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how many nights does it take to count the stars? (that’s the time it would take to win my heart)

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Severus’ first gift came a week after classes start. 


He was in the Potions classroom/lab, double-checking the ingredients and the recipe written on the board. Hiccoughing Potion was the title, and the process and the ingredients were written in separate columns with each ingredient and its own separate preparation in different chalk colours. 


A series of quick, small knocks on the door distracts him from writing down the last ingredient— powdered unicorn horn— and the way to prepare it. “Enter!” He called, wondering who it could be. 


Except, nobody came in. Severus sighed annoyedly as more knocks sounded— were the students already playing tasteless pranks on him?


He strode to the door and hastily drew it open, only to come face to face with the Malfoy family’s infamous falcon. Not wasting a second and totally ignoring Severus’ dumbfounded expression, the bird of prey flew into his room and dropped the parcel in its claws on his desk, before easily flying out through the door without waiting for anything in return at all.  


Still very much confused as to why the Mafloys would send him — someone they haven’t met yet— anything at all, he blinked a few times to make sure that what was happening was actually real. But the parcel still stayed on his desk and the door was still open. 


What could it possibly contain? Severus thought to himself as he cautiously made his way over to the parcel, wand out to cast all the detection charms and spells he knew. Aside from the standard protection and endurance spells, however, he found nothing else on it. 


Let’s see what it is, He thought, but right away his wand vibrated and chimed, notifying him that the students of today’s first class— the First years— were coming.


Severus merely shrugged to himself and put the parcel away, returning to the board to finish writing. 


He’ll check it later. 


Either I’m dreaming a very realistic dream, or they want something. 


Dragon blood. That was his gift.


Willing given Dragon blood! Practically every Potions Master’s dreams! And it wasn’t just a few drops, no, but three full vials


Severus was so stunned, he may have actually squealed in the safety of his chambers— not that he’d ever admit it outloud.  


And apparently, the blood was simply a gift because of Second year’s Draco Malfoy’s stellar assessment of Severus to his parents, who were supposedly extremely happy to have a Potions Master who could actually teach their Heir something compared to last year’s incompetent teacher. 


The letter they sent along with the parcel was full of their thanks and praises, and compliments of his teaching and his status as the youngest Potions Master yet. Suffice to say, they definitely knew how to sweet talk, that was for sure. 


Eyeing the blood, Severus thought of all the potions he could improve or even create, mind whirling with all the possibilities. 


Who knew that with being Hogwarts’ Potions Professor he’d come across such a gem?