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What Happens On V Live (Stays On V Live)

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The first thing showing on the screen as soon as the live broadcast started was Park Jimin laughing wholeheartedly. “Taehyung was choosing a filter for the live but, instead, he clicked the start button,” Jimin explained between chuckles.


Park Jimin and Kim Taehyung, the most platonic soulmates to ever exist, had decided to enter V Live and do a live stream so they could talk a bit with their fans. The Bangtan Boys had just finished dinner – a delicious serving of bibimbap, accompanied by seasoned bean sprouts, braised potatoes, some sesame broccoli and, of course, kimchi.


Both friends said all that to their fans, who kept joining the live, and Taehyung was about to say something else when Jimin interrupted him, saying “Namjoon-hyung said we should wait at least three minutes before actually starting the live, so the notification would go off and the A.R.M.Y.s would have time to get ready for it,” then, he came up with an idea. “So, in the meantime, shall we goof around with the filters?”


They did so, having fun with the filter with glasses and piercings, the one with the flowers, the other one in which they’d have hearts coming out of their mouths, and so much more until the three minutes had passed and the broadcast had already surpassed one million viewers – even though it was already late in the night.


At some point during the live, Taehyung had gotten up and out of the screen, only to come back with a Chimmy headband – that only made Jimin laugh hard, almost falling off his chair, clapping his friend on the shoulder. The elder, then, said he had the whole collection of BT21 in a box, so he got up and grabbed said box – soon, all the figurines from BT21 were displayed on the table and the two males played around with them.


An A.R.M.Y had asked them if they were back at the dorms, both boys informing that yes they were, and inside Jimin’s room – that’s why Jimin had managed to easily grab the BT21 figurines. Many other fans asked more questions, either asking about their vacations or their well-being, and another one had asked about their favorite cheese. Somehow, from that, the conversation turned out to be about how lactose intolerant people will never be able to experience the pleasure of eating melted cheese.


“Is there any sort of lactoseless cheese?” Jimin wondered.


“I don’t know, maybe?” Taehyung shrugged. “There’s milk without lactose. You know, soy milk.”


“You’re right. Soy milk is milk made out of soybeans. It’s an alternative for people with cholesterol or people that are lactose intolerant,” Jimin explained. “Hm, so maybe it’s like… soy cheese?”


“Soy cheese? Is that a thing?”


“I honestly don’t know,” Jimin giggled. “I don’t think lactoseless is an actual word and, still, we’ve been using it.”


Lactoseless is an actual word!” Taehyung grabbed his phone, the light from the object reflecting on his face. “Hold on, let me search it and search lactoseless cheese,” the younger started to type away on his phone, Jimin leaning in to see what he was searching. Apparently, lactoseless really was an actual word. “See, I told you.”


Jimin just rolled his eyes and told his best friend to search about lactose-free cheese, and so Taehyung did. “Oh! Cheddar cheese is naturally lactose-free.”


“Really?! That’s awesome!” Jimin gasped. “What about soy cheese? Is that a thing?”


Taehyung typed some more on his phone, humming as he waited for the page to load. “Ah-ha!” he exclaimed. “Yeah, it is. It says vegan people might avoid soy cheese since it contains a protein from milk, but it’s still one of the alternatives for cheese eaters.”


“What else?”


Taehyung searched more and that’s how he and Jimin spent ten minutes of the live stream searching information about multiple types of cheese and their benefits and disadvantages.


The door of the room opened and closed as they were chatting about mozzarella and pizza, a man entering and sitting himself on Taehyung’s lap, planting a kiss on his cheek. “What are you doing, hyungs?” the man asked, nuzzling Taehyung’s neck with a sigh. Both Taehyung and Jimin froze, staring wide-eyed at each other and stealing glances to the camera currently filming them for almost two million people. The man that had entered, noticing how his hyungs were behaving, only cuddled himself deeper into Taehyung’s lap and traced his fingers through the soft strands of hair. “What’s wrong?”


They stayed in silence for a few more seconds until Jimin burst out laughing, holding his belly and – for the second time – almost falling off his chair. The older in the room wheezed, wiping the tears away from his eyes. “You – You boys are the best,” he said in between laughter.


That’s when the man that had entered the room and planted himself on Taehyung noticed the phone recording everything, his own body halting as he let out an oh. “You’re… on V Live?” Taehyung looked at him and nodded, eyes still blown wide – he looked like a deer caught in the headlights. “Right… So that’s why Seokjin-hyung said you two were already here.”


“Did you just come out of the shower, Jungkook?” Jimin asked, as if he hadn’t had a bout of laughter just a few minutes before. “Your hair is still wet.”


Jungkook gulped and eyed Jimin, deciding to respond. “Oh, huh, yeah.”


“You should dry your hair before going to bed, you don’t want to catch a cold. I’m sure the A.R.M.Y would say the same.”


“Yeah, Dad, I got it,” the maknae rolled his eyes at Jimin, letting himself relax into Taehyung’s embrace – the man probably hadn’t even realized he had hugged Jungkook when he first came and still was holding onto him. “So… what were you two doing?” he eyed the BT21 figurines displayed on the table, grabbing the Chimmy headband and putting it in his head.


“Right now, we were talking about pizza and mozzarella, but we’ve been doing some research about cheese.”


"Cheese? Really?" Jungkook laughed.


As Jimin explained everything to his dongsaeng, Taehyung was still frozen. He didn’t understand how both his best friends – one of them more than just his best friend – were so calm about the whole situation and pretending nothing had happened. Jungkook had come in and sat on Taehyung’s lap! He kissed his cheek! Nuzzled his neck! Caressed his hair! Taehyung’s mind was a turmoil, his ears almost fuming from how hard his brain was working. What could Taehyung do to save the situation? Should he just play along and pretend nothing had happened? But Jungkook was still in his lap! His arm was still around his neck and his hand was still playing with the hairs on the back of his neck! What was Taehyung supposed to do?!


He heard a chuckle close to his ear, Jungkook looking up at him with amusement behind his eyes. The maknae looked at Jimin, who nodded and grabbed the phone closer, saying he was going to read the comments. With that, the two other men had stayed out of the frame, allowing them to have some – not much, but enough – privacy.


“Jungkookie,” Taehyung whispered, being stopped by a finger on his lips.


“It’s okay, hyungie,” Jungkook smiled at him, his voice low. “Don’t be so stiff and don’t worry too much, okay? Everyone already saw me sitting on your lap and doing all those lovey-dovey things… it’s too late to freak out about it, so just – just don’t mind. It’s okay.”


“But –”


“I’m saying it’s okay, Taehyungie,” the younger giggled, planting a kiss on his lover’s cheek – much like how he had done before. “I know you worry, but it really is okay. We’ll be fine.”


“Yeah, yeah, we will,” Taehyung breathed out, giving Jungkook a soft peck on the lips. Both of them nodded at Jimin, who was still reading the comments and answering questions, and also sending his dongsaengs fond looks – don’t judge him, Jimin was a sucker for romance.


Understanding what the men meant, Jimin ended up putting the phone back to its initial place, the two other men inside the frame once again. The three of them joked around and answered questions, Taehyung and Jungkook sharing fond looks every time the word Taekook appeared on the screen.


They’d be fine. Of course they would.