attached to her thigh and smiled as they turned towards the window, hands clasped, to fight off the warriors of Heaven.

Saint Mary's Convent 

Dean knew the minute he locked eyes with Ruby that they were royally screwed. He wished Sam had listened to him about her. Listened to Cleopatra about demonic manipulation. She would know as well as he did. 

 The dark haired demon smiled wickedly as she extended her hand and watched the doors slam behind her. He sprinted down the hall and threw himself into the door in hopes that it would shudder under his weight, but to no such luck. 

"Sam!" He yelled, pounding his hands against the door. Keep calling. Don't give up. If he hears it... He will come. "Sammy! SAM!" 

Sam slowly lowered his hand  at the panic in his brothers voice, pausing in the middle of incapacitating Lillith to turn towards the door. His brow furrowed as everything seemed to be moving in slow motion, slurring Rubys words together as she screamed relentlessly for him to finish it. 

It came in a murmur. An unsure, timid, terrified murmur that he truly did not know the repercussions of what he was about to do. His heart pounded against his sternum as he spoke. 

"Dean?" He vaguely remembered the spark that signified the end of Lilliths life as she fell to the floor in a heap and blood began to pool beneath her head. There was an uneasy silence that settled into the room as Dean scrambled to find a way to break through the door. "Ruby? What's going on?" 

"I can't believe you did it." She whispered. "It was a little touch and go there for a while, but you did it." 

"Did what?!" Sam exclaimed. "What did I do?" 

His heart lurched as they locked eyes, and part of him knew that he had done exactly what she had wanted him to do all of this time. "You opened the door." She replied. Horror filled his features as Lillith's blood continued to trail on the floor into what resembled that of a crown composed of thorns. "You opened the door, and now he's finally free."

"No-No! I-I stopped Lillith, I killed her!" 

"And so it is written that the first demon shall be the final seal." Ruby recited. "And you busted her open, so guess who's coming to dinner?" Sam gasped as his chest slowly began to constrict, restricting his ability to properly breathe as he threaded his fingers through his hair. 

"Oh-Oh God-" 

"Nope. Guess again!" Ruby paused before continuing. "You don't even know how hard this was! All the demons out for my head.. and I was sure for a while that you were finally gonna start listening to Cleopatra about how I was manipulating you. You should have." Her gaze darkened as Sams thoughts shifted to the Nephilim, who had blatantly told him multiple times that this would be the outcome of his alliance with Ruby. "No one knew! I was the best! The most loyal, and not even Alistair knew! Only Lillith." 

He was gonna kill her. 

"I'm sure you're a little angry right now, but c'mon Sam! Even you have to admit, I-I'm awesome!"

Sam fell back onto the stone steps as his chest heaved, hazel eyes flaming with rage and shame as he pointedly replied, "The blood. You poisoned me!" 

"No. There was no poison in the blood. It was you and your choices. I just gave you the options and you chose the right path every time. You didn't need the feather to fly. You had it in you the whole time, Dumbo."  Tears pooled his eyes as he forced them to remain open so a stray tear would not make its way down his cheek. "I know you don't see it now, but this is a miracle! So long coming. Everything Azazel did, and Lillith.. it all lead to this moment. You were the only one who could do it." 

"Why?" He murmured, afraid that if he were to talk any louder his voice would break. "Why-Why me?" Rubys gaze softened as she allowed herself to caress the sides of his face with the pads of her thumbs. 

"Because it had to be you Sammy." She whispered in response. "It always had to be you. You saved us. You set him free, and he's going to be so grateful! He's going to repay you in ways that you can't even imagine-" 

Everything moved in slow motion the second that Dean broke through the door, hands wrapped firmly around what seemed to be a weighted candlestick. It clattered to the ground as he surged forward, giving Sam just enough time to wrap his arms through hers and Dean the ability to plunge the demon blade into her stomach. 

Guilt flooded Deans face as the two brothers met eyes, and he could clearly see the regret lingering in Sams expression. "Dean, I'm sorry." He said. His lips quivered as Dean wrapped his hand around his shoulder and squeezed reassuringly, a sign of forgiveness. 

The ring of blood had taken the shape of a portal, and a brilliant light flooded the middle as the two brothers tightened their hold on one another. 

This is only going to go downhill from here. There is no escaping the inevitable. Dean Winchester will attempt to save the world.


Sam Winchester will break it. 

"He's coming." 

And Lucifer is finally free.